September 13th Update; Predictions and recommendations for those still in denial

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Employment for the unvaxxed

-We need to stop denying the truth; the world will never revert back to before and time is running out. We are up against a huge demonic monolithic force that has encompassed the entire world. The unvaxxed will never again be able to find gainful employment on the levels previously.

Deflationary pressures? JOLTS data show an alarming level of quits, while the labor force participation rate is back at mid-1970s levels. Could it be that people are leaving their jobs because of the vaccine mandates?
Forget the stimulus checks; Vaccine mandates are rewriting job market dynamics and market equilibrium. Job openings continue to climb, and will rise tremendously over the next year.

-Continuing unemployment claims have been falling, since those forced to quit over the mandates are not eligible for unemployment benefits.
-Don’t waste your time trying to obtain vaccine exemptions for a job anymore. You may win now, but next month you will still be fired. It is time to redouble our efforts and refocus our energies on how we are going to exist in the wilderness over the next several years.
-For those who generate their sources of income from passive sources (e.g. real estate, stocks, ownership stakes in businesses) we have perhaps another year or two before the “authorities” deliberate asset confiscation for the unvaxxed and under-vaxxed.

Inflationary pressures

-I theorize that the Fed and US Government not only know that inflation growth data will come back down, but they know why. Of course, they are not going to tell us, but I will.
-If my thesis is correct, the Fed and the government know what will happen to price pressures and even residential real estate prices if these vaccine mandates remain and become permanent. Many people who refuse to be vaccinated will be forced to sell their houses and assets. They will also be forced to curtail spending.
-I predict that prices pressures will subside and this added housing supply will weigh on house prices. We could even see a fade in house prices in some areas over the coming year.

Predictions and recommendations for the unvaxxed

-I am making some predictions with regards to the timeline to war as well as for those who refuse to be vaccinated.
-I am providing some very important and timely financial and personal recommendations and advice for the remnant. This advice pertains to the next couple years.
-Stocks and many other assets are much easier to buy and sell than real estate. I will let you know what I intend to do over the next several months with some of my assets and where I am looking to deploy the proceeds.
-Please begin to liquify your balance sheet.
-The USD force majeure I discussed since early last decade is looking more certain every day. I still predict a 2025 timeframe, though it could be delayed or accelerated, depending on the circumstances. Save Japan, the nations that fought in WWI and WWII were Christian or had Christian roots. China CCP is demonic, worships the dragon, and will not know when to stop once it commences fighting WWIII. God will have to stop them. Russia will even be thrown under the bus after it is not needed. These Japeth and Ishmaelite remnants are not Christian and will be brutal and relentless in their conquests.
-As the vaccinated lost souls begin to get sick in greater numbers and become incapacitated and/or die, they are being re-engineered to believe the unvaccinated people are causing their problems. There is no way we will be able to convince the vast waves of humanity otherwise, and we will be seen by the population-at-large as the cause of all their woes.
-The white remnant Christian will continue to be demoralized by the adversary to the point that false flag attacks and terrorism will be blamed on them. Anyone owning a gun will be seen as aiding these terrorists. This is why we need to continue to withdraw from society.
-Society is now in a terminal downward spiral, and we need to withdraw from it forever.



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207 thoughts on “September 13th Update; Predictions and recommendations for those still in denial

  1. Hi Chris — I’m considering buying Gold. What is the best way about it? Should one stick with buying a Kilo or the smaller ounces? Completely new territory from me. Thanks in advance, Otto.

    1. If you live in the US I would buy 1 oz gold eagles. No less than 1 oz. Too big spreads with non 1 oz. Don’t buy any other type of gold bullion. I am concerned about counterfeitting.

      Wherever you live, buy your nation’s 1 oz bullion coin. Lowest spreads. Better liquidity.

      1. Chris when you say united states are Manasseh do you mean the original english French Scot Irish colonists. Not the immigrants of the 19th and early 20th century.? China now reminds me of Germany right before ww1. They have built up a military and when people have something they itch to use it. Your whisper could be something like a relatively insignificant event like Franz Ferdinand.

        1. The US has a bigger military and a bigger itch.

          America is more like Germany I think. America will be forced to start the war, and China will finish it- just like the US did to Germany. Now it’s America’s turn to be the Nazis. Just my opinion, but it fits the usual playbook. The Jews leave (Rabbis already talk of this), another Holocaust is conjured up, and China saves the day. Same as America after WW2, China is rewarded with 15-20 years of good times before they are destroyed too.
          Remember WW1 and WW2 were all about destroying Germany (Churchill said so), not about saving the world from Nazis. WW3 is all about destroying the west and Islam. China might be the winner but then they will be alone to fend off the power that destroyed the white race and the west. Good luck with that China man.

        2. When I say Manasseh, I mean the direct descendants of present day Britain. The founding fathers and signers of the Declaration of Independence were amongst them. The US’s form of government originally was a confederacy, and the states held more power. The states granted the federal government the necessary power for defense, etc.

          Of course, the Spanish and French settled here, too, but it was the British who eventually prevailed. The early US modeled its legal system off of British common law, and when I say Manasseh, this is what I mean. These people were one or two generations removed from Britain. I speak of circa 1800.

          Over the next 120 years from 1800 to 1920, many more nationalities migrated to the US. They were predominantly from Europe as well, and were virtually all Christian (Catholic, too.) But most were Protestant Christian. Keep in mind that many of these Europeans were also Israelite remnants, too. This is what the founding fathers had in mind when they often spoke of the concept of Israel.

          In addition, we had a slave class that was brought over. The greatest aspect of these peoples is that they all easily converted to Christianity. Thus we had many peoples who migrated to the US and they were all Christian. It was a great time to be alive here. For the first time in history, we had a nation like the US.

          Subsequent to the advent of the Federal Reserve, we began to fight in global wars, and somehow convinced ourselves that our Christian worldview was now a Judeo/Christian worldview. We also were brainwashed to believe that our country could absorb all these different races with their different pagan gods.

          We have been convinced through political correctness that all gods are the same and that we mustn’t say anything derogatory about other religions. Unfortunately, America was founded on Christianity and whether you like that or not, its residents are living off that legacy and now sucking it dry. So, as the people try to reshape the United States into something in which it wasn’t designed to be, since it was the birthright blessing to Manasseh on Jacob’s deathbed, God is going to make sure the nation will be destroyed in this upcoming conflict.

          The Government here and the politicians are setting up the United States for a massive military defeat. The US will not., I mean will not, execute any offensive military strikes. They are setting the United States up for military humiliation.

          The current politicians here in the United States as well as the New World Order military commanders are setting up the US as the patsy for WWIII.

        3. Also, I think of the Christians who migrated here in the face of religious persecution back in Europe. These peoples all believed they were setting up Israel. These people in the early-mid 1600s who came here knew who they were and from where they came.

          They knew, but we don’t. God’s patience had worn out and it’s all over. We threw away a wonderful thing.

      2. Good advice from Chris. I concur. Definitely buy 1 Oz coins. Kilo is way too big.
        There might be a price dip soon, maybe as low as 1566. Buying physical at a shop it’s harder to be that precise but it is dropping.
        I would buy a bit now, then keep buying until it dips under 1600 (if it does). But it would be better to buy at a slightly higher price than to miss out, so err on the side of getting the gold rather than getting it cheaper. It’s going to 3000 after this dip probably.

        Mining stocks should do well if that happens. Here are some ideas.

        Timing could be a little tricky here, but again we are very near a bottom according to Bob Moriarty. Look at the amazing cup and handle forming on the gold chart. It looks very solid.

        That chart is described as one of the most glorious charts in the history of markets. It does look rather perfect. Item 18 in here:

        If gold goes to 3k (roughly double) then mining stocks more than double. Costs to mine an ounce are around $1300 so at $1700 the company makes $400/Oz. At $3k they make 1700/Oz – over 4 times as much profit. Some will go from $200/Oz to $1700/Oz profit. The stocks always follow the gold price, and will drop hard even if they still make a profit when gold drops. The converse is true too. They rocket when gold hits new all-time highs.

        Another option if you are into crypto is PAXG which is 100% backed by physical gold. But always have physical first.

      3. Appreciate the info Chris. I live in the US. Is there a specific website you’d recommend? Also, any strong concerns with the Government choosing to confiscate it like they did during the Great Depression?

  2. Anyone who refuses to believe anything that we talk about on this site is in complete denial.

    While we don’t know exactly what all of these jabs will do, it is clear they are at least lowering the immune system for something else to come. It’s global and there’s no escape from this. This is all facilitating the rollout of the pale horse.

    The timeline has been so swift that most Christians have not been able to respond properly and this will all help facilitate the Great falling away. Even the fire and brimstone preachers have been caught totally off guard and they are preaching like deer in headlights. That’s because they didn’t know from where they came and what they represented, and couldn’t understand the seriousness of the hour and the moment in time. Time is quickly running out.

    The key nation state governments around the world are all lining up for a major conflict sometimes this decade. It could happen sooner than we even think. I cannot believe how quickly the United States has fallen apart, and it’s gone according to a well-publicized plan that was thrown in our faces for decades. And yet the dumb Christian sleep. All the nation state governments are moving like chess pieces in an automated game of chess and are swiftly moving in lockstep for some future event. Our adversary has bragged about this for 150 years and yet the people sleep.

    The people are in complete denial. Today’s Christian is in complete denial, because he or she cannot face the fact that they are going to have to deal with all this.

    They’re in complete denial, because they cannot believe that their countries are actually going to collapse and be merged into the most satanic wicked thing the mind can contemplate.

    They cannot imagine that there will be nobody in their countries to help save them.

    They cannot imagine that this current monetary and economic system is the very system that is being used to power the New World Order into the final day.

    They’re in denial that they’ve been duped and won’t be raptured out of here.

    You all think whatever you want. I am here to tell you that humanity is under some sort of mass delusion, which is the prerequisite to accept what is coming. The technology and the psychology are all lining up right now. I wish I were wrong, but I doubt I am.

    I will be coming out with a podcast tomorrow about some of the plans we should be undertaking, at least financially speaking. I’ve gotten a number of emails asking me about this stuff and I know I need to respond. Thank you for your patience and God bless. I pray for you all a few times a day. God help us.

    1. One thing that perplexes me. All the world governments are in on the plan, via freemasonry and Jewry, namely. Why would they nuke any one of their puppet states to break this continuity? Or will it be a case of double crossing within the power structure?

      1. These people, these powers think they are going to get what they desire. But some unseen force will intervene and put an end to it, and the whole thing will unravel. But if this unseen Force doesn’t intervene, the death and destruction to humanity will be even more profound.

        To be honest, I’m not quite sure if there are a few at the very top who are planning for a nuclear war, or if they all will be surprised. I suspect that at the very top of the pyramid that guiding hand is going to want to obliterate everybody.

        I know a lot of people give Joel Skousen a bad rap, and in some regards it’s deserved. But he makes some very interesting observations about the table that is being set for this upcoming global conflict. There are too many coincidences.

        I also think that the very top will use a war to get everybody into that militarized dictatorship in which there will be absolutely no tolerance for anyone who goes against this beast system. That’s when the beheadings will begin to anyone who dissents.

        We’ve discussed on the blog for a long time now about all of the conditioning from Hollywood regarding a nuclear apocalyptic war that would completely transform society in the future. I am certain that this all will not be wasted. What I find interesting, and it’s just an observation, is that this programming didn’t end when the Cold war ended. A cursory observation of the Netflix streams indicates that this programming is still alive and well.

        The social engineering and conditioning has been so persistent, consistent, long-lasting, and successful, that I don’t think it’s been powered by a human source. Humans are not capable enough to pull this off. Even if we’re talking about pure evil.

        Even when it comes down to observing the military buildups of Russia and China, it’s as if they’re all acting on cue. I ask, why now? Why are the major powers all getting in each other’s faces now and why does it all seem so manufactured?

        There’s a sense that it seems fake, even though it’s all very real. It’s as if the actors in a play are just reading the script for the first time and going through the motions. Everybody’s sleeping. You and I are preaching in an echo chamber.

        I think of everything that’s coming together.

        -There’s the upcoming expiration date of this current monetary system.
        -Within a couple years, I am going to be completely locked out of buying and selling as the Bibles warns.
        -rapid military buildup in china, Russia, and elsewhere, dovetail with an upcoming Great war.
        -the technology required to bring in the beast system is now in place. This only happened within the past 3 or 4 years. Prior to this, the technology was not advanced enough. The amount of data storage and rapid retrieval required for all this is mind-blowing and was not feasible just a couple years ago.
        -Look at the Catholic Church hierarchy. It’s hard not to discuss biblical prophecy here. Will Francis be the final pope?
        -i observe at how quickly this fake covid pandemic has spread worldwide and now every government is on board in the same way.
        -contemplating whether the futurists’ writings regarding a future war may be moot. These writings go back over 100 years and even if they are frauds, why do they all mention this? I submit that many of the writings that have been discovered over the years that conspiracy debunkers maintain are forgeries or frauds are, in fact, legitimate.
        -I have long suspected that Freemasonry and the secret societies were infiltrated and taken over by the private European banking families as their wealth permitted. Thus, most of the Freemasons are not up on all this.
        -I also think there is a bit of a double crossing, and the description of the war in Ezekiel indicates this. It’s as if there’s some sort of prearranged agreement that will get out of hand when one of these parties will get an evil thought and renege on a pre-existing agreement. If this is true, then perhaps China and Russia are not fully on board with the Banking family version of the NWO and not totally under their control.

        1. To support your thesis, the Protocols of Zion do seem to suggest the ‘gogue turning on gentile masonry.

          It will all be very interesting to see how it unfolds. By the way, the Canadian federal election is tomorrow. Any predictions? Will card-carrying Soviet communist Justin Trudeau get another “government” or will the controlled opposition Tories somehow win? Or maybe a coalition government between Turdeau and the socialist NDP?

