Social dilemmas and freeriding; self-interest and the urge to overconsume

Note to reader: I am writing this post in response to an article I read recently regarding the prisoner’s dilemma, and why two completely rational individuals might not cooperate, even if it appears that it is in their best interests to do so. It got me thinking about some everyday scenarios in which we observe this and other types of social dilemmas (e.g. overconsumption of government goods or utility services when costs are shared in some condo developments).

Given the comprehensive problems we are currently experiencing in the economic supply-chain, and with rising inflation data, I thought this examination could help shed some light on why people are over consuming.

Social dilemmas in real life are costly

The tragedy of the commons is a very real economic issue where individuals tend to exploit shared resources such that the demand greatly outweighs supply, and subsequently the resource becomes unavailable for the whole.

Tragedy of the commons, Investopedia

Problems arise when too many group members choose to pursue individual profit and immediate satisfaction rather than behave in the group’s best long-term interests… Examples of phenomena that can be explained using social dilemmas include resource depletion, low voter turnout, and overpopulation. The collective action problem can be understood through the analysis of game theory and the free-rider problem, which results from the provision of public goods.

Collective action problem, Wikipedia

In the social sciences, the free-rider problem is a type of market failure that occurs when those who benefit from resources, public goods (such as public roads or hospitals), or services of a communal nature do not pay for them or under-pay.

Free-rider problem, Wikipedia

Government social spending by its nature, invokes these dilemmas.

In real estate, I confront these dilemmas when determining proper condominium investments.

The problem of shared utility costs

Problem;  why do people who own and reside in condo developments with shared utility costs consume so much more utilities versus those who are personally responsible for their own utility consumption?

This is a variation of the tragedy of the commons. In particular, I have observed that the common charges of units with shared utilities are much higher than when compared to submetered condo development units with their respective utilities added back.

In other words, owners of condo units in developments that have shared utilities (e.g. electric and gas are in included in the common charges) tend to have much higher monthly costs than unit owners who are personally responsible for paying their utility consumption.  These differences are usually so stark, that I rarely recommend anyone purchase a condo in a development with shared utilities. I only purchase and manage condos that have submetered units. I am not the only one who observes this phenomenon; most condo construction project developers recognize this failure and avoid it by submetering the units.

Keep in mind that these condo developments are non-profit establishments, so nobody is making any profit from the monthly assessments. Thus, there must be something else that places condo developments with shared utilities at such a costly disadvantage to those with submetered units.

While the issue of freeriding in shared utilities is non-existent, so to speak, since each unit owner does pay every month with his or her common charge, there is no longer any incentive to conserve. Each unit owner will attempt to get as much as it can from what it spends. Thus, they undervalue the utility’s true cost.

The problem is even more glaring as the percentage of units in a condo development that are turned into investment properties rises. Tenants have even less incentive to conserve, and these older developments with shared utilities can have total costs that are up to 100-150% higher than with submetered investment units.

These costs get fleshed out somewhere, and they show up in the lower capitalized value of the condo units. During the housing down turn of a decade ago, it was not uncommon to see older shared-utility condos with $800 monthly charges selling for as low as $25,000, while their submetered counterparts were fetching double and triple that amount. The delinquency rates of the shared utility condo developments were also much higher.

Bottom line; sharing the costs of utilities brings out the worst economic behaviour in people and causes so much long-term collateral damage to the development. So I ask, why does the government insist on socializing everything?

Socialized government resources are always in deficit; consumers always undervalue the resources they consume

The social dilemmas we list above go along way in explaining why these human shortcomings manifest. When any resource is socialized, it becomes self-apparent for any participant to consume as much of that resource as possible.

Moreover, when consumers are given government stimulus money in which they do not have to work to obtain it, they tend to spend more recklessly, with little heed to the prices they pay. All this socialized fiscal stimulus money has created a sense of moral hazard and it cultivates a mindset of overconsumption, while undervaluing the true costs of their consumption.

So why does the government insist on socializing everything? Based on the research of all these social dilemmas and their variations, it would make sense for the government to make each consumer personally accountable for his or her consumption. Economists widely believe that optimal allocation of resources in relation to public goods is not compatible with the fundamental incentives belonging to individuals. Therefore, concepts like the free-rider problem and the undervaluing of socialized goods consumed are expected to be an ongoing issue.

While there are a number of theories that have been developed over the decades to address these dilemmas regarding public goods and services, nothing has truly been feasible enough to help conserve on consumption. Moreover, the economists who seem to find fault with socialized consumption will normally recommend it when asked.

Given the obvious results of socialized anything, we know one sure constant; the more social spending, the more sovereign debt.

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67 thoughts on “Social dilemmas and freeriding; self-interest and the urge to overconsume

  1. More engineered division from the psychological think tanks at DARPA.

    The conservative white folks will be blamed for the “out of control” numbers, while the liberal white folk seem to know it all.. Of course this whole crisis is a complete manufactured facade designed consolidate the power and wealth of the world.

    “Everybody Knows That It Will Get Worse”

    My parents are physicians in unvaccinated America. It’s starting to feel like they’re in a different world.

    We know where this is going. In order to prove our allegiance to the collective, we will have to take some sort of Mark.

      1. The white Americans here before 1900 were a concentration of Manasseh and Ephraim as well as the other Israelite remnants that inhabited Europe, and our enemies hate these remnants more than any one else.

