Global circumstances spelling the end? At least nineteen reasons to think so

Bob posted:
German doctors look at vaxxed blood under microscope. Some of the things they say:

– It looks weird
– Crystalline/metallic structures
– These people will ALL die.
– Blood expert says she has never seen anything like this
– This looks like it was planned well in advance
– They are giving this to cancer patients and it will kill them quickly
– This is mass murder on a global scale
– People are idiots, they still take the second shot even after we show them what the first one is doing!

Sorry about the link, it was from an embedded video and I couldn’t find the original page. Hopefully it works OK.

Here was my edited response:

Thanks for the post. I just viewed the video. It is so sobering that I cannot even begin to describe it. It sounds like they were describing the symptoms of those who have suffered from Morgellons disease.

Indeed. There’s not much time left. I’m kind of going through the motions now and trying to maintain a normal semblance of life, but I am concerned that we will begin to start seeing the waves of casualties mount over the next few years. Everything is conforming and it is all coming together. It’s difficult trying to remain sane while all those around us strain at gnats and swallow camels. The stuff that mattered to me, just seems so insignificant.  Even my assets mean nothing. I just assume sell everything and get ready.

According to Saint Malachy’s 900-year old prophecy, Pope Francis is supposed to be the final Pope. I see him blowing the whole Church apart. His logic of all being saved is existentially fatal to the Catholic Church’s raison d’etre. If we all can be saved, including the homosexuals, then why should the church even exist? Francis is full of heresies and blasphemies, and even has changed the Lord’s prayer.

Here is my ever-expanding list of observations that provide us with bonafide evidence as to the end times:


  1. The upcoming planned force majeure for the USD by mid-decade or soon after seems to now coincide with all this Great Reset stuff; The U.S. and Britain never lost a major war nor their sovereignty. The other remnant nations have in the past. This has allowed these two brothers to maintain the global reserve currencies for the past 200 years. This is soon coming to a tragic end. Taken in isolation, this could be just another war. But when we view it through the lens of current events, the coincidences are too numerous to ignore. This will be the time of Jacob’s trouble.
  2. The growing evidence of the horrors of the vaccines. The observations of the doctors in the above video reminds me of the signs of Morgellons disease.
  3. The U.S. pullout of Afghanistan is well timed to bring back the troops for the upcoming unrest. What is going to be so horrible that the PTB are planning troops on the streets?
  4. This irrationally coerced vaccination regimen will work itself out via the dialectic process to acclimate us to accept the mark, which will allow us to buy and sell, and work. Given the current trajectory of the devolution of mankind, the PTB only need several more years to make this a reality.
  5. The people who get vaccinated refuse to listen to the overwhelming evidence of the heightened potential for prolonged debilitating illness and eventual death from these vaccines. The masses can no longer think clearly and have clinically gone insane. As one of the doctors in this video stated, these people are willing to euthanize themselves, rather than stand out from their peers.
  6. The buildup to a global conflict.
  7. Every nation is in synch and there is no escape… anywhere.
  8. The church has been fully lulled to sleep. Even the fire and brimstone preachers on YouTube are useless now. That’s why they are allowed on YouTube. They all fell for the adversary’s lies of the past 170 years, which were directed from the top.
  9. The whole world has quickly become shockingly degenerate, repulsive, and wicked. It all happened so fast. The unwashed and damned souls are rearranging their deck chairs on the Titanic, while they pull down statues and change names.
  10. The hardwiring of humanity to be fully conditioned for the end times took a drastic advance over the past 18 months.
  11. With each passing day, I am more convinced that Deagel is correct with its 2025 timetable. It will be from the vaccines, war, and supply-side shocks.
  12. The handing out of money to the end user causes the consumer to continually undervalue the costs of their demand. This becomes a self-generating mechanism that causes austerity and rationing.
  13. The remnant nations of the northern Israelites are the desired target of our adversary. Deagel’s analysis conforms with the OT prophets and the objectives of the S of S and the Edomites.
  14. The economy and financial markets have been set up to be centrally managed, so the plug could be pulled any time the S of S wants.
  15. There is no turning back if inflation continues to spin out of control and bond yields and interest rates stay low.
  16. Expanding lockdowns to get us ready for something terrible. It has nothing to do with a virus. At least, not COVID-19.
  17. The FED and all the central banks are talking about the need to get the populations vaccinated. This is unprecedented for these banks to get involved in these matters.
  18. Saint Malachy’s prediction almost 900 years ago in his chilling Prophecy of the Popes that Pope Francis would be the final pope. Biden and Francis both take their elections though they were fixed. These people needed to be here at the posts.
  19. There has been a lack of any action in the judicial and legislative branches to the initiatives of the CDC and other agencies that are clearly not legal. Even the Supreme Court has weighed in with complete indolence. The evictions moratorium is just one matter. Their lack of action on private sector vaccine mandates is another one. There is a directive from the top of the pyramid.

Everything’s coming together. I MEAN EVERYTHING.

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88 thoughts on “Global circumstances spelling the end? At least nineteen reasons to think so

    1. Grim, but true. It’s all coming this decade.

      Each day of peace and prosperity with the beautiful sunshine is more precious than all the fine gold under 44 Maiden Lane.

  1. I’ve heard there are $45,000 fines for violating “health regulations” in NZ.

    In Australia they even had $500,000 fines for Uber drivers if they dropped off a person to a protest.

    Are they going to enforce mass starvation as well? The police belong in hell.

    1. Read the Bible to find out. It has nothing to do with a virus. the clamp down is necessary before Jesus’ return. It is going to be a brutal decade for the remnant. Get ready for the wilderness.

      1. Chris…Eye am Troll…awareness is prepairedness…get ready 4 the wilderness…40..

  2. I used to tell people to stop going on about the vax being experimental. It’s a red herring.

    According to Henry, FDA will approve the vax on Monday.

    Then what are all these “but it’s only experimental” going to say?

      1. With each successive shot, the plebes will get sicker and sicker. The neurological damage going out to mid decade will all be blamed on the unvaccinated.

      2. TruNews reported last night that the FDA ‘approval’ is for a vaccine that hasn’t been used yet, a second vaccine called Comirnaty from BioNTech. It isn’t for the Pfizer mRNA vaccine that has been in use for the past several months. Thus, the media is lying again. The broadcast had a short clip of Dr. Robert Malone, who is the inventor of the m-RNA technology, discussing this. You can start at 4:20 minutes into the broadcast.

    1. The vaccine is now mandatory for Fairfax County workers. If they don’t get vaccines, they have to submit to weekly tests. If you don’t submit, you get fired. Within the next 6 to 12 months I won’t be able to enter a Home Depot nor the grocery store without my proof of vaccine.

      This is the primary reason for the Afghanistan pull out. The troops have been deployed back home, and are awaiting their orders to maintain order in the streets of the United States. I wonder if the people will ever figure out this has nothing to do with a virus, at least not covid-19. It’s about the unconditional surrender of the nation, as warned by the real Patriots back in the 1950s and 60s. it really has all to do with its unconditional surrender as the masses fornicate in the streets like cockroaches that have just been sprayed and are about to die. I can’t help but thinking about Edward Bernays and how jaded he became as he got older. He viewed humanity with more and more disdain. He saw how predictable and suggestible they were. Bernays was successful, because he viewed humanity as a herd of livestock.

