A response to an email; How I stay healthy and avoid doctors

The bad news: Let’s face it; given recent events, it’s abundantly clear that the remnant will eventually be effectively cut off from the mainstream medical establishment. We will be forced to remain healthy without the “help” of the outside world.

For 20 years, I knew these days were coming, and have thus empowered myself to take strides to learn whatever was necessary to become medically self-sovereign. Except when I needed to remove a metal filing particle in my eye in 2009, I have not required non-dental medical attention for any illness or injury in almost 20 years. While I have medical insurance through a family member, I only use it for annual physicals with bloodwork. I forgo all those annual colonoscopies and other types of expensive and invasive testing procedures.

The good news: Keep in mind that most diseases, and virtually all chronic illnesses, are completely avoidable. This includes cancer. If we view our health from this perspective, we can have faith to empower ourselves to remain healthy on our own terms, and without the need of doctors with their counterintuitive measures. Our adversary promotes the flourishing of chronic illnesses and diseases with their foods and modern chemistry, as a means to ensnare us in their system.

Hey Chris!
I want to ask you what conclusions you have come to regarding healthy eating and maintaining the body.

Do you have any particular resources or individuals that you have followed that helped enlighten you regarding this?

I happen to have a lot of atherosclerosis and therefore heart disease so I’m just shifting around trying to figure out the best direction and most healthy diet lifestyle. I like to ask smart people what they’re doing when I have doubts and hence this email-if you have a few thoughts regarding this I’d love to hear them.

Thanks for everything you do!

Here is my response:

Hi Jim,
As for my own eating and exercising habits, I stick to four lifestyle choices;

  1. Time restricted eating (TRE); I usually eat within a six hour window each day. I know this may sound rigorous, but I strive to wait until noon to eat. I eat during the afternoon, and by 6-6:30pm I am usually too full for anything else before bed. Anyone can condition his or her body to adjust to this choice. Despite what doctors say, breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. It takes a few weeks to acclimate to the adjustments, and if I need to do something outside of my normal routine in the morning, I drink a scoop of natural whey protein. If you decide to eat earlier in the day, just push forward the time you stop. try to keep it to six hours.
  2. Supplementation for specific conditions; I take up to 40 different supplements and amino acids each day. I know that sounds insane, but they work. For example, I had hypothyroidism and all four of my sisters have it, and take drugs. My mom had thyroid cancer. Since I rearranged my lifestyle, my thyroid is normal and has been for a decade. I use some for blood sugar maintenance, cholesterol, metabolism, and my (former) arrhythmia. I take several for anti-aging, male health, and cognitive improvement. I take some to prevent cancer, since it is prevalent in my family. I also have not yet needed glasses and take several supplements for microvascular and eye health. In addition, I eat about 15 to 20 apricot kernels a day.
  3. Weight training and calisthenics; I generally alternate with body parts (e.g. legs and abs one day, then chest/back and abs the next day) and perform plenty of calisthenics (e.g. push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, dips, etc,) with hardly any cardio, except for walking. I  typically perform each set until  exhaustion. Cardio is not not healthy for older people.
  4. Plenty of black or dark coffee during the resting phase :). Drinking coffee or whey helps with suppressing the appetite. If I am craving later in the day or do not wish to consume any more caffeine, I stick to the whey.

I have spent over 20 years formulating my daily exercise and eating routines, and are the result of lots of research and trial and error. Many older athletes and bodybuilders I have spoken to swear by this stuff. TRE really does work as the body needs to clean itself out and get to a basing metabolic rate on a daily basis.

I learned a lot from Dr. Mercola and Dr. Sears over the years. Though both have daily blogs and research, Dr. Mercola has had to scale back his health advice and disease treatment protocols, since he has been critical of the MSMs covid stance.

My mother was always struggling with illness, and since most of it was avoidable, I made an effort to not end up like her. Thus, I was always interested in taking control of my own health, so I have spent a lot of time over the years advancing my studies.

If you choose this path, please be aware that doctors generally frown upon taking supplements, since many of the drugs they prescribe work in a similar manner as natural supplements, yet supplements rarely have adverse side effects. For instance, I take curcumin for its anti-inflammatory and anti-angiogenic properties. It is also highly effective for thinning blood. It may even be as efficacious as warfarin. Thus, do not take curcumin if you decide to take the prescription.

When I undergo my annual physicals, I do not reveal any of these above four routines to the doctors, since they will not view them favorably.

Because I employ the above four aspects to my daily routine, I have found that I can eat more carbs than I used to, though when I am not working out and such, I lay off the carbs, especially sugar. I do eat eat fruit and honey, however, but it is all from organic sources. I eat tons of fat, butter, nuts (no peanut butter since the aflatoxins in PB make it an immunosuppressant), fatty grass-fed beef, chicken, and dairy. I strive for mostly organic. I eat hardly any processed foods and chow down lots of greens.

