Revised September 20th Update; Financial recommendation for the remnant

Note to reader: I added a new data table, Property Prices Index by City 2021 Mid-Year, which lists 480 cities around the world, sorted by housing price/income multiples. The rule of thumb here; the higher the multiples, the more likely the government will attempt to restrict ownership and/or nationalize housing in the future.

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The Great Reset and housing:

-Crisis, reaction, solution; The covid monetary and fiscal response consolidates the global wealth and power, while it lays out the next problem; exploding housing costs.

The Global Housing Market Is Broken, and It’s Dividing Entire Countries

Politicians are throwing all sorts of ideas at the problem, from rent caps to special taxes on landlords, nationalizing private property, or turning vacant offices into housing. Nowhere is there evidence of an easy or sustainable fix.

The Global Housing Market Is Broken, and It’s Dividing Entire Countries, Bloomberg

The more expensive housing is for its residents, the more national governments will act to restrict residential real estate investment activity going out into the decade. Take a look at the chart below, which ranks housing price to household income ratios by nation.  When compared to all the other major nations, The United States in aggregate is still offers the cheapest housing. In a non-covid environment, U.S. housing is still relatively very inexpensive and makes a great investment.

Property Prices Index by Nation 2021 Mid-Year

(Click on each header to sort; numeric ranking by price to income multiple)

Property Prices Index by City 2021 Mid-Year

(Click on each header to sort; numeric ranking by price to income multiple)
For the unvaccinated, I place a premium on liquidity and mobility

Real estate, stocks, gold with vaccine mandates, passports, and the mark

-Now is the time to rehab properties for eventual sale as we will have a more difficult time entering the large box chains like Home Depot

I am 26 years old! I am getting started. I traveled to Montana to talk with Pastor Dr Chuck Baldwin and also agrees that we are going under tribulations and will not stop. My question to you is, what are your thoughts about moving to Montana? Obviously, sooner or later these north mid west states will fall just as quickly as the current blatant communist states like MD, CA, NY, etc, but at least in the meantime. I know many people from California and Washington are moving into Montana and Idaho; hence changing the political landscape but there may be some leeway.

In the meantime, now that we accelerated with this plandemic, for a 26 year old, what would you suggest to do? Maybe you can do a brief article/podcast for people my age. I am working as expected, but I know this mandate will be digitized eventually and will be harder to forged. Thoughts?


-For those starting out, establish yourself away from the blue states and city centers. Mix up the jurisdictions where you invest.
-In response to some of the emails and posts, I lay out some revised recommendations on where to relocate. I have revised my personal searches to deploy RE sales proceeds from my current portfolio.
-I prefer to purchase RE that is within a short driving distance to Home Depot and Lowes. If you wish to purchase in remote areas, you should consider this. HD is the second most important retailer for me. The grocery stores are the most important.
-Your secondary housing accommodations can be further away, but should be in areas that provide for ample hunting and fishing opportunities. I place this requirement up higher than for gardening and well water. Gardens can be easily plundered, and there are always ways to obtain water.
-Though I normally recommend performing a 1031-exchange tax-free into another property, given the current circumstances, I may pay the cap gains and buy another less expensive house in a more remote area. Under a tax-free exchange scenario, we must find another property that costs more that the one we are selling.
-I am not longer willing to step up my RE exposure this way. This is especially true as remote real estate will usually be much cheaper than near city centers. Keep the rest of the proceeds liquid or in a brokerage account.
-We need to be aware of our surroundings. My thoughts on owning RE in areas known to be a haven for preppers.

Stocks; the last things to sell

-I prefer keeping our liquidity in either stocks or gold bullion
-I have to believe that the ultimate goal is to have us approved by the NWO to buy, sell, bank, transact, and conduct any government business. We may own houses and investments, but we may need to be approved to transfer and record deeds. These are more longer-term, and will not be required until mid-to later in the decade.
-I prefer to keep our liquidity in several passive Index tracking ETFs.


-Why I own gold. I can include bitcoin in the discussion.
-My thoughts on PM mining shares. Given the reasons why I own gold, I think my sentiment on the miners is straightforward.

For those currently with a job

-My recommendations regarding obtaining vaccine exemptions and how to handle possible dismissal.

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141 thoughts on “Revised September 20th Update; Financial recommendation for the remnant

  1. What’s happening in Norway? The media is saying Norway doesn’t care about Covid anymore and reclassified it as similar to the Flu. Norway is saying Covid has evolved and is relatively harmless now.

    How can this be allowed by the NWO? I predict it’s a fake and they’ll do a U-turn once the vax kicks in. They are still taking the vax for their new soft virus, strangely enough. The vax will cause them problems unless they are 100% saline there.

    I think part of the reason for the -60 vax storage is because it makes it easier to control the distribution. They say it needs to be carefully monitored, tracked, and managed from factory to arm. This allows them to control who gets what, and when. This is how they are able to target the different versions of the vax and placebos to who they want. The placebo fraction will reduce as time goes on, to kill the hesitant. Well that’s what I’d do if I was doing it.

    It seems our theory about placebos for the first groups of old people so they act as advertisements and advocates for others was confirmed by John O’Looney. As I’ve said before I don’t know any old people that felt the slightest side effect but have heard of young people getting instant serious life-threatening problems, going right back to February 2021.

    1. Me thinks it might be to increase the numbers, cause a scare, introduce tougher measures etc. Norway just increased their interest rate and the banks have followed. A lot of people bought properties at 0%, I think opening up now will of course cause increased inflationary pressure; higher living costs + the interest rate hike = more pain. It’s a culling process. All the people who now think they are free are in for a crude awakening.

  2. Big prediction! Excess death toll above normal will begin to rise this northern hemisphere winter season.

    The governments will begin to clamp down.

    Great news for asset owners! Fed will stretch out the bond purchase timeline, regardless of inflation, in the wake of mounting excess sicknesses and deaths.

    Bad new for the unvaxxed, we will be blamed.

    This will allow the powers to accumulate the needed wealth, and thus power, to bring about socialized housing and such.

    The survivors will own nothing and be happy.

    Don’t get the vaxxines!

    America was Manasseh. This means this is the end. Don’t listen to any 501c3 pastor! Hold out until second half of decade into 2030. Many reading this will not make it.

    1. My hunch is that this winter will be a big doozy for sickness. The covid vaccines will reduce everyone’s immunity.

  3. John O’Looney says they are using the “advocate method”, where you give 85% of people placebos so they will tell everyone the vax is fine.

    Placebo people will soon take their kids in for shots, their kids will die, and they will go crazy. That will be the excuse for rounding up the unvaxed for one-way camping trips.

    Nurses have explained how they are doing it, killing old people in rest homes to inflate the Covid numbers. The criminals in charge will up their game now. Look to Australia.

    “There is going to be a huge death rate soon. This will kick off civil unrest and then they will use that as an excuse to go door to door.”

    “There are good forces out there working hard, and bad forces working hard to kill us.”

    John O’Looney thinks they want to kill him, but he thinks they are going to kill us all anyway. He says he is going super public so he’ll be slightly harder to kill for a while, but expects it eventually.

    He says the people pushing this agenda will be eliminated when their usefulness is over. John says he’d rather die than live as we are anyway.

    2022 is going to be rough it seems.

    1. Thanks for the link. I watched it and what he says makes perfect sense I will put out another podcast when I have the quiet and time.

      What he says makes perfect sense. It all doevtails with the timeline

      The troops that will be going door to door over the next couple years will be foreign West-hating troops. The people in the West hate the West. The foreign troops hate the Westerners. A perfect combo, yet the fire and brimstone preachers tell us to stand down and obey. They save how many people they have seen die of covid, and that it’s very real. They are the preachers on YouTube with 501c3 standing.

      Come out of these churches. They don’t even give exemptions. They cannot even stand up now.

      What will these preachers say when we get rounded up by foreign troops? They will say “live by the sword, die by the sword.” They will quote Romans 13.

      They will never admit that Judeo-Christianity was a S of S scam, and that they were duped.

      Foreign troops coming, not domestic troops. Enjoy and obey.

      1. Hi Chris,

        Could you briefly explain how 501c3 works, from your point of view? I guess it was created as a mechanism to erode the constitutional separation of church and state. What is it really? Does it enslave the churches?

        1. benefits:

          -Exemption from Federal income tax;
          -Tax-deductible contributions;
          -Normally there are exemptions from state income, sales, and employment taxes;
          -Nonprofits can pay salaries. Often these salaries are large and can often deplete the retained capital of the non-profit, thus shifting the “profit” of the 501c3 to the operators of the charity (church)
          -Exemption from Federal unemployment and other payroll taxes.
          -Tax-exempt financing.
          -Exempt from paying state and local property taxes

          If you see a church sitting on a 10 acre lot, they can afford to do so in perpetuity, since they don’t pay property taxes while their 501c3 status is current. This shifts the overall jurisdiction’s tax burden to the remaining real estate owners.

