Fed’s Monetary Policy Report; The central banks are pursuing their own ambitious reset

Even central banks want a reset

For more than a decade that belief has been undermined by inflation that has remained weak despite trillions of dollars pumped into the world’s biggest economies through quantitative easing programs and ultra-low interest rates.

That prompted the top central banks to review how they do business, and on Thursday the European Central Bank joined the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan in pursuing an ambitious reset in hopes of reasserting control.

Analysis: A fine mess – Weak inflation prompts a global central bank reset, Reuters July 8th

Fed monetary policy report


Recent readings on these measures indicate that inflation is expected to return to levels consistent with the Committee’s 2 percent longer-run inflation objective after a period of temporarily higher inflation. That said, some measures suggest that the upside risks to the inflation outlook in the near term have increased.

Federal Reserve Monetary Policy Report, July 9th

The Fed provided new details on how it expects the labor market to reach its goal of maximum employment. Unemployment remains elevated, and labor force participation has been flat in recent months as Americans remain on the sidelines.

While the Fed says it’s possible the COVID-19 recession and the resulting worker shortage will have “long-term effects on the structure of the labor market,” we know the real causes of a subdued labor force participation rate.

Imagine how many older folk would go back to work if their retirement portfolios and home equity wealth shrank to pre-pandemic levels. Imagine how aggregate demand would dry up if asset prices fell. Imagine how few home improvement projects would be continued if house prices dropped to pre-pandemic levels.

“The pandemic seems to have accelerated the adoption of new technologies by firms and the pace of retirements by workers. The post-pandemic labor market and the characteristics of maximum employment may well be different from those of early 2020,” the central bank added.

Again, willful ignorance on how asset inflation has permanently distorted the labor markets and aggregate demand.

It’s difficult to call a secular top in the asset markets when the central banks will maintain low interest rates on the longer-dated maturities, and are pursuing their own ambitious reset.

For those looking to peer into the future of the Great Reset agenda, look to see how the central banks are looking for their own reset. Inflation is here to stay and will be indexed. Of course, scarcity will be blamed on a number of items, including climate change and social justice, but it will ultimately be caused by monetary policy.

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38 thoughts on “Fed’s Monetary Policy Report; The central banks are pursuing their own ambitious reset

  1. Hello Chris,
    It is so true the Cabal up top want to drive up housing prices to discourage homeownership for several reasons to fill their agenda.

    1) Couples who rent instead of own their own places are less likely to have children.
    Indirect population control.

    2) People who own their own places also have more control of their financial destiny than if they rent.
    Homeowners can save more and be more financially independent as they do not have to face increasing rents. The Cabal do not like this because they are less able to control these people.
    3) Homeowners can stay as long as they want without somebody telling them to get out.
    Again this is about controlling one’s own destiny. The Cabal want to do the controlling instead of the individual.

    They want to discourage and eventually eliminate homeownership so they can completely control every aspect of peoples lives by having them at their mercy.

    1. You understand. Best way to control people is by making their lives unstable. Home ownership is one of the most fundamental ways to ensure stability in personal life.

      With the driving up of the costs of home ownership, it almost becomes a logical decision on the properties just rent them back again as investments. Not just with property taxes going up, but with the costs of the property upkeep, many homeowners just decide it’s no longer worth it. Especially if you can’t write this stuff off your taxes.

      The elites have evidently decided to make income generating assets harder to own, and that’s by making them more expensive.

      I suspect that people under 30c will find it nearly impossible to own a piece of property as the costs continue to spiral upward. Their views on home ownership are much different than my generation and the older Folk. They are being trained and conditioned by their masters to view home ownership as a liability and a nuisance.

      I’m painting with a broad brush here, but I also believe that these younger folk are being trained to not properly handle money like older people. If they inherited a house, they are unable to maintain ownership. I look at the spending habits of younger people and it is clear they cannot control themselves.

      Let’s take a look at the theory that the elites want to collapse real estate prices. What would that achieve? That would encourage family formation and child-rearing. That certainly is a no no with the New World Order architects.

      This is important to understand. Because the great preponderance of this post -covif deficit spending is geared toward domestic consumption and is not effectively being sterilized, cost of living and inflationary pressures will continue to move higher over time. It is becoming increasingly clear that the objectives of the powers-that-be is to make the costs of everything a stressful and overwhelming burden to the average person.

      Be very careful about listening to the collapse talkers. Our entire ways of life have been collapsing for decades, it’s just not in the way that the Zero Hedge has been portraying it. Of course, since Zero Hedge is an anti-West propaganda tool, they are intentionally misleading the readers into actual poverty by making one foolish financial decision after another. For 12 to 13 years now, Zero Hedge has been ensuring that its readers makes the most stupid financial choices and misreads the world’s condition. A million followers on Twitter. People love to be lied to.

