Humanity is rapidly unwinding and being rebuilt to accept the mark

Hi Chris,

I visited one of my attorneys yesterday to change my will a bit. He said sit here next to me. Then he said you are vaccinated, right? I said no, I’m not, but by the looks of things I am healthier than you. He told me sit at the end of the table and he put a mask on. I said, if you have the vaccine what are you worried about? No answer. I guess that is what you mean by confirmation bias. Would you say that is similar to Stockholm syndrome?


In the case of the Stockholm syndrome, at least the victim is or was aware of the captor’s status as his or her captor. In this case, these people have no idea who’s the adversary. They think it’s you. That’s denial, and an end result of the decades-long demoralization campaign against the West. The masses of humanity are now being rebuilt rapidly into anything their owners wish, including compliant slaves who will eagerly take the mark.

Research found that people who consume zombie and post-apocalyptic stories were better prepared (or conditioned) for the coronavirus pandemic. BTW this is how our adversary views us.

As you can see, their biases have been hard wired from the top. In the US, it’s DARPA, the Pentagon, and McLean. We cannot overcome this anymore, and these powers can now do anything they wish; thus the timeline can now accelerate greatly. These biases and emotional fears are deeply ingrained in the minds of the masses, since the great waves of humanity consumed thousands of hours of all that apocalyptic programming in the movies and TV. All this programming was vetted from the top of the intelligence organizations, and includes all that media regarding zombies, demons, the occult, and deadly virus outbreaks.

“In this study, we found that people who watched a lot of zombie movies and other apocalyptic-type films reported feeling more prepared for the pandemic. For example, they reported that they knew what kinds of supplies they should buy to prepare and that the consequences of the pandemic didn’t really catch them by surprise. This makes sense if you’ve ever watched a good zombie movie. Though exaggerated for entertainment, many of the features of a zombie-infected world resemble the features of the world during a pandemic,” said Scrivner.

Why The Zombie Apocalypse Prepared Us For Pandemic Coronavirus, Forbes, January 15th

The people who consume this propagandized and militarized programming have a heightened suggestibility to manufactured existential crises, such as this covid scam, because they can no longer discern fact from fiction. Much of their reality is now completely fabricated, and is based on whatever the news outlets reveal to them. It is all a blend, and the hi-def media have helped to rewire their brains permanently. Notice how the masses of livestock humanity can no longer articulate anything clearly regarding this covid crisis. It’s full of fear-based opinions and non sequiturs. I never thought I would see humanity melt as quickly as it has in just the past 18 months.

In your case, this guy was an attorney. This transcends IQ and intellectual capacity. This whole timeline has been politicized, so at least 50% go along with it. Even if on their own, these lost souls would balk at such covid chicanery, when herded together, they all coalesce into a Delphi-type consensus. Humanity has been transferred into its current state via one huge delphi technique experiment.

I observe how humanity has devolved so quickly, and given the current stages of the global dialectic process, I am certain that this decade will be the last full one. Humanity will not be able to continue to exist without some sort of divine intervention.

I am still in shock, and the timetable can now speed up from here. Only a divinely inspired Second Exodus in the wilderness, which is coming, can erase the damage to the human species.

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83 thoughts on “Humanity is rapidly unwinding and being rebuilt to accept the mark

  1. My underlining thought is this:

    People can prepare for anything. Buy food. Buy guns, Buy land in a remote area and live in isolation. Buy gold. Don’t buy gold. Get bitcoin. Stash cash. Whatever. But one fact remains true and has been taught by the Holy Fathers dating back 2000 years and by Christ Himself.

    We must humble ourselves like a child before God and show love for each other. Prayer, fasting and repentance are the keys to spiritual survival. Christ fed thousands with a few fish and a couple of loves of bread. He did not ask those from the group who is worthy. He just fed everyone – even those who later would shout “crucify him!” If you see someone asking for food, money, whatever, give it. Don’t judge. Don’t ask questions. Just give them something. Even if to show a kind gesture.

    With this basic understanding miracles will happen to those who truly have faith. The Holy Spirit will let you know at that hour what to do. Tomorrow has never happened before in the universe so who are we to know exactly what to do? Do not put faith in humanity but in the living God.

  2. German doctors look at vaxxed blood under microscope.

    Some of the things they say:

    – It looks weird
    – Crystalline/metallic structures
    – These people will ALL die.
    – Blood expert says she has never seen anything like this
    – This looks like it was planned well in advance
    – They are giving this to cancer patients and it will kill them quickly
    – This is mass murder on a global scale
    – People are idiots, they still take the second shot even after we show them what the first one is doing!

    Sorry about the link, it was from an embedded video and I couldn’t find the original page. Hopefully it works OK.

    1. Yeah. There’s not much time left. I’m kind of going through the motions now and maintaining a normal semblance of life, but I am concerned that we will begin to start seeing the waves of casualties over the next few years mount. Everything is conforming and it is all coming together.

      1. Upcoming force majeure for the USD
      2. Pale horse of vaccines
      3. US pullout of Afghanistan to bring back troops for upcoming unrest.
      4. Forced vaccination regimen to acclimate us to accept the mark to buy and sell, and work.
      5. The buildup to a global conflict.
      6. Everything is totally globalized and there is no escape
      7. Church has been fully lulled to sleep. Even the fire and brimstone preachers on YouTube. They all fell for the adversary’s lies from the top
      8. The whole world is shockingly and repulsively degenerate and wicked. It all happened so fast.
      9. The hardwiring of humanity to be fully conditioned for the end times took a drastic advance over the past 18 months.
      10. With each passing day, I am more convinced that Deagel is correct with 2025 timetable. It will be from the vaccines and war.
      11. The remnant nations of the northern Israelites are the desired target of our adversary. This conforms the the OT prophets and the objectives of the S of S and the Edomites.
      12. The setup of the economy and financial markets to be centrally managed, so the plug could be pulled any time the S of S wants. There is no turning back if inflation continues to spin out of control and bond yields and interest rates stay low.
      12. Expanding lockdowns to get us ready for something terrible. It has nothing to do with a virus. At least, not COVID-19.

      Everything is coming together. I mean everything.

      1. In our first lockdown I went to buy a generator. I got a 2000 W petrol one with true sine wave 240 V output. (We are on 50 Hz 240 V here)

        It was the last one in the place I went. Other branches were sold out, some had a few left. There were more expensive ones available too. I got the last table top BBQ. All the 10 kg gas bottles were gone so I got a half size one. That was 1.5 years ago now.

        Next time if there’s a rush on this stuff there will be nothing. No solar panels, no generators, nothing. We have supply chain issues now, people are more inclined to think ahead, and lockdowns can come at any time.

        It will get crazy if the population in general starts to wake up to the doom upon us all.
        People laughed at me for getting the generator, but I spoke to a guy in line at the supermarket who said his company was working like mad erecting extra substation infrastructure because the grid was straining under the pressure with everyone at home. He said they were using chains instead of strops to load the metalwork because it was still hot they had to move so fast. Suburban substations aren’t designed for such capacity apparently.

        TP runs out because people don’t do their #2s at work anymore. It’s not just hoarding. Commercial TP is produced through different supply chains so domestic TP runs out. Order it from office supply companies if you can’t find it at the supermarket.

      2. Your point 3 made sense.
        Another theory was that they didn’t need the heroin from Afghanistan anymore because fentanyl serves the CIA better and China makes that. The US Army was just protecting the poppy fields from the Taliban.

    2. Situation report from New Zealand.

      Another lockdown, straight to level 4 this time. Still don’t need to wear a mask, but many do wear them. I can still go to work because it’s “essential”. No TP, bread, or meat in supermarkets. No other shortages evident. Cops leave you alone if you follow the rules. We are allowed to go for runs and stuff, but normal is never coming back. People think it is, but they are all dumb. I’ve known most people are dumb for a long time. People have been arrested at protests though, because they were not at home isolating. The traffic is amazing! I like the traffic.