          1. According to the “Red Symphony” disclosures, all Gentile Freemasons are expected to commit suicide at some point. Interestingly, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi was reputed to have committed suicide. Possibly murdered though.

          2. Indeed. They can call these types of articles and such forgeries and frauds, but the world has unfolded the way they said they would.

            I don’t keep on up on politics per se, but if Trudeau is doing a good job for the synagogue of Satan, it’s safe to assume that he will remain in power.

            There are no longer any fair elections and we have to assume that every election now has been determined in advance.

            You can add that aspect to the sudden change here in the states regarding elections. There will never be another fair election again and we must assume that eventually the powers will just stop even bothering with the charade. But these election charades do help to release a lot of tension in the livestock. They do serve a useful purpose in that regard.

            The 2016 presidential election was probably the last honest election here in the United States. Powers had enough and certainly had the concentration of power and technology to break any election they chose.

            Who knows if Trudeau is the choice of the voters. Your media will say it is, so that means he is.

      2. And according to scripture, God’s going to put that evil thought into the mind of those Japheth remnants.

        That’s how it’ll all end and the great plan of the New World Order architects will fall in on itself. The Bible tells us a sizeable fraction of the human population will perish. If I reread Revelation, I think it may say about a third to half? The Agenda of the NWO calls for a 93% reduction to 500mm.

        This is actually great news for those who know what is going on, because it will be the first time in many generations that we will have a chance at finding real freedom.

      3. It was always said they would try to avoid nuclear war, but they can afford to lose a few cities if anyone gets out of line. The nuclear war can be made to look much bigger than it really is. It would scare everyone else into compliance. Nukes are clean and green now so it’s not the end of the world. The protocols mention explosives in all subway systems, but with nukes you just need a tower in the middle of the city. What’s in the middle of most cities these days?

        1. Bob, we have a fair chunk of the people inside the United States itself that want to see it blown up. The social reengineering, and demoralization has been so comprehensive and successful that there are a lot of people in and out of the church who want to see the United States blown up, because they consider it Babylon in Revelation. And they don’t think they’ll be here to see it. There are millions, tens of millions of non-nativr immigrants that are sucking the United States dry and would love to see it transformed. Our politicians are acting as if they want it to destroyed. God is going to eventually give them their wish and in a way that most people will not comprehend.

          The number of self loathers that live in the United States continues to climb. To a fair number of people in this country, the US is the most racist, is the least judicial, are global bullies, are arrogant, and many would love to see it go away.

          Don’t pray for our country anymore. Anyone who is praying for the United States is like Lot praying for Sodom.

          I suspect the globalists will be too successful in destroying the United States. They have been too effective in creating its enemies of Russia and China. China has been very effective in raising a global force of Western haters, and many nations will look on and glee as the West is laid waste. People are living in denial.

          We can add Afghanistan to that list of Japheth/Ishmael remnants. Our own politicians here in the states are making certain that it happens. They are leaving nothing to chance and the self loaders in the United States are so preoccupied with making United States look stupid that they miss the big picture here. China is raising up a global Confederacy. If you want to know what it looks like, read Ezekiel 38-39.

    1. Jones is a tool of someone because he has the money to travel, and passes through customs without problem. He gives speeches and holds conferences without hassle from governments. He goes to Iran and South Africa and other places.

      And who subsidized him over the years to raise a large family with an income his obscure magazine, and 1,000 page books?

      And he says that there is no such thing as white people. He talks about the destruction of his old neighborhood in Philadelphia but apparently that happened because the incoming blacks weren’t catholic.

      F*ing creep.

  3. Federal deficits go from 1-2% of GDP in the aughts to 3% in 2017.

    Now they are 16-18% of GDP. These numbers are only possible if they scare the crap out of the people. Only a few more years. Will it get to 20-25%? That’s Soviet Russia numbers before their phony fall.

    1. I thought I was agreeing with him about Jones. Then I asked his opinion on whether Jones is possibly just and idiot. I wasn’t trying to straw man anyone.

      1. Scanning the Jones Dossier it appears David Duke goes to the New Horizon conference too. I guess he thinks it might be possible to get Russia to steer the US govt and the West in general away from their white genocide policies. Nothing else would motivate Duke AFAIK.

        Where else could he go? There’s nothing left in America. Everything is infested with feds and he’d be banned instantly if he tried to go to NZ or Australia etc. I doubt Duke is KGB, but maybe he is. I don’t think Duke is an anti-white like Dugin though. Why does Israel seem to hate Dugin when he’s doing all their Jew stuff for them? Are they just pretending?

        1. Did you know Duke lived in Russia? They all show the same anti-Western, pro-Russia patterns. It’s not stupidity, ignorance, naivety in most of the cases.

          They are all controlled op. I don’t know what more you need with the overwhelming evidence right in your face.

          1. I knew that. He got his PhD there and met his wife there. Can you blame him? The prevailing attitude in the US is that he’s just a KKK racist who deserves to die, along with all the other white racists. At least Russia doesn’t have that vibe yet.

            David met Russians there who said to him “We are all white men, we should not fight.” Is that Soviet KGB subversion too, or a sensible idea as opposed to nuking each other to oblivion so the Jews can have everything?
            Not every Russian is a communist and they don’t all hate the west. Is there no hope of the Russian people and American people cooperating against their common foes or do we just have no choice but to destroy each other? Do we have no control over our destinies? It appears not. The US Civil war was predicted by Alexis de Tocqueville in 1820 – he said it would be fought because of the presence of blacks on US soil. He was right. Anxiety over slavery was driving whites insane, and rather than think about it, they just killed each other. Is that going to happen again?

            Maybe YOU are the Soviet agent? Maybe YOU don’t want peace between Russia and the West? Maybe YOU want us to mistrust and hate each other? Maybe it’s YOU who wants to prevent friendly dialog between East and West? Maybe CIA agents in Russia talk about America the same way you talk about Russia? Maybe it’s YOU who is trying to get us all to hate our own people? Maybe YOU are a Jew?

            See? I can do it too. It’s not hard.

            I don’t believe that, of course, but I also know of no one who has figured a way out of this situation yet. The enemy’s plan is just too perfect. Your website has lots of info on the problem, do you have an actual solution? It one even theoretically possible?

            1. I find this dialogue unedifying, as you clearly are pro-Russian to one degree or another. And I don’t care to try to convince you or do your homework for you. Your mind is likely already made up anyways. So, I’ll leave it there.

              1. I’m not pro- or anti-Russian, I just don’t see how being anti-Russian solves any of our problems. Is Jacinda Ardern a Russian? Is Fauci a Russian? What about Daniel Andrews? John Key?
                Russia could be sucked off in to space completely and we’d still be in the same mess wouldn’t we? If I challenge your assertions or ask questions and you just can’t handle it. What’s wrong with you?

  4. To Bob – your reply does not address the fact of Makow’s narrative being Eurasian and your statement as follows, is simply not true.

    “I am reading your Perestroika article. Ironically it does read like a long Makow article. It is the sort of thing he talks about.”

    The centrality of the article he avoid like the plague. Why don’t you ask him to publish it and also the article exposing E Michael Jones

    From: Henry Makow
    Sent: 05 July 2019 19:45
    To: andy sloan
    Subject: Re: Quo Vadis?


    I happen to think the West stinks and don’t care if this is part of a wider plot.


    My reply.

    Of course this is in wild contradiction to your statement to Daniel Ott that you are only concerned with ‘bearing witness to the truth’;

    39 m 57 s

    and your statement in an article from 2017;

    ‘I write to empower my readers so they are not manipulated (subverted) and can make informed decisions.’

    “Why Do I Remain Jewish?”

    The ‘West stinks’ is of course an attempt to justify your relentless ‘satanic West’ propaganda, which is the core message you tasked to wash your readers heads with. The ‘Jew’ conspiracy is your sub-set in net of deception. But fittingly today on your website, we see you default to the master narrative;

    “Finally, our anger should be directed at the traitors (“globalists”) who are our leaders and not the immigrants.”

    With text link to this;

    “Why is Western Society Toxic? TEN SIGNS WE ARE SATANICALLY POSSESSED.”

    Reprise of Dugin – the master narrative for Makow/Jones/Zagami;

    “The image of the enemy must be formed in advance and deliberately…. Therefore, the first task to gain victory would be real fully-fledged company to create the entirely negative, monstrous, satanic image of the United States and the West in general. Therefore, the West is a place where the devil resides. It is the centre of the global capitalist tentacles. It is the matrix of ​​rotting cultural perversion and a vice grip of falsehood and cynicism, violence and hypocrisy. Russia already does this.”

    Russia should be actively involved in the struggle for influence on the American society, strengthening the explanation of the Russian spiritual position in the war, showing that Russians and Americans have a common enemy: a manic satanic elite that have usurped power and are leading the whole of humanity, including the Americans, towards the inevitable catastrophe. The elite’s results are evident: the whole Middle East is already covered in blood, they are not able any more to establish any order, the globalist elite (the CFR, the neocons, the representatives of the international financial oligarchy of Wall Street) implants everywhere only chaos, devastation, death and pain. The destruction of such a cancer on humanity is a matter for the entire world, including the Americans, who are not only its instruments but also victims.”

  5. Makow is a deep cover neo-Soviet Eurasian shill. His narrative is fundamentally against the West and hides the truth of the Duginist neo-Soviet Eurasian plan, which is the real NWO. (see )

    I used to write for Makow and eventually I realised. The key moment, was when I sent Makow a video of Alexander Dugin praising satan from the works of Aleister Crowley and he refused to post it. After the third push, he tweeted it under the inconspicuous title ‘Putin associate.” This from a man ever labelling the West ‘satanic’ (see his book Illuminati 3 “Satanism is the secret religion of the West.”

    I pressed him as to why he does not reveal the truth of the East and his reply:

    From: Henry Makow
    Sent: 05 July 2019 19:45
    To: andy sloan
    Subject: Re: Quo Vadis?


    I happen to think the West stinks and don’t care if this is part of a wider plot.


    See also my recent tweet to this deceiving scumbag, to which he didn’t reply.

    1. Yeah. I get that. He’s either a victim of the anti-West propaganda or perhaps something else.

      Unfortunately, most of the people who read that stuff do not take any actions. I avoid these websites and I don’t really like reporting on them.

      Any blogger or person providing a service and continually quotes Zero Hedge needs to be avoided. This is my big contention with Joel Skousen.

      I get a lot of emails and posts regarding alt-media bloggers and how they “jump the shark,” trying to make everything look worse and worse. I advise all to avoid them, and I only try to help those who want to take action. I am long on recommendation and short on opinions. I beg of all who stop by to stop indulging in this anti-Western crap.

      1. Makow’s behaviour with me over the years has been strange. I blocked and unblocked him on Twitter a few times, and almost each time I did so, on cue Makow would republish an article of mine (heavily edited, of course) as some kind of ploy to get me to follow him again and stop tweeting my displeasure with his seeming flip flopping on major issues. I agree with Andy that he is some kind of controlled opposition, perhaps as part of a long-range plan to get Western conservatives in alliance with the coming Eurasianist takeover.

        I’ve been thinking a lot lately about who is going to be alive after all the deaths from the vaccines and what not. It’s going to be a lot of non-Leftists, but not necessarily paleo conservatives like us. All this Eurasian, Ortho-sphere cheerleading seems to be part of a propaganda campaign to prepare those left over to accept the Eastern takeover of the West.

        1. All I can say is that these powers are sucking it all dry for something coming.

          It will not be a deflationary collapse, because they are going for broke and burning all the bridges now. My only answer Is they are getting ready for something. We don’t go from $500 bil deficits to +$3 trillion in a couple years unless they have something planned. Deficits go parabolic just before the force majeure.

          FDon thinks he will see the two witnesses on his hi-def tv or believes he will be raptured out before. Typical Zionist, making puzzle pieces for where they don’t belong I wait this responses.

      2. Judging by my interactions with Andy, he’s a difficult man to talk to. Maybe Makow felt the same way? He appears to claim he has all the answers but treats questions as attacks. Reminds be of an old ax-grinder living out in the woods with his old 486 computer or something. Maybe Makow just didn’t like that behavior either?

        He edits articles because he wants them short. Maybe he’s got an agenda, I don’t know. But calling him a deep-cover agent is an extreme accusation and requires proof. Telling me I know nothing because I haven’t read enough fitzinfo isn’t proof.
        Where’s the Makow dossier with all the photos of him with rabbis and Russians?

        A big question is why don’t our governments stop this, and if they won’t then why’s it taking so long. Is there any resistance at all? I thought it was a reasonable question. I guess I was wrong.

    1. I have observed that the powers have suddenly begun referencing the word “nuclear” in their news coverage. In the past, it rarely came up, and mentioned that it was MAD, and off the table. It seems to come up in conversation now and in their controlled media.

      China’s dialog also seems to allude to it. How it will destroy it’s enemies.

      The Bible talks about this great war that will be so devistating, too, and the only way that could happen in a short period of time will be via some sort of nuclear confrontation.

      Nuclear catastrophe will be the only reason for God to intervene. Jesus and Revelation talk of a sudden catastrophic and comprehensive war that will happen so fast we won’t be able to respond quickly enough.

      This war in Ezekiel and Jeremiah also discuss this sudden comprehensive war that will require God’s intervention lest Israel (the true Israelite remnants) are extinguished.

      I used to think it was an EMP and biological attack, but that takes place over several months. Something much worse is coming.

