In response to emails; Jews converted; Fatima; The destruction of the U.S.; Enoch and Elijah

Note to reader: Since I initially responded to a reader’s questions regarding the 2025 data on five months ago, my readers have continued to inquire about these matters, and I have attempted to help others to see the world through a new lens. This post is in response to more questions on these topics.

Of course, I would rather go back in time prior to the fake covid scam, and cover the usual financial and economic sundries, but that will never happen. I say the covid crisis is fake and manufactured, because there are a number of efficacious treatments (e.g. Ivermectin, Remdesivir, HCQ, certain supplements in large doses, as well as prophylaxis measures) that could actually be taken to eradicate the virus over time and eliminate symptoms. But these treatments are all maligned by the MSM, so that vaccinations and mRNA therapies are used to the exclusion of all other viable choices.

Does the Bible say the Jews will be converted first?

It is commonly taught that three events must precede the end of the world: 1.) The preaching of the Gospel to the whole world; 2.) The Great Apostasy; 3.) The conversion of the Jews.

There are also three teachings that are commonly held by theologians and taught by the [Catholic] Church:

1.) The Antichrist will be a particular, living individual human being, and not a system or abstract idea;

2.) Jesus Christ’s Second Coming is a singular event and his physical reign on Earth cannot precede it;

3.) The Church, Papacy and hierarchy will persist to the end of time, substantially unchanged from its beginnings.

[T]he Great Chastisement properly refers to the global demise of the majority of human beings. The people who survive would be grateful to God and it is said that any non-Christian would be converted. However, it would also be a time of starvation and expiation, to such a level that the living would envy the dead. The effect itself is said to be either the release of the devils from Hell on earth and/or divine fire falling from Heaven to consume the ungodly.

My response;

As for many of the extrabiblical prophecies dangling around in these last days;

1. I do not see anywhere that the Jews en masse will be converted. Most will have been killed, while the remainder will be very surprised and disappointed at Jesus’s return. I have to believe this idea was added somewhere over the past 150 years. Just like I just mentioned that John Quincy Adams frequently referred to Israel and Jesus in his diaries, but the Google algorithms all point to him being a zionist. Yes, the Jerusalem Post said that, up on top of the search results. These founding fathers never discussed Israel as being of the Jews; all lies and deceptions in the last days. The Jews will be serving up sacrifices again in defiance to Jesus. The Jews will not be converted first. Most of them will refuse to recognize Jesus, even to the bitter end. That’s how strong the confirmation bias has become.

If humanity has yet to turn back to God, what makes the theologians think that humanity will mysteriously deviate from their current behaviors when circumstances get worse? Humans didn’t repent after 9/11, the manufactured collapses in 2008, nor after the covid scam. The Bible says the vast sea of humanity will be cursing and blaspheming God’s name all the way to the end. Don’t bet on any mass turnaround. That’s just wishful thinking.

2. The Gospels have been preached, and have been universally accepted or rejected. Everyone on the earth has heard of them or had their chance. The Laodicean Christians only prefer parts of the Gospels (e.g. Beatitudes), but refuse to believe what Jesus claimed to be, or who was responsible for crucifying him. Many Laodiceans also disagree with what Jesus told his disciples in Luke 22:35-38 and think that personal weapons for protection are anathema, while their interpretation of Romans 13 means we sit back while government rapes us.

I offer one thought about Jesus’s prophecies here. He stated that his church would be established worldwide and that the whole world would hear his Gospels. These were very bold statements coming from a man who was crucified, penniless and uneducated, when he was about 33 years old. But this revolutionary directed the entire course of mankind, especially the West.

3. The world is a totally degenerate cesspool. There has been the great apostasy. The world WILL NOT turn around. It is unable as it is under a demonic and suicidal spell. As long as we have all this media and entertainment, humanity will be utterly powerless to refrain from destroying itself.

Fatima and the Anti-Christ (man of perdition);

Another aspect to consider, at least in Catholic eschatology, would be the Private Revelations, and particularly that of Fatima. Fatima has morphed into something of a religion of its own through abuse, in my opinion, but properly understood it offers hope and a future resolution of the current evils.

I believe it is generally assumed that a restoration would happen, at least for a short time, in order for the Jews to be converted at the end of time. It was a common opinion that the Antichrist would be of Jewish descent, and that he would finally fulfill their desired temporal Messiah on Earth, ruling over the Gentiles in a dystopic imperium. This doesn’t contradict what we are seeing with the people who claim to be from God, but establishing the kingdom of Antichrist in the world before our very eyes. Is the Antichrist alive right now?

My response;

I know the Catholic and Orthodox churches have their own sets of everything. I was raised Catholic and grew up in the institution, and know it well enough to understand these matters. But my overriding philosophy is determined by the objectives outlined in the Bible. That’s it, and that’s why I left all churches; I opened the Bible and read it. I thus had to make a choice; do I follow the Catholic Church, or do I follow the Bible? There is no way that I could embrace both as being equally valid, since there are just too many inconsistencies.

I am trying to be as polite here as possible, but I never refer to Fatima or any extra biblical concepts. The only reason why I chose to discuss St. Malachy’s prophecy is that the Catholic Church’s hierarchy itself seems to be very interested in it, almost to obsession.

If the extra biblical prophecies of any theologian happen to agree with my interpretation, that is purely coincidence.

As for the identity of the antiChrist; the so-called “anti-Christ”, according to Daniel, will most likely be Jewish, or claim to be Jewish. Daniel said he will reject the God of his fathers, referring to the OT form of God. Daniel also says he will most likely be a homosexual. If we stick to our timeline as events and circumstances come together then this man of perdition is alive right now, and may even be someone many have heard about already.

Elijah and Enoch

It is also unclear what it means for the Lord to slay the Antichrist with “the spirit of his mouth”. Some have said it must refer to the Second Coming, others to Elias and Enoch striking him down on their ascent into Heaven when he rises to meet them, and others still to a supernatural event that kills him visibly for the world to see, but does not immediately issue the end of the world and Second Coming. The timing of events could be tight, one-after-another or it could be spaced, allowing for time in between for repentance or hardening of hearts before the judgment.

I do want to emphasize that I’m only offering interpretations. Even now, we can only make estimations and approximations, not determinations. Events could unfold simply, or in such a way that the fine details are hidden from the common people. Certainly, there is not a single man of supernatural ability that is claiming to be God and demanding worship. Other than that, I think it must be like you say, that we are in a time of preparation for Antichrist. What man of faith could look at the modern world and think this must be from God?

My response;
Many theologians theorize that Elijah and Enoch are the proposed “two witnesses” in Revelation 11, since these were the two individuals in scripture who were translated without seeing death. Others have claimed one of them to be Moses, since Moses and Elijah were the two who met with Jesus during his transfiguration.

I will not remark more than this, since there are too many interpretations on this particular subject, and the opinions are as numerous as the people who have them. For those who are interested in this topic, I refer you to Revelation 11 in the KJV.

All I can say on this matter is in reference to Revelation 11:11-13

And after three days and an half the Spirit of life from God entered into them [the two witnesses], and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.

And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them.

And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.

Revelation 11:13 KJV

These versus make clear that the remnant were still on the earth as they were affrighted and gave glory to the God of heaven. This means the remnant is still on the earth in this dimension while these two people are testifying. Perhaps their two bodies will have ascended just before any rapture? Revelation 11 does say these two witnesses will give testimony for almost 3.5 years before being killed in Jerusalem.

Any thought of the pre-trib rapture is looking less likely everyday.

The destruction of the United States

My personal interpretation from various sources; you, Fitzpatrick, etc., is that the world is waiting for the annihilation of the United States, and it will happen soon. That may happen at the same time as, or begin a fake second Holocaust in the state of Israel, which would enshrine Judaism/the Noahidic laws throughout the entire world and formally establish Greater Israel/the Eurasian Empire.

One would expect if their victory/revenge is to come, that the Antichrist would make his appearance and rule as the (finally not “uncrowned”) crowned Prince of Jewry and absolute ruler of the newly Sovietized world. I am not sure how the conversion of the Jews/a restoration would be accomplished, but it may coincide with the appearance of Elias and Enoch, and their global ministry. That might make an interesting topic: Elias, Enoch and the end times.

