Important update; A drastic change in the central banking narrative is a warning signal

Our goal is to prosper in a hyperinflationary environment

Still, our enemies have Gates, Blair, and Schwab on their side, and we have God on our side.

Dr. Vernon Coleman

Note to reader: I wanted to pass along this Brighteon video from Dr. Vernon Coleman, which sums up well, the predictions of our website, and which dovetails with the recommendations we provide. We still need to prepare, and our diligent and unique preparations will buy us a few more years until the end.

Dr. Vernon Coleman, an old man in a chair

A deliberate change to the monetary narrative is warning us of its end

After observing the recent and persistent behavior, willed ignorance, and rhetoric of the global central banking authorities, led by the U.S. Fed, I have to conclude that the globalists seem intent on deliberately setting the monetary system on a new course trajectory in which we would consider bringing it into its terminal phase. This terminal phase is being well orchestrated, which means that they are only planning to use this system for a few more years.

QE could have been maintained indefinitely (forever) so long as the inflationary data remained low, but the monetary authorities are under order to consolidate the last vestiges of global wealth and power as quickly as possible. This consolidation was a necessary prerequisite to controlling the Great Reset narrative.

This global power and wealth grab has accelerated under QE, and rising monetary and consumer inflation, coupled with low interest rates, creates the most expedient environment for this amalgamation of global power into a central locus in the shortest amount of time.

The wealth consolidation process is nearly complete and should reach critical mass by 2025. This will allow the PTB to more easily complete their tasks on transforming the world into its desired outcome.

This process of inflation and manufactured scarcity has already begun, and will eventually lead to the deaths of hundreds of millions around the world. Since the US Fed is leading the charge here, this will just further incite the ire of America’s enemies.

These ongoing manufactured covid crises will expand in scope, and I worry that by mid-decade, at least one billion will have either died off or become incapacitated from any of a number of factors attributable to the fallout from this covid scam.

The PTB don’t seem to be that concerned about inflation, and in fact, are encouraging it and are inculcating this mindset into both consumer and business expectations. While I was slow to recognize this permanent shift in commodity prices, I now see these secular changes in the supply/demand equations as everlasting.

In the short term, the fiscal and monetary stimulus has pushed out the demand curve on most items. In the long-term, as the world transforms from the covid scam, it will be the supply curve that will permanently shift up and to the left. This latter shift will be the causes of the future famines and heartache. Read the Book of Revelation for an idea of what is to come soon.

The people around the world will begin to die off from vaccine repercussions, famine, starvation, untreated and unchecked diseases and sicknesses, and skyrocketing costs in the supply chain. The last factor listed will be the primary cause of the ongoing humanity calamity.

As for those already owning real estate and stocks, I have some encouraging news. According to Zillow, the rent rates on my single-family houses have climbed by about 20% over the past year. I do not know how people can afford these numbers.

With all this said, I still recommend income-generating assets for those who own them, and even if interest rates rise in the future, the prices of everything will continue upwards, including rents and the prices corporations charge.

Ceteris paribus, higher rates brings lower asset prices. But, we need to contemplate this scenario in a multi-dimensional environment. I ask myself, what is the cause of rising bond yields? If it’s the destruction of the monetary system, asset prices can still remain elevated and rise as those with the assets can easily pass off higher prices on to the public.

Even with higher interest rates, those who can best weather the storm are underleveraged asset owners. By remaining underleveraged, we can take advantage of any future opportunities as they manifest. While buying a house may get tougher with higher bond yields, the rents landlords will charge will continue rising even more so. The distortions in the commodities and labor markets will only work to restrict supply and those firms with the highest rates of inelastic demand (e.g. Dow blue chips) will hold up better.

This is why we need to be price makers and not price takers; whether it be with stocks, businesses, sports teams, housing, or medical practices.

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40 thoughts on “Important update; A drastic change in the central banking narrative is a warning signal

  1. I found this YouTube that explains the elite’s depopulation agenda. While I agree that the true nature of the struggle is spiritual, I think this YouTuber’s views are useful framing of the “legitimate” rationale probably given to the high but not too level administrators of the program. It gives a vaneer of ostensibly legitimate but “terrible logic” to their evil plans, on the premise of a “greater good”. But I’m sure the very top serve Satan, the ruler of this world and the father of lies.

      1. He hasn’t put out fresh content in a while, but he is on to the depopulation agenda. Since I am a Jesus man I will never condone YOGA either. That was imported to the West in the 1950s-60s from the East.

