A conversation with a subscriber about this decade to come

You have a darker tone lately, and I definitely understand it. I can confirm what you experience, in that most people don’t care, are going along with it, or are getting sucked up [by or into part of] the controlled opposition.

Dear Chris,
I read your post and wish I could add to it, but Catholic prophecy at least allows for two outcomes:

  1. A Final Restoration following a Great Chastisement of the entire world for its sins and a great age for the Church that precedes the Antichrist;
  2. We enter directly into the times of Antichrist and the end of the world.
The four horsemen of the apocalypse. Humanity has never seen these all at once on a global scale. They will all be here simultaneously by the end of the decade.

A great number of people prefer the former because of what we call “Private Revelation” (events supernatural in nature that occur after the death of St. John, the last living apostle), but from my readings, early theologians commonly interpreted the latter from Sacred Scripture.

Certainly a great number of Catholics are deluded about Bergoglio (Pope Francis). You might remember that I am a sedevacantist and reject the Novus Ordo religion. If you consider the effects of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) and the Novus Ordo Missae (mandatory Nov. 1969), you can see the societal destruction following in the years 1971-1973 in particular. The Catholic world collapsed in on itself and shrunk considerably, then became a vehicle for every blasphemy under the sun. The great unwashed many still believe that this thing, the Novus Ordo “Church”, can be salvaged.

If Bergoglio somehow does have an heir, then that man is sure to be an equal or greater apostate than he. He has elected over half of the current Novus Ordo cardinals. Whichever man he chooses will be the Novus Ordo pope. This means that any “traditionalist” group that pretends they can support Bergoglio is only going to fall deeper into the pit with him, because it’s not going to get better with any possible successor.

Keeping you in my prayers,
John (pseudonym)

Just take a look at what’s on the TV, streaming services, news, and the movies. I think we have our answer to our future. Our adversary’s social re-engineering has been extremely successful and is pointing to a demonic and nihilistic outcome.

My response;

Hi John,
What you say reminds me of the differences between premillennialism and postmillennialism. If you were to categorize me as sharing one view over the other, I would definitely be a premillennialist. Specifically I do not see how society will be able to progress until the Advent of Jesus and his second coming. All I see is the devolution of humanity. In terms of Catholic prophecy, this would mean choice number two.

Viewing the current state of humanity, there is absolutely no way that it can change on its own. There will have to be some sort of catastrophic force, or divine intervention, that will redirect humanity from its current path of destruction. I think many people who subscribed to the postmillennial [or amillennial] view are either no longer alive to observe this error or remaining willfully ignorant to the obvious. I think the idea of a postmillennialist future is becoming less and less likely, and a view that is shared by fewer people. I think we know what’s coming.

It is a common misconception to think the early church fathers were more learned than we. For those select few who can overcome our adversary’s lies and propaganda, they possess more understanding

[It may be misguided to conclude that the early church fathers possessed a greater comprehension of hermeneutics and doctrine than those of the later years, or of today. I have to believe this is another lie engineered by those who wish to remain in control of the masses. What better way to control the laity and powerless congregations than by telling them that people from over 1,000 ago knew more than we.

The early church fathers certainly had no concept of how humanity has devolved, and were unable to seek confirmation of end time prophecy. Moreover, our preceding brothers and sisters in Christ didn’t have access to all of the information regarding scripture, couldn’t wrap their minds around the newly-acquired suicidal behavior of mankind, didn’t fathom the monolithic power of our adversary, nor understand the world in its entirety like we do. ]

Just take a look at what’s on the TV, streaming services, news, and the movies. I think we have our answer to our future. Our adversary’s social re-engineering has been extremely successful and is pointing to a demonic and nihilistic outcome.

I guess I am deluding myself by thinking Pope Francis is not having a big effect. This would also conform with our catastrophic outcome, and anyone who supports this man of perdition will also find his or her outcome to be the same.

All religions are a deception and keep us from the truth. Only the Bible shows us the reasons for our existence and it reveals history in advance.

I get emailed by some asking me why I am so intolerant with other religions. I get also get asked why I am so “hateful.”  They clearly misunderstand the world’s condition and cannot grasp the unprecedented seriousness of the hour and time.

[I observe to see what our social engineers eschew the most. It’s not Islam, Hinduism, New Age, Buddhism, Sikhism, Taoism, Marxism, Socialism, Atheism, etc., nor is it even the controlled mainline churches of Christianity. Our adversary, the synagogue of Satan, hates true Biblical Christianity and the name of Jesus more than anything else. That should give us a clue as to where we are to find the truth. Our adversary knows that many will seek the truth, so they throw up many roadblocks, including developing all of the lies of the past 150 years that have permeated all the Christian seminaries. There are very few left who know what we know. I say it’s less than 3% of humanity.]