Here is my response;

  • To the unwashed masses, one may believe that the current economic and financial systems are exclusive of the spiritual aspects of this world, but I beg to differ.
  • This current monetary system will suffice as the end time system. As circumstances evolve, and we get closer to 2030, I am further convinced that there will not be a rollout of a new system. That would only delay the Great Reset objectives by at least five years, while the masses labor to accept the new one.
  • Based on my understanding of scripture and Economics; there is a spiritual guiding hand supporting this USD system, and the power is not of Satan. He and his servants are not capable of maintaining it.
  • If we conclude that the United States, the Commonwealth, and the European nations were the real Israelite remnants then everything we analyze with regards to prophecy and modern history makes perfect sense. I only see confusion in the Laodicean masses when eschatologists and historians try to make their puzzle pieces fit where they do not (e.g. Christian zionism). Since I know better, I can make enough to live off my gains and passive income.
  • I stated to all who would listen since 2012 that this system had legs, QE was a viable money maker for us, it was a new system designed to consolidate the global wealth, and that THERE WAS NO VIABLE ALTERNATIVE MONETARY SYSTEM.
  • Our adversary knows what maintains the USD-based system, and it’s not Satan. It’s all about a deathbed promise.
  • I didn’t waste my time explaining this to the readers, since it was too ostensibly absurd to believe. i just begged them to ride the train.

I now speak of eschatology, since I am trying to relay to the people what the United States represented, where the real Israelite remnants ended up, and which nations they founded. I get a lot of Catholics and Orthodox church members coming to my site, and that is fine, but I warn others not to rely on other prophets. Only count on scripture for an understanding.

If you think Russia and China are not Japheth remnants, this is fine. You are one of 97% of humanity. All I can say is that China will be burned to hell shortly after it takes out the US and the West. China is freaking out right now, because the CCP knows its role in the Bible, too. It’s nearly go-time for them. ChiComm China was built up by the USD-system and the God-given strength of the West. Moreover, the CCP also knows more about the spiritual aspects behind the current USD-based system than my readers do. They chose to worship the dragon. Why do you think the ChiComms accept all those dollars year in and year out?

The entire fulcrum of my analysis rests on one constant; the United States was Manasseh. To wit, this upcoming force majeure will also be the time of Jacob’s trouble. Why am I making the connections now?

  • There are growing existential threats to humanity via these unrelenting covid jab campaigns
  • We are in the middle of a remarkably successful militarized global psychological campaign that transcends any national border
  • The vast waves of humanity have folded like a cheap tent and I have completely overestimated their discernment. Our adversary knows it can get away with a lot now, and will be unrelenting in its conquest.
  • All the current vaccine passport proposals will be based on buying and selling. The Bible also warns us that we won’t be able to buy or sell, and that we won’t be forced to take the mark, at least not at first.

Eighteen months ago, I was not prepared to declare that this planned USD force majeure was going to be the time of Jacob’s trouble. But it seems that all is dovetailing. If you take the Laodicean approach and claim that “America is only Babylon,” you will be misdirected with the timeline of events outlined by the OT and NT prophets. Unless we know where the real Israel ended up, we will never figure out who’s going to lose the worst.

If you live in the West, don’t expect to sit in your living room chair watching the two witnesses roam Jerusalem. You will most likely be dead, since you were deceived by our adversary. If the United States WAS NOT Manasseh, I would not be making these bold eschatological claims. But time is short; too many factors are concurrently in play, and the Bible alone explains it all.

Now, I am here to proclaim one more point. The world is quickly dividing into two parts, and our part will be much smaller than the other. if you haven’t started yet, it’s best you make contingency plans before you are shut out and cast into the wilderness.

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90 thoughts on “In response to emails; Jews converted; Fatima; The destruction of the U.S.; Enoch and Elijah

  1. I was very troubled last night and had a difficult time sleeping. We’re very close now. While it doesn’t even really make sense to talk about the asset markets much anymore, I will continue to relay what I see.

    Gold is dropping off with a rise in the 10-year yield. I have to believe that the powers here are trying to accelerate the demise of the dollar system with this consistent hike in inflationary pressures. We’ve talked how all of this massive deficit spending is geared toward consumption.

    For those looking for a strategy, given the rapidly accelerating agenda for the mark, I would up the percentage of gold, bitcoin, and gemstones to about 15% of net worth, depending on what you own. If you own 20% I wouldn’t criticize you.

    This represents a change an asset allocation from the former 10% to the new 15 to 20%.

    1. Of course, this percentage only pertains to those who refuse to take any of the recently developed mRNA and DNA gene therapies.

      Understand that the statistics regarding those who are getting this bio weapon covid is completely doctored and manufactured and we will no longer be able to properly analyze the efficacy of any therapies. Only the Holy Ghost will help us now. Anecdotal evidence and the Holy Ghost.

      Even those being reported as unvaccinated were vaccinated. For those who believe the pre-trib are you still believing it. We all know where this is going.

  2. There has been a lot of discussion about this world being a cesspool. Well it really is a moral dump and it is getting worse. As Christians we need to distance ourselves from this world as much as possible to save our sanity.

    The good news is that God has our back in this world if we trust and have faith in God. We do not need approval from people as long as we have God’s approval. We will not be in this world forever and this world will not last the way it is . In fact God does not want us to get to wrapped up with the ways of the world as mentioned in the following quotes.

    1. Romans 12:1-2
    “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

    2. Luke 6:26
    “What sorrow awaits you who are praised by the crowds, for their ancestors also praised false prophets.”

    3. James 4:4
    “You unfaithful people! Don’t you know that love for this evil world is hatred toward God? Whoever wants to be a friend of this world is an enemy of God.”

    My faith in God is the best way for me to cope with the insanity of this world. Life is a lot easier when you can count on God to help you. We are here in this world to make a positive difference to the people around us by setting an example of good Christian behavior as taught in the bible and also saving souls by preaching the Gospel. Being a good Christian requires that behavior 24/7 . Going to church on Sunday and ripping off little old ladies the other six days of the week does not make a good Christian.
    In these end days there is a spiritual battle going on and we cannot sit on the fence. You are either with God or against God. Being against God will send you into the eternal pit.

    1. This is an excellent article link. These types of propaganda pieces are vetted by the social engineers and propagandists in Arlington and McLean Virginia. This is especially true with regards to Bloomberg. Thanks for sharing.

      We discussed this a year and a half ago in the wake of all of the massive fiscal and monetary stimulus. I warned the reader and listener that all of these spending programs were engineered specifically for a reason and that the prices of real estate and other assets and rents would continue to escalate regardless of whether people were dropping in the streets.

      Our social engineers create the crisis and reacted accordingly. Through our engineered culture, they create a nation of shiftless renters dependant on the whims of a fickle job market. They keep us under stress and strain, so that we never are stable enough to live in one location and form durable familues. The social engineers have successfully re-engineered the United States and the West. All part of the conquering of the Holy people. Make their lives unstable, and they will fall into the Marxist hands like a ripe fruit.

  3. I have a house that is going to be vacant soon. The market rent was $2,000/mo., 2 years ago and now the market rent is $2,800/mo. The current tenant is paying $1,500 and I am going to raise the rent to about $2,600.

    I am grateful that both sides of the political aisle sold out the United States, threw its residents under the bus, and allowed all these foreigners to enter. The prices of my working class properties and the rents continue to escalate quite nicely. Now, I look forward to my areas being flooded with Afghan refugees who will always be the desired low hanging, low IQ fruit that helped make rents unaffordable.

    Of course, I will never rent to them, but they squeeze out everyone else. This is such an excellent prospect for me and for other real estate investors. They make for the perfect demographic to drive house and rent costs higher.

    I especially look forward to the United States government subsidizing much of their housing costs. This means that they will always undervalue the costs of their housing, which permanently shifts higher the demand curve for housing. In essence, we have one housing demand shock after another and prices spiral higher.

    Here’s something else I want my reader to consider; house prices won’t really fall that much if interest rates rise. Of course, housing sales will plummet, but there is just too much cash washing through the system gratis the massive multi-trillion dollar waves of social spending, and the institutions stand by to scoop it all up, just like they have been doing continually since 2012. Already, LLC’s are my prime competition and they are brutal and relentless.