        I look at humanity today versus the 1960s-80s and it’s as if I am looking at two different species of animals. Today’s version looks cognitively dulled and expressionless, while their bodies come in all shapes and sizes. They are suffering from all sorts of nerve disorders and diseases that were rare back then. Of course, this all about the methods to not only depopulate, but to make our lives as miserable as possible while we are here. It’s designed to keep us from questioning our adversary and from understanding why we are all here in the first place.

  2. Chris what is your take on these vaccines and there real purpose?

    1. See my post above on the depop agenda as a possible motive. Makes sense if they are on a timeline.

    2. My blog has been clear on these matters. While the content of my blog remains primarily financially, economically, and logically oriented, and I don’t really entertain what’s in these so-called vaccines, it’s clear they have a sinister purpose.

      The people who come by my blog know exactly where I stand on this new world order agenda and the synagogue of Satan. They know how I see the deliberate, script-like nature of this new world order agenda. The few who can objectively analyze the economic engine of its objectives can see certain things from a fresh perspective.

      Any time we have the controlled mass media pushing this Hegelian dialectic solution on to the masses can only mean one thing. These elites want the condition us to accept mass incapacitation or and or die-offs.

      I would give up all of my possessions in order not to take those vaccines. I would live in a tent in the forests of the Rocky Mountains and hunt elk and deer for the rest of my life rather than take their toxic jabs. The morbidity data will be completely kept under wraps and the best you and I will be able to see is the anecdotal evidence. The synagogue of Satan will never reveal to us how devastating these jabs are to the people. We’ll only know by seeing who around us got sick. I read the 4-5 articles about the two cricket players that collapsed and convulsed on the field shortly after getting their two doses. There was not one mention in any of those articles about what actually happened to them. None. You and I are left on our own.

      You can reject everything I say on this blog, but there’s one thing I beg you to listen to; please do not take those toxic jabs.

      I know of one older gentleman at my gym who took both doses and he was sick for a couple weeks. I can tell you that he is no longer the same. He seems kind of out of it. He doesn’t even know it, but I see the change in behavior. I don’t even really talk to him anymore. Besides, knowing what we know, he is our enemy. The more people who take this garbage, the easier it is for our adversary to exploit us.

      I asked myself, why bother talking to people who fall for this? What’s the use of wasting my energy to talk to people about this stuff1 if they stare at the telescreens and run out and get their jabs? It’s as if they are another subspecies of human and I want nothing to do with them anymore. They’re the people who will wind up making it more likely that we can’t find a job in the future. These are the times in which we need to separate the wheat from the chaff.

      There are two regular themes on my blog and which I am passionate. First; the need to have faith in these last days and that is with Jesus. Second; develop a set of logic skills that will allow us to uncover the scams and schemes of the engineers of the New World Order. If people refuse either one or both, I really have nothing left to talk to them about. I pray several times a day for those who seek out both.

      1. I am the same age as you and have been shown the same truths about the Bible. It has been the most humbling and frustrating experience of my life. The sad reality is our people do not want to hear the truth. The thought of this has been enough to make me weep at times.

        I have talked with thousands of people in the past decade about the End Times and have not met one person who can break through the indoctrination of the Laodicean Church.

        The only place I find myself disagreeing with you is on the size of the remnant. I fear your figure of 1% is too optimistic. I pray I am wrong.

        1. God bless. We must keep moving forward. In a previous article, I called the percentage of people who can articulate this process and how it relates to both Testaments the “one-percenters.” While that is a mighty small fraction of the population, I hope the number of ignorant, but saved, are a few multiples higher (e.g. 3-5%).

          I read the Bible, gauge today’s humanity, and reconcile with what preoccupies them, and know that most will never come close to making it.

          I often think of what Bryan Melvin claims; most of the people who have had wonderful near death experiences (NDEs), in which the person thought he or she was in heaven, were just fake outs by Satan. Melvin claims that if the NDE didn’t involve Jesus it was probably the adversary who conjured that experience.

          All these unsaved people come back from their NDE and say how we are to love everybody and it sounds like the new age NWO stuff. Unless Jesus was there, it was from the devil.