It is becoming more obvious on a daily basis; there’s no postmillennial future, and there is only wrath to come. I also need to fight the urge to end up like the those who comprise the great sea of the unwashed and lost souls of humanity as well as those who serve our adversary; Those who serve the adversary see humanity as it really is, and in such detail, that they have come to despise it.

A warning to the remnant; This represents most friends and family members by mid-to second half of the decade

Whatever is coming is coming soon. It has already begun. Maybe for now we’ll have vaccinated family members who will bail us out when we can’t shop. But I suspect also that over time, our vaccinated friends and family who get the passports and eventual mark will resent and despise the those who do not, including us.

Be prepared to run to the wilderness on your own. Either through isolation or early termination of friends and family, we are going to be alone eventually.


To wit, John responds

Dear Chris,
I believe that Catholics were generally amillennialist throughout history until recently, but only a few could begin to imagine modern times. Naturally speaking, I think you must be correct to downplay postmillennialism. Honestly, I think even if God will intervene and create an interim period of peace, it’s best to live with our current expectations without a certain prophecy to the contrary.

My family members are skeptical, but one sibling has taken one shot, while two others have taken both. I hope that the worst rumors about the deaths of those that take the vaccine aren’t true, but a lot of conspiracy is becoming reality. I am trying to dissuade my mother from taking it, but she wants to keep her pension and that apparently is more important.

You have a darker tone lately, and I definitely understand it. I can confirm what you experience, in that most people don’t care, are going along with it, or are getting sucked up [by or into part of the] controlled opposition. I’ve read a lot of conspiracy and revisionist history in my life, but these last two years I’ve had to take regular breaks from reading. The build-up from all of the gloom-and-doom can be debilitating, even if it’s true, and necessary that we be prepared for it.

I hope you, too, are doing what you need to do to stay mentally strong. God help us all in the times to come.

God bless,

Here are my final thoughts;

I have read the scriptures of all the other religions, and the words contained in the Bible have been the only source that has been proven accurate and conforms to this timeline. The prophecies, especially in Revelation, are in such granular detail that I have to either conclude that our adversary is too stupid to try to deviate from it, or that it is diligently following out its script to the letter, according to the Old and New Testament prophets.

Either way, now we know why the synagogue of Satan is devoting such vast  energies and resources to malign the true Christian church. Rather than throwing the Christians to the lions, they have chosen to discredit us to the point of exhaustion and extinction.

Since the Bible’s analysis of last day events are in such fine detail, I have little tolerance for any ecumenic consensus as we enter this terminal phase. Indeed, the acumenism that has swept the world (mostly from the Christian hierarchy) has proven to be a mortal wound to mankind’s continued existence.

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63 thoughts on “A conversation with a subscriber about this decade to come

  1. Cha-ching! The Case Schiller index was up 19.1% year over year. Who told you back in April of 2020 to gird your loins and get ready for unprecedented asset price appreciation? There was no one else out there except me.

    I said it didn’t matter whether the tenants were paying or not. I said pricing formulas would no longer matter. The PTB had determined to take another path and decided to give much of the money to the end user. I advised all to invest as much as you could before the fall of last year.

    My fellow real estate and asset market investors have been cleaning up. My predictions for the stock market and down track. Two years ago I made the ostensibly outlandish prediction for Dow 30,000 then 40,000 over the intermediate term.

    I said the prices of all income generating assets were going to go through the stratosphere in the wake of the massive covid stimulus a year and a half ago. The powers that be we’re going to make it impossible for the young folk to buy any of them, because they were going to enslave them with debt and with purchase prices that are too expensive.

    The rents on my single-family properties have gone up at least 25% in the past 2 years. I can’t wait for these tenants to move out, and just gave a notice to vacate. I’m running a business, not a charity.

    Of course, we may not be able to hold on to these assets anymore if we don’t get vaxxed. But I have no control over that. At least I can accurately predict what the markets will do. That takes expertise and experience and the ability to shut out all of the propagandized Zero Hedge type garbage. That of course, permeates 95% of the alt-finance media, and ensures perpetual poverty for the resistance.

    1. Don’t bother. China’s time won’t last more than a few years. It’s going down in flames.

      1. I hope your right that Mainland China will go down in flames. That is the real evil empire.

        1. Ezekiel and Jeremiah as their fate does not end well. What’s left of Israel in the west will be burying the dead of the invaders for 7 months. God punishes his people first (they are hopelessly enslaved to the synagogue of Satan tech) then he pounds out revenge on those who punished.

          The world is afraid of CCP and only use them as a counter balance to the west and US. With the West gone, we will see the real communists for what they are.

  2. This division in society has been engineered with military precision, and the breach is now irreparable and irreconcilable. It will persist forever. There’s no turning around from this anymore. It is sobering to see how quickly humanity has succumb. As the illnesses and deaths mouth going into mid decade, the vaccinated will blame the unvaccinated, although it is most likely the vaccinated causing all these pernicious variants. They shed them as well as succumbing to them. It’s over.