          As we can easily calculate, the average church saves 10s of thousands of dollars a year by muzzling itself according to the government and IRS demands.

          1. So are they monitored for speech? Do they have to start paying tax if they break certain rules? What are the rules?
            I’m just trying to get an insight for how the govt actually controls the churches. What is the process for chastising a church that gets out of line? Is there a law regarding what they can and cannot say or do? Or is this more of a de facto law somehow?

            1. Do some research on DHS and how it works with church pastors. There are also certain topics with which pastors are supposed to refrain.

              I know of a number of preachers over the years that when they deviate from the politically correct doctrine, they get audited and have plants who enter the congregation for monitoring. Sometimes the auditing will be ongoing. All IRS.

              1. If a church decides to pay their tax and remain independent, are a different set of methods used to rein them in?
                It is even possible? What about the Mormon church, or JWs? They seem to have plenty of money.

    2. Whatever real estate we buy in a remote area should be facilitated through an anonymous conduit like an LLC.

    3. Great Video of John O’Looney. I have been reading a few reports on the internet of how 50% or more of these Covid Vaccines are only placebos. It kind of makes sense because those who think they get the “Vaccine” while it is only a placebo will be advocates for others to get the vaccine as they suffer no side effects. Others will see that these people suffer no side effects and will also get the vaccine some of which will be killers. I have read that some get a placebo while others get 10 milligrams, 20 milligrams, and those who get the highest dose of 30 milligrams suffer the most serious side effects. They probably have it marked out beforehand who gets the higher doses(i.e. those that they want to kill off).

      Right now I interpret the placebo story with a grain of salt until I see more evidence.
      However, if the placebo story is true, then this whole Covid Vaccine is nothing but a scam with a hidden agenda on the people. It also calls into question if the whole Covid 19 thing is a scam to get people to take these kill shots(at least kill shots for some people initially).

      1. Well I know an old guy with emphysema, asthma, and all sorts of other problems. His wife’s been saying he’s probably going to die about every month for the last 3 years. He weighs about 100 pounds. He got the vax and noticed precisely nothing.

        How can something that kills young people in a week leave him alone completely? I heard of a 25 year old months ago nearly dying after the vax, yet every single old person I know who has had it has zero side effects, not even a sore arm. That’s enough proof for me. Besides there’s no need to kill old people. Why waste the vax on that? Boomers will be dying soon (as predicted as far back as 1950) and that will be blamed on Covid too! Instant death spike. Just add water. To wipe us out you only need to kill or sterilize the young women. Old people, especially sickly ones, are the best advocates for young people to get the vax. I think John O’Looney is right.

        1. Great Point Bob. My folks are in their 80s and they took the Vax back in February and March 21 and so far nothing. They did not feel anything after taking both shots. Thank heavens. I have noticed younger people taking the Vax and they were sick for a week and some have started to have health issues.

          1. They just announced a dose increase in NZ, from 5 to 6 “doses” per jab. Why five? Why now six? Six is their favorite number isn’t it?

            As I predicted, the longer you wait, the more poisonous the vax will be. They want to kill NWO-aware people like us.

            I am going to tell them I don’t want the vax because they are lying about it. If they ask what lies I’ll ask for the data sheet. I’ll tell them I’m not taking an experimental vaccine, just as a matter of principle. I’ll ask for their name and address, so I can testify against them in the coming Nuremberg 2 trials. (I doubt there will be any trials but it might gaslight the useful idiot jabbers.) I’ll ask them for a written policy on Ivermectin. I’ll ask them for all sorts of stuff. But mostly I’ll tell them they are medical Nazis and deserve hanging, and if they don’t understand that then they need to start listening to Robert Malone (inventor of mRNA gene therapies), Kary Mullis (inventor of PCR, who said Fauci knows nothing), John Ionnides (Standford, author of most cited medical paper in the world), Monash University (established Ivermectin as a cure in April 2020), Zev Zelenko (used Ivermection to cure thousands of patients). I’ve got more memorized. I’ll rattle them off until they start questioning their own lies.

    1. As predicted, the lockdowns are starting their gruesome harvest now. Delayed medical treatments are causing deaths. The Flu will have an easy time because people’s immunity is down. RSV is increasing tremendously [for no real reason, of course].

      “Last winter, there was almost no RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus), and paediatric intensive care was pretty much empty and could help us out. Now they are absolutely teeming as are our emergency departments with adults and children with RSV infection.”

      No link to excessive mask wearing has been detected, of course, even though that is what causes these RSV outbreaks.

      Allegedly, none of it is due to the vax. But at least they don’t say it’s all due to Covid! They don’t even mention the vax.

  4. We are just getting warmed up…. This article pertains to the rising death ☠️ tolls in Britain this past Summer.

    “Thousands more people than usual are dying … but it’s not from Covid”

    Except: While focus remains firmly fixed on Covid-19, a second health crisis is quietly emerging in Britain. Since the beginning of July, there have been thousands of excess deaths that were not caused by coronavirus.

    According to health experts, this is highly unusual for the summer. Although excess deaths are expected during the winter months, when cold weather and seasonal infections combine to place pressure on the NHS, summer generally sees a lull.

    1. I predict that worse diseases will be on the way that have a much higher mortality rate than Covid 19 such as 30%, 50%, 70%, or even over 90%. The powers that be will up the ante if not enough people take the Covid 19 Vaccines. They will release a bioweapon that has a much higher mortality rate and , a horse is a horse of course, they will come up with a “vaccine” against this disease that will also be deadly. People will be so scared of the disease that they will want this vaccine and/or the government will make it mandatory on penalty of death or imprisonment.

      In order to understand what could be next in this Evil agenda you have to put yourselves in the shoes of the Synagogue of Satan and think like them. Think what would you do if you were them and wanted to destroy your potential enemy(rest of humanity).The best guide is to read all of Revelations in the Bible as it will clue you in on the spiritual battle that is now escalating.

  5. Hi Chris,
    Which US stocks should I be buying on the dips? That is on the dips should I be buying blue chip stocks or dividend stocks or growth stocks or value stocks? Please provide me with some suggestions. Thanks

    1. Play the odds. Large stocks that have inelastic demand. Blue chips that can pass higher prices to their customers. International exposure.

      Stocks that pay dividends and can increase earnings in a rising bond yield environment. Stocks that have strong cash flow and EBITDA.

      Stay away from growth stories and meme stocks. Stocks that promise earnings in the future, stay away. Stay away from stocks with relatively poor balance sheets.

      Look at how spoos, Dow, and nq’s have held up. Look at Russell 2000 getting pummeled relatively. All those big spac plays and small story stocks are tradimg near 52 week lows. Their pricing models heavily discount their stocks with rising yields and inflation.

      The concentration of market share with the big players in each sector shows they win in this changing dynamic. They have strong demand. And it holds up as the small players lose out as they can’t raise prices as easily.

      1. Hi Chris.
        Can you please provide me with sveral examples of stocks that fit the above profile as I’m only familiar with Australian stock and I dont want to make any mistake. Thanks mate.

  6. A little off-topic but talked to a Trump supporter the other day about Trump constantly pushing vaccines down people’s throat. Didn’t take it well at all. Extremely defensive. Reason goes from one ear to another.

    I sincerely think the only reason Hillary couldn’t win is because then 90% of the people on the right wouldn’t take the vaccine. Trump was needed for the right to accept the vaccine, and make Christianity look bad. I also believe Trump had to go because the next step is vaccine mandates. If Trump was the one pushing the mandates the right would believe he’s been infiltrated. Instead he’s calling out the mandates the same way he supported anti-abortion during the campaign trail. It’s easy to call something out and fool your base you’re on their side when it’s something you have no power to change.

    1. Absolutely correct. 100%. Coming to that conclusion takes an independently thinking mind. All planned in advance.

    2. You are so correct Otto. Trump is a puppet being pulled by the same puppeteers that pull Biden, Harris, and the Clintons. While I agreed with most of Trump’s ideas, he is just an imperfect human like the rest of us. Never look up to humans.

      This is why we must only look up to God and Jesus Christ and NOT look up to humans. God never lies and never lets you down as long as you keep a relationship with God through daily prayer and reading the Bible.

      1. Amen brother. Pray to God and Jesus Christ. Don’t idolize humans. That’s my problem with the Pope as well. He goes in front of thousands of people cheering his name. People running through security to get closer to him. The Pope starts speaking — and ofc he doesn’t humble himself and exalt Jesus. He should do that in the very first sentence if you ask me. He is human. Not God.

