September 27th Update; Why the Fed may taper the taper; the time to prepare is now

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-The futurists from the past 100 years warned us of these days. They are now.
Thousands more people than usual are dying … but it’s not from Covid. These deaths have nothing to do with covid, but are the types that have been occurring in the vaccinated populations. This uptick occured since July.
-As the excess non-covid rates of death rise above normal levels, the Fed may have an excuse to “taper the taper.” The powers no longer really care that inflation is running hotter. Perhaps the powers already know that aggregate demand will fall as the people check out. This could afford the powers to ramp up even more deficit stimulus.
-If the deficit to GDP was consistent to the past decade, the GDP would have been lower by at least 12 percentage points. Since much of this spending backstopped the banking and other economic sectors, the drop could have been up to 20% lower. This shows how weak the true economy is right now.
What this means for asset prices. 
-Though QE can last essentially forever, it can only do so as long as government inflation data remain low and the budget deficits as a percent to GDP remain within historical norms. Unfortunately, the powers are letting both run wild. This is signaling to me that the powers know the end to this USD-system is within reach; perhaps mid-decade to second-half.
-If the federal budget deficit as a percent of GDP remains this elevated, I worry investors may begin to lose confidence in the government. The usual rates that signalled an imminent collapse was 20-25%. We are currently running at rates about 12-13 percentage points higher than the post WWII period.
-The powers can re-establish QE equilibrium if they choose to let GDP grow, while reducing inflationary data and deficit to GDP numbers. I submit these powers are letting these numbers run high, so they can consolidate the required wealth, and thus power, in the shortest period of time before they formally roll out the end times. This is why they are crushing dissent here and abroad.
-The blaming of the unvaccinated on these outcomes, will result in vaccine passports being phased in throughout the West. The timeline may be faster than we anticipate. There is no way we can overcome this militarized vaccine campaign.
Funeral Director: Mass Vaccine Deaths, Child Danger, COVID Camps, Genocide Planned
-We cannot get through to the people with reason, so we need to start planting seeds now. We need to position this as being part of a planned process to get us to ultimately accept the mark, like it’s described in the Bible.
-White remnant Christians who refuse to get jabbed will be in the crosshairs, and will be blamed for these mounting excess death rates. False flag terror events will be blamed on these people, as these supposed terrorists will hold up their KJV Bibles and guns in defiance to the NWO.
-Come out of all 501(c)3 churches. They are muzzled and intentionally spreading the government-approved Judeo-Christian worldview, while keeping their congregations in the dark as to the seriousness of the hour. These pastors are all wilfully in denial. None of them can say what we say. they would lose their tax-exempt status.
-The DHS actively monitors the church pastors and their sermons, and the pastors know this and self-censor. These pastors can breath fire and brimstone about getting saved, and can preach on hell, but can never speak adversely about government policy or resisting.
-The pastors cannot speak the truth about the covid scam. They are being deterred from issuing vaccine exemptions, lest they risk losing their status.
-A further discussion on what we need to do financially over the next 6-9 months.

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107 thoughts on “September 27th Update; Why the Fed may taper the taper; the time to prepare is now

  1. Bringing the Gosbank/Bank of the Soviet Union to the US

    Biden nominee who was raised and educated in the Soviet Union tappedto regulate big banks; thinks Fed should end banking.

    ‘Ms. Omarova has called for ‘radically reshaping the basic architecture and dynamics of modern finance’ including nationalizing retail banking and having the Federal Reserve allocate credit. She has also advocated for ‘effectively end[ing] banking as we know it.’’

    A Cornell University law professor who advocated ending banking ‘as we know it’ and praised the Soviet Union’s financial system over its lack of a gender pay gap has been tapped by the White House to lead the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

    Saule Omarova’s nomination to head the regulatory agency overseeing the country’s largest banks is a controversial choice that’s alarmed banking groups.

    She’s advocated for moving Americans’ financial accounts from private banks to the Federal Reserve and for forcing banks to lose leverage on federal subsidies by becoming ‘non-depository lenders.’

    Omarova graduated from Moscow State University in 1989 on a scholarship named after Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin. After moving to the US in 1991, Omarova got a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin and her law degree from Northwestern University.

    Born in Kazakhstan in the former Soviet Union, the law professor previously praised the communist country’s economy as something the US should aspire to.

    1. We have contemplated that as quantitative easing evolves and becomes more of a supportive force for the economy and monetary system, the Fed would evolve into becoming the primary lender as opposed to the lender of last resort.

      This Biden nominee is all for transferring the monetary aspects of banking to the Federal Reserve. She praised the Bank of the Soviet Union structure as the USSRs primary lender to the country. She envisions the Federal Reserve assuming the same responsibilities in the future.

      Based on this nomination, Powell is out. The next Fed chief will probably be sanguine to adopting a similar philosophy. The credit system in the US would be essentially nationalized under the private Fed.

    2. I first saw her in this video at about minute 18, she used to work at Davis Polk – same firm as Powell.

      John Titus has done some excellent work. He did an analysis recently of the FEDs permanent balance sheet expansion that you have discussed on this blog. It seemed to be directed by Larry Fink in a presentation at Jackson Hole in 2019.

  2. Completely agree. As a result of lockdown, I have come to realize that what I valued so much(real estate, material wealth, perceived social status) doesn’t matter. I have ‘given’ up a lot over that last couple of years and it doesn’t even matter to me. I lament the years I wasted chasing after these things. I’m retiring early from teaching, a job I have loved. Today is my last day of employment with the board. I never ever would have thought I would do this. I may have pulled the trigger early but something doesn’t sit right with them wanting to know my vaccination status. I have a family member who works high up for Health Canada and told me that the government doesn’t have any way of tracking who is vaccinated and who is not. Not even with your provincial health card. So they rely on employees to willingly give up that information to their employer and or get vaccine passports to get into restaurants and such. Well, they’re not getting any more information from me. The only thing that causes me sorrow right now is, as a part-time musician, I will not be allowed to play in groups. This extra time I have gained at home has allowed me to focus and hone my skills and I am just beginning to really do some great work. THAT would be the only carrot you could possibly dangle in front of me. However, even THAT, this thing that I love most, would not get me to take the death jab. Nor will I try to force the issue to join bands or groups with the vaxxed, who will blame me eventually for their illnesses and deaths. I sadly turned in my music on Sunday, after the last concert I will play for a long time.