      So far nothing super evil has happened, but they totally have us where they want us.

      Someone asked me if I was getting the vax, and I said no way. She asked why not. I said “Because Dr Yeadon who used to work high up at Pfizer said that in 3 years from now 75% of the people who took it will be dead, and he’s begging people not to take it. That’s where I get my medical advice now. He’s my doctor.” I didn’t tell her about Dr Cahill saying it’s 85% in two years, since I didn’t want to rub it in too much.

      She turned white and ran to a computer to look it up. I told her months ago not to get it. I simply said “Don’t get the vax, it’s really bad. Look it up on the net.” That’s as far as I’m sticking my neck out in this society. She didn’t listen of course because she needed the vax to travel overseas to visit family, but hasn’t even gone yet. What a waste. She is quite young. I feel sad for her, but I’m just a quiet observer. I watch all this unfold, cold, emotionless, sometimes amused by the idiocy around me. Just going through the motions and waiting for the end. Work seems unimportant, and there is no future anymore. Nobody seems to even think for a second about how this will ever end. They seem to not worry that the government is painted into a corner and there is no way out except something cataclysmic at some point.

      Or they could just declare it over and hope everyone believes it. Politicians don’t seem to fear revenge which the deserve. They must know something we don’t which would neutralize that risk.

  3. As far as locations go, probably outside the US is the best. Smaller countries with smaller, less capable governments will likely make for better outcomes longer. (Easily Searchable) Of course, in the end, nowhere will be secure. It will be global, digital and brutal…

    Inside the US, I would suggest very Northwest NC- very rural, self reliant, anti-federal going way back (moonshiners, etc.) and generally off the radar. The rocky mountain ‘redoubt’ areas are good, but very cold. They are also high-profile, being known for preppers/anti-gov and as such will likely be targets. EG, Kalispell MT.

    Rural areas in ‘friendlier’ states like Fla, TX, NV and TN could work fine. I think it wise to be in the sunbelt- growing food-wise and not needing much/any heat in winter. I def wouldn’t want to be in the desert. Water issues, heat and no way to grow anything.

    Timing wise, the Man of Sin must appear and rule the entire world (and issue the ultimatum) before it’s all over. Yes, things are coming together fast, but he has not yet appeared on the scene. Let alone issues death penalty / no buy decrees. In their plans, the ones Henry Ford mentioned, they plainly say they will build everything up, “shatter it into a thousand pieces”, and then reconstruct it as one under their grip. Order out of (created) chaos. The Great Reset. Ad nauseam. No surprises- they’ve stated their goals, plans and methods clearly.

  4. I know I have a number of real estate investors the frequent the site. I just want to add this one observation that is beginning to concern me. I have observed the comings and goings of this CDC eviction moratorium and how everyone’s hands in the judicial and legislative areas seem to be tied. Even the supreme Court refuses to weigh and have to conclude that these orders are coming from the top of the pyramid.

    My one growing concern is that the rental properties we own may one day be nationalized via some sort of CDC or health Ministry, or emergency directive, and the government may just take them over. This is a possibility with a rising probability. I just want to throw that out there.

    1. It think it’s clear the vaccine is worse than the virus in most cases.
      NZ in lockdown for at least a week now. One delta case detected. Media silent on how many PCR cycles it took to find it.

      1. Indeed. I wonder if the population will ever figure out that the lockdowns have nothing to do with a virus. Perhaps they’re too scared to figure out something else is going on.

        1. Living in Sydney is terrible at the moment. Its like living in the Soviet Union, everyone living in fear, the heaviness in the air – a complete police state. People glued to the TV report of new covid numbers at 11am each day. This is 1984 shite. Im farkin over it.
          It’s time to get out of dodge, Chris.
          What do you look for in setting up in a remote location away from the vaccinated Christless zombies?
          Revelations 12:6 comes to mind for its reference to the wilderness.
          Any advice/tips would help.

          1. I keep thinking about it all the time. I would certainly recommend it if you have the means and resources to do it. I would definitely recommend taking some real estate equity you have in the city centers and moving it into a remote location. I have seven or eight people who email me who have done that very thing. A few were more drastic and dumped everything in the city and transferred it out to a remote area. I think it is a very smart move, you just have to make certain that all your family is on board. If you live alone or control the household, then the choice straightforward.

            You don’t have to sell everything, just take some of your equity out and buy a house with at least a few acres and use that as a point to redirect your center of operations, so to speak.

            I am stuck here in Northern Virginia, because of my rental portfolio and family employment, and It’s turned into Sodom here in just the past decade. The masses here seem so compliant and desperate to comply to every capricious directive spewed out on the telescreens. Virginia was built with a rich civil war heritage and was on the Confederate side. They’ve pulled down everything and renamed everything around here. I digress..

            I have the resources to buy something out in rural Virginia, but haven’t yet because, I wonder if it’ll be worth it here. Things are evolving so quickly, and I may take some of that equity and spend some time out in a more remote area of the Rocky mountain States.

            I go out to some of these areas in the rural areas here and the people look so desperate, and while the demographic is more uniform, I worry about unwashed people in general. I went out a few weeks ago to an Airbnb out in a rural mountainous area in Virginia and the people looked sad. The less people that you have to contend with, the better off you are. I ultimately have to believe that it will be the vast waves of unwashed humanity that will be our biggest foes going out to mid decade.

            The only reason why the United States has not followed suit with the rest of the Commonwealth is because of our relatively porous borders and the lawful possession of firearms. In fact, if the authorities get Americans guns, the whole world cave much more quickly. We saw how fast it changed in New Zealand. Last week it was fine and this week it’s a lockdown prison. It changed that fast.

          2. Chris, thanks for your reply. I unfortunately do not have any real estate to sell but only a small sum to maybe buy some land and prepare for the inevitable appearance of the Antichrist.
            I was thinking more about what would make a good location in terms of climate, access to food/water, closeness to the wilderness should one need to escape in future etc…
            Or is it simply too late to prepare and we are better off preparing ourselves spiritually for the inevitable.
            I know I sound depressing but it also means Christ will soon be returning in all his Glory!

          3. It’s definitely not too late. If you have the ability to get out of the cities, I would certainly avail yourself of the opportunity. I would also try to procure firearms for personal protection. I would try to buy them under the radar.

            I’m not all that familiar about rural areas in Australia, but I am certain you can find an area away from the vast waves of unwashed humanity. Even here in the United States there are a number of places.

            Water and resources may be a problem in some locations, but if it’s just you and a couple other people, I don’t think it’ll be a big problem regardless of where you decide to go. I’m not going to get caught up with all of the hype about the terrible droughts in western United States nor will I look at all of the forest fires out west and say that will preclude me moving there. If you have the ability to do it, I would do it.

            I am suffering from inertia, because of my rental portfolio, but have been fixing up a couple properties in preparation of selling a couple and buying something in the middle of nowhere.

            I would be very foolish, given what I know about eschatology, and what I have been telling people, and then not preparing accordingly. We have to prepare for that place in the wilderness like it says in Revelation 12 and be prepared for the second Exodus. But we can never time it perfectly and it may be a lot longer than we expect. This takes a lifestyle change in a redirection in the way we think.

            Our adversary has programmed the Evangelical church of a pretrib rapture, but why is there going to be a large number of savef people hiding out in the wilderness during this time of tribulation? There’s nothing in the Bible that tells me of a pre-trib rapture. That was designed by our adversary to keep us from preparing for the hard times that will be coming.