My low carb, time restricted feeding will run counter to the typical doctor’s advice, but it serves me very well and those who swear by it.

Phil Mickelson was asked how he lost so much weight before winning the PGA championship and he remarked, intermittent fasting (TRE) and lots of coffee.

I agree with him, though I wish I could cut down on coffee and replace it with something else.


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67 thoughts on “A response to an email; How I stay healthy and avoid doctors

  1. I encourage all of you to try C60, it has changed my health. Best supplement I have ever tried.

  2. Good stuff Chris, very much agree.

    Most medical conditions are caused either by “modern lifestyle” or the medical system itself. Typically, whatever modern lifestyle conditions are typically made worse by the medical system’s treatment.

    Case in point: http://www.health-science-spirit.com/Healing_the_Body/Are-most-diseases-caused-by-Medical-System.html

    The medical system has fully discredited itself with the COVID scamdemic. Unfortunately, most of the population of the West is fully brain washed in the belief of the superiority of “modern” allopathic, pharmaceutical based “medicine”, which underlying premise is a lie and primary motivation is profit, if not more insidiously population control.

    In the movie “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen”, the protagonists repeated mantra is “no doctors!”. A good approach to follow for life.

    1. Green vibrance is the best vitamin supplement I’ve ever come across. It literally has everything in it. I encourage anyone to try it.

  3. I am beginning to be discriminated and it is getting severe by the day. For not vaccinating and taking the mark it is happening here in Singapore.

    I have never felt so anti-establishment and the presence of anti-christ so strongly felt.

    1. Nothing can stop this global steamroller now. There’s not much time left.

      If you are thinking about having children, please think again.

      The white Christian population in the states may have actually fallen according to the last census. These sad souls are killing themselves and refraining from having children, but cannot pinpoint what is wrong.

      We know better.

      1. For years now, every time I see a white couple with a kid, my first reaction is surprise it even happened, and my second reaction is pity for the poor kid. Also the programming kicks in and my brain indicates that something is wrong with white people breeding. It’s just not the done thing anymore.

        I’ve known for years they want whitey gone. The Chinese must think once we are gone they will inherit the Earth. They need to think again. If the mighty White race can fall so far, the Chinese will be even easier to dispose of. They need to wise up.

        1. Chinese aren’t good at reproducing anymore either. Look at birth rates in most advanced Asian nations. They are barely above replacement levels. China’s one-child policy completely reoriented the mindset of women in that country. Affluent nations like South Korea and Japan, the demographics have fallen off a cliff.

        2. The problem with the 65% of humanity that is not white is that they don’t understand who the white people represented. They actually think they represent the devil. That is perfect social engineering. They have all come in and taken over there former white nations and believe they can continue them as before. This of course was injected from the very top of the pyramid and was manufactured to get rid of the white people. I’m not trying to sound racist,vbut understand that it’s not the white people trying to take over minority-majority nations. It’s the minorities taking over the formerly white majority nations, with the blessing, protection, and encouragement of our adversary. If this isn’t enough of a hint, nothing will convince you.. The white people certainly aren’t trying to take over Asia and China over. Somehow these nations are allowed to keep their cultures and race majorities intact. Don’t tell that to the United States, the Commonwealth, and Europe.

          Regardless, these great maases come in, take over these formally white nations of the West, and try to set up their own successful nations; never realizing that the West was a God-given gift on jacob’s desthhed. .

          As a sort of poetic justice however, the vast majority of those who will be killed in this upcoming sure will be the minorities who took over these nations and thought they could establish their own Godless kingdoms, yet they all came from third world cesspools.

          How I got back at the man was by becoming a landlord. But it will all be coming to an end. I think of all those brainwashed zombies who believe in social and racial Justice, the type that was manufactured from DARPA and McLean and Arlington Virginia..

          I wish my fellow white man understood what I knew, and accepted it as the truth. If he did, all these problems would just vanish.

      2. For those who don’t want children, abstinence is absolutely the only option. We will get nowhere with disobedience to God. Contraception is immoral and violates God’s explicit commands.

        I am disheartened to see Christians speak in this way, like leftists who say, ‘Don’t have children because of climate change!!’ Children have immortal souls and God protects them in their suffering. We should not fear having families even at this difficult time. The innocence of children elevates existence even in the darkest of hours.

  4. I decided to stop having kids due to the medical system. I had my second in March and managed to just dodge the pressure to have a covid vaccine as they weren’t available at that point. I find it shocking that they put the pressure on pregnant women to have it (and other vaccines) without actually doing trials and furthermore can’t believe that most pregnant women actually take it. Of course they are terrified to eat sushi, soft cheeses or fermented food in case they get sick and harm the baby but they will go ahead and inject into their blood flu and Tdap shots that contain heavy metals and all kinds of other bad substances. Then they will go around telling you that kids get autism from pollution and their greatest fear for their children is climate change. Unreal.

