A response to subscribers; Do you know your purpose?

God may love the many, but he only likes the few

I had similar problems trying to fit in most social situations. I always felt different, but had to pretend to be like the others and that was difficult….


I really come to understand the meaning of the Christian apprehension of history and phenomenology. It’s good stuff.

I think my great hurdle, as a young person, is to actually grapple with the loss of friends, and by extension, loss of memories attached to those bonds. With that in mind, I’ve come to see a lot of this scenario as something of a “failure of imagination”, probably conjoined to peoples’ sharp decline in literacy and reading over the past generations. A failure to imagine, for one, a true approximation of COVID-19 in its origins and effects, and the extent to which its intent is one of evil, connecting logically towards a Satanic agenda.

In all, I feel empowered by the very sense of my imagination growing, and knowing that I actually have the most important tool of a faith in Jesus Christ. I’m willing to let go of an expectation for much else…


 Many are called, but few are chosen

The “sloppy agape” Christians in the Laodicean church will tell you that God loves everybody, but God did hate Esau in the womb. He also hates the Nicolaitans and the members of the synagogue of Satan. You may believe that God loves everyone, but he only LIKES a few. He certainly hates those who are pushing these mRNA jabs on his remnant.

If you feel different, and the words we often discuss make sense to you, then God has a purpose for you, because he likes you and is trying to reach out to you. There’s something about you in which he favors. He evidently has chosen you for a purpose.

All we have to do is knock, and it shall be opened

It’s not that you’ll have any special place in heaven, per se. However, he facilitates certain circumstances to make sure that his chosen fulfill their obligations according to his will. If the people God chooses do not do as he asks, this willful denial creates consternation and dis-ease in their lives.

Many of us led certain lives that were antithetical with the words of God and our calling, and we thus had a tough road as a result. Our consciences didn’t reconcile with our actions. In essence, God stacks the deck against his few chosen to make sure they perform what is required.

As for me, I was always able to discern the future more clearly than the others around me, even going back to childhood. Everyone else thought the subjects were too depressing or abstruse. Instead, I saw patterns and purpose,and was always eager to discover.  I finally gave in to my conscience, and have labored to hone my unique sense of insight that I didn’t know I possessed until about 15-20 years ago. This is why I have my blog; I wish to reveal my perspective to others, and demand nothing in return. Since I have been making my views and analysis public, I’ve never felt better. Perhaps I can help the hundreds of people who stop by.

If you have that urge to change, and have that calling from God, you must listen. God is reaching out to you, specifically, and expressly. There are many who were called, but the vast majority of them didn’t understand. These were the people who didn’t fit in with society. Most of those who are hopeless alcoholics and drug addicts are trying to quiet the noise in their minds as they figure out why their lives don’t make sense. Many of them are trying to quiet the message from God. I gave up drinking for good in 1997. It was the beginning of my journey that continues today.

Remember, if you are reading these words, God most likely has a specific purpose for you. He wants you to perform a certain task or function while we are here as members of his church. I am not a healer. I am not an evangelist. I am not a preacher. It’s not normal for me to say kind words. God has pigeon-holed me into doing what I do best.

I’ve never come across a well-adjusted person who could discern the future, and the prophets of the Bible were never a happy bunch. I no longer have any friends and rarely talk to family members. So, don’t sweat it if you feel alone; you have God. Jeremiah was called the weeping prophet for a reason. I am sure he was not a joy to be around. And do you blame him? He knew history in advance; it was given to him by God himself.

What is your purpose in these final days? Many of you already know, but many do not. Pray and listen. We are all needed as members of the end time Church.

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89 thoughts on “A response to subscribers; Do you know your purpose?

  1. NZ is ramping up.
    The government is talking about mandatory tracing, masks, vaccines.
    There is talk of internment camps for our health.

    We went from almost nothing to total fascist regime in two weeks.
    I always new they were just taking it easy on us because they didn’t have enough vax doses ready. Now they have the doses so it’s all on now.

    1. That’s how fast this is coming. It has nothing to do with a virus, at least not COVID-19 and it’s vaccines-induced variants. That’s a psyops campaign for the unwashed masses to be diverted. This is why I have no more faith in humanity’s ability to turn this around.

      As the four horsemen rollout the powers need us compliant.

  2. The populations of Ezekiel’s confederacy are not taking the vaccines like in the West. The US will be completely unrecognizable by mid-2025. The casualties will mount, and will encourage the Japheth remnants to brutally attack what’s left of the West.

    It’s so difficult to even be concerned about the stock or real estate markets anymore. Don’t worry about retirement plans. It won’t even matter. Let go…

    None of it’s going to matter in a few years. It will all be over. The world as we know it will be over forever.

    I don’t even care about neighbors or tenants. They all seem so unsignificant. All that mattered no longer does

    We becoming two separate species of humans. Unfortunately, our side is much much smaller.

  3. Here’s a stock pick. I just bought some ATCX. I think they are a decent infrastructure play. It popped up really high, and was totally overbought,but it’s really fallen back, so I just bought some shares this morning and just now. I think it has some compelling value at this point. I would look to buy more on any further weakness.

  4. The Plan for the Future

    Dr Richard Day 1969

    This is fascinating, to see how much has come true.

    “Families would be limited in size. We already alluded to not being allowed more than two children. Divorce would be made easier and more prevalent. Most people who marry will marry more than once. More people will not marry. Unmarried people would stay in hotels and even live together. That would be very common – nobody would even ask questions about it. It would be widely accepted as no different from married people being together. More women will work outside the home. More men will be transferred to other cities and in their jobs, more men would travel. Therefore, it would be harder for families to stay together. This would tend to make the marriage relationship less stable and, therefore, tend to make people less willing to have babies. The extended families would be smaller, and more remote. Travel would be easier, less expensive, for a while, so that people who did have to travel would feel they could get back to their families, not that they were abruptly being made remote from their families. But one of the net effects of easier divorce laws combined with the promotion of travel, and transferring families from one city to another, was to create instability in the families. If both husband and wife are working and one partner is transferred, the other one may not be easily transferred. Soon, either gives up his or her job and stays behind while the other leaves, or else gives up the job and risks not finding employment in the new location. Rather a diabolical approach to this whole thing!”


    1. Thanks for the post. Although the governing authorities could never impose such harsh restrictions on the unwashed masses, they can easily achieve their objectives through the social reengineering in the movies and TV, their consolidation of their power over the news flow, and through the functions of their financial system. There’s no need to impose restrictions on family formation when our financial system makes it so incredibly expensive to do so. The feminist movement tore down the need to even have a family. They’re viewed as an anachronism and children are seen as a burden.

  5. Here’s an email I received this morning with my response.


    Hi Chris,
    All that is going on now reminds me of a sporting event from the far past. In 1974 Ali fought foreman in Zaire he used a rope a dope strategy. He let foreman exhaust himself while covering up and then when exhausted Ali quickly defeated him.

    The elites I think have been using QE to let the plebes as you call them enjoy, at least marginally, the market real estate and free checks. Oncw QE is exhausted they will severely put their new system in place.The plebs will then have to accept the mark in order to do anything. They will have been conditioned by then to accept it.

    My response:

    Excellent observations. It’s much easier to attract the bees with honey, rather than vinegar. If these Powers create austerity too soon, the people will be less receptive to the changes ongoing. It’s more effective to hand out money to everyone who asks.

    1. I avoid anything from Hal Turner. I hope you do the same. He’s an ex-con, former (?) FBI informant.

      1. I wondered if anyone would say that. Yes he was an informer, and probably cannot be trusted. You are probably right to avoid him.

        OTOH, is the US govt really doing this to crops? Some of the people sounded a bit like actors. I don’t know.

        1. I haven’t seen this yet anywhere else. I do know he has many stores that no one else covers. I receive some from emails.

