In response to emails; Jews converted; Fatima; The destruction of the U.S.; Enoch and Elijah

Note to reader: Since I initially responded to a reader’s questions regarding the 2025 data on five months ago, my readers have continued to inquire about these matters, and I have attempted to help others to see the world through a new lens. This post is in response to more questions on these topics.

Of course, I would rather go back in time prior to the fake covid scam, and cover the usual financial and economic sundries, but that will never happen. I say the covid crisis is fake and manufactured, because there are a number of efficacious treatments (e.g. Ivermectin, Remdesivir, HCQ, certain supplements in large doses, as well as prophylaxis measures) that could actually be taken to eradicate the virus over time and eliminate symptoms. But these treatments are all maligned by the MSM, so that vaccinations and mRNA therapies are used to the exclusion of all other viable choices.

Does the Bible say the Jews will be converted first?

It is commonly taught that three events must precede the end of the world: 1.) The preaching of the Gospel to the whole world; 2.) The Great Apostasy; 3.) The conversion of the Jews.

There are also three teachings that are commonly held by theologians and taught by the [Catholic] Church:

1.) The Antichrist will be a particular, living individual human being, and not a system or abstract idea;

2.) Jesus Christ’s Second Coming is a singular event and his physical reign on Earth cannot precede it;

3.) The Church, Papacy and hierarchy will persist to the end of time, substantially unchanged from its beginnings.

[T]he Great Chastisement properly refers to the global demise of the majority of human beings. The people who survive would be grateful to God and it is said that any non-Christian would be converted. However, it would also be a time of starvation and expiation, to such a level that the living would envy the dead. The effect itself is said to be either the release of the devils from Hell on earth and/or divine fire falling from Heaven to consume the ungodly.

My response;

As for many of the extrabiblical prophecies dangling around in these last days;

1. I do not see anywhere that the Jews en masse will be converted. Most will have been killed, while the remainder will be very surprised and disappointed at Jesus’s return. I have to believe this idea was added somewhere over the past 150 years. Just like I just mentioned that John Quincy Adams frequently referred to Israel and Jesus in his diaries, but the Google algorithms all point to him being a zionist. Yes, the Jerusalem Post said that, up on top of the search results. These founding fathers never discussed Israel as being of the Jews; all lies and deceptions in the last days. The Jews will be serving up sacrifices again in defiance to Jesus. The Jews will not be converted first. Most of them will refuse to recognize Jesus, even to the bitter end. That’s how strong the confirmation bias has become.

If humanity has yet to turn back to God, what makes the theologians think that humanity will mysteriously deviate from their current behaviors when circumstances get worse? Humans didn’t repent after 9/11, the manufactured collapses in 2008, nor after the covid scam. The Bible says the vast sea of humanity will be cursing and blaspheming God’s name all the way to the end. Don’t bet on any mass turnaround. That’s just wishful thinking.

2. The Gospels have been preached, and have been universally accepted or rejected. Everyone on the earth has heard of them or had their chance. The Laodicean Christians only prefer parts of the Gospels (e.g. Beatitudes), but refuse to believe what Jesus claimed to be, or who was responsible for crucifying him. Many Laodiceans also disagree with what Jesus told his disciples in Luke 22:35-38 and think that personal weapons for protection are anathema, while their interpretation of Romans 13 means we sit back while government rapes us.

I offer one thought about Jesus’s prophecies here. He stated that his church would be established worldwide and that the whole world would hear his Gospels. These were very bold statements coming from a man who was crucified, penniless and uneducated, when he was about 33 years old. But this revolutionary directed the entire course of mankind, especially the West.

3. The world is a totally degenerate cesspool. There has been the great apostasy. The world WILL NOT turn around. It is unable as it is under a demonic and suicidal spell. As long as we have all this media and entertainment, humanity will be utterly powerless to refrain from destroying itself.

Fatima and the Anti-Christ (man of perdition);

Another aspect to consider, at least in Catholic eschatology, would be the Private Revelations, and particularly that of Fatima. Fatima has morphed into something of a religion of its own through abuse, in my opinion, but properly understood it offers hope and a future resolution of the current evils.

I believe it is generally assumed that a restoration would happen, at least for a short time, in order for the Jews to be converted at the end of time. It was a common opinion that the Antichrist would be of Jewish descent, and that he would finally fulfill their desired temporal Messiah on Earth, ruling over the Gentiles in a dystopic imperium. This doesn’t contradict what we are seeing with the people who claim to be from God, but establishing the kingdom of Antichrist in the world before our very eyes. Is the Antichrist alive right now?