    Having kids in the medical system can be a scary thing as well. Our pediatrician already thinks we are negligent because I said I’m “delaying” vaccines (I could never come clean and say I’m not doing them because the shaming and belittling). My second was born a little larger than average and as a result experienced a catch-down growth (as opposed to a catch-up when they are born small) so his weight gain was on the lower range of normal for the first few months. Because he didn’t fit the typical weight curve from their WHO charts and dropped percentiles it became a huge problem even though he was gaining weight regularly, looked good and was meeting or exceeding milestones. Our doctor would never verbalize what could actually be the problem and barely even looked at him at all our appointments. I got blamed and bullied by the doctor for the slow weight gain and had to take him for weekly weight checks. Theoretically it’s my choice to agree to these checks but because of our decision around vaccines I could feel her building a case against me as a negligent parent so I felt trapped. She finally conceded that he’s fine 4.5 months later but the whole experience was just confirmation that the system is broken

    So I echo the points above. Get your health in order and stay away from doctors. In the past I’ve thought the majority of GP’s to be just plain incompetent and could never understand society’s worship of people who were good at writing tests in school so they went to medical school to please their parents. Of course I generalize here. I’ve had some great doctors in the past but they seem to be the exception not the rule. After this pandemic I do think doctors are dangerous and must be avoided as much as possible.

  5. Thanks a lot for the helpful info Chris and S! I definitely think this Iodine deficiency is part of the issue. I only go to the doctor’s once a year so he can refill my Synthroid script. Would love to cut that dependency out of my life completely, especially as we see things progressing the way they are towards only the injected getting care on the horizon.

  6. Hi
    I strongly recommend the Kung Fu style of baguazhang. It is well known for the longevity and general health of its practitioners. That is why I do it and its a great cardio workout too.

    I also do weights. For beginners follow Greyskull LP workout routine.

    Listen to your body and eat when you are hungry. I eat 3 or 4 times per day depending on my hunger. Some people do well eating higher carbs per day then others. Work out the best amount of carbs for your body (I generally eat lower carbs when cutting/dieting but not no carbs). For carbs eat more wholegrain breads, brown rice and sweet potato (don’t have as many white carbs like white bread, white rice, potatoes etc). Then eat 1g per pound of lean body mass of protein (lean meat – organic grass fed if possible and reasonably priced) and moderate fats from olive oil, nuts, avocado and high fat fish like salmon and trout. Cut out the sugars and processed foods but if you like them just have them say once a week as a treat instead of daily.

    I no longer use whey protein or supplements (except vitamin D and creatine) and prefer to get all my nutrients from whole natural food.

    Keep it simple and don’t overcomplicate nutrition. You already know what to eat and not to eat.

    Use your common sense – don’t eat crap. Treat your body like a well oiled machine.

    And again listen to your body.

    “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God? You are not your own; you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body. (1 Cor 6:19-20)”


  7. The ancient Romans would get up early and have a glass of water for breakfast – then they would be off to work. You don’t need breakfast. I’ve been a bit slack lately but I used to get up at 5:30 sm, arrive at work by 6, then do a 10 to 15 km run and be ready for work by 7. My breakfast was a small glass of water, perhaps with a couple of teaspoons of cheap maltodextrin/glucose powder if I intended to do 15 km. It was enough energy to do the run and I felt really good afterwards. If you run like that, your appetite goes way down and you don’t feel like eating anything more until about noon. You also lose the cravings for excessive carbs etc. Running is a good detox too. Just don’t overdo it.

      1. I find that cereals(such as Kellogg’s) and carbs in the morning for breakfast do not provide lasting energy and I end up hungry 1 hour later.

      2. Bernays. yes. Did you know the co-founder of Netflix is a Bernays descendant? Netflix is now spewing out openly demonic and marxist pablum at an astonishing rate.

        When you start connecting the families and relatives among prominent people, although not surprising it is astounding. A very small group running 90% of things. Some call it ‘the bloodlines’.

        Simple examples: David Crosby (the musician) is a Van Courtland AND a Rensealeer.

        Linda Rondstat is from the most powerful family in Tuscon- her brother was Police Chief.

        Kevin Bacon is a Bacon (very wealthy generational family) and he married Kyra Sedgewick who is from a billionaire family.

        And yes, they basically laugh at the common people. When they’re not despising them.

  8. For coffee replacement look into Zest Tea. It’s organic flavored black tea. They sell it in Whole Foods and Amazon. The best thing – one small can has 150mg of caffeine. I usually drink two cans a day. One morning and one before workout. Works amazing and I’ve been taking it for a year now.

    1. I will look into that. Thanks. Caffeine is my one definite. I just need to know when to stop drinking for the day. It can lower the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

    2. I find Tea(either green or black) are an excellent source of caffeine. Tea gives a great boost without the jitters. For me anyway coffee makes me too jittery.