        2. I find it hard to believe when there is an plenty of food here, in Canada, anyway. I live in farm country and there is plenty to be had at the roadside stands or at the farmer’s markets. It doesn’t appear that farmers are throwing food away. However, I am taking this abundance of food and freezing or canning as much as I can. We don’t know what will happen – shortage, supply chain disruptions or inflation. While my vaccinated friends are traipsing around the world enjoying their travel, I’m hunkering down, preparing for the coming winter. I’ve heard and seen in the news the this will be a ‘difficult’ fall and winter. It reminds me of the fable ‘La cigale et la fourmi’ by de la Fontaine. Or as Chris says, make hay while the sun shines.

          1. Lientje
            I think it is a good idea to stock up because the way things are going the crap is going to hit the fan at any day now. During the height of the Covid pandemic in March 2020 the grocery store shelves were bare for a month in my area in the Northeast USA. That was a message to me to start prepping and I have been prepping since then. I am also stocking up items as there will come a point when Non-Vaxxed people will not be allowed to shop.

          2. I agree. I don’t need to read the stuff that Hal Turner puts out. There’s enough pressing concerns that I could easily verify in the world. I still think he’s working for some authority figures above him and he’s instructed to put this stuff out. there’s no way that something like this could remain a secret. Not when it involvesv the average farmer down the street.

            We’re going to have enough problems in the future trying to procure our foods. Make hay while the sun shines. Financially speaking, I am in a state of suspended animation. I can afford to do this, because I only have one rental mortgage left and took advantage of this QE earlier last decade when RE prices in the foreclosure markets were cheap. It’s easy to extrapolate into the future based on the past 12 years and say that this trend will continue. If we are to leverage ourselves to the hilt in order to procure assets; given what we know, I say lay off. Anyway we slice it, we are late in this asset cycle. Dow 40,000 may have sounded insane a couple years ago, and this blog predicted that number a couple years ago before covid, but that’s only another 12 or 13% from here.

            I do need some dental work done and I will get that over the next couple months. An old root canal needs to come out. I don’t know how much longer the dentists will accept unvaccinated people. I have worked diligently to stay in good health and to have no need of the doctors for any chronic condition. It’s taken a lot of effort on my part with exercise, supplementation, and the right foods.

            When I say it’s likely we will be thrown into the wilderness I don’t mean the wilderness in the middle of the Rocky mountains. The wilderness can be in your house and down the street. These vaccine passports and eventual mark will be a necessity, because the people around you will demand it. The unwashed masses are being socially re-engineered and led to believe that they will be making the choice.

            Hoarding gold and silver is not going to alleviate our problem. I like precious metals, especially gold, but my overriding theme with precious metals ownership was to take some of your assets outside the system as an insurance policy against PERSONAL catastrophe. This includes acrimonious divorces, lawsuits, poor financial decisions, theft, etc. They are assets that can always be used for a personal restart.

            Keep moving forward and prepare for what’s coming. The pre-tribbers are counting down the days until they are raptured out. We know better, so let’s keep preparing. This is a spiritual battle and we need to prepare mentally and spiritually. Hal Turner is only engendering fear in many of us who are glued to our computer screens.

  6. I just received a link from a subscriber to a book titled, who is Esau-Edom. I would recommend you downloading it to take a look.


    Of course this is very politically incorrect, but these are the people who comprise much of the synagogue of Satan. I have mentioned this very fact a few times on my blog, because I get asked this one question specifically more than any other non-financial related question.

    They are deceivers and claim to be Jews, but are not. They are Edomites, descendants of Esau. The battle between Jacob and Esau is reaching its crescendo this decade. Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated. Paul said that in Romans.

    This is why there is such a concerted effort by the synagogue of Satan to destroy the West. This is just another marker that tells me our observations are correct. The West is the real prize for destruction, because that’s where the vast majority of Israelite remnants ended up.

    Enjoy your vaccines. They were developed, manufactured, and forced upon us by the synagogue of Satan. Esau is hoping to kill off Jacob before the end.

    1. This would also reaffirm the prophecy of Esau being unshackled from Jacob, according to Genesis and Obadiah.

      These Edomites, who are the synagogue of Satan, have gained control of all the governments and have built up Russia and China, the two big communist nations and Japheth remnants, as their golem to destroy what’s left of the West.

      After knowing all of this, do you still want to bow down and worship the Jews as God’s chosen? Don’t be like the rest of the plebs in the Laodicean church.

      These remnants of Esau even went so far as to create the nation state of Israel, so the Jacob remnants could bow down and worship a false Israel. If you wonder why Rothschild was so adamant about creating the Holocaust and getting his Israel established in the Middle East, now you know why.

      Satan deceives the whole world. Trust Jesus, Jesus saves.

    2. I have downloaded the book Who is Esau-Edom by Charles Weisman. Very informative and it confirms my suspicions. I always had the hunch that the so called Yiddish Jews from Eastern Europe were NOT descended from the original Israelis descended from Jacob. However they pretend to be. The Jews from Eastern Europe do not look anything like a semite from the middle east like the original Israelis of thousands of years ago.

      You look at Israel today and it is very secular and atheistic. There are Messianic Jewish people who are trying to spread the word of Jesus Christ and they get spat on and ostracized. I actually support the Messianic Jews due to their promoting the Gospel of Jesus. You see it is ILLEGAL to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Israel.

      I know a Jewish kid who visited Israel and Jordan. He said that the difference between Israelis and Jordanians are night and day. The Israelis were snooty and self entitled while the Jordanians were super friendly and went out of their way to be helpful.

      The old testament in Exodus and Deuteronomy and elsewhere say time and time again to treat foreigners among them with respect because they were once foreigners and these Yiddish Jews do anything but that. In fact many Yiddish Jews do not adhere to the old testament values. They adhere to something else. A lot of the Yiddish Jews think they are so special above everybody else. That attitude is going to backfire on them big time.

      1. Many of these Jews and Israelis are as brainwashed as the endtime Evangelical Laodicean Christians. Boy, are they in for a shock when Jacob is taken out.

    3. Thank you to the subscriber who passed on the link.

      I was only able to read half of it so far because of demands on my time, but this is a very interesting read.

      I often contemplate Genesis 25 v28 and try to put that in perspective. For me, that one verse contains volumes about human motivations and behavior.

      1. It’s a battle between Jacob and Esau, and unfortunately for us, Jacob doesn’t even know there is still a battle going on.

  7. Chris previously brought up the suggestion how God does NOT like everybody. I think the Holy Spirit speaks through Chris and he is so right. God does not like people who turn their back on him.
    Proverbs 6:16-19 sums up succinctly people with the following traits that God does not like:

    Proverbs 6:16-19
    16 There are six things that the Lord hates,
    seven that are an abomination to him:
    17 haughty eyes, a lying tongue,
    and hands that shed innocent blood,
    18 a heart that devises wicked plans,
    feet that make haste to run to evil,
    19 a false witness who breathes out lies,
    and one who sows discord among brothers.

    God does not like people with the following traits:

    1) Pride and arrogance. People with these traits tend to look down and disdain other people.

    2) Lust. People with lust tend to covet sexual relationship at the expense of all else like caring and kindness for the other person. These people tend to be addicted to porn which is a deadly sin.

    3) Greed. This goes hand in hand with Lust. Greedy people tend to covet material items at the expenses of all else especially positive relationships with other people and other people’s needs. Greed tends to result in negative relationships with other people. Extremely greedy people are thieves.

    4) Liars and deceivers. Lying and deceiving causes discord and bad relationships when the other people are fooled. Our Government people down in Washington D.C. excels at this sin.

    5) Muderers . Killing of innocent people brings bad energy everywhere especially to the person committing the crime.

    6) Sowing discord. This goes hand in hand with lying but other ways of sowing discord are picking at people’s sensitivities and starting arguments knowing the other person will disagree.