      1. Sounds like the prophecy of the German seer Alois Irlmaier:

        The year before the war will be a fruitful year with much fruit and grain. After the murder of the third it starts overnight. … I see quite clearly three numbers, two eights and a nine. But I cannot say what it means and cannot state a time. The war begins at sunrise. It comes along rapidly. The farmers sit in the pub playing cards, when the foreign soldiers look through the windows and doors. Quite black an army comes from the east, but however everything occurs very rapidly. I see a three, but I do not know if it means three days or three weeks. It comes from the golden city. (Prague) The first worm begins at the blue Water in the northwest and goes to the Swiss borders. As far as Regensburg no more bridges crossing the Donau (i.e Danube) exist, they do not come from the south of the blue water.”

        “… Then impact is on impact. Massed units march from the East into Belgrade and moved forward to Italy. Thereafter three armored wedges immediately advance with lightning speed in the north of the Danube over West Germany towards the Rhine – without preliminary warning. This will occur so unexpectedly that the population flees full of panic to the west. Many cars will clog the roads – if they would have stayed at home or would not have used the main streets. Everything, which will be an obstacle for the rapidly advancing tanks on highspeed-motorways and other fast-motorways, will be down-rolled. I cannot see any Danube-bridges above Regensburg anymore. Hardly anything remains of the big city Frankfurt.. The Rhine Valley will be devastated, mainly by air. …”

        “… I see three spearheads coming: the below spearhead comes along over the forest, but then pulls up itself northwest alongside the Danube. The line is for instance Prague, Bavarian forest and northwest. The blue water is the southern boundary. The second spearhead goes from east to west over Saxony, the third from northeast to southwest. Now I see the earth like a ball before me, on which the lines of the airplanes step out (project), which do now fly up like swarms of white pigeons (doves) from the sand. The Russian does not stop anywhere, while running in his three wedges. Day and night they run in order to reach the Ruhrdistrict, where the many furnaces and fire-places are… ”

        “The second spear comes westwards over Saxony towards the Ruhrdistrict, exactly like the third, which goes from northeast westwards over Berlin. Day and night the Russians run, inexorably their target is the Ruhrdistrict… ”

        “…Immediately the revenge comes from across the large water. However the yellow dragon invades in Alaska and Canada at the same time. But he comes not far…”

      2. Chris, I really enjoy listening to and reading your posts. Your insights into the economy , finance and politics are interesting, informative and entertaining. You’re clearly well informed and intelligent. It’s too bad you have been so influenced by some kind of religious brainwashing. You also seem to be experiencing some form of paranoia. Please think about this. I say this with the best of intentions. Maybe you can try to get some help, the path you’re on is not a good one. You’re definitely delusional and it’s unlikely to end well.Maybe you can use your insight and intelligence to come to some kind of awareness of what I’m saying. Maybe you have an intelligent friend that you really trust and you can ask for their honest opinion. No one knows the future, your old testament predictive model is completely false, we’re all living in a world of chaos, no one knows what’s going to happen, even you. I wish you well.

          1. I’m not going to get involved in a debate or discussion about what I’ve said. Just my honest observation. I thought I should make it known.

        1. Where’s FDumb?

          Now that Fitz and Sloan are on the board, the decieved are showing up to discredit.?

        1. This is where Joel Skousen is correct. The US will absorb a first strike. Under orders, too. Skousen says that after this catastrophe, the world will cleanse itself as the FDons will be dead.

          1. I could see the U.S. absorbing a first strike under orders. I do agree that Skousen is controlled op, but like any good controlled op, he does tell some truth. Perhaps Biden, or whatever puppet prez is running at the time, will send a bunch of troops to die in some staged war somewhere.

  6. Bob, it’s amazing that with my website linked here and having been posted on Makow numerous times, you don’t already know I have written about RT, Zerohedge, and others. I have an entire index dedicated to controlled opposition. This tells me that you’re not a sincere researcher and just want others doing all the thinking for you. This is a bad place to be.

    1. Dude I can’t read everything! I don’t read ZH or RT. Why would I need to know about something I never read? (I do sometimes read their articles if they appear in other sites but I agree with Chris about ZH, it’s all economic doom that’s all. I’m not that interested such stuff anymore.) I don’t got to the ZH or RT homepages, ever.

      Do you expect me to have ignored everything and read all of your site, because it’s just that good? be realistic. There are so many sites. Your articles are very long. Is your site #1?

      OK, let’s say I read all of your information, every article, and absorb it all. Now what? What do I do?

  7. I remember Henry Makow did a piece on Revilo Oliver saying he was controlled opposition. I’m pretty sure Revilo Oliver was the real deal, so I was disappointed in that article.

    But then Henry posted emails from others who said he was wrong about Revilo and Henry admitted that perhaps he was wrong. That’s a good thing.

  8. You might want to check out this Alexa answer when somebody asked about the world ending.
    Alexa suggested a Zombie apocalypse as a result of the vaccine.
    Another reason NOT to take the covid 19 vaccine. I don’t remember if anyone here has already posted this, but here it is as a reminder NOT to take the vaccine.

    1. They could have easily just faked it. I attach zero weight to that.

      Even if Alexa said that it only proves Alexa might have a sense of humor. You’d need more evidence to form a case that Alexa “knows something we don’t”.

      1. Good Point. I agree one can’t attach much weight to Alexa. However, with all the other evidence of how bad these vaccines are, it is just further confirmation.

  9. I went to a chapel for the first time to pray. After the prayer I walked up to a Bible and there was a basket underneath with random verses. I picked up one and it was Revelation 3:12. It deals with the 7 Churches. My last prayer was regarding the Laodicean Church. I remembered what Jesus said about them – they were possessed with material things. They were physically wealthy, but spiritually blind and poor. Paraphrasing here — my message to God was I’d stride my best to be the exact opposite of them.

    Revelation 3:12 has to do with Church in Philadelphia. It’s the Church Jesus mentions right before the Church of Laodicea. Below is the verse along with the context before:

    To the Church in Philadelphia ESV
    7 “And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: ‘The words of the holy one, the true one, who has the key of David, who opens and no one will shut, who shuts and no one opens.

    8 “‘I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut. I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name. 9 Behold, I will make those of the synagogue of Satan who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie—behold, I will make them come and bow down before your feet, and they will learn that I have loved you. 10 Because you have kept my word about patient endurance, I will keep you from the hour of trial that is coming on the whole world, to try those who dwell on the earth. 11 I am coming soon. Hold fast what you have, so that no one may seize your crown. 12 The one who conquers, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God. Never shall he go out of it, and I will write on him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which comes down from my God out of heaven, and my own new name. 13 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’

    31,000+ verses. I don’t this was by accident. Hour of trial coming soon (force majeure). I am coming soon (Jesus’ return).

  10. If and when the Soviets invade the West (with China), they will likely do it under the pretence as “liberators” from the Western NWO decoy, while they will replace it with a much worse Eastern NWO. They might even promise to abolish the whole covid mandates system and end it all. It will all be for nothing, because the Mark of the Beast will be waiting afterwards, and they will enforce as bad, or worse, than our Western decoy NWO governments are doing with Hoaxid-19.

  11. Riccardo Bosi, leader of Australia One, gives a warning to Australians

    He says to take names of everyone who supports the agenda, from the top politicians, judges, police, all the way down to the security guard at the supermarket and the vaxy nurse trying to kill your kids. TAKE THEIR NAMES! We will need these names when the trials begin. We will punish them all. I fully support this initiative.

      1. This is a great article Bobyakka. These Covid vaccines definitely have a satanic spiritual element as well as a dangerous physical element.

  12. “A Florida landlord is requiring vaccines for tenants. Is that legal?”

    The landlord operates approximately 1,200 rental units but will require vaccines for anyone wanting to move in or renew a lease. The situation could serve as a test case.

    We landlords get so concerned that our properties will be confiscated, but imagine being a renter and you are stuck with these scumbag landlords.

    1. It’s Sputnik news; anti-West propaganda, though the entire world is a Talmudic toilet bowl ripe for destruction.

      I am spending less time observing the moral decay (that is a given) and more time trying to figure out the future and future prospects going forward.

      I need to put out a podcast on stuff in which to concentrate over the next couple years.

      God help the remnant. Pray to Jesus Christ our King and to our heavenly Father, so that during the time of Jacob’s trouble, he intervenes from afar.

      1. The world is clearly a talmudic cesspool. Jesus Christ is the only one to get us through this. Heaven help the plebes who don’t acknowledge God.

        1. I pray several times a day, and all my prayers are squarely meant for the remnant and my family. We waste our time praying for change and a wake up of the Godless.

          1. Some spiritual teachers are now calling for the prayer to “cut lifelines”.

            Like you said, there’s an enemy ; pray to God to cut their life short so that the world and humanity can heal.

            1. Indeed. Separate ourselves from the heathen. The line has been clearly drawn.

              Daniel 12:10 KJV
              Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

              Pray for the wise, not for the wicked.

              Proverbs 28:1 KJV
              The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.

              The wicked are chasing ghosts and getting jabbed. The more who get jabbed, the harder it will be for the remnant.

              Cut bait and run from this world.

          2. At this point you are right. I feel I can talk about Jesus and the Bible only with fellow believers . Try talking this stuff to non believers only brings hostility or blank stares. The non believers just don’t get it. Even the Sunday Church goers don’t get the power of the Holy Spirit.
            I just counsel fellow Christian believers to encourage them. The overwhelming majority of people are hopelessly brainwashed.

      2. OK, I didn’t know what Sputnik news was and didn’t take much notice.

        It’s interesting RT offered the undertaker in Milton Keynes $85,000 to shut up. I guess that means RT is just a Soviet front, carefully nurturing the Covid19 narrative to attack the West – but I’m not sure.

        Can anyone think of a different explanation?

        1. RT is the Russia’s English propaganda arm Russia wants West civil war and is using reverse psychology… Nobody is after him.

          Perhaps the guy was mistaken on RT

          1. Everyone looked to RT as an outlet which would print things the western MSM censored. Abby Martin seemed sincere.
            Why did the western governments allow this to happen? Why don’t they care if people in the west prefer Russian news to American news? Doesn’t that mean something? Can you fault people for being sick of the censorship? RT seemed like a freer press especially in the early days.

            Reading your article on E. Michael Jones, I started thinking where’s the opposition to all this? Is there any serious opposition to the NWO anywhere? You say its Russia making the west stink, but our governments seem to be playing along just nicely. So why all the struggles? If the commies and Jews have all the power, and we’re all locked in our houses, and the cops are brutalizing us, and our governments are all for the NWO, why is it taking so long?

            I don’t get it. Please explain.

            1. The West has been infiltrated by Soviets, but most Westerners don’t know or don’t care. Even so, they still have to destroy the foundation of the West to have their world hegemony. Therefore, they follow their Satanic kabbalist dialectical process in order to achieve it. If you know anything about the dialectical process, it involves a continual process of pro and contra in order to achieve a desired synthesis. Over the past several decades, we have seen a game of multiple series of pro and contra play out, all the while the goyim are bewildered by it. It’s just a big fancy light show with smoke and mirrors. They are just about there, but not quite. Thus, they continue their dialectics, which they will carry out right until the end. Controlled opposition is huge in this game. HUGE!

          1. The worst aspect to this dialectic process is that it would be comical if it weren’t so tragic. Our owners think so little of us that the dialectic now is meant for functional children. The people actually take it seriously.

      3. I’m still looking for signs in my local area, for any extra doom and gloom and not seeing it. With my own eyeballs and my own ears, in person, not on a tv or computer or phone screen. Talking to actual people with real names and addresses, not just with commentors on a forum or website. New businesses are starting up, apartment complexes are being built, the city budget is filled with big dollar projects and many large infrastructure repair jobs are being started. Things are back to normal, and in a big way, at least in my area.

        There is an indoor mask mandate for retail stores but only employees are required to follow it. Once they punch out, oddly they can shop without a mask in the same area they worked in minutes prior. No vaccine mandates anywhere. Nobody is quitting their jobs, if anything they would wait until they are discharged, so they can attain proper legal recourse.

        There are millions of Chinese, Indians and Russians in our country that have become American Citizens and they love this country. There isn’t going to be some big invasion with nukes and the enemy parachuting out of airplanes. They are already here and have been for a long time. They do not need to fight or kill anyone for anything, or destroy anything, since they already own it.

        The tide is turning, and they cannot keep this Covid charade going much longer so they are morphing it into a slow fade somehow into climate and weather issues. But if you want to stock up on can goods and head for the mountains because your eyeballs have suck in too much Jim Stone fear mongering moron types then be my guest. If you noticed all those losers keep pushing the time line out. Next month, End of the year, Next year, 2025, and some pushing the big doom events to the year 2030. And they ALWAYS ask for donations or have some ads they want people to click on. Don’t worry i’m sure they will throw in a few more convincing school or mall shootings in there sometime to keep everyone glued to the screens. Maybe they will fake death Trump at one of his Save America Rallies. They don’t want all the dupes to say “Shows over folks, nothing to see, move on” because they have booze and drugs and fast food to sell you.

        More Doom and Gloom Media Fakeouts? No thanks.
        I’m taking the Contra!

        1. Some areas are of course much better than others. It’s like living in a secluded bubble. I’m currently seeing family in a town where they look at you funny if you do wear a mask. Even the new mall here with a movie theater and bowling doesn’t require masks anywhere. That includes inside all the stores like Zara. No mask. 99.99% don’t wear masks. There are concerts with no COVID testing or masks. Kids are back in school with no masks. They don’t push the vax on any1. So life is normal here. But just across the border…. 2 hours away – it’s totally different. People, including kids, are wearing masks outside in fresh air…..

          So, truly, it depends on where you live. You likely live in a smaller town. The new 100 employee vaccine mandate probably won’t affect many there.

          Meanwhile, other cities have hospitals that are seriously debating not accepting un-vaccinated patients. That is how serious they see this virus. They are requiring mask mandates in schools. People that are back in the office working with their peers are experiencing in-fighting between vax and un-vax. They are pushing kids to get potentially deadly vaccines. So as you can see, it truly depends where you live. You should be thankful you live in a normal place and should pray it stays like that.