  3. I’ve been thinking about this at some length, and I have begun to come to the conclusion that there are a few people on this planet in which our adversary will kind of leave alone.

    I’m talking of only a couple percent of mankind. I have to believe that the vast vast sea of humanity is hopelessly dependent on the system in one way or another, and in their minds they still have some sort of sense of approval seeking desire. Many of the remnant are on social media and Facebook, have family issues, and desire to seek approval of friends and family. Many of them are still looking to the system for money and for work. Many of them depend on their 501c3 church, pastor, or YouTube preacher for advice, affirmation of belief, and salvation. Many in the remnants are mentally and socially dependent on the world. This doesn’t mean that you won’t go to heaven, it just means that many in the remnant are ensnared in one way or another. They are hopelessly dependent on the medical system because of diseases that they seek treatment for which they can avoid, they are hopelessly hooked on their streaming services and phones. They are not 100% certain in their discernment capabilities. This ensures that somewhere along the line many in the remnant will trip up and make a stupid and fatal decision. There’s perhaps maybe a couple percent of the population that will just slide through in some way.

    I intend to slide through with constant prayer and self-reliance on all avenues. Most people leave me alone anyway. Even when I have gotten pulled over by police over the past 20 years (4-5 times) for infractions and such, they either hand back my papers and tell me to have a good day, or don’t even ask for them.

    I used to think that when people left me alone it was a bad thing. Now, I view it as such a liberating thought. I am free to speak whatever I want without repercussion and I can concentrate on other things.

    I like being different. You should be, too. Letting the government know you own firearms is also a good thing.

    1. If we are going to make it to the second coming, we have to completely detach from this world. Otherwise, we will not make it; we will be sucked into Satan’s vortex. The Synagogue of Satan has virtually ensured that we will all be ensnared one way or another.

  4. I purchased a nebulizer off of Amazon a week ago, received it on Monday, used it on Monday and Tuesday, because I had a sore throat, a cold, and was congested; and the illness disappeared.

    I nebulized with 3% hydrogen peroxide several times over a two-day period and the fever, sore throat, and congestion left.

    Because I have leukopenia and get sick often, I decided to try a nebulizer, and it took care of it immediately within 48 hours.

    Do a search on Google for “peroxide nebulizer” and you will see what comes up. Our adversary does not want us taking care of ourselves. I recall how Dr Mercola used to promote nebulizers with peroxide solutions. That’s before he was banned from all media platforms, and threatened to take down everything regarding self treatment.

    I will also begin using quercetin tomorrow.

    Based on my genetic stock and the problems that all my other family members have and had, I am doing much much better than they.

  5. God and Jesus Christ are your best friend and guide in these hard times.
    However if you need a mortal friend then consider a Dog. Dogs are really man’s best friend. They do not ask for much unlike people. Dogs and cats only need a warm comfortable place to sleep, food and water, and of course love and companionship. Dogs are not demanding and self righteous unlike people.

    Dogs are great at warning when a stranger is at the house. So if the government thugs try to sneak into your house in the dead of night to drag you to a hidden location, your Dog will warn you before hand.
    Dogs are very loyal and return your love and companionship unlike a lot of people. Dogs are not brainwashed communists unlike most people today. In today’s world the more I find out about people, the more I like my Dog. Dogs are much nicer and alot more reliable than people. I feel Dogs are better and smarter than most people today. At least dogs are not brainwashed self righteous communists.

    God created Dogs for the purpose of being our most loyal mortal companion in these hard times. There is a reason why Dog is God spelled backwards.

    1. God created dogs, so we could be less lonely down here, and appreciate all that he has done for us. I wish they had souls and such, but they are better friends than most of the domesticated livestock.

    2. Dogs also are not judgemental and opinionated unlike people. I believe Dogs and cats have souls but they are not like human souls. Dogs and cats are much less likely to end up in hell than most humans today.

  6. Firstof. There are no virusses. What we call a virus is actually a restproduct of the body fighting off bacteria, parasites and fungi or imperfections, amongst others via encapsulation.
    Louis Pasteur, my fellow countryman, admitted on his death bed that his virus theory was bogus, based on falsified data.
    So why does Ivermectin work? Simply because the shot they concocted contains fungi and parasites, and Ivermectin was developped exactly to battle those.
    The main reason people are dying from the shots is because it damages your bloodvessals, causing damage which the body tries to repair by shutting down arteries, mostly on a microscopic scale.
    Some of that damage can be undone, but arteries that are damaged in the brain, heart and lung area cannot be repaired, ever.
    This is why you see people having blackouts (brain damage, like pilots falling out of the sky and drivers parking against a tree), heavily dimished energy and shortness of breath (lung damage, tired after climbing one staircase) and heart damage (athletes with heart attacks etc).
    Based on all the information i studied i have to come to the conclusion that this clot shot accomplishes several goals: infertility, death, and permanent injuries as part of the depopulation agenda, and psychological goals that are getting us acustomed to governments dictating what you can and cannot do based on a vaccination passport. No doubt they will eventually use our booster shot subscription to inject us with stuff that makes their transhumanism man-machine agenda come true, but i see no hard evidence that its already in the current clot shots.

    1. It’s also known that fungi etc grows faster in heavy electromagnetic environments. People who don’t protect themselves from electrosmog become very sick – it’s actually the nr 1 cancer carcinogen. The vast majority of brain tumors arise on the side where one holds the phone. Some scientists in Spain are recording abnormal EMfrequencies in the cities, way higher than the legal limit. People are getting attacked stealthily; with(if) 5g coming online people will drop like sacks of potatoes.