      Monetary policy over the past 18 months has been geared in a much different direction than the prior decade before covid when quantitative easing was first implemented, and this marks a fundamental change in philosophy. This is clarly telling me that this supply-side pressure and supply-side scarcity is going to continue gathering momentum over the next several years will become a permanent feature to daily life. This is why I am much more confident with my conclusions about how inflationary pressures are going to kick the crap out of people rather than collapsing asset markets and by supply chain easing.

    1. Sorry Chris but I missed your comment below on cryptos to another comment. To sum up. Cryptos are highly speculative, controlled by the S of S and should only comprise say 1% of your investment capital. However for that 1% which cryptos are best?

      1. I am not saying that cryptos are controlled by the S of S per se, but I can almost definitely say the btc was developed by dark intelligence and is controlled on some level. They gave it total exposure on their MSM and let it run free for years. Kind of still is, but are tightening it via the Hegelian dialectic.

        Cryptos are highly speculative, like many other things, and if the prices go up from here, the holder now assumes greater amounts of risk for that return. BTC is down 50% from a few months ago. The time to buy was last year, when the S of S created those flash crashes on all assets. BTC was below 5k at one point. If it were any other asset, I never would recommend that kind of volatility. The worst part is there is no income generation. My real estate from 10 years ago, based on my purchase price is generating about a 20% annual yield. Properties from 2002, based on my cash upfront are generating a 120% annual yield. it’s the income that is the game changer.

        Many stocks purchased from 10 years ago are yielding 20%, based on purchase price. I know of a guy who bought DOW three decades ago, and his annual yield is almost 60%, based on his cost basis.

        That is wealth. ZeroHedge gets the readers obsessed with speculation and capital gains. Take my word for it one this one; based on the structure of this monetary system, longer-term holders of sound and dependable assets will make their cap gains. The yield will only grow.

        Okay… for cryptos, I would just put my money in btc. ETH may sound great for now, but it is centrally managed. The others each have their spin, but for me I would truly only recommend btc for the long-term, if I have to choose one.

  2. Powell’s testimony sounds doubleplusgood for those with the assets. Highet inflation, low interest rates, more deficit spending, higher debt levels, more wealth consolidation. It’s a toxic tag team that will crush the average American, while helping those with the assets.

    1. Now that the people have lost all restraint, this spending will all be considered normal. If you don’t like it, you will be seen as behind the times, or worse.

      To achieve the final objectives of the NWO, and now this Great Reset, the PTB needed to spend massive amounts of money and the successful implementation of QE makes it all possible. It truly is the new monetary system for end time Babylon. The functionality of QE is the economic and monetary system’s equivalent of repealing the law of gravity. I think most lose sight of the spiritual aspects of this, which is why they don’t see it being the last days system.

      Now the governments can spend countless trillions on totally fake crises, and tell the unwashed masses of humanity to spend 18 months chasing ghosts and taking vaccines. Under the old system, the economy would have collapsed long ago. The NWO engineers need trillions to reprogram humanity and QE solves their dilemma.

      I have always thought of QE as a new monetary system, because for the first time in human history, the people are no longer handicapped by contemplating the future ramifications of their actions. Anything that the public wishes to spend money on, it can theoretically be promulgated. The largess is only constrained by its imagination.

      This is why the PTB will not collapse this system yet; there are too many objectives of the Great Reset and the NWO yet to be achieved, and collapsing it all will not help them. Perhaps in the future it will be expedient for them to do so, but that time has not yet come.

      Why do I say this about QE? Before the 2008 collapses, the global borrowing capacity was constrained by the world’s ability to finance it all, and that was the world’s net savings rate. If the governments borrowed too much, interest rates (the LONG-END of the yield curve) would eventually rise and keep things in check, but QE changed that forever.

      For the first time in human history, the governments (the golem for the synagogue of Satan) were now no longer restrained by gravitational forces. They could borrow as much as they wanted, and since the public is as wicked as those telling them (the central banking cartel and their controlled media), the people believe it to be so.

      QE’s functioning is fascinating in that its vitality depends on all the debt remaining active and being serviced, so there will be no government defaults anymore. Under normal circumstances, the economy could never be able to handle all this debt, but since a debt repudiation is off the table, gratis the central banks who take up all this debt and place on their balance sheets, the nations are effectively free to spend all they want. As society gets more wicked, the rationality behind restraint will fade even further, and spending can ramp up even more. It is a confidence game and the world is very confident that QE is the needed answer for what plagues humanity. Heck, with QE, the world can spend itself out of social injustices and racism. Unfortunately, under QE, long-term economic growth potential and thus interest rates slowly grind lower and lower over time. Also, the people become poorer and poorer, but are really unable to figure out why.

      All this debt from covid will create an even more dystopic society as the wealth and power is further consolidated. QE is the new system that encourages the worst forms of behavior and moral hazard as there is no more accountability needed for one’s actions.