My response;

I know the Catholic and Orthodox churches have their own sets of everything. I was raised Catholic and grew up in the institution, and know it well enough to understand these matters. But my overriding philosophy is determined by the objectives outlined in the Bible. That’s it, and that’s why I left all churches; I opened the Bible and read it. I thus had to make a choice; do I follow the Catholic Church, or do I follow the Bible? There is no way that I could embrace both as being equally valid, since there are just too many inconsistencies.

I am trying to be as polite here as possible, but I never refer to Fatima or any extra biblical concepts. The only reason why I chose to discuss St. Malachy’s prophecy is that the Catholic Church’s hierarchy itself seems to be very interested in it, almost to obsession.

If the extra biblical prophecies of any theologian happen to agree with my interpretation, that is purely coincidence.

As for the identity of the antiChrist; the so-called “anti-Christ”, according to Daniel, will most likely be Jewish, or claim to be Jewish. Daniel said he will reject the God of his fathers, referring to the OT form of God. Daniel also says he will most likely be a homosexual. If we stick to our timeline as events and circumstances come together then this man of perdition is alive right now, and may even be someone many have heard about already.

Elijah and Enoch

It is also unclear what it means for the Lord to slay the Antichrist with “the spirit of his mouth”. Some have said it must refer to the Second Coming, others to Elias and Enoch striking him down on their ascent into Heaven when he rises to meet them, and others still to a supernatural event that kills him visibly for the world to see, but does not immediately issue the end of the world and Second Coming. The timing of events could be tight, one-after-another or it could be spaced, allowing for time in between for repentance or hardening of hearts before the judgment.

I do want to emphasize that I’m only offering interpretations. Even now, we can only make estimations and approximations, not determinations. Events could unfold simply, or in such a way that the fine details are hidden from the common people. Certainly, there is not a single man of supernatural ability that is claiming to be God and demanding worship. Other than that, I think it must be like you say, that we are in a time of preparation for Antichrist. What man of faith could look at the modern world and think this must be from God?

My response;
Many theologians theorize that Elijah and Enoch are the proposed “two witnesses” in Revelation 11, since these were the two individuals in scripture who were translated without seeing death. Others have claimed one of them to be Moses, since Moses and Elijah were the two who met with Jesus during his transfiguration.

I will not remark more than this, since there are too many interpretations on this particular subject, and the opinions are as numerous as the people who have them. For those who are interested in this topic, I refer you to Revelation 11 in the KJV.

All I can say on this matter is in reference to Revelation 11:11-13

And after three days and an half the Spirit of life from God entered into them [the two witnesses], and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them.

And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them.

And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven.

Revelation 11:13 KJV

These versus make clear that the remnant were still on the earth as they were affrighted and gave glory to the God of heaven. This means the remnant is still on the earth in this dimension while these two people are testifying. Perhaps their two bodies will have ascended just before any rapture? Revelation 11 does say these two witnesses will give testimony for almost 3.5 years before being killed in Jerusalem.

Any thought of the pre-trib rapture is looking less likely everyday.

The destruction of the United States

My personal interpretation from various sources; you, Fitzpatrick, etc., is that the world is waiting for the annihilation of the United States, and it will happen soon. That may happen at the same time as, or begin a fake second Holocaust in the state of Israel, which would enshrine Judaism/the Noahidic laws throughout the entire world and formally establish Greater Israel/the Eurasian Empire.

One would expect if their victory/revenge is to come, that the Antichrist would make his appearance and rule as the (finally not “uncrowned”) crowned Prince of Jewry and absolute ruler of the newly Sovietized world. I am not sure how the conversion of the Jews/a restoration would be accomplished, but it may coincide with the appearance of Elias and Enoch, and their global ministry. That might make an interesting topic: Elias, Enoch and the end times.

Here is my response;

  • To the unwashed masses, one may believe that the current economic and financial systems are exclusive of the spiritual aspects of this world, but I beg to differ.
  • This current monetary system will suffice as the end time system. As circumstances evolve, and we get closer to 2030, I am further convinced that there will not be a rollout of a new system. That would only delay the Great Reset objectives by at least five years, while the masses labor to accept the new one.
  • Based on my understanding of scripture and Economics; there is a spiritual guiding hand supporting this USD system, and the power is not of Satan. He and his servants are not capable of maintaining it.
  • If we conclude that the United States, the Commonwealth, and the European nations were the real Israelite remnants then everything we analyze with regards to prophecy and modern history makes perfect sense. I only see confusion in the Laodicean masses when eschatologists and historians try to make their puzzle pieces fit where they do not (e.g. Christian zionism). Since I know better, I can make enough to live off my gains and passive income.
  • I stated to all who would listen since 2012 that this system had legs, QE was a viable money maker for us, it was a new system designed to consolidate the global wealth, and that THERE WAS NO VIABLE ALTERNATIVE MONETARY SYSTEM.
  • Our adversary knows what maintains the USD-based system, and it’s not Satan. It’s all about a deathbed promise.
  • I didn’t waste my time explaining this to the readers, since it was too ostensibly absurd to believe. i just begged them to ride the train.