    The livestock have the monetary system they choose. They’re just too retarded to understand how it really works. And they are retarded, and deserve what’s coming to them.

    I want to thank the United States government and the governors of Virginia and Maryland for helping me make a lot of money. I’m grateful they’ve allowed all this low-end demographic to flood and overwhelm the natives population.

    1. I think all this immigration being allowed into the US and other western countries is part of a master plan to destroy us culturally and morally. It is part of the Jacobian challenge that was discussed before to outnumber us western folk and ruin our way of life . Before we know we will be an outnumbered minority in our own land.
      It is great for property owners renting out because no doubt the more people coming into the country the more demand for shelter especially if they get government subsidies. In fact, I have heard of landlords who prefer prospective tenants who get government subsidies over those that don’t because the subsidies guarantee rent payment.

      1. Notice it’s only the Western nations that are experiencing these circumstances. Subdue the West and water down the power of the holy people. When the globalist goal reaches a certain inflection point, they’ll lock us all down forever. If you say something you are racist. RACIST! YOU EVIL WHITE SUPREMACIST!

        Daniel 12:7 KJV
        And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven, and sware by him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time, times, and an half; and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished.

        Now, you might believe I’m some sort of white supremacist racist for thinking that the Westerners were the holy people. And that is fine that you think this way. Just understand this, once the West with the US at the head is conquered, it is the end. The terrible judge will judge the people. The end.

        Australia and Canada and France first, US after defeat. The globalists want to lock you down before the countries formally accept surrender.

        I’d love to be wrong. I have an excellent life with health and wealth, peace and prosperity. High IQ and decent looks. When I walk around people know I’m the boss. God has provided me with auspicious circumstances. But I have to face facts and know that the end is here. Because of my worldview I have already alienated myself from most people I have known. I’ve already given up on most of what people think is important, and to me, it’s all meaningless anyway.

  4. All of you should check out Jonathan Gray’s books. He is an accomplished Christian believing archeologist who actually backs up the Bible stories with archeological finds. I have read his books “The killing of Paradise Planet”, “Surprise Witness”, and “The Corpse Came Back”. Jonathan Gray’s books go a long way to proving what happened to the tribes of Israel and also goes a long way to explaining Genesis. I found them to be very informative reading . His books tie in to Chris’s theory of Japtheth and Mannaseh.
    The reading is now free for downloads and they are great reads for those into Bible history.

    Here is the link:

    The site just asks for donations.

    1. Let’s look at the entire chapter of Ezekiel 37.

      The nation of Israel is either called Israel when both the northern and southern tribes are reunited, or Israel when we speak of just the northern tribes.

      If the political state of Israel today had turned to Jesus, and had allowed the Christian believers and northern remnants to live and to reside in the area, then you could make a case to call that political state, Israel. But it does not deserve, nor is it yet entitled to that name.

      Ezekiel 37:16-22 KJV

      [16] Moreover, thou son of man, take thee one stick, and write upon it, For Judah, and for the children of Israel his companions: then take another stick, and write upon it, For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and for ALL THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL (caps mine) his companions:

      [17] And join them one to another into one stick; and they shall become one in thine hand.

      [18] And when the children of thy people shall speak unto thee, saying, Wilt thou not shew us what thou meanest by these?

      [19] Say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God ; Behold, I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, AND THE TRIBES OF ISRAEL HIS FELLOWS, and will put them with him, even with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they shall be one in mine hand.

      [20] And the sticks whereon thou writest shall be in thine hand before their eyes.

      [21] And say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God ; Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the heathen, whither they be gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land:

      [22] And I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel; and one king shall be king to them all: and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all:

      Ezekiel is saying that only a reunited Nation should be called Israel and moreover the house of Israel resides with Joseph or Jacob.

      Understand this is the chapter (37) preceding the discussion of Ezekiel’s Great war and chapters 38-39.

      Having a proper understanding of the proper nouns of the Bible will go a long way and understanding this timeline. Why the readers are willfully ignorant to this is beyond me. Actually, I know. Most people rely on other people to tell them the truth. I cut out the middle man it just read the bible. This is why I’ve left all churches, especially the Catholic Church. Come out of all the churches, they are all controlled by Freemasons and Satan

  5. This is the most INSANE thing I have ever seen.

    Go to 01:12 and watch until 02:30.

    I’m watching it over and over just trying to make sense of it. No, you can’t make sense of it. It doesn’t make sense. I’m just trying to process it somehow but it’s beyond twilight zone. People will soon be escaping INTO the twilight zone away from this place.

    This is the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen a public official say. I just can’t even process how totally mental this is. I can’t even…

    1. I just joined ‘regular’ society at work this week. I’m a teacher, so hid out in the country until I had to go into work. My daughter and I are trying to re-integrate with society while we still can, using our get out of jail free cards while we can. I noticed my colleagues, masked, distanced and deathly afraid of covid. Talking in shock of those people on the west coast and the ‘mask Optional’ mandate. My daughter is roommates with 3 others and unfortunately has discovered that these 18 year olds are also deathly afraid. They wear masks inside and exclude her, closing the door to shut her out, having private conversations, ordering pizza without her, going out without her or inviting her. I am proud of her resilience but it is heart-breaking. She has a good sense of humour, laughing at them being masked up and sanitized but scarfing down a hot-dog or Kraft Dinner for lunch. And they think she is the unhealthy one? If you understand how the general public is afraid of dying, then the news program you shared with us will appeal to them. If all they need is jab once a twice a year to keep their lifestyle, then so be it.

      1. As Chris says, we’re becoming two different species of human. The fearful do not enter the kingdom of God. Sorry to hear that your daughter has to go through this, but it would be much worse if she were like her “friends”.

  6. Keep in mind this important timeline for the United States.

    1) The troops are being brought back home, and the ‘sloppy” Afghanistan pull out serves two purposes.

    -The first one is to embarrass the United States with the relative sloppiness of their pull out so that our upcoming adversaries during Jacob’s trouble underestimate us and go for the kill. We will be asking them are you coming to take a spoil, to take a prey?

    -The second reason is to bring these troops back home for when the people who have not been jabbed will be no longer able to buy or sell. After these people have lost everything they are going to go nuts and will have nothing restraining them. The powers know this will be happening as they’ve already gauged the Google search algorithms and analyzed all of our cell phone data. They know a solid 20% of the people here in the United States will never get vaccinated. There is going to be a lot of blood, a lot of blood in the streets, with many buildings being burned down, and government officials being assassinated.

    2) All of the stuff prior was just a dry run. The domestic troops will be overwhelmed at this point and the mainstream media will then tell us that the foreign troops will be the answer to restore order and keep those filthy white supremacist Christians from burning everything down.

    3) It’s at this time that the Japheth remnants, the remnants in Ezekiel’s Confederacy will come to steal, kill, and destroy the United States, which was founded on a deathbed promise to Joseph’s son Manasseh, and will wipe it off the face of the map.

    4) Most of the people here will be then killed. And the people will not be raptured out, but will meet an untimely demise.

    5) It is during this time that the two witnesses will be prophesying, and if you remain alive you will not be raptured out and will be able to observe everything they say.

    6) Just before the rapture, these two witnesses will have the spirit of life put back into their bodies and will ascend to heaven and the remnant will see it and give God glory.

    7) at this point, the survivors of the remnant will then be raptured out.

    Imagine all of the demoralized Christians who believed the Darby/Schofield doctrine and the pre-trade rapture garbage. Imagine how demoralized they will be; that’s if they survive this long.

  7. BTW you can email me at with any questions, observations, or comments.

    Jesus saves and he will not forsake his remnant as we live through these end times. We will see the two witnesses prophesying in the city that spiritually is Sodom and Egypt. Imagine what these two people will be saying!

  8. My Kraken account was in all cash when I mentioned on my blog during the recent crypto crash that I took the cash and bought BCH between 395 and 410. Still have it all. Look for 1,000. PayPal allows the plebes to hold it.

    This current US dollar based monetary system is wicked and luciferian to the core. It’s engineers rely on the deathbed promise to support it. There is nothing good in holy about it. Nor was the deathbed promise conditional on and the performance. It was unconditional.