        – I also agreed with many of Trump’s ideas and was a fan until the 2020 election. Something just was fishy about it, which lead me to question things. But I agree it’s all very well planned in advance.

    3. Trump signed an Executive Order about Flu pandemics and vaccines just in time for Covid19. Could the timing have been any more precise? Covid19 first appeared within a month of this EO. That’s why it’s got 19 in the name.

      Executive Order 13887 of September 19, 2019

      “This order directs actions to reduce the United States’ reliance on egg-based influenza vaccine production; to expand domestic capacity of alternative methods that allow more agile and rapid responses to emerging influenza viruses; to advance the development of new, broadly protective vaccine candidates that provide more effective and longer lasting immunities; and to support the promotion of increased influenza vaccine immunization across recommended populations.”

      Step one of a 3 step process is:
      “a 5-year national plan (Plan) to promote the use of more agile and scalable vaccine manufacturing technologies and to accelerate development of vaccines that protect against many or all influenza viruses;”

      Was this EO sponsored by Microsoft?

      I suppose you could call Covid19 a Flu virus for the purposes of this EO.

      The Flu threatens “national security”? ROFLMAO.


  7. Question:
    Who do you think gave adam Weishaupt, the founder of Illuminati, his power? Who do you think use their untold riches to infiltrate and take over Freemasonry? Who do you think gave Karl Marx his podium and influence? Who do you think gave Lennon and Stalin their power? Who do you think selected all the presidents since JFK? Who do you think gave Pope Francis his power to go ahead and destroy Christianity?

    Answer: the synagogue of Satan; the owners of the European central banks and the Federal Reserve. These families are also owners of the bank of Russia and control the People’s Bank of China.

    The synagogue of Satan is trying to take your soul, for their instructions from their god, Lucifer.

  8. Chris — What are your thoughts about moving somewhere in Hawaii? More secluded part of Hawaii ofc away from the cities and with land.

    1. I do not recommend places that are isolated like Hawaii. I have communicated with three people who live in Southeast Asia and live on Islands. They’re having a difficult time getting on and off and traveling without vaccines.

      If you’ve been vaccinated and continue to get vaccinated, then I don’t think that is an issue for now.

      In terms of isolated places like Alaska and Hawaii I can’t imagine them coming out too well with all the supply side shenanigans. I suspect that is shortages in the economy continue to mount, people who live in a more isolated places will experience more difficult times.

  9. The FED is admitting that inflation is going to run hotter than expected. Of course, they attribute it to the reopening of the economy. But we know this doesn’t make sense as inflation was already running hot before the economy got fully up to speed.

    If you are a reader of my blog, then you already know that the monetary and fiscal stimulus from covid had more to do with consolidating the global wealth, and thus power, and much less to do with helping the average person. It ostensibly helps people, but the net result is that the standards of living continue to deteriorate under this social stimulus. This is done by intent and the powers are getting ready to pull the plug on this system in the next few years, so they don’t mind inflation running hot as they consolidate the last vestiges of global wealth.

    This massive consolidation is the prerequisite for a one world global financial dictatorship. I discussed this nine years ago on Makow’s website.

    I believe that the powers have already consolidated enough wealth to bring forth all horses of revelation whenever they choose. If they can control the narrative regarding these mRNA jabs, they can control everything. It all starts with massive social largesse, so the global wealth can be consolidated. I believe we are at that point and now there is no going back.

    This has nothing to do with a virus.

    1. This is an FYI to those still holding GTEC. They recently participated in an EV investor conference and had many excellent things to say. The stock has begun to perk up nicely.

  10. Here is a link to an article from Bloomberg Australia regarding being locked out of real estate.

    Covid crisis, reaction, solution => housing crisis, reaction, solution => socialized housing

    Excerpt: In cities across the world, soaring prices are forcing people to abandon all hope of owning a home. It’s a phenomenon stoked by the pandemic, with prices globally driven to fresh records through a confluence of ultra-low interest rates, a dearth of construction, shifts in family spending, and fewer homes being put up for sale.

    The fallout is shaking governments of all political persuasions, from Germany to South Korea, China and Canada.

  11. Trump used a cheap logo from shutterstock for his campaign. That’s international news now.

    NZ’s Fuhrer says vax passports are coming. If I can’t go to the supermarket I’ll just starve. I don’t care what they do anymore. If anyone attacks me for being unvaxed I’ll cough at them and say stay 6 feet away. They’ll have a neurotic breakdown like Pavlov’s dogs. Do they beat me up or is it too dangerous? Does the vax work or not? While they figure that out I’ll just walk off and say good luck with the next jab.

    1. It’s coming worldwide and the people are in total denial. I can delay the inevitable with vaxxed family members, but how long will that last? Once there are enough people who have been conned into accepting the covid narrative and taking the jabs, the powers know they can impose whatever they want. The rest will be shut out in the wilderness.

      Every day I am alive is wonderful and more precious than a ton of fine gold. I think of all the humans that have ever lived going back to Adam, and how rare it is that I am here, alive, in good health, and able to decide whom I will serve. I think of all the fools who squandered their lives, sold their birthrights for a bowl of soup, and when the died they lifted up their eyes in hell and realized the grave error they made.

  12. Hi Chris,
    Just wondering if you believe the crypto market is near its bottom and if so which do you recommend?
    I understand they are high risk and you should only invest what you are willing to lose. Perhaps your readers can suggest some speculative cryptos.

    1. I would hide some $ in some privacy coins here. Some large cap ones + some newer small-caps(better tech).

      Lisk(lsk) could be a good bet – it’s a blockchain app platform written in c++. If general programmers migrate to the blockchain space Lisk could be a popular one because of its ease of use.

      Komodo, backed by Austrian intelligence (I think).

      The “cash-cryptos”(scalable) – bitcoin cash, digibyte, verge are good bets too.

      1. Thanks. Interesting on the privacy coins. I haven’t really kept up on them in the past year or two. I really don’t know much about the newer coins.

        Out of all of them going back for 5 years that we’ve discussed, I’ve only recommended monero. I wasn’t a fan of zcash or dash. I felt they were too centrally managed.

    2. The only crypto I have been truly recommending is Bitcoin. We can trace its origins and it seems to be a special case in which no one knows how it originated. I submit it was released into the wild by dark intelligence and has been and will serve a special function.

      Speculating in all the other cryptocurrencies out there is like speculating a penny stocks. There are excellent winners and losers, but I don’t spend my time analyzing this market, except in its aggregate. I view Bitcoin as a substitute for gold in this regard.

        1. I don’t think Bitcoin has bottomed, but I would assume it has an auspicious future, and I would be a buyer on dips rather than a seller on rallies.

          The reason why I like gold over all other stores value is it’s relative lack of price volatility. Whoever I believe that Bitcoin could rise much higher in percentage terms. There are trade-offs here. It all comes down to your risk tolerance.

          I own both. Though I do own more gold.

      1. Problem with Bitcoin is it is a track and trace system, and only large miners can mine it = centralized.
        Many bitcoins are now tainted and valued at 0 – because BTC lacks privacy the coins are not fungible, 1btc does not = another btc.
        Bitcoin dominance is weakening too, telling us money is going into the alts at a faster pace.
        IMO bitcoin is a trap, something El Salvador is realizing, where the Gov issues centralized wallets that are tracked and traced etc.

        I personally own 0 Bitcoin, but I have a bag of alternatives that inflate at a faster rate.

        P.S. I was told in 2019(from higher-ups) that Bitcoin would start becoming defunct after block 666,666 was mined in 2021 (capped at 21 million coins = code for 2021, when in fact 666.666 was mined). After this event btw BTC dominance (btc.d) has crashed >40%.

          1. I’m not saying Bitcoin goes to 0 or anything. But I am sensing money pouring into the alts rather, which have better tech and room for improvement. Bitcoin is old tech now; the higher the price the higher the cost to transact, which sidelines >half the world population; lets say you send $100 of btc to someone, the tx cost = $10, thats an instant 10% haircut. The tainted coin issue is a huge risk also, and the bankers have effectively taken control of Bitcoin through 3rd parties. Now all centralized exchanges are introducing KYC(know your customer) and you wont be able to exit the system into fiat if all your tx are not reported and your id is not included. TRACK & TRACE.

            There is however an exit route directly from crypto(btc) –> gold. Many gold retailers accept crypto as payment. I think therefore crypto can function as a way to increase gold holdings; Fiat –> crypto –> inflate –> gold. With a good/friendly retailer you could effectively circumvent capital gains tax …

            Privacy coins will become popular when the track and trace system matures. People will hide a lot of $ there; I’d get positioned if I were you. I’m a little surprised people aren’t more eager to get hold of them.

