10/1 Update; Biden OCC nominee is Soviet educated, admires Bank of USSR, looks for Fed to end banking as we know it

Biden’s OCC nominee is proposing the most drastic changes to the monetary system since the advent of the Federal Reserve in 1913

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Will the Federal Reserve assume the role of personal banker and take away the fractional reserve banking privileges from the commercial banks? Biden seems to hope so. He is using advocates of the USSR’s banking system as its template.

If Omarova has her way, you and I would have to obtain credit from the Fed to buy cars, homes, or obtain any loan.

Welcome, Comrade! Biden’s Soviet-born nominee for Comptroller of the Currency thinks Fed should ‘end banking’, admires USSR’s economy because there was ‘no gender pay gap’ and says hedge funds are an ‘a**hole industry’

-Saule Omarova, Biden’s Soviet-born nominee for Comptroller of the Currency thinks Fed should ‘end banking’, admires USSR’s economy because there was ‘no gender pay gap’ and says hedge funds are an ‘a**hole industry’.
-Omarova graduated from Moscow State University in 1989 on a scholarship named after Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin.
The MSM business channels are running cover for this nominee, saying that she is not as progressive as many have feared. They do not mention her Communist past (and present).
-Based on this pick, Powell’s days are numbered. Biden’s picks will be outright Soviet. This is the reason why Elizabeth Warren is vehimently opposed to reappointing Powell. She’s not bright enough to understand these matters, but her handlers will be taking the Fed in another direction.
-Watch out real estate investors! A regulatory body Omarova proposed is included in a House bill introduced by progressive Rep. Maxine Waters aimed at expanding affordable housing.
-This conforms to the timeline and the owners of the central banks are throwing it in our faces.  Once the COVID monetary and fiscal programmes were announced, I declared that the Federal Reserve would gradually assume the role of primary lender.
-As primary lender, the Fed would manage the entire lending credit system. Thus, the whole concept of the fractional reserve system would be shifted to the Fed. The banks would still lend, but they would no longer be able to expand and contract the monetary supply. All of this would be a function of the Fed, as it would dispense credits as it saw fit.
-All Western central banks will eventually follow suit.

September 27th Update; Why the Fed may taper the taper; the time to prepare is now

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-The futurists from the past 100 years warned us of these days. They are now.
Thousands more people than usual are dying … but it’s not from Covid. These deaths have nothing to do with covid, but are the types that have been occurring in the vaccinated populations. This uptick occured since July.
-As the excess non-covid rates of death rise above normal levels, the Fed may have an excuse to “taper the taper.” The powers no longer really care that inflation is running hotter. Perhaps the powers already know that aggregate demand will fall as the people check out. This could afford the powers to ramp up even more deficit stimulus.
-If the deficit to GDP was consistent to the past decade, the GDP would have been lower by at least 12 percentage points. Since much of this spending backstopped the banking and other economic sectors, the drop could have been up to 20% lower. This shows how weak the true economy is right now.
What this means for asset prices. 
-Though QE can last essentially forever, it can only do so as long as government inflation data remain low and the budget deficits as a percent to GDP remain within historical norms. Unfortunately, the powers are letting both run wild. This is signaling to me that the powers know the end to this USD-system is within reach; perhaps mid-decade to second-half.
-If the federal budget deficit as a percent of GDP remains this elevated, I worry investors may begin to lose confidence in the government. The usual rates that signalled an imminent collapse was 20-25%. We are currently running at rates about 12-13 percentage points higher than the post WWII period.
-The powers can re-establish QE equilibrium if they choose to let GDP grow, while reducing inflationary data and deficit to GDP numbers. I submit these powers are letting these numbers run high, so they can consolidate the required wealth, and thus power, in the shortest period of time before they formally roll out the end times. This is why they are crushing dissent here and abroad.
-The blaming of the unvaccinated on these outcomes, will result in vaccine passports being phased in throughout the West. The timeline may be faster than we anticipate. There is no way we can overcome this militarized vaccine campaign.
Funeral Director: Mass Vaccine Deaths, Child Danger, COVID Camps, Genocide Planned
-We cannot get through to the people with reason, so we need to start planting seeds now. We need to position this as being part of a planned process to get us to ultimately accept the mark, like it’s described in the Bible.
-White remnant Christians who refuse to get jabbed will be in the crosshairs, and will be blamed for these mounting excess death rates. False flag terror events will be blamed on these people, as these supposed terrorists will hold up their KJV Bibles and guns in defiance to the NWO.
-Come out of all 501(c)3 churches. They are muzzled and intentionally spreading the government-approved Judeo-Christian worldview, while keeping their congregations in the dark as to the seriousness of the hour. These pastors are all wilfully in denial. None of them can say what we say. they would lose their tax-exempt status.
-The DHS actively monitors the church pastors and their sermons, and the pastors know this and self-censor. These pastors can breath fire and brimstone about getting saved, and can preach on hell, but can never speak adversely about government policy or resisting.
-The pastors cannot speak the truth about the covid scam. They are being deterred from issuing vaccine exemptions, lest they risk losing their status.
-A further discussion on what we need to do financially over the next 6-9 months.