      Since its start in 2009, I studied and pondered the spiritual aspects of QE and its promotion of the “new normal,” and by 2012, tried to relay this to others in my writings. Under QE The financial laws of physics and gravity were repealed and we could spend as much as we wanted; it was that the public didn’t know this yet. The people were still constrained by their conscience and to the old ways of thinking (e.g. being held accountable for their actions and responsibility for their bills). Over time, I knew this would fade from memory. Over time, people would no longer be restrained by their conscience.

      Indeed, a decade ago, the public and governments were not yet fully onboard with QE and still doubted its integrity, but I knew they would eventually embrace it. It’s human nature. QE is the perfect monetary system for the last generation that is described in the Bible; end time Babylon.

      I knew this would eventually be the case, which is why I had been recommending certain actions. Of course, my recommendations were antithetical with the consensus, especially the alt-financial media, but they served me well. The other bloggers in the alt-financial may parrot some of what I say, but if they claimed to know what I knew then why was their predictive capacity so awful?

      So, the next time the government wants to spend $400 billion it doesn’t have, don’t stand in its way. The unwashed plebes think 2 + 2 = 5, and you are the bad person if you say otherwise. It’s all doubleplusgood.

      1. Hello Chris,
        I think you are really on to what is really going on. I think more QE is on the way as they are now hyping up the Delta Variant of the Covid. This will be used as the next excuse to unleash more government handouts and more monetary easing at the Fed. It really is QE forever. I am glad I did not listen to Zero Hedge and I decided to keep most of my money in Stocks. Would be much worse off if I took all my money out of the stock market. My sister took all her money out and now she is broke and living from paycheck to paycheck. I would hold on to income producing assets until War arrives.

        I think they are also hyping up the Delta Variant to scare more people into taking the VAX. The mainstream media is claiming that those without the VAX will get or have already gotten the Delta Variant. That is really misinformation.
        I am reading in Non Mainstream news sources that those who HAVE GOTTEN the VAX are also getting the Delta Variant. They are really trying to up the fear meter to get the hesitant people to take the kill shot. Remember, more sick people will generate more profits for the Pharmaceutical industry before they die off. There is a good chance that they will impose VAX mandates to enter any store and to keep your job or use public transport. My Doctor says to get the VAX and he feels there should be more restrictions against the Non Vaxxers. I asked him questions and he only gave me vague answers. I think it is time to change doctors.

        Us Christian remnants have to stick together because it is getting to be a lonely world with everybody else jumping off the cliff like lemmings. I am the only family member who has not gotten the VAX and all my coworkers have gotten the kill shot. You have people on CNN urging people to isolate the Non Vaxxers. I personally think it is time for the Remnant to leave the city and suburbs and buy a place out in the woods to isolate from the sheeple.

        I have a tremendous urge to go into isolation in a nice rural, Conservative, anti Federal Government state and try to work from home as much as possible. I always love rural areas, but never before had the urge to isolate from people around me. It seems like the closest people are becoming brainwashed strangers. God Bless those who have the means to move out to rural areas. I pray for those who see the light but don’t have the financial means to move out to the country and isolate themselves.

        1. You make some great observations here. Under QE and this monetary system, any lie can be financed. TPB can finance the entire re-engineering of humanity into mindless zombie drones under a completely fabricated reality. Now they can finance any type of manufactured crisis.

          So, now the authorities are saying this Delta variant is the next boogeyman. Central banks can conjure up another several trillion dollars for this one as well. The Bible talks about the end time system being a complete lie and by the time this timeline wraps up, this monetary system that we are enslaved under, will finance the entire process. This monetary system is a lie, and is well-suited for living the lie.

          I am glad to hear that you have some of these assets and have participated in price increase, but we can never forget that our quality of life has been markedly degraded regardless. Around here in Fairfax County, I know a few people who have done very well financially over the past 18 months, and are up over seven figures. They think life is fantastic. All I think about is getting out of here. They are the very few.

          On the flip side, I see the pain on most of the people’s faces who are getting wiped out; that’s if they’re not wearing a mask.

          I am already contemplating some sort of like kind exchanges in real estate. TPB do not want people owning it and will price it into the stratosphere so that the younger folk can never own. I have not raised rents on many of my properties for several years and my tenants barely contact me anymore. Market rents have gone up a lot and they are afraid to rock the boat. If I overleveraged my portfolio I would have to start raising my prices to keep up with inflation. Taxes on some of my properties will be going up 60-70% over the next 3 years. At least for the ones that were reaccessed this year.

          There is definitely something going on with society. I do not understand how they do not see this. It’s not even they refuse to see it. They just do not see it. There are only a few left. I, too, wish to withdraw. I am grateful that we have the ability to see this and the extra time to figure things out. But it really has become a lone endeavor.

          1. Hello Chris,
            You are so right. Most people do not have a clue of how sinister the monetary system and our government is, but of course they don’t get it because most people worship material idols instead of God. People are too greedy and as a result end up bringing about such a system.