    This is the stumbling block that you found most of the people who hear my theories. This world was created by God, we were created by God, but the world and the masses have chosen to worship Lucifer and they will formally accept that by the end of this decade.

    1. Both BCH and LTC seem to be fulfilling a multi-month cup and handle on the daily (late may to present) right now, with both starting to surge to a breakout. Watch a couple others over the weeks/months to come like QNT, LINK, XDC and VET. It’s where i’ve put some of my crypto hold bets (ie, they’re not my day/swing trading ones). Might see a dip here this month (Sept can be dangerous months for the markets), but see a bull run overall coming through Dec/Jan. Unfortunately, the ones i mention are big 4IR asset coins (all of crypto is frankly), but if I’m going to be able to escape my job reliance in the event they require the injection at some point (which is not going in me), going to need assets to get out of being trapped in with the UBI masses in the smart cities they’re looking to build. In my opinion, crypto is the nearest term investment class for substantial gains…and we don’t have much time left unfortunately.

      1. Thanks.i will be looking at these. I put them on my screen.

        You got that right. The mass waves of humanity will be stuck in the cities with their UBU stipends and their feel good falsehoods. They can sit in front of their Netflix binge stream and watch all of the social reengineering and enjoy it. When the Sweet Tooth hybrids all start hatching, they can all say what a miracle at all has become. Unfortunately, the many vaccines that will be required by mid-decade will turn everyone into zombies instead.

        Don’t work for an employer that requires you to get the jabs.

      2. I would not invest a huge chunk of your money in cryptos. Ok to invest a small amount in cryptos.
        I actually have small amounts in proof of stake cryptos. The big reason why I don’t like to put large amounts of money in cryptos is that they can go down as hard as they go up. Very high volatility.
        The other reason why I don’t appreciate the crypto economy is that it is rife with fraud and deceit. I have seen too many crypto investment websites that look great on paper but when you actually get into the investment. Another problem with cryptos is that they easily get stolen and disappear. Many exchanges get hacked.

        check out this link about one of the developers of Dogecoin and why he left the crypto scene:

        Here is a video on how a couple’s Crypto Brokerage account got hacked:

        If you want to invest in cryptos just beware that it is a minefield and you got to know what you are doing.

  9. Mercola: FDA Fast-Tracks RSV mRNA ‘Vaccine’

    These vaccines are all being reformulated with genetically engineered DNA and mRNA. And the FDA is providing a fast track to approval.

    In that link I provided, Trunews talks about the Netflix series, Sweet Tooth, and how a worldwide pandemic forces everyone to get vaccinated. Shortly thereafter, women give birth to hybrid children and they call it a miracle.

    1. By the way, that Netflix show Sweet Tooth was the top rated show on their streaming service for a couple weeks. It was a huge hit with their subscribers. The people love to be socially re-engineered and to be conditioned to lose their souls. They love darkness and evil.

  10. I just wanted to leave a couple of thoughts as conversation pieces.

    1) The conversion of the Jews after the “fulness” of the gentiles has been realized. Some of the most difficult words to digest. Part of this miracle has come to pass, but the Jews factor in much later in my opinion, after the self deifying antiChrist (Communist):

    Romans 11:25-27, 25] “For I would not have you ignorant, brethren, of this mystery, (lest you should be wise in your own conceits), that blindness in part has happened in Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles should come in.

    [22] “Otherwise thou also shalt be cut off”: The Gentiles are here admonished not to be proud, nor to glory against the Jews: but to take occasion rather from their fall to fear and to be humble, lest they be cast off. Not that the whole church of Christ can ever fall from him; having been secured by so many divine promises in holy writ; but that each one in particular may fall; and therefore all in general are to be admonished to beware of that, which may happen to any one in particular.

    [26] And so all Israel should be saved, as it is written: There shall come out of Sion, he that shall deliver, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob.” <–

    A most peculiar verse about the conversion of Jews by Paul. This takes places after the two witnesses are resurrected, or so I understand. It like the Trinity, cannot be fully comprehended, nor can we know who will be deemed "Jacob?"

    2) The only way to prevent buying and selling completely is imbedded world digital currency, whether that is the famous Gates id patent is not clear? I have no idea about which currency will acheive this. There is no arguing the USD is divinely inspired, although it has been perverted by mostly Jews. I could see a port of USD to digital however.

    3)The 2 witnesses are slain by AntiChrist before they rise again. This is seen as another test to the faithful as it will be one of the biggest disappointments.

    4) Although I am inclined to believe Fatima, it has been severely manipulated by Eurasianists and Ortho-Putin acolytes like EMJ. Fatima has come and gone, her Immaculate Heart may have triumphed already? But, the Papacy is in a period of Soviet coup (probably Sedevacante thesis) and the Russians missed their chance. So both of these events (I have the polar opposite view of Jones) were foretold and the more secretive Papacy prophecy came true; Russia was not consecrated.

    Great take on the USA and European Israelism. I think any honest man in his heart can see that Paul was hand picked with John and Peter to fulfill our Blessed Trinity bringing us back into loving care. Thus as European (and colonies) Catholicism decreases, the Great Apostasy is strengthened. Thus we are in the "Times of Noah."

    1. Even the New testament talks about how the Jews will never be converted. Jews and gentiles alike will be shocked and disappointed when Jesus returns. They’ll be just like everyone else. The entire world will be shocked and disappointed when the dreadful judge comes to judge the people.

      As Rick Wiles said in that show in which I gave a link, by the time Jesus comes back the world will be openly worshiping Lucifer. They already are, they just haven’t yet admitted it to themselves.

      1. Some youtubers like On Point Preparedness and E511 Ministries think the AC would be some gnostic false light individual who will defeat the NWO / Harlot (Revelation 17) / Zionists and establish himself as a “savior”. Sounds really farfetched, but with so much deceptions going on there might be some truth to it

        1. Some double-crossing reverse psychology. It could happen. He will be the dialectic answer for all the evil. Of course, all the evil was staged in the first place.

    1. Those evil people who are putting me in harm’s way 😀. We need a mark that proves they are taking these. The mark will be updated at the site of injection. The more jabs we get, the more freedoms. All up dated at the vaxx center. Fraud proof.

      Even the official numbers show a huge drop off in vaccination rates. People are getting sick and are avoiding the next rounds.

      We all see where this is going.

    1. What they said about vaccinating the animals was chilling. It doesn’t make any sense to vaccinate animals against covid… unless your trying to change or destroy all of God’s creation.

    2. YouTube took down that video in only a few hours. It was posted by someone else other than Trunews. Here is the link from trunews’s website. I don’t necessarily endorse anybody per se, but this one discusses Cardinal Vigano’s claims regarding Francis. The Cardinal also goes to the great detail about many of the things we discuss, including the end time deceptions in the Evangelical Church regarding the pre-trib rapture and the Jews being God’s chosen.

      1. Take care with “Abp.” Vigano. He’s something of a Trump figure for the conservative Novus Ordo/Indult types. It’s possible he is a something of a limited hangout, and not true opposition. His content seems to change depending on the reactions of his audience (a la Trump), but he was still a big ecumenist (Novus Ordite) months back.

        1. Indeed. I normally do not rely on anyone per se, because that can intimate a cult of personality. But with what he does say, I do agree. Whether he’s limited hanging out or a change agent, I do not know. But if he goes off the script he has established, I cut bait and run. This much is true, this website was saying the same stuff before we even heard of him.

          I observe the rhetoric of Francis and remarked regarding the logic of his stance and statements. He leaves nothing to doubt that based on what he says, he is there to throw the Catholics under the bus and to remove the reason for the church to even exist.

          If we all worship the same God, then why even have a church, any church?;It all works the same for the mainline Protestant ones as well.

          I will keep an eye on anything else this Cardinal says, and if he wanders off the plantation we will know.

            1. He could be a plant. This is why I don’t rely on other people. He talks about Christ in the stuff I listened to.

              Even Bugnolo gets his hermeneutics incorrect. The Jews are not yet entitled to the name of Israel; neither in the physical nor spiritual sense. There are others who don’t realize today that are more entitled to the name Israel in the physical sense than the Jews. The OT prophets in regards to last day events get it right and this is why I can set my watch to this sad timeline.