      1. I think 6G will be the deadly one. They are just crying wolf with 5G so everyone relaxes next time.

        6 is their fave number.
        G is the Masonic letter in the square and compass.
        The square and compass are a stylized star of david.
        The SoD has 6 lines, 6 points, and 6 triangles. They like 6. If you ever see the number 6 in a news report, it’s probably total BS.

        So I think 5G is a hoax. 6G will activate the graphene or whatever.

        1. I think infrastructure will begin to fail(it is already) soon and large scale 5g or 6g will never happen.
          I’m monitoring the Earth Changes – governments will not be able to cope with the defragmentation of the grid, the earthquakes, volcanos, solar storms etc and will have to react instead of lead going forward.

          We’re good. God has us covered. Pray for destruction!

  7. Well I don’t even know what to say. This doctor says she examined two different vaccines and she notes what ever is in the vaccine……. “self assembly going on things were growing” and one particular object appeared to be “self aware”!!!! She includes microscope images of what she saw. I’m kinda of speechless. If this is true………………

    1. I see your name was a link to the interview. Thanks for posting.

      If you ever heard of Morgellons disease, this doctor’s findings seem to describe something identical to it. That is so grim. I cannot think of a worse diagnosis than Morgellons disease.

      God help us. Jesus come back soon.

  8. Chris,
    In your podcast you have suggested that the unvaxxed should liquidate some assets.
    I understand that some real estate should be liquidated especially in the commie blue states.
    I am not clear about how you feel about long term stock holdings? Do you suggest liquidating some stock holdings?

    1. In terms of the timeline, I suggest staying invested in your stocks. In this context, I am not here to speculate on whether I think stocks are overpriced or ready for a correction. Rather, I am here to say that stocks and other types of financial securities are actually the most liquid and most easily sellable.

      Just based on this reasoning, these should be some of the last things we sell if we somehow are confronted with a confiscation prospect.

      When I mean liquefying our balance sheets, I mean undoing some of our investments that are the least liquid.

      The least liquid investments are direct stakes in businesses. Then there are things like partnerships. Say you have a vast majority of your net worth in some of these assets, I would consider liquidating some, if possible. Maybe sell a percentage to another potential investor. These current circumstances provide investors with auspicious opportunities to transact at favorable prices. Businesses will most likely get favorable appraisals.

      Real estate is a relatively illiquid asset, though it has the broader market than other types. It’s just the buy/sale process can be somewhat lengthy.

      Financial assets on the other hand, can be bought or sold relatively quickly. In terms of liquidity with regard to these assets, we also need to consider what types of penalties there could be. I actually consider gold and silver bullion to be a liquid asset and include them as part of my liquid assets on my balance sheet.

      I think owning real estate in multiple jurisdictions also provides the investor with a little more time and flexibility.

      1. Thank You Chris. I actually prefer to hold stocks as they performed the best in the last 13 years.

  9. Hi Chris,

    If you dont have a house. Do you recommend to still buy a house in the midwest? I have several ideas from Montana, Iowa, to Colorado, etc.

    What do you mean about Virginia and Maryland nationalize?


    1. If a person doesn’t own a house, I always recommend buying one. So if you don’t own any real estate, I still recommend it.

      Many people who stop by my blog are like I am, and have a lot of rental properties. If your real estate exposure in terms of equity, not total market value, is greater than 50 to 60% of your net worth, I would recommend not buying any more.

      Thus, given the latest run up in prices, my real estate comprises about 85% of my net worth. Given the exogenous uncertainty we are seeing; I mean factors outside of the real estate market itself, there’s no way that I would contemplate buying any more real estate, unless it came as a result of a sale. Although most of my real estate is owned free and clear now, I will never take out another loan on it to buy more property. The time for this has passed for me and for others in similar situations.

      I think, based on price to income multiples, many many cities in the midwest still offer compelling value. Our Canadian friends or completely flabbergasted at how inexpensive real estate in the middle third of the US is right now. Do a sort and search of the table I provide in the September 20th blog post. There you can see all of the cities in the Midwest that are very inexpensive relative to the rest of the country and the world. This area provides the cheapest real estate when compared to the rest of the globe. Nothing comes close.

      Montana and Iowa provide for some very good opportunities, though the mountainous parts of Montana are very expensive versus its local economy as a lot of people have moved there from other areas of the country. The Eastern half of Montana can provide an investor with decent value. But the preppers don’t like that area as it’s down wind from a lot of nuclear missile ranges. I don’t know how important that is to you.

      I no longer recommend Colorado on any level. Colorado has transformed very quickly into a very liberal, Marxist type of State. This is what the people choose. These people who have moved there have bid up the prices of its real estate. There’s plenty of land in Colorado, but the environmentalists make certain that most of it remains unusable for development.

      Iowa offers very compelling value. Farmland is still relatively inexpensive and houses near the cities like Ames, Iowa City, and Des Moines, are still relatively attractive based on the price to household income multiples.

      In terms of nationalizing property, we know the agenda for 2030. Previously to these elites opening their mouths and letting us know that we won’t own anything, I didn’t realize that this was an intermediate term objective. Okay, given this backdrop, I would expect that the more liberal and expensive a state is in terms of price to income multiples, the more likely that jurisdiction will contemplate investment restrictions. This is especially true if we consider investing in single family properties of any kind, not apartment buildings. Single family property investors will be in the crosshairs going out to mid to the latter part of this decade. I guarantee this and this has nothing to do with the other aspects that we discuss on this timeline. The central banks and governments have made it abundantly clear where they are steering this world, and this will take trillions and trillions of more dollars to engineer. This only means that real estate prices and housing costs are going to continue to escalate. As much as I am optimistic on the future of real estate, we cannot be greedy here and buy up everything in sight. I am growing increasingly concerned that the jurisdictions will begin contemplating the confiscation of assets, especially for the unvaxed.

      Of course, we are to own real estate, especially in lieu of renting from somebody else. If we rent from others, we will always have less stable lifestyle.

      I may even recommend under certain circumstances that a person pick up an additional rental property or two. Maybe on them in an LLC. Everybody is different. But do not overextend yourself in this illiquid asset sector.