          1. Keep the big picture in mind. The agenda is being papered over with $3 trillion in just US Federal deficits. This spending can be maintained indefinitely, as long as inflation stays reasonable. But, this is becoming a large percentage of GDP. It is masking the weaknesses elsewhere.

            As of now, there are not enough vaxxed people. In another year when these numbers are up close to 75-80%, the authorities will be much less tolerant with those who remain unvaxxed. How will these people make it? Each tick up in the percentages of vaxxed is met with more restrictions. Plan for when we are shut out.

            Grocery stores will be off limits to these who refuse. The US is behind the curve here. Take advantage of the equanimity to reposition our balance sheets.

            Even those who derive their income from passive sources will begin to have problems.

            I need to make a podcast on contingency plans.

            Stop looking at all these videos. It will put us in an early grave. Plan for the inevitable.

        2. Also, Chris doesn’t even have an option to give donations. He’s not doing this for the money, or any financial gain. He probably loses more money keeping this site running than anything else.

        3. Greg, where I live in New Zealand it was even better than that. Literally, the only noticeable changes in life were:

          – Shopping baskets in the supermarket are cleaner than they used to be. (Nice)
          – QR codes on doors that most people just ignored and walked past.
          – Most people wore masks on buses, I think it was a rule but a very lax rule
          – International travel was much harder, and masks required on local flights

          Otherwise, everything was good, until one day about a month ago it changed and they put us in level 4 lockdown, told us to wear masks in shops, mandated tracing. Only gas stations and supermarkets are open now. Everything else closed.

          It all changed literally in one single day. The horse demon acted.

          I think it can happen anywhere so prepare for it. Stock up on long life food etc.

          Look at Alberta in Canada. Didn’t they just “remove all Covid rules” a month ago? Didn’t it all fail in court and they backed off completely? Do why are they getting vax passports now? They never give up, they let you relax so they can hit you in the guts by surprise later.

        4. Greg,
          Sounds like you live in a place that does not have vaccine mandates and where the economy is doing great. You have a very optimistic attitude and that is great. God bless you for where you live and your attitude. Perhaps you can share your general location with us. Share what makes you optimistic. Otherwise, you are just making these comments to discredit us. Many sites like this get people from the deep state to discredit us.

          1. I’m not discrediting anyone. But you know there has been none stop Amplified fear mongering going on for the last year. The mainstream media and my local media is full of lies and disinformation. Any video or statement can be viewed as staged fake or possibly real with no way to actually verify. I know who I can and cannot trust and can see through the fog.

            If things go south and vaccine mandates show up and another lockdown happens i’ll post and alert it. I go to various city council meetings in my tri county area. I’m looking for the slightest hint of something going south. 2019 Q3 and Q4 projects were canceled across the board, some of us questioned why and given the run around, March 2020 hit and we found out why. I’ve visited the nursing homes, and hospitals too, quite different that what the media statistics are. Those local snooty City officials have connections to the big boys and are filled in on what they are allowed to do. Our Cities are franchises and are run like businesses for the owners that live overseas. Think tanks that usually are in a University town, distribute the agendas to the elected officials. Governors, Mayors, etc follow it.

            No reason to sulk and absorb the doom for the next 10 years and realize they are pushing it out another 10 years and then another.

            1. Great Point about city government. If you can clue in on what they are planning then that is a good barometer on what is going on.

              Instead of believing fear porn on a lot of alternative news sites it is best to keep a relationship with God through routine prayer. Only God knows the truth and will guide you in the right path.

              Mainstream news is just brainwashing while alternative news is clickbait. Have to use discernment through God to determine who is truthful.

              From what I see here in the Northeast US. I believe what Chris is saying. Never before in my life have I seen what has happened since January 2020. I definitely think something is up.

              1. These powers can only get away with what they do through consensus and consent of the population.

                In the area where I live, which has become very blue, I am the minority here and they do whatever the “government” tells them. All the vaccines are mandated for all the government workers, except for state, which could have already changed. Those who have money, and many who stop by my side already are self-made in that regard, none of this really is significant.

                As of now, my life has not changed at all. My concern is when they start pulling the plug on the stuff that I take for granted. There’s some nations where they’ve already started pulling the plug on grocery stores unless you have vaccine passports. That will eventually come here. I’m not being willful.

                I have family who have been vaxxed and I can order online. I can afford to spend a few thousand on gym equipment when they shut that off for good. I am already clearing out my basement in preparation..

                I already do not talk to people much anymore. Nothing lost from my social circles; I already have none.

                I started listening to the alt-media 20 years ago, and began preparing for these times. I do not know how someone can listen and read this stuff, and still work for someone and not prepare. That must be punishing to the spirit.

              2. I’m going to another Nationals game this afternoon, so I will make a podcast tomorrow. I honestly do not know how people can read and listen to this stuff all the time and not prepare and change his or her lifestyle accordingly.

                If a person consumes this alt-media and then continues their lives normally, I would recommend just shutting it all off. It’s never going to help unless you take action. It will put the unprepared people into an early grave.

            2. Great comment Greg! You hit the nail on the head with just a few sentences.
              Actually, it would be enough to check here at Chris’ website every few days and with the free time you should try to build an intimate relationship with our Creator with prayer and devotions and good works.

        5. Only God can decide if the covid tyranny ends. It is clear as day He is using the adversary to punish an unrepentant world. Telling us to turn back, repent and come back to Him. If He decides that’s enough punishment for now, then the covid house of cards will fall.

          It’s obvious to me there isn’t some “Great Awakening” as claimed by our adversary. The vast majority of humanity clearly have not caught up to the lies and deceit. Posting countless articles and videos on social media doesn’t count. Social media breeds inaction and that’s what our adversary knows and wants.

          It’s definitely good to be optimistic, but the writing is on the wall. It is best not to shoot the messenger and prepare accordingly.

          1. The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of “Men who wanted to be left Alone”. They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love. They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it. They know, that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over. The moment the “Men who wanted to be left Alone” are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these “Men who wanted to be left Alone”, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at these people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy… but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the “Men who just wanted to be left alone.” Author Unkown

          2. The vast majority of the Laodiceans I see in Northern Virginia are getting jabbed and are going along with this. They are worse than useless, they make the true remnant Christians look like terrorists in the eyes of the reengineered society.

            I pray for a turnaround and hope that the unrepentant do repent, but the task in front of the remnant and the people who stopped by my blog is Herculean, and I spend my time concentrating on their necessities during my prayer as well as my family’s. Of course, I’m the only one who is crazy around here. Lot lived in Sodom, too.

            In parts of Indonesia they already have QR codes as a necessity on the cell phones and if anyone attempts to enter a place in which they are not supposed to, they are arrested and thrown into prison.

            America still has its guns. Too many of them in fact, and the only way they’re going to get them is that the people who vow into the system will be required to give them up.

            Financially speaking, my life is never been easier and better. But I’m not going to be naive about what’s coming. Warriors and governments can keep my pensions, I won’t be around long enough to “enjoy” them.

        6. The alt-media have been warning about civil war for decades. The people who are losing their jobs will sulk in the corner while the economy booms. They won’t do anything.

        7. You are probably watching all this unfold merely from an US perspective, but the adversary you are fighting is Mr Global. They will implement the same agenda worldwide, but will do it country for country, area for area, using different tactics, different time lines and different narratives.
          So because nothing is happening at the moment in your neck of the woods doesnt mean the agenda is postponed or abandoned.
          If is really really bad in Australia, annd to a lesser extent in Canada, New Zeeland, and a dozen other countries in Asia and Europe. In my country our bought-and-payed-for parliament just approved the use of a covid passport to be able to go to a bar or restaurant. These are the same players as you are facing, now or some time into the future.

          1. Like I said, the shituation changed in NZ in one day. A month ago we were more-or-less free to do what we liked. No restrictions on anything except international travel. No masks, no scanning, pubs full, etc.

            Then we suddenly went to level 4 lockup and that’s been our lives since then. My mind drifts to revenge fantasies.

            With hindsight I think they were just keeping things easy and pleasant while they got the early adopters jabbed that’s all. (Maybe waiting for new shipments too before they ramped it up.) What’s the vax rate in your little paradise? They might increase the torments as the vax rate slows down, to provide a little more encouragement into the 60-80% range. After that, the true brutality will commence. Make lists, take names.

    1. I just watched the entire video. Confirms what we have been saying regarding how we don’t ever hear about cancer deaths. They were all being labeled as Covid to increase the #’s. And now they are doing that with the vax.

      Also, it’s downright awful they are now pushing the vax to kids. He thinks the deaths among kids will go up soon, and the media that has sold their souls to the devil will simply blame it on a new Covid Variant + the un-vaccinated. And, unfortunately, most people will believe it and keep encouraging their kids to get the vax (as if they need much encouragement. It’s the “cool” thing to do these days).

      Personally, I’m going to sell most of my rentals next Spring/Summer. As soon as the leases expire. Going to give my tenants a 3 month heads up – no new lease offering.

      1. Under normal circumstances, the last thing I ever wanted to do is unload a portfolio of rental properties that I worked hard to build. But we need to face facts, and I need to begin working on having contingency plans in which do not include living in my area. I will procure a property and/or land somewhere in a more remote area. I will buy on an older beater truck F150 and store it in a garage on any new property. F-150s are easy to fix. I can hire a realtor as a catbird to keep an eye on the property when I’m not there. I can come back here to where I currently live and conduct my business and perhaps sell more properties. At least in this way, I will always have an out. The first property I am selling is a more expensive house that really does not add to any cash flow for me as the costs of owning tend to be too high anyway. Thus I can do all this and not have to be too concerned about a drop in cash flow for now.

        I think we know how this will all end. There’s only several years left anyway. Let’s plan on making it till the end of the decade.

      1. I already posted this yesterday from Brighteon. Interesting perspective from a funeral director.

        1. I was just providing a more easily downloadable link in case anyone wanted it.
          I do wonder, does even that video have the power to change anyone’s mind? Has anyone successfully done that with a video?

          1. No. Just militarized echo chambers. The process has been partisanized with military precision.

  13. This is a very informative interview between Robert Malone (inventer of mRNA vaccines) and Jimmy Dore.

    “Vaccine overuse is like antibiotic overuse. They are creating variants with these vaccines, and the vaccinated will be the superspreaders.”

    Malone thinks the vax could be useful for old and fat people, but mass vaxing is “crazy”.

    1. BTW, I mainly posted this Malone vax vid because it is normie friendly – no tinfoil hat stuff in there.
      It could be useful to send to any friend and relatives unsure about the vax.
      I think Malone is either naive about evil, or purposefully not going there so this video has a wider reach and no speculative or obscure concepts.

    1. Rolling stone had a article about Ivermectin overdose patients with the shits overloading a hospital and making gun shot victims wait in line.

      It was 100% a fabrication from top to bottom. They were exposed but did not publish a proper retraction. They are all liars. Like Julius Streicher in Nuremberg, the worst punishments should be reserved for the media. Hang em high, short ropes, nice ‘n slow.

    1. Though I don’t report on these types of stories per se, it wouldn’t surprise me. All I know is that we are not to takes the mRNA jabs under any circumstances. I base this solely on the behavior of our adversary.

      Thanks for posting.

      1. Moscow Makow? You don’t trust him?

        He actually explained why he posts BS. It’s because he doesn’t read it all. He doesn’t have time. What he does is post it to get comment if it looks interesting. They are links emailed to him. Feel free to ignore whatever you want on his site.

        What is this “Soviet-invented Western NWO decoy” you speak of?

        1. Here’s a real life example of how their dialectic works.

          In order to get Europe to accept communism, the Soviets invented the Nazis as part of their dialectic to achieve European communism. They then pose as the saviours of Europe from the “evil nazis” and Europe accepts communism.

          It’s the same thing with the Western NWO decoy. The Communists build up the Western elite as bad guys (real or perceived), and then when the time is right, they come in and “liberate” us from our supposed captors.

          1. Makow did a piece on this. The Nazi and commie posters all looked the same. In fact they used the same graphic designer!

            He says it’s not that the Soviets created the Nazis, it’s more like the banksters in charge created them both.

            Do you have evidence that the Soviet union created Hitler? What about Anthony Sutton’s book “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler”? Was Wall Street run by the Soviets as well?

        2. If you look closely enough, you will see all the patterns there with Makow. He consistently pushes the Western NWO decoy script while promoting all the usual Russian-Jewish alt media shills, like Zerohedge (Bulgarian Soviets), Global Research (Russian Jewish), etc. He has to tell some truth to bait an audience. A lot of it is tabloid stuff, though.

          1. I wouldn’t of found Chris if it wasn’t for his posts on makow’s website.
            I like Makow’s website but I dont believe everything I read.
            You need to think for yourself and not simply dismiss him as Moscow Makow. Using simple slogans and slander is something communists and our enemy do.

            1. I found Pirnak on Makow as well. But that doesn’t mean I am blind to Makow’s agenda. A contributor at my site, Andy Sloan, used to write for Makow. He will tell you the same thing about Makow. He’s playing a role that seems to be facilitating the Eastern-led replacement NWO for when the Western elite dictatorship is overtaken. Makow consistently pushes all of the major controlled opposition. If you can’t see that by now, you aren’t looking for the patterns. They are all there. Just like Pirnak bases his analysis on patterns, you have to do the same when discerning people. It’s a life skill, really.

              1. You bring up some interesting points here that make me contemplate about the existential standing of the alt-media in general.

                I remember when President Bush was asked what he thought about the gold bugs and those who were preaching economic and societal collapse. This is going back 30 years. He dismissed them and called them the BUDsters; broke, unemployed, and depressed, and that what they thought meant nothing to him.