              This author of the link you provide sounds like he suffers from Texe Marrs’s reasoning.

              1. 150 years ago the Jews of today would be considered “Judah” or “Judaea” in the physical sense. In the spiritual sense, they would be considered Christ-rejecting reprobates.

                Matthew 24:16 KJV
                Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:

                Jesus said it correctly in the Olivet Discourse when he said that if you live in Judaea, flee to the mountains. He didn’t call it Israel.

                To be honest I am getting so sick of people talking about the Jews. The endtime Christians are obsessed with the Jews. Even the critics of Zionism are unable to differentiate between the deceptions of our adversary and the truth. They get confused like everyone else.

            2. 150 years ago the Jews of today would be considered “Judah” or “Judaea” in the physical sense. In the spiritual sense, they would be considered Christ-rejecting reprobates.

              Matthew 24:16 KJV
              Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:

              Jesus said it correctly in the Olivet Discourse when he said that if you live in Judaea, flee to the mountains. He didn’t call it Israel.

              To be honest I am getting so sick of people talking about the Jews. The endtime Christians are obsessed with the Jews. Even the critics of Zionism are unable to differentiate between the deceptions of our adversary and the truth. They get confused like everyone else

            3. The critics of Zionism point out that Israel is a spiritual house. Yes, of course, but you are not directly arguing with what the Jews and Zionists proclaim. They say they are physical Israel. I say they are physical Judaea.

              Today Zionists critics (I am one) need to stop quoting Paul when he refers to the spiritual Israel as a rebuttal to Zionism. These critics never address the primary premise.

              I listen to this garbage and it sounds like Democrats and Republicans sparring it out on CNN.

              The critics of Zionism are as feeble as the people they rail against. Hit them with the punches I provide. You will shut.them up immediately.

              I don’t care if people think I’m an anti-Semite. I let the logic speak for itself, while I tell all that the Jews and Rothschild hijacked the name Israel, so that the Jews and their enemies alike can argue one fallacy after another.

  11. A solid 20% of the American population will never take any vaccines or mRNA jabs, under any circumstances.

    This only means one thing. There will be blood in the streets when these powers attempt to shut this 20% out of the economy. Lots of blood.

    More and more Christians are going to be separating from the unwashed profane masses, and they will do what the Holy Ghost directs them to do.

    If the remnant does not put its foot down now, the objectives of the Georgia guidestones eventually will be achieved. There are a lot of us out there and the propagandized Soviet media wants us to believe that we’re all alone. We are not. We are as numerous as the stars in the sky and the grains of sand on the sea shore.

    1. Amen Chris. We have to believe we are not alone. God has your back even if no people support you.

  12. If you can believe it, I get asked about stocks. Another one I have been slowly accumulating below 7 is GTEC. Makes money and manufacturers and distributes electric forklifts and warehouse equipment.

  13. My two new picks from a few days ago are looking good. IEA and ATCX…

    A competitor in the EPC space PWR purchased a private competitor to IEA this morning specifically focused on wind, solar, and battery installs at the utility level for what it sees at 10x 2022 projected EBITDA. IEA at $13 trades at 5.6x it’s own 2022 EBITDA and a 10x multiple would put IEA at $26.

    1. Indeed, this would even signal that OEG could find some support here. All in the same sector. OEG has a poor balance sheet however.

      The big boys are coming and industry consolidations abound.

  14. I wish to add some more about Elijah, the prophet.

    If one wishes to learn a little more about Jesus’s first and second comings, as well as the significance of Elijah, I recommend reading the Book of Malachi. It is only four short chapters long, and is an easy to understand read. It is the final book in the OT.

    Chapter Three specifically discusses Jesus’s first coming. Malachi’s prophecy is very specific, and leaves little doubt as to whom he is referring. It clearly is Jesus, and the NT refers to Malachi 3 about eight or nine times.

    Though Malachi 4 is only six verses long, it contrasts well with Chapter 3, yet many Christians get confused. Here Malachi refers to the coming of Elijah the prophet before “the great and dreadful day of the Lord”. Clearly, this does not refer to Jesus’s first ministry as outlined in Chapter 3. This refers to the second coming, and the day of Judgment.

    Malachi 4:5; Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:
    Malachi 4:6; And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

    This is another reason why Elijah (Elias) is often considered to be one of the two witnesses.

    1. Pope Francis’s job is to liquidate the Catholic Church in time for the one world Satan religion. There will be no escape from it regardless of whether you live in China, Russia, or the West. There is no escape and the results will be the same for all the citizens.

      “In extreme persecution, in the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.”

      St. Malachy evidently knew about the book of Malachi. I find it interesting that he uses the word dreadful. This is more indication that Malachi chapter 4 refers to the last days judgment and the judge will be dreadful to the vast sea of humanity.

      It’s coming, my friends. It’s coming and it will be brutal for the non-believer and believer alike. Take a stand and side with Jesus.

      1. Since this is also about Fatima, here are some excerpts of Sr. Lucia’s final interview in 1957, before her disappearance/death:

        “Father, the Blessed Virgin is very sad because no one has paid attention to her Message, neither the good nor the bad. The good, because they continue on the road of goodness, but without paying mind to this Message. The bad, because of their sins, do not see God’s chastisement already falling on them presently; they also continue on their path of badness, ignoring the Message. But, Father, you must believe me that God is going to punish the world and chastise it in a tremendous way.”

        “The chastisement from Heaven is imminent. The year 1960 is on us, and then what will happen? It will be very sad for everyone, and far from a happy thing if the world does not pray and do penance before then. I cannot give more details, because it is still a secret. By the will of the Blessed Virgin, only the Holy Father and the Bishop of Fatima can know the secret. Both have chosen, however, not to open it in order not to be influenced by it.”

        “This is the third part of the Message of Our Lady, which still remains secret until 1960. Tell them, Father, that the Blessed Virgin said repeatedly – to my cousins Francisco and Jacinta as well as to me – that many nations would disappear from the face of the earth, that Russia would be the instrument of chastisement from Heaven for the whole world if the conversion of that poor Nation is not obtained beforehand. …”

        “For this reason, Father, it is my mission not just to tell about the material punishments that will certainly come over the earth if the world does not pray and do penance. No, my mission is to tell everyone the imminent danger we are in of losing our souls for all eternity if we remain fixed in sin.”

        “Father, we should not wait for a call to the world from Rome on the part of the Holy Father to do penance. Nor should we wait for a call for penance to come from the Bishops in our Dioceses, nor from our Religious Congregations. No, Our Lord has often used these means, and the world has not paid heed. So, now each one of us must begin to reform himself spiritually. Each one has to save not only his own soul, but also all the souls that God has placed on his pathway.”

        There is more about Catholic devotions, etc. It might be worthwhile to read it for yourself online.

      2. There was also an earlier interview in 1947, purportedly in which she said this:

        “While he was the pastor of Our Lady of Fatima Church in Ludlow, Massachusetts, I spent some time with Fr. Manuel Rocha, the interpreter selected for Mr. William Thomas Walsh, who wrote perhaps the most popular book on Fatima. Fr. Rocha told me that one of the questions Mr. Walsh asked him to translate to Sister Lucia during a three hour interview on the afternoon of July 15, 1946, while she was still Sister Maria das Dores, a Dorothean Sister at Vilar near Porto, Portugal, was ‘In your opinion, will every country, without exception, be overcome by communism?’ Her pale brown eyes staring into his, a little dimple on each cheek, she answered, ‘Yes.’

        “Fr. Rocha related to me that Mr. Walsh wanted to be positive about the answer and therefore repeated the question adding, ‘And does that mean the United States of America too? Sister Lucia answered, ‘Yes.'”

        I do not believe she ever revealed that it was specifically a message from heaven, but perhaps influenced by what she saw, it made her believe that what we are seeing come to completion is what would happen.

  15. There is great website for end time discussions by Elizabeth Marie. She is a person of the holy spirit with a lot of great end time prophecies. Check out the blogs.

    You can also sign up for the newsletter. I have been following her site since the Covid 19 thing in early 2020.