Revised September 20th Update; Financial recommendation for the remnant

Note to reader: I added a new data table, Property Prices Index by City 2021 Mid-Year, which lists 480 cities around the world, sorted by housing price/income multiples. The rule of thumb here; the higher the multiples, the more likely the government will attempt to restrict ownership and/or nationalize housing in the future.

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The Great Reset and housing:

-Crisis, reaction, solution; The covid monetary and fiscal response consolidates the global wealth and power, while it lays out the next problem; exploding housing costs.

The Global Housing Market Is Broken, and It’s Dividing Entire Countries

Politicians are throwing all sorts of ideas at the problem, from rent caps to special taxes on landlords, nationalizing private property, or turning vacant offices into housing. Nowhere is there evidence of an easy or sustainable fix.

The Global Housing Market Is Broken, and It’s Dividing Entire Countries, Bloomberg

The more expensive housing is for its residents, the more national governments will act to restrict residential real estate investment activity going out into the decade. Take a look at the chart below, which ranks housing price to household income ratios by nation.  When compared to all the other major nations, The United States in aggregate is still offers the cheapest housing. In a non-covid environment, U.S. housing is still relatively very inexpensive and makes a great investment.

Property Prices Index by Nation 2021 Mid-Year

(Click on each header to sort; numeric ranking by price to income multiple)

Property Prices Index by City 2021 Mid-Year

(Click on each header to sort; numeric ranking by price to income multiple)
For the unvaccinated, I place a premium on liquidity and mobility

Real estate, stocks, gold with vaccine mandates, passports, and the mark

-Now is the time to rehab properties for eventual sale as we will have a more difficult time entering the large box chains like Home Depot

I am 26 years old! I am getting started. I traveled to Montana to talk with Pastor Dr Chuck Baldwin and also agrees that we are going under tribulations and will not stop. My question to you is, what are your thoughts about moving to Montana? Obviously, sooner or later these north mid west states will fall just as quickly as the current blatant communist states like MD, CA, NY, etc, but at least in the meantime. I know many people from California and Washington are moving into Montana and Idaho; hence changing the political landscape but there may be some leeway.

In the meantime, now that we accelerated with this plandemic, for a 26 year old, what would you suggest to do? Maybe you can do a brief article/podcast for people my age. I am working as expected, but I know this mandate will be digitized eventually and will be harder to forged. Thoughts?


-For those starting out, establish yourself away from the blue states and city centers. Mix up the jurisdictions where you invest.
-In response to some of the emails and posts, I lay out some revised recommendations on where to relocate. I have revised my personal searches to deploy RE sales proceeds from my current portfolio.
-I prefer to purchase RE that is within a short driving distance to Home Depot and Lowes. If you wish to purchase in remote areas, you should consider this. HD is the second most important retailer for me. The grocery stores are the most important.
-Your secondary housing accommodations can be further away, but should be in areas that provide for ample hunting and fishing opportunities. I place this requirement up higher than for gardening and well water. Gardens can be easily plundered, and there are always ways to obtain water.
-Though I normally recommend performing a 1031-exchange tax-free into another property, given the current circumstances, I may pay the cap gains and buy another less expensive house in a more remote area. Under a tax-free exchange scenario, we must find another property that costs more that the one we are selling.
-I am not longer willing to step up my RE exposure this way. This is especially true as remote real estate will usually be much cheaper than near city centers. Keep the rest of the proceeds liquid or in a brokerage account.
-We need to be aware of our surroundings. My thoughts on owning RE in areas known to be a haven for preppers.

Stocks; the last things to sell

-I prefer keeping our liquidity in either stocks or gold bullion
-I have to believe that the ultimate goal is to have us approved by the NWO to buy, sell, bank, transact, and conduct any government business. We may own houses and investments, but we may need to be approved to transfer and record deeds. These are more longer-term, and will not be required until mid-to later in the decade.
-I prefer to keep our liquidity in several passive Index tracking ETFs.


-Why I own gold. I can include bitcoin in the discussion.
-My thoughts on PM mining shares. Given the reasons why I own gold, I think my sentiment on the miners is straightforward.

For those currently with a job

-My recommendations regarding obtaining vaccine exemptions and how to handle possible dismissal.

September 13th Update; Predictions and recommendations for those still in denial

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Employment for the unvaxxed

-We need to stop denying the truth; the world will never revert back to before and time is running out. We are up against a huge demonic monolithic force that has encompassed the entire world. The unvaxxed will never again be able to find gainful employment on the levels previously.