      Hell is going to break loose here in the states, while the PTB already have their game plan already figured out. The reason why they’re going for it now is that they believe God will not intervene, but I know better; I have been studying the words of the Old testament prophets.

      It’s going to be a very tough several years, especially for those who think they will be raptured out.. Please pray for the the remnant. They are the only people who matter to God in this unfolding story. And remember, Jesus saves.

      1. Chris,
        Wow! My gut instinct was correct. I felt at first they will ban the unvaccinated from public events, restaurants, bars, and flying. I had a strong feeling that it will not stop there. They are going to hit the unvaccinated where it hurts the most. Now it seems that in certain locations, the Unvaxxed are being banned from grocery shopping , all retail shops, and from most jobs. This will expand to more areas and to more aspects of business. I have a hunch that they are not going to stop. Soon the Non vaxxers will not be allowed to use their smartphones, will be banned from banking, and will be banned from using the internet.

        I don’t care to attend crowded events, I do not eat out nor go to bars, and I have no plans for flying nor taking mass transit. Being banned from grocery shopping or using my smartphone is going to hurt. This is why in the last 10 years they were pushing all this new technology to get us hooked on it so we could not function without it. They are using our addiction to this technology such as smartphones and the internet to control us.

        This is a dry run to see who will take the Mark and who will not.
        I wonder if those troops coming back from Afghanistan will be used to round up the Unvaxxed.

        1. The troops will be used to maintain order. I don’t think they’re actually going to round up the unvaccinated, per se, but if they do, we will have to take a lot into our own hands. I will never get on one of their buses or go to their camps. I think a lot of the unvaccinated will just die. A lot of these moral hazard pre-tribbers will not make it and will die because they never prepared.

          I agree with you. I haven’t flown a plane in 8 or 9 years, I no longer take long trips or stay in hotels. I definitely do not go on any mass transit, though I did go to a Nats game earlier this month, and took the Metro. I go to restaurants maybe once or twice a month, and I stock up at the grocery store once every 9 or 10 days. I really cannot stand to have to look at people anymore. I try going to the gym, but having to look at all those lost souls is depressing.

          I tell people that if it weren’t for property management I would just have a burner phone. But I have to carry this stupid thing with me in case I get a text or call for an emergency. And I get them. I also need access to the internet for information regarding property Management etc. If I didn’t have any tenants, I wouldn’t have this phone.

          The only thing that really hits me hard is my need to have the ability to go shopping at the stores. Having lost that ability will hurt tremendously. I already know that I will not be able to work out at the local gym within the next 6 to 12 months, so I will be rearranging my downstairs to bring in a weight training rack and a leg rack. We need to stay in shape when we get shut out. I guess my personal life will soon be in a shambles as I will be the only one who will remain unvaccinated. I think it’s readily apparent that the remnant Christians are under direct orders not to be vaccinated. The Bible is rather clear. We are not to take markings or piercings or any cuts (unless we need to stay alive and by their very nature, vaccines do not help the person). This includes vaccines and needles. Especially when they include different types of human genetics.

          We truly will be on our own. It’s going to get brutal for many of us. I’m trying to figure things out and I am completely stymied.

          All of these calls for the vaccine passports and requirements have a singular mind of their own and are being directed from some central locus. Do not try to understand the logic behind them. You will only understand the logic when you understand the objectives of the New World order in the unconditional surrender of the United States. It will all happen under President Harris’s watch.

          These passes will become mandatory for just about any type of commerce, but the establishment will claim that fraud will be too rampant and that we will have to take some sort of Mark to show that we are up to date and fully vaccinated. But in order to remain in compliance the people will have to take a couple of these a year. It will mean a slow degradation until senescence, illness, and death. Of course the vaccinated will be brainwashed into never figuring out that the vaccines are causing their maladies. They will be mind controlled into believing it’s the unvaccinated that are causing the world’s plagues.

          1. Chris,
            I am with you on how you feel about shopping and going out on errands. I hate shopping period. The only major shopping I do is grocery shopping as that is necessary. I dislike going shopping and seeing all those pitiful soulless people out there. It is the worst while shopping in urban or suburban areas. I can feel the depressive energy from the crowds. As more people get vaccinated, the more soulless and depressed they will be.

            I try to buy as much online as I can to avoid the crowds altogether at the malls and department stores. When I do go shopping, I pick a time of the day and day of the week where there are less crowds. Weekdays are the best for avoiding the worst crowds. I avoid shopping on the weekends altogether. Weekend shopping is the worst as everybody else shops on the weekends and there also tends to be larger families with kids on the weekends. I find people with children tend to be more depressed and burned out.

            I don’t care to fly nor attend events and now I stay away from restaurants. I never cared for Bars. The few times I have gone to Bars they are crowded with pitiful people who have nothing better to do with their lives but get drunk. I never cared to go to the gym due to crowds . I instead exercise at home and take walks around the block. If they cutoff the grocery store from the unvaccinated then that will be hard for me.

            Those who refuse the Vax should consider stocking up on food and other necessary items if there is no home delivery available in your area. If there is home delivery of groceries available in your area then that is an option, but, I would not count on it too much as services can be unreliable. Delivery could be cut off when there is overwhelming demand. Whole foods and other grocery stores stopped home delivery services during the height of the scamdemic in March and April of 2020 just when everybody needed it the most. What a bunch of copouts.

        2. Indeed. It’s a short bridge from Covid-clot-shot-social-credit to the Mark of the Beast system. I agree with Chris that this will be in place as early as mid decade, perhaps even by 2023.

          1. You do see it coming into view. Your timeline is even more aggressive than mine. You see a different perspective living in Canada. The technology is all in place and is all commercialized at a low enough price point, and ready to go. It just needs to be accepted by the masses, and it definitely will be. If they believed all of the COVID-19 lockdown and mRNA lies, they will eagerly take mark.

            I have another observation with regards to this timeline. The central banks and governments are handing out the money en masse directly to the end user, which is causing the supply-side shocks and austerity. My concern is that they are purposely burning the quantitative easing bridge, because they want to end QE in a few years. Authorities just need to keep the spigots open until the people take the mark. Too much financial hardship will drive many away from the mainstream narrative as they will begin to question the whole thing. The masses need to be mollified and the financial handouts need to continue for now.

            When the masses become used to depending on QEs endless money supply to facilitate not having to work, and when the investor at-large has his or her complete faith in QE, that’s when we need to be concerned. QE’s long-term viability depends on its doubt. It’s this doubt that keeps the urge to overspend intact.

  3. Chris,
    Regarding point #3 of your latest posting: “The U.S. pullout of Afghanistan is well timed to bring back the troops for the upcoming unrest. What is going to be so horrible that the PTB are planning troops on the streets?”