  3. Email and response from a reader

    Dear Chris,

    Here is a good example of what I was talking about in web page form:


    Personally I’ve found your predictions remarkably similar to some of the Catholic Private Revelations of near modern times, of a Great Judgment of the Nations or Great Chastisement. The timing of the end differs in the details of Antichrist, the Final Judgment, etc.

    God bless,

    I am certain now of what we would consider premillennialism, as I observe through the lens of behavioral psychology, humanity is now no longer able to turn it around without a divine intervention (Jesus’s 2nd coming). Only a strong catalyst will do it. This involves the whole globe. There will not be a personal chastisement per se. The gospels and epistles make the personal aspects clear; these chastisements are always ongoing. God was always chastising me until I got right.

    According to Revelation 20, at the end of six days, 6,000 years, it will be an end of this age and God will rest for the 1,000 years, or the final day, which will be ruled by Jesus. The lake of fire, white throne judgment is at the end of that final 1,000 years.


  4. According to the spiritual factions we have bottomed out in terms of “dark souls”. A “white soul” bull market begins now and continues for 2 decades — until the annihilation of the dark forces is “completed”. Kali Yuga (the Vedic age of darkness and vice) ends in 2023 and the millennial reign of Christ begins. The most Marshall and bloodthirsty nation on the planet, USA, will be decimated — the national Karma needs to be circled – also corresponds with the USA Pluto return (248y cycle) – which often leads to empire destruction.

    We’re also in a new Solar cycle (11y) and are being bombarded with coronal mass ejections (our magnetic field is severely weakened the last decades) which will effect our grid and satellites – is Cyber Polygon a drill to capitalize on this?

  5. The events going on indicate we are at the beginning of the last days. There is a lot more to come and a lot of us Christians may not physically make it to the other end when Jesus Christ returns. We must live every day like it is our last day here on earth. James 4:13-17 warns about assuming that there could be a tomorrow:
    “13 Now listen, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money.” 14 Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. 15 Instead, you ought to say, “If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that.” 16 As it is, you boast in your arrogant schemes. All such boasting is evil. 17 If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.”

    Matthew 24:42-44 tells us that Jesus could show up any day:

    42 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. 43 But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. 44 So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.”

    If we are right with God then we WILL make it to the other end spiritually.
    That is why it is so important to get your spiritual house in order TODAY by getting right with God. Admit your sins and work not to commit them again. I myself had to come clean with God and realized my sins and changed my behavior as a result. When Jesus said the wages of sin is death he not only meant physical death but he also meant a spiritual death as well. Just remember God through Jesus Christ will forgive your sins. God loves those who turn to Jesus and turn away from sin as mentioned in John 3:14-18:

    John 3:14-18 ESV /
    “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in him may have eternal life. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.”

    As I mentioned before God does not like people who continue a path of sin.

    Work to do good and be helpful to the people around you even though most do not understand what is going on and they end up submitting to the tyranny. I like to show the ways of Jesus by my behavior and actions. Ask yourself “What would Jesus do in this situation?” Most important is to get people around you to turn to the ways of Jesus Christ, although it is a very difficult task. That extra person out of the millions who turns to the ways of Jesus Christ is one more for us and one less for Satan and strengthens our position in the battle against Satan and his minions. The bible encourages preaching Jesus Christ as an example in Mark 16:15 ESV /
    “And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.””

    Pray to God and ask for your mission in life. If you have God in your heart then God will direct you to a career that fulfills your heart too. If you are stuck at a career you hate then get out NOW because there may be no tomorrow. If you are in a toxic relationship with any person then cut off that relationship NOW and find a fulfilling relationship. By living every day in the name of the Lord like it is your last, you will be a much more fulfilled person spiritually AND emotionally. There really is no point at working at a job you hate just to save for tomorrow. There is no benefit in staying in abusive relationships with toxic people as a way to survive to tomorrow. God will provide you what you need a lot more than that abusive person.

    The end days are a glorious time to change your situation for the better. It gives me hope.

    1. Andrei, I have been thinking about God liking certain people and not liking others. How can God not like something He created? In his likeness? So I thought about it through my perspective as a teacher. Every year I will have a ‘difficult’ student, who doesn’t behave well or do the homework. Consequences are natural and I keep my feeling and emotions out of it. After 27 years of teaching, one class is much like another. After receiving a bad report, a kid is likely to say ‘the teacher doesn’t like me’ or worse ‘the teacher hates me’. So the conversation has to be re-directed and this is not about me liking or not liking a child (it’s just ridiculous at my age to even spend energy on liking or not liking children). I am assessing the behaviours of the child and the behaviours are unfavourable to receive a good report, according to the standards that have been set. I think in the same way this is how God views humanity – He likes good behaviours, and abhors bad behaviours but does love all his creation.