            1. Regarding privacy coins, two main ones are Monero and Pirate chain.

              I am still in limbo over these coins. In a “normal” world where crypto’s and central bank digital currencies exist side by side, i do not see much use for privacy coins unless you are intentionally obfuscating your wealth. But be aware if you do so, because KYC is comming to all exchanges (at least in the US) so if you hide your dollars in say Monero and want to white-wash them on Coinbase or Kraken or alike, you will have to tell them where all these undocumented Monero dollars came from.

              And in a world where there is only one type of coin (CBDC) as the central banks like to see, your privacy coins only work peer-to-peer but so do all these other coins, cause the exchanges will be put out of business.

              Would be interested to read other opinions on the matter.

              1. Yeah, the know your customer is something that was spawned out of the Patriot Acts, but then refined after the collapses of 2008. The regulatory authorities have been remarkably slow in regulating these coins. I had these accounts for 5 years and thought they would have cracked down already. Kraken is still working in the dark ages and if it were any other asset, these exchanges would either be out of business or would have been already regulated like a broker dealer.

                I personally think that Bitcoin and its technology has been passed by by many other cryptos, but it’s the established one, it has many derivative products in the regulated markets that trade against it, and it’s the one that gets the most publicity.

                I have to assume that if we own something authorities could eventually find out. That’s especially true if they were trading somewhere on the exchange at one point.

                You make an interesting observation about peer-to-peer exchange. As hard as it would be with gold or silver, I can’t imagine it being easier with a privacy coin.

    3. I put my money in BTC and ETH (50% of my portfolio) and the other 50% in Ripple, Theta (Tfuel), Dash.
      – BTC because it is considered digital gold, and that narrative is gaining traction with institutional investors.
      – ETH because it still has the most developpers working to improve upon it in the crypto space.
      – Ripple is a gamble, so take that choice with caution. It already has clients using it (mainly banks in Asia) and is rumored to be a bridge protocol in the new digital CBDC utopia.
      – Theta because it solves an increasingly growing problem of bandwidth for video applications. It has already 4 patents and i deem it not as much a crypto but more a tech company on the rise
      – Dash can be considered a gamble as well. I choose it just because of the charts, it hasnt made any new highs yet. As a payment system its pretty impressive, but one could argue Litecoin or Digibyte are as good if not better.

      All the altcoins are still heavily depending on the BTC price so if BTC goes down, so go 99% of the alt coins.

      1. I don’t really look at my portfolios anymore, but they’re in Bitcoin, ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, and monero.

        The only one I can really recommend at this point is Bitcoin, and that’s only because what we know about our adversary and what we know about bitcoins origins, or what we don’t.

        1. Iota, Hedera Hashgraph “HBAR” and Holo “HOT” are newer technologies if any one is interested.

  13. Globalist Planner Jacques Atalli Predicted Scamdemic & Genocide in 1981

    Jacques Attali on population control. Just get idiots to take the vax! Nice and simple.

    “Euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our future societies, in all cases. We cannot of course execute people or set up camps. We will get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good. ”

    “We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the fat, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated. ”

    “We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own.”

    Isn’t it interesting that Covid seems to mostly affect the old and the fat, and the vax seems to mostly affect the stupid and the fearful? Very interesting.

    Sorry it’s from a suspected KGB agent, but I think the information is legit.

    1. There have been so many futurists in the past who have predicted all of these circumstances, and yet the livestock still fall for it. There are only a few of us in an echo chamber amongst the wise. I would rather live in a tent with my health and faculties than suffer the fate of the many.

  14. Here’s a clever Bloomberg propaganda piece on affordable housing via the Great Reset agenda.

    “Vienna’s radical idea? Affordable housing for all.”

    This YouTube video illustrates the specifics of the Great Reset agenda going out to 2030 in regards to housing, and what the ultimate goals are for these powers.

    I find it interesting that the video never discusses the fact that these people do not own any of their accommodations. In this case, it’s either owned by the city of Vienna or by corporations that receive the money directly from the jurisdictions to provide the accommodations.

    In this case, it’s essentially Marxism, but the corporations get paid by the governments. The people own nothing.

    1. Vienna’s a special case in some ways. I know someone living there and their family rented a house in the city. The rent has not gone up for 75 years, because there was a law against it. The house rental was inherited by two more generations and still no rent increase. They were paying an absolute pittance for the place, and really only kept it because it was so cheap. They used it as a guest house for friends and relatives. Imagine paying the same rent as 75 years ago! Fantastic.
      Austria is kind of like Scotland – they are all PC as hell and love immigrants and literally think it would make no difference if everyone in Austria was replaced by Somalians, and yet, magically, both countries are still overwhelmingly white. Now there’s an enigma to solve. Why did the Eye of Sauron not view them as targets like the rest of us? Do they have their holiday homes there? Scotland is one big nature reserve for the rich from England. The Clearances have never been reversed, to this day. It appears they never will be – and maybe Covid will finish the job.

      1. Correction: there might have been moderate nominal rent increases every ten years or so (I’m not sure of the exact details) – but the rent was still ridiculously low, like a few hundred dollars a month for a central city apartment. Austrians are quite rich too so it’s essentially free for them, and they can easily afford to keep the place empty. I’m not sure what the landlord’s view of this arrangement is. It was some law put in after WW2 I think.

        1. The problem with those who don’t live in subsidized housing is that the prices in the open market are much higher. Subsidized housing always restricts supply and drives up the prices for those left outside the government run system. Look at the chart that I provide for the cities and you can see how expensive real estate is for those in Vienna. It’s between 13 and 14 times annual household income.

          This Bloomberg propaganda conforms perfectly with the tenets of the Great Reset. This video shows a couple of fat and effeminate men discussing the plans, and it only illustrates the nice apartments. It also conveniently leaves out the fact that nobody owns anything and will be beholden to the government for everything.

        2. This Bloomberg propaganda piece mentions that the corporations will build the properties and manage the housing, and receive payment directly from the jurisdictions. It will be a privatized version of Marxism.

          In order to get this by 2030, there has to be a massive shift in human psychology.

          I honestly don’t see it happening. Perhaps if we extend the timeline out to 2050, all of this becomes feasible. We can raise a whole generation of livestock in the public schools to embrace this sort of Marxism. The job is still incomplete.

      2. Scotland, ireland, and Britain are all attached at the hip. Britain especially has never fit in with the rest of Europe and it never will. There’s a special reason for Britain’s differences.

  15. I had a friend recently fall quite ill with what he suspects is covid. In a state of feverish delirium he had a sort of religious awakening. He went to hell and saw. He said it was nothing like what he was prepared for or could have imagined. Infinity vast consuming energy with out satiation with some being at its center.
    We is a good guy not religious, one of my best friends. He was rocked to his core and has had a conversion. He told me the underlying thought he had was how easy it is to slip and fall down this path.
    Thanks you.

    1. That is an incredible story. The number of NDEs that pertain to hell seems to be increasing in frequency. God is warning the people. There are more and more individuals coming out on YouTube with similar experiences.

    2. Your friends experience indicates that HELL is a real place. God wanted him to have the experience even though he was a good guy to prove to him and others that Hell is real. He was not a bad person but God shown him hell to give him a mission to save souls from Hell by spreading the word for people to turn to Jesus Christ and repent of their sins. Those who turn away from sin and to Jesus Christ will be spared the eternal pit.

      Other people can be shown Hell because they may have committed sins that they have not acknowledged.

      My advice to your friend is to start praying to God and turn to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Prayers to God will give him a direction to permanently avoid the Hell that he temporarily experienced. He should read and study the Bible.

    1. Virginia used to be a great state for libertarians. There was a good combination of well-educated people and a libertarian mindset. It took a drastic turn coming out of 2010. There has been a concerted effort in the state to clamp down on personal freedoms and gun ownership. Also the taxes have been increasing quite a bit and are becoming more congruent with the rest of the north east. That’s because there has been a lot of immigration, and these immigrants demand government benefits.

      Virginia has become the Colorado of the Eastern seaboard. I no longer recommend either state.

      Can’t wait to sell one of my properties and deploy the capital out of the area.

      1. Chris, What you see happening in Virginia is also happening in other places. I have lived in New Hampshire since 1983.

        When I first came to New Hampshire in 1983 it was a very Libertarian and a solidly Red State. New Hampshire used to be very anti tax and anti big government.