                He has an excellent point in that the alt-media serve a great function. It serves as a release valve to promote learned helplessness in the consumer of that product. And that’s what it is, the alt-media is similar to many other media products out there. Unfortunately, most of those producing alt-media output are woefully underqualified or they are there to mislead, while the readers and listeners are often deceived.

                I think the end result is that the alt-media by its function are a daisy chain of the same stuff being regurgitated from the top down. To many of the unwitting alt-media consumers, it can be a very debilitating and demoralizing.

              1. other than our email interactions over the years, I don’t know much about Henry Makow, except to say that he gave me a podium from which to speak. He allowed me to begin articulating my opinions in late 2012, and in early 2013, he let me write articles for his website to warn his readers. He didn’t have to do this, and he was gracious enough to allow me to have that interface with his readers. I probably would not even have established my own blog if it weren’t for him. He encouraged me to start writing and recording podcasts. Based on what he produces on his website, I suspect that he’s just throwing a lot of opinions and views out there for his readers to digest. He pumps out a lot of content, and I doubt very much there is a conscious sinister agenda on his part; I don’t see what he would have to gain by it. Though I no longer write articles for third party websites, it has nothing to do with my overall view of these people, and more to do with my editorial autonomy.

                I started writing for Henry’s site, because I contacted him after I was reading too many collapse pieces, and about how the writers were misguided . The vast majority of people don’t understand economic and financial market matters, and are susceptible to regurgitating what anti-West propaganda outlets like Zero Hedge produce. Mr Makow gave me an opportunity to refute what the other people were writing. He didn’t have to.

              2. Chris, I suspected that was the case.

                Imagine that Henry posts 10% of the links people send him. That means he’s reading and verifying 10 times what he prints. That takes time. He admitted he doesn’t read half of what he posts and therefore lots of it is BS. I guess he just posts what he thinks is interesting. He posts stuff Justine Trudeau says, but that doesn’t mean he agrees with it.

                Can we fault him for that? I think that’s actually evidence that he’s not spoon feeding us an agenda and actually expects his audience to exercise their own judgement.

                If he picked and choosed his twitter retweets more carefully then people would say he’s a filter. It’s hard to please anyone. I’ve been called a Jew myself hundreds of times. If Miles Mathis did my family tree he’d say definite Jew. But I’m not a Jew AFAIK. Just because your great grandfather’s name was Isaac and his surname is in the book of Jewish names doesn’t mean anything. Many of these names are gentile and Jewish, like Jackson, Johnson, Marks, Gordon, Davis, Davies, Cowan for instance.

                You just cant win sometimes. Henry said he might not even be Jewish anyway, just Khazar. Whatever. I like him. Maybe he’s wrong. OK, Timothy tell us how it is. Who runs the world? Is it the Jews or not?

          2. I think the US will be Germany in WW3 and the allies will be Russia (again) and China, to “save the Jews” in the next Holocaust which is being planned now. The Rabbis are predicted it already.

            Do you agree with this idea?

            Is Henry Makow a knowing traitor in your opinion? How far up the ranks of the Illuminati or whatever it is do you think he sits? Is it possible he’s simply not as knowledgeable as you say and is maybe mistaken? What was the actual tell according to Andy Sloan? Makow posts a wide variety of stuff, so picking out a few Russian sites from the list is perhaps unfair.

            1. Based on the actions by the US’s own government, which have been relentlessly antithetical to its well being, long term viability, and global diplomatic standing, it is clear that the US is being set up to be the patsy for the upcoming global conflict.

              I don’t have to study conspiracy to determine that. I only look at the ostensible ineptitude of the USs own government to know this is not done by mistake. It is being constructed with military precision to embarrass and weaken the US, so it falls in on itself.

              The globalists can affect this agenda by partisanizing it. In this manner, the two controlled sides battle over meaningless things, while the country is being set up for long term destruction.

              It seems that the same banking families who used their front men to kill the Russian Tsar, establish the Soviet Union, build up CCP China, and promote Marxism to the world, are now finalizing their Marxist takeover of the West. The people in the West love it. We are the remnant minority who despise it.

              If you are for socialism and government intervention; social, racial, gender, and sexual justice and equality, then you hold dear to Marxist doctrine.

              The synagogue of Satan continually establishes false dialectic sides to battle one another in order for them to achieve their ultimate goal; a one world financial dictatorship where the slaves willingly take a mark and we all live on a global debt plantation.

              We are in the home stretch and the US needs to look like Nazi Germany for this upcoming war to go as planned.

              Once we know this, then we can see that all the buffoonery in the government is by design. This is why I don’t waste my time talking about politics and politicians, except when it pertains to economic policy.

              The Delphi consensus established by the controlled opposition of the alt-media like Alex Jones fulfills a vital purpose. All the truth out there is tossed into the partisan trash bin, so the ultimate time line comes to pass. What AJ says is mostly true, but his associations and message delivery tactics makes him an effective Ally of our adversary.

              If AJ says he doesn’t know that he’s controlled opposition, then perhaps he’s just betwixt with some unreconciled demons. Just look at him; it’s clear he has enough personal issues compromising him. The Patriot movement would be so much better off without him. I also think that some of the people killed over the past 20 years in this genre has paved the way for AJs dominance. Indeed, some force has propped up AJ at the expense of everyone else. The same force is propping up the propaganda outlets like Zero Hedge. I hope you all enjoy the news from these established shills and Charlatans.

              I have no proof, only patterns and observations. The first and most of important rule in the study of the NWO conspiracy; the people in charge are not stupid. If they look stupid, they are not in charge.

              1. I’m a bit older than most here. When I was a boy I remember and ,not nostalgically either, that you were told what to do be it academically, athletically or in your personal demeanor and if you did well something good happened. If you didn’t do well you either tried harder or quit. Quiting usually wasn’t a option. Then about 1966 to 1981 I would notice a well draining of the dignity of the common person and it became less about doing well and more about playing along. Achievement and personal development started to be replaced by trivial pursuits. The plebes as you guys call them became more embroiled with nothingness and of course personal morals suffered. The sos of course were constantly ragging and demoralizing them. That comment you made about the czar and his ministers put me in mind of a stones song from then ,sympathy for the devil. An example of the demoralizing was yes the catholic church. Yes I know about Constantine and the council of trent and the pitiful Vatican 2 but that doesn’t matter really. The hierarchy were determined to turn the church into a milk toast organization not capable of defense against the sos. The scandals of child abuse well I never really got that. If as a boy my friends and I would have been approached by the clergy for something we would have just punched him in the face. But times change and as you say and it is true the leaders of the sos are cunning. The last 40 years have just seen it get worst and worst and though I learned how to accumulate their currency paper little good it may do me. I hate to say it but most of the population have turned into husks of flesh pushed and pulled from many angles and are ripe for the taking.

              2. I never really watched AJ anway. His vids were too long, just time wasters. I just want to know what’s happening, not 20 minutes intro, 15 min preamble, 30 minutes background info, 10 minute build up, oh it’s time for a break, welcome back to 30 minutes of interviews with experts, 20 minutes of clips we just have to see, another hour of discussion, then we get to the meat of the matter, sorry folks we’re all out of time.

                Stefan Molyneux was even worse. Four hour videos that by the time you’re half way through he’s not even talking about the same thing anymore. It’s like those word games where you change one letter at a time and get a totally different word at the end. That’s what he did with facts – he’d “prove” his initial statement by proving something completely different that he’d gradually moved to over 4 hours. Totally ridiculous.

                Jordan Peterson is even worse! At least Henry knows how to keep it short and to the point!

            2. Bob, you seem fixated on Makow. I am not sure why. The internet is full of controlled opposition. Why spend so much time defending one, even if he isn’t controlled opposition? It’s not good to be so accepting of internet personalities. All should be treated with a healthy suspicion.

              1. I like Henry’s site. He has interesting links and articles. About 30% seem outlandish and speculative or just plain rubbish, another 30% I’m not sure about, and 30% I agree with. Also you seem to think he’s an agent so I’d like to investigate that and check. I’m not going to just stop reading his site because you make an off hand remark. How do I know what your motivation is? Why should I take your word for it. If you think Henry is that dangerous then why don’t you put in a bit of effort?
                I usually check his site, this one, Max Igan, and that’s about it. I like Max’s attitude and his dogs. He’s nice to listen too. He hasn’t changed my mind on anything.

                Why don’t you write an article about Zero Hedge and RT and who is behind them, what they want, and how they’re doing it, and send it to Henry? He might publish it. Send him an email and ask him who he’s working for. Is it Putin? Netanyahu? Trump? Xi? Kissinger? Hitler’s brain in a tank? Who is it?

                Besides that, are Russians not allowed to defend themselves against America? Why is any Russian criticism of the US automatically assumed to be from the Kremlin? America IS an evil empire.

                The USA is directly responsible for the imposition of multiculturalism in New Zealand for example. It was all pressure from the Ford, Carnegie, and Rockefeller foundations in the early 1990s. I know someone who was intimately involved in the fight to stop it. Politicians were bribed and threatened. Now we have this Covid nonsense – all from America. The CDC rules the world right now, but you want me to fear RT instead. Yeah I get it, it’s pro-Russian. But what does that mean?

                But you want me to assume any opposition or concerns with the US system is somehow subversive and secretly working for the Russians and Chinese? The CCP doesn’t want to cut our kids privates up, it doesn’t put rainbow flags all over everything, it doesn’t drive us mad with idiotic propaganda, it doesn’t make us watch clowns and their sign language interpreters all day, it doesn’t ban us thinking but allow the porn superhighway to run unimpeded, it doesn’t seem to hate the Chinese race like the West hates the white race, it doesn’t make the Chinese ashamed of being Chinese, it doesn’t remove it’s citizens’ sense of purpose, it doesn’t insist on mass immigration, the list goes on and on and on. So what if it had a one child policy? Our governments seem to have a zero white child policy.

                In fact, the CCP seems preferable to what we have now. Maybe it’s worse, but we don’t have a future anyway so what’s the difference? You tell me why I should hate the CCP.

                As for Henry, he did a hit piece on Revilo Oliver as I mentioned, and said RO was a fake. Now I’m 99% sure RO is the real thing. Maybe even 100% sure. People told Henry that and he took it on board, he didn’t argue. But it’s easy to think everyone’s a plant or agent isn’t it? Henry does more than most people to expose all this shit. Do you have any real proof he’s not just some guy running his own website? What about Andrew Anglin? What do you think of him?

              2. Amen. If we don’t adjust our lifestyles and prepare accordingly what good is it anyway?

                I started listening reading this stuff almost 20 years ago, and that was my catalyst to change. I started working out and losing weight, stopped going to the restaurants and doctors, learned to take care of my own health issues, made sure I could start to make my own money, tuned out my unwashed friends, studied the esoteric meanings and prophecy in the Bible, began to live a solitary life, live way below my means, stop looking to government for issues and benefits. I didn’t have health insurance for 15 years, and didn’t need it.

                I now pray several times a day for God to help my readers and the remnant, including me, as well as my family. I also pray that the unrepentant will repent

                Prepare. Now it’s time for contingency plans to escape the hell hole of Fairfax County. I can live here, but it would be foolish to not have another place in the wings in case the assets are attached.

              3. The whole world is Marxist now. It took at least a hundred years since the Advent of the Federal Reserve, so that the synagogue of Satan could re-engineer society with its monetary printing press. The process is now complete and it is very difficult to figure out who’s speaking the truth. The only two constants I keep in mind are the Bible and the conspiracy for a One World financial dictatorship.

                This is a very effective sniff test to determine who’s for real and who’s a charlatan.

                The preparatory work to get to the One World financial dictatorship in place took at least 100 years or more. Look at the results of the engineered pandemic. Every nation in the world is on the same page, save perhaps Russia. Go figure on that one. Perhaps we can move to Russia to evade the vaccine passports and mandatory vaccines. The West will burn and the people will love it. They’re already is a one-world financial dictatorship in place, it’s just slowly being revealed to us on our Netflix stream and our news sources. The hierarchy is now being externalized, and the people rejoice or do not even care. Christianity has been rendered a joke and that is the only way Marxism can thrive.

                Even the alt-media is fascinated with the fallen angels and demons and Lucifer. The whole world is fascinated with Satan, as he is the father of the Marxism, and the god of those who choose that philosophy. They say it themselves. Marxism is of the devil and the whole world has embraced it.

            3. Makow is a deep cover neo-Soviet Eurasian shill. His narrative is fundamentally against the West and hides the truth of the Duginist neo-Soviet Eurasian plan, which is the real NWO. (see )

              I used to write for Makow and eventually I realised. The key moment, was when I sent Makow a video of Alexander Dugin praising satan from the works of Aleister Crowley and he refused to post it. After the third push, he tweeted it under the inconspicuous title ‘Putin associate.” This from a man ever labelling the West ‘satanic’ (see his book Illuminati 3 “Satanism is the secret religion of the West.”

              I pressed him as to why he does not reveal the truth of the East and his reply:

              From: Henry Makow
              Sent: 05 July 2019 19:45
              To: andy sloan
              Subject: Re: Quo Vadis?


              I happen to think the West stinks and don’t care if this is part of a wider plot.


              See also my recent tweet to this deceiving scumbag, to which he didn’t reply.


              1. My first thought to that was, “but the West does stink doesn’t it? ”

                Then I thought more about it. EM Jones strikes me as a boring old fart that goes on and on about logos. I don’t like him much. Henry says he should be president. Adam Green hosted a debate between Jones and CJ Bjerknes, and as usual Bjerknes mopped the floor with Jones’ face. Jones kept saying “preposterous” and “logos” and very little else. Pretty hopeless.

                Jones is a Catholic Dogmatist of some kind, but what exact kind I’m not sure because Catholicism is so complicated. I suspect that’s by design; you spend so much time on ritual and learning the ropes you’ll never know where the ship is sailing. It puts me off. Too many big thick books.