  9. Great Article Chris,
    I also started taking supplements a couple of years ago and I feel noticeably better. I also started eating eggs, bacon, and other high protein meats in the morning despite the doctor discouraging this over many years due to my high cholesterol. Guess What, I now have a lot more energy and stamina through the day due to eating meats and dairy in the morning. I also have not gotten sick since eating more meats, dairy, and greens . By the way I stay away from meats with any nitrates in them so I go for meats without nitrates. Nitrates are not good at all. I feel following the doctor’s advice makes us weaker and sicker. Nice little racket for the white coats to keep themselves in business. I really feel the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry do not want to cure us but just keep us in dependency on them.

    Years ago, I tried a vegetarian diet and it just made me feel weaker and sicker. I may have weighed a little less but I did not feel as energetic and I caught more bugs. It is interesting that the doctors, health specialists, and mainstream media are lambasting meat and advocating a vegetarian diet. Hmmm, I smell a conspiracy to make us weaker and sicker so we can’t think as much. I also think the Covid 19 vaccines are part of this plan to make us weaker and sicker.

    Also I stay away from processed foods with added sugars and salt such as cookies and chips. These things just make you fat and diabetic.

    1. Andrei,
      Have you heard of the GAPS diet? (I mentioned it in another post here.) It basically throws out all the mainstream medical advice on eating, and it is all whole food, no junk, sugar or processed foods, and meat WITH the fat, and butter, not margarine, and no grains – so very low carb. High cholesterol is caused by eating too many carbs, not too much (good) fat. I have tried vegetarianism for years but also felt weaker.

      1. Andrei,
        I wanted to add another thing about your comment on meat. I buy almost no meat at the grocery store. I have sourced farmers who have happy grass-fed beef cattle and buy directly from them. I do the same with other meats. Maybe you have considered that? So in addition to my own organic garden, preserving my own home-grown food, eggs from my free-range chickens, and wild harvesting, I am learning to depend less and less on food stores. Which is good because being unjabbed, some day we won’t be able to shop there. Going outside the system is going to be where it’s at.

      2. That sounds like a great diet plan. Yes, I try to stay away from carbs. I used to eat more carbs and sugar as a substitute filler for natural cheese, meats, and nuts as my doctors said all fat in meat and dairy was bad and it has high cholesterol. Carbs and sugar supposedly did not have cholesterol and was lower fat. Big Lie.

        I found that by eating more carbs ,especially processed carbs, my blood pressure went up and I gained weight. I went back to eating more natural meats without nitrates, more natural cheese, and whole fruits and veggies against my doctors orders. Fish is great too. The important thing is to watch the portions. Reduced portions are better. As a result of eating more natural meat and cheese,I was less hungry and I lost weight and kept it down. My blood pressure was also down AND I do not get sick like I did in the past. Routine exercise such as long walks and outdoor work helps me greatly as well.

        The most important thing is to get your spiritual house in order by keeping a relationship with Jesus. That way I feel more positive and don’t seek comfort foods. Seek comfort in Jesus not food or alcohol.

        Thank You For the suggestion

    2. You get it. I don’t talk to many people about my lifestyle choices, because they believe that humans could never be that evil. It’s not like they are intentionally misleading us per se, but have an inherent conflict of interest. Keep you sick so the business and economy can grow.

      In classical economics we were presented with the conundrum of the broken window fallacy. When a window breaks and it’s replaced does the economy really grow? In a debt back system, the economy grows, so the more damage that is done the higher economic growth rises. The sicker the people become and seek treatment, the more the economy grows. Sickness can be very profitable. Just make sure you’re not the one getting sick.

      1. Great point Chris,
        In an interest bearing debt based economy the more damage done the better for the lenders up top(central banks) because when somebody suffers damage such as sudden health problems or natural disasters the person needing the repairs/healing will more than likely have to incur debt to pay for the repair or medical bills and be a debt slave.
        I feel the covid vaccines will eventually kill a lot of people who take them,BUT, before that happens they will be needing a lot more medical care due to increased health problems and that costs money.
        These Covid Vaccines fit very well in the debt based slave economy plan.

    3. My doctor was all about supplements and alternative choices, but she did provide her services at a premium. (Healthcare is ‘free’ in Canada but she could bill extra for ‘unnecessary’ services.) I loved her alternative approach and holistic view that she marketed. And I bought it! She ran blood tests, analyzed the results and created a regime for me that the ‘system’ would never provide. A preventative measures regime. The natural supplements were easily available at the local health store, however some were prescriptions. During the 2020 lockdown, I ran out of prescription and just stopped taking them. When I went to back to the office for a follow-up, they ran some blood tests, etc. When sharing the results, they went on and on about how the regime is working for me and how much better all my results were. Lots of back-patting. I then told them I hadn’t taken the prescriptions for about a year. It was very hard to walk back the conversation after that. I realized much of the regime was a sham. The natural supplements were very helpful but I doubt the prescriptions were necessary. It was indeed, a service to create dependency on them for my health, a cocktail of healthy and harmful. As you say, a racket.