            Anyway, speaking of greed and sinister systems, I have dabbled in cryptocurrencies(bitcoin and similar) and I see serious problems with cryptocurrency as assets. Fortunately, I have lost only small amounts but it just confirms my reason that crypto currencies are dangerous investments for your wealth. I would not invest substantial portions of your wealth in cryptos.
            1) They easily get stolen. I have had several problems of my cryptos getting stolen or just disappearing.
            2) You can lose them by a simple technical misstep. Again I have had wallets disappear due to technical glitches.
            3) Unlike regular cash, silver and gold coins, and even stocks or bonds, cryptos only exist in computer programs which can get wiped out. You cannot get any paper or physical proof that you own particular cryptos. What happens if there is a nationwide power blackout or an EMP attack that crashes the computers and the blockchain gets lost. Blockchains also get hacked and cryptos get lost that way too.
            4) The other problem I find with crypto currencies is that the payor has to foot a transaction cost. Since when did we have to do that with cash or even credit cards.
            5) Proof of work cryptos are the worst because they give you no income nor return whatsoever. The only returns you can get from proof of work cryptos like bitcoin or Dogecoin for that matter is the hope that other suckers are willing to bid up the price when you sell out. Proof of stake coins do give you additional crypto coins for holding on to them for a period of time, but, it is like that junk bond that gives you more bonds to pay you interest.
            6) The crypto economy is loaded with fraud. Most of these so called mining pools or proof of stake pools are ponzi schemes that take your money and then the website disappears after they paid off the original investors.
            Most crypto investment sites are full of beautiful but empty promises that do not deliver. Crypto exchanges have disappeared overnight with peoples accounts. Mount Gox was a huge example.
            7) The crypto space holds out this promise that it is anonymous, but it is anything but private as the blockchain is open for anybody to track transactions especially the FBI, ATF, and most of all the IRS.
            8) The Crypto economy is pushed with the promise that it is egalitarian, decentralized economy, however, I am finding out that most cryptos are controlled by whales that are tied in with the central banks and the big financial houses. This article from CNBC confirms my suspicion of that fact that the crypto economy is just an extension of big brother central banks:


            The Dogecoin founders were idealists and they pulled out because they saw it for what it really is.

            The bitcoin price has gone up so much because some big whales are pushing it up to get the plebes in who will probably lose there money.

            Lastly, I have heard from a remote viewer psychic which just confirms my suspicion of the sinister purpose of crypto currencies. She claims the crypto currency market is being used to divert people away from buying precious metals so the the big boys up top can buy the precious metals for cheap. It is interesting that cryptos are being pushed as an inflation hedge and/or as a hedge against unstable markets. The plebes move there money into cryptos and poof! . It disappears.
            The psychic also mentioned that the cryptos are being used to test out digital currencies which will ultimately be used to track and control the population as to where they can spend their money and how they can spend their money. I also visualize a cashless society with digital currencies that are tailored by the oligarchy government to individuals as to where they can spend and if they can spend. It can be easily used to block certain individuals who disagree with the government. I only mention the psychic because she confirms my hunches. I do not recommend consulting psychics for advice. The Bible is very strict against consulting psychics or familiar spirits.

            I have said in a previous post that Jesus Christ is your best and most reliable friend. Just live out his teachings. It is fine to make money to give you extra options to survive but we really need to get our spiritual house in order. It is coming down to whether to worship God or money but cannot worship both. Remember, God will satisfy your needs but not your greed.

          2. Hello Chris,
            Interesting that you live in Fairfax County, VA. My Grandparents on my father’s side use to live in Lake Anne Village in Reston, VA while I use to live in Southeastern PA in Chester County. This was all back in the 70s when I was a preteen child. I liked the beauty and design of Lake Anne and have many fond memories of visiting down there. Lake Anne used to have a lot of fun festivals and fairs while I was down there. There were also a lot of great unique shops in the plaza.

            However, there were negative qualities that really stuck out about that area. I found that the kids my age down there had a real unfriendly, aggressive, and bad attitude. I have never seen kids with such a bad and snooty attitude anywhere else like I did around Lake Anne. I also noticed that the people down there were a lot more liberal, pro big government, and at the time pro-soviet compared to my area in Southeastern PA. Also ,at the time, Reston was getting rapidly built up from a place with green space to a city with strip malls, high rise apartments, condos, and office parks.