          4. Thanks again Chris.
            I feel sorry for those who believe in pre-trib rapture. This idea only prepares them for accepting the antichrist.
            God willing, I will now look for land to buy outright in a remote location without a loan and build a shelter (again without a loan) and make my preparations with my young family to live a life of self sufficiency and home schooling. I will do this while renting in God-forsaken Sydney and working as long as I can whilst refusing all vaccinations until I’m set up on my land.
            I’m gonna cop a lot of flak for this but I’m truly over it. I cant live amongst non-Christians anymore.

  5. One more note to those who are asking me about all this eschatological analysis and the misidentification of the fake end time Israel, versus the true Israel.

    I have been discussing this for several months now in great detail and have put out podcasts and videos on the matter. In fact, I find it of such important that I no longer really discuss the ins and outs of the financial markets right now, other than to tell you that we are all enslaved under the end time monetary system.

    I always told you that there was a spiritual element behind this monetary and economic system. The formal relaying of my expert analysis started when someone asked me about and the statistics going out to 2025. I told you that the nations according to that website in which will receive the greatest death tolls, will be what I always concluded were the northern Israelite remnant nations; where the greatest percentage of Northern Israelite remnants ended up.

    These remnants founded these nations, and according to, they will receive the greatest punishment, while the Ezekiel confederacy nations will come through this great war relatively unscathed. I have nothing really new to add to this as I have been going into great detail on the matter since around April.

    If you cannot figure this out, or refuse to, I can no longer help you. There’s a tremendous wealth of information on my website going back five to six months.

    Recall the old saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

    I tell you rather, “you will see it when you believe it.”

    I am here to tell you the truth, and I only receive aggravation for it. Please understand that the time is now and that if you CAN grasp what I am telling you, all of this end time stuff going on right now will make perfect sense. The chess pieces are all in their proper places, ready for the last match between God and the devil.

  6. Chris is so correct with this article.

    It is time to really assess our relationships with the people around us such as friends , family members, business associates, and employers. I am sure most of us have associations with people who are narcissistic, full of themselves, put down Jesus Christ, and/or cut you down. I certainly work for a boss who can be like that at times. His vaccine push will be the final straw.
    These kind of people have a tendency to drain your energy and also draw you into sin and away from God. I would also definitely stay away from those who are into porn/strip clubs, fornication, gambling, or drunkenness. Then there are those around you who are pushing you to take the Covid 19 Vaccine and running you down for being against the Vaccine. All these kinds of people are sinners and we are surrounded by them.

    It is really time to cut yourself off from these people and only associate with pleasant people who understand you. If you cannot find any of those kind of people then it is much better to be alone in the desert by yourself than to keep association with the above mentioned sinners who draw you away from God. The bible specifically mentions over and over to stay away from sinners(those pushing the Covid Vax against your will are one type of sinner). Here are some relevant quotes:

    1 Corinthians 5:11 ESV
    “But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler—not even to eat with such a one.”

    1 Corinthians 5:9
    “I wrote you in my letter not to associate with immoral people;”

    2 Thessalonians 3:6
    “Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you keep away from every brother who leads an unruly life and not according to the tradition which you received from us.”

    1 Corinthians 15:33
    “Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good morals.””

    Here is a great biblical reason NOT to take these evil Covid Vaccines:

    1 Corinthians 3:16-17 ESV
    “Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him. For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple.”

    Taking the Covid Vaccine is suicide and those pushing the Covid 19 vaccines are pushing death like the drug dealers and committing sin.

    The Tribulation is starting and it will only get more challenging before it gets better.
    I see a great parting happening soon as the Christian Remnant will have to part ways from their longtime family, longtime associations, longtime community, and their jobs as well as wealth in order to save themselves from being pulled under. Be prepared to be mocked and ridiculed by people around you. I already got a taste of it. It is much more important to walk with God than with sinful people who will pull you down. Remember you are more than your physical body. Jesus proved that by dying on the Cross and coming back to physical life 3 days later.

  7. This roughly 30 minute video is worth watching. Take the time to pause and read the text carefully and more than once if necessary.

    About 1/3 in you will see the name St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco. My mother is walking today because St. John (Vladyka) visited her in the hospital as she lie paralyzed a year before I was born. Many miracles happened with His intervention.

    1. This is a great video. Thank you for posting.
      I am in 100% agreement with it.
      The times are indeed short

  8. The Zero Hedge anti-West propaganda is in high gear today for it’s million+ Twitter followers to absorb and spread to other demoralized Westerners to absorb, and so on.

    The partisanized dummies in the alt-media would impress the founders of Pravda.

    Who saiys Tokyo Rose 🌹 no longer exists?

  9. I would be interested in your view on this video Chris.

    It does not accord with your view of Christianity, but it doesn’t matter. They are mostly explaining the Jewish view of Christianity.

    The video is 2.5 hours long but every minute of it is interesting – very interesting.

    In the video they also detail the holocaust and how it was planned by Zionists, although that is not the main focus. The coming complete wipeout of the Goyim is the main focus. They even give a time line.

    I think that is why they put Adolf Eichmann in a glass box. He kept saying over and over in his memoirs that he couldn’t shake the feeling that the Germans just got played big time, and that there were “other forces” behind the Holocaust. His memoirs are scrubbed off the internet now – down the memory hole I suspect. I couldn’t find them after hours of searching, but maybe someone else can?

  10. Very thoughtful and informative discussions here by everybody.
    I see most of humanity here in the USA and in other developed countries going off the deep end with this covid 19 scare. Most people I know around here in the Northeast USA are all for the mandatory covid jabs believing that if the next person does not have the vaccine then their own covid shot will not work. It is like being in the rain with an umbrella and claiming my umbrella does not work because the next guy does not have his umbrella. This is very warped logic. Already the unvaccinated people are being blamed for the continued Covid spread while it is the VACCINATED people that are getting the new cases.
    I said this before, this is a Jim Jones world.

    The Christian Remnant who do not want the Vax will have to move to a safer location where they do not force the Kill Shot on people. This will mean giving up a lot of wealth, giving up long time community associations, and giving up most of the comforts in life we know. How much is your God Given body worth? I believe the Covid Vaccines offered to the Western Nations not only harm you physically BUT ALSO harm you spiritually. These Covid Vaccines cut you off from God. Taking the Covid vaccine paves the way for taking the Mark of the Beast. It is quite clear to me that most of humanity in the USA and other western countries are failing God miserably and want to pull everyone down. No government nor employer should have the right to dictate what you put into your body.

    This reminds me of Genesis Chapter 12 where God instructed Abraham to leave Ur in Chaldea and go to Canaan(modern day Israel). You see Abraham worshiped the Lord while everyone around him in Ur were worshipping idols of other Gods that were most likely demons. Abraham did not want to go along with worshipping idols for obvious reasons. Abraham was a wealthy prominent figure in Ur, however, he was willing to give up his wealth and prominence in Ur to obey God. Abraham obviously got fed up with everybody around him worshipping demonic idols.

    In our situation the demonic idols are the Covid Vaccines, Dr. Anthony Falsy, and politicians of every stripe, as well as attachment to material items at all costs. As for me, I am at that point of being willing to give up my wealth, especially give up my job, give up my community associations, and even severe my family associations to save my body from the Covid Jab and to be able maintain my relationship with God. You know what, this world and all its material items are not going to last through the end times.
    A lot of individuals will not survive through the end times. The End Times are beginning . Just read Revelations. When the world ends, all the Gold and Silver in the world will not matter. Can’t take it with you.

    With these end times in sight just keep in mind a quote from Jesus in Matthew 10:39 “If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give it up for me, you will save it”. If you give up the material comforts of this life in the name of Jesus, you will be rewarded with an eternal life in heaven. Abraham actually got rewarded by God for moving to Canaan through his legacy which ultimately brought Jesus Christ and also Abraham did not lose his wealth after the move.