      1. These doctors have to prove that they are invaluable to you. They are never going to tell you to empower yourself and that you can do this stuff on your own. God gave us our bodies and provided all of the nutrients we needed, we just have to figure out how to take them and how to properly care for ourselves. We also have to figure out how to best avoid the allopathic system.

    4. The medical establishment is, at the highest levels, likely a population control operation, if not worse. Kevin Galalae has an interesting perspective on the population control motivations of the elite (although I don’t agree with his premise that there is actually man-made global warming): https://t.me/kevingalalae and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIQ3j3OQHd6onyOLNhl6bIQ.

      Regarding cholesterol, what the medical establishment doesn’t want you to know is that cholesterol is necessary for the brain. The brain is composed mostly of fat, and cholesterol is an important part of healthy brain function. Dr. Russell Blaylock has written about this, and how anti-cholesterol statin drugs cause a whole host of chronic health problems, including increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s, among other things. https://www.scribd.com/document/416498767/blaylock-cholesterol-3-pdf

      You can probably improve your life and health by eating (organic) animal fats.

      Agree with Chris on TRE. I think medical studies have shown the only statistically certain way of increasing longevity is by eating less, meaning the body is engaged in less metabolism.

      Also, a documentary I saw on NHK World a few years back called “Glucose Spike”. It revolutionized my understanding of chronic disease like heart disease. Everything that Chris is recommending is in line with the actual science of reducing the underlying mechanism that causes cardiovascular disease. Worth watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MOaZJFsl00.

      Being that if glucose spike and insulin overproduction is what causes cardiovascular disease, then why is the singular focus on cholesterol by the mainstream medical establishment? Which goes back to the population control point.

  10. Hello Chris and Anybody responding on this site:
    I am looking for links to good Anti Covid Vax sites with article and video compilations by well respected doctors and scientists. So far a good one that I use is NoJabforme.info. Also any sites with videos showing people suffering from serious side effects from the Covid 19 Vaccines. I see a lot of them, but is there any site with a collection of such videos. I am looking for sites that do not sound extremist.

    My boss that I worked for 22 years is getting on my case to take the Covid Kill Shot and giving me articles as to why I should. He is asking for where I am getting my information to make my decision.
    I do not want him to get any ideas that I visit Rense.com or alternative news sites as he will say that I am a Nazi or right wing extremist. Obviously he takes news from CNN and MSNBC hook line and sinker.
    I don’t expect his attitude to change but I just want to have a friendly discussion as to why I don’t like these vaccines. I am sure he will still pick me apart and in fact may harden his position. I just need help to bolster my case.
    My boss was my friend for 27 years, however, I am realizing he is not the friend that I thought he was especially with this vaccine issue. I really I am trying to get out of my employment relationship with him without dropping a bomb on him, but if he really mandates me to inflict harm on my body with the Covid Kill shot then I will be required to drop that bomb.

    Thank You For Any help

    1. Hi Andrei,
      For a sobering look at vaccine consequences, just take a look at the VAERS database. It is published on the CDC website, so even your MSM-loving boss would be OK with the source. It’s quite sobering, as good as any video for a reality-check on the toxicity of the jab, and lists the voluntary reports of adverse reactions and deaths for those that do report at all, which is only about 1%-10% of these injured. Early on I read pages and pages of this report, and shared it with others, including my youngest daughter, who took the vax under college pressure, a decision which literally broke my heart. (A broken heart can become a physical thing, I discovered, and I’m working on healing now.) Good luck with your boss. But unfortunately, a lot of people are completely brainwashed and blinded to the truth, no matter what evidence you present them. If they haven’t figured it out now, they probably won’t…but I guess it’s worth a try when the stakes are so high. I still try occasionally sharing information on the jab with my daughter because of upcoming “boosters”, but….there comes I time when the best and perhaps only thing you might be able to do is pray.

        1. Thanks for the links.

          Based on the mainstream media a own reporting, it’s clear these vaccines are not efficacious. Nevertheless, the people who have taken these supposed vaccines developing hardwired confirmation biases against those who refuse to take them. As the numbers of the jabbed gradually increase over time, those whose refuse to get jacked will alone as if you are one of the unsnatched in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, whose bodies weren’t snatched yet.

          This confirmation bias has been implanted with military precision from Arlington and McLean Virginia.

    2. I always tell people to watch the “Perspectives on the Pandemic” series. Last time I checked it was still on youtube.

      Most of the episodes were recorded in March-May 2020 so you can see what was known back then. Basically, everything was known. The data was clear even then. It’s a massive hoax.