    THE UPCOMING UNREST MAY BE THE Cyber-Polygon 21 event: a planned complete electronic shutdown of society planned for this fall, possibly, or before Christmas….. a firm date was not set, but, on July 19th the NWO met to discuss how to implement the shutdown. The Cyber – Polygon 21 shut down will mean: no internet, TV, electricity, running water, frozen food, traffic lights, cell phones, gasoline, visa card transactions, banks shut down etc. The whole of North America and perhaps all the western world will be SHUT DOWN. It is supposed to last a week. Only the NWO knows how long . I think that is why the troops will be needed: to order temporary MARTIAL LAW. This is designed to strike fear into the populace…..greater fear than the “scamdemic” and death shot vaccines. Stock up NOW and prepare!


    1. You could be right. I still think it will be about the people going nuts after they’re shut out of the economy. 10% of the population that is not going along with this will refuse to get vaccinated and as they lose everything, they’re going to go insane.

      1. So true. A quote from Gerald Celeste: “When people have nothing to lose they lose it.”

    2. Un-vaxxed patriots who can’t get independent will have to rely on gov’t welfare, but once the cyber attack (or something like it) kicks in, the mark system will be ready and they will have to make a big decision at that point. Starve (or be executed) or take the mark. It will be the ultimate test.

      1. Agreed. I doubt they will come and round us up per se. They’re just going to let us die in the wilderness, unable to work and shop and eat. Those who take the mark will view the unvaxxed and unmarked with total disdain and will think of us as lower than dogs.
        The unvaxxed will be blamed for all of the world’s ills. In the West, the unvaxed and unmarked will be predominantly white Christian. We all see where this one is going.

  4. I used to work in the automotive friction industry, I did a lot of tear down and reverse engineering work to understand competitor brake pad compounds – mostly using conventional and Scanning Electron microscopes. The images in the video looked familiar to me – almost like semi=metallic friction. The fine flake graphite used in brake pads looks the same – very shiny under microscope even at low magnification. If it is true that the adjuvant is graphene oxide based (carbon) then it is possible that it is reacting with the iron in the blood and forming iron oxide. Fancy name for rust. If they manage to get Scanning Electron microscope images, that will be interesting.

    We were trying to get our heads around the volume of injected material (5ml?) versus the volume of blood in the body because the density in the images doesn’t make sense – unless there is some sort of chain reaction once the oxidation starts. I don’t claim to understand it fully yet but my wife and I are trying to figure it out – she has a biochemistry background. I remain skeptical of anything presented so far on the mRNA front, I am leaning towards slow poisoning/clotting via the adjuvants.

    1. I’m certainly not taking them, based on what this blood work shows, it looks as if these vaccines will be setting people up to facilitate the mark’s efficiency.

  5. Crazy changes are picking up pace. Clearly it appears the future is changing for the worse very quickly in from of our eyes. It appears discouraging to all of us including myself as it appears we are working for a future that will no longer exist. The future will be extremely hard for those who refuse the Covid kill shot because soon they may not be allowed to go grocery shopping and will not be allowed to hold a job nor participate in the economy in any meaningful way. Those who do take the Covid kill shot vaccine most likely will not have a long future anyway due to ill health and finally death. Don’t forget the four horsemen of the apocalypse in Revelations. The first one may be arriving very soon if not here already and the others will soon follow.

    I myself feel a lack of motivation to work as I like to hide in my cave and watch all this happen. However, Apostle Paul counseled the Thessalonians against idleness in 2 Thessalonians 3:6-15

    Warning Against Idleness
    6 Now we command you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you keep away from any brother who is walking in idleness and not in accord with the tradition that you received from us. 7 For you yourselves know how you ought to imitate us, because we were not idle when we were with you, 8 nor did we eat anyone’s bread without paying for it, but with toil and labor we worked night and day, that we might not be a burden to any of you. 9 It was not because we do not have that right, but to give you in ourselves an example to imitate. 10 For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat. 11 For we hear that some among you walk in idleness, not busy at work, but busybodies. 12 Now such persons we command and encourage in the Lord Jesus Christ to do their work quietly and to earn their own living.[d]
    13 As for you, brothers, do not grow weary in doing good. 14 If anyone does not obey what we say in this letter, take note of that person, and have nothing to do with him, that he may be ashamed. 15 Do not regard him as an enemy, but warn him as a brother.

    2 Thessalonians 3:6-15 encourages us to continue with our lives and especially continue our spiritual walk with Jesus Christ. This is a perfect time to change for the better. If you work at a job you hate then this could be a perfect time to shift gears and use these changes to get out of a toxic job. Switch to a job that you love doing even if it does not pay as much. Pretty soon money is not going to matter much when Jesus Christ returns. If you are unvaccinated and can’t get a job then this is a perfect opportunity to come in contact with other unvaccinated people and help them. We must work at making a positive difference to our fellow person as good Christians.

    When Paul was writing 2 Thessalonians, the Christians in Thessalonia were facing persecution and were desperately hoping for Jesus Christ to comeback and set up his kingdom ASAP. They were discouraged and Paul promised Christ’s return but only in his own time and urged them to keep the faith in Jesus Christ and continue to earn a living. The Thessalonians had to wait another 2000+ years. The good news for us is that it appears much more likely that Jesus Christ will come in our lifetimes. The signs appear to be there. However, like the Thessalonians we will face persecution as Christians because the AntiChrist will force us to worship himself or we die. Whatever you do DO NOT worship this beast to save your life because you will lose your eternal life. Things will get a lot harder, but rest assured that Jesus Christ is protecting you and he will soon arrive.

    Remember Winston Churchill’s famous phrase: “If you are going through Hell then keep going”. The best you can do is to keep going with Jesus Christ through this world that is rapidly turning into a Hell.

    1. thanks for this. sometimes, it can get overwhelming thinking about it. That is probably part of the psychological warfare of being overwhelmed – the enemy tries to instigate on the folks that know what it is going on. So these biblical verses help

    2. Indeed. Based on the past 12 to 18 months, it seems like all that I have been working for and caring about has just evaporated. The only thing I know to do right now is to fix up my houses and properties while I still can.

      I guess we need to redirect our energies and slough off the stuff that other people are concerned about. All the things I used to care about no longer seem to matter anymore. I’ve kept myself in good shape and could probably exist several years in the wilderness. It will be coming in handy as we go out to mid to end of the decade. I hope to make it through the second Exodus.

      I don’t even care to talk about the markets anymore. I haven’t been trading in months and I’m only observing as a detached participant.I marvel at the people around me who get caught up about the smallest of things. They don’t see what I see. Ever since I was a child, I always knew I was different, and now I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was the sad little boy who tried to be normal. I struggled to reconcile my conscience when I worked on Wall Street. Though I was brighter than the others, I wasn’t as sociopathic.

      I was put here at this time and place for a reason, and so are all of you. We all need to help each other and warn others of the impending and unfolding story of Revelation. I’ll do my part while I still can. Hopefully, I can take my two talents to turn it into four.Jesus saves.

      1. Chris,
        I had similar problems trying to fit in most social situations. I always felt different but had to pretend to be like the others and that was difficult. I myself worked in business and finance at a big bank in Boston. At the time that I graduated college business and finance were the “Cool” careers to be in .
        Little did I know, that success in business and finance required me to be cutthroat and competitive. It was not about working hard and being the brightest as I naively thought when entering this career. It was more about knocking over the other guy and turning on those that help you. Trump’s show, “The Apprentice” really reflected that. That cutthroat, competitive spirit is definitely not me.