  3. This is all marxism under different names, the more we become a hexagram dominated society as has happened rapidly since 1792 and at a lower rate since 1517, the more the scams just multiply and the terminal phase draws near as described in the Book of Apocalypse. Communism in the 20th century killed over 100 million people easily, national Socialism is a form of it too. However, note that an orchestrated “apocalypse” is prepared for the communist-bankster/monopoly corp kabbalistic synthesis world order, create chaos to impose your antichristian order in endless iterations. Now all this trying to profit off of it is pretty nasty and points to hexagramism. The old insanity of fighting fire with fire. This isn’t a planet of the apes scenario, it doesn’t end with the survival of the richest/smartest/preppers etc

  4. They are going to start pushing climate change more than ever. It makes me sick. These people will probably start sacrificing themselves and others (literally) for “mother earth”. Thanks Chris, this is important info. I looked at some of my past purchases on Amazon and the prices are insanely higher.

    1. All of these seemingly disparate agendas are coming together at the same time. Even BLM, gay marriage,
      transgender, and tearing down of statues are related to climate change and CO2 emissions. These agendas are all being pushed by a central locus from the top.

      It’s all about upending established ways of doing what works. Good is now bad.

      After all, humans exhale all this CO2 and they need to be eradicated. It’s for mother earth.

      I hope that as the home improvement craze dies down, so will prices.

  5. Still think we are in the 3rd inning of the inflation trade. I will be holding my positions for another 2 to 3 years. I think we will see the rise in commodity prices passed down to the consumer in a big way. This time around, consumer prices for necessities will rise and hold. I could see paying $70 for a sheet of plywood or $7 for a gallon of milk as the new normal.

    1. A couple weeks ago, sheets of plywood at the Lowe’s in Largo Maryland were for selling for $89. 4 × 8 × 3/4 sheet. The 1/2″ sheet was $82. 3/4″ OSB was $78. According to,prices have faded slightly but they are still much higher than a year ago. There are also higher than your nightmare scenario.

      As of now, says 5/8 OSB is $72 a sheet.

  6. Chris, you stated you would acquire physical silver but not the other well known precious metals. Can you explain why and is gold not a good hold??

    1. I normally prefer gold over silver. Sure, there are exceptions to the rule, but the two reasons I am not a fan of physical silver over gold are 1) relative price percentage fluctuations, 2) larger percentage markups and spreads.

      I know first hand as an owner of silver (and at one time an owner of a large amount of silver back in the mid-late aughts to early last decade. I was writing on Henry Makow in early 2013 before the blowup to make the move out of oversized physical positions.

      Overall, I prefer Au (I own it and more than the Ag). Also, at these prices I like Pl. I have been recommending Pl to readers and I know a few bought. Unfortunately, it has made one round trip back to slightly higher, but in the wake of the commodities run up, I find Pl’s performance a big dud. Paper Pl over physical.

      In the US, I suggest buying gold eagles. Silver eagles have a large spread and bars are okay.

  7. Here is how i see things unfolding.
    Banks will recapitalize by putting gold on their balance sheets (basel 3) to offset their massive debts. The increase in the gold price that is needed for this will probably be capped by derivative plays so mainstreet does not profit.
    The central banks will transfer power to the BIS, but will be kept in place so that every zone can get their flavor of the digital currency aka digital euro, digital dollar. The BIS however will be in control, and we will have a true global digital currency system for the first time in history.
    A digital currency, that will be used to introduce negative interest rates (up to 40% i heard somewhere). So for every hour you work, you get digital dollars minus whatever negative rates and taxes they impose. Those digital dollars will have all kinds of restrictions, like how long they are valid (force you to spend, no saving possible) and where you can use them (restrict business or activities that they dislike).
    Debt will be gone after this transition, and cash will be gone as well.
    So will your traditional bank account, your assets and your wealth, unless you somehow can find a way to hold assets outside their system that people want and need. Think barter, gold or monero. But all the exhanges will be inside their system, so it will be very hard to not use their digital coins.

    Hence why i do not think traditional plays like real estate, bonds, stocks will work.
    On top of that, imagine what killing billions via vaccines and poverty will do to traditional markets, economies, labor. Suddenly houses will be plenty, but there will be labor shortages, supply line disruptions, etc etc. Your local bakery, butcher of lumbermill has no workers left to operate.

    I am stocking up on everything that will get hit by the above scenario: food, water, seeds, nails, screws, tools, machinery etc etc.
    Still holding physical silver and crypto’s, the rest i am in the proces of liquidating to be able to stock up.