      1. Lientje,
        I think you raised a great point. I think you are right about God loving humanity as a parent loves their children. Parents love their problem child but they would not appreciate the bad behavior. The same goes with God. God hates bad behavior but not the person doing the bad behavior. God, like a parent, would guide that bad behaving person to a correct path. That is why God sent his one and only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for us. He did it to show love for humanity and wipe the slate clean for another chance. Jesus was also sent down to guide sinners on a righteous path in a gentle loving manner. Like any good parent, God would first use gentle means to guide bad humans to the correct path , then God would have to use harsher measures to guide humans onto the righteous path if they did not get the gentle methods. Like any good parent, God rejoices when people turn away from bad to the Lord’s righteous ways.

        I think we have reached the time where God is going to get harsh on those who continue on the sinful path as those people have not acknowledged the gentle teachings given in the past. I believe Chris is right that most of humanity does not get it and that is why harsh judgements are on the way for most of the human race.

  6. I’d like to subscribe to this website. But it does not come up in any kind of search. A friend sent it to me. I’m a traditionalist Catholic also.

    1. Hi. Just enter your email address and name to the “Subscribe to the blog” widget on the right side of the page, and hit the subscribe button. You are free to post whatever you think is important to you. We are wrapping up the final years, so I am hoping that all our knowledge can be used to help the others in the remnant.

      Two years ago, I never thought I would be declaring these proclamations. I thought I was going to live my normal lifespan, and not have to endure. I never bothered remarking about the specifics of the spiritual aspects of this monetary system, since I wasn’t prepared to say that the destruction of the U.S. referred to the time of Jacob’s trouble. But here we are. This force majeure that will upend the dollar system will be the time of Jacob’s trouble, and will be a part of that great war prophesied by the Old and New Testament prophets.

      Whatever you can add, please do so. We need thinking minds to share.

  7. Stay away from Google search engines to determine reality I’ve been reading parts of John Quincy Adams’s diary and his letters to family, and he frequently refers to Israel and Jesus Christ. Here he talks about Israel as it refers to the Bible and how America was part of Israel. However when I refer to Google’s search algorithms and do a search on his quotes it’s all about how he wanted a Jewish homeland in Palestine and how the zionists have hijacked all of what he discussed. The Jerusalem Post and all the other New World Order shills talk about how he was a supporter of Christian Zionism.

  8. 3 years from the date of publishing the rumored date. Not behind a pay wall.


    “The invasion will happen in April or October. Because of the challenges posed by the strait’s weather, a transport fleet can only make it across the strait in one of these two four-week windows. The scale of the invasion will be so large that strategic surprise will not be possible, especially given the extensive mutual penetration of each side by the other’s intelligence agencies. Easton estimates that Taiwanese, American, and Japanese leaders will know that the PLA is preparing for a cross-strait war more than 60 days before hostilities begin. They will know for certain that an invasion will happen more than 30 days before the first missiles are fired.”

    Certainly a possibility.

    1. China is forcing its companies to delist from American stock exchanges. While it is possible it is ongoing internal power consolidation by Xi vs. opposing factions (for example, described well in this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0–Hi4y2qE), I suspect it has more to do with China decoupling from the US economy before the planned attack on Taiwan.

      I suspect when it comes, it will be in the form of a blockade to starve the Taiwanese into submission. From what the CCP did in HK, they know how to play the long game.

  9. I think they pulled the troops out of Afghanistan because something will be going down in the US real soon. Check out this video of unusual transportation of military equipment. There have been other reports of recent unusual movement of military equipment in the USA.


    1. Seeing alt-media pushing Sept 25th as the Taiwan invasion. But are the rumblings in Ukraine/Belarus and Taiwan still just distractions after Afghanistan? I’ve read a supposed leak before that the two big indicators for WWIII are the dissolution of NATO and the invasion of Israel by a Middle Eastern country (Iran?). Those two events seem to always be coming closer to happening.

      1. Whatever is coming will eventually come quick. Taiwan has to happen first. This will embolden Japheth remnant China. This explains the CCPs sudden crackdown on everything in their country. It needs to consolidate and control the timeline as tightly as possible. This will not be popular with the citizens.

        The manufactured supply shocks from the consolidated industrial supply chains will be the equivalent of what the US and allies did to Japan leading up to WWII.

        The table is being set, and Harris who will be running the show because of the rigged elections, will welcome the surrender of the evil US to the NWO. She will tell us it’s white supremacist to hate having foreign troops on the streets.

      2. NATO is already an anachronism. Death by a thousand cuts. Turkey is no longer reliable. Europe is parting ways with the Commonwealth and US. NZ is allying more with China, because of economic matters.

      3. Israel invasion and takeover probably after the US takeout. Jacob’s trouble. US won’t be around to help. Manasseh will be gone. Ephraim and Manasseh (GB and US) were instrumental in the formation of the political state of Israel. They will be unable to help.