      1. Hi Chris,

        Thanks for the info.

        What are your thoughts on Nebraska and the Dakotas, Kansas?

        I almost bought house in west Virginia but did not because itvis so close to MD and VA.

        1. North and South Dakota are great and have avoided the mass immigration from the blue States. Nebraska is fine as well. I would avoid West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland for newcomers. I do not like their demographic composition.

          I am growing increasingly worried about a recently recalcitrant Prince George’s County in Maryland. Maryland and Virginia have a lot of blacks, Hispanics, and others, and are on a relentless mission to virtue signal to the rest of the world. There are a lot of stupid people around here in government and will react to whatever the press tells them.

          1. Chris, agree that WV isn’t the refuge people imagine it is. Much of that is driven by the culturati. When most people hear the words west virginia, they think of “Deliverance,” James Dickey’s novel (laudable for its look at the consequences of suburban life), but most think of the film–poorly done, bad acting. Fact is, WV is too close to the coast. And WV is well-surveilled. I see at least two drones in my area every night. A Fed provocateur tried to get me chattering in a local Wally’s parking lot.

            During the early coburg last year I saw plenty of NE tags cruising through here, anticipating a serious plague in the cities. The interstates can bring people through here in a few hours. We suffer from interstaters crime here more often lately. Robberies, motel meth deals, DUI, wife beatings in parking lots.

            The Appalachians are overrated as a refuge. But good enough for some people.

            1. I have been a regular visitor to WV for the past 20 years, and I have observed a slow degradation of the people there. it is sad, and they are mostly Caucasians.

              Otherwise, it is a very beautiful state. I enjoy and visit places like Shepherdstown, Elkins, Berkeley Springs, Seneca Rocks, Morgantown.

              The Appalachians were good up to about 20 years ago. The citizens have been demoralized more in these areas as their economies were gutted. Too many city folk coming by.

        2. I was watching YouTube just now and the channel Rural Land and the guy posted a video today of a house in AR to that is listed for $999. Pay back taxes and any liens, and the property is to yours. $40k in rehab and someone has a $100-110k house. Perhaps back taxes are 5-6k.

  10. Check out the latest Henry Makow article about a whistleblower in the US Army mentioning about how the Covid Vaccines are decimating the US military. This just confirms what Chris has suggested in the past and confirms that these vaccines are kill shots.

    1. A good reason why the Covid Vaccine is very sinister. The giant mainstream media is suppressing all discussion of the side effects of these vaccines and also suppressing discussion of alternative medication.

        1. That was the same reaction I had. They filmed this in 2019 and cancelled it after one season on Amazon in 2020. It was based off a 2013 British show.

  11. The monetary powers are acting in a way in which they believe this current monetary system, with quantitative easing as its centerpiece, will not be around in a few years.

    They don’t seem to really care about inflation and they don’t really seem to care about the size of the base budget deficits.

    Keep in mind that every dollar spent in social spending, by function, finds its way onto the balance sheets of those who can capture it. The largest and most powerful firms only get larger.

    Based on current circumstances, it’s clear that the required and prerequisite wealth, and thus power, consolidation is essentially complete.

    We still need to be prepared to be totally raped going out to mid decade.

    1. The problem with this, Chris, is that it legitimizes the contagion virus theory, based on pharma shill Louis Pasteur. It’s like all the false opposition narratives: “Wuhan Virus”, and false solutions to a false premise. I am not saying ivermectin doesn’t work, just that it’s not needed in the first place. There is no virus, therefore cures aren’t needed for things that don’t exist.

      The Communist-controlled Epoch Times (Falun Gong) is largely responsible for popularizing the idea that Covid is a bioweapon created in a lab. Ironically, they blame China, but this seems to be part of the Sino-Soviet thousand flowers strategy. China is actually OK taking the heat for something it knows is completely made up.

      1. In this case, I see how ivermectin is dispensed to people in India, and the newly arriving illegals are given Ivermectin in lieu of everything else. Whatever these people have contracted, dissipates quickly.

        I am not taking that bait and claimung that this supposed bioweapon is totally bogus. If Westerners were allowed to receive these efficacious treatments at the onset, we would have all this in the rear view mirror. I look to see how ivermectin is being banned in the West and I formulate patterns.

        This is not Sino-Soviet per se; the synagogue of Satan is driving this policy in the US and West. Bloomberg, Google, etc., and the like are not controlled by the Soviets, they are controlled by the S of S., and the S of S powers all these thesis/antithesis philosophies. They labored to partisanize this process and ban ivermectin. The s of s not only powered the Soviet philosophy, but developed it as well.

        1. There is no bait. Covid-19 doesn’t get through Koch’s postulates and has never been isolated. Just because they are banning ivermectin (although I haven’t seen this), doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s what we need to defeat this fake virus. There are many dialectics taking place, and the so called banning of ivermectin seems to be having a bit of a Streisand effect on sincere, yet somewhat gullible conservatives. Putin’s United Russia party has banned some “opposition” parties even thought those parties are controlled by Putin himself. The lesson is, don’t always take bannings at face value.

          “Judaism is communism. Communism is Judaism,” a rabbi once said. The Soviets, be they Sino or Russian, are the synagogue of Satan. Talmudic Judaism was perfected in the Soviet Union, not in America or Great Britan, and fulfills their plans for bringing in Moshiach. That is why they are building up Eurasia while destroying the West.

  12. Great news for asset owners!

    The NY governor will be importing healthcare and Frontline workers from third world nations to fill the unvaxxed vacancies. I guess Cuomo balked at doing this and that was why he was set up and forced to resign.

    Look to seeing this implimented nationwide as the fed, state, and local governments pull the rug out from underneath the unvaxxed workers.

    I assume this will eventually include anyone who refuses, including teachers, government workers, and military.

    The scattering of the holy people will be almost complete over the next few years into mid-decade.