        The last days promises were unconditional and were a gift to us. We blew it.

        Any of you who worry about racism and social injustices better drop it. Based on what’s coming, this stuff means absolutely nothing and no victims make it into the Kingdom. I didn’t make the races and if you don’t like it, take it up with God.

        The reason our adversary hates us and is keeping us in the dark via political correctness, fluoride, drugs, electromagnetic radiation, terrorism, and fake pandemics, is because the USA was that promised great nation in the last days and our adversary is working feverishly to keep us from figuring out who we are. It’s very effective, too, and it will take great loss of life before God steps in and shows us. Our adversary knows that if we all repented today, the adversary would lose, the Federal Reserve would burn down, and we would gain our rightful possession.

        Please pray to Jesus for help. I weep more often now. I know what is coming, and it cannot be stopped.

        It’s coming soon, and this timeline should be wrapped up by 2030. I give that an 80% chance. Since America was Manasseh (no longer, only in name, as the foreigners and communists won), the force majeure that the elites will use to dethrone the USD will now be the catalyst to begin the Great Tribulation period. I have been writing about this force majeure since I started writing about it on Henry Makow in 2013. War is always used to destroy a reserve currency. HOWEVER, BRITAIN DID NOT LOSE EITHER WORLD WAR, as its reserve currency status was transferred to its brother in the States.

        Our adversary is creating the perfect climate and groundwork for war. These supply side shenanigans are as effective as the embargoes against Japan leading up to WWII.

        The supply side stuff is totally manufactured as the massive concentration of wealth and in the factors of production via this latest post-covid QE stimulus have made this upcoming war a done deal. The narrative now is so tight with absolutely no deviation. There is no escape from what is coming.

        Until recently, I wasn’t sure if this upcoming force majeure was the beginning of the end times, but given all we have seen over the past 18 months, I say it is a definite reality.

        I think about this all day long and if I come up with some more ideas I will let you know.

      2. Think about this, too. Genesis and Obadiah say the Esau will finally be loosed in a last-days double fulfillment from his brother Jacob (I think that many of those who say they are Jews, but are not, are actually Edomites.)

        The easiest way for our adversary to win was by convincing today’s stupid Christians that the Old Testament was nailed to a tree. These deceived fools have no idea what is going on, and are running around chasing ghosts. The YouTube preachers are totally out of their realm. That’s why they are allowed on YouTube. They preach anti-Western propaganda to the dumbed down Christian plebes.

        The worst part is that the listeners of many of these well regarded pastors think they will not have to see this all unfold. What fools! Lawson, et al, have willfully ignorant blood on their hands.

  2. The Reopening Trade Is Dead, Says Wolfe Research. What to Buy Instead.

    “Wolfe Chief Investment Strategist Chris Senyek and his team are hoping that the Fed Currently, the central bank’s dovish stance “should help inflate the equity market bubble even further,” which would result in “sustained” rather than writes Senyek. With heightened concerns about Covid-19’s Delta variant, however, the Fed is now unlikely to taper.

    Given this, Senyek argues that large-caps will benefit most, as they are part of the stock-market bubbles currently driven by monetary policy.”

    It is interesting that all of this monetary stimulus has benefited the largest firms, and with interest rates as low as they are, it is benefiting the growth tech stocks the greatest. Obviously, this is not by chance and the business down the street has gotten destroyed. If the problems in China haven’t put a real dent in domestic stock prices here, it’s going to take a lot more to bring these markets down. The FED will just come in with one excuse after another to keep the stimulus going and it seems the latest Delta variant is that very reason. If it weren’t for this, there would be another excuse to keep the wealth consolidation going around the globe.

    BITCOIN has been doing very well over the past couple days and it was just a matter of time before it popped back. Since we know the origins of Bitcoin and he downdraft but ultimately be short-lived and will just be another buying opportunity.

    Residential REAL ESTATE investors are buying investment properties at an historically high clip, and it’s the large institutions that are making the biggest splurge. While the rents have continued to move higher, I have noticed the seasonality in listings with some prices coming down a little bit. In the Washington DC area, the summer months are particularly quiet.

    Don’t stand in front of the FED’S wealth consolidation train.

  3. Here’s an interesting article from today’s Barron’s.

    The S&P 500 May Be Expensive. The Average Stock Isn’t.

    Prices for a few big tech stocks— Facebook (ticker: FB), Apple (AAPL), (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX), Alphabet (GOOGL) and Microsoft (MSFT)—are why the standard, market cap-weighted S&P 500 appears so expensive. Those six companies, with a combined market value of $9.4 trillion, account for a quarter of the index’s aggregate value.

  4. Google search and Wikipedia entry regarding Manasseh. They make certain to emphasize this. Almost juxtaposed in the Wikipedia entry.

    “British Israelite Herbert W. Armstrong of the Worldwide Church of God (1940s to 1980s), in a book called The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy, claimed the United States was a remnant of the Tribe of Manasseh. British Israelite theories are uniformly rejected by mainstream modern scholarship.”

    The reason why Wikipedia is wrong is because it says that this theory is uniformly rejected by mainstream modern scholarship. By definition, mainstream is wrong and we are to take the contra to find the truth. Since the eschatological analysts rely on these lies, they are wrong as well.