    2. The powers know what’s coming here in the US. Supposedly three, soon to be four vaccines. 12-13 by mid decade. Passports and such. No more buying and selling for the unjabbed. QR codes. Then the mark after fraud mounts.

      When people are shut out of everything and can no longer work and have lost everything, they will burn down buildings nationwide. They unjabbed will be cast into the wilderness; that could be in your own household or down the street. The unjabbed are now persona non grata. The country will burn. The powers gave the Dems the election, because their supporters are docile lovers of government dictate. Thus, all this is going down now up to mid terms. Soon.

      Jacob’s trouble mid decade. US was Manasseh from a deathbed promise to Joseph’s two sons. It’s all coming to a crashing end. That evil thought will come into the mind of Russia and China and will blow away the coasts with nukes. It will be China’s time, just like Armstrong and Dalio have promised us.

  10. Trump, the Judas goat who threw the Patriots under the bus, is controlled like the rest of them. He received that huge 2% $1.2 bil cash out loan as a thanks for putting the former Patriot movement into the woodchipper.

    He’s out pumping the covid jabs and medical tyranny. He’s being booed off stage. What a charlatan, and yet there are people who still support him. AJ still is running cover for him.

    1. Don Jr does good tweets sometimes though. I wonder if he’s disappointed in his old man, just ignorant, or is he just as bad?

    2. I agree with you Chris. I think Donald Trump is in on the whole act along with Biden and Kamel. While I agreed with most of Trumps ideas, he IS NOT a savior. It is interesting how he is pushing the Covid 19 Vaccines when most of his supporters are anti Vax including myself. I think he is losing a lot of fans as he pushes the vaccines. It is also interesting how he quickly folded up his tent after the January 6 event.
      Trump also did nothing substantial about investigating the election fraud on November 3, 2020. Sure he took symbolic actions but did nothing substantial. Quite clearly, Trump threw his supporters under the bus.

      The big lesson here as Christians is NOT to look up to people to solve problems. The only one to look up to, is God through Jesus Christ who embodied the spirit of God. Jesus is the only one who can save us. Those who look up to Man will be the ones who welcome the Anti-Christ and gladly take the mark of the beast.

      1. Trump could have saved his key supporters a lot of grief if he justbprdoned them.. Look who he pardoned. What about Snowden and all the other so called whistleblowers? Look at the problems his associates have had to deal with after he left office. He went out with a whimper, and I think he was told that once out of office he wouldn’t be hassled. His opponents have largely left him alone. His associates have not received the same treatment however.

        I understand the urge and desire to want to have someone to look to for support, but ultimately, the Patriots are much worse off for it in the long run. Whether Trump was conscious of his role or not is ultimately not the focus. Regardless of his intent, the results were the same.

  11. SELF, the micro cap self storage play that I recommended a few months ago, is holding up here despite the urge for people to consolidate holdings if they believe short-term rates will rise.

    The yield looks good here and it has been earning money. A nice stable play to offset the volatility of our other trades.

  12. Those who are looking, I like two stocks in the infrastructure spending sector.


    Both have intact balance sheets and are benefiting already from the increases in infrastructure spending. They are large enough to take on bigger contracts.

    1. Both have low floats as well. Any secondary offerings would be well received as these two firms would have the power for a competitive pricing.

  13. Why Vaccine Passports Must Be Rejected


    We need to reject them immediately as opposed to taking a few of the steps. It will all be tied into our financial transactions and we won’t be able to transact or buy or sell without this. No banking for us. What will happen to us real estate investors? What will happen to our pensions? What will happen to our health insurance? Say no to it all. This will eventually lead to unrest in the streets.

    I know that if I am cast out into the wilderness I will have absolutely nothing restraining me. Millions of people will have nothing restraining them, and I suggest we do what we ought to do. You all know what I’m talking about.

  14. Pfizer CEO says he does not need vax at his age and health level.
    But doesn’t stop his customers giving it to everyone they can.

    The New Zealand government has said they have given the Pfizer vax “conditional authorization” for a “limited” number of people.

    So what’s the limit? Five million I’d say – the total population.

    And what are the “conditions”? They will keep giving the vax until Pfizer provides information saying it is dangerous to do so.

    This country is run by absolute criminals.

      1. Maybe he did get it.

        The point was he said someone of his age and health status doesn’t need it. He didn’t say he was never going to get it. He said he didn’t need it.

        Yet they are giving it to kids.