            The other thing that really stuck out about the Lake Anne area was that there was a lot of juvenile crime and vandalism. It was quite shocking to see such crime for an upper middle class to wealthy neighborhood such as Lake Anne. Never saw such crime and vandalism in my area in Southeastern PA unless you were in Philadelphia. My area in southeastern, PA outside of Philadelphia was very sleepy and peaceful in comparison to Lake Anne. Because of the rapid conversion to a city and the unfriendly attitude of the kids down there, I never cared to live down there even though I loved my Grandparents. I definitely preferred to stay where I was in Pennsylvania.
            The upshot was that Reston, VA was very liberal compared to other areas even back in the 70s.
            I imagine it is much more leftist now. One thing I know about Lake Anne now is that a lot of the shops have left the plaza and the grocery store is now gone. It is also no longer the center of activities in Reston. I really don’t blame you for wanting to leave the Godless Washington DC area. I really hope you accomplish your desire to move to a more rural, conservative, and friendly area.

            I have actually thought about moving to Alaska as none of the city folk are moving up there despite the Covid scare and the riots. However, Alaska is cold ,expensive, and there are still too many liberals up there(just look at the county by county voting record in 2020). Alaska is very gun friendly though and it is a 2nd Amendment zone. The problem with all the rural states in the lower 48 like Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho is that all the yuppie city slickers from California and New York are suddenly moving out there and polluting that area with their attitude . Texas and Florida are totally out of the question because they are growing in population due to many people from the liberal Northeast and California moving there.
            The whole country is changing right in front of our face. I think pretty soon the Conservatives will be a permanent minority as states like Texas,Florida, Wyoming, and Montana will go blue due to all the city slickers moving out there and changing the landscape. That assumes the country does not split up first. That could happen. The city slickers are also driving up the housing prices and these rural states.

        2. I also want to add that in these days Jesus Christ is your best and most reliable friend.

          1. He’s our only friend. Because he’s never wrong.

            I try to do the best I can with my limited understanding, and gain nothing from this except some grief from family, which is why my website doesn’t show up on Google search. This is especially true in the post covid world . If I had to depend on others for money I would be broke, since they would never hire me after coming across my blog. Or I’d be fired.

            Zero Hedge is allowed to flourish with at least 1 million Twitter followers now. The Establishment loves what Zero Hedge has done to the Patriots. With that many people reading, it is a definite they are there to destroy the financial Iwell being of the remnant.

          2. I just came across your post regarding cryptocurrencies. I totally agree on the concept. It reminds me of the cannabis industry in Colorado 15 years ago (still). With scammers, charlatans, and scumbags. The Establishment wants everybody invested in cryptos while they buy up houses they’re renting. They want people speculating and working on the blockschain concept, so when it’s time for our currencies to go blockchain technology, the technology will be there.

            This is just a side note about digital currencies. The U.S. dollar will be the last one to go paperless, because the powers that be used the dollar to bribe the entire globe. 80% of them are held overseas, so trying to get those back will be an ambitious task.

            I own some cryptos, but they are only about half a percent of my total net worth. They were about 1%, but they all tanked. They don’t make any income and they certainly are not physical.

            The synagogue of Satan wants us to speculate in all sorts of assets, and I cannot think of a more outlandish concept than electronic digits. Meanwhile these powers are buying up all our real estate, gold, stocks and firms, farmland, and factors of production, while the young folks speculate on total trash.

            Owning a home becomes out of the reach for the majority of people under 30, so they rearrange their financial deck chairs on the Titanic.

            The only people who will be able to afford to own single family homes will be a landlord. Property taxes will become so high that the only way they can pay the taxes is by renting out the property.

            By the way stay away from all psychics, all the time. Their power is generated by Satan. I understand the urge to get that shortcut, but don’t end up like Saul. The Holy Ghost will give us all the discernment we need.

  3. Karl, thanks for the response and the input. I can tell you know what you’re talking about.

    The make perfect sense, EBITDA does seem like an arbitrary number. And I do see what you’re saying with regards to the energy firms. There are other alternative types of metrics to use and they may be based on reserves and such. In the past, price multiples to EBITDA were used to gauge their debt load and the closer that these energy firms approached bankruptcy, the lower that number became. Usually those numbers became very low overnight when they had to reevaluate there reserves numbers, and that was based on price of oil.

    I also make an observation in the oil market. Given the objectives of the Great Reset, I have to believe from here on out that gasoline and oil prices to the end user will continually become more expensive to the point that the choice to shift to electric vehicles will become apparent to the average end user as being normal. Maybe gasoline prices will reach five six seven dollars a gallon and will become taxed like tobacco and cigarettes. The average person will then go out and buy an electric vehicle. Weather the WTI front-month contract goes to $200 a barrel remains to be seen.

    Karl is correct, there is definitely a more direct correlation under normal circumstances with other types of commodities (e.g. Au, CL, Hg, etc.) than with the less liquid ones (softs and trops, and lumber).

    And when we compare the price levels today versus prior ones, we will all live in a world of a permanently higher plateau of prices. Whether it’s foodstuffs, gasoline, or housing, we are all going to pay more over time. These higher prices will be caused by environmental regulations in the supply chain as well as direct taxes. This will cause the supply curve to shift up and to the left on just about everything we consume.