        I switched to being a CPA with the idea that the profession claimed to be about honesty and integrity. The CPA profession wants us to believe they have high moral character such as honesty and integrity.
        However, after so many years of working in the CPA profession, I find that the CPAs up top are anything but honest and many lack integrity. The CPA profession treats employees like dirt by making them work very long hours and expect the impossible from their employees. There is a very high turnover in this profession at the lower levels. The CPAs up top are extremely cutthroat, competitive, and many lack empathy. Talk about sociopaths. This profession is all about volume and making money and not about honesty and professionalism.

        If I were to choose a career today, I would choose one that helps people by making a positive difference in their lives such as counseling or even being a minister.

        1. The sloppy agape Christians will tell you that God loves everybody, but he did hate Esau in the womb. He also hates the Nicolaitans and the members of the S of S. You may believe that God loves everyone, but he doesn’t LIKE everyone.

          If you feel different, and the words we discuss make sense to you, then God has a purpose for you, because he likes you and is trying to reach out to you. There’s something about you in which he favors. He evidently has chosen you for a purpose. All we have to do is knock, and it will be opened.

          It’s not that you’ll have any special place in heaven per se, however he facilitates certain things to make certain that his chosen fulfill their obligations according to his will. If the people he chooses to do certain things do not do them, that creates consternation and dis-ease in their lives.

          Many of us led certain lives that were antithetical with words of God and our calling, and we had a tough road as a result. Our consciences didn’t sit well.

          In essence, we can say that God stacks the deck against certain people to make sure they perform what he wants them to perform. For some reason, I was always able to see the future more effectively than all the others around me. Everyone else thought the stuff was too depressing, but I was always eager to discover. I don’t know why this was the case but I have sense of insight that I didn’t know I possessed until about 15-20 years ago. This is why I have my blog, and I’ve never felt better. Perhaps I can help the hundreds of people who stop by.

          If you have that urge to change, and have that calling from God, you must listen. God is reaching out to you, specifically. Expressly. There are many who were called, but many of them didn’t understand. These were the people who didn’t fit in with society. Most of those who are hopeless alcoholics and drug addicts are trying to quiet the noise in their minds as they figure out why their lives don’t make sense. Many of them are trying to quiet the message from God. I gave up drinking for good in 1997. It was the beginning of my journey that continues today.

          Remember, if you are reading these words, God most likely has a specific purpose for you. He wants you to perform a certain task or function while we are here as a member of the church. I am not a healer. I am not an evangelist. It’s not normal for me to say kind words. God has pigeon-holed me into doing what I do best. I’ve never come across a well-adjusted prophet, and the prophets of the Bible were never a happy bunch. Jeremiah was called The weeping prophet for a reason. I am sure he was not a joy to be around. And do you blame him? He knew history in advance it was given to him by God himself.

          What is your purpose in these final days? Many of you already know, but many of you do not. Pray and listen. We are all needed as members of the end time Church.

  6. BTW, for years the cops in NZ had recruitment ads saying “Get better work stories”.

    Yeah it’s fun talking about how you destroy people. “Making a difference” or “helping the community” are no longer reasons to join the police. Excitement and better work stories is the reason.

    The police here are 100% and irredeemably corrupted. Of course they see it differently. They don’t have guns. The are “nice”.

    1. It is sad to hear that New Zealand is turning into a totalitarian hell. There are certain states here in the USA that are very totalitarian such as Massachusetts, California, New York, and of course Washington DC. Other states like Wyoming and Texas are more anti Vax friendly and more Libertarian.

  7. This is a good video from Brendon OÇonnell III – Live – Afghanistan/Kissinger & Implications for U.s Tyranny – how the Afghasnistan matter and it does match exactly with what you say, Chris, everything is moving really close. if it was not so wicked I would say it is beautifully planned.

      1. Brendan has a particular animus against White nationalists. When he mentions them he sneers and calls them “pig sh!t” and other less flattering terms. He never acts like that about other groups, even Satanic child sacrificing Judaic genocidal maniacs.

        He seems to really really hate the idea of a white country, even more than he hates the NWO.

      2. I watched much of that O’Connell’s video, and I just read your article. Thanks. I never heard of him before, but I guess it would be wise to stay away from him.

        The US military will be redirected to the states. The resources will be freed up to be used on the streets of the United States. This is a certainty. Why many of the analysts like Joel Skousen doesn’t see this is beyond me. On many levels I have to believe that most of the people in the alternative media are in complete denial, and are in over their heads with what they think they are dealing with. Timothy and I both see the impending arrival of the mark soon, while most others are not even aware of this timeline.

        In fact, it is a wise choice to stay away from most people in the alt-media for the very reasons Timothy points out. I am careful to avoid relying on other personalities. I am especially careful to avoid those who refer to the Jews as somehow being the problem. The easiest way to avoid the problems that O’Connell encounters is to just refer to the Bible and quote the Bible. If someone wants to shut up the adversary, refer to the Bible in an objective way. Just tell the people that Jesus warns us twice of this endtime amorphous entity called the synagogue of Satan and that there are these Jews who say they are Jews but are not. The average Jew down the street has no concept of any of this stuff.

        I have to believe that most of the people in the alt media are just trying to make a name for themselves and are not controlled per se. The Establishment only needs to control a few people and all of the rest trickles down from the top of the alt-media pyramid. Conrolling a few clowns like Alex Jones is enough to change the direction of the Patriot movement and to effectively throw it into the trash of history.

  8. I felt very strongly about this vaccination being the mark. But you know Google had it all covered up, it’s the same with YouTube, Chris. › n…
    Web results
    No, the COVID-19 vaccine is not linked to the mark of the beast

    Other than henrymakov’s website the remaining anti establishment sites were washed cleaned.

    People capable of critical thinking like the lovely righteous people in the video they *felt it was coming*


    1. I knew that this vaccine was the mark, and I knew the devil revealed itself with the nwo cards. The combined disasters are now on us.

      The devil can only be found and understood in the details.

      But I do not know what is the meaning to have consecutive booster shots. Are they only injecting a portion of the beastly mark into people’s bodies and take several shots to fully form up the mark of the beast? He is surely up to no good.

      1. Due to the fact that I know many older people who have had jabs with zero side effects, I suspect they are using saline shots to keep the numbers up. They just can’t make the stuff fast enough.

        Multiple shots (probably 6) are required to ensure they get everyone.

        As Dr Yeadon says, they are getting us used to it so they will be capable of eventually doing a rapid mass kill shot all at once.

        Lots of people are being arrested in NZ now. Lots. The pigs are going nuts. They even tweeted that it’s a game of tag and we are all “it”. We have smug pork over here.

  9. I joined a Voices for Freedom online conference last night.
    They said Ashley Bloomfield said his main concern was upholding the government’s end of the Pfizer contract – a secret contract which requires they take all liability and they must purchase all doses allotted.

    The contract must be fulfilled.

  10. Escalation in NZ.

    For the first time ever I was told I need a mask in the supermarket.
    I said I had an exemption. Some random guy said “What’s your exemption?”