    Herbert Armstrong was certainly not the only person to have proclaimed this. There were many over the centuries, but that voice became softer and softer until it is no longer heard today. It’s too un PC

    I have set my watch to this timeline. The real Israelite remnants are being decieved and allowed to get the crap kicked out of them in hopes of the elites bringing back their god, Satan.

  5. To Ms. S,
    I am not concerned about the vaccinated giving me something. I am just observing how this jab campaign has been powered by a politicizing of the process. This ensures at least 50% will obey, and it has nothing to do with intelligence levels. It’s all been masterfully engineered by the top psychologists. The vaccines do no good, or worse, yet that doesn’t matter. It has been repositioned into a partisanized process.

    I say to avoid the masses who received the jabbed, because of this psychology engineering. I avoid those who have been brainwashed by the social justice, racial, and vaccination psychological conditioning from Arlington and McLean VA, as well Fort Meade MD.

    The establishment of these manufactured confirmation biases have been developed and dispensed with military precision. We can’t overcome this, and there is no way we can convince anyone who has been given over to it.

  6. Being the rightfully paranoid person that I am quickly becoming, I am becoming increasingly concerned that the PTB may crash the markets and blame it on unvaccinated. This is why I always like to take money off the table as asset prices rise. Never put money in as prices rise.

    Be prepared for the unexpected.

    1. Chris,
      I have been reading your end -time posts and comments like your previous one,”Please hold out and know where the real Isrealite remnants are located,” and I have a request. Since I am (and no doubt others of your readers) are having trouble clearly understanding end times the way you do (and it seems more important now than ever to understand them) please consider doing a Brighteon video or two (or a series) passing along the information you know. You said you learned so much from an individual preacher who has now passed away. I think you could fill his shoes now and it would be such a great help for those of us who are not finding that information elsewhere.

      Also, just listened to this, and am kind of freaking out.
      I know this video fits somewhere into your end times understanding, and would appreciate your take. I realize nobody has a crystal ball, but still we are required to use our God -given reason when we think about possible future scenarios and their timeline.

      Thank you for your blog. I check it every day for a sanity check, because the headlines are getting more and more insane.

      1. The covid jabs was the formal rollout of the pale horse in Revelation. This decade will be the end of this age.

        I know this, because of one thing; America was Manasseh, the older brother of Ephraim, who were the two sons of Joseph. They were promised certain things in the last days, and only the last day nations of America and G.B./commonwealth qualify when we read the Bible’s description. Moreover, only Europe qualifies when we take all of Jacob’s deathbed promises literally. This means the West was the Israelite remnants. The West will be gutted this decade

        If the upcoming force majeure I have been warning the reader about since late 2012 is a military strike against America to dethrone its dollar system, as well as the West, then we know that this will be the prophecied war that Several OT and NT prophets predicted and foretold. This will be the time that even Jesus warned about

        When I first started writing 8-9 years ago, I knew this would be this way, but only spoke theoretically about it, since I didn’t know the catalyst. We now have it up unfolding in real time. The current circumstances are the catalyst.

        Now, with all that is occurring, I see the results already baked in to the cake. It’s too late now and it will unfold exactly as I have been saying. The US and GB/commonwealth and Europe were where most of the northern Israelite remnants settled. They were the lost sheep of the house of Israel that Jesus told his disciples to preach to.

        So, I am very confident that the judgment against America will be this last war of this age before Christ’s return. God said he would have to intervene or else the whole of humanity would be extinguished.

        The upshot is that only about half of humanity will be killed under Satan’s reign before Christ’s return.

        Up to a couple years ago I thought I would not live to see this, but the timeline has accelerated so quickly that unless I die early, I will be around to witness it all.

        I wish I was wrong, so I could have a good time working on houses and having an easy life. Now it is all coming to an end. This decade. And I know this, because I know where the Israelite remnants predominantly ended up. History was written through their eyes and the last generation world never figured it out.

        1. Chris,
          Thanks for this explanation here, and to follow up with one more question: Some people suggest moving to another country (As you indicate here, America will be a target.) Do you think it makes sense to consider a move out of country to a safer place, if there is one? (Still hoping sometime you could do a video or two with a comprehensive overview of the end times. Thanks for considering….) Thanks again for your insight.

          1. I posted one on Brighteon in April.

            World War III in Bible Prophecy, and How to Survive What’s Coming


            Duration 46:02

            I am not leaving the United States. I am trying to figure out the next moves. First, getting houses rehabbed and ready to sell.

            I don’t know yet what to do. What is going on in France and Australia will be going in throughout the West and the world. Soon.

    2. Great Video Chris,
      Further proof that the Covid Vaccines do not work. The US Media would never admit this. My “psychic” niece urged me to get the kill shot because she heard the Delta Variant is “asymptomatic” in vaccinated people but a killer in unvaccinated people. She claims the vaccinated people will asymptomatically pass this to unvaccinated people. I think it is her “spirit guides” talking. She also listens to mainstream US media because that is what the likes of CNN are saying. Never Ever consult psychics. Those spirit guides work for Satan the anti human great deceiver.

      The vaccinated people are like drug addicts. Remember in high school how the druggies like to befriend other people and encourage them to use drugs. Thats what the Covid vaccinated people are like. They want moral support and to pull other people into the death maelstrom.