    Here is the upshot for the asset owners. The government and Fed will have to engineer another multi-trillion dollar stimulus to get all these people here to invade the country. Countless trillions and massive inflation before the force majeure. Assets will do well regardless of interest rates, but I assume the Fed will crank up the balance sheet build.

    1. I wonder if they will require these replacement workers from third world countries to be Vaxxed?

      1. Probably not for now. They give the illegals ivermectin instead. The government wants the illegals and imported workers to live, but wants us to die. According to Daniel, it is really going to accelerate now.

        Daniel 12:7 KJV
        And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven, and sware by him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time, times, and an half; and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished.

        1. The importation of third world health care workers into understaffed American health care facilities has been a common practice for many years however, mostly due to COVID, it has been rising significantly in the last year and shows no sign of stopping. I believe within the next 10 years most direct care health care staff will be a combination of third world imports, street people, and ex-convicts. There is a large nursing home in my area that primarily staffs the facility with Philipino health care workers that have basically indentured their services to the corporation in return for expedited citizenship. In the front lobby there is a photo of the administrator posing with the State governor.

          Front-line nurses, aides, and behavioral health staff are disappearing fast. The vaccine mandates are making it worse. These jobs have always been very stressful with high turnover rates but it’s getting bad, especially in certain inner cities and other undesirable regions. Without quality direct-care people, health care collapses. Eventually, services will be cut. That is an inevitable fact. Don’t be surprised if your local emergency department shuts down temporarily or permanently due to lack of available staff.

          The Wal-Mart mentality of “bigger is better” doesn’t work in health care, mostly because it’s a human driven business. Smaller, more home-like, personal care is always best, however that is not very profitable. The corporate hospitals continue to consolidate and merge, using employees as poker chips to leverage bigger services. Nursing unions are nearly everywhere, however the Catch-22 is that within the organized hospitals, the Unions tend to become more important than the patients (just like teacher’s Unions tend to become more important than the children). In this environment, managment and labor use the patient as leverage to promote their best interests and in result the patient usually suffers the most.

          What’s the future going to be like???
          Current to 10 years: See that 747 flying high in the sky above your house? It may be carrying 300 nurses direct from Nigeria. That nurse caring for your elderly mother may have cut a deal with the parole board for early release contingent upon completion of a 2-day health care training program. Some of these ex-cons will be excellent caregivers. Expect more unit shutdowns, decreased patient beds, and marginal care. Billing technology will improve and costs will increase. Basically, the more technology improves, the worse patient care becomes.

          10-30 years: Impromptu hospitals form within churches. Like those seen in dystopic films. The care would be provided by nuns, monks, volunteers and street people. Wide spread use of home-brew medicine, tribal and witchcraft cures. Surprisingly, many will be healthier than ever. The rational people have already been cast to the hills, forming their own clannish enclaves.

          30+ years: Science perfects the nursing chimera/robot.

        2. I think you might be right. Some immigrants will take the vax because preventing them will be too obvious, but they won’t drive them into it. They could give them a fake one on the way in, or an exemption card, or just “forget” to jab them.

  13. You might want to check out Clif High’s twitter site. He is very anti-vax and anti CCP. He has excellent tweets on scientific research of the side effects of the Covid Vaccine. He was the one that suggested taking vitamin C and vitamin D to fight the chances of contracting Covid 19. I have done this and haven’t caught anything since.

    Here is Clif High’s twitter:

  14. Two Fed presidents conveniently resigned yesterday.

    Eric Rosengren of the Boston Fed and Robert Kaplan of the Dallas Fed were not voting members of the Fed’s policymaking committee this year, but they contributed to forecasts of the Fed’s interest rate policy, which last week showed the Fed was considering hiking its short-term rate, currently at nearly zero, by the end of 2022.

    Both are considered relatively “hawkish” policymakers, meaning that they often favor higher interest rates and smaller Fed balance sheets to counter inflation.

    Does this mean these two white puppets will be replaced with two transgender misfits who will open the socialism floodgates? It seems like an auspicious time, given what Powell and Yellen have been indicating.

    According to Ben Bernanke, we still have about $16 trillion in excess capacity on the Fed’s balance sheet.

    1. Another reason the Fed’s money spigot will keep going and may get more intense. Higher asset prices on the way. You are dead right Chris. God Bless.

  15. Hi Chris – Great podcast as usual. Very informative. I think you’re right – if you’re un-vaccinated and buying real estate it’s best to put it in an LLC. Maybe even have the LLC/S Corp started in Delaware or Wyoming; which are known to offer better protection/privacy. Plus pay in all cash if possible to avoid getting your social on the loan. If they start confiscating property in a few years for the un-vaxxed then this method might buy you some extra time.

  16. United States is largely being left alone here until the last. This will be the last Western nation that these powers will try to implement all this.

    Imagine what will happen when they begin to threaten with the confiscation of assets? That’s when the cities will burn.

    I had an investor call me up last night asking me about attorneys, as he has a tenant that hasn’t paid in 16 months and his current attorney is not helping him anymore. I guess he’s out on about $30, 000 in lost rent, since his tenants were supposed to pay about $1,900 a month. This is what happens when you own and manage properties that are out of state. The tenants know this and take advantage of you. This is also a potential problem for those who charge full Margaret rent and get poor tenant quality.

  17. Alberta Canada was at the forefront a month ago because someone challenged a Covid fine and seemingly caused all Covid measures to be dropped.

    I suspected it was too good to be true, and it was. Now they have very strict rules.

    Incredibly, they are counting anyone who has a day off work as a Covid case, with no testing, or even a visit to the doctor. Watch this creature talk. Is it even human?

  18. very powerful podcast Chris. thank you for sharing these important views.

    I’m seeing some potentially convincing analysis of the return of Jesus Christ by 2028 or 2029 on YouTube. Happy to share if interested. If true, the Tribulation will be upon us very very soon. Regardless, the direction of things is extremely ominous, but may our Lord be swift!

    1. This will certainly be my end times. I won’t get jabbed, get a vaccine passport, or take a mark. Maybe they’ll just leave me alone. Maybe it’ll blow over. Maybe I’m deluding myself. Maybe the world will continue going forward as the most wicked form of government ever contemplated in the history of man moves totally in control.