    I said it was none of his business. Things are turning nasty. I’ll wear my Ebola costume next time. The sheeple can panic that their masks aren’t good enough. I don’t care. To hell with them all.

  11. The Dow Jones Commodity Index broke its 100-day sma yesterday for the first time in the past year. Today, it fell even further down. Are commods about to fall further to test the 200-day sma?

    1. A force majeure refers to a clause that is included in contracts to remove liability for natural and unavoidable catastrophes that interrupt the expected course of events and prevent participants from fulfilling obligations.

      In the case of the United States and US Treasury and the US dollar, I have been saying all along the only way the US dollar will be toppled as the reserve currency will be by a devastating loss in war. It won’t be through negotiation. Although the British pound lost its Reserve status and Britain didn’t lose war, they were Ephraim and they transferred the reserve status to its brother in the states, who was Manasseh. Both are working together and always have been.

      This war will be the force majeure that will relieve the United States of its obligation, yet at the same time, also destroy the dollar as the reserve. Britain and the United States have never lost a war that resulted in the loss of their sovereignty. The Royal lineage is still in place and the United States has never been invaded in a major war (other than by Britain early on). This is why they’ve had the reserve currencies of the world. If the United States was landlocked or less isolated like China or Russia, I doubt the United States dollar would have been chosen to become the world’s reserve currency. The United States dollar was also chosen because United States also had such a strategic advantage because of its physical location. It’s very difficult to invade and take over the United States. Of course, this will change during Ezekiel’s war. United States is the Land of unwalled villages. This force majeure will be what I consider the time of Jacob’s trouble. Don’t look at the United States the way it is now, look at the United States the way it was during its first hundred years. The United States of today is a cesspool and is ripe for destruction.

      1. Chris I really agree with you about the USA. In my 54 years of life in the USA I have witnessed the people of the USA becoming more brainwashed and mindless. Most Americans now, especially the younger generation , are into selfish pleasures and think of nothing else. So shallow compared to 40 years ago.

        1. I just observe what is important to Americans now, and I shake my head in disbelief, as I see things that should be vitally important being ignored, while the most trivial and meaningless garbage receives the most attention.

          Jesus talked about how people will strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. He knew people better than the best psychologists of today know.

          I marvel at the willful ignorance of these supposed social justice warriors and those looking for racial changes and for homosexual rights. Their whole way of life and the world around them is collapsing and all they care about is some meaningless stuff that has been injected by the intelligence organizations. They’re too self-absorbed to see how we’ve all been pitted against one another, while our adversary flourishes and reengineers the world around us. Such meaningless dribble.

          By observing what is important to Americans now versus what was important to them 50, 100, or 150 years ago, I can mark the clear devolution of humanity. As their real rights and future prospects have all been taken away, they’re left with meaningless stuff to get all worked up about.

          And since the plebes have no more rights, and are willfully ignorant about it, it manifests in a cognitive dissonance in which the person turns inward and decides to just have fun. It reminds me of when cockroaches are sprayed they run around and try to fornicate as quickly as possible before they die. Humanity is now no different. They deserve what’s coming.

      2. Thanks for the reply.

        My idea (which I’ve profited greatly from the past year) is that the stock market can’t/won’t crash before such an event(force majeure). A “self-imposed” crash, through raised interest rates for example, would be too big to bounce off of, so the hyperinflation continues until an external force intervenes and does it for the U.S.

        It could be a split-second event so capital locked in the system could vanish in the blink of an eye / take years to regain funds from exchanges etc.

        Any thoughts?

        1. I totally agree. This has been my underlying theme the whole time, since I started my blog almost 6 years ago, which is why I told people to go out and make hay while the sun shines. Because of bandwidth and storage restrictions, I have to delete my content going back further than 2 years.

          Read my articles on under my pseudonym “Thomas Beecham” going back to 2012-2013; they are as valid today as they were 8 to 9 years ago.

          If these elites decide to collapse the markets now, after 12 years of successful QE, they will get the blame. If the housing market crashes, and the stock market crashes, and if asset prices is crash, because of something they did, they will get the blame. Pure and simple. Everyone is viewing the actions of the central banksunder a microscope. I have always theorized that it will be a force majeure that will put an end to everything we know.

          This unwinding process to get to 2030 will take too long via the conventional and current route. This phony virus scam is not working fast enough anymore. Too many people are catching on to the shenanigans, and in the past, it has always been war.

          I observe how these powers have tried to embarrass the United States and make it look like the Nazi Germany for World war 3. The United States has been set up as the pastsie for this upcoming global war. this is why I always admonished the reader not to engage with the anti-West propaganda of the mainstream and controlled alt media outlets like Zero Hedge. Zero Hedge has over a million Twitter followers for a reason. The powers are pleased with its results and allow it to flourish. A lot of my readers are huge consumers of the propaganda emanating from Zero Hedge, but I told them that if they continue reading it, to take the contra of whatever they recommend. Anyone who has listened to ZH over the past 12 years has gotten taken out to the woodshed. This is not by chance. The anti-west propaganda comes in many forms, and often appears as your friend. It preys on the people’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It preys on people’s discontent. It praise on the economically disfranchised.

          I have always marvled at how quickly the people in the United States have rejected God and instead turn to their lusts and self-centeredness. Because the powers have told us where a multicultural society they have deceived us into believing we can reject God or make God into whatever you want. The God of the Bible made sure this nation was founded because of the deathbed promises of Jacob to Ephraim and Manasseh, and it was Christian. That’s why it was great.

          Now the US is about to go into even darker captivity and all I see is the plebes’s obsessions with racial, sexual, and social rights. They’ve been convinced via the social engineering in the movies and TV that raising a family is an anachronism, but that’s because they can no longer afford to have children nor maintain a house purchase. They will forever be in debt servitude as debt slaves, but they’re more concerned about slavery from 150 years ago. They’re being coerced into taking vaccines and no longer have control over their own bodies nor their children. They merely manage their children now according to the dictates of an unelected elite. The constitution has been rendered obsolete and they don’t care anymore. They’ve sold their birthright for a bowl of soup and will mock you as being a white supremacist if you talk about lawful gun rights and getting rid of government social welfare as it just drives the cost of everything else higher. The stuff the people obsess over now is meaningless stuff, especially during this perilous time.

          My theory over the past year has been this. This manufactured COVID-19 scam will continue until mid decade. They will ratchet up the restrictions until only those who are vaccinated and going with the system will be able to buy and sell work. Their methods of politicizing these matters has been highly effective at getting the people to view it as a left/right issue or democrats versus republicans. The mockery that Alex Jones made out of the Patriot movement has categorized him as a partisan bickering person, and thus all of the correct things he talks about is now tossed into the trash as partisan politics. Because AJ has politicized the whole alt media process, everything he says is just politics. Even the Patriot movement has been made into a mockery. This was engineered on purpose from the top of the pyramid. This means most of your family members will reject us over covid, just like they reject us over politics. It doesn’t matter how many people are dropping dead in the streets. It’s guilt by association.