        Then in the early 90s the upscale soccer parents from out of state suburbs such as New York City, New Jersey , and Boston MA started moving up here in droves. Since these new people started moving up here a lot of sleepy small towns started getting built up into cookie cutter suburban neighborhoods. Farms have turned into housing developments.

        The political landscape has substantially changed in New Hampshire since these people moved up here. A lot of Demoncrats get voted in at all levels of government which did not happen before. I see a lot of Black Lives Matter signs on upscale front lawns. There is a lot more pro big government regulations and a lot more move to raise taxes. The libertarian “Live Free or Die” mindset is long gone. Also the welfare system has been brought in that did not exist before. As a result, alot of bums looking for handouts have moved up here to NH and the crime rate has skyrocketed like never before. The increased welfare has also brought in alot of illegal immigrants to NH like we never had before.

        From what I read this same thing is happening in places like Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Texas as upscale soccer moms from CA ,OR, and Washington have moved there. This has happened in Colorado back in the 80s and 90s and look where CO is today.

        The thing that I really dislike about these suburban soccer parent yuppies is that they vote for candidates that make a mess of their neighborhood, then they are appalled at the mess, they then move to a rural area and bring the city/suburban lifestyle they missed and turn the formally rural area into the suburbs/city like where they left. They then vote for the same politicians in the newly settled rural area that created the same problems where they left. The influx of suburban yuppies to a red rural area also drives up the cost of real estate, and drives up taxes. As a result they turn the former rural area into the same mess where they left. Meanwhile, the longtime locals get stuck with the bill.

        It just goes to show that people have a way of screwing things up. Most people fail to see that they themselves are the problem and instead move to a pristine location and screw it up,

        1. I agree. You articulated it very well. Funny about the BLM signs; most of them around here where I live are posted in front of white people’s houses. I always thought BLM stood for Bureau of Land Management. Much of the land out West is BLM land.

          Here’s a good reason why the elites want to continue this asset pump; if they collapse them, these dumbed down white folk will begin to get angry at their masters.

  16. I am in the process of renting a new apartment and was going to camp out at my dad’s house for a month, until I found a new flat.

    I’m packing my stuff (moving to my dad’s on Friday) when he calls me (today) and says I need to get vaccinated in order to live alongside him. Basically he said theres no way I can move in unless I do it and that I’m brainwashed. I just hung up after he said the last part.

    So here we are, bless the Lord for my time has come!

    “For I came with the result that my coming puts a man at variance with his father, and a daughter against her mother, and the newly married wife against her mother-in-law, and the enemies of a man shall be those of his household. He who has an affection for father or mother above that which he has for me, is not worthy of me(…).”

    1. I wish you the best. Hold your ground and don’t get the vaccine. No association with family is worth getting a killer vaccine for.
      It is not you that is brainwashed it really is
      your father that is brainwashed into the Jim Jones Cult where the Covid 19 vaccine is the new Kool Aid. It is so sad how parents turn on their kids like that. This is a sign of the end times. A good relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing right now.
      God Bless and Godspeed

      1. Thank you.

        I knew it was coming, Matt 10:32 always resonated with me.

        Now I will take a few days, summon some power and retreat to the woods (cabin) and overwinter; building necessary skills, read, decouple from electrosmog etc. I will revert back to the city in the spring and see what is left.

        1. The upshot to this upcoming war will be that for the first time in generations, we won’t have the electronics to keep us under the mind control. Gradually the people will snap out of their stupor and I have to believe this will be the first time that people will be open to reason. We can’t try to convince people now, not with all this electronic stimulation and propaganda..

          1. Was sent an interesting comment. The ptb want nearly 100% vaxed because it would eliminate the control group of the u vaxxed so when any bad health things would happen in the future you couldn’t say look the unvaxxed aren’t suffering these. That comment by Fitzpatrick on how the fall of USSR was partly to convince the masses communism was dead: how cunning.I remember way back in my college days in the 70’s had a poly sci prof touting communism. I told him you could call them that or also super capitalists.They had no problem having 99.99 standing in line for a couple loaves of rye bread while a tiny percent of commissars were riding in Mercedes sedans spooning caviar. Didnt get an answer. You guys know more details than I would you consider communism interchangeable with feudalism?

            1. Looking back, you should have said he should have moved there.

              I find it very interesting that those who cry racism and think capitalism is a crime and believe that Western morals are a horror show still want to come here and live anyway. They don’t want to go anywhere else.

      2. Jim Jones was funded by intel. His ‘followers’ for the most part were not happy after they arrived in Guyana and were later forced to drink the poison. Someone like Mark Lane was able to “escape” into the forest for 3 days and later turn up back in the U.S. (Mark Lane’s father was also an interesting guy from Brooklyn.) Of course, the Congressman Leo Ryan wasn’t so lucky as to ‘escape’. He was shot up while trying to leave the compound in Guyana after having gone there on a “fact-finding mission”. I guess he found out too many facts. Interestingly enough, one of his “aides” was Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. She was supposedly shot a number of times…but survived to tell the tale. I guess it really is All in the Family.

    2. That is sad to hear. I’m sorry. I guess we need to begin expecting these things. I might be able to see a couple of my sisters this Christmas in New York, but that’s it. I don’t think I’ll ever see any other family members again.

      I’m going to be 56 in December and my best years are really behind me. All my desire to explore and see the world and country is no longer there and I just hope to survive for as long as possible and have a comfortable life. To be honest with you, based on what we’re talking about and the timeline, my life here no longer really means all that much. I don’t have any desire to fraternize with others, and the things that used to matter to me just no longer do.

      I think the reason why many in the remnant are in denial is because they’re still convinced that it’s about a virus. This has nothing to do with a virus. Trying to persuade others to overcome their fear of a virus is useless now. This is all about us getting to accept the mark, and for those who refuse to believe this, they are in complete denial.

      To be honest with you, I’m just hoping I can get into the grocery store and Home Depot.

      This happened so fast and there is no going back now. I was talking to the mailman a couple days ago and he kept backing away, scared. How can you overcome that? We can’t. When your father is as stubborn as this, changing his mind is like convincing a Republican to vote Democrat.

      1. Chris – I echo your sentiments exactly. We really just want to be able to go to the grocery store etc. at this point and have accepted that we are being shunned from society. It’s tough with kids because I don’t want them to grow up to be super unsocialized and odd as a result so I’m working on finding like minded people to connect to. There are a lot of groups coming up on Facebook so that shows some promise.

        My parents only tolerate me and my unvaccinated status (they don’t even bring it up) because I made them grandparents and they are afraid if we really get into it I won’t let them see the kids. They weren’t so easy on my oldest brother who really didn’t want to take the vaccine but his work just mandated it and he felt he had no choice. He has always had a rough time fitting in and keeping a job because, although very good hearted, he is a bit unusual. My parents were so afraid of him being a “loser” that they micromanaged his entire life including putting a down payment on a 4 bedroom house for him after he graduated university. He’s had a hard time keeping work or progressing in a company because my parents forced him to be an engineer which was a bit of an academic stretch for him. So he’s always under pressure to keep a job at a certain salary level to pay for this house. His bills and lack of prospects outside his current company was ultimately his demise for agreeing to the vaccine. He’s not ignorant at all about the NWO so this was really sad for me to hear and he’s upset that his work mandated it. My parents also pressured him to take it because they were afraid he would be single forever and never get married or have kids due to his unvaccinated status. Yes..if you think my parents are a piece of work you are correct. They always have been but this vaccine is really intensifying things.

        1. “He has always had a rough time fitting in and keeping a job because, although very good hearted, he is a bit unusual.” – Sounds like you are describing me. Thanks for the post.

          I can see clearly this global mass delusion, and I observe how the psychological warfare against humanity has bee so well played. Over the past 100 years, going back to Bernays, the best psychological scientists have perfected the techniques and methods of this warfare on us, and I immediately observed the partisanizing techniques of this covid timeline from the outset. It is so comprehensive and overwhelming, and I have concluded there is absolutely nothing we can do anymore to affect change. My website is now essentially just an echo chamber. We cannot overcome a beast that has total control on the media. That control took trillions of dollars and decades of effort on our adversary’s part.

          This all has nothing to do with a virus, and all to do with control. But this control has a specific purpose; to get the population to eventually accept continual vaccines and a mark for identification.

          The only way we have a chance to get through to someone at this point is if we can reposition the dialog. In other words, I think we have a chance to convince a few people if we can demonstrate that this covid timeline and jab campaign is all about achieving an ultimate goal; these engineers want to establish a beast system and have us all take a mark.

          We can no longer convince people through reason. Perhaps if we can begin to show them what we mean with regards to the mark, we can plant a seed, so when the timeline unfolds further, they may remember what we said. I already tell anyone who will listen that this has nothing to do with a virus and all to do with conditioning us to take a mark. I am hoping my predictive capacity with respect to this monetary system and economy can help lend credence to my other theories and predictions.