I now speak of eschatology, since I am trying to relay to the people what the United States represented, where the real Israelite remnants ended up, and which nations they founded. I get a lot of Catholics and Orthodox church members coming to my site, and that is fine, but I warn others not to rely on other prophets. Only count on scripture for an understanding.

If you think Russia and China are not Japheth remnants, this is fine. You are one of 97% of humanity. All I can say is that China will be burned to hell shortly after it takes out the US and the West. China is freaking out right now, because the CCP knows its role in the Bible, too. It’s nearly go-time for them. ChiComm China was built up by the USD-system and the God-given strength of the West. Moreover, the CCP also knows more about the spiritual aspects behind the current USD-based system than my readers do. They chose to worship the dragon. Why do you think the ChiComms accept all those dollars year in and year out?

The entire fulcrum of my analysis rests on one constant; the United States was Manasseh. To wit, this upcoming force majeure will also be the time of Jacob’s trouble. Why am I making the connections now?

  • There are growing existential threats to humanity via these unrelenting covid jab campaigns
  • We are in the middle of a remarkably successful militarized global psychological campaign that transcends any national border
  • The vast waves of humanity have folded like a cheap tent and I have completely overestimated their discernment. Our adversary knows it can get away with a lot now, and will be unrelenting in its conquest.
  • All the current vaccine passport proposals will be based on buying and selling. The Bible also warns us that we won’t be able to buy or sell, and that we won’t be forced to take the mark, at least not at first.

Eighteen months ago, I was not prepared to declare that this planned USD force majeure was going to be the time of Jacob’s trouble. But it seems that all is dovetailing. If you take the Laodicean approach and claim that “America is only Babylon,” you will be misdirected with the timeline of events outlined by the OT and NT prophets. Unless we know where the real Israel ended up, we will never figure out who’s going to lose the worst.

If you live in the West, don’t expect to sit in your living room chair watching the two witnesses roam Jerusalem. You will most likely be dead, since you were deceived by our adversary. If the United States WAS NOT Manasseh, I would not be making these bold eschatological claims. But time is short; too many factors are concurrently in play, and the Bible alone explains it all.

Now, I am here to proclaim one more point. The world is quickly dividing into two parts, and our part will be much smaller than the other. if you haven’t started yet, it’s best you make contingency plans before you are shut out and cast into the wilderness.

A conversation with a subscriber about this decade to come

You have a darker tone lately, and I definitely understand it. I can confirm what you experience, in that most people don’t care, are going along with it, or are getting sucked up [by or into part of] the controlled opposition.

Dear Chris,
I read your post and wish I could add to it, but Catholic prophecy at least allows for two outcomes:

  1. A Final Restoration following a Great Chastisement of the entire world for its sins and a great age for the Church that precedes the Antichrist;
  2. We enter directly into the times of Antichrist and the end of the world.
The four horsemen of the apocalypse. Humanity has never seen these all at once on a global scale. They will all be here simultaneously by the end of the decade.

A great number of people prefer the former because of what we call “Private Revelation” (events supernatural in nature that occur after the death of St. John, the last living apostle), but from my readings, early theologians commonly interpreted the latter from Sacred Scripture.

Certainly a great number of Catholics are deluded about Bergoglio (Pope Francis). You might remember that I am a sedevacantist and reject the Novus Ordo religion. If you consider the effects of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) and the Novus Ordo Missae (mandatory Nov. 1969), you can see the societal destruction following in the years 1971-1973 in particular. The Catholic world collapsed in on itself and shrunk considerably, then became a vehicle for every blasphemy under the sun. The great unwashed many still believe that this thing, the Novus Ordo “Church”, can be salvaged.

If Bergoglio somehow does have an heir, then that man is sure to be an equal or greater apostate than he. He has elected over half of the current Novus Ordo cardinals. Whichever man he chooses will be the Novus Ordo pope. This means that any “traditionalist” group that pretends they can support Bergoglio is only going to fall deeper into the pit with him, because it’s not going to get better with any possible successor.

Keeping you in my prayers,
John (pseudonym)

Just take a look at what’s on the TV, streaming services, news, and the movies. I think we have our answer to our future. Our adversary’s social re-engineering has been extremely successful and is pointing to a demonic and nihilistic outcome.