      2. most likely a placebo. the jab has clear, irrefutable evidence of its extreme danger and minimal efficacy.

        efficacy: does not prevent infection or transmission, and only minimally reduces severity of symptoms on first infection, although leads to ADE on subsequent infection. vaccinated may even be more infections. Confers no immunity to “new variants” like delta, and may in fact reduce immunity dramatically (see below).


        proven that spike proteins cause blood clots, that causes myocarditis, stroke and blockages to parts of the body resulting in pain, paralysis, bells palsy and necrosis.

        extreme allergic reaction, resulting in extreme rashing to swelling of the larynx.

        effect on the immune system is ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement) leading to cytokine storm upon re-exposure to the virus in the wild, which was how nearly all animal test subjects subsequently died in animal trials on earlier mRNA vaccine trials after in initial period. ADE / cytokine storm is when the body’s immune system is primed to over-respond to the virus, resulting in the immune system attacking itself, which has symptoms like pneumonia, organ bleeding, etc. that leads to the more gruesome ebola-like symptoms (ebola being likely caused by an ADE reaction also).

        paradoxically, b/c the vaccine forces the body to concentrate on overresponding to the massive attack and over-production of spike protein caused by the mRNA vaccine, the body’s immune system effectively concentrates all resources on creating specific spike protein antibodies that cannot otherwise recognize viruses without the specific “alpha” covid version of the spike protein, so that subsequent covid varients will not meet with any immune response, resulting in more symptomatic infection. there is evidence that the general T cells that the body uses as its general purpose fighters against all types of infection fall dramatically after vaccination. this has resulted in clinical observation (and will explain) the increase in manifestation of other viral disease post vaccination, such as herpes, shingles, HPV and yes cancer. Cancer will be on the increase in the vaccinated.

        Moreover, there is suspicion that there is graphene oxide in the vaccine, as revealed by microscopy analysis. this ingredient is suspected to be not disclosed under “trade secrets” by the vaccine manufacturer, notwithstanding the fact that graphene oxide is toxic (note that fluoride is toxic as well but that did not prevent the medical industry for supporting fluoridation). graphene oxide is itself toxic, but when exposed to electromagnetic radiation, such as 5g, it becomes highly active and can cause extreme damage to the body. it is suspected that graphene oxide is the cause of the manifestation of magnetism in certain persons who have been vaccinated.

        So you think the CEO of Pfizer is not aware of all this? He is. If he got anything, I am certain it was a placebo.

        1. Totally agree. I don’t believe anything anymore. It’s a tight narrative coming out of Arlington and McLean VA. A militarized psyop engineered on their own people.

          1. best recent videos I’ve seen about the reality of the vaccine:

            doctor observes that vaccine destroy immune system, leading to explosion in cancer: https://www.bitchute.com/video/NLNNXKKqgMzo/

            immunology PhD explains that vaccine is not designed to prevent infection or stop spread of infection and superiority of natural immunity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jktvh6k0qys&list=PLasb3Kb2RLSdEjVd11PV-fIuHvvVRXdoj&index=3&t=422s

            Dr. McCullough (a real hero) explains how covid can be easily treated without vaccine, lockdowns, masks, social distancing etc., and how vaccines adverse events and deaths are not “rare” but rather the “tip of the iceberg”: https://www.bitchute.com/video/s4X8EkIBKFd3/

        1. Indeed. In these last days we cannot look to the liars for proof and evidence of the lies. We cannot rely on government data for verification of our theories. We cannot rely on CDC data to see if people are getting sick and fine.

          Any data we glean from these sources will only create double-mindedness as we will begin to doubt our views.

          It’s all part of the military psyops against the remnant. They want us to doubt our sanity.

    1. And it makes our jobs easier. It’s nice to at least have the high moral ground during armed conflict. The remnant knows never to listen to a sodomite. If they’re that degenerate inside close doors, they’re degenerate in every aspect of their lives. If you don’t think so, the social re-engineering has been successful on you.

      This will lead up to Jacob’s trouble. It is just a normal and expected outcome. This is why the troops are all being consolidated, because they’re going to be deployed back here. Many of them are going to die on the streets. The United States government or those posing as our government thought they would have most of the guns by now. This is clearly not the case and many people are going to go ballistic, pun intended.

      Lawful possession of firearms here in the United States is the only restraint left in the entire world from a tyranny that’s described perfectly in Revelation. Fortunately for the world’s sake, we’re going to have to take it out to the streets, because if we don’t, the objectives of the Georgia guidestones will be achieved.

      Just like George Washington prophesied during the first American revolution, there will be a second one, which will be much greater and result in the almighty sovereign returning.

      1. If Americans didn’t have firearms the governments would be rounding us all up. Don’t give up your firearms. That is the last restraint on government. That’s why the vaccine passports and the mark will be based on buying and selling. The government will not repeal gun ownership, but will make it nearly impossible to keep them.

      2. My advice is to prepare for the upcoming hard times and Chaos. One of the necessary items in the prep bag is to have a gun. If you still don’t have a gun, then get one ASAP while they are still available. I did not have a gun until last year when the riots erupted. When those riots happened that was a loud and clear sign for me to purchase a gun to protect myself. The police did absolutely nothing to stop the rioters from harming other people. You cannot count on the police to protect you.