          Here is my best attribute; I no longer care what others think of me. This took some time for me to achieve, but it has been a liberating experience.

          We are going to have to stop caring about what others think of us. It will be the only way we are going to survive.

          Someone posted a comment earlier that I think explains the dilemma you have with your parents. The vaxxed are seeking reaffirmation regarding their decisions, and with you taking the contra, you are making them uncomfortable. Thus, people like your parents exaggerate their behavior in the face of evidence to the contrary.

          I am sorry for your situation. The only thought I can offer; try not to make it an issue with them. Avoid the subject. I never bring any of this stuff up with others around me, including family, unless they ask. I then keep it short, because I understand they are the product of a successful propaganda campaign, in which I am seen as a potential enemy.

    3. If your dad has so little faith in the vax, then why did he take it? Can you ask him and report back to us?

      1. There’s no need.

        Getting force-fed propaganda for 2 years straight is a traumatic experience for many.

        A fkked up mind makes fkked up decisions.

        1. Exactly. We still think somehow that these people are open to reason. They are no longer capable of rational discourse. Their minds have been destroyed forever and are now properly conditioned to accept the mark.

    4. I can empathize. Last night my eldest son, the one out of my three children who took the vax, texted me to warn about the dangers of Covid, and how there is a kid in residence coughing really badly. (Really? this is proof? People cough sometimes.) I know he is trying to get me to accept the vaccine and to fear covid as much as he does. I don’t even think he is telling me this to ensure my health as much as trying to make himself feel better about his choice. At least my twins are not taking the jab, but it hurts beyond words that even one of my children is not going to make it. I don’t know what is worse, being abandoned by a parent or losing a relationship with a child. All I can do is pray for him.

      1. Tell him he messed up and he’s probably going to die. Ask him to help others avoid his fate so his now-pointless life might have some value.
        My dad took the vax, but I don’t think he cares if it kills him. He’s tired of the world now anyway. I can understand that. No side effects yet so maybe he got the placebo. Judy Mikovitz said it’s 50% placebos out there. Well it is an experiment so they need to do it properly. Rumor has it there are 12 different vaxes too, just for Pfizer.

        50% kill? Now wasn’t there a movie about that just recently? Fauci looks a bit like Thanos, but a really nerdy version. It didn’t stop him being voted sexiest man alive (puke). Woman love a dictator. They sent Hitler 10,000 pairs of undies a week.

  17. Aussie cop says he’s just as sick of lockdowns as everyone else and “doesn’t want to enforce it” but he “has to” so he “gets paid” because it’s “his job” and he doesn’t “know how to do anything else”.

    Nuremberg 2 Verdict: GUILTY. He’s lying.

    We are repeatedly told that “I’m just doing my job” is what the Nazis said, but cops still say it every day.

  18. Thank you Biden regime for rent rates rising as much as 20% year over year. All these illegals are driving up my rent rolls.

    ‘I’ve never seen anything like this’: Bidding wars hit the rental market

    Victoire Joncheray / Unsplash
    Today 10:31 A.M.

    The for-sale market finally seems to be cooling down a bit from its most sizzling temperatures a few months ago. In contrast, the rental market is becoming fiery-hot in housing markets across the country.

    Just 58.8 percent of sales offers written by Redfin agents saw competition in August, a new low for 2021, according to a Redfin report released in mid-September. Rental bidding wars are ramping up, however, in competitive markets where inventory is low and some would-be buyers have decided to wait it out on the sidelines another several months or years.

    “I can tell you, I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Adam Docktor, a Realtor with Compass in Fort Lauderdale, told Inman.

    “[From] 2015 to 2019 there were tons of rentals. We had so many online, and [buildings] were not full. And now all the buildings are between like 95 and 99 percent full where people were like, ‘Oh, that’s never going to happen.’ The typical rent increase is probably 3 to 5 percent [per year]. Well, we’re seeing 20 percent in our area, which is huge but also a barrier to entry.”

    As demand has intensified, so have rent prices. Although month-over-month national rent growth slowed slightly in August (to 1.7 percent in August, from 2.0 percent in July), annual rent growth hit a record high of 11.5 percent in August, according to a Zillow report.

    In Irvine, California where First Team Real Estate is based, COO Michele Harrington told Inman the team was seeing “big time” bidding wars and competition on rentals.

    “[There’s been] bidding up and multiple applications,” she said. “[I] had a property with 10 applications in one day [and] rents are climbing.”

    Harrington said she’s seen renters offer anything from $50 to $100 more per month than the rental asking price, to paying six months of rent upfront in order to win a rental.

    Docktor, meanwhile, said one of his rental homes that he listed about a month ago quickly received five applicants, and the person who ended up winning the property paid a whole year’s worth of rent in advance.

    “I’ve never seen that before,” Docktor said. “Typically we advise people not to do that. Don’t go ahead and give an owner your whole year [of rent] upfront, but people have no choice in doing this.”

  19. Do you recommend buying bitcoin through GBTC and do you recommend buying physical silver through SIVR?

    1. It’s fine to own these, but I prefer direct ownership. Of course, we can margin these stocks, which offers advantages.

      Silver bars are okay. I owned 100 oz bars and silver eagles. Sold it all off. If you choose gold, that should be bought per my prior recommendations.

  20. Chris,
    Your insights and observations are almost prophetic. Excellent work! Keep it up.

    Sold my RE holdings, moved to US$ cash and will be buying US Index ETF’s after the October pullback. What are your thoughts on the following: DOW going to 40,000 plus. Political unrest in 2022. Food shortages in 2024 due to supply chain breakdown because of covid hoax. (these are Armstrong Socrates AI array chart prognostications).

    NOTE: I have a cousin in southwestern Spain. You need a vaccine passport to get into a pharmacy and grocery stores there. The same is happening in northern Philippines.

    God speed, Jesus saves!


      1. Hi Timothy….

        A business has started in Spain…..the vaccinated will do grocery runs for 5% fee of my cousins total grocery list.

    1. Thanks for contributing.

      The same reasons for exploding housing costs will be the reason for Dow 40,000+.

      Our retirement assets are a pittance compared to total stock market assets.

      US stock market cap: $47 trillion
      Total defined contribution assets: $10 trillion. Total DC assets in stocks: $6 trillion.

      The wealth in the stock market that is in the hands of the elite is much much higher, and they are levitating the stock market and consolidating the global wealth.

      They give us the illusion that we have a part. This little amount gives us the feeling that we have a say and a vested interest in the preexisting system.

      I don’t know what Armstrong says, but he said this 10 years ago for 2016.

      If the powers shut out the unvaxxed in the states, terror and unrest will come as naturally as the sun comes up in the morning. They will now have absolutely nothing to lose.

      The powers are gearing up for this in the US. Brought home afghan soldiers.

      I still think RE is good, just don’t be too overweight like me. Own somewhere per my recommendations in the podcast.

    2. I have been reading your articles Gary at the University. My English not so good. You are smart and Pirnak too. Food shortage 2024. Big crash coming in March 2022.


      1. I find this quiet period in the narrative very interesting. It says if the powers are taking a break and letting things settle for now. I hope I’m wrong here and I hope I don’t need to obtain a vaccine passport to go to the stores. There are enough people in the west who will refuse these, because they are on to it like we are, and will have to push back. These globalists are leaving these people with no other choices.

        This is why I say not to sell everything and stay invested, but to reorganize and recalibrate our mindsets accordingly. We also need to begin to liquefy if we plan on never taking a jab.

        The vast majority of humanity is going along with this timeline, and view people like we are as the enemy.

  21. By the way, the strategy by the elite of allowing house prices to spiral higher and higher so that they can bring in nationalization would be part of Soviet “accelerationism”. They love using this kabbalist dialectic.

    1. It’s all part of the planks of the Communist manifesto. Bringing in Marxism while the people sleep.

      1. What am I not getting about this vax and blaming things on the unwaxxed. If you have the vax what are you worried about ? You are protected .I am the one putting myself at risk at least in their eyes. How can I give it them they have the vax. I get the sort of reverse psychology of it. My aunt and my niece who are vaxed are always hounding me to get it. Now my family consider me the smartest member not that they would know but they know I have made the most money and they equate that with intelligence. I think if since I wont get it they wonder why and misery loves company etc. By the way my niece is a healthy physical therapist in her 30’s with a couple kids but had to wear a heart monitor for 2 weeks after getting the second shot.

        1. To blame the unvaxxed is a non sequitur, and only a cognitively compromised people can agree with the childish logic presented on the MSM.