          The elites are counting on the number of people no longer engaged in commerce to just start armed civil unrest. The MSM will of course blame it on the Christian white people. They will be blamed for everything when all of this starts to unravel in earnest. They will be blamed for the mounting vaccine death tolls.We’re talking going out to 2025. The Elite’s answer will be troops on the streets, and foreign troops. This is my primary theory on why the Americans have been brought out of Afghanistan. Our powers are planning something big, because that’s the only way they’re going to get their 2030 agenda.

          We have been very successful on this blog, especially for those who stayed in the real estate and stock markets. Heck, because we correctly predicted the direction of interest rates and the amount of massive QE that could be engineered, we have made money in every asset class, because we stayed long. My only mistake was probably underestimating the sharp increase in commodity prices, but even those are falling back now and many of them have fallen through support levels. The economy here is slowing down slightly and I think things could happen in a way that central banks may continue quantitative easing. Ben Bernanke says that the Federal reserves balance sheet could go to 100% of GDP, and I totally agree. By the time we get to that level, GDP may be up to 30 trillion dollars.

  12. CNBC say that the market drop is from talk of the FED tapering but i wonder, and its just a wonder, if the drop has to do with the happening in Afghanistan. I wonder if there is a chance Biden steps down before being removed so Kamila can step up.

    1. I really look at the Afghanistan pull out as a non event. It’s something that should have been done a long time ago. However I do find its timing is very peculiar, and it frees up the US military to do something else. I have theorized that it will be employed domestically in the future.

      We have discussed how Biden will step down eventually because of his inability to govern properly. He has mid-stage dementia and was propped up there for a reason. He will have to resign because of health reasons; just in time for this great war in which Harris will be the most ineffectual president in the nation’s history. If we think Biden is bad, just wait until president Harris steps in. The nation will be toast, it will lose the war, and through political correctness, she will tell the population that we deserve it and need to submit. And because she’s black, many of the people will give in through double-mindedness. This is the double-mindedness that was engineered at DARPA, the Pentagon, and McLean, and is why I am certain the election was determined ahead of time. Too many coincidences here.

      When the United States is invaded, it will have at least half of the people living in it saying that it deserves it. We’ll see LeBron James and Dave Chappelle come out of the woodwork saying to take your medicine. This large percentage of the population will be your worst enemies. They have been given over by the Tokyo-Rose-style, Zero Hedge, and Bloomberg anti-West propaganda. They also gave in to the Laodicean church garbage that the fire brimstone pussies spewed like poison from the pulpits.

      1. I really think all of mainstream media such as Bloomberg and CNN are Tokyo Rose.

  13. Chris,

    I thought I should tell you that I value some of the attention you have brought to the Old Testament in some of your updated posts of late. As a twenty-seven year old I am overwhelmed at the rate of deterioration in my country (Canada).

    It’s mind-boggling to consider the counter-intelligence, H. dialectic games being employed. For example, Canada is heading to an election of such pithy length (36 days), and I have become convinced that it’s mere purpose is to apply the accelerator pedal even harder against our country’s psyche.

    I feel even with the pressing of a vaccine-passport societies are entering an even deeper collective mourning — they sense that the ship is in fact bottoming out. I have developed something of a hypothesis:

    People miss the fact that the vaccination is something of a “pass-key” and secret contract to the new track and trace financial system. Names go on to databases that are becoming important in this regard. Second component, as I see it, is the installation of China-style Quick Response (QR) code sensors as the core technology for the vaccine-passport system. The vaccine-certificate becomes an extension of one’s Smart Phone, especially through proprietary mobile apps that will adapt to the QR sensors.

    I come to see that this pairing of data will become essential for ramping up collective pressure towards vaccinating. To think that lockdowns could spell out a future where only the Anti-Christ institutions will have terrestrial movement in their buildings, I see it as possible to scale this technology globally.

    There becomes an added component when — if the timeline advances far enough, a kind of central bank crypto becomes the only means of barter. Again the smartphone using sensors would be the technological means. Thus the holdouts on the vaccine will lose doubly, for in losing permissions of movement or access, this would make any ability to participate in the new system null and void. For what is the utility of forward a central bank UBI to an account of someone who has been physically cordoned off from all places of trade?

    As the central databases grow regarding vaccination, it could very well become a Satanic riff on the separating of the wheat and the tares. One should studying the data-collection activity of Palantir for more information. I believe governments, banks, etc., are adamant, now, to get people vaccinated because they in fact know the score about the future system. I suspect they know — and potentially, to some extent, fear — what the outcome could be regarding the holdouts.

    I’d say this could align with Revelation, in the sense of The Great Harlot disposing of a third of humanity before the Antichrist steps in. With that said, the vertigo of present events certainly leads one to think there is quite little time left to repent. It is incumbent we remain cool, clench to Christ and spread the Birthright as we are able.

    1. Thanks for the insight. You certainly do a lot of thinking for a 27-year-old. This is an excellent thing.

      We can clearly see how all of this technology has been not just invented, but commercialized to the extent that the mark of the beast is a viable option right now. Its only stumbling block is its approval by the plebes. In several more years this will be a non-issue and I suspect that the vast majority of the world’s population will eagerly embrace the mark. I view it through the lens as a purely behavioral psychological phenomenon, and not through the lens of biblical prophecy. I observe the behavior of the vast waves of unwashed humanity, and given what we’ve witnessed through this covid scam, and how they’ve been transformed so quickly, I see the eventual implementation of the mark as a fait accompli by the end of the decade, if not sooner.

      Of course, we know Bible prophecy, so we know there will be a mark. Thus Bible prophecy and the real world conform. There is no other scripture in any of the other religions in the world that go into such great and accurate detail as the Bible. The Bible is history written in advance. Jesus saves.

      1. I really come to understand the meaning of a Christian apprehension of history and phenomenology. It’s good stuff.

        I think my great hurdle, as a young person, is actually to grapple with the loss of friends, and by extension, loss of memories attached to those bonds. With that in mind, I’ve come to see a lot of this scenario as something of a “failure of imagination”, probably conjoined to peoples’ sharp decline in literacy and reading over the past generations. A failure to imagine, for one, a true approximation of COVID-19 in its origins and effects, and the extent to which its intent is one of evil, connecting logically towards a Satanic agenda.

        In all, I feel empowered by the very sense of my imagination growing, and knowing that I actually have the most important tool of a faith in Jesus Christ. I’m willing to let go of an expectation for much else. Even over the past 4 or 5 days of relative unease, I’ve come out of it even considering spending my pithy savings all on food and supplies, even indoor farming materials, so I can follow the Apostles definite advice to prepare as in the Days of Noah. We will see what this time shall bring for us.

        1. Some excellent insight from a younger man. I just responded to Andrei’s latest post regarding our calling. I think my response is more germane to you than to anyone else. Please read it. We desperately need younger people in the church. At 55, I am one of the younger ones right now.

    2. The Orwellian system they are setting up could be portrayed as being destroyed when the anti-Christ comes. A sort of Soviet liberation script. AC comes on the scene under the guise of freeing us from this totalitarian hell only to be replaced by another one with more spiritual implications. Watch out for that dialectic. It could be, at first, an East-vs-West dialectic (West vs. reorganized Sino-Soviet Eurasian Empire), then that dialectic is overthrown by the AC’s dialectic of liberation.