    Also during these coming tough times where tough choices have to be made, keep in mind this quote from Apostle Paul in Galatians 6:8 “Whoever sows to please their flesh, from flesh will reap destruction, whoever sows to please the spirit, from the spirit will reap eternal life.” Actions such as performing good deeds to help people and obeying God have impacts that you can take beyond the grave and lead to eternal life in heaven. Bad actions such as hoarding wealth by cheating, fornication, and taking the Covid Vaccine to conform will reap destruction in this life due to those actions coming back to the perpetrator AND bring harm in the next life as it will keep you from heaven and may send you into the eternal pit.

    Remember God does not exploit you like his adversary. God rewards those who submit to him with eternal life and God provides his followers with enough to satisfy their basic needs. God will give you strength to hold your ground against taking the Covid Vaccine.

    1. Amen, my brother in Christ. Jesus saves.

      Come out of her, my people.

      Most people are not going to be able to endure the psychological warfare that will be engineered on humanity. Those who cannot properly identify the markers in these last days will be caught flat-footed with double-mindedness and cognitive dissonance, and many who previously thought they could overcome will not be able to endure.

      I maintain my website and post my analysis for all to see, and take the wrath of friends and others to try to help the savvy remnant while we still have time. If I were connected to a business or an employer or to people for whom I rely upon for donations, I wouldn’t be able to post this analysis. I have already given up a lot by having my website, but since I am a loner by design, I don’t really miss any of it all that much. I have already begun to detach. I suggest you do the same.

      Jeremiah wasn’t popular in his time and he was often referred to as the weeping prophet. He was correct, but I am certain he wasn’t a joy to be around. Moreover, there are set of prophecies from Jeremiah that have yet to unfold. They soon will.

      Henry Makow just posted a few articles regarding our adversary and the adversary has plans for all of us. His articles are written from the view of the adversary, My postings refer to the perspective from our side. Ultimately, both refer to the same thing and the same series of events that will transpire shortly.

      1. Chris,
        God Bless You for your website. This is an excellent support forum for those strong Christian believers who are facing challenges and being mocked by people around them. I also really appreciate your economic insight as it is really proving to be true. What we learned in our economic classes does not seem to work in todays world.

        I foresee a lot of believers, including myself, finding that a lot of our friends and family that we counted on in the past will turn against us or turn away. I also see a lot of so called “Christians” turning away from the faith during these upcoming hard times. Those who are counting on being raptured away before the hard times will be sorely disappointed. I really think God will put us through the tribulation to separate the wheat from the chaff. This is where our faith will pull us through.

        1. Thanks for the kind words. It is going to get tough over these winter months. Perhaps Australia and NZ will get a let up from the covid shenanigans when the weather warms up.

          Economics does explain this current system and its viability. It all depends on behavioral economics and psychology and on how the masses of humanity respond to it. They 💕 love it. It’s a system developed for an ungodly reprobate society.

          Biden sending out massive child care checks. $15 billion. I say this is great for my rent rolls. This is why inflation is permanent. The PTB are handing the money out to the plebes. They drive the prices up as they undervalue the worth of their demand. Bezos is going to clean up. All this money will end up on the balance sheets of those with the assets. Done by design.

          1. In NZ’s case, over summer I think they will say we need to get vaccinated for next winter. It will be the summer of the vax. They’ll threaten to cancel xmas etc. Actually this winter has been very mild anyway and nobody seems to get colds anymore. I suppose we are all scared too.

            The let up is now I think. They didn’t do much over winter, no lockdowns, just vaccinating old people.

            Everyone’s telling me they are being called up by the vaccinators on the phone now. I haven’t yet, but I guess it’s just a matter of time it seems. By September they say everyone will be “eligible”. I’m talking to lawyers this week to find ways around this. I’ll report back if I find anything possibly useful.

            I think they will get much more forceful towards the end of the year. They are identifying resisters over the phone. Maybe the best thing is sound agreeable and make appointments and then make excuses for missing them – and just keep doing that until they get stroppy.
            Then tell them to fuck off.

      2. Chris, I would like to echo Andrei’s words of thanks for your blog. Your words are a unique combination of boldly truthful sermon and contrarian financial insight, and a great support as well. In addition, you allow commenters to speak frankly about their situations, which is a reminder that I am not alone.

        On this clear sunny day in rural Maine, I was blessed to reflect on the beauty of God’s amazing creation; I swam in a clear, sparkly lake with my daughter, and watched a nearby loon, I fed and watched our six hummingbirds (parents and four babies) chirp, play, and dart from feeder to feeder, and fed my rooster (he’s like a begging dog – ha ha) from the dinner table on our deck overlooking our flower and veggie gardens enclosed by massive trees. And I thought how beautiful is everything our intelligent designer has made. In his jealousy, satan is mocking God’s great design for creation. I was just filled with such awe this afternoon, and then I checked a blog I follow by a holy woman to be reminded that today is the celebration of Mary, who nurtured Jesus in her womb; then I thought about the scripture, “For You formed my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are Your works, and I know this very well.” And I thought how the S of S makes a mockery of that with genetic engineering, now on its last frontier (humans) with this jab. And I listened to this sublime piece of music that describes the great mystery of God, Jesus’ birth and Mary, and I thought, Satan can only mock God’s creation; he can never, ever even come close to creating anything truthful or beautiful. I will always carry in my heart this song, which brings with it so much grace, no matter how dark the days get. The prospect of losing everything makes me appreciate the beautiful moments we have right now. Amongst the tears, God gave me that consolation today. I wanted to share this music here:

        Backing up to what you said in your comment here about the prophet Jeremiah. This morning I listened to the entire book of Jeremiah, read in three hours, while preparing my organic garden beans to can. I have read the Bible cover to cover and read all of Jeremiah before, and parts of it intermittantly. But I never really understood it in the context you described here and in your Brighteon video. I thought the book of Jeremiah applied to previous times, but not to the future, but you said in your last comment that there are a set of prophesies in Jeremiah that are yet to unfold. To be honest, I don’t really understand, and would love to learn more. If we are truly his remnant, and the S of S is trying to conceal our birthright from us, then I would like to understand Jeremiah’s prophesies yet to unfold, because I would really like to know what I am supposed to do in this juncture of history that would be pleasing to God. For example, there are multiple references to the wilderness as a dessert, a place we should go to in the last days. Is this to be taken literally, for this time, or is this metaphorical (as in detaching, coming out of this world’s beast system)?

        Thank you for helping us all through these trying times. All the best to you and yours.

  11. It’s clearly becoming evident that the powers-that-be are trying to make our lives as comfortable and soft as possible before they clamp down like 1917 Soviet Russia.

    They’ll promise the moon, and social and racial injustices, as well as all the wrongs will be righted. The whole time they will be goosing asset values and throwing money out to everybody who asks for it. This will make the people amenable to the Ddraconian measures that are being employed around them, which will lead to them accepting the mark.

    This was my concern about this last days monetary system. In order to get the people to acquiesce, rather than creating a 1984-style of austerity, they will goose us with freebies and good things. The people will be loathe to part with their assets, and their lives around the world will be greatly enhanced before these end time measures.

    This is why the people are not rebelling. They’ve gotten too soft and docile, and this is what Satan wants. Fight the urge to relax and go with the flow. I am to blame as well as my life is a piece of cake.

  12. PW wrote:
    This guy tweets about the telomeres. He is stating extinction level event


    Thanks for forwarding this tweet. It’s unbelievable that these vaccines could actually shorten the telomeres. I will follow this gentleman now, and thanks for pointing him out. I noticed he retweeted an article about how curcumin can actually preserve and even lengthen telomeres. I take two grams a day of curcumin extract with bioperine (piperine) supplementation.