          The heart damage is permanent. Never again will these people have full cardio capacity.

          God only knows what else these jabs do. Most symptoms won’t be revealed for months and years.

  22. I’m sure you already know this, Chris, but for your readers’ sake: the Soviet Union may have collapsed monetarily (albeit deliberately staged) but the Soviet Union remained intact in its power structure and essence (see Anatoliy Golitsyn’s “The Perestroika Deception” for full explanation).

    1. Indeed, it was a phony fall. The hierarchy privatized the assets and stole the nation’s wealth. There’s a lot of YouTubers out there who cover life in the former Soviet republics. You will see them often interviewing many people who have lived during Soviet times, and almost all of people when asked will say that life during the Soviet Union was better than today.

      I look at the prices of real estate in many of the areas and cities in Russia and I marvel at how expensive it is versus the local incomes. Russia’s income inequality has become more pronounced than any Western Nation. The Russian oligarchy, which was supported by the Rothschilds and Western banking cartel, absconded with all the wealth. First, they sucked it dry like they are doing now in the United States and in the West, then they let it collapse and walked away with all the wealth.

      United States is now being run like a third world dictatorship and the people here love it. That’s because many of the foreigners who are coming in are used to those circumstances, and that’s why the powers are encouraging this migration from the poor areas of the world. These low IQ immigrants don’t ask questions and vote for anyone who hands out benefits.

    2. Mr. Fitzpatrick, my understanding is that the U.S.S.R. was an experiment of the banking houses, facilitated by the RIIA and the CFR. During the U.S.S.R.’s 75 years millions of dollars of gold, timber, minerals, oil etc. were siphoned to the West for pennies. The internal economy was closed, so wages didn’t compete internationally. Read Antony Sutton on this.

      The U.S.S.R. was put online and it was taken offline when its usefulness was over. That is, when the experiment was failing beyond a reset. It was a puppet state, thoroughly controlled by the outside. So when the old communist regime was taken offline, there was no payback by the internal competition because there is no competition in a puppet state.

      So do I think there is a “sleeper” communist cadre being kept in place? Yes. Will the healthy part of the Russian people neutralize it? Maybe.

      I might ask the same question of the United States. Because I think the U.S. was put online and the U.S. is being taken offline now by the same powers. The BLM and antifa riots were the dregs of society released by the powers to reduce us and drain us. We have no insulation from these nihilist destroyers except our firearms.

      Ignorant people condemn the Germans for electing their queer little mamzer in 1933 but now it’s our turn to be taken offline, as the German people were in 1918. How are we going to handle it? The way some people are bellowing for a Trump Return, I see the same pattern.

      1. Outer party was 50/50 Due/Rushin. It would have a purge every few years to ensure loyalty.
        Secret inner party was run from Telav1v with 100% Yahweh’s masterpieces and never needed purges.

      2. Yes, I am well aware of Sutton’s Soviet critique of things. Did you know that Sutton flat out denied Jewish power in at least one of his books? You write about the USSR as if it were just some Western experiment when it was not. The Soviet Union was and still is a Jewish occupied proving ground that has taken on a life of its own, regardless of its initial financing. Chabad Lubavitch—the Elders of Zion—was born there. We have several Soviet defectors corroborating the thesis that the collapse of the USSR was staged for public consumption in order to lull the West to sleep so that world communism could emerge. This is why the West today is so complacent. It believes communism died in 1991 and so they don’t make the connections with all this covid BS. The Perestroika lie is directly responsible for our downfall in 2020-2021.

        Both the BLM and ANTIFA are Soviet constructs, not Western ones. Former BLM leaders of the 1920s-1040s, like Leonard Patterson, revealed in great detail how how black activists were brought to Moscow and trained their for potential destabilization of the West. What we saw last year was just a practice run for something that has been in the works for decades.

        If you think that Russia has potential to save the West form “evil globalists”, I’m afraid you’re ripe for the picking when the anti-Christ reigns out of the coming Chabadnik Eurasian Empire. The Soviets have always used liberation scripts, and Putin’s feigned anti-globalism is just another liberation script in Leninist style.

        1. No I don’t think Russia has the potential to save us. I was suggesting it as a reason why white nationalists and alt-right people looked toward Russia. I was also saying that in a sane world we would cooperate with Russia. It’s unfortunate that the white race will probably destroy itself. Divide and conquer. The same thing is occurring in Islam.

          But I do think Russia has no power without the communists in the US. The US military is far superior to China and Russia put together. It won’t stay that way for long. The cull is more effective when both sides are evenly matched.

          The USSR was in some ways a Western experiment as it’s first stages were directed from the UK and Germany, but of course it’s more than that. It’s Judaism in action – just as Stephen Wise said.

          So what do we do about it?

          1. The alt-right has been totally demoralized by the anti-West propagandists who, like Tokyo Rose, try to get us to hate the West and ourselves, while our adversary has us looking to the enemy as our friend.

            Russia is not our friend. Putin is controlled by the same powers. He’s seen as the antithesis to the NWO, but Russia has been conquered by the same banking elite. They are run by a private central banking system with a private central bank. Soviet Russia was beholden to their own private central bank as well.

            The income disparity in Russia is much worse than in any Western nation. That’s a result of being run by a banking elite. Their government has done the same thing to their people as well. Putin has ruled longer than any Communist dictator.

          2. My response was to David, but the same still applies. Russia is a multi-ethnic state, has been for a long time. It’s not a white paradise by any stretch of the imagination. The communist collaborators in the U.S. were installed by Russia, and you are correct that they lose much of their power abroad without them. Traitors are the most dangerous elements, and that’s why America is falling—due to traitors within.

            The Soviet Union was never a Western experiment. It was a synagogue plan to crown their moshiach, who will likely emerge out of Eurasia.

            1. The private central bank in the Soviet Union.; Gosbank


              This excerpt shows that Lenin was a stooge and had no idea who controlled the country. Based on all the names in Gosbank’s hierarchy, it was clear that the synagogue of Satan’ members were.

              “In February 1922 Lenin described the State Bank as a “a bureaucratic paper game”, comparing it to a Potemkin village in a letter to Aron Sheinman whom he accused of “Communist-mandarin childishness”. In 1923 it was transformed into the State Bank of the USSR. It was placed under the jurisdiction of Narkomfin. The Soviet state used Gosbank, primarily, as a tool to impose centralized control upon industry in general, using bank balances and transaction histories to monitor the activity of individual concerns and their compliance with five-year plans and directives.

              1. Yes, I am writing a piece on this at the moment. The major executives in the Soviet Gosbank simply changed the logos on their doors to the Central Bank of Russia. Most of the banks in Russia today use Gosbank personnel and policies. It’s like it never went away. All changes in the Soviet Union to the Russian Feed

        2. Right, Putin is a creature of jew power. Dugin is anti-white. Who buys the media presentations of reality any more? Only fools and the timid.

  23. Based on the chart above do you think that it will be more likely they will nationalize real estate in Canada? What about in Central America? The price to income multiples in those nations seem really high.

    1. Essentially the higher the price to income multiple is for a country, the more likely their government will restrict ownership and/or nationalize housing.

      While I doubt it will happen in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand (all three have similar pricing), the restrictions on foreign ownership may come first.

      If I were an expat from Canada or the United States I’d be very careful about moving to Central and South America and buying real estate there. These people will be the first ones to get kicked out and have their assets confiscated. Look at the price to income multiples for most of the South American and Central American nations. They are all solid double digits. Keep in mind that many of these countries at one time were Marxist in one way or another. The Catholic Church down there is in bed with all the governments, and often subscribes to Liberation Theology. These nations will turn socialist and Marxist when the conditions warrant and the people will demand the governments restrict foreigners with their US dollars bidding up everything.

  24. Chris, what do you recommend for people with multiple motor vehicles? Reduce down to one that works with bugout/relocation situation, like HD pickup? Worth keeping hybrid sedans or will that even matter?

    1. I like a Ford F-150 for one reason. It is the best selling motor vehicle every year in North America and they are by far the easiest to repair with many old ones still on the road, even around here. I see many 15-20-year-old F-150s driving around in Fairfax County. This means they pass inspection and/or emissions. All the parts I ever needed were in stock at Advanced Auto down the street.

      I have no particular confirmation bias for Fords, and the one I have is the first Ford I ever owned. But I’ve been impressed with my 2002 truck and would recommend it to anybody. Great for short-haul trips less than 50 miles one way. I would like to buy one that is less than 10 years old and may do so eventually.

      I own a later model Subaru Outback and it’s been fine for me, but I never really use all its features. I do like the all-wheel drive and in inclement weather it is useful. It’s even good going up mountain roads.