      It’s going to be about 80° today with blue sunny skies, and as I look out my kitchen window, drinking coffee with my dog on my lap, it’s hard to believe anything, but the same will continue.

      But then again I derive my income passively, all my tenants paid all their rents, I don’t have any reason to really drive around and look at the insane livestock, I can still get into the stores, I don’t have children that are being trained to live like farm animals in the public schools, I don’t need health insurance and avoid the doctors at all costs, the government leaves me alone, and my life is very easy.

      If I depended on a job or lived in a city in Australia and refuse to get the vaccines, or lived in a country or jurisdiction that demanded me to receive them in order to transact and conduct business, perhaps things would be different for me.

      But I would be remiss to mention that nearly all the people I speak with are falling under some sort of mass psychosis in which they will never ever be able to escape. This is especially true when I talk to government workers or have to deal with the government..

      Satan and the synagogue of Satan, who have spent tens of trillions of dollars over the decades to brainwash society will never relent and they’re going to tighten the screw forever, because they know they can now get away with it.

      Maybe life will go on and I am just a delusional figure. Unfortunately for me, there’s going to be no way that I will be able to exist in it.

      1. Chris keep the faith. Many times I feel the exact way you do. The Bible never lies. Jesus is is on the way sooner or later. It is not a matter of if , it is a matter of when. The iniquity on this earth will be cleared sooner or later.

      2. From July to August, the tyrants in my country segregated the vaccinated from unvaccinated. The passports were implemented. The tyrants and their parrots gaslighted the hell out of us. If you are vaccinated, you can dine in groups of 5. If you are not, you have to prove a negative test before entering a restaurant. You can only dine in pairs and isolated in one corner. If are working in the government sector, you have to be tested three times a week. You also have to pay for the tests. The vaccinated didn’t have to be tested as much. Their test kits were also largely sponsored by the government. In some sectors they were only tested once in two weeks. The vaccination rate in my country is 82%.

        The vaccinated virtue signaled the hell out of us. The smirk on their faces were detestable to say the least. They even reminded the tyrants to make sure all proofs of vaccination on the passport app were valid. Because the unvaccinated could simply get a screenshot of vaccination “proof” from a friend’s app. Morale among the unvaccinated were low and many were on the urge of breaking down.

        Then God heard our cries and lament. Suddenly, infections and hospitalizations amongst the vaccinated were at an all-time high. Government statistics even showed the vaccinated were hospitalized either as much, or on many occasions more than the unvaccinated. Vaccine injuries and deaths were also swept under the carpet. Now, the tyrants force companies to mandate the vaccinated to test themselves as much as the unvaccinated. Dining out is limited to 2 irregardless of vaccination status. The “expert” committee gaslighted the vaccinated for having a false sense of security. The vaccinated are now bombarding the tyrants with abusive messages on social media. The smirk on all their faces were gone, the virtue signaling has also stopped at least for now. That was God intervening on our behalf after hearing our cries. No one can convince me otherwise.

        1. Not sure if it’s God or not. It could be simply the beginning of a process to transfer the smirks to those with the 3rd shot.

          Eventually that smirk will also disappear – to be replaced by the 4th shot smirk, then the 5th, and so on. The cards have space for 8 in Israel.

          Each iteration lowers the viable population a little more, and the smirks get a little more smug until a race of the supervaxed emerges to rule over us with absolute smug and smirking brutality. (c.f. Daniel Andrews)

              1. But the MSM and government both say not to believe what you see.

                This replacement agenda will accelerate now as the white Westerners begin to fall away.

      3. Don’t worry, the coming Earth Changes (only understood by a fraction of people on Earth) will change the entire chessboard. The Suns new maximum cycle has just begun, the earths magnet field is much weaker than only 20 years ago, earthquakes are happening many X more frequently, volcanos are erupting all over, comets and space debris is hitting the planet much more frequently (I saw a green tail comet only a week ago – carrier of foreign material/diseases), the poles are shifting – faster and faster-, solar winds are causing daily radio blackouts (G2 storm today btw). The weakening of our electromagnet field is causing even flamingos to show up in Siberia due to their internal map getting distorted, coyotes in US towns too.

        It’s getting really weird.

        The Finance stuff is only one of many millions of factors that will affect us the coming decades. And btw, Space events can wipe out a stock portfolio in a matter of nano-seconds. Another reason for physical goods and Gold.

          1. These unforseen circumstances will put an end to all this. These upcoming several years will be be for the faint of heart.

            It will get very exciting for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

            When we see the NY governor quoting Jesus and says she’s looking for apostles to spread the vaccine gospel, we know Jesus is coming to end all this.

            Please be strong and patient.

        1. The Sun’s maximum circle will last until the year 2025 according to NASA. I read recently about the earth magnetic hole and the pole shifting although I do not have any means to verify myself. It is indeed satisfactory and somehow comforting to think that not everything can be controlled by earthy beings. Things are extraordinary beyond any SF book.

          1. Things are indeed aligning. I never thought that I would see the mass psychosis of humanity appear so quickly. I guarantee that the vast vast majority of humanity are going to make the worst decisions over the next few years.

      4. Chris you’re definitely on point. You have a God given ability to see things that most miss or don’t have the knowledge to analyze. God bless you for that and trying to help as many as you can see clearly. I think as long as you don’t live in certain parts in the US/World we should have at least 1-3 years to enjoy life before those draconian polices come into everyone’s neighborhood. It might be deluding when we look outside and see everything is normal; and we start to question ourselves. But the writing is clearly on the wall. Everything can change in a short period of time. Just look at past revolutions in history for proof. From the French Revolution to Bolshevik Revolution. Most people had no idea what was coming and when it came it was like a speeding bullet. That’s why you’re right – people need to start preparing now. Also don’t forget to cherish this time. Spend some time with your family and loved ones. If you have anything to forgive – forgive. If you’ve already forgiven them 1,000 times, then forgive them another 10,000 times.