  4. I wish to make a comment here regarding Alex Jones. I have been watching some of his videos on Brighteon over the past couple months and have observed the same disturbing issues I wrote about when Trump first appeared on the scene over five years ago.

    Alex Jones is still at it, pushing the left/right narrative that his bosses demand of him. He’s out there pushing and identifying MAGA with the alt-right, while simultaneously, and mostly honestly, speaking the truth about the vaccines and the NWO.

    Thus, the mainstream alternative media now own the Trump myth as well as the anti-NWO, anti-vaccine narrative. To the untrained eye, the covid vaccine issue is now conflated with white supremacists, angry whites, Trump and MAGA, and nationalism.

    Taking the contra, CNN and MSNBC are pushing the pro-vaccine narrative and identifying it with liberals.

    Both controlled sides are opposing each other. Jones pushes mostly truth about the NWO, while identifying it as a partisan political, left/right issue, and along with Trump.

    Unfortunately, both sides are controlled by the synagogue of Satan, and Trump is as toxic for us as Biden. Perhaps, more so, as the unwitting followers in the Patriot movement latch onto Trump. Jones is a patriot movement-ending Judas goat, and so is Trump. I find it interesting that all the mainline alt-right puppets share the same mindset.

    Recall how Jones claimed his family has deep Masonic roots, but his side is to help the country. Where are people like Bill Cooper when we need them. Oh yeah, they are dead.

    Trump is a bigger fan of the vaccine push than Biden. Jones still at it; destroying the Patriot movement from within. Very effective as the average patriot is as unwashed as their liberal adversaries. Coke vs. Pepsi, and the S of S, which also controls the alt-right media, have destroyed its potential resistance with its promotion of Jones. He is the tip of the spear, and it’s being thrown by his bosses.

    With friends like Jones and Trump, we don’t need enemies. The demoralized Patriots are punch drunk and knocked out.

    1. Chris,
      Thanks for pointing this out about Alex Jones. I too have been watching him recently. I agree that he is right on about vaccines and NWO. But I am alarmed at his stance on Jen Psaki’s recent statement on “strike forces” – making it sound like armed government officials will be knocking on our doors forcing us to get vaxed, a concern echoed by Brighteon’s founder, Mike Adams, who I usually listen to. That narrative seems to be reinforcing terror of injection or terror of someone knocking at your door. Maybe the Jones/Adams position is correct, and I hope not, but I do prefer Peggy Hall’s version of what will happen and how we can respond – it’s without the fear mongering.
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gn0ZQ-LmCLU. (At the 2:07 mark she even sites the HRR)

        1. Mr. Fitzpatrick has been right on in his analysis with the alt-right and how it’s been co-opted and taken over. The synagogue of Satan does manage the former Patriot movement like a third political party.

          What made the Patriot movement unique 20 to 30 years ago was that they had the high moral ground and stayed above the political fray. Now they’re down in the mud wrestling with everyone else. The average person now thinks of them as a silly metaphor for what country at-large used to be like – racist, evil, and white.

          This ever not-so-subtle sleight of hand was done with intent. Many of the longtime people in the Patriot movement have been able to reason this, but I see how Jones gets a lot of younger folk who are catching on to the shenanigans of the synagogue of Satan. Jones deftly redirectes their angst into the desired partisan political outcome.

      1. Jones has made this into a left-right issue. If Trump’s press secretary said the same thing, he would have downplayed it. Mike Adams seems like a stand-up guy; I don’t really know him. But the two of them together have been instilled so much fear in the politicized alt-right community and they have conflated it as a left-right issue. It’s a conservative versus liberal issue.

        Where I disagree with the both regarding the upcoming global conflicts is simple; China and Russia are not our real problem. China and Russia are golem and there’re the tag team that will be used to strike the West sometime in the future.

        The reason for this redirected strawman is simple, they can never discuss the real source of our problems. That lies with the synagogue of Satan.

        I get it. Times are tough, and the US still has more freedoms. if I lived in Canada right now I’m sure I would not be as sanguine, but what use is all this if we make it into a partisan issue or we keep identifying are wrong enemy with the true one. The political correctness abounds even in the alt-right.

        I am not an expert in health and that’s not where my University education lied, I have been studying the matter now for over 20 years, and I do take exception to some of what Adams and Jones say regarding health issues. I also think they exaggerated many things in order to sell products. While I am not saying to stop listening to them if that’s your choice, I let you know I stopped listening to my Adams a few months ago. It’s not that he intentionally misleads, but rather I question his knowledge base and understanding of the New World Order. I personally know nothing about Adams. The problem with Jones is that his life is an open book and that the so-called liberal side played him up as the strawman Patriot. That was only allowed with the blessing of the synagogue of Satan.