      My niece was originally opposed to the Covid Vaccine at first and then went to get the shot to protect her daughter. She also use to say that she did not trust the scientists from the government that urged us to take these vaccines. She is now urging me to get Covid Vax and wants a booster shot for herself to protect against the Delta Variant. She also lambasted me for questioning Quack Dr. Falsy. What a change of heart after she got the kill shot. We are clearly living a Jim Jones Cult world.

      1. It’s the backfire effect. Never oppose the contra with opposing evidence. Not only will they reject it, but will look at you like the enemy.drmocrats and republicans will never agree and will angry at one another.

        I read anecdotal stories of people exhibiting personality changes after a couple jabs. Stay away from these people. As health issues mount and the DARPA propaganda is dispensed over the coming months and years, these drones will be trained to view the unvaccinated as their mortal enemies. They will think that they sacrificed themselves for the common good, and will view the unvaccinated like the free riders.

        This is why car companies devote 60% to 70% of all their advertising dollars towards those who have already purchased their vehicles. They want to establish a strong confirmation bias in those buyers, so they become the best form of advertisement. This is exactly what we are seeing with propaganda campaigns.

        We need to withdraw from those who have been vaccinated. They will become our worst enemies. There is no way to avoid this and we need to withdraw from these individuals who are completely dazed, confused, and under total propagandaized mind control.

        1. We know a lot of people who took the jab, even many who swore they would not. I agree that we need to avoid them and that they see us as the problem. For now we are just hiding in plain sight and doing our best to minimize interactions. Keeping silent and keeping distance works for the time being.

          I try to observe the behavior of the vaxxed to see if they have really changed, I am starting to think they are the same as they always were but its my perception of them that has changed. They are really not who I thought they were. The eyes don’t look as bright, but maybe they never did.

          1. Chris and Ken,
            It is really, really hard to avoid the vaxed. They are everywhere. Do you not go out anywhere, including the food store, where we can assume they are amongst the 50%? And my college-aged daughter got vaxed. Do I tell her not to come home for a visit? And my other daughter with severe disability (from childhood vax injuries) – does she not go to program or out in the community? I guess you can try to (given your circumstances) self-isolate, but the airborne vax shedding is happening, and the vax zombies are coming….so I don’t know how long that strategy will last or even work in the short term. Maybe take the contra and prepare yourself mentally, spiritually and physically for the onslaught. I am thinking, reading Chris’ blog, watching his Brighteon video, that I need to focus more on changing my American paradigm (to live for happiness now) to align with my self-described Christian paradigm (to live for happiness in the next life). What does that really mean? Who were the saints and the martyrs who now live on in God’s kingdom?? They were people who endured great suffering. I am posing all of this as questions to ask yourself, questions I am asking myself. It gets down to this: If you accept the premise that we are in the end times NOW, what do you do that is pleasing to God in response to this realization? It requires a death to self, which is fundamental to Christianity….Chris is right: pray for the remnant – we will need all the prayers we can muster.

    1. Chris, I imagine folks at the traffic lights in their fancy Tesla or Eton thinking to themselves, look at that poor sod in the beater truck, little do they know as they fly off to their corporate job jaxxed up with the poison.

  7. NAR says last month’s median sales price is 363.3k, up 23.4% yoy. I predicted 381k intermediate term high when it was 305k just after the Fed announced its covid monetary stimulus programmes. The 381k number is coming FAST! Make hay while the sun shines.

    Rents rising to help keep cap rates from falling too fast.

    May’s data were for a 350k figure.

  8. Please do not lump my eschatological analysis with all the other “prophets” out there who talk about America’s destruction with vapid dreams and visions. I approach this from a completely different perspective. By the way, after America’s destruction, which is really like a third war (First American Revolution, Civil War, upcoming Second American Revolution), I offer hope, because AMERICA WAS MANASSEH AND IS PART OF ISRAEL. JEREMIAH SAYS GOD WILL INTERVENE TO SAVE IT FROM A DISTANCE. EZEKIEL SAYS THE SURVIVORS HERE WILL BE BURYING THE DEAD (EZEKIEL CONFEDERACY TROOPS/ CHINESE/ RUSSIANS) FOR 7 MONTHS.

    My analysis shows that the formation of the U.S. was based on an unconditional promise declared on Jacob’s deathbed, and had NOTHING to do with how Godly the U.S. was or wasn’t. Of course, it’s Godliness had to do with how long it stayed before Leviticus 26/ Deuteronomy 28 kicked in.

    Of course, the U.S. is a talmudic toilet and is ripe for destruction, but that is not what I am showing here. It’s all about a promise that was made thousands of years ago, and how the O.T. prophets declared how it all would end. I am so certain of this that I can set my watch to it. We can know of endtime events when this one battle occurs, because we know what the U.S. and the West represented. They were formed by the Northern Israelite remnants.

    Why did the apostles go North and West of Judea? Why didn’t they go East and South? Why not to India or Arabia? The lost sheep that Jesus proclaimed were in Rome and Europe.

    All the other “prophets” are effectively doing the work of an anti-West propagandist. If you talk about the destruction of the U.S. and how evil it is, you will be able to have a monetized YouTube channel.

    I come across so many dummy “prophets” today that warn the U.S. destruction with dreams and visions. That’s milk for those who crave meat. I approach this all from a scholarly mindset. We are on a totally different level, which is why few are making the connection.

    1. Meshech (Moscow) and Tubal (Tubalsk) and Japheth are Russia/Siberia, Mongolia/Asia. In Siberia, they know and have erected statues in the past proclaiming this.