      John Ionnides is one of the top virus scientists in the world, and is definitely worth listening to. He wrote the most cited scientific paper in history – coincidentally I was about fake science and fradulent data. The interviewer asks all the right questions, and you find yourself thinking “ok, ask him such and such next” and then he does – so much better than MSM idiots.


    3. BTW, Perspectives on the Pandemic is totally normie-friendly and safe for work, since it’s still on youtube.
      And like I said, it exposes the hoax at the outset since they interviewed these experts nearly 18 months ago! Everything was basically known then.

      1. I just realised that Perspectives on the Pandemic page on youtube has been heavily sanitised and most of it is missing.

        This link is the original.

        Some episodes may be missing from youtube, but I could find them on bitchute previously. The above link has the interviews with John Ionnides. The episodes are numbered. The first 6 are the real eye openers because they are so old, yet they knew so much even then.

        Try here too

        When we had our first lockdown in New Zealand at the end of March, I just spent a few days watching these videos and came to the conclusion that the entire thing was a hoax. 1.5 years later, it’s hard to believe people still fall for this crap after all this time. This video series was all it took for me to completely ignore the virus. I haven’t worn a mask even once. I’m amazed at the pictures from the US. Disgusted too. Those masks are just foul.
        During our lockdowns I’d go to the supermarkets for fun. I was incredulous at how one supermarket would have 2-300 people lining up outside it, yet another one 5 minutes drive away had no line at all. People are such sheep. Also, I’d go shopping at 8 am and be the only customer, but if I went back at 12 pm, hundreds of people would be standing in the hot sun wearing their masks. Total morons. I hope they all get the vax. They deserve to be at the front of the vax line and I deserve to be at the back of it. That’s one of the few things me and liberals can agree on!

      1. Alyssa,
        Thank You very much for this site with a list of videos. This is great. It appears professional and to the point without the extreme politics. I don’t expect to sway my pro-vax boss, but he will hear my side of the story. I am ready to quit a long time job if I am required to get the shot in order to continue work.
        This is about saving my life and I don’t care what other people think at this point. My life comes first.
        I would like to show this to other people who are on the fence about taking the Covid vaccine.

        Thank You and God Bless

        1. So glad that this will help you out with your boss Andrei. I hope your boss can see it from your side and you can keep your job. Good for you for standing up for yourself. It takes a lot of bravery to hold your ground and be willing to walk away. It’s a shame to be put in this situation but this is where we find ourselves today. All the best to you and God bless.

    4. some suggestions

      I get a lot of my information on Telegram. Just do a search for “covid” on Telegram to find several channels dedicated to truthful information about covid and the vaccine. You will be able to find good sources of information.

      A good place to start otherwise is American Frontline Doctors.

      if the approach is just to educate your boss regarding a counterpoint, suggest the following approach with the evidence you find.

      1. what is the mortality or serious complications risk of covid?

      Unless a prexisting condition, very low. This is notable as the reporting for covid since the fall of 2020 has been on covid cases and not mortality cases. They seem to have stopped reporting death count.

      2. is the reported infection rate of covid reliable?

      There is a lot of evidence that the PCR tests are not reliable, because PCR tests are not designed as diagnostic tests and the cycle rates are set too high and therefore create false positives. This is notable as there was “no flu” last winter, meaning that many “covid” cases were likely false positives on flu cases.

      3. are there safe, effective treatments for covid infection?

      Yes, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, which are cheap, effective and a safety record for 50 years in the treatment of malaria and parasites. Doctors have used it with great success for covid symptoms.

      4. is the vaccine effective?

      Does not appear so. Even CNN is reporting that the CDC says vaccinated persons can transmit the “delta variant” as much as unvaccinated persons.

      5. is the vaccine safe? [CAVEAT below]

      No. Look up interviews with Dr. Peter McCullough to start (for your own edification). Two very good interviews (use extreme discretion before sharing with your boss though … see caveat below):



      But beware that for the already vaccinated, finding out the truth of the poisonousness of the vaccine will be a huge shock. There may be a “shoot the messenger” reaction that you should be careful of. That is why I don’t talk too much about the downside of the vaccines with those who already got vaccinated. They may hate you for it, and it may poison your relationship with your boss. So I would suggest just sticking with #1 – #4 and shy away from delving into #5. And let him live in peace with the poison he has already taken.

  11. Great job! I also stay fairly lean and have excellent blood work. It’s not as hard as people think it is. For starters, just do not eat any processed food EVER. If you didn’t make it, don’t eat it. With places like Any Lab Test Now open, I don’t even go to the doctor anymore. Ultimately their power lies in being able to send it that script. No need.