    7) People who continuously harbor sinful thoughts such as hatred, lust, and greed. These thoughts are the progenitor of sinful behavior.

    8) God does not like people who worship idols. Putting priorities ahead of God like money, sex, and material items is the same as worshipping an idol. God also does not like people who look up to humans to solve problems like charismatic politicians or look up to famous people as role models. God through Jesus Christ is your role model while anyone else pales in comparison. Worshipping idols is dishonoring God.

    9) God hates people who speak harsh words. The tongue can do almost as much damage as murder especially when cutting people down as mentioned in Proverbs 12:18 :
    “There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.”

    10) God hates people who hold grudges. Matthew 18:35 speaks against grudges:
    Matthew 18:35
    35 “So also my heavenly Father will do to every one of you, if you do not forgive your brother from
    your heart.” and James 1:20:
    20 “for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.”

    Hold a grudge against someone then God will hold it against you. Grudges lead to sin.

    These negative people described above are not all inclusive. God does not like people who speak against him and/or hurt other people in any way. God does not like people who disobey the 10 commandments which address many of the above mentioned behaviors.

    There is also a great article by Billy Graham that explains what God hates:

    The good news is that people CAN change so they no longer have those sinful traits. God LOVES people who give up those traits and turn to worship God and obey his commands. God sent his one and only son Jesus Christ to encourage sinners to change their behavior by turning away from their sins and worshipping God through Jesus Christ. God hates people with bad behavior, however, God will forgive those same people and love them when they give up the bad behaviors by turning to God’s direction. God has hope even for the worst people to turn to him and that is why Jesus Christ died on the cross and came back to life three days later. In fact Jesus mingled with the worst sinners in the hope of getting them to turn to God through Jesus. Jesus wanted to give those that God hated a fresh start so God could love them after all. God does not like everybody, BUT, he likes to give everybody a chance to be loved through the guidance and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

    1. Why did God choose Abram? Why did he choose Noah? Jeremiah? David? Gideon? Samuel? Amos or Joel? To the outside observer we could say that God like d them. Of course he loves his creation and he loves most people. Why he does this, I do not know.

      Out of the billions of people on this planet, he chooses only a small remnant. Why does he pick you over 97% of those around you? I do not know.

      I have come across many people in my travels and dealings over the decades who have asked me about these things I discuss, and they genuinely seemed interested in learning. But for some reason, there’s a stumbling block in their way. Perhaps they were trying to leverage it for gain like Simon Magus. Maybe they were genuinely interested. I don’t know why, I just observe, and to someone who sees through a glass darkly, I would just chalk it up as God liking certain people over others. He chooses whom he chooses.

      I’ve done many things that he does not like, but the Holy Ghost keeps knocking on my door.

  8. I am noticing that in some progressive circles it seems to be cool to support the Taliban, even in the US. Being a fan of Taliban is a good thing.

    We can see how the demoralization campaign against the West is now complete, and the unwashed liberal plebes will support anything that is critical of the United States or the West, even though they live here. Now that is social re-engineering.

    Perhaps the people who are fans of the Taliban here in the West would like to be treated the way the Taliban treats its minorities or treats its people.

    1. Normalcy bias. They still believe their chai lattes, plentiful supermarkets, Netflix, uninterrupted internet, reliable electricity, gas stations with gas at reasonable prices, etc will always be there…that is a mistake. They won’t believe something is actually wrong till they get a baton from a UN troop across their head forcing them into their 3rd booster in order to get their govt cheese rations.

      We are at peak decadence and softness, ripe for a take down. Most libs/progressives think sacrificing is taking one less vacation per year and Rachel Maddow on vacation.

      Don’t get me wrong, I have taken advantage of most of what plenty American life has afforded me in my life. Not until March 2020 and this hoax we are still subject to did I really realize things are not what they seem to be and I must prepare mentally, financially, physically and, most importantly, spiritually with God and Jesus. The decadence and immorality we see in society are a rot on the soul of our society. I fear the horrors of what is to come, but as it is said, what cannot go on forever, will not.

      I feel blessed to have found this site. You can say it is divine guidance we are here reading this and understanding what is to come. Take advantage of the opportunity, I am.

    2. We kind of are being treated like the Taliban:

      – Forced to stay at home
      – Forced to wear face coverings when out
      – Genital mutilation of children
      – Destroying of historic statues
      – People killed for disagreeing with the system
      – No free speech

      There are a number of parallels. At least the Taliban took down all the rainbow flags and stopped the drugs.

      Media here is starting to say unvaxxed should be denied medical treatment of any kind.
      Do what the Taliban wants and live.
      Do what the Western governments want and you die.

  9. I just read Andrew’s latest post aftern posting my comments on the matter. I don’t disagree with Andrew here. While I no longer belong to any organized church, I see what the popes in my lifetime have become. I specifically recall both John Paul’s, Benedict, and now Francis. I thought Benedict when elected would bring a little tradition back to the church, but the steamroller kept moving. The older Catholic laity have not kept up with the creeping degeneracy at the top of the Catholic hierarchy. The younger folks are just going along with it.

  10. By 2030, humans will have been on this planet since Adam for 6,000 years and Jesus Christ will have been crucified 2000 years ago. On the seventh day, God rested. Time is running out here and there will be a great reset. For most people it means bitter disappointment. Ask the satanist, Pope Francis. I have people asking me, doesn’t Pope Francis know what he says is against God? I say, of course he does. He’s not Catholic nor is he Christian. He serves the devil, and he and his bosses stole the election via that guiding hand of the chief commander to throw his congregations under the bus during the times of Great tribulation. His role is to damn as many souls as possible.

    Once we see all these things in light of prophecy then this whole timeline makes perfect sense. It gives me a sense of peace and ease in an otherwise insane world.

    I see the run-ups in the stock market and housing markets and other asset markets as a prelude of some sort of financial catastrophe in the future. Most likely mid decade. The upcoming manufactured and engineered collapses will be so devastating that it will usher in a new system. Unfortunately, the most likely catalyst will be war.

    I have been observing the behavior of the China’s CCP, and it seems they are clamping down on its captive citizens of their nation. Based on our theories that there will be future conflicts leading up to the time of Jacob’s trouble, I have to conclude that the CCP is consolidating as much of the power as possible inside it’s captive nation as a prerequisite to future and unpopular military campaigns. China knows it’s role in Bible prophecy and it’s role in this future conflict. They worship the dragon; always have and always will. That’s why they are communists; they’re drawn to the devil like moths to a flame.

    When the CCP realizes it will be able to walk around and take Taiwan, they will be emboldened to take many other actions, including spearheading the confederacy in Ezekiel to destroy the West. Of course, Ephraim and Manasseh are truly in the crosshairs, because when both of them are out of the way the rest of the West will fall like a cheap tent. This is why our adversary who has captured the soul of the Western nations, has been pushing these pernicious vaccines so heavily on the western nations versus the Ezekiel Confederacy countries. It’s all happening in a rapid pace now and the anti-West propagandists, like Pope Francis, will tell us we deserve it.

    If we view the great reset as the end of this age, which I do, given the current circumstances and most likely outcomes, then many of the key players in this unfolding global hierarchy will begin to go for broke and let it all out.

    1. According to Catholic rules, is it not true that any Catholic who prays in a Mosque suffers instant excommunication?

      The Pope did pray in a Mosque, among other things. The old joke about “Is the Pope a Catholic?” has the answer NO now.

      Can any Catholics out there confirm/clarify this situation?

      1. The simple answer goes like this: Bergoglio/Francis isn’t/couldn’t be the Pope. The “Popes” since Roncalli/John XXIII never received the Papacy and are imposters. The people who occupy the traditionally Catholic institutions have captured them from the legitimate heirs.