      Interesting question on hybrids. I never thought about that before. I think it all comes down to how much you intend on driving. I don’t like driving much anymore. I used to drive a lot all over the country up to about seven or eight years ago. I barely leave my house now except to do property Management and head to the gym and store.

      If you intend I’m driving a lot, perhaps a hybrid would be advantageous, but I wouldn’t spend up to get one.

      If you ever watched Breaking Bad, I observed that the characters who had a lot of money chose to drive old beater cars to blend in with the crowds.

      During my time living in Southern Colorado and New Mexico I observed that the climate was conducive to a car’s longevity. In Albuquerque, there were many cars on the road that were 30 years old. These cars would never make it that long on the East Coast. In many areas of New Mexico they don’t even have inspections and emissions. In Bernalillo County they only had emissions. Thus it’s easier to keep old cars on the road longer.

  25. From the previous post about the doctor talking about liquid crystal mind control.

    His name is Dr Pierre Gilbert. Apparently he’s no expert.

    The tech works.

    Mind control has advanced to scary levels now. Check this lecture from West Point out.

    1. At least one more puzzle piece falls into place, us getting bombarded with zombie shows and movies, like “The walking dead” etc. Programming 1-0-1.

      This plandemic is for all the marbles. Somehow i still am optimistic. They did not speed up the program for nothing. I am conviced they would have kept to the 2030/2050 timelince if not for being pressured into finishing before 2025.
      I can see it on twitter and other media as well, purebloods are gaining momentum.

      No doubt they have some rabbits in their hats, like a cyberattack, a market crash, or if all else fails wars. But then they risk losing control.

      Regarding assets: i think those that are able to get asssets out of the system yet find ways to use them in ordinary life will be best of. It makes very little sennse to me to hold on to paper assets and paper wealth in a new world where everything you do is depending on your future credit score/passport.

      1. We must be prepared for taints to fight back. There will be growing envy of our pure blood soon and they will seek to convert, like gays with AIDS. Humanity has forked, and things will get weird soon. So many countries have end-of-year vaccine deadlines, so 2022 might be unpleasant.

        “The Gift” – HIV documentary.
        [Warning: contains descriptions of disgusting homosexual behavior- thankfully no images]

        Gays treated AIDS as a blessing, they had “conversion parties” where they would try to catch it.
        Will people dying of the vaccine praise its cleansing holiness? They seem to be already!

        1. You make an excellent observation here. Going out to the future, even if it’s proven that the vaccines are as terrible as many say they are, and the people start getting sick large numbers, the vaxxed will begin to hate with a white hot passion those who have not been jabbed. They won’t come to their senses, but rather will hate those who did not fall victim.

          There’s a whole behavioral psychology science behind this. It’s all manufactured and as long as we see it, we can rise above it and not be held an unwitting victim of it.

          We need to recognize that your theory is a definite probability.

      1. I found the originator of the video with duckduckgo. Just a bit of fact checking there.

        In the past I’ve read mind control books. It’s shocking that they want to do in the future. In 1969 Jose Delgado wrote a book called “Physical Control of the Mind: Towards a Psycho-Civilized Society” in which he said people should be mind controlled to keep everyone peaceful and non-violent so that we can have a better society. Really creepy stuff actually. Liberals want that kind of thing. 50 years later, they don’t even tell us on TV what they are up to.

        PDF copy here:

        The West Point video was one I’ve seen before. One thing that is really scary is “Gene Drives”. Normally when a male and female mate, genes are randomly selected to form the offspring and recessive genes are not expressed unless there are two copies. A gene drive makes a particular gene always present and always expressed, more or less. They considered using this tech to wipe out rats in New Zealand by making all rat progeny infertile. Eventually they would die out. They rejected the proposal due to the danger of it escaping: it would wipe out every single rat on Earth. It’s very powerful.

        It’s too dangerous to use:

        It can be implemented with CRISPR:

        CRISPR vaccines:

        I think we can all see where this can go. 1+1=666. Trust the science.

        The adversary could use this to make as all homosexual retards and once started we would not be able to stop it. This technology exists. The motivation to use it exists. The current vax collects in people’s ovaries and testicles. What’s it doing there? Maybe at this point it’s just collecting, but what will be in future shots? We have no defense.; people are just too dumb. They have zero suspicion. If they did this to us, how would we ever stop it? So many are taking the vax as if their lives depend on it. What is it really doing to them? What will future vaccines do? It’s all just a conspiracy theory, no matter that even youtube is full of people wanting to wipe us all out. As Benny Hinn says, “once the time of the Gentiles is over, it’s over”. It’s a little depressing.

        1. I looked at the Japanese biodistribution study and it showed accumulation of the radiolabelled lipid nanoparticles(LNP)-mRNA in the ovaries (hard to know if it was just the LNP by itself or if it contained its mRNA payload). However (I was relieved to see) there was a much less pronounced accumulation in testes. I had heard a few people on Twitter claim that it accumulates in testes as well but I never got the source for that.

          Look at the 48hr column for ovaries (12.3) and testes (0.320)
          If they had kept measuring it at 72 and 96 hrs, would it be even higher?
          “Experts” of course downplayed the finding saying that what really matters is the % of the dose that was deposited there. For ovaries it is just under 0.1% at 48 hrs. They claim that this is a negligible finding. But how can we say this unless we factor in the percentage of the vaccine’s volume of distribution that the ovaries represent. 0.1% deposition might be very high. Ovaries are the size of almonds. Look at the same number for the kidneys, which are much larger organs. It is 0.06%

          Many women are reporting severe menstrual irregularities post vaccine which would suggest that the mRNA (not just the LNP) is being delivered to uterine lining and is in fact activating the ACE2 receptor.

          “The available evidence suggests that ACE2 is widely expressed in the ovary, uterus, vagina and placenta.”
          They claim that the spike protein made by the vaccine is a modified version of that which is found on the virus such that it does not properly activate the receptor when it binds to it, bc of the modifications, meaning that it should not reproduce the symptoms of the virus. I think that that may be a lie or it isn’t as benign as they claim.
          One thing is clear – a respiratory virus vaccine has no business involving the female (or male) reproductive tract…

            1. I’d rather live in a tent and hunt elk and deer in NE Nevada or ID than take these jabs and expose myself to these devilish creations.

              The powers decided their poisoning campaign would be most effective if they partisanized it. How right they were. The mass delusion and denial is without precedent in the 6,000 years of man’s existence.

              Thanks for posting. I woke up at a little after 3am and cried to God for his mercy to help us and to strengthen us. Oh wretched man I am, I do not deserve any goodness, but He continues to help me.

              1. Yep. Better to die on our terms than this world’s. Or more accurately, better to do on God’s terms than the world’s. I’d go to the guillotine before I would get a vaccine. There is every reason not to get them.

  26. Trudeau was re-elected in 2019 with a minority gov’t (Liberals).

    He called a snap election in 2021 hoping to get a majority for his commie coup, costing taxpayers at least $610 million.

    Tonight, it looks like another minority government, so nothing will really change, as far as we can see. What a waste of time and money. This is what communists do.

    1. Communists also run the election count, so if Trudeau is doing a good job for the synagogue of Satan then he will be their man and the election tally will indicate this.

      1. Indeed, Trudeau is a member of the “Oletiama” – a Satanic organization of Politicians world wide that are pushing the One World Order.
        EXCELLENT comments Chris…..keep up the good work.

        God speed,

      2. I’m breathing a sigh of relief that Trudeau did not get a majority. It will be harder for him to push his agenda, the vote has been split. Even the ridings his party won were at narrow margins

  27. Update: looks like Commie Trudeau is about to win at least another minority government. Hopefully he doesn’t get the majority, but Canada is over as it is anyway. Docile, weak-minded, and Godless Canadians will get what they deserve.

        1. I mentioned in a previous podcast that if it came down to it, CCP would maintain and bailout as necessary.

          This agenda must continue to move forward, and these manufactured crises allow the manufactured bull markets to climb a manufactured wall of worry.

          If the total possible damage could be as high as $300 bil, including shadow banking, etc, they can easily be bailed out, especially if total global covid stimulus is at least 12 trillion. Half of the in the US.

          Now the novice analysts are claiming Chinese RE is crashing with a cascade effect. I log on to YouTube and my news feed, and all I see is talk of RE collapse in china, spreading everywhere else. Not happening.

          CCP will do whatever it takes to keep things humming until war. This not only includes Taiwan takeover, but global war after 2025. The globalists know that higher asset prices mollifies the plebes, and they have the power to continue levitating them.

          Asset markets crashing will impact the governments’ ability to give the livestock theit death dose jabs.

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