  14. Pope Francis is the false prophet. He keeps telling everyone to get the jab. There has never been someone more damaging to the Catholic Church than that antichrist heretic.

    1. With all of the stuff that is happening, I’d have forgotten about Pope Francis being the last Pope according to that 900-year-old prophecy. Things are speeding up so quickly that I have forgotten that Pope Francis will be the false prophet in these last days. I just get concerned because of his advanced age that he may not make it. Or rather because of his advanced age, Revelation may unfold so much faster than we think. All I know is that Pope Francis is speaking the exact things that the false prophet in Revelation would speak. He talks about getting vaccinated and he speaks blasphemies and heresies. And while I am not a Catholic, and I’m not endorsing the church per se, his logic and rhetoric by definition, destroys the Catholic Church’s purpose of existing. And the mainstream doesn’t call him out on it. That’s because he’s a puppet for the top of the pyramid and will burn in the lake of fire when his time comes for his blasphemies.

      1. I used to wonder at how sneaky the antichrist would have to be for everyone to believe him.

        Now I marvel at how totally retarded everyone is and how the antichrist can just say whatever he wants. It doesn’t even have to sound good. All he has to do is keep himself from laughing.

        1. The people will love 💕 him. According to Daniel, he will most likely be a homosexual or be in love with himself, so that will go a long way in pleasing the reprobate crowds.

  15. I see a good possibility that big brother will take over ownership of everything and therefore the economy. Very Top down economy. I think it is coming to that. May have to find a place in the boonies to escape big brother.

    1. That is a very likely scenario. I suspect they will make home ownership so overwhelmingly expensive, that many younger folks will decide to never buy. I also have to believe that the only way for many people to own real estate is to keep it rented out so they can take advantage of the text deductions and massive rent increases that are coming. I also believe that while they will not outlaw gun ownership here in the states, the top of the pyramid will preclude people buying and selling unless they turn in their firearms. And then they will own it All.

  16. Did anyone watch the Kabbalists video I posted before?

    They had multiple clips from Rabbis predicting that the Jews will leave America within 1 to 4 years from now, and then America will be annihilated completely.

    They say the Jews will leave because of “another Holocaust”.

    I wonder if the Americans will play the role of the Axis Germans, and China and Russia will be the Allies this time around. America will suffer the fate of the Germans, and China will have a 20 year boom before it’s their turn for destruction.

    1. Bob,
      Very enlightening and thoughtful points. It would really stink to be forced to have roommates you do not know.

      1. Read the Dr Day notes on Henry Makow’s site.

        He predicted it in late 1960s. “Households will not be made from just one family.”

        The TV has been pushing the idea of 20- or 30-somethings living together or nearby with no family of their own for decades. Remember Three’s Company, Friends, Seinfeld, Big Bang Theory, etc. It’s all the same thing.

        In Australia and New Zealand, house sharing (called “flatting”) is the norm for many people even into their 50s.

        Here is Henry’s article from 10 years ago – Illuminati Vowed in 1969: “Travel Will Be More Difficult”

        Gee, I wonder…. has travel become more difficult? What do you guys think? Well here in NZ it used to take 1 hour to get through customs and baggage and people complained. Now it takes 2 to 3 weeks. People will of course say no it’s different, you can’t compare that. Well I just did. If you told people 2 years ago that the time to get through arrivals would be 3 weeks they wouldn’t even laugh at you. They’d register it as a failed attempt at humour and walk off.

        I lived in the UK for a while and I was amazed at the number of people who would buy a 5 to 20 pound flight to Europe for the weekend. Flying from NZ was a much bigger deal. I thought to myself, even 20 years ago, this would not be allowed to continue. This is absurd, all these flights. They WILL put a stop to this. And they have! I also thought the stop would be very abrupt, for maximum impact. Take that goyim. Whadda ya gonna do?

        Dr Day notes are here too:

        “Families will diminish in importance”

        Tape transcripts, as provided by Makow, are here:

    2. Likely to happen, as Operation SIG is laying the blame for Zionism at the doorstep of Great Britain and America. I suspect Israel (politically) will be destroyed as part of a superficial liberation script (freeing the world from “white supremacist Zionist apartheid”). Therefore, in order to completely destroy Zionism, America and Great Britain must be destroyed (with Israel likely just be renamed to something neutral sounding). AC will claim victory over racism, evil, etc, and replace it with a modified communist system (complete with Mark). Jews definitely know this is coming because they are behind OPERATION SIG.

  17. Watching George Gammon’s video, the second half (starting at 19 minutes in) details his theories for how the govt gets everyone to sell their houses to the matrix.

    Basically they do a housing crash and offer people with underwater mortgages to pay them what they paid for the house. People will do it in a heartbeat.

    Then they could tell you there is capital gains tax to pay. You’ll be forced to sell. The govt will buy your house, saving you.

    So you need a freehold house, gold to pay the rates, gold, cash, and crypto to pay the capital gains tax, and even more cash and gold to pay for wait for it…..

    You will have to pay to upgrade your house to be “environmentally friendly”.

    Chris might have to sell 2 or 3 houses to upgrade just one to be up to scratch. People with only one house will have to just sell it to the govt and hope they can still live in it. Then they will have to pray that their new black housemates won’t be BLM nutcases.

    Think that’s crazy? Cuba does that. They tell you who you will be living with. Your household needs diversity because your internet profile shows a possible bigot element so the board of education’s AI system says you need to learn.

  18. With all the things going down and most of humanity going off the deep end it makes one nostalgic for the old times such as the 30s,40s,50s,60s,70s, and even 80s. Forget the 90s and beyond. I sensed all this coming way back in the 90s but was not sure when it would actually happen. There was a lot more attitude in the 90s and beyond. As Bob mentions there is a good chance we may lose everything and own nothing.Great video clip Bob.

    Most of todays’ movies,TV shows, and music are not funny and very depressing. Other movies and shows today push perverted political and social agendas and are downright raunchy. This is a push by Satan to demoralize humanity and sad to say humanity is going along with it. I stay away from todays movies, watch NO TV, and stay clear of todays music due to those reasons. Thank heavens you can still find old music, movies, and TV shows on CDs or DVDs or iTunes. I also collect classic literature and Bibles.

    That said, now is the time to acquire souvenirs of old times such as classic literature, old music, and old movies. I have a strong hunch that those things will soon be unavailable thanks to the Satanic “woke” attitude. You see Satan hates humanity. Classic music, literature ,classic TV shows, and classic movies reflect free human expression and creativity. Satan hates human creativity and expression especially from the past and therefore wants to repress it. I foresee these classic items being at least unobtainable if not banned. I also foresee Holy Bibles being banned or unavailable. The Satanic elite want to rewrite history by banning old items and especially the Bible.

    I actually collect classic English and American Literature such as Nathaniel Hawthorne, Mark Twain, Thomas Hardy, Charles Dickens and many others. I collect a lot of old movies and music from the 30s through the 80s. The movies from the 90s were still pretty funny but forget anything else from the 90s.
    I really feel one should stock up on these classic cultural memories from the past in addition to food, water, gold, silver, and supplies. These classic creations will disappear and Satan will be sure of it. We need to pass these on to a new generation.