        1. Is that the Sedavacantist position?

          I was more interested in his status assuming he was a valid pope to start with. If he has subsequently disqualified himself by praying in Mosques amongst other things, then that demonstrates his disqualification to a broader audience.

          Remember the crowd mind has a mental age of about six*, so you need to keep things simple. It’s more effective to talk about the Pope’s latest gay orgies for example than some complicated conspiracy theory that may well be true but just sounds like a Dan Brown novel to most people. I’m not asking you to stop talking about such things, I’m just saying I’m not talking about them right now.

          So no, I don’t think your simple answer is a simple answer at all. It would require pages and pages of proof and background. Mine requires a snapshot of the rule about praying in a Mosque, and a picture of the Pope praying in a Mosque. It could be done as a 4×4 inch meme that people can post on twitter and understand fully right away, as opposed to your complex story of intrigue and mystery. Your answer didn’t even answer my question anyway.

          *as described in Gustav Le Bon’s brilliant classic book “The Crowd”, which is about 100 years old.

          1. In Catholic dogmatic theology, the Pope is the living rule of Faith, the Supreme Lawgiver and an absolute monarch who rules as Christ’s Vicar on Earth. Theologians speculated on the idea of a “heretic Pope”, but the common opinion is that the Holy Ghost would prevent such a thing from ever happening. There are competing theories about a “heretic Pope” and how to resolve such a situation, and a sedevacantist would indeed state what I said above.

            It ties back to what I was saying about John XXIII and the other Vatican II “Popes”, because the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) pretended it could change the entire Catholic religion. Francis practices “ecumenism” and would be consistent with that council, but in traditional Catholicism he would indeed prove himself to be outside of the Church through “communicatio in sacris”. This is a source of endless problems for Catholicism for all of the reasons already stated above, if somehow he were a true heir to St. Peter.

            Your “conservative Novus Ordo” members have likely heard and know enough about this man’s abominable impiety, but choose to “recognize-and-resist” or “recognize-and-ignore”. Some even pretend that his heretical predecessor, Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, is still their Pope because of an issue with his resignation (“Resignationism”/”Bennyvacantism”). You could point out Francis’ heresy and clear apostasy all day long and it would probably fall on blind eyes and deaf ears. To admit the truth of the situation is an extreme act for a nominal cradle Catholic that would cost him his entire social circle and earn ostracization.

            I’ve tried and tried. They know. We might be at the limits of those that might be convinced. If Francis isn’t enough, what horror comes next?

          2. Just listen to what he says. He says we don’t have to be a Catholic to be saved. If that is true, then why have the Catholic Church anymore. Just dismantle it as superfluous.

            He says even atheists can go to heaven. He condones homosexual relationships. I don’t keep up on his views much any more, since they are often at such odds with accepted church doctrine. I cannot think of a worse change agent for the Church than the current pope. His espousing of liberation theology and the globalist program agenda is striking here. He manipulates the globe into saying that getting the vaccines is an act of love.

            This man is going straight to his father when his time is up.

            And as a former Catholic and observer of the Church, I agree with Andrew here. I also agree with you. This heretical pope says we pray to the same God, so praying in a mosque is just fine with him. He speaks great things and blasphemies. Since Vatican II, the popes have just become a bunch of one worlders, and are really grooming the path for the final pope. That one is Francis.

          3. The pope is the false prophet in revelations.
            As St John the Baptist was the forerunner of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ so will the pope, as the false prophet, will be the forerunner of the antichrist. We only await the antichrist’s appearance now, until then we have a little time to prepare ourselves.

        2. Andrew’s assessment is correct.

          Paul VI took away the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the 1960s, bringing about a calamitous loss of graces in the world. This cessation of the sacrifice was predicted in the Book of Daniel, by St. Paul, and private revelations.

          Catholics must pray the Mass at home, take Spiritual Communion and make Acts of Perfect Contrition. Both the Council of Trent and Thomas Aquinas said Spiritual Communion, taken devoutly in times of necessity, may confer more graces than a real Mass. Catholics must avoid “traditionalist chapels,” as they operate outside Church hierarchy and are a denial of the papacy. They are schismatic and have no backing in Church theology.

          Read more here: https://w-f-strojie-letters.webnode.com/l/w-f-strojie-letter-no-89/

          1. Hello Laura, I appreciate our previous correspondence. I just want to point out that your Strojism/Bennsianism/Mataticsism is based on faulty interpretations of canon law, St. Francis de Sales and other novelties. Anyone who follows your advice can consider the case of “Pope Michael I” and if one of these lay theologians might later change their minds on being “recusant” or a “home-aloner”*.

            Are we going to see a second cessation of the Mass when the Antichrist appears and demands all worship himself + ends all other forms of worship, or is it a long continuation from 1965/1969 until then? Are the Antichrist and Novus Ordo Mass both the abomination of desolation in the Temple? How do you work 52 or 63 and 3.5 years together in that system?

            Fr. Cekada (requiescat in pace) took you to task years ago: http://www.traditionalmass.org/articles/article.php?id=55&catname=14

            The opposition:
            https://www.betrayedcatholics.com/ (Teresa Benns)

            *Being an involuntary recusant/home aloner distinguished from choosing to abstain from an available licit+valid Mass.

      1. Notice in Jeremiah 5, Jeremiah 5:20, he specifically enumerates the House of Jacob and the House of Judah. Jacob’s house was already in captivity. Jeremiah must also be referring to something other than the immediate and impending Babylonian captivity of Judah. Endtime double fulfillment.

  11. The stock market and house prices continue to go up. It’s totally insane. You are right. The people love this system. There are more and more articles about universal basic income and free benefit handouts. The more spending, the higher asset prices go.

    1. Do they really love it, though? Canadian Prime Minster Trudeau called an election for Sept 21. He was speaking live this morning, acknowledging that the homes are being bought by foreign investors and that our own people can’t afford to buy homes. He knows many are unhappy about this and he’s promising to ‘fix’ the problem. He’s suggesting a heavy tax on foreign real estate investors and home ownership programs, such as a rent to own idea (isn’t that what a mortgage is?). I’m skeptical – is this the prelude government takeover of your property since you are ‘renting’ it from them anyway? Is anyone listening to this thinking it’s too good to be true? He did say that if we are so unhappy with our government, that we could simply express this in our vote and that we have options. We do have a lot of political parties to choose from, a relatively new one which is openly anti-lockdown, anti-mask and anti-vaccine. His biggest rival is yet unvaccinated and he pointed it out this morning, inserted it in an answer to a question that had nothing to do with vaccine. In fact all questions about Afghanistan ended up in vaccination propaganda. He had to be redirected quite a few times. Trudeau looked rather smug and self-assured that the Canadian masses wouldn’t vote him out. We’re an unhappy but complacent lot.

      1. I wouldn’t be buying any more rental real estate. In fact, I am overweight RE, and would like to begin selling.

        You bring up a very good point here. I am less concerned of market blow ups, and much more concerned regarding exogenous political factors, including restrictions on RE ownership and use. Prohibitive taxation policies are certainly a factor as well.

        I suspect that prices will continue running up here, but as this end times timeline begins to manifest and become more obvious to the believer, we will be confronted with unforeseen and unprecedented factors for asset ownership. If you own rental properties continue holding them for now. If you own stocks continue holding them for now, but keep in mind that our circumstances can change very quickly.

        We know the operations of QE, have been on the right side of the markets for the past decade. So you do not want to stand in front of this freight train. But as the costs of living spiral out of control and as the plebs are less able to function financially, the governments will begin to step in unilaterally and make decisions that will be hostile to many investors.

        The vast sea of unwashed humanity has folded like a cheap tent and I am so shocked at how quickly that the demoralized race of humans have devolved. The elites see this and know that they can begin to promulgate whatever they choose leading up to Jacob’s trouble.