  16. An interesting comment in my local bulletin. Advised you to take the vax if no health problems and if you hear anyone boasting about their freedom remember the church didn’t always agree with the way America looked at freedom in the first century or so of its existence. I imagine it was to mean up to the civil war.

  17. Dr Michael Yeadon warns everyone about the vax.

    They want to give it to children without your knowledge. “It can only be classified as mass murder.”

    Death rates per million vaccinations are running everywhere at around 60X more than any previous vaccine.

    Worse, thromboembolic events such as pulmonary embolisms, appear at over 400X the typical low rate after vaccination.

    These events are serious, occur at a hideously elevated level & are at least as common in young people as in elderly people. The tendency is that younger people are having MORE SEVERE adverse events than older people.

    1. The adversary needs to debilitate the West, especially GB/commonwealth and US before the military takedown by the S of S Ezekiel Confederacy golem.

  18. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for all your posts over the years. You have been spot on.
    However what contingencies can one make if you have been unable to take financial advantage of your earlier posts .

    1. I was contemplating this very thing with my family yesterday. This is a good question and I will respond later today with some thoughts. I understand that many people don’t share my circumstances, and our concerns are various, with some more pressing than others. So let me think of this for a little while.

    2. One piece of advice i would give is to start growing your own food. Making good compost soil takes anywhere from 6 months to 3 years, and learning the ropes of sowing and growing vegetables and fruit takes a lot of time as well. And you can do it inside your home, or on a very small patch of land (vertical gardening, aquaponics) if you do not have a lot of space.
      Some great YT channels to get started are the gardening channel with James Prigioni, Huw Richards, or Gardener Scott.

      Besides that. The usual prep stuff, a quick internet search would give you tons of links. How to make a bug-out bag, what items to hoard for barter, some basics like fire making, building a shelter etc.

      Skills are as much important imo, as having a lot of “wealth” that may or may not be useable. And you can learn all these things for free, while still living a “normal” life.

      1. Thanks MMAI.
        Do you have any recommendations for books, websites, YouTube etc for prepping as there is too much info out there and you dont know what to trust

        1. Not to overcomplicate things, but the amount of prepping relies heavily on your view of the world, your home situation (family with kids or alone), where you live (city or rural area, desert or forest, etc etc), your climate, the political landscape, if you are naturally fit, healthy and handy or not, etc etc.
          A decent video that gives a broad perspective is from Canadian prepper.

          A good book that covers all basics is the SAS survival handbook. However, books and videos are one thing, practise is king.

          The most important lesson i learned is to just do it. Start small, and expand from there. Do not waste too much time overthinking things, altho a well thoughtout plan should be one of your end goals.

          If you want to know how your current prepping goes, simply turn the power and watersupply off in your house for half a day. You will be surprised how much you take for granted and what it takes if those 2 things are not present.

          1. When it comes to food I have chosen to go for the easiest and most calorie rich solution, that fits my situation — I live in a medium sized town in Scandinavia(130k pop.). 3 years ago I started growing potatoes in large buckets, just outside the wall of the house – works very well. The black buckets absorb heat and increase the yield drastically in this relatively cold environment. At the end of the season I set aside maybe 100 seed potatoes from the yield and grow them next season — there are then no inputs other than soil to purchase.

            It does take you 2-3 seasons to get it right; learn how plants operate/grow etc — so to anyone that hasn’t started I’d say get your ass in gear.

            1. Well tended potatoes can produce 17,000,000 kcal per acre – that is many times more calories than can be produced with any other source, including grains or animals. I totally agree that if someone is just getting started, spuds should be primary. They tend to like acidic soil and are heavy feeders, i.e. require a lot of nitrogen, but can still produce well under less than ideal conditions.

        2. I also agree that it will take a few years to learn how to grow and store your own food. I just acquired a country property where I can have a garden but it’s too late to grow food now. This season will be one of learning how to can and preserve. The only way to learn is to read a bit and try something. I can buy produce easily now and it’s really cheap so if I make a mistake, it’s not going to cost me. In fact, at the local farmer’s stand, someone was also buying produce and we got to talking about best techniques. I learned a lot in that 20 minutes and it wouldn’t have occurred if I didn’t go out there and make start. Also, I can stock up on canning materials while they are available. I think I need to take inventory of how much I bought and preserved this year and take note of how long it would last me through the winter. Next year will be an experiment in growing things. The year after will be more about yields and keeping seed.

          1. I recommend you purchase large silage tarps and spread them this fall to kill sod and prepare your future garden beds. You will want a rototiller, and will want to have your soil tested and stock up on any amendments you may need. These things may not be available by next growing season. High tunnels can massively improve yields, and can increase your growing season by a month or more in northern states. Check out this supplier…


            1. Thanks for the tip! I don’t really have sod though, just a lot of creeping charley but I can cover the area and deprive it of sunlight to kill it. I was thinking of raised beds – but yes, I should plan for next growing season now.

            2. The one benefit of living here in Virginia; the growing season is long and there is plenty of rain, warm nights, and plenty of sunshine. God was shining his face on the land of the United States and really kept it as a special gift as an end time blessing for his remnant. I can’t think of a better location in the world then the area known as the United States. It is isolated by two oceans, and has the best temperate climate for such a large area.

              The downside of living in Virginia is that there are plenty of profane people with whom to contend. The people who live in Virginia have been successfully re-engineered into the desired outcome of our adversary. This used to be a red state but now it is blue.

  19. Rabbis and Christian end-of-the-world enthusiasts both await the destruction of the world.

    Rabbis say Israel will be untouched and the gentile world will destroy itself while they sit on their armchairs and watch the show.

    Muslims will clean out Europe and China will do the US. Rabbis believe Jesus will betray and destroy the gentiles.

    1. We see how humanity can no longer turn itself around on its own as it has become a nihilistic and suicidal generation. Much of mankind is actually looking forward to some sort of catastrophic ending, and this of course, was socially engineered into our mindsets through the movies and TV. The streaming services have definitely stepped it up a notch, which is why I told the reader to never short Netflix. These media entities serve a vital function to demoralize and reprogram humanity into desired outcome of developing into death-seeking drones.

      The stage is set and humanity is being conditioned to accept that man of perdition. It has happened so quickly and it is all made possible by the electronic media.

    2. Convert from Judaism, David Paul Drach says in “The Church and the Synagogue”:

      “The Messiah had to be a great conqueror who subjugated the nations to a state of slavery by the Jews. They would return to the Holy Land as vanquishers, and take the riches from the infidels. The purpose of the coming of this Messiah would be to liberate the dispersed Jews, assembling them in the Holy Land, and establishing a temporal kingdom there, lasting to the end of the world. Then all the people
      will be subjects of the Jews, and they will pay tribute to them with their persons and their goods. The learned rabbis of the Synagogue routinely end their discourse by invoking this triumph, as well as all of the blessings promised with the coming of the one who is heralded as the Messiah. Among these promised blessings is the much awaited and longed for moment of the slaughter of the Christians, and of the complete end of the sect of the Nazarene.”

    3. The rejoinder lies in Jeremiah. The Jews use the Torah the same way the dispensationalists use the Gospels. In Jeremiah, right in the book of prophets read by Jews, it says the Old Covenant is void. Then in Jeremiah 31:31 it says there will be a New Covenant. This was written write before the Babylonians sacked Judah and poked their kings eyes out.

      Adam Green is using the Great Apostasy to spin the Bible the same way the Jews have spun the Torah. This type of spiritual vampirism is actually not new, but it is neoGnostic and extremely devious. It has no equivalent and it is VERY useful to Jews.

      Jesus has already proven everything that needs to be proven, everything else is just more proof of what is irrefutable prophesy.

      It was the pagan gods of old, who corrupted the Jews and who now rise for a time in the world. This path was the only way to help humanity deal with the devil while offering freedom to chose to serve God. Humanity has always had a small group which seeked to lift their neighbor from the ground. They have been offered a reward for their virtue. The rest, by their own choice, will be made into a star like Crowley says. They will be in an unquenchable fire.