        The one major reason why most of the US has not gone full totalitarian like Australia and New Zealand on the Covid 19 Vaccines is because many Americans are armed. If you live in anti-gun states like California, Massachusetts, and New York then get out of those states ASAP. These blue states are much more totalitarian over the Covid 19 mandates as they make it impossible for most people to own a gun and therefore much less gun owners in those states.

        Never Ever give up your guns. Once the government officials come around asking for your guns then that is a clear sign that your Government is going totalitarian and the next thing they will do is round people up into concentration camps. Look at Hitler’s Germany in 1938 when Jews were asked to give up their weapons. Look at the Taliban in Afghanistan who are knocking on doors and taking people’s guns.

        I think at some point in the US we will be requested to give up our guns. First, they probably will ask us to register our guns and will make ownership expensive and difficult. If non vaccinated people end up on no fly lists then the authorities may confiscate guns from those owners under so called “Red Flag Laws” They probably will step up Red Flag Laws as an excuse to take guns away from people.

        1. There are still plenty of guns in NZ. You can’t have a semi auto anymore like an AK47 or AR15, but you can have shotguns (non-semi-auto), rifles, and pistols (if you go to club shoots 6 times a year and get the gun registered, have a gun safe in your car – lots of hoops to jump through). They didn’t take pistols off people which is interesting.

          How did they get the guns? They were sneaky. They didn’t announce a gun grab, they just made a list of people with the best guns, the most guns, etc. They prioritized these people and knocked on their doors. Five or six armed cops. They photographed and took all the guns. I know someone this happened to a week after the Christchurch thing. They said “someone” said you said “something” about Muslims, so we are taking your guns. “Sorry mate, orders from above. I don’t like doing this. You understand?” et cetera.

          It was all done quietly and in isolation. You won’t even know why a bunch of cops are visiting that house down the road. After the bans, they returned the still-legal guns months later, and paid for the confiscated ones. They were just pre-empting the amnesty, focusing on people they thought might hide the guns or cause trouble.

          The bans only came once they had completed the targeted confiscations. I think they just went through the list of “military style semi-automatic” guns and made excuses to round them up.

          There are still plenty of guns in NZ, but they are all bolt action and pump action. It really takes the fun out of the gun range. They are looking to ban pump action soon too.

          It is illegal to use a gun for self defense here. If you say you want them for that, they won’t give you a license. Everyone knows to say “target practice”, “gun club”, “hunting goats”, etc when they ask in the license interview. They come to your house and interview your wife too. If she isn’t all for it, you don’t get a license. It all changed fast. Jacinda is an expert at changing things fast. Must be that Masonic training. Two years ago, with a license, you could just go to the gun shop and walk out with as many AR15s as you wanted, if they didn’t have a pistol grip. On an A-category license the max magazine size was 7, but with an E category endorsement (do courses and sit safety exams) you could get them with pistol grips and 15-round mags (or maybe it was 30), but they had to be registered. A-cat guns didn’t need to be registered, and you could just sell them to anyone with a license.

          If the police come to your house for any reason, they first look to see if a gun owner lives there. If so, they send armed police instead, ready for trouble. Most of our cops are not armed normally, but they are still nasty enough.

          They’ve done their homework. They will have thousands of reports from Aus, NZ, and other places on how gun owners react to a police visit – and all that data will be used in the US. Unfortunately Americans will be shooting Americans, and when the dust settles the country will be in a very weakened and vulnerable state. Cops don’t know the future they are creating for their own children. They are fools. That 102 IQ cap is working wonders.

          I think the American gun nuts are probably our last hope, but it might be a Pyrrhic victory if America shoots itself to death.

          1. Somehow get unregistered guns and weapons. Don’t tell others. Don’t tell others about our gold ownership either. Don’t tell others about prepping.

            1. Still 100% legal to make your own unregistered “modern sporting rifle” in most states. Everything needed can be ordered online from dozens of companies. The fact that this remains an option suggests the PTB know they will mostly be used against each other and that they possess weaponry that make make what the public owns look like flintlocks.

        2. I guess the point I wanted to emphasize was that they took guns off people without an official ban, but they made the targets feel like they were the only ones, and that nothing new was occurring. Nobody knew where to draw their line in the sand. Nobody new anything was coming until the guns were all gone. It was just a “routine investigation” and “don’t worry, you’ll get all your guns back mate”, and “we’ll probably only keep them for a couple of weeks.”

          Americans should think about how such a divide and conquer strategy could work in the US. You are lucky you elect your county Sheriffs, but the Feds are worse and anything we have.

          On the plus side, only about 30 to 40% were actually handed in- but you wouldn’t want to be caught with one.