      5. Be thankful were living in the USA where we still have relative vaccine freedom compared to Australia, Israel, France, and Italy. We still have some time but not much.

        You are right, they are coming after the USA last because Americans are much more armed compared to the other countries. They know we will fight vaccine restrictions and mandates. I see a possibility there could be a false flag attack in the USA to give them an excuse to declare martial law and take away our weapons.

        The evil system that we live in is part of God’s plan and will last as long as God wills. God will let the Evil Cabal commit crimes before he can prosecute them in the heavenly kingdom on judgement day.

        1. Vax mandates are useful once the voluntary measures have played out.

          They don’t care if you shoot the vax brigade. That’s two goys gone for the price of one. I think Americans’ guns are for shooting other Americans. That’s why Obama sold so many.

  19. Great Podcast Chris. I think the Fed really does see something in the future that is not being told to the public. When many people die off the demand will die off with them, therefore less demand side inflation. On the flip side dead people do not produce either, so less production. I think these contrived shortages are part of the plan to get people used to having less and demanding less in preparation to real supply side shocks. Is crashing the US dollar as part of the plan?

    1. How long have you listened to me and still wonder about the dollar’s fate?

      The dollar’s status will be destroyed after a humiliating military defeat. If you want to call that crashing the dollar, then so be it.

  20. Evans Says Fed Needs to Generate Stronger Inflation Overshoot

    (Bloomberg) — The U.S. central bank needs to keep monetary policy easy to raise the public’s inflation expectations even after the current bout of inflationary pressures from supply-chain disruptions fades, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President Charles Evans said.

    At some point, even the most wilfully ignorant economists have to conclude that something else is going on.

    The only way the Central Banks can maintain higher inflation is by maintaining heightened asset purchases.

    Of course, the authorities can get inflation if the people begin to lose faith in the monetary system. Is this the true objective?

  21. Coal Shortage Deepens in India Amid Plunging Plant Inventories

    (Bloomberg) — India’s massive fleet of coal plants are running dangerously low on stockpiles, which may force the nation to buy expensive shipments of the fuel or else risk blackouts.

    Stockpiles have fallen to the lowest since November 2017, data from the Central Electricity Authority showed. The South Asian nation isn’t alone in facing a fuel crisis. Buyers from the U.K to China are grappling with energy shortages as a rebound in demand outpaces supply.

  22. Federal reserve and federal government covid monetary and fiscal response fallout continues….

    Covid crisis=> govt and central banks respond=> suppressed equilibrium interest rates and bond yields=> supply chain shocks=> pricing distortions=> asset values skyrocket=> commodity deficits=> clean energy push=> energy prices skyrocketing=> massive engineered nat gas deficits going into winter in the northern hemisphere.

    All manufactured, but very real.

  23. Chris,

    Well, John MacArthur over at Grace Church in California took the gov’t to court and utterly destroyed them, winning a big settlement, then preaching on what a scam COVID-19 was, which was on their live stream. He’s quite outspoken and has had sermons on just how evil and immoral the government has become.

    Worth a listen.


  24. Chris, I fear you are right, as usual. The best time to prepare was five years. The second best time is NOW. In whatever way you can.

  25. Anyone can form a church. 99% of them seek a government tax exemption through the internal revenue code.

    Financial benefits of forming a church as a 501(c)3 tax exempt charity;

    -Exemption from Federal income tax;
    -Tax-deductible contributions;
    -Normally there are exemptions from state income, sales, and employment taxes;
    -Nonprofits can pay salaries. Often these salaries are large and can often deplete the retained capital of the non-profit, thus shifting the “profit” of the 501c3 to the operators of the charity (church)
    -Exemption from Federal unemployment and other payroll taxes.
    -Tax-exempt financing.
    -Exempt from paying state and local property taxes

    If you see a church sitting on a 10 acre lot, they can afford to do so in perpetuity, since they don’t pay property taxes while their 501c3 status is current. This shifts the overall jurisdiction’s tax burden to the remaining real estate owners.

    As we can easily calculate, the average church saves 10s to 100s of thousands of dollars a year by muzzling itself according to the government and IRS demands.

    If I were to form a church, I wouldn’t be able to take the 501c3 route, because of my world views and preaching topics. I would probably be able to get the status, but I would have church members who would turn me in or tip me off to department of Homeland security. The IRS would then begin to audit and make my life a living hell. There were few of them over the years that buckef the trend and paid the price. I often think of Texe Marrs’s ministry as an example. There were also a number of independent ministries that would air on the shortwave radio 15 to 20 years ago, and they often would discussed all the problems they had with government.

    As a result, the small remnant churches for go this tax exempt designation and pay all the taxes and tell their congregations and donors that they can’t deduct their contributions. If their churches are located in a physical location, they must pay the property taxes. They have to be run like any other for-profit business. This forces these small churches to remain small. It’s nearly impossible for them to raise money, let alone get financing to buy a physical property.

    Today’s Laodicean Christian’s worldview is completely congruent with the synagogue of Satan’s sanctioned philosophy. They’re identical.

    1. So it’s just like China then: it’s OK to preach if it’s state sanctioned religion.

      And if you don’t, you not only miss out on benefits, you get punished. The getting punished part is what I wondered about. Such a shame.

      There is a church in New Zealand called the Destiny Church. It’s one of the ones that asks it’s members for a 10% tithe. It’s come under fire for being homophobic etc. They haven’t called it Anti semitic too much. The church is against Covid mandates etc. It’s mostly a Maori church but I think other people can join. The boss is a Maori.

      If you go to their HQ (their main church), there is a big Covid testing tent in front of it (it shares a carpark with some businesses). I believe the placement of that Covid site was deliberate, as a ploy to irk the church. Our govt is run by total aholes too. The only bright side is that liberals are genociding themselves. Unfortunately they will take their brethren with them. Same for cops.