    1. I can’t speculate on the first part of your post, but I certainly agree with your last paragraph. I never thought I’d be saying these types of things, but it looks to be going that way.

      I do worry about residential real estate as this process unfolds. I am fixing up properties now and may begin to sell a couple. But the tough part is finding the few like-minded people left. I would find it so difficult to exchange between other like-minded people. It almost sounds naive on some level, because 20-30 years ago there were many more self sovereign types of people. Today there are only a few. There are certainly no like-minded people around where I live, and Fairfax County has about a million people plus living in it.

      My goal is to move out of here. I, too, suffer from inertia and disbelief. I need to figure out my next steps pronto.

      United States’s disparate nature lends to having us a little bit more time. I don’t know how the people in Canada or Australia are going to do it. They are clearly further down the line.

      1. Yes, Canada is further down the line.

        We have recently moved our business to a quiet rural corner of Quebec and will continue to run it until we can’t. We have had numerous supply chain issues and have committed a lot of cash towards inventory – its food business so the inventory is strategic for us personally. We also purchased our commercial building (contra your advice) but it was distressed and a very good deal. Includes rental income so it lowered our business overhead costs tremendously.

        I can confirm that skilled help is unobtainable, we do everything ourselves and do not have employees. I can still acquire repair parts, materials etc. But I see the supply dwindling and only because we are looking for the endpoint.

        We are relieved that we made the move, I recommend everyone do it sooner than later while “stuff” is still available. If you have never planted a garden, you will need a couple or three seasons to get it right so don’t wait. There are still days when I have doubts we are even going to make it, but we are doing the best we can.

        1. That’s very good news.

          I normally haven’t been recommending commercial properties, because we are aware of how the real economy has been. Finding tenants is tough and even in commercial properties here in Fairfax County I notice a lot of vacancies. These properties normally wouldn’t be vacant, but they are slow in coming back after covid.

          I think you made a smart move as there are always opportunities in every asset class, including commercial real estate. Since you took immediate possession, you have to consider yourself the tenant. In that case you are already paying yourself back, and if I were in your shoes I would have done the same exact thing.

          But buying commercial real estate for passive income is probably not the best thing to do since cap rates are already low, and the vacancy periods can be longer than anticipated.

          I would suspect that if asset prices dropped from here, we would see a lot of potential employees jump back into the labor pool. These people would probably be more skilled, since they would be asset owners in the first place.

          I have a family member who lives in downtown Toronto, and she has a friend who can’t get across the border into Canada from the United States. This person slready owns a condo in Toronto, but she has been unable to enter the country for months. Now that’s lock down.

    2. Time will tell if basil 3 is coinciding with this intentionally. If it is, this goes to show us how well coordinated all of this is. It shows us that this plan is so precisely scripted.

      What I find the most troubling about the Central Banking action is that they don’t seem to care anymore and not only do they not seem to care, they don’t care what we think. They just run some cheap excuses to accelerate the process. In the past, they would at least size up the sentiment of the population. In the post covid world, they no longer care, because what we think no longer matters.

    3. Guess what? You don’t take into account when those electrical lines that are not maintained stop working…….no digital currency will work. Do you think all these people who are going to be dropping dead from these death jabs are going to be working? Did you miss the building collapse in Florida last week? How about the Florida International University bridge collapse that was engineered by a feminist construction company? They killed 6 people with a flawed design.

      42% of the 617,000 bridges in the US are over 50 years old. 46,000 of those bridges are structurally deficient.

      Furthermore, all of the maintenance people in the US are all up there in age…..and dying off. The Colonial pipeline CEO admitted that the guys who know how to operate the pipeline manually are all either retired or DEAD. The people are no longer there that can maintain the infrastructure hence it is falling apart and will not be maintained into the future. Look at the population in the US and how sick it is…..they are not creating more qualified electricians, carpenters, linesmen, plumbers, nurses, dental hygienists, lab techs, gardeners, etc. in order to take over for the aging workforce. Our demographics are in collapse and you can thank feminism for that. The SAME THING HAPPENED TO ROME……and something very similar is happening here. Think about all of the men who are disincentived to do anything productive because the System and the feminists have fucked them over. You don’t get a wife… get a blown out roastie with herpes and 2 kids from 2 different daddies and you have to man up for that? Pretty simple why guys are going MGTOW and taking the Red Pill. There are no more incentives for men to be productive…why do you think so many are checking out of the dope fiend installment plan or suiciding themselves?