    1. Karl,
      I agree with your statement, “do not eat any processed food EVER.” I have used the GAPS diet successfully with my daughter with autism, and found that it is good for everybody and do it myself- it is essentially eliminating junk, processed food, grains and refined sugar. I also give her a ton of supplements and take a lot myself and am on NO meds in my mid 50’s. I always tell people, we eat like my grandmother was cooking. I also am learning about edible wild plants, that are packed with phytonutrients and are really tasty. Between that and my huge garden, I haven’t bought any produce at the grocery store for months… and this last year I’ve learned how to preserve much of what I grow for the winter months.

      Thanks for the tip about Any Lab Test Now – have to check that out. I rarely see the doctor, but sometimes urgent things happen, like my recent torn meniscus from upping my daily walks too quickly and walking too hard and too long!! Hoping to heal that with PT and supplements.

      1. I had one of my knees operated on in college for a torn meniscus, but over the past couple years I’ve been wearing knee braces as I feel a little discomfort from time to time.. When asked why, I always respond that it’s better wearing this than having to get another operation in the next two or three years.

        I wear them when I work out and when I walk. I also wear them when I do work on the houses. They have little metal strips down the sides to provide more stability. They do work very well and they keep everything in its proper place. I also wear a back belt while working out and doing rehabbing. I wear workout gloves with wrist reinforcements and elbow sleeves to prevent joint injury while exercising.

          1. Chris,Thanks for the tip!…and do you have a link for the knee brace with metal strip that you use? I am hoping to avoid surgery on my torn meniscus, which can run 30-40K out of pocket. I am going to try Hawthorn, which I just learned is good for the heart (my other recent problem, palpitations) and for circulation, including joints. I am also doing a lot of exercises with PT. (I am also thinking a lot of people should consider Hawthorn, given that the clotshot recipients are shedding, but I digress.)

            Which leads me to another important question. Since we know the mainstream healthcare system is corrupt, and at some point we will be shut out if not death-jabbed, it’s clear we need to stay healthy and outside the system, but accidents do happen, and right now we still have a window in the event we would need surgery. My question is around health insurance. I have been paying about $1000/month premium for 20 years to be on my husband’s work plan with my children. He is retiring and COBRA is now $1600/month. Due to laws around Obamacare, the middle class is punished by not being able to buy just catastrophic care. If my college age daughter and I go without medical insurance, we will be taking a huge risk financially, since I am having some recent health issues as mentioned and since my daughter has gotten the jab. The only answer I can come up with is to try to find doctors outside of the insurance system, and I have one of them so far, but not specialists….but I am thinking that over time there will be more doctors who might leave the mainstream health system which insurance helped destroy, as I understand about 50% of doctors will not take the jab which is being mandated more and more. So at some point, maybe we will have more doctors who will treat us unvaccinated outside the system if we need it. Thoughts about the financial aspects of medical insurance vs. none? Thanks!

      2. https://www.riteaid.com/shop/ace-knee-brace-with-dural-side-stabilizers-adjustable-1-brace-0344981?gclid=Cj0KCQjw6s2IBhCnARIsAP8RfAh1plElMZhqVROQZQzmaYVQOBh-s8XLblqS31g1aL2op_YcpRXvY14aAuzWEALw_wcB

        I take both hawthorn berry and its extract for my heart health. I have a persistent elevated level of K in my blood, so I take large doses of Mg malate (Mg 150% of RDA) to alleviate the palpitations. It really helps. The doctor didn’t tell me what elevated K levels can cause, but a internet search showed me. Thus, I balance out with the Mg to keep the electrolyte levels in balance.

        If you need medical attention or surgery, I would not delay on it here. We WILL be shut out eventually, and it looks to be much sooner now. The mark may be in place in five-six years (2026-27). I base this on the behavior of the mainstream and the narrative, and it has nothing to do with eschatology (though if the mark is offered, the end will be near for all the reasons I enumerate on my blog, and it will all unravel soon afterward). this is the time of the end, and the disbelief in the Laodicean church is too powerful. Prepare like you have never prepared in your life!

        1. Chris, Thanks for all your advice and encouragement. It’s amazing you have nutritionally healed all your medical ailments over the years, and gives me hope to do the same with my recent, so I can stay healthy and med free and out of their system. Thanks again!

      3. Same here. My son is on the Autism spectrum, and GAPS is the foundation of fixing his gut dysbiosis that was the driver of his condition. Would add that GAPS doesn’t focus as much on probiotics, but I think probiotics is a very good addition to GAPS to speed up good results.

        1. I try to keep in mind that all of my lifestyle choices are meant to avoid getting illnesses. Once we get ill and acquire diseases, then it’s much more difficult to overcome. I don’t have a cure for cancer, but I’ve developed methods to avoid it. If we do approach cancer from a perspective that is a problem with the immune system, then we can work to enhance our defenses and lifestyle choices, so we do not get it in the first place.