    Curcumin is an amazing substance. I take it daily right after my one big meal in the early afternoon.

    1. Original link from the tweet. This page has even more articles about it. He says China is killing people to try to stop the virus. Totally mad if true.

      I actually can’t remember if that’s the original article that got me onto the telomere thing. The one I recall was more about the vaccine that the virus, but I suppose since it was talking about the spike protein then maybe its the same, or maybe a different one from the same source. We need independent verification to confirm.

      I wonder what Robert Malone thinks of this. He invented the MRNA tech, and is now blocked and called an anti-vaxxer by big tech for urging restraint with their use.

      What did Voltaire say about a certain people being deadly to the human race one day? Maybe this is it.

      1. Actually that isn’t an orginal source, it’s a twitter thread aggregator.

        In this thread he starts talking about it being a new holocaust etc. Has anyone noticed an inability to concentrate over the last year or so? He says it’s a common Covid symptom, and it will shorten your life by 5 years.

        Each shot or the MRNA vax will do that too, but it’s worse each shot. Is this real or more fear mongering?

        There is a scientific paper about it.

        I’d be more inclined to believe the vax does this, rather than the virus, but reserve judgement. Maybe more info will become available soon.

        1. Based on the behavior of our adversary, I have to assume it’s the vaccines that are going to short the lifespans. I think the covid virus is a complete total exaggerated scam to get people scared. Out of the hundreds of people that I have come in contact with over the past couple years I don’t know of anyone who’s gotten it and has been sick enough to have been hospitalized.

    1. Jason I feel lucky to be in the frying pan and not the fire (yet) after reading your post.

      The problem with Singapore is:

      A. You can’t really “get out of the city”.

      B. Everything is ruthlessly efficient.

      C. Asians tend to be conformists.

      I know of a Chinese guy here who quit his job in terror at the mere mention of the vax. He’s afraid of the CPP here too. I spoke with an anti-CCP Chinese guy and he said 98% of the Chinese here are spies.

      Jacinda Ardern is absolutely vile. Is she the worst in the world? I’m biased, what do you guys think? Liberals voted her the best in the world so that might mean she is actually the worst.

      Come to NZ and we’ll set up a bunker full of instant noodles and solar powered playstations out in the middle of nowhere. Lift and practice martial arts until they come.

      1. Thanks. I will take a look at it after trading. I am stuck at home today, and I will have time. I need to get back to a couple other posts.

        I know one thing for sure, these troops need to be back home when all the stuff we talk about comes down.

        Someone asked me what the United States pull out of Afghanistan meant. The people in Afghanistan prefer to be ruled over by a caliphate. They are used to being told what to do and that’s what their people prefer. They don’t like Western-style democracy, which is actually burped up by our adversary and used as a proxy to represent the West.

        The demoralization and reprogramming of the West is nearly complete, and the people in the West view all of this as a failure. It really is a non-event in many ways, and I am very surprised at the United States was able to withstand 20 years. Of course, that is all possible by the Advent of QE.

        The Taliban seem to have little to no resistance in the country, because the Muslims in that nation are used to being ruled this way. Give them what they want. Now these American troops can be redirected back to the States to manage the civil unrest that will be upcoming. It looks like Afghanistan will be another nation in Ezekiel’s confederacy. It’s a blend of Ishmael and japheth.

      2. I started watching the first 10 minutes or so the video.

        This is the one thing in which the futurists and Prophets get wrong. The reason why all of this is going to blow up in the face of the globalists is for one reason. America was Manasseh. Plain and simple. The United States was the remnant of Manasseh (not anymore, because it has become an antichrist Haven to sodomites, Marxists, and social justice warriors) and is the land of unwalled villages in Ezekiel 38 and 39. It’s complete annihilation will mean the end to the run of our adversary and all of its plans for global domination. It also means an end to irs objectives and an end to the New World order. Unfortunately, for those in the United States, the majority are going to be killed. This includes the dumb Christians who believed the last 170 years of brainwashing in the churches, as they connected the synagogue of Satan with Israel in the Bible. Meanwhile they lived in it and were part of it and didn’t even know

        This is another important fact understand. Our adversary at the top of the pyramid knows who the United States is. They know what the number 13 represents in the history of the United States. The United States was the 13th tribe of Manasseh. They have left no stone unturned and have delayed the advent of their new world order and final takeover of the United States until the very end, because they know where Ephraim and Manassas remnant resided. They know much more about Bible prophecy than the stupid dumbed down endtime Christians who use to bother me with their non sequitur logic. Of course, they unsubscribed a long time ago and no longer read my analysis.

        And now our adversary is going for it, because I have to conclude on many levels they’re running out of time and they know it. Something is coming that they know and we don’t. I told you all along with that is the wrapping up of 6,000 years. Something supernatural is heading our way.

        This will be the time of Jacob’s trouble and God will step in and put an end to all of this, and it’s not going to be in a way that is favorable to most people, including the Laodicean Christians.

  13. Hi Chris,

    This is me again observing this here in Singapore.

    Today, our ministry issued a final directive on mandatory vaccinations which covered the majority of jobs in Singapore.

    It will immediately take effect on 10-Jan-2021, those who do not take the vaccine (2 or 3 shots or whatever they demand)
    Will not be able to work anymore and have no place in the society.

    I have always believed Singapore and at least Taiwan to be test experimental state for the US and NWO because we have Draconian authoritarian leaders and the people here always trade freedom for $$ and economic benefits.

    It made me very hurting deep down, deeply oppressed and wanting to launch attack on my government directly. I am suddenly the minority. Nonsense.

    1. That is absolutely shocking. Look at how fast this is coming. If the authorities in the US get the guns, it will be like 1917 Russia, or 1948 China worldwide. I am sorry for your circumstances, and you are correct; it’s coming here.

      Now, according to prophecy, it will be the internal unrest this causes in the States that will be the catalyst for the beginning of the time of Jacob’s trouble. Just because the US is Manasseh, doesn’t mean good things and tidings for the Americans. It means death and destruction for the many, including many in the unwashed remnant here. There is not much time left, and it is going to happen VERY quickly now. They will say that owning guns is racist and white supremacist. Many will comply. About 15-20 mil will not. The MSM answer will be foreign troops to fight the evil white gun owners here in the US.

      I am sorry. The end is coming soon.

      1. Soon, we’re going to have to accept that we’re going to need to let go of much of what we thought was important in this world. That includes assets, our ways of life, and many of the loved ones who will refuse to work with us.

        I’m trying to figure out how to navigate when we are cut off cut off from buying or selling. I doubt the federal government will force us to turn in our guns, sell our property, or force us to get vaccines. But the private sector will not allow us to buy or sell, lest we have that eventual mark to prove our allegiance.

        And when the filthy white Christian is blamed for everything, you will have to renounce Jesus Christ. What’s left of the northern remnants of Israel will be blamed for it all.

        These are the end times, kid; the end times.

        1. Well, I have more questions than answers, but the one thing I know is that these times will cause the remnant to seriously contemplate what it means to be a follower of Christ. The crucifixes hanging on my walls are a big clue.

          For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? – Mathew 16:26

          1. Of course. I can say one thing for certain, most of these Laodicean church Christians will end up being the slain under the alter early on. They are not going to make it far into the tribulation period.

            Most of these Christians are still wilfully ignorant and in denial. The deceptions are too tremendous to overcome, and the vast majority of my readers disagree with my eschatological analysis. That’s a shame, but a necessary prerequisite, according to the old testament prophets.

          2. Chris, what you stated below about the Laodicean church not making it is pretty much stated here, from what I can fathom:

            And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.
            Mathew 24:22

    1. Overall I was bothered by this video. They say Covid is really bad, and the spike protein is highly toxic, but still says people should make a choice whether they want the vax. But the vax generates large amounts of spike protein, and actually a worse version of it. He actually says he would take the vaccine!!