      Quite frankly, the psychopaths and sociopaths running things have doomed the world.

      Save yourselves seriously because this thing is coming down hard.

      1. This one thing I know for sure, the recent monetary and fiscal stimulus actions have helped to undermine the confidence in this current monetary system. I have to believe this is not by chance. I have to believe this will start a chain of events that will last for some time.

        Any novice could have seen the repercussions all of this stimulus, but for some reason the experts are getting it wrong.

        This reminds me of the mindset of the central banks leading up to the 2008 collapse, and their Collective willful ignorance oh, led by the Fed and Treasury. I See something brewing here as well.

      2. It is not necessary to evoke a movie, it is enough to see what is happening in Palestine to have a vision of what awaits us.

        1. Interesting point, because that’s not the true Isreal. Not even close. At least not according to the Bible. But according to today’s Laodicean church, we must worship that Christ rejecting Israel nation-state, which is populated with a nation of vicious Christ rejectors.

          If that were the true Isreal the lion would be lying next to the lamb.

          That video link of what Jenny provides is a good glimpse of what is to come for us. One by one, the plebes will be dropping and the mass media will tell us that it is all just normal. I read the four or five news stories about those two cricket players who collapsed on the field and there was nothing at all in the articles pertaining to possible causes. Any typical prole reading these articles would never put the two together vaccines where the most likely cause.

          1. We only have two options left: to be slaves, and here I remember Jim Taficant or martyrs like him… The third option, rebel, I see it complicated and… They want to kill our independent spirit which in the end is what disunites us.

    4. Hammers work well from right behind the perpetrator, but you’re missing a couple items from your list: bullets and bandaids, and lots of them. Think of the 4 B’s: Bible, beans, bullets, bandaids. Oh and Water is helpful too.

    1. This type of stuff helps to explain why the central bankers are accelerating the quantitative easing consolidation process. They’ve accelerated it to the point where inflation is beginning to move out of control, because the PTB probably realize that the world’s population will wake up over the next 6 to 12 months and begin to reassess the vaccination process and the damage it’s done. It’s all moving fast now. More and more people will wake up to the damage these vaccines have caused and they will wake up because, they will be personally affected by it. They’ll be no denying it.

      There has without precedent n history and I could never draw parallels to Rome. Nothing like this has ever happened before. and I have to believe that it is biblical in nature. This isn’t the type of something that you humanity can ever shake. There are no cycles to explain this stuff. By the time this is all over Humanity will have been permanently altered.

      1. Karl Denninger has a post about “missing workers”

        “What if the labor department published a jobs report that shows a wildly rising — and at an accelerating rate — disability rate among all people 16+ in the workforce, totaling close to 3 million newly disabled people since January? Because just Friday, they did!”

        1. Here is an on the ground real report for you.

          My dentist is looking to hire a dental hygienist and is offering $40 an hour. He has had the job posted online for several months and HAS NOT HAD a SINGLE applicant. Mind you, this is a midwest area with a low cost of living so $40 an hour is good money in this location.

          His previous hygienist was a 70 year old woman who had worked there for years. She started having health problems and retired out of the blue.

          There are not enough qualified people out there to replace the previous generation.

          1. $40 is a lot of money. I wonder if people are just scared of covid. The feds need to cut off the social gravy train.

            Higher asset prices deter people fron working as they figure why work for 75k a year when their stocks and house went up 300k. They can stay at home.

            It costs about 20k a year just to have a job. Between transportation, food, clothing, child care costs, etc., having a job can add up. The parent and worker can stay at home and save all that money. Thus, someone making 75k/year is really making 55k. Then after tax take home is 40k. At that point, the average home owning worker just decides to take it easy as their rising assets do the heavy lifting for increasing their balance sheet wealth.

            Taking the flip side, those without assets see how expensive housing has become and ask why bother working, it won’t make any difference anyway.

            This monetary system encourages the worst behavior. It’s the perfect system for the new world order.

  8. I just read a WEF article saying inflation is good. It’s not good for the man on the street. They want the world to commit suicide.

    They are blowing up this system intentionally. Think of the destruction. It will be biblical. It has started already and there will be no turning back. The people around my area are like zombies and are freaking out. Humanity is collapsing. Canada and Australia are on lock down. In America, too many people are not going along with it, and they still own the guns. The more catastrophes the more guns Americans buy. Don’t turn in your guns.