          1. Own unregistered and go nuts when, as Chris says, we are cast into the wilderness in our own neighborhoods. There will be nothing stopping those who are shut out.

  15. Fed Chair Jay Powell’s real fear for the global economy is disinflation


    Could Powell be correct after all? If the only argument for higher inflation is the anticipated increases in worker bargaining power, then we are doomed as disinflation will regain its long-term multidecade trend. Once all the stimulus is worked through the system and the worker has to go back to work, the downward pressure on wages will continue, especially as the borders remain wide open.

    Perhaps the powers experimented and massively injected money directly to the end user. And perhaps it failed, because all of this debt that was generated to facilitate this massive handout is now permanently on the collect balance sheet of the world’s economy and must be serviced forever. If this indeed is the outcome, interest rates will continue to fall further over the longer term.

    “Of course, not everyone agrees that deflation is the future. Powell noted one counter-argument from the economists Charles Goodhart and Manoj Pradhan, who argue that aging populations in particular are about to reverse this trend. They expect workers to regain their bargaining power as working adults become more scarce and globalization recedes, leading to increasing inflation. But if they are right about this dynamic, Powell argues, it will play out over decades.”

  16. I get emailed by some asking me why I am so intolerant with other religions. I get also get asked why I am so “hateful.”

    I get the reason for your “darker tone” and am in complete sympathy with it.

    “More than 60% of born again Christians in America between the ages of 18 and 39 believe that Buddha, Muhammad and Jesus are all valid paths to salvation and over 30% say they either believe that Jesus sinned just like other people when He lived on Earth or aren’t sure, according to a new study.”

    That’s not 60 percent of average Americans, the respondents consider themselves “Evangelical Born-Again Christians.”

    It won’t be long before quoting John 14:6 is persecuted as “hate speech.” Already, self-professed “Christians” look at me askance when I quote John 14:6 to them.

    Moreover, although seven in ten Americans identified as Christian, of those, only six percent had a Biblical worldview. Six percent.

    And I maintain that six percent is an overly optimistic assessment.

    Our LORD and Savior said that his message was for those who had the ears to hear. Well, because of so much sin in this world, like you say, three percent or less have the ability to hear His message.

    Love your posts! You are doing God’s work.

    He that endures to the end shall be saved; so keep the faith my brother!

  17. An excerpt from today’s World Affairs Brief by Joel Skousen;

    What the Cause of the Claimed Delta Variant Surge?

    Fauci infers that if everyone would just get vaccinated it will stop the virus from lingering on and on, but this is wrong on several counts:

    1. Coronaviruses never go away. Once established they are always with us.

    2. They continually mutate, and get weaker as they do—not stronger.

    3. You can never create a vaccine against a virus—it is a moving target like the flu.

    So, it is useless to promise that this Covid threat will end with everyone getting vaccinated—even if these mRNA vaccines worked, which they do not. In fact, it’s highly probable that the vaccines are causing the latest surge. Let me explain.

    How can you be having a surge in the summer time when vitamin D3 levels are highest and colds and flu cases are normally down? Something else is going on.

    First, the establishment is still publicizing the number of “cases”—a key part of this propaganda. Despite the CDC’s reported repudiation of the PCR test, labs are still using it. The CDC’s alternatives involve genome sequencing which can’t be done locally or fast. So the “increase in cases” is just as bogus as before.

    Second, there is no test for the Delta variant, so that claim is just so much propaganda.

    Third, both the vaxxed and the unvaxxed are coming down with Covid symptoms and/or spike protein adverse reactions which are all being labeled as Covid when hospitalized. That is because the vaccine is not effective and vaccinated people are experiencing a lot of “breakthrough cases,” besides shedding Covid contamination to others. Though the mainstream media and CDC lie constantly about how the “vast majority” of these cases occur in the unvaccinated, there are covid infections occurring in both the vaxxed and unvaxxed—but for different causes:

    The unvaxxed who come down with the illness are those that have been in close proximity to recently vaccinated people which are shedding the spike proteins, which cause damage and illness. I’ve had numerous subscribers complain about getting sick after being in close quarters with newly vaccinated people.

    The CDC for example counts people dying within 14 days of getting the shot as “Unvaccinated” That’s done to distort the truth

    1. I can confirm the hospitals in my neck of the woods are indeed completely full of “covid patients” in roughly the same ratio of vaxxed/unvaxxed as the general population – contrary to the “pandemic of the unvaxxed” narrative. Most are elderly or middle aged with underlying health issues. I expect the hospitals to be majorly stressed, possibly to the point of failure as we get into traditional flu season.

  18. Good new for landlords: Supreme Court finally votes 6-3 to overturn CDC evictions moratorium. I warned a tenant today that she will have to vacate soon. Her rent is over $1,000 below market.

    The Supreme Court ruling says that any moratorium extension needs congressional approval. Perhaps this is not over.



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