      Watching this video, he seems to think Covid is a complex disease bla bla bla. But the Flu is complex too, and kills people in various ways even getting into the brain. Remember all the scary stories about new ways to die from Covid? The Flu could do them all! The Flu is often just a suspected cause of death and the doctors write “Influenza like illness” on the death certificates. He bats out words like endothelial, inflammation, circulatory, monocyte and macrophage inflammation, activated macrophages, vasculitis. But the Flu is known to get into people’s brain, inflame hearts, cause muscle pain & weakness etc. He’s not comparing the two. You can make the common cold sound incredibly bad if you only look at it under a microscope. I wonder if he’s looking too closely.

      Does it really matter exactly how the Flu kills old people? It didn’t used to matter. So why the switch for Covid?

      He says history will look back on this period very darkly. How much do we really know about the Black Plague? There are rumours of certain people spreading the plague on purpose. That is believable. But did the government mandate the eradication of cats? They expect as to believe that not one person made the connection to fleas. Is that really believable? Maybe they just did then what they are doing now?

      Then he says you need to wear masks if you don’t want the vaccine. I don’t believe that.

      Then he says:
      “We need to realize this is a really bad disease. You just need to go into the ICU.” [and see all the nurses filming tik tok videos in empty wards.] Bogus evidence. Fake.

      I think this video is 50% BS and 50% OK. He is exaggerating the virus. He’s gone into OMG-no-one-can-die-of-a-virus-anymore mode. Any life lost is a failure. What happened to just letting old people die in their thousands from the Flu?

      They say people are waiting for the “cytokine storm” before going to hospital and that is bad advice. So why are people having cytokine storms? Judy Mikovitz says it’s probably from previous vaccines such as the Flu. This video seems to imply that Covid just causes cytokine storms normally. They provide no reason or explanation.

      Then on to “long covid”. Brain inflammation. Very bizarre disease, nothing else like it. Again, if they studied the Flu this hard they’d find all sorts of horrific things about it too.

      Then he goes on about the Delta variant. He is sounding just like all these other idiots. The LOCKDOWNs cause the variants. It’s pretty obvious. They force the virus to sacrifice some function or energy deficit to become more spreadable. It’s just how they always work.

      Then he says Covid can cause reactivation of Herpes viruses. What a total load of BS. Herpes is activated by just about anything. Stress at work, shaving cuts, chocolate, getting a traffic ticket, tiredness, being told you might have Covid. Anything can cause it to flare up. Why blame it on Covid?

      54 minutes in and still no blaming of vaccine damage on Covid. I think they might have mentioned it a little bit before but dismissed it as a conspiracy theory. I’m still waiting for something I can use.

      57 minutes he says the planet is mad and all the liars will be exposed. But so far he hasn’t disagreed with anything Fauci says except to not mandate vaccines. Zero mention of what Dr Yeadon says about the vaccines.

      He seems naive, saying it’s not “common sense” to vaccinate kids with MRNA vaccines, and then says “it is unfathomable and defies any kind of logic”. Never heard of the NWO bro?

      OK, then the video gets much better. He starts talking about cures and treatments. It sounds like good info, but does this virus actually do that much more damage than other viruses?

      01:23:00 He says he would get vaccinated because he is older!!!

      He says the Delta variant is more scary and he seems to be pro vax, and then he mocks the “spike protein shedding” theory even though Pfizer has said that it does happen. (albeit they said it was in negligible amounts). However the doctor says “an alien invasion is more likely.” I don’t trust that sort of dismissive and mocking tone from experts, especially since he is ignorant of the Pfizer results on this and it was an actual reasonable question. There has been much research on “self-spreading” vaccines, so how are we to know if this is one of those or not. I don’t like experts that think they know everything. Scientists are supposed to be more modest.

      “I prefer questions that can’t be answered to answers that can’t be questioned” — Richard Feynman

      1. You make some excellent points here.

        Despite all of the conversation regarding effective treatments to cure covid, he repeatedly goes on the record that he was vaccinated and would get vaccinated again given the same circumstances. This comes even after he points out all of the risk factors of the vaccinations. He only tells young folk not to get vaccinated. It is a non-sequitur argument in his case, and I have to believe on some level it’s because he’s concerned he’s going to lose his livelihood. He has to come out and support of the vaccine somehow or else he’s going to lose everything. To be honest I didn’t watch the entire video and I didn’t catch a lot of the stuff that you point out here. He really is speaking out of both sides of his mouth and is not as washed as I thought. Perhaps it is just being naive on his part.

        1. I think he is maybe trying to position America’s frontline doctors as “reasonable”, “not crazy or extreme”, and “basically agreeing with the science, but adding something the CDC might have overlooked because this is a complex problem” – but he ends up watering down their message so much there is nothing left. Everyone compromises to save their butt these days. Telling the truth is a dangerous and thankless task anyway – especially if you are in a position to be listened to.

          He is either a normie or a good actor. I suspect normie. You can tell because he says the virus regime is “unfathomable and defies all logic”. Another indicator of simple ignorance is that he exhibits zero hatred for people against the vax. He doesn’t mock them like Jon Oliver or try to gaslight.

          He’s like Knut Wittkowski, who was asked back in April 2020 during his first “Perspectives on the Pandemic” interview about why the CDC is ignoring the known data and treating Covid as some kind of super virus. He could only say “I have no clue”. I believed him, he probably didn’t.

          BTW have you seen Henry Makow’s latest posting about the Kabbalists? The video is the most intense thing I’ve ever seen. This could be the end of us all. They sound like they will try to mop up whatever remnant tries to survive too. We live in very very interesting times.

          1. This is what the Bible calls the synagogue of Satan; those who say they are Jews, but are not.

            How do I know the Bible is the only true scripture out of all the religions? It’s the only one that our adversary uses and follows. These people did not descend from Judah nor Benjamin. They hijacked the name Israel and have hid behind it since the late first millennium. They now control all the governments and corporations. They control the central banks, too. All of it. Think I am wrong? Just look how the entire globe responded to this covid scam.

            The S of S also purposely misdirects the dummy Laodicean Christians about the proper identities of the true Israel. That allows the S of S to keep their objectives intact while the dummy Christian community worships the Christ-rejecting synagogue of Satan and the political state of Israel. I even get the emails from Chick Publications about how we are to pray for the political nation state of Israel. Daniels is convinced the Jews are the chosen as well as believing the Darby-Schofield garbage. It’s this wilful ignorance in the final days that allows the end times to unfold. These mind-controlled evangelicals don’t understand the significance of the OT prophecies, and who have fallen victim to the fatal logic errors, are too afraid to admit what we already know. They don’t want to lose their standing and respect within the vast majority of the unwashed. This includes the 95% of today’s Christians that have no concept of who is their adversary.

            It’s the Evangelical’s fear of being left out of the collective that is allowing this to unfold.

            Like I always said, take the contra. By taking the contrary you are almost guaranteed to always be right. If Lawson and Daniels are telling you that the Jews own the Old testament, I say to take the contra.

            All these Evangelical dummies spread the anti- West propaganda, which is approved of by their very adversary, the synagogue of Satan. These dummies are not bright enough to understand this, or worse, willfully ignorant.

            They may preach some excellent fire and brimstone hell testimony, but that’s all they’re good for. Especially in these last and final days as they sleep and slumber. Or worse, they’ll just tell you that the West is endtime Babylon and that we deserve what we have coming. They’ll also tell you that I’m the enemy and that I am condemned to hell for my blasphemous speech. But they are sleeping and slumbering dogs not warning the people that they will not be raptured out of here and won’t have to endure terrible hardships that the world has never previously faced.