My response;

Hi John,
What you say reminds me of the differences between premillennialism and postmillennialism. If you were to categorize me as sharing one view over the other, I would definitely be a premillennialist. Specifically I do not see how society will be able to progress until the Advent of Jesus and his second coming. All I see is the devolution of humanity. In terms of Catholic prophecy, this would mean choice number two.

Viewing the current state of humanity, there is absolutely no way that it can change on its own. There will have to be some sort of catastrophic force, or divine intervention, that will redirect humanity from its current path of destruction. I think many people who subscribed to the postmillennial [or amillennial] view are either no longer alive to observe this error or remaining willfully ignorant to the obvious. I think the idea of a postmillennialist future is becoming less and less likely, and a view that is shared by fewer people. I think we know what’s coming.

It is a common misconception to think the early church fathers were more learned than we. For those select few who can overcome our adversary’s lies and propaganda, they possess more understanding

[It may be misguided to conclude that the early church fathers possessed a greater comprehension of hermeneutics and doctrine than those of the later years, or of today. I have to believe this is another lie engineered by those who wish to remain in control of the masses. What better way to control the laity and powerless congregations than by telling them that people from over 1,000 ago knew more than we.

The early church fathers certainly had no concept of how humanity has devolved, and were unable to seek confirmation of end time prophecy. Moreover, our preceding brothers and sisters in Christ didn’t have access to all of the information regarding scripture, couldn’t wrap their minds around the newly-acquired suicidal behavior of mankind, didn’t fathom the monolithic power of our adversary, nor understand the world in its entirety like we do. ]

Just take a look at what’s on the TV, streaming services, news, and the movies. I think we have our answer to our future. Our adversary’s social re-engineering has been extremely successful and is pointing to a demonic and nihilistic outcome.

I guess I am deluding myself by thinking Pope Francis is not having a big effect. This would also conform with our catastrophic outcome, and anyone who supports this man of perdition will also find his or her outcome to be the same.

All religions are a deception and keep us from the truth. Only the Bible shows us the reasons for our existence and it reveals history in advance.

I get emailed by some asking me why I am so intolerant with other religions. I get also get asked why I am so “hateful.”  They clearly misunderstand the world’s condition and cannot grasp the unprecedented seriousness of the hour and time.

[I observe to see what our social engineers eschew the most. It’s not Islam, Hinduism, New Age, Buddhism, Sikhism, Taoism, Marxism, Socialism, Atheism, etc., nor is it even the controlled mainline churches of Christianity. Our adversary, the synagogue of Satan, hates true Biblical Christianity and the name of Jesus more than anything else. That should give us a clue as to where we are to find the truth. Our adversary knows that many will seek the truth, so they throw up many roadblocks, including developing all of the lies of the past 150 years that have permeated all the Christian seminaries. There are very few left who know what we know. I say it’s less than 3% of humanity.]

It is becoming more obvious on a daily basis; there’s no postmillennial future, and there is only wrath to come. I also need to fight the urge to end up like the those who comprise the great sea of the unwashed and lost souls of humanity as well as those who serve our adversary; Those who serve the adversary see humanity as it really is, and in such detail, that they have come to despise it.

A warning to the remnant; This represents most friends and family members by mid-to second half of the decade

Whatever is coming is coming soon. It has already begun. Maybe for now we’ll have vaccinated family members who will bail us out when we can’t shop. But I suspect also that over time, our vaccinated friends and family who get the passports and eventual mark will resent and despise the those who do not, including us.

Be prepared to run to the wilderness on your own. Either through isolation or early termination of friends and family, we are going to be alone eventually.


To wit, John responds

Dear Chris,
I believe that Catholics were generally amillennialist throughout history until recently, but only a few could begin to imagine modern times. Naturally speaking, I think you must be correct to downplay postmillennialism. Honestly, I think even if God will intervene and create an interim period of peace, it’s best to live with our current expectations without a certain prophecy to the contrary.

My family members are skeptical, but one sibling has taken one shot, while two others have taken both. I hope that the worst rumors about the deaths of those that take the vaccine aren’t true, but a lot of conspiracy is becoming reality. I am trying to dissuade my mother from taking it, but she wants to keep her pension and that apparently is more important.

You have a darker tone lately, and I definitely understand it. I can confirm what you experience, in that most people don’t care, are going along with it, or are getting sucked up [by or into part of the] controlled opposition. I’ve read a lot of conspiracy and revisionist history in my life, but these last two years I’ve had to take regular breaks from reading. The build-up from all of the gloom-and-doom can be debilitating, even if it’s true, and necessary that we be prepared for it.

I hope you, too, are doing what you need to do to stay mentally strong. God help us all in the times to come.