  20. W.H.O. releases plans for Internationally Interoperable Vaccine Passports

    “This is a guidance document for countries and implementing partners on the technical requirements for developing digital information systems for issuing standards-based interoperable digital certificates for COVID-19 vaccination status, and considerations for implementation of such systems, for the purposes of continuity of care, and proof of vaccination.”

    The details are in the PDF. Data structures, encryption, implementation, use cases, etc.

    1. At the top of page 7 it states:

      Requiring proof of vaccination to protect against COVID-19 for international travel as a condition
      for entry to or exit from a country will not be discussed here, as it is a legal matter that is captured
      in the WHO’s interim position paper on considerations regarding proof of COVID-19 vaccination
      for international travellers specifying “proof of COVID-19 vaccination should not be required as a
      condition of entry to, or exit from a country.”(11)

      So if we follow reference 11. (1% of goyim have made it this far. 1% of that would follow the link.)

      11. Technical considerations for implementing a risk-based approach to international travel in the context of COVID-19:
      Interim guidance. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2 July 2021 (
      nCoV-Risk-based-international-travel-2021.1, accessed 20 July 2021).

      Following that link… at the top it says

      •Proof of COVID-19 vaccination should not be required as a condition of entry to or exit from a country.

      • National authorities implementing testing or quarantine as a condition for entry of international travellers may consider individualized approaches to exempting them from these measures based on acquired immunity from vaccination or previous SARS-CoV-2 infection.

      • Adherence to personal protective measures such as mask use and physical distancing must continue to be respected by all international travellers, both while on board conveyances and at points of entry.

      • International travellers should not be considered by default as suspected COVID-19 cases or contacts or as a priority group for testing.

      That all seems perfectly nice and reasonable, BUT…
      • The overall health and well-being of communities should be at the forefront of considerations when deciding on and implementing international travel-related measures, which should be communicated publicly and in a timely manner.

      I tried to read it but it’s so boring only bureaucrats could handle it, and I’m sure Daniel Andrews and the like get an executive summary anyway. I think the whole thing is like the bogus “approval” of the Pfizer vax with the Comirnaty trick. It’s all so boring nobody will read it but it’s part of a corpus of 1000s of pages of BS they can wave in your face if you question anything. Nobody has the stamina to read this crap. And if you do, they’ll just gaslight you with “yes well that was version 1.23.71-a3 and we are now working with version 1.27.34-b2 so what are you gonna do about it? Go away and read it all again.”.

    2. I have been thinking about that for awhile and I don’t think it is coincidence that crypto currency has been propped up so much lately and the underlying blockchain technology along with these decentralized applications with smart contracts that are coming up are the “perfect” solution to solving such “problems” as a digital tracking and reporting system which would need to be universal irrespective of geographic or government bounds. More and More I think of the mark as an equilateral triangle which encompasses Crypto currency, Digital Passport, and a social credit system.

      1. All these disparate circumstances are all coming together. They may seem unrelated, but each one is a thread, and are all being used to weave a tapestry. All for a purpose.

        The Western governments are all being controlled to be viewed as unstable, to weaken them. Especially in the US. Makes them ripe for submerging them into the upcoming global government… Or military takedown.

        If the USD system fails, the digital Blockchain will suddenly make a great choice. Digital everything. Even if USD system remains, a weakened USD will submerge it into a global Blockchain for our safety.

        Take this mark, so we know for sure it’s you. No more fraud and we know you are one of us.

  21. It is hard these days to come to a conclusion on what is going to happen with the financial system.
    All laws and assets are in place to shift to a digital world currency. The lockdowns further help this plan along, because everyone is forced to go digital.
    Also, i do not think Russia and China will go along with the USD dollar hegemony any longer.

    1. You are correct. China and Russia frustration of the current dollar hierarchy will be one of the catalysts for striking the West.

      The laws are all in place for many terrible things to happen. Laws for FEMA roundups and expropriation of RE and pensions are there, too. Whether the people will accept them is another matter. That takes time and the PTB have to give the impression that the people made the choice.

    1. That’s actually funny. We all know these are the stage clowns and puppets that get hit by our tomatoes from the audience.

  22. As a Catholic, I agree with you, Chris, as do many other Catholics.

    When Catholics (even priests) seem to say mass repentance of Jews during the end times, it seems that they are following a premillenialist Scofieldite interpretation of things and not a Catholic one. It’s very obvious that things are not going to be turned around. The Jews are no longer a nation anyways, so even if you tried to give this alleged prophecy room (all evidence suggests it’s a long past prophecy), it wouldn’t make sense given that the Church is Israel (spiritual) and apparently the Northern Europeans (physical descendants).

    As for Fatima, it is not binding on Catholics to believe in it, which I tend not to. But even if you entertain the possibility that Fatima is authentic, the window for the consecration of Russia has long drawn to a close permanently. In fact, the opposite has happened. Russia (the Soviets) have hijacked the Vatican and consecrated it to communism, Bolshevism, and eventually, Noahidism!

    Now, I am no theologian or cleric, but this is the way I see it, and it seems we are on a similar line of thinking in this respect.

    When you read the Church Fathers (Mostly Catholic), they all tend towards a Preterist or historicist eschatology, which is nothing like the popular Scofieldite premillennialism of today. It seems most prophecy has been fulfilled and we are just awaiting the final judgement and perhaps an anti-Christ figure to steal away as many souls away from eternal life as he can.

    1. Great point. Russia is incapable of the change Fatima predicts. Thanks as always for sharing. Our adversary created Marxism and has spread it worldwide. This Soviet mentality has permeated the West. Antichrist to the core.

      1. Fatima is a Private Revelation and does not require belief, but there is a particular phrase that interests me: “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.” If it were a true apparition as the many witnesses and the Vatican of the time attests, then one must wonder about this eventual triumph. Obviously, Russia did not convert, perestroika was a deception and Global Communism is preparing for its long-desired victory. What would this triumph look like?

        For this, and other reasons, people believe in that future restoration, which may or may not properly fit into the timeline we are witnessing right now. Many Catholics also reject it because of its use in mollifying nominal Catholics and trying to teach a false peace through “Saint John Paul II” and the fake Sister Lucia of the Vatican II Church. There is a probably false version given by Bill Cooper in “Behold a Pale Horse”, among other purported revealed “Third Secret” versions. Endless theorizing about the text of the Third Secret is also another distracting pasttime of various traditionalists.

        I think if the real Sister Lucia’s words are any indication, that the year 1960 held significance, then it clearly refers to the Second Vatican Council and the apostasy to come from nominal hierarchy+laity of the Church. She indicated that the still-unrevealed Third Secret of Fatima should be published on her death, by decision of the hierarchy, or no later than 1960. “John XIII” was “elected” in 1958, raised “Paul VI” to the cardinalate and begin preparations (1958-1962) for the Second Vatican Council, which took place 1962-1965. The Novus Ordo missae and Great Apostasy in the Catholic Church began in earnest among the laity 1969-1971.

        1. Based on my understanding, it seems that during the time of the Vatican II, the Scofield doctrine was injected into Catholic teachings. This deceptive philosophy has certainly pointed us in the direction that will get us to accept that man of perdition. We are all being conditioned accordingly to accept the inevitable and the social reengineering is virtually complete. This is especially true when we consider this social engineering has been an ongoing campaign for at least 170 years. It’s been relentless and very effective on the vast sea of unwashed humanity and Laodicean Christians.

    2. I’ve heard a different—less popular—version of the “mass repentance” in that once the Antichrist and his Empire are put down, then what is left of the Jews will finally convert and then the end of the world will come shortly after. The Jews may not be a “nation” in the way commonly understood but they are a people, and the Church has had to deal with them throughout history. It’s difficult to get a hold of the material in English, but the Councils of Toledo, various ecumenical councils and papal documents (Sicut Judaeis) show the attitude of the Church towards the Jews.

      The old Good Friday prayer is probably the most famous example that the Jews always tried to change:
      “Let us pray also for the faithless Jews: that Almighty God remove the veil from their hearts, so that they too might acknowledge Jesus Christ Our Lord. Let us pray. Almighty and eternal God, who does not exclude from Thy mercy even Jewish faithlessness: hear our prayers, which we offer for the blindness of that people; that acknowledging the light of Thy truth, which is Christ, they may be delivered from their darkness. Through the same Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end. Amen.”