      Never before has this Ezekiel’s war ever taken place.

      Why would these nations all have to get together to fight a Talmudic sand box in the Middle East the size of New Jersey? That is the Rothschild end time deception for the real Israelite remnants.

    2. Hello Chris,
      I agree with you that the US will NOT be completely destroyed out of existence. I see the US undergoing a lot of changes, destruction, and wars before it comes out the other end. America is fast becoming a socialist cesspool run by despots down in Washington D.C. Of course the Covid Vaccines will add to the mess. As long as the US heads towards being a Jim Jones Socialist Cult , the challenges will be much worse but it will cleanse out the dross before we get to the other end.

      1. Amen. I notice how Google has changed their algorithms over the past several years to emphasize that Russia and china are not the Ezekiel tribes listed. 90% agree with Google. What a change to Google over the past few years. Their search results are so different than a decade ago. The results are derived with military precision.

        The dummy eschatological analysts are now parroting whatever the Google echo chamber spits out as a search result.

    3. Thanks for your clarification. I haven’t been to church in many years and I’ve been studying and praying and God has been leading me and giving me understanding about these last days. There are many supposed prophets and while I don’t follow anyone I listen to some people from time to time. I usually take what I can and discard the rest. I was led to your site by the Holy Spirit because how else would I have found you? You’re certainly not searchable and you’re not in Google results. Lol!

      I do appreciate your understanding and your willingness to share with others what God has shown you. None of these things are taught in the Synagogues of Satan and you can forget about hearing any such thing in the black churches! It’s pitiful there! I do believe your analysis of the times and the conclusions you’ve come to. The Holy Spirit in me says Yes and Amen to what you share concerning who America is. When I speak of this to other people they have no understanding and these things have never even come up in their minds. It’s truly a narrow road out here and when Jesus said only a few would find it he was telling the Truth!

      May God continue to bless you and contunue to give you understanding in these days!

  9. Investor home purchases exceed pre-pandemic levels, hit record high

    When something becomes this obvious it’s not a good sign. The small investor is not all that bright and I normally recommend the contra. Although owning real estate derives its investors a lot of benefits, the old saying in real estate is that we make money when we buy, not when we sell, and it’s very difficult to justify these prices.

  10. Great article Chris. It reminds me of the multi decade trend of lower interest rates. Many are quick to blame low rates for the excesses, but who is really calling for higher rates? No one.

    1. All those calls for higher long-term yields were quieted over the past couple weeks as the 10-year yield fell.

      1. I guess my point was more around the collective action problem. “too many group members choose to pursue individual profit and immediate satisfaction rather than behave in the group’s best long-term interests”. Everyone likes low rates and no one wants them to rise, even if it would be beneficial in the longer term.

        1. Agreed. Great observation. This all applies to that, too. Nobody wants the party to end. I don’t know how it can. Too much debt to service.

          Think about this. The interest that the Federal Reserve earns on it Treasury holdings is remitted back to the US Treasury. Imagine a scenario where the FED owns 80% of the outstanding treasuries. They can let interest rates rise and it won’t really affect the finances of the Federal government. All of the interest payments go back to the US treasury anyway. And you and I get stuck with higher interest rates. This is a distinct possibility. If these Powers really wanted to stick it to the man, they could do that. It could work, and theoretically the system could continue moving forward. Long live QE with skyrocketing interest rates.

          1. Yes, that would be sinister indeed. They buy it all and “raise the rent”. I will think about this. Thanks.

          2. Allow me to indulge here…

            With higher UST yields, the Fed could effectively eliminate the IOER facility and force banks to lend. The banks would be able to make lending into a profitable endeavor once again.

            The Fed’s interest expenses and costs would this be dramatically reduced, and could return all their interest income to the UST.

            Of course, this only works if the FED effectively controls and owns most of the US treasuries outstanding. I believe this threshold number to be 80%. Ben bernanke has stated in the past that the US Fed’s balance sheet could go to 100% GDP and beyond, and I agree with him. If this is the case and the FED’S ownership of treasuries goes to at least 80% of the total outstanding, the scenario becomes more feasibly possible.

            I am not saying that this will happen, but I think it’s a theoretically possible scenario. I run it in my head, and it seems doable.

            Even if this scenario is an eventual outcome, we are still several years away as the FED does not own nearly enough of the total of the treasuries outstanding to make this yet a reality. Most of the interest expense at this point of the federal government would go to outside investors and wouldn’t be contained in this theorized closed circuit.

  11. This is great insight.
    I’m an amateur musician and last night I went to an outdoor rehearsal. Eventually I will be shut out of my groups when the weather turns (and we move inside) because I will not take the vax. This saddens me but it’s the way it has to be for now. The members were lamenting on not having access to space for rehearsals because the churches are getting dismantled. They’re not lamenting the lack of religion or faith – talk about free-riders! I remember church in my youth as spiritual place first and foremost with attendance so large, where if you didn’t come early, you might not get a seat and you’d have to stand in the back. Then, it was a place to bring the like minded together – community building in their secondary spaces. I remember working in the parish kitchen for free for weddings and other functions to help the church pay off the building mortgage. We did it for the greater good so we could all benefit. So the community at large now wants the benefit of the secondary spaces in places of worship without doing the hard work of praying and supporting Christianity, or even lending a hand in these spaces.