                As for Dugin, I recall an interview Henrik at Red Ice did with him a few years ago. I swear he got Dugin to say the white race must be destroyed. Henrik was obviously taken aback and flustered by this, as his site is supposed to be pro-white. Then when I downloaded the interview later I couldn’t find that part anymore. I suppose he wanted to believe Dugin and Putin were going to save whitey or something and assumed it was a misunderstanding and edited it out.

                But no. Dugin is a hardcore Kalergist and wants what Richard Coundenhove-Kalergi wanted – “to make Europe into a mixed race”. For the same reason I’m skeptical of Libertarians. Their progenitor von Mises was an associate of Kalergi’s and of Albert Einstein and those two both wanted the white race gone. “Libertarianism” thus has dubious origins too.

                So why was Jones at the New Horizon thing? What did he say there? Was he defending Catholics? Was he arguing against the Rabbis or not? One thing he won’t do is defend the white race. He thinks it doesn’t matter what color people are as long as they are Catholic and full of logos. I don’t agree with that. I feel better around white people. (Not all- not liberals or flamboyant homos.)

                You sound like you would agree with CJ Bjerknes on most things, but I can’t be sure. Everyone seems to have their own version of things these days and hardly anyone agrees with anyone on anything. The Jews of course have an opposing view on everything the goyim think and from their viewpoint Jesus is Satan, the Goyim are evil and darkness, and their light will eradicate us. It just occurred to me that this solves the dilemma posited by Albert Pike in Morals and Dogma: the “Light Bringer” is a strange name for the Prince of Darkness. But Bjerknes has demonstrated that the Jews believe we are the darkness, and the light will destroy us: that is, they believe Lucifer/Satan/Samael/Jesus is our god now (since all our old ones were destroyed) and he will destroy us with holy light (as in unto the nations, Tikkun Olam). This is imminent and once completed their Messiah ben David will come. They have two Messiahs.

                I am reading your Perestroika article. Ironically it does read like a long Makow article. It is the sort of thing he talks about. I think he would actually like your article. Your Jones tweet might be true, but how’s anyone going to know? What did Jones say that outed him. Going to conferences with Dugin is guilt by association, a dubious accusation.

                Reading your article on Dugin’s multipolar world, I think to myself what’s wrong with that? Why have a unipolar world where the US dictates everything? But I don’t like this Eurasian idea- that’s Kalergi’s big plan. (Henry exposed Kalergi’s plan quite well on his site BTW). The Multipolar idea must be the front image.

                I have two questions for you:
                1. Is it possible Jones is just an idiot?
                2. Are you familiar with the work of CJ Bjerknes on the beliefs of Jews and Kabbalists?

    1. That was a good well thought out article. Hopefully there are enough like minded people out there.

  14. Hi Chris
    You mentioned possibly relocating to possibly the 4 corners, in particular Farmington N.M.
    Having lived in Az. for 11 years, i know that area. Monument valley is magnificent.

    However the crime rate as well as alcoholism is way above the national average. Lots of automobile accidents. Lot to do with native Americans drinking habits.
    Also New Mexico government is liberal.
    My wife and I recently moved to South west Idaho, small farming community about an hour and a half
    from Boise. As good a place to live as any, under current conditions.
    I believe with your thinking and beliefs, you could be happy here. contact me if any interest.

    1. I know about Farmington and the crime. It’s right around the Navajo reservation and much of the crime and drinking and drugging takes place in certain areas. I avoid those areas. In many ways it’s like Pueblo and Colorado Springs CO, as well as Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

      I have lived in all of these areas and the crime predominantly takes place in a few spots. The crime in those few spots are so high that skews the entire area.

      I do agree with you though, some areas in the four corners, especially in New Mexico can be a bear. And it’s this demographic that continually votes Democrat.

      If you want you can shoot me an email and we can keep in touch. I do often think about Wyoming and Idaho. I also like eastern Nevada. A lot of the unwashed are moving into these areas however.

      If I were Mormon, I would definitely suggest Utah. But if I moved there I would be an outcast.

      1. Hi Chris

        Yes indeed lets keep in touch.
        If you are interested, you could always spend a few days with us. I could show you are area.
        Very non assuming—–Church friendly and PATRIOTIC.

        Peace & Love————GERRY & Andrea

  15. By the way, I don’t want to leave any of those who listen to me about those stock picks twisting in the wind. I recall I made stock recommendations for IEA ATCX GTEC.

    I am very discouraged with the chart action on these stocks and the sector in general. I thought we were going to see a turnaround after the infrastructure bill had been worked on, but this is clearly not the case and I no longer recommend these stocks. I have a small runner position in each but I’m waiting for some sort of significant turn around in the sector. Unfortunately, that has yet to occur.

    I don’t want to leave you twisting in the wind.

  16. It’s easy for me to forget how difficult it was to transition out of a job and into my current lifestyle. Between 2001 and 2004, I had a difficult time adjusting mentally. It was during this time that I got my heart right with Christ for sure. I should make a podcast about the difficulties in this adjustment process for the remnant. Most people are employees and a few are not. This is just a fact and is necessary for making the world and society function properly. My trading mentor once told me that we can’t have an army of generals without foot soldiers. There’s nothing derogatory about this, it’s just a fact but not everyone can be a business owner or self-employed person. Unfortunately for many of us, especially those who will be cast out into the wilderness not being able to work, they are going to be forced to become effectively self-employed. I wish I had better news for those who have always worked for someone. The adjustment process can quite often be very brutal on the spirit, body, And mind.

    Looking back over 20 years ago when I made that fateful decision to quit my job for good, I thank God everyday for giving me these auspicious circumstances. This wasn’t always the case, especially when I first gave up gainful employment. This adjustment process is going to be very difficult for some people. It’s best you start now before it really gets bad.

    Where I am moving to hopefully, I can at least hunt and wouldn’t have to worry about meat. We need to mentally prepare and for some people that is very difficult.

    God help us

    1. I got my final paycheque with whatever was in my vacation accrual on the 18th of January, 2011. My employer silently took the company into receivership and locked the door, I had maybe 1 month of prior knowledge of this because they needed me to remain in the inner circle. This is the equivalent of what people are facing now, the crucial difference is that I had many options then and those same options have vaporized. I chose the self employment route, and I agree with you this is not for everyone but now there may be no choice.

      Tough road ahead for everyone and it is not without pain. I got my life back (not the material illusion, the REAL one) and so can all of you.

      I look forward to this podcast.


    Two French scientists explain the Covid scandal.
    There is a lot of useful info in this video and it can be sent to normies unless they’re totally vax mad and hopeless.


    – Most countries already have herd immunity
    – PCR testing is total garbage; at least 97% meaningless positives
    – Lockdowns completely useless
    – New variants are due to lockdowns and mRNA jabs
    – Media is saying unvaxed will get smashed in winter, but its the opposite: vaxed will get sick
    – Delta is a relatively harmless virus
    – Drosten test from Germany was total rubbish
    – They refuse to do antibody surveys to gauge herd immunity (I know for a fact this was BANNED in New Zealand, in early 2020)
    – They have also sabotaged serological tests which were made available
    – Politicians driving the science, not scientists
    – What is Covid19? People with Flu symptoms and loss of smell were sent home with paracetamol and told to come back when they started to die, then they would end up in ICU, intubated, and given Aspirin etc. They would then lose lung function and be in trouble. Lung cells would die and then pneumonia would kill them.
    – Now known to be a huge political mistake and patients should be treated early instead of waiting. Sound familiar?
    – Now known that Paracetamol actually triggers the cytokine storm and kills too many lung cells which then basically feed pneumonia bacteria.
    [BTW Ivermectin was known to work in April 2020]
    – Vaccinated people have high D-dimer levels, indicating blood clotting. The clotting is not normal, not caused by platelets and fibrin as expected. It’s caused by something else. Very complex condition, and harder to treat than Covid.
    – Vitamin C and Ibuprofen can fix it, dissolving the clots. But it’s tricky because Ibuprofen is bad for people with Covid, as Paracematol.

    That’s the first half. Pretty good so far.

    1. Second half.

      – They used huge doses of HCQ in trials, but they used very high doses.
      – When asked why they used such high doses the trial leader said he looked up the dose for some other disease and used that. But HCQ is never used for that disease, but HCQ is used in super high doses for euthanasia, and that’s the dose level they used for the trials.
      – Of course the result was that HCQ is not safe in such doses [and of course the media just loved that because it “proved” Trump wrong!].
      – Trials of Ivermectin in India were “wildly successful”.
      – WHO official in India who told everyone Ivermectin was toxic is now in jail for misleading people.
      – Ivermectin is completely proven to work. [The NZ govt still calls it horse paste and bans it; they are all on the Nuremberg II list]
      – The divisive nature of this thing reached new heights in Israel, where apparently it just about caused a civil war!
      – The vax kills people.
      – It doesn’t even stop Covid.
      – It makes people age faster, they get cancer, ongoing strange effects.
      – There is some speculation about magnetic effects etc, but the interviewer doesn’t want to go there, which is fair enough I suppose.

      That’s about it. I wrote the summary so you can decide better if you want to take the time to watch it.

        1. I first saw it on
          Bob Moriarty is doing his bit to wake people up, but initially he was saying we need more women in charge because they are more willing to do what it takes to stop Covid and men just flex their egos and risk everyone’s lives.

          Bob snapped out of it shortly afterwards and has been doing a good job spreading the truth since then. He probably hates Gladys B. now, as is proper.

          1. We need to move fast. There’s not much time. A great shaking is coming. Sell your extra rental real estate. They will take it anyway if unvaxxed.

            We need to prepare for the great shaking.

            Ezekiel 38:19 KJV
            For in my jealousy and in the fire of my wrath have I spoken, Surely in that day there shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel;

            America was founded by Manasseh

            Thank you for posting your ideas and thoughts.

              1. I will begin to sell as tenants leave. At this point I want to divert some proceeds to a property in an area I intend to relocate when things get bad. I have a tenant in a house leaving at the end of October. I will work on it full time and list it. it’s a free and clear house and may just pay the cap gains on it and buy something less expensive elsewhere and take the rest and buy gold and gemstones.

                I will keep some for cash flow. They are in LLC’s, too. Maybe that will give me some more time to own them.

            1. To get the vax in NZ you generally have to make an appointment. Then they tell you the day.

              Coincidentally, this is what Jim Stone ( thinks.
              Bill Gates, Fauci, and more are total cowards. Gates won’t even face the public anymore because he’s so hated. Those two bastards did not design a disease nasty enough to do what they claimed all by itself, because they did not want something out there floating around threatening the “good people”. Here is what I think is a highly plausible scenario:

              The following is hypothesis I pulled out of thin air, no one tipped me off on this, but I bet it is right. WHAT IF they released a disease they knew was harmless until you accepted an injection that helped it? There were credible rumors that when CVS employees were entering people’s identification info into the system specific batch numbers were given to specific people. WHAT IF those batch numbers were assigned to people based on their social media posts, and what big tech and others involved in the Covid con job knew about everyone? We all know big tech is spying. The same people are behind this shot – BILL GATES, could it be anymore obvious? That bastard has the full slate of everything you ever typed into one of his operating systems, which is what those incessant constant updates were for . . . . . not “security”, – that was a con. They were really to analyze who you were. AND HIS SHOT DECIDES WHO LIVES OR DIES, depending on what batch number you get, all based on what all those “updates” sent him. Google gets it even quicker, without updates. Think they don’t talk???

    2. Maybe all this has nothing to do with a virus. Maybe it’s about something else.. Maybe it’s about our adversary carrying out the will of its father the devil before this timeline wraps up. Maybe the so-called vaccines serve another purpose.

      I doubt that many of the vaccines vials were filled with poisons, and many were saline solution-filled viles. If a person takes enough of them he or she will get that lethal dose required to transform them to accept a mark.

      1. I suspect they are using placebos in NZ. I know of many old people who have taken the vax and noticed nothing, not even a sore arm. I think they had supply problems getting the real juice so just used saline to keep the ball rolling in the initial stages at least. Why waste genocidal infertility weapons on old people anyway? Also it produced and army of old propagandists to tell young people it’s nothing to worry about and doesn’t hurt.

        Yet kids are dying now. Symptoms vary so much. People have analyzed the vax and found the batches to be quite different. They are carefully tracked regarding who gets what. They are so carefully tracked in fact, that it was national news when a vax center had one vial left over at the end of the day. An investigation ensued, right up to the Prime Murderer Horsinda herself.

        Yes that was big news! Five people were potentially given saline instead of the juice! Lives are at stake. (I think they dilute the vax before giving it, and they suspected five people got 100% saline. this shows it would be easy to do on purpose.)

        1. I don’t think it’s a supply issue. They might be purposely giving out saline on most shots. And purposely keeping the actual vax in low #’s. They can hide some deaths. But if everyone got the actual vax they wouldn’t be able to get new people to vax.

          Hence the need for boosters. So more and more people can be exposed to the actual vax. And slowly they are de populating while keeping everything under control.

          1. When I speculated on supply issues I meant that you can’t supply and inject 5 billion vaccines in a month.

            Actually the NZ govt did tell us that supplying so many vaccines takes time, and that’s why it was a phased rollout here. They expected it to take until the end of 2021 to get enough shots for everyone. It also takes time to administer them. Initially only people over 70 were allowed it, then over 60, then over 50, then over 30, then kids. They added a new group roughly every 2 months. It was quite a gradual rollout and you normally had to be in one of the eligible groups to get one. Some people went with Granny and insisted on a shot because they were looking after Granny and wanted her to be safe. They usually got their request granted.