            What is going to make the next several years so hard to endure will be the psychological warfare that has been perfected over the past 100 years. It’s all been perfected for these next few years. The world has never had to deal with this type of stuff before and that’s why many in these pastors’s congregations will capitulate or be dead very soon.

    1. Bob,
      I didn’t see your comment before I just commented on this topic – their threat to quarantine in U.S. – asking Chris what he thought.

      1. All this stuff is happening so fast, I can’t really make any definitive predictions or recommendations. It can all change overnight. I suspect that the cold weather in the northern hemisphere is really going to ramp up the objectives of this manufactured crisis. If Canada has been acting this way in the hottest months of the year, what will it be like during the winter?

        I have not seen any family members outside of Virginia since this crisis began. They are all petrified. I doubt I will ever see them again. Too much TV news and apocalyptic movies, I guess.

  14. According to a US expert because NZ has been so covid free for so long, we will get destroyed by the Delta variant unless we have 100% vaccination.

    About a year ago, I predicted that this idiotic lockdown and elimination strategy would backfire and make us the basket case of the world. We are so forked. I really need to get out of here somehow.

    1. There’s no place to go. Jason Tan even says it’s going on in where he lives. It’s global. China just locks down entire cities. This guiding hand will get the whole world. Just never get the jab. I would give up my real estate if forced rather than get the jab. If we had a forfeit our assets, the upshot is that we would no longer be encumbered with having to worry about our assets, so we could just go nuts and burn the country down. I think that’s what our adversary is hoping to achieve.

      1. Dollar vigilante says Mexico isn’t bad and Nicaragua has no Covid gestapo. I know Peru and other places in S. America have gone completely nuts though. Apparently not Venezuela (but I haven’t checked), maybe they are too busy starving to worry about this.
        Henry Makow is living in Mexico and says it’s better than Canada.

        Maybe there is no escape but not all the frying pans are the same temperature? I’ve just got a bad feeling about NZ. They have this idea here that we “punch above our weight” and little old NZ always wants to show up the Yanks. It was nauseating before, but now it’s totally pathological. Obviously their “elimination” strategy (if that’s not literally true) will require incredibly harsh lockdowns, for a long long time. I think they are crazy enough to do it. NZ has not had anything really bad happen here for 150 years, so it’s about time.

        1. I get it. It will be horrible here in the states starting in the fall. The people here will insist the lockdowns, etc. Makow is correct about Mexico, but given all the stuff going on around the globe, the States still is not that bad. As eventual war with China gets likely, I wouldn’t want to live in many areas of ASEAN or adjacent, as well as any populated areas in the US or NA.

          I think you own real estate in NZ, right?

          1. No but looking to get some.
            Apparently crypto might do a bit run up to BTC 100k-150k towards end of this year, or early 2022 from what I’ve heard from experts. I might wait for that, then buy well out of the city.

            Does that sound like a plan?

      2. Chris, you said “just never get the jab,” and I agree, and I also wondered if you have been hearing in the alt media about carting “at risk” (presumably unvaxed) people away to “green zones,” i.e. quarantining them against their will. A friend yesterday sent me a video from Mike Adams on this, and after reading the headline, I had to tell her I can’t watch it because I don’t want to live in fear. (I stopped watching his stuff a couple months ago. ) I wonder how much of this green zone/FEMA camp/ Nazi-style internment, euphemistically called “shielding,” is a psy-op, and how much of it will be carried out with our communist fake president in charge. I guess it’s not enough that the unvaxed is under the threat of being shut out from our culture and commerce via vaccine passports; they want to dispose of us as well it would seem (?)

        1. FEMA has theorized and worked on these programs for decades, going back to the 90s. They have never had a real reason to use them, but this stuff is on the books. I suspect that if enough people get vaccinated and continue to fall for the chicanery of the COVID-19 scam, they could enact this stuff. It would probably start off with people who are going to the hospital and obvious risk patients. It will then slowly gain momentum to where the average person on the street will end up going. Keep in mind this is all incumbent on the people accepting this. If they try to enforce it through the barrel of a gun, they will be met with armed resistance. I do not keep up on this stuff anymore on a day-to-day basis, since it just takes away from my energy, which I think is one of the objectives of our adversary. Mike Adams gets a lot of views, because a lot of his listeners are addicted to the internet and MMedia like the so-called unwashed.

          I think we know the inevitable and this is why I have my blog. I tried to tell the reader and listener what I think we should do. I’m not here trying to report the latest catastrophic news as I think that just distracts from our priorities. Of course if I were like Mike Adams and had many products to sell, I would ham it up.

          Of this I am certain, I will never take their filthy vaccines nor will I submit to any of their phony treatments. But the same thing goes for cancer. If I was diagnosed with cancer, I would never submit myself to their treatments. It’s just a mindset I possess. There are two lines in the sand that I could never cross; giving up my guns and submitting myself to a coercive program of vaccines and invasive body procedures. I will live with the repercussions accordingly.

          If any of you choose to get the vaccine that is up to you. I just tell you what I am not doing. I value my health and cognitive capacity above all else and I would never risk that, even if that includes forfeiting assets and moving to the wilderness to hunt. In one way it would be nice, as I would have nothing restraining me. I can take law into my own hands at that point.

          1. I mean armed resistance and lawful killing of those who try to force me. I would do it and sleep well at night with a clean conscience. I know I am doing my part to make sure the objectives of the Georgia Guidestones are not fulfilled and that the old testament prophets are correct.

            This is no threat, but something that any non-brainwashed Christian would see as necessary. Today’s Christian worships government via Romans 13 parroting 🦜🐦

          2. Chris, thanks for speaking plainly, as the hour is getting late. Some of us who have tried and tried, and finally left altogether the Government 501(c)3 churches (where I can attest that they did preach Romans 13 ad nauseam) have been swimming upstream in the cultural tide of the abomination of desolation. We need to dust off our guns as we have moved from languid opulence to war. It would seem that we desperately need more Christian soldiers. If you ever feel like putting on your “Pastor Chris” hat again, I would greatly appreciate a blog post/sermon on how we can be pleasing to God in war. I seriously have never heard anything about that in thousands of sermons and homilies I have listened to. What do the Old Testament prophets say, in your end-times understanding? I am trying to patch together scenarios of what might happen to cause me to defend myself, knowing the enemy will likely have the advantage of military-grade weaponry. It is one thing to shoot a target, and another altogether to shoot a human. How does one prepare for that?

            Speaking of war, my great grandfather was “disappeared” in Nazi Germany. My late dad found out only about a decade ago, through extensive geneiological research, that he died in a concentration camp. As a Catholic doctor in the country, he no doubt protested a little too loudly about the government mandated medical experimentation on disabled children (where the Nazis started). Seeing the writing on the wall, he advised his children to get out of Germany while they still could. My grandfather (my dad’s father) did just that, and went first to America where my father was born, then moved to South America to go into mining. I am here today because of my great grandfather’s courage to speak out. How ironic that four generations later I am facing some of the same issues: Nazi-style medical-genocidal overreach, whether and where to flee, how to resist.

            Also in respect to my dad’s side of the family…My father left me a small inheritance when he died in the end of 2019. When I finally received it (covid 19 policies delayed everything) it was late 2020. I have poured over real estate listings for hours and hours to invest it. This was before I found your blog, which was only a few months ago, but even then I knew to try to invest in something tangible (real estate) outside of our fake fiat money system. Here I am in August 2021, still looking, about to give up. So I get what you are saying – that sometimes maybe it would be nice to have nothing restraining, because when you have any wealth you have to work not to lose it to those who have their hands in your pocket. (Some of my happiest days were when I was young and poor.) I already own two properties, but I wanted to honor my father (and grandfather and great grandfather who is a hero to me) by investing his inheritance wisely. I’m quite at a loss. The evil bastards who run our monetary system seem intent on taking it all away….