    I do see now more than ever that people have become greedy. It’s all about taking as much as you can for yourself. More than ever, I see what God meant about idolatry. It’s money that people are worshipping. Pure evil – using it to manipulate people or extort from others as much as they can. At the lower level, just to survive and live and at the higher level to control. It’s everywhere.

    As much as your post incites fear in me about what is to come, here is a video that brings me hope:
    Reiner Fuellmich: Scientific Evidence That Convid Is A Crime Against Humanity.

    Dr. Fuellmich says it has taken a year to realize what is going on, the one thing that is missing and that I hope he finds is Jesus. There are some good people doing good things.

  12. Observe what is going on in South Africa for the last few days as a lesson in why to remain armed. That said, one should also be fit (not fat) and have practised with your weapon and have a game plan or plans. Are you expecting a mob to come sweeping down your street or will it be the secret police (or equivalent) in the wee hours? What is your exit strategy? Kill them all or just a few, slam the door and bail out the back? Then what? Keep shooting until you get shot? Snipe from afar or stand there like Clint Eastwood blazing away? All situations will be different. Will your neighbors help out or are they going to hide? In SA, local group banded together for defense since the police were ineffective. Lots to plan for.
    ps – I tell no-one what I have or where I store ‘items’ or how many rounds I have or where they are located.

    1. I think we’ll be led in the right direction to act properly under the circumstances. There will be a time to act and I think that if the authorities know that they will be shot as opposed to other revolutions in the past like revolution where the people were disarmed, there will be restraint by the powers. All I know is we have to be willing to use it when the time comes. We need to put it in our hearts that it will be necessary. The Christians today are obsessed with the beatitudes I don’t quote Luke about personal protection. If a person chooses to go to the camp then that’s up to them, but if you raise the family with children, you have a moral obligation to defend their lives, even if it means killing others. It’s not murder, but self-defense. If you watch other family members get hauled away and don’t do anything about it, I pity you at the judgment throne.

    2. There are still mostly white police officers in my county areas. There have been a few tornadoes over the years and the community came together to help each other out, police included. I’m not looking at a defense strategy but a help out strategy. Perform labor, pass out supplies, clean up, make sure people know i’m one of the good guys, and intend to offer as much help as possible. If I put on the the lock and load get off my property vibe, I know I would not last long.

      Money, Crypto, Silver, Gold did not work when the fit hit the shan. Only when people think things are going to get better will they maybe accept any of that currency for payment. Food, Bottled water, Cigarettes, Chewin tobacco, Tampons, etc was the Gold.

      The SPDR 500 (SPY) hit 440 today, all time high. Not sure if that is a good thing. However much of the chatter going around about great earnings and oddly, the speculations now point to a melt UP and not a crash, at least not in the near term. But anything can happen!

      1. Agreed. It’s clear that the PTB intend to push the mRNA jabs and race/social stuff forever.

        Of course, I will never take the jabs and will defend myself if they force and roundup; that’s more than mandate. I am not trying to sound like Charlton Heston, but there are probably 15 million others who will do the same.

        I work with all sorts of people of race, and it was never an issue for me. I work with more blacks than whites. Now Hispanics. In 20 years, it was never an issue with me and the blacks I know don’t make it an issue. My only requirement is that people be able to speak English well enough for me to understand. Contract law can be detailed.

        Recently I have been thinking of race and my behavior and what I say a lot more, only because others are thinking about it. It’s being injected as a fake dividing issue.

        My concern is that there are people out there that are not this way, especially minorities and I don’t want to be a virtue signaling white guy. Race is blind to me, but as things spin further down the road, I would prefer to be around more like minded people. This is why I just don’t like the area in which I live. The blacks that I know a much more circumspect of government than the whites around here. White people can be very gullible and easily programmed.

        It’s hard to stand in front of these market freight trains . The only concern and contingency we must price in is for a catastrophic outcome. This is why I prefer to scale out of investments as prices rise. The typical investor scales in like a casino. I see Dow 40k coming sooner than I thought, a couple years sooner. I don’t like stocks as much as spoos 3000.

        The last two collapses in 2020 and 2008 (actually all of them) were contrived, but very real .

      2. That is a great point. As part of the preparation process we should consider our neighbors and loved ones. When we stock up on food, supplies,etc we should stock up for other people as well and not just ourselves. When it hits the fan it will be much better to be a giver than a hoarder much less a taker. Believe me, there will be those who are caught off guard. When prepping, one should consider everything, such as food, water, tools, generators, and supplies for yourself AND neighbors as well. Food and clothing are much more important than silver and gold when things are really desperate. You can’t eat gold and silver nor does it keep you warm and dry. Guns and ammo may come in handy but are not the only thing. Guns may be necessary for hunting in rural areas when the grocery store shelves are empty. That is one of the main reasons to have a gun when it gets tough.It is most important to get your spiritual house in order and turn to the ways of Jesus Christ. Being a giver in times of hardship is one way to be closer to Jesus Christ.

  13. The engineers at darpa, the cia, and Arlington virginia, are pushing really hard now for anti Asian hate awareness. The New world order knows that many of these foreign troops will be Asian and will be unable to speak English well, so when they come to round you up and force you into camps and take vaccines, they don’t want you to think racist thoughts.