            I heard of younger people in frontline positions getting the vax back in February 2021 and some nearly died. The govt covered that up but I have a trusted source who saw it first hand. Yet, many 80 year old people I know who have all sorts of health problems got the vax and felt nothing at all. That makes me think of saline.
            If it’s a genocidal sterilizing poison then why give it to old people anyway? Better to leave them feeling fine and encouraging the young to get it, at least for now.

            Having age-related rollout also means you can target different generations with different effects. I don’t think we have a disagreement here, it’s obviously a well controlled rollout so they can manage the perception. They’ll be using various strategies depending on the population. I’m sure there could be a mix of vaccines for the young here too. They give 150 kg men the same dose as 40 kg little girls don’t they? I’m not sure.
            Also remember that the vax’s effect vary widely person to person. I’ve heard there is a 1000x variation in spike protein production levels, depending on the individual.

            Apparently the length of the needle is the only thing they change.


            1. Supply issues could very well affect it – absolutely agree there. It’s a well controlled rollout and who knows how they decide who gets what. It may be random or more thought put into it. I lean towards more thought put into it vs random.

              1. Otto, here is a video that explains my reasoning better than I could have.


                Skip to 00:38:00 and listen for two minutes.

                He explains why they wanted to vax everyone as fast as possible, preferably in 3 months or so. This is why I think they would have used placebos early on – to get the systems in place, hone the processes, generate a base population of word-of-mouth peo-vax people, and prepare for the big push which needed to happen quickly so they could vax as many as possible without it becoming obvious to normies what was going on before they vaxed enough people.

                They did use the real juice on younger front line people early on in NZ though, but most of our politicians are being manipulated rather than knowingly following the plan so nothing’s ever perfect. Also, the young are the prime targets, and they wanted to test things on people who were more worried about catching it first. Anyway, it’s just my theory. It doesn’t matter that much. These nuances just distract from the big picture.

                As for your non-random idea, yes the fact that you apply for appointments means some computer somewhere can assign people like us to arrive on kill day and lefties can get the water… for now.
                If I was doing this, I’d double the dose for the last 10% who get it. They think too much.

  18. Chris you are right about demand eventually falling off as the 20% who are unvaccinated will pare back expenses as they drop out of the workforce. I am in that 20%. I also think demand will drop off as the vaccinated get sick and eventually die off. Sick people will not travel nor will they eat out as much. They will demand more medical care though. Health care costs will continue to go up.

    Great advice on what is coming our way and what to do. I also think that we should constantly pray to the Lord to give us guidance as what to do as the adversary tightens the screws on us.

  19. Great podcast Chris. First, I like the way you see the economy and discuss reasons that are very logical but is never discussed on any other alternative news site not even on Zero Hedge never mind CNBC.
    You have really clarified why the Fed acts like this inflation is transitory. You are right.
    I have been following your site since 2015 and your track record has been most accurate compared to many other alternative sites. I really think sites like Zero Hedge promote doom and gloom porn for click bait. I am glad I never heeded Zero Hedge.

    I really appreciate your religious perspective as I never hear such things from the likes of Joe Osteen nor Rick Warren. Just about all the mainstream churches are watered down and hijacked by the leftist.

    This site has been a Godsend as I can communicate with like minded people who get it. Nobody around me in my area get it. Most people around me are spiritual Zombies.

    Thank You for Everything


    (Vents can be purposefully turned up to high pressure to ruin lungs too, they got caught doing that in NYC remember.)

    “Make this viral. They are using Ivermectin on the Vaxxed in Australian hospitals to make it appear like the jab works. For the unvaxxed, they put them on a ventilator and let them suffer. The entire medical system is corrupt to the core.”

    Twitter removed the tweet.

    But there is a backup:

    1. There is no real proof of course (and it could be disinfo) but it could easily be real too. We know they did similar things last year in many US and Italian hospitals.
      The mantra in April-August 2020 from the doctors was “we can try anything, they will all die anyway”.

      So they did. They just did ventilator experiments all day and treated the patients like expendable lab rats. Nurses blew the whistle on this. One patient woke up and knew the ventilator was killing him so he escaped from the ICU. The other 300 patients died because the ICU paralyzing drugs didn’t fail.

  21. A couple who dodged lockdown in NZ actually received death threats.ānaka-named/ar-AAOpWDP

    This country is going mad, slowly but surely. There is a big push by the maoris to replace all English names with maori names, and the prime target is to rename New Zealand to “Aotearoa” which supposedly means land of the long white cloud. It was a word completely unknown when the Treaty of Waitangi (regarded as NZ’s founding document) was signed in 1840.

    These people completely cucked and called the country “Aotearoa New Zealand” in their apology.

    In other news, apparently it’s safe to promote Regeneron now, since Trump’s gone. Yes, everyone in New Zealand really hates Trump. It’s so bizarre. I suppose they thought he might actually save the white race or something like that. Unthinkable.

  22. Chris, it appears that there is a movement on the other side of new agers who are also refusing the vaccine. It seems as if Satan is playing both sides here – the tyrannical left but also this crowd of freedom fighters who are convinced we are on the cusp of a great awakening of humanity. This movement continues to have momentum so it makes me curious if and how this will play into the coming events.

    In Canada I would agree that from what I’ve seen is the majority of vaccine refusers tend to be white. But on the other side the really intense ones about mandating vaccines and just generally our for blood for those who don’t take it also tend to be white. I think visual minorities just tend to not be too outspoken about their views publically regardless of where they lie. They also tend to follow the majority without question in my experience. I’m not white, but am a Christian, and I do see that the target does tend to be white people these days. I don’t know where I fit in all of this but I’ll presume that I won’t get any special favours down the line being a Christian.

    You get used to the winters here in Canada. I was born and raised in Canada so I don’t know any different and I generally enjoy the change of seasons. The winter is really too long though and cabin fever really starts to set in around March for me.

    1. Thanks for the post. As far as there being a Great Awakening, my anecdotal observations are clearly showing that humanity is devolving. I live in Fairfax County Virginia, and the demographic is affluent, with the third highest median household income in the country. The people here are very well educated, but very stupid and partisanized. I seem to be the only person not wearing a mask.

      I want to my HOA board meeting tonight and out of the 10 people present, I was the only one not wearing a mask. Nobody said anything but I do take note. I have not noticed the left side changing their stance, and I would guess that would be part of the new agers. I say left side, because that’s how we’ve been reengineered into this partisan contest. Now there’s no way for me to check if blacks or Hispanics or Asians are not taking the jabs, but anecdotal evidence where I live has indicated, unfortunately, that the only ones I come across who have not been vaccinated are white people.

      I wish I could come across other races in my dealings who have not taken them, but down here the minorities are all on the left side. Indeed most of the white people down here are on the left side and are contaminated by the political process. I’m on neither side. When I speak of left and right, I speak of the social reengineering objectives that we discuss.

      There’s a reason why the globalists are desperately trying to subdue the white people at this time, and have saved this Herculean task to last. The white people were the ones who founded the Western Nations and they are the ones who are the least likely to depart from tradition and from the law of the land from the old world, so to speak. I would also consider the blacks in this country to be in the same predicament, as their generations have been present in the United States for at least 200 to 300 years. They have as much to lose as the white people. Anecdotally speaking, as a property manager and real estate investor, the blacks are getting beat up worse, even though all of this engineered racial Justice is designed extensively to help them. Financially speaking, they are getting thrown under the bus, because they traditionally didn’t have the income generating assets.

      This is why the globalists are laboring desperately to bring in multiracial foreigners from all over the world to settle in the West. If they were not able to achieve this multi-racial demographic, the Western Nations would not have yielded as easily as they have. It’s been a process that has been going on for close to 100 years and is now complete.

      Regardless, the globalists know that if they can subdue the white people as well as the blacks who could trace their lineage back a long ways, the elites have the rest in the bag. Newcomers to the United States have no idea about the Constitution and the laws of the land and the traditions and why this country was great. Even if they do study this stuff, there are studying revisionist history that was given to us by our adversary.

      If you could, please elaborate on the new agers aspect and their recent unwillingness to be jabbed. I’d be interested in anything you could share, and perhaps people are beginning to become more aware of the seriousness of the situation.

      One thought here is that these powers perhaps know that eventually the masses would awaken to the mistake they made regarding vaccinations and would begin to balk at them; that this campaign had a shelf life. In other words, they knew that the vaccine campaign could only work for so long, and as the people started getting sick they would resist. This is why we see such a vigorous effort by the authorities to get as many people vaccinated with as many vaccines as possible in the shortest amount of time. I hope you are correct and would love to see another segment of the population coming to their senses.

      1. There are people dying of the vaccine and they still love the vaccine. They blame the unvaccinated as the vax kills them.

        I’ll believe they will wake up when I see it. Sometimes I wonder why the NWO took so long. Why don’t the just set up a gas chamber with a sign saying “Call 1 800 GASNOW for your free ticket. Save the planet. Your time is up.”.

        People would be complaining about the queues.

        1. That’s right. I often think of the old saying “I won’t believe it when I see it, I’ll see it when I believe it.”

          The waves and masses of humanity have been conditioned over the past hundred or so years to believe whatever is plastered on the television screens or presented on the radio and in the newspapers by the owners of the mainstream media. I think of the war propaganda for World Wars I and II. I think of the reaction of humanity here in the United States to Orson Welles’s War of the Worlds. Humans have been conditioned for a long time now and are set up for that final blow. They lack discernment and the ability to think clearly. It’s a fatal error that will eventually lead to them losing their souls.

          We must be vigilant as well not to fall for these snares that have been set up in front of us by our adversary

      2. Superb podcast/post Chris and the information is golden. You were given the eyes to see things how they really are and with amazing accuracy. Keep it up and really appreciate it.

  23. Hi Chris, I just had an epiphany while reading the summary of your podcast, which is this.

    In the Russian Revolution, war was waged on the Russian citizenry. One of the primary objectives of the Bolshevik government was the liquidation of the kulaks, the small, independent property-owning peasantry. In the grand scheme of things, what threat to the State would be some small-time independent yeoman farmers? Nothing really. But the whole project of the communists was to wipe out private ownership of the means of production.

    In the contemporary “unnamed” revolution being waged against humanity, the objective is even more insidious. It appears the objective is to wipe out personal sovereignty in every respect, including petty personal property (e.g. “you will own nothing and be happy” and “carbon quotas”) and even over your own body (e.g. vaccine mandates). This is the key everyone needs to understand … THEY INTEND TO DISPOSSESS YOU OF YOUR OWNERSHIP OVER YOUR OWN BODY! That includes any sovereignty you thought you had over your own children, which is a project long in implementation.

    This is their “ultimate revolution”, a return to feudalism (i.e., “neo-feudalism”) to undo 1000 years of progress under Christian civilization, which is the freeing of the masses of common man from slavery and ownership by the small elite. Moreover, it is all the more insidious as they mean to also deprive all of us of our God-given genetic birthright, our DNA and heredity and turning us into genetically altered chimera monsters ineligible for salvation. It is eugenics by another name.

    It is inconceivably sickening and abhorrent.

    1. You bring up some excellent points. The ability of people to own private property, such as real estate, and discrete ownership of assets privately, is the most important aspect of a free and self-sovereign society.

      If people are not allowed to own private property then they will be beholden to their masters. They will be slaves and completely dependent on whom rules over them. The aspect of private property ownership is the most important fundamental right in a free society. By definition, somebody owns every asset in this world, and if it is not us, then who is it?

      Those who are unable to own private property will be at risk of not being able to control and have ownership over their bodies, and eventually their souls.

      I know for a fact that those running this great reset are of the devil. Why? If they are telling us that we won’t own anything, then we must resist them to the death. They will eventually kill us anyway, so we might as well go down swinging.

      I was at my HOA board meeting last night and I had to listen to nine other people complain and explain about the most mundane and meaningless things and points. It’s very frustrating watching all of these masked plebes rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Knowing what we know, it is becoming impossible to have to deal with the average person and to observe what preoccupies their minds.

    1. 100 plus years of Tavistock research and the latest electromagnetic weaponry 🔫are a toxic☣️ combination. People have lost their free will. What makes it worse is that people think they have their free will. There’s not an original thought in their brains. 🧠

  24. The “System” is becoming unglued and the people are seriously mentally unwell which is by design. Look at the divide and conquer tactics playing out and everyone is getting played. Rome and England perfected this tactic and it continues to do well today. Vaxxed vs. unvaxxed. One dose vs. two. Boosters vs. none. You can do this all day.

    By 2025 our national debt will be nearing $50 Trillion. The debt to GDP ratio will be 180%. Total US Debt will be $106 Trillion. The unfunded liabilities will be near $200 Trillion. Can you imagine these numbers….the system is so far gone.The entire “System” is beyond reproach.

    Now, isn’t it obvious why they are rolling out this vaccine death program? They have to get rid of a large amount of people because they cannot possibly pay out what is due. Social Security is bankrupt. Medicare is bankrupt. Medicaid is bankrupt. The entire Federal Government is bankrupt.

    The energy systems that extract oil know that we have our major oil fields in terminal decline. The shale oil scheme is a ponzi that is winding down and will be closed up. The geniuses have been trying to sell everyone on solar/wind which only provide intermittent electricity and still completely rely on oil.

    The US infrastructure is absolutely abhorrent and falling apart. Look at the recent condo collapse in Miami. The fools continue to repair and build in New Orleans after devastating hurricanes. It is great to live below sea level. Did you pay attention to colonial pipeline shutting down? When the CEO was asked about why they couldn’t operate the pipeline manually he stated that the workers who knew how to do it are no longer working or retired. WE ARE NO LONGER TRAINING AND REPLACING WORKERS that can operate essential functions such as pipelines especially in the case of emergencies.

    Now factor into the equation the feminism destruction of society. Many men no longer see any point in participating in society since they won’t ever have a wife and children. So why bother? Lots of men just opting out completely. Birth rates are at lowest rates ever and so are marriage rates. The same thing happened at the end of Rome prior to collapse.