      Referring directly to 2 Cor 3: 13-16:
      “And not as Moses put a veil upon his face, that the children of Israel might not steadfastly look on the
      face of that which is made void. But their senses were made dull. For, until this present day, the selfsame veil, in the reading of the old testament, remaineth not taken away (because in Christ it is made void). But even until this day, when Moses is read, the veil is upon their heart. But when they shall be converted to the Lord, the veil shall be taken away.”

      Romans 11 and 2 Thessalonians 2 are of particular interest:

      Romans 11:7-8: “What then? That which Israel sought, he hath not obtained: but the election hath obtained it; and the rest have been blinded. As it is written: God hath given them the spirit of insensibility; eyes that they should not see; and ears that they should not hear, until this present day.”

      Romans 11:25-32: “For I would not have you ignorant, brethren, of this mystery, (lest you should be wise in your own conceits), that blindness in part has happened in Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles should come in. And so all Israel should be saved, as it is written: There shall come out of Sion, he that shall deliver, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob. And this is to them my covenant: when I shall take away their sins. As concerning the gospel, indeed, they are enemies for your sake: but as touching the election, they are most dear for the sake of the fathers. For the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance. For as you also in times past did not believe God, but now have obtained mercy, through their unbelief. So these also now have not believed, for your mercy, that they also may obtain mercy. For God hath concluded all in unbelief, that he may have mercy on all.”

      2 Thessalonians 2:3-4: “Let no man deceive you by any means, for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition, who opposeth, and is lifted up above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God.”

      2 Thessalonians 2:6-11: “And now you know what withholdeth, that he may be revealed in his time. For the mystery of iniquity already worketh; only that he who now holdeth, do hold, until he be taken out of the way. And then that wicked one shall be revealed whom the Lord Jesus shall kill with the spirit of his mouth; and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming, him, whose coming is according to the working of Satan, in all power, and signs, and lying wonders, and in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying: that all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity.”

      I believe there is some mystery here, because different commentators come to different conclusions (and obviously Chris). Worse than Scofield was the Second Vatican Council, which in its fruits led to the Novus Ordo religion affirming that the Jews still have a valid covenant, are “elder brothers” and possess means of salvation outside of the Church. There were even rabbi advisors to the apostates “John XXIII” and “Paul VI”. All of this would be impossible in the true Catholic religion.

      I’ve read at least one doctor that posited the possibility of the Gentiles losing the faith and the Jews taking their place, then using their money and influence to rebuild the Church greater than before. Considering the current timeframe and the series of events required, this seems especially impossible. However, many commentators were writing from the safety of a relatively intact Christendom, and not the modern apostasy we live in now. The more likely interpretation seems to be that some the survivors of the Antichrist’s Empire may convert in the end (“the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of Our Lord”).

      1. Recall there are 12 tribes in the nation of Israel. There are actually 13 if you include Manasseh. 13 is an interesting number when it comes to the United States. Our adversary tells us it’s something more dark in occultic and the numerologists have latched on to that.

        Even if all the Jews in the world could trace your lineage back to judah, Benjamin, or a sprinkling of the Levites, that’s still leaves 10 tribes that are not Jewish. The problem over the past 150 years is that the Christians equate the name Israel with the name of Jews. They equate the Israel of the Bible with the Antichrist political state in the Middle East. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many of the Jews may be Israelites but most of the Israelites are not jews. The first Jew in the Bible was Judah.

        The New testament disciples and Prophets mention the name Israel and it refers to either the spiritual house or the remnants that were taken into captivity around 720 BC.

        The last days Catholic Church was destroyed from within and has latched on to the same Schofield deceptions in which the dumbed-down denominations have succumbed.

        I never heard of that Good Friday prayer before, but I would stop praying it immediately.

        Jacob gave his namesake Israel to Ephraim and Manasseh on his deathbed. The Jews are not yet entitled to the name Israel. The remnant of Jews that do convert when Jesus comes will be entitled to that name, as will the rest of the believers.

        1. I think you acknowledge partly that the words have different senses, but even in the New Testament one can find the sense of the “Jews” as the enemies of God:

          John 20:19-
          “Now when it was late that same day, the first of the week, and the doors were shut, where the disciples were gathered together, for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in the midst, and said to them: Peace be to you.”

          The descendants of the Pharisees have persisted since the destruction of the Second Temple (70 AD) through men such as Yohanan ben Zakkai to the present. The word Jew itself has been tortured so that the modern ear has trouble interpreting it, but in Catholicism the true Jews and Israel would be the members of the Catholic Church. The dual meaning has lent to a lot confusion, but it is necessary to distinguish the descendants of the Pharisees.

          Christian Identity came to existence in the early 1900’s. The Catholic Church traces the Good Friday prayer I posted above to ancient times. I know Protestants prefer Sacred Scripture only, but consider that most of the apostles wrote nothing that has survived. But what the apostles taught orally and wrote down are both equally important and sources of Catholic dogma. The Good Friday prayer might be considered to have been of apostolic origin from its antiquity and the lack of a year or person to assign to it. What determines what is trustworthy to the Catholic is the infallible teaching authority of the Church manifested through its hierarchy headed by the Pope, also known as the Magisterium. The same Magisterium determined which books to keep, to prefer ancient sources such as the Septuagint over the Pharisaical Masoretic, and eventually compiled the Vulgate. Notably, the KJV relies on the Pharisaical Masoretic texts and has a lot in common with the Lutheran Bible.

        2. Based on the author, Andrew Hitchcock, on his book Yahweh and he also wrote the synagogue of satan book. He brought several good points which tie well with your statements, Chris. Jews are Satan’s children traced back all the way to Eve’s other son – cain, which was not a son of Adam, the forbidded fruit – sexual sin. Nonetheless, Eve and Adam were of ruddy face, white. And it makes perfect sense when the whole lineage of Jacob can be traced to Adam through Seth, and never mentioned of Cain. In Genesis, God made the statement to Cain if not careful, sin and evil will overpower him and that is exactly what happened. Additionally, God told eve that there will always be conflict between the serpent and her and not let the sepent take the lead, cain’s descendants. It makes sense why Jews are disproportionally at the forefront of Satan’s directives. Obviously many had ruddy faces but they went on to mixed with other races. The bible does indicate some jews will mixed with the israelites and have some blood but they are not. This ties perfectly with the extreme hate of the West christian bible values.

          1. I like reading the book of Malachi. It’s a short book with a lot to offer. It opens with another reference to how much God hates Esau, that he still serves under Jacob, and Esau’s habitations are desolate waste.

            Based on the Bible, I would have to suspect that most of the synagogue of Satan are from Edom (Esau). This is a battle that goes all the way back to their childhood.

            I don’t know about the other stuff, but Malachi was written just before the quiet period, hefore Jesus’s arrival. It’s the final book in the Old testament. So it would be kind of strange here that Malachi would still be discussing Esau under bondage if Esau was allied with the Babylonians when they conquered Judah.

      2. But if modern Jewry is actually edom, then the repentance would have to be among the white races.

        The thing I have realized about Catholic teaching is that it’s eschatology is poorly developed, but probably for a good reason. It is more concerned with charity and repentance then end-of-the-world stuff, which is a good thing. Repentance matters more than having the end times pegged. Protestants tend to be more fascinated with the end times than anyone. I know this, for I was once a protestant.

        But even to the casual observer of world affairs today, it’s very apparent that we are nearing the end (devolution) of humanity, and that can only provoke God’s wrath and judgement.

        1. Indeed, many of those who say they are Jews, are not. They already practice with other gods, and have their other books. I spend my time praying for my people, repententant sinners.

          In the the current mainlines, save Baptists, the obsessions with end times was never openly discussed, but maybe now is the time to wake up the plebes before their destruction.

          I recall Catholic doctrine tended to minimize it and was, what I thought to be amillennial. Given the great changes afoot, it’s time to revisit what most do not wish to consider.

          1. The priests and theologians have tended towards amillennial. A great many of the laity have shifted due to Private Revelation such as Fatima. I think it’s like Fitzpatrick says above, the focus has never been on the end of the world, but the supernatural life and saving souls.

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