    1. I am still trying to recommend investments and strategies based on what I am seeing, and in keeping with the blog, but this is all being done deliberately, am beginning to wonder why bother anymore. The PTB could have kept this system going, but have evidently chosen another path. They can maintain low rates, but the real economy can no longer handle them with high cost of living inflation. The stimulus went to the man on the street and was not sterilized. In all other instances in the past, the money authorities developed schemes to keep the money out of the consumer’s hands. This time around, too much of it ended up with the plebes, who bid up prices. This was not done by accident, and the longer the central banks keep this going, the more I am certain this was planned all along.

  9. We are headed for full blown collapse in the US…..very similar to the end of the Roman Empire. Ever read up on the end of Rome?

    Many of the same things were occurring……military empire stretched way beyond its scope…..little success in defending its outposts (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) social ills were prevalent including transgenders, feminism, women turning into whores, men forgo marrying women, children born out of wedlock, massive debts, massive devaluation of currency, barbarians in the gates going crazy (african americans and other third worlders burning down cities and causing mayhem and large amounts of crime).

    The ruling class uses the same MO…..divide and conquer. Pit the races against each other. Bread and circuses….NBA, NFL, MLB,……give them mcdonalds GMO ZOG chow and they will never revolt. Same thing is going on.

    At the end of Rome…..they had a hyper deflationary collapse of the system which the currency system at the time had already lost its value. The denarious was no longer silver at all. Look at the US currency system it is completely paper….no solid backing of anything and they couldn’t back the debt with it either without causing a massive crisis in the system. This thing is going wrong in so many ways. The debt is so astronomical that it is comical. What are all these people going to do when there social security checks don’t even pay them a can of cat food?

    When this thing goes….imagine all of the scum and what they are going to do. Murder, rape, rob, etc. This thing is going to be MAD MAX.

    We are looking at a georgia guidestone type depopulation collapse. All these stupid bastards saying that it is the reptillians in their purple capes are on some serious LSD fruity pebbles stuff. The result is because the “System” is collapsing. These politicians don’t have any cure for this, they will literally try to start a war with Russia or China because of how insane they are.

    We might have a few years left before this clown show really just implodes but this could go wrong at any minute.

    1. Yep when someone starts giving a lot of something away for free like the stimulus usually what they are giving isn’t worth much in the near future. As far as right now goes things like the end of the ice age bronze age collapse fall of Rome black death south after the civil war Germany in the 20’s etc etc have happened but like yesterday’s fireworks the grand finale comes near the end when the ptb have achieved such interdependency. So biblical -could be.

      1. Worst thing about this all is that there is no where to run. Every country is beginning look the same. One week, one nation may look better. The next week that Nation won’t look so good anymore. Even the elites are fantasizing about leaving the planet for another world, because they know it’s coming.

        I fantasize about selling everything I own and moving to a remote area of the United States. But how much time does this really by me? Our neighbors and the people around us are so brainwashed that if i offered a silver eagle for barter, I’d have to worry about them filming it and then reporting me for being seditious.

        It’s the people around us we have to be most worried about. I guess by moving to a remote location we have fewer of those people.

        1. Chris, what you said has a ring of truth, as I have been thinking also about the phrase that “you can run, but you cannot hide.” Even the red states are looking like the blue states more and more. What you think you know about a conservative state doesn’t look so good with more digging.

          I live in rural Maine. Moved here 20 years ago to get away from the city. Now everyone from the cities is moving in. Newcomers here are doubtless not leaving their city mentality behind. It’s feeling less rural, and there is no sense of community. Real estate prices through the roof, listings gone within hours or days. The real estate market has turned into an online auction.

          In terms of getting ready for what is to come, there is only so much prepping you can do even in a rural area, in the face of digital surveillance and newfangled weaponry. Then there’s the thought that this SHTF scenario could happen sooner rather than later. (See Health Ranger Report here…. Watch the video and you come to realize we are already a conquered nation in checkmate.

          The backdrop to all of this is that our money is drastically losing its purchasing power. With the other backdrop that people around us that we know and love have taken the death jab – the grief is unspeakable and my heart literally hurts. The realization that our government would prefer us dead is sobering. Fear is paralyzing. He said “be not afraid” over and over in scripture, but I am still afraid with a sense of foreboding, as we watch lawlessness all around us. I am fighting just to learn how to breathe…I need to truly learn to do everything in prayer and petition…It’s very hard to navigate this unknown terraine.

          God help us all.

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