        1. Institutional investors are coming for the short-term rental market


          The large institutions are so desperate to find yield anywhere, and are willing to go down to the actively managed short-term rental sector.

          What gets me is that these institutions could have gobbled up boatloads of real estate last decade at much lower prices. Where were they back then when I was participating in auctions and was the only serious bidder?

          It goes to show you that institutional money is no smarter than the small and independent-minded investor. The only reason why they succeed is because they have access to dirt cheap money.

      2. There is evidence that the last New Zealand election was fixed, just like the US election. Dominion machines, results stored overseas “for security”, etc etc. The results are held here for so many days then destroyed. They are all gone now, and that’s just the way the government likes it. The losing opposition party doesn’t seem interested in fixing the problem either.

        That’s why Trudeau is smug. The Canadian election is almost guaranteed to be fake.

        Besides counting tricks, they also had two referendums guaranteed to drag lefties out in droves: legalizing pot, and legalizing Euthanasia. The former was rejected, the latter accepted. I guess New Zealanders are still slightly sensible, or maybe just tired of v

        The election results showed that farmers voted for Jacinda and her Komrades. The theory was they gave their candidate vote to the National Party and their party vote to Jacinda so she would get so many votes she could stop the Greens getting in! Well she did stop the Greens, but there isn’t much difference between Labour and the Greens. All lies of course, rural NZ would never vote for her no matter what. They hate her.

  12. Jim Stone at jimstone.is says the following. Any errors that you can see?

    I think we are going into Revelations 16.
    Use the King James version. It is the least manipulated.

    I’ll tell everyone how to know if the vax is the mark of the beast and if we really are going into Revelations 16.

    Revelations 16 talks about the mark of the beast and a grievous sore that befalls the people who take the mark. I am seeing increasing reports of those who survived the shot breaking out into horrible rashes and blood blisters and *.* related. It all started with people getting blood blisters, and is now evolving into hives that burst open and other skin disorders. This would be caused by the shot blocking micro capillaries and starving the skin of blood, causing necrosis. Not the classic gray rotting necrosis, – a different type where the skin gets at least some nutrients, but not nearly enough. It does not die totally, but it breaks out horribly.

    If this becomes commonplace to such an extent you see it every time you go to Wal-mart, WATCH OUT, because it really could be revelations and accepting the shot really could be accepting the mark of the beast.

    I suggest everyone read all of Revelations 16 because it really looks like we are going into the first vial and there are 7. The calls to repentance will be obvious. There’s nothing subtle about it.

    1. Rev 13 says that those who do not accept the image of the beast are killed right at the start. Or maybe it just means those that do not take the Mark are killed. i.e. 15 and 16 here could refer to the same thing.

      As well as the Mark there are 7 plagues. Could they just be the variants?

      15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.

      16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

      17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

      18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

      Oops, I also missed the bit at the end of Jim’s post. He also said this:

      The ones who are still alive when the first vial gets opened will be those who are the most evil (lots of those) and the most good (a few of those). The rest will be dead by then and that may be a blessing. More and more good people will be gone as the vials progress. If you don’t make it to the first vial you are likely among the good. It really looks like it is going to be opened over the course of the next 12 months. Wait and see I guess.

      1. The ‘Mark’ is the dumbphone.

        Therefore everybody carries the mark already. The majority probably sleep with the mark (dumbphone) even.

        It talks to you all day long.

  13. Anthony Patch makes a very convincing case that the vax is the Mark – now. His predictions have been spot on – he predicted a corona virus plandemic in 2014, and his understanding and analysis of the tech are outstanding. I highly recommend his work.


  14. Good point and I’ve often wondered what my purpose was. I’m very fortunate in general – more so than I should be – and can only think there is a reason.

    Still lots of talk about this so called vaccine (or va666ine). There is an abundance of information from both ends of the spectrum and that has me wondering. The establishment says it’s safe and we must take it. Today full FDA approval? Yay. Not! The alt says it’s unsafe and no one should take it. On the Christian side it’s the mark of the beast. All this info is brought to us via the DARPA created internet (remember that). But what if this is nothing but (or mostly) a mind control game?

    Consider the speed and precision all this happened and as a side effect how much money has changed hands in the process. The timeline from “China gets the flu.” Then Italy, the US. In just a few months a “magic cure” vaccine is going to be available but at first to hospital workers. Everyone wants in but the opportunity is only open to certain professions and age groups. Soon it’s open to everyone. Then you are offered marijuana and money to take it. The jokes come out saying this is so good you need to be bribed to take it. We went from slam dunk cure back to normal with people begging for it to “get the jab and win a lottery or get free weed.” We currently have growing skepticism among the public while TPTB ramp up efforts to get everyone jabbed.

    In my personal circle I know several that have got the jab, but contrary to some stories claiming people got sick or even died as a result, I’m personally not seeing this. Nor do I see an overwhelming amount of people getting sick. Everyone seems fine. So let me run this by you: Can a killer airborne virus be released to the world that has the potential to kill everyone be all that and a bag of chips? Is this brand new technology called mRNA (that has never been used on the public to this extent) really be a potential to kill so many with side effects? Regardless whether one can sue the pharmas or not, would even they release something so dangerous labeled as treatment? Or is this just a mind game? Is the shot a benign / mild solution for the purpose of testing the public response in a problem, reaction, solution scenario? There was talk about this event 201 but in reality are we in real time event 201? As in right now? Would it be even more valuable to TPTB if the majority of the population conceded to the jab eventually prepping for the real thing? Because once the dog has been trained to sit and roll over he will do so on command. Once people in present time were convinced to get the jab – with the majority having no side effects whatsoever – simply line up like getting tickets to the last Grateful Dead show for the real Satan Sauce?

    I have a lot of questions indeed and very little adds up assuming you stick to any particular story. So again, are we in a mind control experiment? Because TPTB can’t simply order anyone to carry out their wishes. It has to be your idea.

    1. I honestly view it primarily as a psyops, to conditione the masses to continually cross lines in the sand. Timothy Fitzpatrick and I now both agree the mark is the logical result of this process. He thinks it may be sooner than I think. Perhaps living in Canada, he sees more of the severity of the timeline.

      As for the jabs, I have to view them as a red herring in some respects, though I will never take them.

      As for what my guess with what the vaccines will do? If the mark is coming soon, the vaccine regimen will work in coordination with the mark to produce the desired to results of what the elites hope to achieve, a totally servile and damned slave class.

      I am not going to take the bait and say the vaccines are going to kill off humanity. That Dr. Mercola article I provided the link to yesterday went into great detail about how the benefits of the vaccines resulted in an absolute drop of slightly less than 1% of covid cases, though the relative benefit was 90% or so. It’s a disingenuous sleight of hand, which renders the vaccines essentially useless versus the placebo. So I ask why? Why are the powers coordinating with every nation to push these vaccines? What are the true objectives?

      This is not going away, and will result in an end to the way of life we once knew.

      Understanding the dialectic process, both Fitzpatrick and I know the end result; the acceptance of the mark and our free will choice to take it, even if coerced.

      1. Indeed. If people aren’t willing to give up travel, cinemas, and restaurants for the sake of their health (not getting jabbed and conforming to state-imposed nonsense), how much more will they accept the Mark, which will have greater implications than the clot shot passport? So far, the clot shot passport proposals allows at least non-essential services to those not dumb enough to be jabbed. The Mark will not permit this. You will not even be able to make a simple electronic transaction without it.

        I would say Mark before mid-decade if they have a major catalyzing event, like a global cyber attack. But without that, I would agree with your 2025-2030 timeline, Chris. God help us.

        1. Agreed. It could be sooner than I think. If the current trajectory holds, it will be second half of decade. If something else happens (e.g. manufactured stock market or economic collapse and is blamed on the unvaxxed, all bets are off). I am getting emails and posts from around the world with countries making vaccine passports mandatory in some nations by early next year.