        I get it, the world has become a very dark place very fast. And it will not get better. But the catalysts that have gotten us to this point are many decades in the making and siunding like partisan Cassandras does not help the issue. All it does is instill a blinding fear in the listener. It creates a learned helplessness and their viewership is rendered unable to make rational choices. The alt right makes poor health choices, poor personal choices, and very poor financial choices. The result is that the former Patriots are broke have been unable to get along with the rest of society. The worst part is that the functioning part of society identifies the Patriots with Trump and partisan bickering. They identify the Patriots as a bunch of buffoons.

        1. Chris,
          Thank you for your words in this last post on the Synagogue of Satan, the alt media, etc… I read it a few times to let it sink in. Last night I found myself not opening up an alt-media video, but opening up the book of Revelation instead. I found the term you use, “Synagogue of Satan” there. I also found that those that resist the mark of the beast (the vaccine, or some vaccine booster required to buy and sell?) will be on the Synagogue of Satan’s list for serious repercussions. In addition, previously I found in scripture (pretty sure in Revelation also, would have to look that up) that all assets will be rendered worthless in the end, including silver and gold. I’m certainly not a biblical scholar nor an end-times scholar, and it’s clear that we don’t have the visible church to turn to. Increasingly, we don’t have friends and family to turn to, as many are falling into the deception. And the alt-media types we can’t turn to either, as your post referenced. For me, I feel very alone in the decision making process of trying to protect myself and my family, including our assets. This experience of isolation (you have alluded to for yourself also, in previous posts) is exacerbated by the fact that I have a seriously vaccine-injured, disabled daughter to care for, so my interface with the corrupt state for services is like walking on a tightrope in respect to the noose-tightening, particularly in weaponized health care. And my other college-age daughter took the vaccine, against all my pleadings. In the end, it seems that all we have left will be our faith (if in fact it is true that in the process of wealth consolidation you describe, that the Synagogue of Satan is stripping everything away from us) we will need to be firm in our decision of who to serve. No more fence-sitting. He says “Be not afraid” over and over in scripture. The true church will live on in the catacombs. I’m looking amongst the scattered sheep for other catacomb dwellers now.

          1. Thanks for these thoughts. I won’t comment too much on them, since you are making some sobering observations here, and I agree with them.

            When I first woke up 20 years, I used the shortwave to listen to the patriot radio and the remnant pastors. I initially latched on to AJ and his talk of the Bohemian Grove, 911, etc., and at the time he seemed legitimate. Who was I to know? I was so overwhelmed with my new reality, and was still drinking out of a fire hose.

            But AJ has transformed over the years, and somebody (or something) got to him. He is definitely not who he used to be, and the only answer is that he is what I say he is. Satan deceives the whole world. The great majority of alt-media is paid for, and a tell-tale sign is the partisan political narrative that has been injected into its dialog. When we have pastors praying for Trump, we know the people have been deceived.

            You are not alone. Let’s put some ideas into perspective here. I think the percent of the population as the remnant in the U.S is ironically one of the highest in the world. So, let’s say 5% in the US are part of that (I do come across a number of people who are Godly, it’s just that they are in way over their heads trying to understand what we discuss). If there are 330,000,000 living here, that makes 16,499,999 others who are in the same boat as you. Sure, each one has varying circumstances, but the results are the same. Each one is getting punished for their beliefs, and like you say, it will not get better.

            Take comfort that you are on a journey for truth. Without my faith in Jesus, I would never be able to handle this all. I do the best I can, given my circumstances, and have tried to stop obsessing about the people around me who continue to make the foolish decisions.

            Since I always refer to the Bible for my ideas, talking about the synagogue of Satan in not being anti-Semitic (whatever that term means), because if a person doesn’t like what I have to say on the subject, I tell him to take it up with God. I always force my adversary to have to make the decision to reject the Bible, rather than me.

            But Jesus told John to write that term twice for emphasis. Take a look around today. I totally avoid anyone who refuses to analyze the obvious (AJ and Adams, etc., fall into this category). They may say a lot of truths, but if they refuse to talk about the synagogue of Satan and the true causes of our misery, then stop listening to them. They scare the people and think they have the power to change things. That creates learned helplessness and is just wasting our energies. We do have a lot of power, it’s just not in the conventional sense. Please pray directly to Jesus for the remnant’s protection. He has helped me in so many ways.

            I am kind of freaking out, too, seeing things wrapping up here in this age. I, too, am largely alone, and have begun to prepare some of my properties for potential sale, and have taking income and trade profits from the past year and pushed it into the properties. I have been hanging drywall for the past few days, with more to come. I have already topped my budget for the year, and need to do some of the work myself.

            But like you say, the people will be throwing their gold and silver in the streets on that terrible day of the Lord (Ezekiel 7:19), so I don’t know if it even will matter. Nonetheless, we don’t know the exact future and will have to extrapolate current circumstances into the future.

            BTW Ezekiel writes here about the land of Israel, which was already taken into captivity, so it can be inferred that this refers to a double fulfillment (i.e. the last days).