God bless,

Here are my final thoughts;

I have read the scriptures of all the other religions, and the words contained in the Bible have been the only source that has been proven accurate and conforms to this timeline. The prophecies, especially in Revelation, are in such granular detail that I have to either conclude that our adversary is too stupid to try to deviate from it, or that it is diligently following out its script to the letter, according to the Old and New Testament prophets.

Either way, now we know why the synagogue of Satan is devoting such vast  energies and resources to malign the true Christian church. Rather than throwing the Christians to the lions, they have chosen to discredit us to the point of exhaustion and extinction.

Since the Bible’s analysis of last day events are in such fine detail, I have little tolerance for any ecumenic consensus as we enter this terminal phase. Indeed, the acumenism that has swept the world (mostly from the Christian hierarchy) has proven to be a mortal wound to mankind’s continued existence.

A response to subscribers; Do you know your purpose?

God may love the many, but he only likes the few

I had similar problems trying to fit in most social situations. I always felt different, but had to pretend to be like the others and that was difficult….


I really come to understand the meaning of the Christian apprehension of history and phenomenology. It’s good stuff.

I think my great hurdle, as a young person, is to actually grapple with the loss of friends, and by extension, loss of memories attached to those bonds. With that in mind, I’ve come to see a lot of this scenario as something of a “failure of imagination”, probably conjoined to peoples’ sharp decline in literacy and reading over the past generations. A failure to imagine, for one, a true approximation of COVID-19 in its origins and effects, and the extent to which its intent is one of evil, connecting logically towards a Satanic agenda.

In all, I feel empowered by the very sense of my imagination growing, and knowing that I actually have the most important tool of a faith in Jesus Christ. I’m willing to let go of an expectation for much else…


 Many are called, but few are chosen

The “sloppy agape” Christians in the Laodicean church will tell you that God loves everybody, but God did hate Esau in the womb. He also hates the Nicolaitans and the members of the synagogue of Satan. You may believe that God loves everyone, but he only LIKES a few. He certainly hates those who are pushing these mRNA jabs on his remnant.

If you feel different, and the words we often discuss make sense to you, then God has a purpose for you, because he likes you and is trying to reach out to you. There’s something about you in which he favors. He evidently has chosen you for a purpose.

All we have to do is knock, and it shall be opened

It’s not that you’ll have any special place in heaven, per se. However, he facilitates certain circumstances to make sure that his chosen fulfill their obligations according to his will. If the people God chooses do not do as he asks, this willful denial creates consternation and dis-ease in their lives.

Many of us led certain lives that were antithetical with the words of God and our calling, and we thus had a tough road as a result. Our consciences didn’t reconcile with our actions. In essence, God stacks the deck against his few chosen to make sure they perform what is required.

As for me, I was always able to discern the future more clearly than the others around me, even going back to childhood. Everyone else thought the subjects were too depressing or abstruse. Instead, I saw patterns and purpose,and was always eager to discover.  I finally gave in to my conscience, and have labored to hone my unique sense of insight that I didn’t know I possessed until about 15-20 years ago. This is why I have my blog; I wish to reveal my perspective to others, and demand nothing in return. Since I have been making my views and analysis public, I’ve never felt better. Perhaps I can help the hundreds of people who stop by.

If you have that urge to change, and have that calling from God, you must listen. God is reaching out to you, specifically, and expressly. There are many who were called, but the vast majority of them didn’t understand. These were the people who didn’t fit in with society. Most of those who are hopeless alcoholics and drug addicts are trying to quiet the noise in their minds as they figure out why their lives don’t make sense. Many of them are trying to quiet the message from God. I gave up drinking for good in 1997. It was the beginning of my journey that continues today.

Remember, if you are reading these words, God most likely has a specific purpose for you. He wants you to perform a certain task or function while we are here as members of his church. I am not a healer. I am not an evangelist. I am not a preacher. It’s not normal for me to say kind words. God has pigeon-holed me into doing what I do best.

I’ve never come across a well-adjusted person who could discern the future, and the prophets of the Bible were never a happy bunch. I no longer have any friends and rarely talk to family members. So, don’t sweat it if you feel alone; you have God. Jeremiah was called the weeping prophet for a reason. I am sure he was not a joy to be around. And do you blame him? He knew history in advance; it was given to him by God himself.

What is your purpose in these final days? Many of you already know, but many do not. Pray and listen. We are all needed as members of the end time Church.

Global circumstances spelling the end? At least nineteen reasons to think so

Bob posted:
German doctors look at vaxxed blood under microscope. Some of the things they say:

– It looks weird
– Crystalline/metallic structures
– These people will ALL die.
– Blood expert says she has never seen anything like this
– This looks like it was planned well in advance
– They are giving this to cancer patients and it will kill them quickly
– This is mass murder on a global scale
– People are idiots, they still take the second shot even after we show them what the first one is doing!