  19. There’s still a chance that this whole event starting basically in March 2020, is a very well coordinated Alternative and Mainstream News media fake out with people in all areas of the pyramid industries participating in the various Doom and Gloom scenarios. With their boy, probably Trump although doesn’t have to be him, making a Hero’s return to save the day.

    I see that much of the news I have read over the last year fits together like a pre planned script cut right out of a playbook with chapters. If this is the case there should be one more heavily convincing bad event that makes people feel everything is lost, before the Hero shows up and makes everything proper again. At least that’s what I am hoping for.

    1. The only difference here is the vaccine campaign has been thrown into the mix. There is a growing amount of evidence that indicates these vaccines are pernicious long-term debilitators. If it weren’t for these vaccines, I would be minimizing just about everything we talk about. But there is growing evidence that something centralized and sinister is happening and this massive campaign to vaccinate humanity is looking more dire every day.

  20. The goings on in Afghanistan appears to be very prophetic. When the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan with their tails between their legs in 1989, the Soviet government imploded two years later in 1991.
    With the US hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Taliban taking over may indicate that the USA will fall soon. There are untold and very major reasons why our troops are coming back from Afghanistan. What a humiliating defeat. It brought back my childhood memories of the fall of Saigon. It took longer for the South Vietnamese government to collapse.

    1. The Soviets didn’t really leave with their tail between their legs. Soviet occupation of Afghanistan continued by proxy, through the communist-infiltrated United States government. Bush and Putin were intimate in setting up that long-range dialectic.

      1. Sounds like some reversed reverse psychology. No stone will be left unturned. Jesus warned us not to let any man deceive us. The AC will promise a little of something to everyone. He will even convince many of those who held out getting the mark to take it. The false prophet Pope Francis will encourage all of the Christian holdouts to go along with it.

  21. Chris
    Excellent article and to the point. I am amazed at the pace of changes going on. All this said, I see very limited opportunities to gain wealth at this point except to hold on to what you have. Heaven help those who are left behind. Wealth is just a means not an end. The end purpose is getting your spiritual house in order to be ready for the coming of Jesus Christ. It seems like Revelations is starting to play out and I feel it coming. First we have to go through some very difficult times. Satan knows his time is soon ending and therefore is attempting to cause massive destruction before his time ends. There are many of his human minions who are aiding and abetting this destruction. Sad to say that most of humanity is falling for Satan’s lies.

    1. You don’t see me talking a whole lot about the markets anymore. All the stuff I talked about 5 to 9 years ago is a reality today. I knew the unwashed plebes and investors would embrace this system. My only concern is now that they have it, they are going to gut it for everything they can get.

      Quantitative easing works best when the people doubt its viability. But now, they look at it as the cure for everything that ails the world, including societal and racial ills. The people think they can have heaven, without God in it, but all they’ve created was hell for themselves. They actually think this is heaven.

  22. George Gammon explains how the globalists plan to take everyone’s houses off them.

    I haven’t watched this yet, but I will. I’m posting it pre-watch since I’d probably post it anyway, because lots of people will watch it. George does good work, and whether he’s barking up the wrong tree or not, I’d value this site’s appraisal of what he says, and if there is any way to defend yourself from this.

    It got this link from

    1. I think George Gammon tends to fall into the “Zero Hedge” line of financial analysis. Everything bad, buy gold and silver. He may get it right sometimes, but I think Chris here is more astute in his understanding of where the markets and economy are going, and how the gold shillers will lead you astray and destroy your wealth.

      1. Did you watch the video? You don’t think they will take people’s property using these (or similar) methods?
        What would you recommend instead of gold? Cash? Is there anything?

        1. Sure they could; anything is really possible.

          We can hold gold and silver and Bitcoin, but if it’s not registered it doesn’t serve any good purpose. We would have to declare it somehow or else we couldn’t use it. Owning gold and silver is nothing like used to be 20 to 30 years ago. All of that Patriot Act legislation changed discreet ownership of assets. The people who talk about owning gold and silver are still living in the 80s and 90s. The world is much different after 9/11.

          I have been reading about what Britain is doing with housing ownership. They have been beginning to clamp down with climate change excuses to retrofit houses. I suspect on some level that this avenue will be a primary means to effectively confiscate houses.

          I also suspect that there will be some sort of housing crash in the future and the governments will make a bargain with the people to transfer homeownership to the governments.

          I doubt at this point there will be some sort of unrealized capital gains tax on RE, unless of course the government somehow figures out how to fix the value of housing with no more market fluctuations. And I don’t know how that would theoretically even be possible.

          If the Feds decide to place a tax on unrealized owner-occupied RE capital gains, this would effectively be marking to market, so what would happen if someone suffered a loss? This also would mean that they would have to rewrite the internal revenue code completely with respect to real estate. The IRC has been crafted over the decades to favor real estate ownership over ALL other forms of assets.

          Here in the United States, homeowners have the first $250,000 of capital gains excluded from taxation. A married couple has up to $500,000 in cap gains exclusions. Thus, the feds are not only going to have to repeal this, but then require homeowners to pay an UNrealized capital gains tax. That’s just too big of a step.

          I can see them repealing or reducing the cap gains exclusions, but if they did this, they would be directly responsible for causing the resulting real estate collapse. This is why they will have a hard time if they choose this method, because if they did they would be blamed for the real estate collapse and there would be blood in the streets.

          At the end of the day there’s just not enough time to get everything they want by 2030. Something BIG has to happen and it’s not this virus stuff. Tax codes and legal system established methods need to be completely gutted and rewritten, especially here in the United States. The United States is moving along too slowly for the rest of the world and they need to be taught a lesson. It’s coming.

        2. I have two more thoughts here to add regarding home ownership.

          I suspect on many levels that owning an individual house in which to live may remain for some time. But as prices rise, property taxes and the cost of maintaining that house are going to spiral out of control for many people.

          I also suspect that the government is going to maintain these eviction moratoriums, so that more and more people decide to forego paying rent. The result will be many investors will be flushed out of the market. I believe this is the primary objective of these moratoriums. This method to confiscate housing will be the most effective way for the government to get people to cough up real estate. All of those investment properties will be eventually transferred to the big REITs. The government agencies, which back the mortgages, will take these houses back and resell them. A large corporate money will buy them.

          I do not see an end to these eviction and rent moratoriums. I’ve been observing the indolent behavior of the legislative and judicial branches here in the states. There is a clear directive to maintain eviction and rent moratoriums forever. Many landlords will be having to cough up their properties. This is how they’re going to take back.

          For now, those who own their houses and rental properties free and clear will have a much easier time holding on to them if tenants decide to stop paying.

          I think there are a lot of analysts out there who are somewhat naive about government action and the housing market. This comes from the mainstream as well as the alt media.

          There’s not enough time between now and 2030 based on the current trajectory. If they wish to achieve their goals over the next decade, TPTB are going to have to engineer something huge.

          In the book 1984, it was a nuclear war that changed Britain and the rest of the world forever. This is the most likely outcome, unfortunately, for all of us.

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