          The mark will allow us to bank and transact financial transactions. The mark could free a lot of inmates, so they can be tracked in real time or have to log in. The ideas are endless and without the mark we will be thrown into the wilderness

      2. If indeed the vaccine is statistically proven useless relative to the placebo then my theory may hold water. The alt suggests the vaccine will kill everyone off just can’t possibly happen if TPTB will eventually rely on a slave class. Killing income generating slaves would be counter productive – at least right now. But as you (and Mr. Fitzpatrick) know the road to loss of personal liberty is a long slow descent to the bottom that went exponential in 1917.

        The more I consider my theory the more it it makes sense. Just in the US alone the majority of 330m people have and will continue to reason out – through manufactured propaganda – that the vaccine is the best outcome going forward. All mainstream theories of doom and gloom will be proven false. 5G will be proven safe for humans. CA will successfully end it’s controlled burn of the rural areas (outside the megaregions) until those people are settled into communist housing (conveniently located IN the megaregions, which is under construction now). The many illnesses from the vax will be discredited. All homes and transportation off of hydrocarbon fuels (because it’s so disgustingly easy to monitor and control a population and every transaction that is plugged in to a grid). The killer flu will be under control and credited to the FDA approved vax.

        Once everything calms down in the emerging new world and people are content is when the “fatal blow” will strike. But I believe, in my limited observation, this may take some time.

        1. 5G is absolutely not safe for humans. Neither is regular WiFi, cordless phones, microwaves, and, of course, cell phones.

          Although conspiracy talk (theorem) is being exploited for other agendas, it doesn’t invalidate conspiracy theories necessarily. For example, the Russians are hyping anti-vaccine sentiment in the West while promoting vaccine conformity at home. Does this mean that anti vaccine sentiment is bunk? No, it doesn’t. Mult-linear propaganda going on here. You can’t establish a sound position based on reaction or on the fallacy of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

          I think the clot shots will reduce the population, eventually. It’s hard to say what the ultimate purpose of the shots are, but we can know for sure that there are multiple dialectics spinning off this farce. 9/11, similarly, had multiple angles to it, not any one in particular necessarily.

          1. Agreed. We should view these threats to our future in a multi-dimensional manner.

            The objectives of 9/11 were manifold and I have extensively covered the financial ramifications of the Patriot Acts to not just US residents, but to anyone transacting with dollars (and gold or any other store of value). But think of all the other results of 9/11. Wow. What a successful military psyop against humanity.

            Same here with the vaccines. We can speculate for so long that we never leave the computer screen. All I know is based on the behavior of our adversary, there is no way in God’s green earth that I will ever heed their directions with this evolving COVID-19 military campaign.

            We also hear over and over again how the PTB want to cull the herd. I would not be naive to think that humanity will continue on its current trajectory. I think humanity has changed its course forever, and I have to conclude that based on their behavior, the PTB are worried they are running out of time. Not worried we will wake up, but worried of some other wild card.

          2. In no way do I subscribe to the “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” plan. Everything is suspect that comes out of the internet, where most of everyone’s info comes from. Best I can do is take it all in and compare with real observations and form my own conclusions. But most importantly is try to humble myself before God because no matter what I know or see or analyze, the outcome will likely be very different than I imagined. Only through humbling ourselves before God will the Holy Spirit reveal to us how we should react or what to say at that hour.

            5G is simply non ionizing radiation and has two sets of frequency bands. FR1 has a frequency range of 450 MHz to 6 GHz and FR2 is 24.25 GHz to 52 GHz. Cell phones have been in wide use for over two decades, and although there is still discussion if they cause brain tumors, I just don’t see people dropping dead. Does this mean it’s safe? Not for me to say but as of now I can’t suggest it’s a death sentence. As 5G is rolling out, the info stream of technical sounding info goes with it just like it did with cell phones. Hour long videos on youtube (controlled media) cite imminent death or some damage to humans because the 5G band is or can operate at the same frequency that resonates the oxygen molecule. Me knowing something about resonance (mainly mechanical), I will submit that operating a wireless network at the resonant frequency of oxygen will result in making heat at the expense of wasted electricity. Just like 1500W of power consumed by a microwave to heat food by resonating water molecules, 60 GHz will heat the oxygen molecules. The result might be loads of interference with poor data transmission. Not the goal of the wireless provider!

            The possibility of weaponizing 5G by operating at 60 GHz is not for me to prove one way or another. All I can do is ask the right questions. Typical 5G base stations use 11KW. Watts are: V(A). Period. Assuming the base station is running at 220V it only needs the same size wire that powers your electric range (8ga or 6ga) 50 amps (220V) to make 11KV. Is that enough power to cause mayhem to large groups of people? And is it only directional? Yes, the technology exists. But can that come out of a pole mounted 5G antenna that is not a parabolic dish? Again, I’m not saying it can or can’t. But as of now it’s simply a means of wireless communication. The microwave dishes that have been on top of buildings for the last 50 yrs that I know of don’t seem to get any kickback from anyone but they all have warnings to not stand in front of them. And for good reason. They are in fact directed energy weapons if you stand in front of them!

            My point about 5G isn’t so much the frequency but people’s crack like addiction to the technology. The Devil is clever. While the masses are distracted by the reports of physical dangers of 5G, very quietly people are succumbing to their passions of modern technology. All of Christ’s teachings are being proven true in real time! Consider that anyone who holds a possession in their hand has lost the use of that hand! That can be extrapolated to just about anything of this world.

    2. Why are all the cheap and effective treatments being excluded to the benefit of the vaccine? The PTB want us to take these shots to the exclusion of all else and are forcing us under the threat of lost jobs and inability to eventually transact business and commerce. Clearly there is no logic here unless we view it from the theories we propose.

      Even the pharmecuetical firms’s own data don’t show a statistically significant absolute benefit with the shots. Yet they are portrayed as having a huge benefit. They state the relative benefits, which overstate the true benefit.

      This is not going away and it will persist until mid-decade. By then, society will have been completely rewritten. It will be the desired outcome of the elites.

    3. I understand the confusion.
      I also looked at both sides of the argument and I found the anti-vax arguments are more persuasive than the Pro- Vax arguments. The one big argument for the pro-vax case was that it was supposed to reduce the severity of the Covid 19 and also reduce your chances of getting the Covid 19. Now there is evidence that the Covid 19 Vaccines neither reduce the severity and especially DO NOT reduce your chances of getting the Covid 19. Even the mainstream media is coming out with stories of how fully vaccinated people are still getting the Covid 19. Reverend Jesse Jackson is the latest example.


      Actress Melissa Joan Hart is also fully vaccinated and still got the Covid 19.
      (Remember Clarissa Explains it All and Sabrina the Teenage Witch)

      It is obvious to me that these Covid 19 vaccines have much more serious side effects compared to the Flu Vaccines or any other Vaccine. There are hundreds of videos since early this year of people getting serious long lasting side effects soon after their Covid 19 Vax shots compared to maybe 1 video every one or two years of somebody suffering from the Flu shot. Check out the link below:


      Just check out the CDC VAERS report that show many more incidences from the Covid Vaccines compared to the flu vaccines: https://wonder.cdc.gov/vaers.html

      There are many who do not suffer immediate side effects, however, those taking the Covid 19 vaccines are playing Russian Roulette with immediate side effects.

      There are also potential long term effects from these Covid 19 Vaccines which have not been fully addressed such as altered blood cells, blood clots, and impacts on organs. Check out this video from a well known pathologist:


      Check out this video as well:


      When these Covid 19 vaccines first rolled out I was hesitant to be the first to take these vaccines due to the new science used behind these vaccines and the fact that they were rushed out quickly. I decided to take a wait and see attitude towards these vaccines to see how these play out. I actually was considering the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine due to the fact that it was using a more scientifically proven technology, BUT, stories started coming out about people suffering strokes after taking the J & J vaccine. These appeared in mainstream media because it actually happened in the parking lot right after the shots.