    2. Most churches in my country require proof of vaccination or a negative ART / PCR test for worship of between 50 – 500 people. Worshippers must be muzzled at ALL times. Performers can only perform unmuzzled if they are vaccinated. Some worship services are catered to vaccinated-only persons. All in line with the government’s stupid policies. Thus far, only a pastor from a Non-Denominational Church voiced out concerns over the vaccines and the policies. His sermons have remained online because he doesn’t want to comply with the government mandates.

      1. Who can make war with this beast? None of the pastors in my country or yours are up to the task. In fact none of the pastors in the whole world can do anything now.

        They don’t want to rock the boat and lose out on all of their tasty financial benefits of having a judeo Christian worldview that is congruent with the government’s desire and objectives.

        Romans 13

        1. Even though I strongly believe the Bible and in Jesus Christ I have never attended a Church since I was 14.
          In my area most Churches appeal to young families with children and are not very inclusive to anyone else. What most pastors preach is watered down all is well sermons. Never mind about sin or the end times. Just look at Joe Osteen as an example of a prosperity preacher.

          Many of today’s churches espouse Communist Leftist ideology. Many seminaries are as leftist as the other universities and therefore turn out corrupted leftist Pastors who really do Satan’s work.

          Most of all , many of today’s Churches are tithing rackets just trying to grab your money otherwise they put the guilt on you.

          The Christian Remnant need to get together in small groups at people’s houses for Bible study and prayer sessions. This is what the ancient Christians have done. They did not have degreed Pastors but instead heard from the Holy Spirit.

    1. I like this Bloomberg propaganda piece. Sounds real scary. There’s a reason why property and casually insurers don’t yet have climate change risk pricing. It’s because there’s no way to figure it out. It really is unquantifiable and the insurance companies don’t view it as an imminent risk, or at least a serious one.

      Insurance carriers come and go and may underwrite in one province or state and then change the next year. They all do this by adjusting their prices. This is behind the whole concept of risk pooling and insurance under writing.

      In my 20 years of property Management, I do notice an objective by these insurance underwriters to methodically exclude a growing list of potential losses. Climate change is way down on the list. These insurance companies are trying to eliminate as much risk from their pools as possible. Of course, this means the insured parties assume that risk. Moreover, risks that were once covered by a basic policy are now insured through expensive riders.

      This article is a call to government to get involved and socialize insurance underwriting for the growing list of risks that the insurance company is refusing to insure against.

      1. The sea level’s risen 1 mm so far so we need to insure against it rising by 100 ft, just in case. Pay up plebe.
        Can’t pay? Then you need to give the house to us so we can rent it back to you. We’ll pay the insurance so you are safe. We care about your safety. Rising sea/covid levels can only be stopped by the government. Each dollar you pay drops the sea level by one femtometer.

        Oh thank you so much Mr Government. What would I do without you?

  26. Chris, i don’t know if it is just me, but i’ve been seeing efforts in the alt media to discredit the Book of Revelations, Book of Daniel, and books in the bible that describe eschatology. They claim the books (especially Revelations) were written by our adversary to condition us to accept what will happen in the future. Most of these efforts lead to the downplaying of The Second Coming of Christ.

    They are basically saying the Antichrist will come first, then the “Christ” that defeats the Antichrist would be some project bluebeam technology or something similar. I think it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the PTB could stage a fake Christ at some point (Matthew 24:23). But i believe true remnants will be able to discern the true Christ and other counterfeits (John 10:27). Feels like the adversary is discrediting these books because they are fearful of the remnants. What do you think?

    1. Blade, it’s Revelation (singular). Jesus is the Revelation. There are not many revelations, just Jesus. But, yes, it seems the Kremlin-controlled alt media is pushing the Marcionite heresy/Nihilism hard in these last days. Watch for the movements with Chabad Lubavitch in Russia. They are the Elders of Zion, it seems.

    2. This Laodicean church makes the book of Revelation unnecessarily complicated. There may be 10,000 pastors on YouTube analyzing this final book in the Bible, which means that there are 10,000 opinions.

      My strict interpretation of it says that the Antichrist in Daniel will come first and we will have to deal with it. I wish Jesus came before the Antichrist.

      Indeed, you make a great point. All of these prognosticators use modern psychology to demoralize the believer.

      The S is S-sanctioned analysts who are the supposed experts in eschatology actually work through subtlety and ambiguity to discredit the entire Bible, especially the Old and New testament prophets regarding eschatology. It has been phenomenally effective. Very effective.

      More politically correct and sanctioned the person, the more traffic that is funneled to their YouTube channel and videos.

    3. I have read an article on Henry Makow to the effect of discrediting Revelation as written by Satan and his minions. Yes, it might be a blueprint of Satanic plans, but God wants to warn us of those plans so we Christians can prepare and therefore that is why it is in the Bible.

      I think in these end times Satan and his minions want to debunk the Bible as much as possible in an effort to get people to turn away from God and discourage them from God by making people believe that the Bible is just a fictional story written by ancient people. Efforts to discredit Revelation as being gnostic, kabbalist, and occultic are part of the plan to discredit the Bible.

      1. I find it interesting that these people who obsess about Satan and write about Satan and talk about Satan are the first ones to reject the God who created Satan.

        Satan is the father of all lies, so why would he tell us the truth regarding the Bible? Why would he write something that would be true? Everything Satan does is a lie. With this logic it’s like Satan is casting out devils of Satan.

        This is just one more lie and those who are easily demoralized and stare at the computer screen are the ones who take the bait.

    1. There were doctors and speakers who lectured at the Army War College and West Point in the wake of 9/11 and were discussing how the government and DARPA had already developed vaccines to remove the desire for religious fanaticism in populations. Of course, it was about fighting those evil Arabs. There were several YouTube videos that I remember watching lectures from around 2005 and 2006 regarding this very thing. It was a huge topic on Alex Jones and the Patriot radio at the time. I know it still comes up in subject.

        1. “We can make a virus. Essentially to turn the fanatic into a normal person.” (Bill Gates)

          Maybe Bill should take it himself and learn to relax. He’s working too hard.

          Funvax! What a great game Bill. Mohammed come get your fun vax!

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