Deflationary pressures? JOLTS data show an alarming level of quits, while the labor force participation rate is back at mid-1970s levels. Could it be that people are leaving their jobs because of the vaccine mandates?
Forget the stimulus checks; Vaccine mandates are rewriting job market dynamics and market equilibrium. Job openings continue to climb, and will rise tremendously over the next year.

-Continuing unemployment claims have been falling, since those forced to quit over the mandates are not eligible for unemployment benefits.
-Don’t waste your time trying to obtain vaccine exemptions for a job anymore. You may win now, but next month you will still be fired. It is time to redouble our efforts and refocus our energies on how we are going to exist in the wilderness over the next several years.
-For those who generate their sources of income from passive sources (e.g. real estate, stocks, ownership stakes in businesses) we have perhaps another year or two before the “authorities” deliberate asset confiscation for the unvaxxed and under-vaxxed.

Inflationary pressures

-I theorize that the Fed and US Government not only know that inflation growth data will come back down, but they know why. Of course, they are not going to tell us, but I will.
-If my thesis is correct, the Fed and the government know what will happen to price pressures and even residential real estate prices if these vaccine mandates remain and become permanent. Many people who refuse to be vaccinated will be forced to sell their houses and assets. They will also be forced to curtail spending.
-I predict that prices pressures will subside and this added housing supply will weigh on house prices. We could even see a fade in house prices in some areas over the coming year.

Predictions and recommendations for the unvaxxed

-I am making some predictions with regards to the timeline to war as well as for those who refuse to be vaccinated.
-I am providing some very important and timely financial and personal recommendations and advice for the remnant. This advice pertains to the next couple years.
-Stocks and many other assets are much easier to buy and sell than real estate. I will let you know what I intend to do over the next several months with some of my assets and where I am looking to deploy the proceeds.
-Please begin to liquify your balance sheet.
-The USD force majeure I discussed since early last decade is looking more certain every day. I still predict a 2025 timeframe, though it could be delayed or accelerated, depending on the circumstances. Save Japan, the nations that fought in WWI and WWII were Christian or had Christian roots. China CCP is demonic, worships the dragon, and will not know when to stop once it commences fighting WWIII. God will have to stop them. Russia will even be thrown under the bus after it is not needed. These Japeth and Ishmaelite remnants are not Christian and will be brutal and relentless in their conquests.
-As the vaccinated lost souls begin to get sick in greater numbers and become incapacitated and/or die, they are being re-engineered to believe the unvaccinated people are causing their problems. There is no way we will be able to convince the vast waves of humanity otherwise, and we will be seen by the population-at-large as the cause of all their woes.
-The white remnant Christian will continue to be demoralized by the adversary to the point that false flag attacks and terrorism will be blamed on them. Anyone owning a gun will be seen as aiding these terrorists. This is why we need to continue to withdraw from society.
-Society is now in a terminal downward spiral, and we need to withdraw from it forever.

Contact: chrispirnak@yahoo.com


September 8 podcast update; Looking at the past to see the future

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Financial actions for the remnant to take

-In response to some emails, I comment on a few of the financial actions I am taking and offer some recommendations to those who will refuse the passes, mandates, and eventual mark.
-The timeline of this current monetary system.
-How much longer to make hay?
-The Evergrande “catastrophe” is more clickbait garbage for the dulled-down ZeroHedge readers. These stories have turned the ZH owners into millionaires. Propaganda is extremely profitable.
-The CCP will most likely just bail out Evergrande. A potential $300 billion blow up, including collateral damage, is small change when we consider the Fed has already monetized up to $6 trillion since the emergence of the fake covid scam. About $12 trillion worldwide post-covid has been monetized for the governments to reengineer humanity.
Corporate homebuyers take unfair bite out of Colorado Springs housing market, real estate agents complain

The disparate threads all coming together this decade

-The powers could continue QE for decades if they chose. They easily could more effectively sterilize the deficit spending, like pre-covid.
-All the ostensibly disparate threads are coming together simultaneously; formation of QE (which verifies the 2008 collapses were totally manufactured and avoidable), emergence of btc, 9/11 Patriot Acts, the COVID psyops campaign, tack and trace technology, the overtaking of virtually all the Western pulpits by Freemasons, etc. all point to one outcome.

How the churches and Patriot movement both died

Not only will we prove today’s eschatologists wrong in the future, but we have been already for nearly a decade. It’s now clear there will not be a collapse of the USD system for now, and the pre-trib rapture is looking less likely everyday. Unfortunately, the rest of the items I proclaim will come to pass according to the prophets. Stay out of the churches. It’s also likely that we are already operating under the endtime monetary system. It will just gradually continue to transform into the desired outcome, while the prophets sleep and get beheaded.

-I tell you why the churches are all dead.
Australia NSW to Start Requiring Churches to use Vaccine Certificates to Enter Worship
-The methodical demolition of the alt-media and patriot movement.
Alex Jones: More support of Trump
Alex Jones Clarifies ‘Maybe Trump’s a Dumbass’ Statement