      My fears about these vaccines proved true as more and more reports of serious side effects from these vaccines started coming out. The mainstream media always downplays these side effect stories by claiming they are infrequent. I am always suspicious when Government authorities or anybody in power tries to push or hound us to take something because usually their is a selfish angle in that push.

      Here are other reasons that raise my red flags about the Covid 19 Vaccines:

      1) As not enough people lined up to take these Vaccines the Government and Employers are starting to use the stick to get you to take the Vaccine such as workplace mandates and being denied entry in stores. I am fighting against my Boss as he wants to make me take the vaccine. Soon the unvaccinated may not be allowed to go grocery shopping nor use their smart phone. Just check out Chris’s situation with Fairfax County.

      2) The media and the likes of Facebook and Youtube routinely block out any criticism or videos showing side effects or cons against these vaccines.

      3) There is a major mainstream media push to encourage people to isolate and ostracize the unvaccinated people. I am facing this myself. There is this argument out there that a vaccinated person’s vaccine won’t work if they are around an unvaccinated person. It is like a person in the rain with an umbrella who sees a person in the rain without an umbrella. The person with the umbrella claims their umbrella does not protect them from the rain because the other guy doesn’t mind getting wet. Very stupid logic and I am shocked that people fall for this logic. We are living in a giant Jim Jones Peoples Temple Cult world where the Covid 19 vaccine is the Kool Aid.Check this out:https://www.rollingstone.com/feature/jonestown-13-things-you-should-know-about-cult-massacre-121974/

      4) The other thing that really smells is that the choice of Vaccines offered in the Western world are only mRNA technology or the Adenovirus technology both of which alter your cells. Countries outside the western world offer an Inactivated Virus Covid 19 Vaccine which plants a fake virus in your bloodstream and stimulates your immune system. Inactivated virus vaccines are a tried and true method for vaccines to work and come with very little side effects. Check out wikipedia article about vaccines offered in the world:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_COVID-19_vaccine_authorizations
      Why are we not offered the Inactivated Virus Vaccine?

      To me these are all the reasons for me to not take any of these Covid 19 Vaccines that are offered to us.
      This whole push is really sinister.

      I am surrounded by people who have taken the Covid 19 Vaccines. A couple of people I know were seriously sick for a week with a fever, nausea, and could not move some of their limbs for that time. One described herself as poison going through her body. They did get over it. Other than that , I noticed subtle personality changes in those who have taken the Vax. I noticed that those people who have taken the Vax are more lethargic and Lazy which is great with my Boss. Before my Boss took the Vax he was always wound up and driving us crazy with his hypertension. Since his Vax he has really calmed down, however, I noticed he is drinking much more caffeine at times which makes him much worse than before. I think the Covid Vax saps people’s energy.

      From what I hear and see I am never taking these Vaxes that are offered to us and I think it should be a personal choice NOT a coerced choice. I will fight back if they coerce us.

      1. The other thing I noticed with those who got the Covid 19 Vax is that several of them have come down with sickness such as the flu or pneumonia.

        One cousin of mine 24 yo lady got pneumonia a couple of weeks ago. She got both doses of the Moderna Vax.

        My niece’s daughter 13 yo got both doses of the Pfizer Vax in April and May and then she gets the Flu in June. Mind you it is very strange to get the Flu in June in the Northeast.

        Then there is my boss ,who is pressing me to take the vaccine , who got sick at the end of July. His wife also got sick as well. They got there Covid 19 shots in March and April. The boss got the Moderna and the wife got the Pfizer.

        My hunch is that the Covid 19 Vax reduces your immunity against other diseases. I don’t want to think what next winter will look like. It may be a horror show.

        1. That’s my one definite concern. These jabs lower our immune systems. There are already a number of maligned treatments that work to effectively cure covid. This thought alone is something to consider, since there are traditionally no real cures for viruses, especially for colds and I’ll influenza. Why are preexisting remedies so efficaciousness? So many observations to show this whole thing is a militarized psyop against humanity.

          This blog theorizes the purposes and most likely outcomes.

          1. Great Point Chris,
            A lot of effective cures for Covid such as Ivermectin are being suppressed.

    4. Al,
      If you are confused about all the stories on the internet about Vaccines, 5G, Etc the best thing to do is take it up to God through prayer and God will give you guidance. You are right that all news sources should be viewed critically. Only God has the truth.

  15. Now this is interesting. Dr Shiva details how the pharma industry works. The FDA’s rules were putting them all out of business. The only hope for profit was VACCINES!!


    Trump pushed the vax with operation Warp Speed. Trump saved Pfizer!

    JFK and RFK pushed the vaxxes back in their days.

    So why is RFK Jr. the anti-vax hero now? Why doesn’t RFK Jr. mention his dad and uncle’s role in pushing all the vaxxes? Or does he? I can’t remember.

    Some people are addicted to getting tested. A friend of mine said his boss said the test was really painful, but he went to get another one. He sat in the queue for 3.5 hours before getting fed up and leaving. What a moron. He should have stayed in that line as long as it took. Now he’s a virulent Delta Vectors super spreading RNA terrorist.

    I walked past someone on the sidewalk yesterday. That means we are both Delta Vectors now according to Queen Jacinda the Magnificent.

    1. I was reading that the swabs are soaked in ethylene dioxide, a pernicious carcinogen. The people who get vaccinated slowly become the enemy to those who do not, because as the number eventually hits 70% in the states, the authorities will pullout their vaccine passports nationwide. Then eventually the mark as a fraud proof way to gauge whether or not someone is sedicious and racist.

  16. Situation update from NZ in case anyone cares:

    Queen Jacinda and her court jesters are now saying elimination might not have worked because Delta is unstoppable. So what’s plan B? I guess it’s vax the hell out of us. The government has told us no viable plan for escape from this, so I assume there isn’t one.

    I drove down the road to look at a testing site. The sign said there is a 4.5 hour wait. Hundreds of cars were lined up in the carpark. The goyim probably have nothing wrong with them but all want to get tested for Delta. I can’t imagine what goes through these people’s heads – I don’t watch the news. Their heads are full of the news and not much else. NPC paradise.

    I predict a 50-80 population reduction is coming, solely based on this mass insanity. Vax deaths and deliberate government action could easily push that to a 90-100% reduction.

    The insanity slope is still steep. We are nowhere near a turning point and even if we were, it could just be a point of inflection before another extreme ramp up. Most of us are doomed I think.

    Even scientists can go on crusades it seems, and the “Children’s Crusade” this time will be an even sadder affair than the first one to fight the Muslims centuries ago.

    There is a reason nobody has written an update to the book “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds”. If you did it would be “racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, racist, hateful, antisemitic trash”. We can’t have that. It would be about a foot thick too and nobody’s got the time for that. Someone will have to write it 200 years or more from now, when such talk is acceptable again because humanity is in the grip of new taboos.

    1. Timothy Fitzpatrick thinks we could be set up for the mark, at least in Canada, as soon as 2023. Circumstances only make sense when viewed through the lens of eschatological understanding.

      We are not crazy for coming to our conclusions.

      1. Three more years of these lockdowns and uncertainty and people will do anything.
        Even if the shots were all placebos I think the stress and insanity of all this will break everyone.
        Supply chain problems with mass starvation will be more than enough to do it. I suspected at the beginning that this is our generation’s WW2 and that it will last 6 years, just like WW2 did. People said “no we just need to flatten the curve”.

        WW2 only ended on the 6th day of the 6th month of its 6th year.

        This will take us out to mid 2025, just like they have been saying. It will be far far worse though, so we only have to use our imaginations. They will kill us in 1000 different ways, just like in WW2.