    1. And the U.S. is about to be flooded with Asians who have cash to pay for this defaulted property. Another reason why whites are getting the anti Asian hate propaganda.

      We can’t vote our way out of this.

      1. Recall how I said 80% of US dollars or held overseas. We’ve had 50 years of all shoring our industry gratis Kissinger in 1971. All of these dollars are coming back to buy dollarized assets. And it has little to do with affordability anymore. Foreigners, especially Asians, see the value of American real estate and it’s relative inexpensive, and are scooping it up by the bucket full. Americans sit by and disbelief as they demand benefits from their government and watch as the very programs they demand are causing house and rent prices to move into the stratosphere.

        In 2017, the price to household income multiple of the average home in the United States was about 3.6 times. Today it’s about 4.25 times. After all of everything is sorted out over the next 6 to 9 months to the beginning of next year, it should be about 5x price to household income. That’s still cheaper than the other Western Nations.

    1. This is why the New world order engineers are trying so hard to get us to accept all different races. This is going to be because the foreign troops will come in to round the people up. They knew long ago that domestic troops with citizens from the United States would not do their dirty work, but Ezekiel’s Confederacy will. They will come in and the politically correct plebes who are crying racism like LeBron James will urge the people to go and get vaccinated and not to be racist. This is all out of DARPA and it’s all coming together. But the people forget that LeBron James sold his soul to the devil when he joined the secret society. Dave Chappelle sold out after a decade long in hiding. He made a deal with the devil as long as he went along with the agenda for the new world order. They all made their names sold their souls to the New world order and Satan.

      There’s going to be terrible bloodshed not like the world has ever seen.

  14. I just checked. The reference of carrying a sword refers to Luke 22:35-38.

  15. Here’s an interesting thought. In the West, you can worship any god you want, especially Allah and his illiterate Muhammad. But these PTB hate when you worship jesus. You can practice any religion in the world as long as has nothing to do with the truth of biblical Jesus.

    Never forget that Jesus saves. He saves sinners, of which I am chief.

    1. “But these PTB hate when you worship jesus. You can practice any religion in the world as long as has nothing to do with the truth of biblical Jesus.”

      Amen times a billion

      I have personally experienced this. If Jesus even comes up in conversation, the virtual knives come out. I also think this is a reason why southerners are so hated in our culture. Even with its flaws, it is still considered the Bible belt. The hostility will be pointed to its slave-holding history but there is more to it than that. Southerners are typically over represented in the military. They should stop joining – wake up, your country hates your guts. And more importantly puts you in morally compromising situations that you come to regret.

      1. The people in this country are just living off and bleeding the legacy of what it once was and what made it great in the first place. This is like a massive Free Rider scenario; just like this article states. All of these newcomers and those who are pulling down the statues and the flags are the ones who are the Free riders and are milking what is left of this country dry. They don’t remember all of the sacrifices past people made to make this country amazing. My father was in the Marines in world war II and he believed he was fighting for freedom. All that has happened since then is that the bretton woods agreement established the dollar as the reserve currency and allowed the borders to open wide up and allowed all of the people to come in and live off the legacy of what made this country great.

        It was also Manasseh and this is the way that God chastises his people. The last straw will be the military invasion of Ezekiel’s Confederacy during the time of upcoming civil unrest when they come to round up people who refuse to get vaccinated.

        Recall in Luke 23, Jesus told Peter to put his sword back in his sheath, but keep in mind that this was the very sword that Jesus told him to take with him to defend himself. Jesus told his disciples that he was no longer going to be around to take care of them and that if they had a coat to sell it and buy a sword for personal protection. We have limp-listed pastors in the pulpits who tell you that if you live by the sword you die by the sword. They tell you to turn in your firearms and not to defend yourself. That’s hogwash.

        We will have to eventually use our firearms to resist. If they come to round up because of vaccinations we will have to start shooting to kill because I will not take them. It will be done and it will be over. This will be the excuse that the Ezekiel Confederacy will use during this period of civil unrest to destroy what’s left of the west. Just as the homosexuals and minorities think they’re getting their kingdom without Jesus, it’s all going to come crashing down. They forget who made this nation great. It was a God-given gift to the northern Israelite remnants and it was made possible by the power of Jesus to put it into action.

        This upcoming civil unrest and resulting catastrophic war will be the time of Jacob’s trouble in Jeremiah. It will be the time of Ezekiel’s Great war in Ezekiel 38-39. It will be the time of the destruction of end time Babylon in Revelation, and it is all coming together over the next few to several years. This decade it will happen. Mark my words. Get ready to have to defend yourself and those around you who refuse to be subdued. It’s going to happen. I’m not a castsandra, but I see it becoming more and more obvious every day. Gird your loins, my friends.

        For some reason, the good Lord Jesus has given me the gift of prophecy, and I’ve used it to live a good life. Left up to my own devices I would have self-destructed a long time ago and wouldn’t even be alive. On my own, I’m too unstable. But it’s only through the blood of Christ that I have remained in good shape and of sound mind. He’s allowed me to see things that most others have never been able to see, and I know what is coming. It’s coming this decade. It’s all coming to an end, because the God of the Bible is not going to allow the new world order to persist more than several years. He will step in and end it. I just hope I make it long enough to see it.