            Stop listening to the alt-media, since all they do is scare their listeners and it create a toxic dependency on them.

            Prepare for what is coming, but you will not get the answers from these cast of alt-media characters.

            God bless and Jesus saves.

  5. Fed’s Bostic: Infection spike due to Delta variant could slow recovery


    Or perhaps the title of the article should be “Feds Bostic: latest covid scam is the perfect excuse to continue QE and lower interest rates forever.”

    As this Great Reset agenda moves forward, I’m loathe to make predictions based on current circumstances. If the Fed and the Federal government need lower interest rates, they will just pull another rabbit out of their hat.

  6. Reposting from dated thread:

    I’m beginning to notice that the inflation and supply chain disruptions are manufactured. Case in point: an owner of a large mechanical contracting company told me today that they are able to buy most specialized material but are short on certain basic screws and bolts. The rationale is that the steel companies are focusing on higher margin product. I call BS. That’s not how these supply chains work and the manufacturers are aware of basic sequencing of construction.

    There is something else going on here. Not sure why TPTB would be doing that but if this problem is manufactured, I would bet that it continues. I really wouldn’t be surprised by $8 gas soon.

    As an aside, I don’t see anyone really calling for higher rates, even those pundits that are in the inflation camp.

    1. Short term rates or longer dated bond yields? The market was “mystified” with the recent drop in the 10s and 30s. The street is predicting 2% 10-year yields to conform with inflation and rising aggregate demand.

      The fed and central banks have been trying to modify consumer and business behavior. That’s why businesses are now doing what you are observing. This is the desired objective. This is a huge shift in the central banks mentality. This is the shadow of things to come. Everything is rising and the people are back in Home Depot and Lowe’s buying all the lumber not nailed down. I see it first hand. Drywall costs have exploded and now consume big portions of my budgets. This is what they mean by the reset.

      In the meantime, my property prices have all risen by at least 20% yoy. That is last year’s 20% downpayment. US real estate still kich cheaper than the rest of the world. The people cannot stop spending.

      1. You should see what is happening in the middle market M&A (my day job). Multiples have really jumped. I saw what I would describe as mid-tier firms trading at 10-12x EBITDA. That’s insane! Especially considering these same firms were trading 6-7x 2 years ago. Not only that but the market is moving up the risk curve into industries that were traditionally never LBO targets. No one seems to care and they are writing big checks. Lots of money out there looking for a home.

        1. Do you work on Wall Street?

          Check out this web page link that shows the changes to EBITDA multiples to Enterprise Value.


          What I find mindblowing is the sharp multiple increases of the energy firms. Of course, price to EBITDA will be lower, but even when we look at the Enterprise Value, the multiple increases have been outrageous. I don’t know how long this can continue, but if this is what the monetary authorities want, they can continue this for a long time.

          Not only does the street accept that the central banks control the yield curve, but they don’t seem to mind that they can control it during periods of higher inflation. This all means more profits with higher asset prices.

          1. I’m not on Wall Street, per se as I’m not based out of NYC. I’m a buy side LBO guy in the Midwest. I think that a part of the reason for the rise in multiples is a new premium on businesses and industries that were deemed essential and contined to operate through the lockdowns with minimal disruptions. This was historically never a risk that was factored into valuations, but now it is.

            w/r/t your comment on the EV/EBITDA multiples for energy firms, I think those metrics are somewhat distorted as the LTM EBITDA for these firms is at a low point – many showed losses in the second half of 2020. I’m actually of the opinion that valuting companies based on EBITDA multiples is circular reasoning – but no one ever listens to me.

        1. I have to say that it is fairly accurate. Consider that the writer is looking at the Futures Market. Indeed, the Futures price has come down about that much. There’s an old saying in the futures market, the cure for high prices is high prices.

          Supply has been ramping up to meet demand and there is a classic equilibrium somewhere. Where the high prices persist and are sticky are in the retail side of the chain. While I have observed that lumber prices have come down about 10% at the stores over the past month or so, they are still elevated versus a year ago.

          Many market observers have been looking at lumber as a litmus test for inflation, but that futures market is relatively illiquid, and we can see the chart action in the Futures Market reflects that. There’s also a high degree of seasonality and cyclicality.

          However, the average consumer has not benefited from the drop in the futures market yet. It is still too early to tell but, based on the action in the futures, I would suspect that prices are going to fade going into the fall. Like all the other building materials that I buy, they may come back down somewhat but, they will be at a permanently higher plateau then pre-pandemic. I just bought a 10 lb container of drywall screws and they are up 10% over last year.

          1. Agree with you on both points here. The /LBS futures are not the greatest litmus test for inflation. If I were looking to any futures contracts for that, it would be the /CL or steel markets, both of which are trending higher. Secondly, I agree that the new baseline prices will not be coming down anytime soon.

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