          I do not know a lot about working with autism, but my one observation is that the mainstream establishment avoids working with effective treatments to mitigate the symptoms with those who struggle from it. These are just some of the telltale signs that many of these problems are actually a desired result of our adversary.

          1. 100% agreed. The mainstream medical establishment approach to autism is to leave parents in desperation and despair, with no hope. Had to do a lot of research into alternatives with lots of dubious ideas (music therapy lol) and dead ends. But in the end, the experience empowered my family to take control of our own health and avoid the medical establisment. Because of the GAPS and probiotic program we followed, my son is now in the best condition possible. And while my son is still special needs, he is happy, healthy, growing and learning, and joy to be with.

  12. Hi Chris – I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism as well and have been on Levothyroxine (Synthroid) for 15 years now :-(. Aside from all the other healthy live lifestyle practices, what supplements or food do you use to address that specifically, if any? Would love to get off those pills. I have tried, but really start to feel slow and lethargic when I try to ween off. Thanks

    1. R, I’m sure Chris will have some great ideas…

      My mom was a nutritionist and always took kelp, which is a great source of bioavailable iodine which is essential for the healthy functioning of the thyroid. You can find kelp in a dry, flaked form at most health food stores and can use it sprinkled on food (like you would use salt), or you could swish it around in a small amount of juice and drink it.

    2. I have had a number issues over the years that I have been able to effectively treat with supplements and diet modification; hypothyroidism, luekopenia, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and arrhythmia. All of them are treatable with the proper care and faith that we can change our condition.

      Okay, with regards to my thyroid, I have stopped eating a lot of high-glycemic foods. I prefer to eat Ezekiel bread, but will take a few white kidney bean extract capsules with high glycemic load meals. The ups and downs from the modern high carb diet can be punishing on the thyroid.

      Be careful about eating non-organic bread. Prior to the 1980’s, bakers used iodine as a dough conditioner. Now the large bakers use bromine. Both are closely chemically related, but over exposure to Br can cause hypothyroidism. Ingesting Br in irregular amounts displaces I in your body. A deficiency of iodine can increase your chances of breast, thyroid gland, ovary and prostate cancers.

      I supplement to increase my thyroid function. Here is a list of supplements I take in large doses
      every day;
      Vitamin C, E, B12 (as Methylcobalamin), Iodine (as KI and elemental iodine), Zinc, Selenium, Copper, taurine, L-tyrosine, astaxanthin, carnitine, folate, Mg malate, NAC. Whey protein is an excellent food source of the amino acids, too.

      In particular, I take what is considered a massive dose of Iodine. I take it in the 12.5 mg Iodoral formula, which is 8,333% of the RDA. Doctors in the past told me to only go up to 150% RDA. With modern chemistry and lifestyles, we need to get much more iodine, because there are other modern chemicals that block the absorption of Iodine. I have to believe that many hypothyroid patients have an Iodine deficiency.

      If you take the form of Iodine I take, do not tell your doctor. He will disown you.

      About a 13 years ago, the doctor asked me about taking Synthroid, and I knew enough to know that I was going to try to avoid that. Processed foods with chelators are killing the thyroid. people are just not getting enough of their minerals and are unable to process the minerals that are in the food. Food manufacturers use chelators to extend the shelf lives of baked goods and other foods that are dehydrated.

      1. These are excellent suggestions Chris.
        I too have an underactive thyroid. I notice my doctor as well as others discourage taking supplements because they are sold out to the pharmaceutical industry. Supplements are a direct challenge to the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, Doctors get commissions for recommending certain prescription pills.

        Prednisone is the worst as it makes you artificially hungry, raises your blood pressure, causes kidney damage and makes your face puffy. If any doctor prescribes prednisone on a long term basis then fight tooth and nail for an alternative. It seems doctors are now prescribing prednisone for a lot of health issues including asthma. What happened to primatene mist that used to be sold in the 70s and 80s for asthma issues? Clearly the medical profession does not look after our best interest.

        I find praying to God helps greatly because the Holy Spirit gives great healing to mitigate health problems and improve your health.

      2. HI Chris,

        what is your take on making your own bread and adding iodine droplets to the mix before mixing it? With non-gmo products.

        1. Sounds good to me. That was how the bakers used to make bread before the 1980’s. No GMO, no roundup, and no bromine, but the use of iodine.

          Non-gmo grains are usually loaded with roundup as they’re often sprayed only a couple weeks before harvest, since it increases crop yield. This is especially true of wheat, even though there is no real gmo-wheat crops available yet. Roundup before harvest fattens yields and helps as a desiccant to assist in the harvest process.

          Use only organic grains.

        1. I just drink pasteurized. However, I stay away from milk in general, because of the lactose. If I had easy access to raw, I would drink that. My diary intake consists of cheeses, butter, half and half, cottage cheese, sour cream, eggs, and whey. If you have access to raw, I would go with that.

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