Sorry about the link, it was from an embedded video and I couldn’t find the original page. Hopefully it works OK.

Here was my edited response:

Thanks for the post. I just viewed the video. It is so sobering that I cannot even begin to describe it. It sounds like they were describing the symptoms of those who have suffered from Morgellons disease.

Indeed. There’s not much time left. I’m kind of going through the motions now and trying to maintain a normal semblance of life, but I am concerned that we will begin to start seeing the waves of casualties mount over the next few years. Everything is conforming and it is all coming together. It’s difficult trying to remain sane while all those around us strain at gnats and swallow camels. The stuff that mattered to me, just seems so insignificant.  Even my assets mean nothing. I just assume sell everything and get ready.

According to Saint Malachy’s 900-year old prophecy, Pope Francis is supposed to be the final Pope. I see him blowing the whole Church apart. His logic of all being saved is existentially fatal to the Catholic Church’s raison d’etre. If we all can be saved, including the homosexuals, then why should the church even exist? Francis is full of heresies and blasphemies, and even has changed the Lord’s prayer.

Here is my ever-expanding list of observations that provide us with bonafide evidence as to the end times:


  1. The upcoming planned force majeure for the USD by mid-decade or soon after seems to now coincide with all this Great Reset stuff; The U.S. and Britain never lost a major war nor their sovereignty. The other remnant nations have in the past. This has allowed these two brothers to maintain the global reserve currencies for the past 200 years. This is soon coming to a tragic end. Taken in isolation, this could be just another war. But when we view it through the lens of current events, the coincidences are too numerous to ignore. This will be the time of Jacob’s trouble.
  2. The growing evidence of the horrors of the vaccines. The observations of the doctors in the above video reminds me of the signs of Morgellons disease.
  3. The U.S. pullout of Afghanistan is well timed to bring back the troops for the upcoming unrest. What is going to be so horrible that the PTB are planning troops on the streets?
  4. This irrationally coerced vaccination regimen will work itself out via the dialectic process to acclimate us to accept the mark, which will allow us to buy and sell, and work. Given the current trajectory of the devolution of mankind, the PTB only need several more years to make this a reality.
  5. The people who get vaccinated refuse to listen to the overwhelming evidence of the heightened potential for prolonged debilitating illness and eventual death from these vaccines. The masses can no longer think clearly and have clinically gone insane. As one of the doctors in this video stated, these people are willing to euthanize themselves, rather than stand out from their peers.
  6. The buildup to a global conflict.
  7. Every nation is in synch and there is no escape… anywhere.
  8. The church has been fully lulled to sleep. Even the fire and brimstone preachers on YouTube are useless now. That’s why they are allowed on YouTube. They all fell for the adversary’s lies of the past 170 years, which were directed from the top.
  9. The whole world has quickly become shockingly degenerate, repulsive, and wicked. It all happened so fast. The unwashed and damned souls are rearranging their deck chairs on the Titanic, while they pull down statues and change names.
  10. The hardwiring of humanity to be fully conditioned for the end times took a drastic advance over the past 18 months.
  11. With each passing day, I am more convinced that Deagel is correct with its 2025 timetable. It will be from the vaccines, war, and supply-side shocks.
  12. The handing out of money to the end user causes the consumer to continually undervalue the costs of their demand. This becomes a self-generating mechanism that causes austerity and rationing.
  13. The remnant nations of the northern Israelites are the desired target of our adversary. Deagel’s analysis conforms with the OT prophets and the objectives of the S of S and the Edomites.
  14. The economy and financial markets have been set up to be centrally managed, so the plug could be pulled any time the S of S wants.
  15. There is no turning back if inflation continues to spin out of control and bond yields and interest rates stay low.
  16. Expanding lockdowns to get us ready for something terrible. It has nothing to do with a virus. At least, not COVID-19.
  17. The FED and all the central banks are talking about the need to get the populations vaccinated. This is unprecedented for these banks to get involved in these matters.
  18. Saint Malachy’s prediction almost 900 years ago in his chilling Prophecy of the Popes that Pope Francis would be the final pope. Biden and Francis both take their elections though they were fixed. These people needed to be here at the posts.
  19. There has been a lack of any action in the judicial and legislative branches to the initiatives of the CDC and other agencies that are clearly not legal. Even the Supreme Court has weighed in with complete indolence. The evictions moratorium is just one matter. Their lack of action on private sector vaccine mandates is another one. There is a directive from the top of the pyramid.

Everything’s coming together. I MEAN EVERYTHING.