    We are headed straight for collapse…..and we are slowly collapsing now but it is accelerating.

    1. “They have to get rid of a large amount of people because they cannot possibly pay out what is due. … The entire Federal Government is bankrupt”

      Why do they need to kill us to save money when they can just print it? Killing us over budget deficits seems a bit drastic.
      I reckon they are killing us because they want us dead. Simple as that. Maybe the money story works to motivate “useful idiots” to hand out the vax even when they know it’s poison, but it doesn’t seem necessary to me when they have the (virtual) printing press.

      1. Agreed. We discuss on the blog that we will know when the timeline for the force majeure is getting close. When we see deficit spending ramp up and go exponential, we know the wealth consolidation is reaching its critical mass and the powers are ready to take the next steps. This means force majeure for the USD.

        They are NOT losing control. They are achieving their objectives and are shifting the world to the next phases.

        The anti-West propagandists like ZH claim that the powers are losing control, because of a dying Western money system. They are not. Even stated that this was the reason for a dying West. Whether Deagel is purposely propagandizing for the globalists or not remains to be seen, but the true intentions of the Western elites is not to try to prop up a system. It’s to achieve a set of objectives and only by consolidating wealth can this be achieved.

        1. Consolidating wealth.
          Remember Cecil Rhodes talking about consolidating the world’s wealth into the British Empire, for the good of mankind?

          Was he was a useful idiot, unknowingly working for the B’Nai B’Ritish empire instead? Rothschild redirected his efforts. Even Rhodesia is gone.

          1. Based on their actions, these people have exoteric and esoteric agendas. They used Britain and the US to achieve their objectives. Rhodes wasn’t pro British per se. He was a globalist who used the power and influence of the English speaking world to achieve the new world order objectives.

            These people laugh at those who are patriotic and love their country.

            1. He was betrayed though wasn’t he? I’m not well versed in the topic, but I did get the feeling he was a bit of a tool.
              Correct me if I’m wrong. I have not researched Rhodes in too much depth.

              1. They are ultimately all tools, that’s why they have the pyramid as a symbol. Somebody or something is always above them directing the narrative. Of course, I don’t know what was in his heart before he died. But I doubt he made the right choice to serve the King, and is most likely serving his father below.

      2. I agree with Bob that de-population has nothing to do with the elite being richer. Especially since the adversary has control of the banking and the Federal Reserve.

        They are fulfilling the Georgia Guidestones which was paid for by a high ranking Freemason many years ago. The very first thing listed is massive depopulation. Also the adversary knows the bible more than most Sunday going church goers. They are specifically targeting the United States. Our country was founded on Christian principles. I’m sure the Holy Spirit had a huge helping hand in that as well. Now the adversary wants to destroy it and reshape it in his image. Read the Deagle Report – which sources from the deep state. Massive depopulation in the USA in 2025. Never too late to give up sinning and repent. Jesus is always there behind the door waiting. And nothing makes the Father in heaven happier than a person who truly repents and changes for the better and turns to God. There are massive feasts with everyone invited when that occurs. Amen.

  25. Dow Transportation Index about to touch 200-day sma. Looking weak on the daily chart.

    Gold looking nice as UST yields fade and bond prices perk up.

    I have to believe that the economists are going back to their algorithms to revise and lower their inflationary expectations.

    People dropping out of the workforce never produces higher inflation growth.

    Lower bond yields support higher RE, stock, bond, gold, and btc prices.

    1. I suspect this was why lockdowns were employed as part of their plan at the beginning of the scamdemic. Grind economic activity, employment, etc down to a slow drip, so the massive amount of money printing they did (but more accurately, they wanted to do to enrich themselves more to consolidate power/weaken society) wouldn’t show up as much in the prices of everything. And so many think the governments/authority care about us and our well-being…so blind, un/mis-informed so many are today. They are supporting and embracing their own enslavement. Wonder what percentage of those that willingly go along with this scam actually in their heart of hearts believe it. That is what demoralization and subversion do to a people.

      1. Indeed. The amount of deficit spending from this manufactured crisis has been staggering, and the wealth consolidation has accelerated to the point that this global monolithic force has completely taken a stranglehold of the world. Deficit spending is all about consolidating the wealth and power of the entire planet, and the many trillions that we have seen spent on social largesse in the wake of covid has only worked to more deeply entrench the power of our adversary. There is no way we can make war with this beast now. They basically own everything now.

        You’re correct, they knew all this ahead of time and they knew about vacccine mandates, and had this all planned out a long time ago. This is why the monetary and fiscal authorities were so nonchalant and arrogant about their predictions of inflation being transitory. They knew what the rules were going to be ahead of time.

  26. India doesn’t push the vaccines . Actually, if your doctor forces you to take it, and you end up dying from that vaccine then that doctor would be trialed for murder.

    Japan also just threw away a lot of Moderna Vaccines, because they noticed defects. They went back to using well known treatments that work to treat covid patients.

    These two countries are acting normal in regards to Covid. I looked up their religion percentage and Christianity ranks very, very low. Perhaps that is why their Governments are taking care of their citizens. The adversary hasn’t infiltrated their Government, and allows it. It’s obvious our adversary’s chief target are countries with much higher Christian percentages. That’s why you’re seeking countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, and of course the United States are succumbing to the same awful Covid policies and vaccine mandates. Their Christianity populations are much higher.

    1. The adversary has infiltrated and taken over all the Nations. Our adversary controls all the nations. They just hate Christianity and Christians, especially white Christians.

      For some reason, our adversary believes there’s a special place in hell for the white Christian westerners and would love to see them all dead. I will leave the rest up to you to figure out. I submit that many of these non-Christian Nations that are being left alone are not descendants of Shem.

      Edom or the synagogue of Satan wants the West gone.

          1. Chris – So the adversary is the remnants of Esau/Edom? I read the story of what he did to his brother, Jacob. Sold his birthright for a meal. But when the time came he tried to steal the birthright and when that did not work out he plotted to kill his brother.

            But in the end the brothers made peace.

            There are verses in the Bible that state Esau lived a unholy life, and he was sexually immoral. Married multiple women. Some were daughters but the age isn’t specified I think.

            I haven’t fully read the Bible yet. Do you mind going into more detail about Esau and how his offspring is the adversary?

    2. Otto, it isn’t the Christian component of those countries – It’s the Freemasons control of those countries.
      One of the tenants of the Masons is destruction-rebirth.

      1. I recently had it three weeks ago. Thank God the full recovery took about 2 weeks, and it wasn’t bad at all. The flu that I had 3-4 years ago was much worse. Almost everyone fully recovers (especially if they use the well known treatments that our media pushes people away from).

        Also the vaccines have just started and my family already knows more people that have fallen victim to the vaccine than Covid itself. They are deleting peoples Instagram and Facebook pages if you’re experiencing severe side effects and blame it on the vaccine.

      2. How do you know it wasn’t just a variety of the Flu?
        Could this thing simply be a hoax from top to bottom? Maybe there was no lab leak. Maybe there is no magical spike protein? How would we know?
        People say “Covid is different” though. I’ve had some different Flus over the years too, all sorts of weird symptoms. But one thing is for sure: I always felt really good at the end of it, better than I did before. I think the Flu is good for us overall, and that’s why it sticks around.

        1. This was different. It lasted much longer. It was severe.

          I may not have gotten it. No one else in my family got it.

          You could be right, too. One big scam. Now the vaxxed are spreading new diseases. Pale horse in revelation is manufactured death. Very real, but manufactured.

        2. I lost sense of taste and smell. My wife and her dad did as well. It definitely felt different than a regular flu. With this sometimes you feel like you’re getting better after 7 days, and then out of nowhere your condition worsens. My wife’s dad ended up in the hospital because it got to his lungs. But he has recovered now.

          1. Whenever I get a cold I can’t smell either, but it’s usually because my nose is blocked. But is it always because the nose is blocked? We assume its because the nose is blocked. Maybe coronaviruses dampen sense of smell whether your nose is blocked or not? I don’t know, but it’s worth investigating.

            I had a strange Flu 20 years ago. It was really nasty- stuck in bed for a week. If I moved I felt like throwing up, if I didn’t move the muscle aches were unbearable. So for 4 days the process was hold still for 5 seconds until the pain is too much, then move for 4 seconds until I just about throw up.

            Back then it was just something we got over. Now it would be a “medical emergency”. Are we all hypochondriacs now?

            Covid, if it’s real, should be just a case of the doctor saying “I think you might have Covid, take two Ivermectins and call me in the morning”. So why isn’t it?

            When I was a kid we all got mumps, measles, chicken pox, etc. It was normal. Now it’s like something to be wiped out as if there is no chance these childhood diseases might actually serve a useful purpose. I liked those diseases when I was a kid. All the sympathy, the days off school, the chicken soup, the extra TLC – I loved it.

            Getting rid of smallpox is good, but why have we all gone vaccine mad now?

            1. The vaccine’s main objective is to separate the soul from the body. There are bioresonars, nano-particles, ai-substances, graphene etc in this cocktail. The PTB know that humanity as a collective consciousness is ascending (so to speak), this threatens their ability to control the masses. The jab, with all its ingredients, is lowering the frequency of the person in subject, making them easier subject to mind-control, through signals sent to the ai-substances (receivers). People become conduits of whatever the controllers wish to input them with (electromagnetic frequencies and encoded messages through the “smartphone”(mark). All the metals in the vaccines are also creating early dementia – you’ll have a zombified population soon.

    1. No jobs for anyone in Singapore after 2022 Jan (Without full vacc) the story and argument is pretty silly bladeknight.

      Staying in power for too long have effectively made authorities like crying babies (you want your little lollipops and u get it by any means, princess) without anything to suck on.

      Fake powers without having the new wealthy generations to do anything spoilt them (see the old/new power bully losers in china).

      While we are being witched hunted __________ it’s all the non-vaccinated peeps fault. Going by their logic rain won’t even fall and crops wouldn’t even grown unless everyone is vaxxed 666 times and not dead by then.

      Meanwhile vaxxers (We are going for our 4th …..7th 8th 9th till we all drop dead shots and we are going to our parties after)

      1. Yeah, the people have lost all of their abilities of reason. I’m in awe with how successful this campaign has been.

        From time to time I listen to the Omega Man as he has been back on YouTube for the past month or so, and he lives in Bali, which is predominantly Hindu. He says the medical tyranny is out of control, and the only thing left that he can do is shop in the local grocery store. They require QR codes for everything else. He says they are unable to renew their visas and passports. This is everywhere.

  27. The CPI data came in lighter than expected, just as I had thought.

    I definitely think it topped out, and I think a lot of it has to do with the unvaxed dropping away from the demand equation. In addition, all of the stimulus spending is now on the balance sheets of those with the income generating assets. There was a big sucking sound as the elite use their financial vacuum cleaners to suck all the money the elites gave the plebes to mollify them in their cages.

    Social largesse only benefits one class of people; the wealthy class. Social spending also makes the plebs act like reprobate animals who are dependent on government Dole. Just like socialized medicine. The more socialism, the less able the people become to do anything on their own. Humanity becomes like livestock in a pen depending on the rancher’s feed. Just look at humanity, what a shame and an embarrassment and the devil loves it.

  28. Mask mandates are just as bad as vaccine mandates in terms of increasing unemployment. Maybe even worse, because vaccines are a one-time event. Having to wear a mask for as many hours as you work is absolutely brutal. Then you have to witness all the white collar people working from their bedrooms in their PJs. You lose; they win.

    But I think the media likes touting the “employee shortage” as a sign of a robust economy, since it might imply that everyone already has a job. The Fed can keep asset prices pumped for a long time, creating the illusion of a strong economy until they pull the plug.

    1. It’s definitely not fun wearing a mask all day, but you can try and lower a bit and breathe when you have those moments. But you can’t compare that to a vaccine mandate. That can potentially kill you:

      ^ A compilation of case studies of people with severe reactions to the vaccine. Like this site you can’t find it on google. Very sad to see and like I said before this current generation has the odds against them more than any other generation before. I agree with Chris it’s done with military precision. An octopus with its hands everywhere. Like our Lord Jesus Christ when he knew the high priest Jews were plotting to arrest/murder him before his time was near — he simply fled to safer cities/wilderness. We will also have to flee soon to safer ground, instead of dealing with this up-side down and brainwashed society. Jesus Saves.

      1. The number of people on that blog totally rekt by the shot and still telling people to take it is Twilight Zone level crazy.

        MPAI – most people are idiots.

        1. Indeed — perhaps they are so brainwashed they still refuse to believe it’s the vaccine. Or they just want to take as many people down with them as possible. Truly being great role models for their overlords.

    2. Israel’s up to their 4th one-time event so far.
      They are planning multiple one-time events for us all.

      Anyway, here’s a good article about the vaccines and what they have done. Immune escape is coming along nicely.

      BTW, in New Zealand the “scientists” are saying Delta is a “different virus” and bla bla bla. It’s probably just the common cold.

  29. Here in New Zealand, one thing struck me after recently talking to someone who had her first shot. I’m talking about the thought process of people lining up for the vax. I often wonder what actually goes through their minds; how come they are so dumb?

    What goes through their minds? Is it one of these options:

    – I don’t want to catch Covid.
    – I’m doing the right thing to keep everyone safe.
    – I need to get the vaccine because the govt says so.
    – Well everyone else is getting it.
    – I need to keep my job.
    – I want to travel.
    – I don’t want to get into trouble.
    – If we all do it the lockdowns might end.
    – We’re getting a vaxport anyway.
    – Might as well so they leave me alone.

    Do people cite these reasons? No. The #1 main reason people tell me they booked their vaccinations is simply because they “haven’t done it yet”.

    It all has a certain creeping sense of inevitability to it.

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