  17. I may know it better, now, Chris.

    I think there’s some sense to an idea of synchronicity. But rather than emphasize the occult version propped up by psychoanalysts and the like, I will hold to the idea God reveals and connects as he sees fit. I’m honoured to receive a kind of shoutout — after all, I am only a young man facing down the barrel of this manufactured COVID-19 crisis.

    I need to see my destiny — and part of that is an attitude readjustment. I am going to commit even harder to what might be my appointed task, to finish a forensic, journalistic account of the COVID-19 pandemic, its culprits and stages of evolution since 2020. I have been at it since December. I’d be happy to send you copy of its final draft, projected for October, 2021. I think its your words that echo other messages the Lord has been meaning to send me. Thank you.

    1. Start with the “Perspectives on the pandemic” interview series. The first 10 episodes are from last year, many from March-April 2020, and they show how much was known, and how it was known to be a hoax.

      And here’s a smoking gun:

      “We need to increase public understanding of the need for medical countermeasures, such as a pan-coronavirus vaccine.

      A key driver is the media, and the economics will follow the hype.

      We need to use that hype to our advantage, to get to the real issues.

      Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.”

      Peter Daszak, 2015
      President of Eco Health Alliance

      Reported in the National Academies of Press Publication February 12, 2016

      1. Although he helped destroy the Patriot movement by partisanizing it in into obsolescence, AJ has been laying out some coaching points with his take on the process to get this pandemic to the stage it is at.

        Of course, it’s not Bill Gates or Karl Schwab that is to blame for this. These figureheads are just puppets and it’s ultimately the synagogue of Satan that is pulling the strings. We can never talk about those people.

        Bill Gates has been making Faustian bargains since before the Netscape Navigator lawsuits back in the mid-90s. His bosses told him that he would win all the lawsuits and be one of the richest people in the world if he would just go along with what they wanted him to do. We all know he gladly accepted and has become the puppet for the vaccination campaigns. But I asked you, who put them in that position?

  18. “Some 6.5 million renter households are behind on rent, according to U.S. Census Bureau data, with nearly 72% of them owing smaller “mom and pop” landlords.”


    This is the plan all along. The PTB know the smaller individual landlords are less able to screen tenants effectively and are more prone to getting suckered by tenants. The large institutional landlords have access to Federal programs and are experts at low-cost evictions.

    The goal is to institutionalize landlording and get the individuals to exit the lucrative sector. Agenda 2030, the mom and pop landlords will own nothing, and the private equity and REITs will own it all.

    If the real estate market collapses, the Fed and govt will get the blame. This is how the shakedown is carried out.

  19. Great article Chris,
    If anybody is unhappy with their jobs, or life for that matter, a great start is to read the Bible and seek God through Jesus Christ. In our walk with God we need to think about our careers. Can we reconcile with what we do for our job and the ways of God? That is a question all of us Christians need to ask. There are a lot of jobs out there that require sinful behavior to be successful. Working in a strip club or in the porn industry is one example. A lot of business and finance jobs entail a lot of greed and lust for more money at the expense of people’s needs. Most people who become successful in big business and finance “cross the line” to get there. A job in sales require sales people to meet difficult quotas and as a result the needs of the customer gets pushed aside as they are sold a product they really don’t need. Success at the above mentioned careers or similar jobs comes at a huge spiritual cost as that person gives up their conscience to become successful and MOST OF ALL separates themselves from God. They are out there on their own. At some point they may lose everything and have nothing nor nobody to back them up. God is the only one that will back them up.

    The other aspects of toxic jobs are when you work under a mean Boss and/or are surrounded by mean cutthroat co-workers and that is usually the case in the above mentioned careers but it could happen at any career. Working with mean people can drain your spirit and as a result lead one to sin as you pick up their bad energy and it reflects on yourself. One must get out of workplaces with mean bosses and / or mean co-workers to save their spirit.

    Recall what apostle Paul said about associating with sinful people and that goes for sinful jobs as well.
    Sinful jobs usually have sinful coworkers and bosses in those jobs.

    1 Corinthians 5:11 ESV
    “But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler—not even to eat with such a one.”

    1 Corinthians 5:9
    “I wrote you in my letter not to associate with immoral people;”

    2 Thessalonians 3:6
    “Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you keep away from every brother who leads an unruly life and not according to the tradition which you received from us.”

    1 Corinthians 15:33
    “Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good morals.””

    Here is a great biblical reason NOT to take these evil Covid Vaccines:

    1 Corinthians 3:16-17 ESV
    “Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him. For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple.”

    If your employer requires you to take the Covid Vaccine then you must get out of that job ASAP. The employer is not only invading your spirit but invading your physical body with these dangerous vaccines. NO amount of money is worth sacrificing your body. Prayers to God will direct you to another job.

    If you are not making it on your job and/or your conscience is bothering you about the job, then that is God’s way of telling you to switch careers and definitely look for another job. When you follow God’s direction for careers it is a win win. You win by having a close relationship with God and a better conscience as a result. Better conscience leads to better health. God always directs you to callings that resonate with your heart when your heart is with God and therefore it will lead to success in many unexpected ways. Answering God’s calling probably won’t make you rich, however, God always gives you what you need and NEVER leaves you wanting. A close relationship with God should also be reflected in your job.

    1. Don’t quit – get it in writing that you are fired, and precisely why.

      One day that piece of paper might be worth something.

      1. I don’t think there’s that much time left to even be concerned. It’s going to be all about survival in the wilderness. The Hegelian dialectic has accelerated so much and so quickly that we will soon be presented with the mark in the next few years. We need to realign our mindset to be on the outside looking in, and this will be a good thing for us to take comfort in our upcoming struggles, because we will be doing the work of our father who is in heaven, while our adversary does the work of their father, the devil.

        1. I think you are right. Forcing them to fire you is more a parting shot than anything else.

  20. Here’s an article from Dr. Mercola.

    “While the COVID injections have been characterized as being somewhere around 95% effective against SARS-CoV-2 infection, this is the relative risk reduction, which tells you very little about its usefulness. The absolute risk reduction is only around 1% for all currently available COVID shots.””


    This means the measured benefit to the vaccinated person is a slightly less than 1% absolute reduction in contracting covid versus the unvaccinated. But in relative terms it’s stated as a 90-95% reduction.

    And these numbers are based on the rigged vaccine manufacturers experimental data.

    Is that worth all the potential side effects?

    1. My advice is to quit any job that requires employees to take the Covid 19 Vax. Employers that require the Covid Vax for employment are showing NO respect to the employee’s body and are not worth working for at any salary. Should the employer have a right to decide what to put in your body?

      1. Don’t quit. First gaslight them with legal threats about unfair dismissal. Just print out all the stuff on the net and give it to them.

        Make them fire you. Get it all in writing. Ask them to specify the reason. Tell them they are guilty of medical malpractice, prescribing you a shot for now reason. Whatever. Make them uncomfortable. Then get fired.

        Well that’s what I’d do.

        1. Bob,
          I think you have a very excellent point. Very Good thought . Stick these vaccine mandates back to the employer with legal papers. Make them fire the employee. Definitely get the paperwork as to reasons why employee is being fired. There is also a better chance at collecting unemployment and a better chance to sue the employer.

          1. And you tell them you are collecting all the information so you can present a case against them in the Nuremburg II trials for genocide, forced medical procedures, and human rights violations. Tell them they are already guilty and if they continue, they will be even more guilty.

            Another strategy is to ask them to control Hepatitis A,B,C, HIV, TB, Flu, Measles, etc etc. They must provide information on all workers who have these, all workers vaccination status, and provide the means and protections so you will not catch those diseases either. It might go nowhere but we need to fight back at least a little.

    1. There is hope. God knows there are a lot of us scattered amongst the nations. Much of His remnant lives in quiet isolation, having been beat up by friends and family.

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