Humanity is rapidly unwinding and being rebuilt to accept the mark

Hi Chris,

I visited one of my attorneys yesterday to change my will a bit. He said sit here next to me. Then he said you are vaccinated, right? I said no, I’m not, but by the looks of things I am healthier than you. He told me sit at the end of the table and he put a mask on. I said, if you have the vaccine what are you worried about? No answer. I guess that is what you mean by confirmation bias. Would you say that is similar to Stockholm syndrome?


In the case of the Stockholm syndrome, at least the victim is or was aware of the captor’s status as his or her captor. In this case, these people have no idea who’s the adversary. They think it’s you. That’s denial, and an end result of the decades-long demoralization campaign against the West. The masses of humanity are now being rebuilt rapidly into anything their owners wish, including compliant slaves who will eagerly take the mark.

Research found that people who consume zombie and post-apocalyptic stories were better prepared (or conditioned) for the coronavirus pandemic. BTW this is how our adversary views us.

As you can see, their biases have been hard wired from the top. In the US, it’s DARPA, the Pentagon, and McLean. We cannot overcome this anymore, and these powers can now do anything they wish; thus the timeline can now accelerate greatly. These biases and emotional fears are deeply ingrained in the minds of the masses, since the great waves of humanity consumed thousands of hours of all that apocalyptic programming in the movies and TV. All this programming was vetted from the top of the intelligence organizations, and includes all that media regarding zombies, demons, the occult, and deadly virus outbreaks.

“In this study, we found that people who watched a lot of zombie movies and other apocalyptic-type films reported feeling more prepared for the pandemic. For example, they reported that they knew what kinds of supplies they should buy to prepare and that the consequences of the pandemic didn’t really catch them by surprise. This makes sense if you’ve ever watched a good zombie movie. Though exaggerated for entertainment, many of the features of a zombie-infected world resemble the features of the world during a pandemic,” said Scrivner.

Why The Zombie Apocalypse Prepared Us For Pandemic Coronavirus, Forbes, January 15th

The people who consume this propagandized and militarized programming have a heightened suggestibility to manufactured existential crises, such as this covid scam, because they can no longer discern fact from fiction. Much of their reality is now completely fabricated, and is based on whatever the news outlets reveal to them. It is all a blend, and the hi-def media have helped to rewire their brains permanently. Notice how the masses of livestock humanity can no longer articulate anything clearly regarding this covid crisis. It’s full of fear-based opinions and non sequiturs. I never thought I would see humanity melt as quickly as it has in just the past 18 months.

In your case, this guy was an attorney. This transcends IQ and intellectual capacity. This whole timeline has been politicized, so at least 50% go along with it. Even if on their own, these lost souls would balk at such covid chicanery, when herded together, they all coalesce into a Delphi-type consensus. Humanity has been transferred into its current state via one huge delphi technique experiment.

I observe how humanity has devolved so quickly, and given the current stages of the global dialectic process, I am certain that this decade will be the last full one. Humanity will not be able to continue to exist without some sort of divine intervention.

I am still in shock, and the timetable can now speed up from here. Only a divinely inspired Second Exodus in the wilderness, which is coming, can erase the damage to the human species.

A response to an email; How I stay healthy and avoid doctors

The bad news: Let’s face it; given recent events, it’s abundantly clear that the remnant will eventually be effectively cut off from the mainstream medical establishment. We will be forced to remain healthy without the “help” of the outside world.

For 20 years, I knew these days were coming, and have thus empowered myself to take strides to learn whatever was necessary to become medically self-sovereign. Except when I needed to remove a metal filing particle in my eye in 2009, I have not required non-dental medical attention for any illness or injury in almost 20 years. While I have medical insurance through a family member, I only use it for annual physicals with bloodwork. I forgo all those annual colonoscopies and other types of expensive and invasive testing procedures.

The good news: Keep in mind that most diseases, and virtually all chronic illnesses, are completely avoidable. This includes cancer. If we view our health from this perspective, we can have faith to empower ourselves to remain healthy on our own terms, and without the need of doctors with their counterintuitive measures. Our adversary promotes the flourishing of chronic illnesses and diseases with their foods and modern chemistry, as a means to ensnare us in their system.

Hey Chris!
I want to ask you what conclusions you have come to regarding healthy eating and maintaining the body.

Do you have any particular resources or individuals that you have followed that helped enlighten you regarding this?

I happen to have a lot of atherosclerosis and therefore heart disease so I’m just shifting around trying to figure out the best direction and most healthy diet lifestyle. I like to ask smart people what they’re doing when I have doubts and hence this email-if you have a few thoughts regarding this I’d love to hear them.

Thanks for everything you do!