            Speaking of taking it all away, they have also taken away the future generation I would have left the world as my ancestry. They destroyed my typically-developing first born daughter with vaccines by giving her autism, and have coerced the jab into my second daughter. So my courageous great-grandfather’s genetic line discontinues on my end of things. If people thought about the sterilizing and DNA-changing effects of this jab in the younger generation, they might come to realize the same thing about their family lines. Satan (the thief) comes to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10)

            We do need to fight this. (Onward, Christian Soldiers, anyone?) I am not taking the shot, and they will have to kill me before they jab that into my arm. Thanks for listening, and I am all ears as I try to discern next steps.

    1. Bob, I feel sorry for you and the rest of the people in both NZ and Australia. They are sooo draconian. Is it because their laws are different and because the citizens don’t have guns? And Jacinda sounds and looks like a psychopath. Not that Biden and Kamala are any better. I feel like maybe your country is a few steps ahead of USA, but we could get to the stage your country is in soon. I don’t blame you for wanting out, and I have thought of that too. In terms of places to go, I hear Mexico is better, for now at least. But who knows if the vax-resistant pres there will make it, as a bunch of ones in Africa got knocked off for not playing the covid game. Maybe other central or south American countries? Costa Rica? Haven’t researched, but never really hear about central and south America in the news re: covid, so even though the plandemic is global, maybe they are less on the hit list? Not sure if you have thought about that area…. Prayers!

      1. Actually it’s been pretty good here. We had a one month lockdown from 26 March 2020 to 27 April 2020. Then a one week one in August, and a 3 day one after that. Never had to wear masks except on the bus. I think it flattened the curve… 🙂

        I’ve never worn a mask. Nobody yelled at anyone for not following the rules. It was very mild and for the year roughly life has been completely normal except:

        1. Some people wear masks for a few days after an “outbreak” – only white people in rich suburbs generally.
        2. Can’t travel overseas easily.
        3. QR codes that most of people ignore completely now.

        I’ve never scanned a code or worn a mask. So maybe the stories in your media are a bit overblown in our case. The pictures I see of Americans all wearing masks make me sick. We don’t do that here at all. This week I saw one mask wearer. Mostly Chinese these days.

        I believe they didn’t come down so hard on us because they didn’t have to as we are naturally isolated, and maybe they wanted an example of successful compliance for the world to see, or maybe it was Ardern’s vanity. But it will change. This elimination strategy is totally insane. There is no concept of “freedom” here. NZ is a “wonderful place” and “better than everywhere else” and only a terrorist anti-vaxxer would “spoil it for everyone”. NZers can be really nasty if they think it’s justified, plus they are riling up the Maoris big time. They have a rule now that every officer in the armed forces MUST speak fluent Maori. That’s their code language that no racist will understand, in my estimation. They have us exactly where they want us. It’s surreal. They can flip the switch overnight. It seems to me that NZ can go from blissful ignorance of inferior countries’ problems to full on bolshevism, because all the systems are nearly in place. People here are so smug that Americans voted for Trump and now they have Covid. It’s really sick.

        Thank you for your thoughts. As they say, we are all in this together.

    1. Sounds like a propaganda article vetted by the senior editors controlled by the Ministry of Defence in Wellington. I didn’t know the NZ vaccinated rate was so low. Good to see.

      This whole thing would fail if the plebes didn’t get vaccinated.

      1. That guy I told you about who listened to Alex Jones all day and then signed up for the vax… remember him? I have an update.

        When asked how the vax went he said “I couldn’t be bothered.”
        He didn’t show up to the appointment.

        Apparently lots of people are like that. But there are also people who tagged along with old folks and asked to get the vax too while they were there.

        A study found that the vax destroys telomeres. They estimated that the shot takes 5 years off your life. The second shot take 15, and a third shot will take another 20.

        I suspect at least 50% of people here will take it eventually. So far it has mostly been by invitation only, and many think Jacinda saved us so we don’t need it. But the story is changing now. NZers are pretty sheep like but maybe there will be resistance this time if the govt over steps.

        Another article I read said once the vaxxed realise what has been done to them, they will seek revenge. That will be fun to watch.

        1. I didn’t hear about the telomeres. If that is correct, that is a very grim prognosis. If people get sick a few months after getting vaccinated, they will not put the two together. I am going to try to find more out on that.

  15. All this is being allowed by God because His church has become apostate. Pastors don’t know truth because they either don’t want to know, or are deceived because they have swallowed the false theology of John Nelson Darby, the Scofield Bible and the Dallas Theological Seminary. Those issues are mainly pervasive misinformation about modern-day Israel, the rapture, and sign and wonders. Other mainline denominations are corrupt and complicit. Throughout the Bible God punishes His own first by using His worst enemies to destroy, then He turns on His enemies. However, this is the last time. I pray that you know Christ, and infinitely more importantly, that HE KNOWS YOU.

    1. Excellent closing sentence! This goes down a much deeper rabbit hole than Scofield & co. but yes, it was an effective pawn on the 3D chessboard. Most Americans can’t get past the British homosexual monarch’s 66 chapter rendition of Holy Scripture. They miss out on the 72 chapter bible codified by Doctors and Fathers of the early Church. Try picking up an old copy of the Douay-Rheims bible to further expand your knowledge. All the best!

      1. There is a good resource here.

        He describes how the Douay-Rheims bible was edited by Challoner and later versions can’t be trusted. He has scans of them.

        So why do they edit the bible?
        “Babylonian Talmud Vol02-029: Blatant admission of rewriting books for….”

        The site has an unusual approach to theology, for example:

        I’m no expert but I do find this stuff interesting. In any case it is a really good source for scans of very rare books. He scans them so we get the originals, as some other sites use OCR and then edit the text, which is dishonest.

    2. Totally agree here. The churches are all sleeping and they fight amongst themselves. The vast number of them now have a Freemason in the pulpit. Each one claims to be the truth. The only truth is in the Bible.

  16. The people I talk to are still petrified of covid. Just wait until the winter months here in North America. There will be panic in the faces of the zombies.

  17. Chris, your analysis of the state of emergency is spot-on. In the long run this process will fail. It relies on a constant consumption of media by addicted masses. On the technical side, the costs of managing the data involved are astronomical, the whole far too complex, and inevitably this feed will fail.

    As you say, best to go into a wilderness and wait it out. H.L. Mencken wrote an essay in the 1920’s about the eugenic effects of the wave of plagues in the 13th and 14th centuries that took out one third of Europe. The cull birthed the Renaissance.

    The USG does not have the assets to root out humans in the deep rural areas.

    1. Ben Bernanke says the Federal Reserve can pkace 100% of the nation’s gross domestic product’s worth of treasuries onto its balance sheet. I agree with his assessment and wonder at all of the manufactured crises our adversary plans to engineer over the next several years. By that time, GDP could be as high as $30 trillion, and that means up to 30 trillion dollars worth of treasuries will be placed on to the Fed’s balance sheet. That’s a lot of money and this is why I say we need to continue doing what we’re doing until we are no longer allowed to do it. Once our adversary achieves those type of numbers in terms of balance sheet numbers, then they will throw this system under the bus and make something new. They only have roughly 1/3 of their theorized total capacity used up. There’s still a long way to go.

    1. They can make up anything they want now. The people accept it. Just like iNSOC and the telescreens. The outer party members watch it and believe everything as the truth.

      1. And that article (or more precisely the pronouncements of our benefactors) seems to have very sinister undertones.

        “it will be very tightly run.”

        The language is all open-ended, designed so they can escalate and intensify without contradiction.
        Politicians are worse than any virus could ever be.

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