        1. I just checked. The reference of carrying a sword refers to Luke 22:35-38.

        2. Chris,
          I admire your advice and thoughts because you say it like it is and will be. This is a time to get a gun if you can find one. For those who have a gun or several, hold on to them tight regardless of the laws against gun ownership. Last year’s riots were a good reason to get a weapon for self defense because the Cops stood there doing nothing or ran into hiding leaving innocent people defenseless. In fact, in some riots, the cops arrested the victims instead of the perpetrators. There are videos of this happening in Los Angeles last year. If you live behind enemy lines such as in California, New York, or Massachusetts then move to a gun friendly state where it is easy to own a gun. It is interesting to know that the states with the most restrictive gun ownership laws are the ones that have the highest rate of gun crimes. Only the criminals in the strictest gun states get the guns.

          These pastors who tell you to give up your guns are leading you to ruin and encouraging evil.
          I think a good Christian has an obligation to defend their loved ones and other good people with a weapon if necessary.The weapon allows better ability to defend. If a good person cannot defend other good people then evil flourishes as the thugs run rampant victimizing good people while the thugs survive. Not right.

          I also foresee the USA and Canada getting invaded militarily by foreigners most likely Chinese and Russians. US citizens who have guns will make it much harder for the invaders. This is why the leftists want you to give up your guns so to make it easier to extinguish the USA.

          1. Just remember there is a spiritual battle going on between God(good) and Satan (evil). This battle will soon manifest as a physical battle here on Earth. The good Christians of this Earth may need physical weapons to fight this battle to defend their own against thugs, but, most of all, we need to be good with God and ask God to protect us with his spiritual armor which is more powerful than any physical weapon. It is better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it.

          2. If these supply side shenanigans continue and the various variants of this covid con move out a few more years, we will see nations, especially China and Russia, getting very desperate. This is the perfect tableau that led up to world war II. The New world order engineers think they can bring in a bunch of foreign troops here too quiet down the plebes, what these foreigners know that we still have guns, and despite all of this political correctness to try to ostensbly stop racism, it won’t be enough and the forein troops will just blow the countries up. Many of these troops will be Asian and they won’t waste their time patrolling the streets while we have our weapons. That’s why are supposed government is trying so desperately to restrain lawful possession of firearms.

            Our founding fathers knew what they were talking about when they formulated the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The second amendment is crystal clear and despite all of the efforts by our atmosphere to overturn it, they have never been able to. This is the only stumbling block left in the West.

            This, and a still sizable remnant of Jesus lovers. They thought by 2020 it would all be done, but now they’re getting sloppy, because they know time is short for some reason.

            Sticking to this time table based on the behavior of our adversary. They are getting very desperate here and are moving forward unilaterally. I also see how quickly the vast sea of humanity as acquiesced and I marvel at how cognitively compromised the typical person has become. It’s all been so fast. So fast.

    2. What I dont find funny is when comedians make any jokes they like about Christ but would not dare do the same about mohammad or buddha. It must be an unwritten rule in that scene or is it just controlled by satan

      1. Absolutely correct. The only time you hear Jesus mentioned in any Hollywood show or movie is when it’s taken in vain. And notice it’s being taken in vain more and more. It’s just total blasphemy and it’s in your face.

        1. The hollywood script writers seem to have a “Gomdammit” and “Jesus Christ” function key programmed on their word processor keyboard. They use them so much.

    3. This is so true. When I talk about following the teachings of Jesus Christ with my family members my folks frown on me and the others just give me blank stares. There is tremendous pressure not to discuss the positive aspects of Jesus Christ to strangers in public. Most people frown on me when I do. I am sad to say that when you mention the teachings of Jesus Christ to some people of the Jewish faith, they go ballistic. A lot of people feel uncomfortable and others outright hate Jesus because subconsciously they know they are tremendous sinners and refuse to turn away from their sins whatever they are.

      The most important thing in life is to be good with Jesus Christ because he is the only one that can save you. People on this earth cannot save you nor help you like Jesus Christ can. The approval from earthly people pale in comparison to being good with Jesus Christ.

      1. Most Christians go ballistic when you talk about Jesus and the real teachings.

        Jesus is considered very politically incorrect and he’s really a radical revolutionary. He’s too radical for people today and there will be a last-ditch effort to do away with him when we are forced to take some sort of mark. This is why I say the vaccines are not yet the mark, they are the formal roll out of the pale horse. We have not yet been forced to rescind Jesus.

        1. Take for instance Matthew 23. Most Churchgoing Christians don’t want to hear this because they know they are guilty of it and unwilling to change.

          What sorrow awaits you… for you are so careful to clean the outside of the cup but inside you are filthy – full of greed and self-indulgence. First wash the inside of the cup and the outside will become clean too.

  16. By the way, OEG just had another poor secondary offering. A little over 10 million shares were priced $3.65. This firm is nothing but a textbook money pit. They will have to raise even more money just to pay for recent acquisitions. It should have raised money when the prices were much higher.

  17. Revealed: the true extent of America’s food monopolies, and who pays the price

    “A handful of powerful companies control the majority market share of almost 80% of dozens of grocery items bought regularly by ordinary Americans, new analysis reveals.”

    This means that only a few companies are responsible for putting all of the chemicals and garbage that are slowly killing us into our food. All of this is essentially coming from a central locus of control. The synagogue of Satan and its private central banking system controls the money supply and controls our entire lives.

  18. Humanity gets treated like animals because they act like animals. It is so predictable.

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