Here is my response:

Hi Jim,
As for my own eating and exercising habits, I stick to four lifestyle choices;

  1. Time restricted eating (TRE); I usually eat within a six hour window each day. I know this may sound rigorous, but I strive to wait until noon to eat. I eat during the afternoon, and by 6-6:30pm I am usually too full for anything else before bed. Anyone can condition his or her body to adjust to this choice. Despite what doctors say, breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. It takes a few weeks to acclimate to the adjustments, and if I need to do something outside of my normal routine in the morning, I drink a scoop of natural whey protein. If you decide to eat earlier in the day, just push forward the time you stop. try to keep it to six hours.
  2. Supplementation for specific conditions; I take up to 40 different supplements and amino acids each day. I know that sounds insane, but they work. For example, I had hypothyroidism and all four of my sisters have it, and take drugs. My mom had thyroid cancer. Since I rearranged my lifestyle, my thyroid is normal and has been for a decade. I use some for blood sugar maintenance, cholesterol, metabolism, and my (former) arrhythmia. I take several for anti-aging, male health, and cognitive improvement. I take some to prevent cancer, since it is prevalent in my family. I also have not yet needed glasses and take several supplements for microvascular and eye health. In addition, I eat about 15 to 20 apricot kernels a day.
  3. Weight training and calisthenics; I generally alternate with body parts (e.g. legs and abs one day, then chest/back and abs the next day) and perform plenty of calisthenics (e.g. push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, dips, etc,) with hardly any cardio, except for walking. I  typically perform each set until  exhaustion. Cardio is not not healthy for older people.
  4. Plenty of black or dark coffee during the resting phase :). Drinking coffee or whey helps with suppressing the appetite. If I am craving later in the day or do not wish to consume any more caffeine, I stick to the whey.

I have spent over 20 years formulating my daily exercise and eating routines, and are the result of lots of research and trial and error. Many older athletes and bodybuilders I have spoken to swear by this stuff. TRE really does work as the body needs to clean itself out and get to a basing metabolic rate on a daily basis.

I learned a lot from Dr. Mercola and Dr. Sears over the years. Though both have daily blogs and research, Dr. Mercola has had to scale back his health advice and disease treatment protocols, since he has been critical of the MSMs covid stance.

My mother was always struggling with illness, and since most of it was avoidable, I made an effort to not end up like her. Thus, I was always interested in taking control of my own health, so I have spent a lot of time over the years advancing my studies.

If you choose this path, please be aware that doctors generally frown upon taking supplements, since many of the drugs they prescribe work in a similar manner as natural supplements, yet supplements rarely have adverse side effects. For instance, I take curcumin for its anti-inflammatory and anti-angiogenic properties. It is also highly effective for thinning blood. It may even be as efficacious as warfarin. Thus, do not take curcumin if you decide to take the prescription.

When I undergo my annual physicals, I do not reveal any of these above four routines to the doctors, since they will not view them favorably.

Because I employ the above four aspects to my daily routine, I have found that I can eat more carbs than I used to, though when I am not working out and such, I lay off the carbs, especially sugar. I do eat eat fruit and honey, however, but it is all from organic sources. I eat tons of fat, butter, nuts (no peanut butter since the aflatoxins in PB make it an immunosuppressant), fatty grass-fed beef, chicken, and dairy. I strive for mostly organic. I eat hardly any processed foods and chow down lots of greens.

My low carb, time restricted feeding will run counter to the typical doctor’s advice, but it serves me very well and those who swear by it.

Phil Mickelson was asked how he lost so much weight before winning the PGA championship and he remarked, intermittent fasting (TRE) and lots of coffee.

I agree with him, though I wish I could cut down on coffee and replace it with something else.


08/02 Update; Responses to emails – Recommendations and advice; Some tough love for the remnant

To download the podcast – Right mouse click here (duration; 58:23)

-This podcast is in response to the many emails I received and answered. I wanted to share many of these ideas and recommendations with the listener.
-I offer unique solutions to you in these troubling times. No one else in the alt-realm is able to master these topics. These so-called authorities wilfully refuse to correctly comprehend the spiritual elements of this monetary system, which is why those who heed their advice end up on the losing end.
-The alt-media and alt-Christian communities suffer from many confirmation biases, which ultimately have been partly to blame for their current personal predicaments.
-We need to make certain to emphasize the correct courses of action, lest we burn out and lose everything in the process.
-My thoughts on Catherine Austin Fitts and the others in the alt-realm.
-I rarely speak of particular people in the subjective sense as it gains us nothing. I do not bother discussing anything about Child sacrifices, etc., as this is just externalizing a hierarchy that is detailed in Ezekiel 8, and which goes back to ancient Babylon and Cain. Any persistent discussions of these topics just works to demoralize and defile us.