A response to an email; Very few understand this monetary system

Those who understand are the “one percenters”; most reading this are not one of them

The market hasn’t made sense for a long time. They merely mention a possible rate hike six months from now, after creating six trillion, and the $USD takes off. Pure insanity. Plus they won’t be able to do it without crashing the stock market.


Here is my response:

It’s a remarkably resilient system, as long as the mind-controlled people of the world believe in it; and I see nothing undermining this process. It’s not just printing $6 trillion, there’s also an additional $6 trillion in debt placed onto the aggregate balance sheet that must be serviced. That latter part is disinflationary in nature and keeps prices from moving up too quickly. It is the perfect system for the NWO. Those with the assets see ample gains as the wealth is consolidated, those without the assets see more debt. Even if the debt is not in their names, these debt slaves see an ever lower standard of living. We all are subject to the ever-growing debt burden, but the more income-generating assets a person owns, the further he or she can stay ahead.

QE is alive and rocking, and the global wealth consolidation moves along remarkably well. The more debt that the debt slaves service, the more strength the USD receives, as it remains in demand. It’s needed to pay off all that debt.

The inability to recognize the spiritual element of this monetary system
The truth is whatever they tell you it is, even in the churches

Most of those who find this system abstruse and astonishing, or who continually underestimate its resilience and strength, also have a difficult time comprehending the deeply spiritual elements underpinning this system. The knowledgeable Christians whom I call the “one percenters” can easily profit, because they see how it works, and they don’t have to step over others to make a buck. But today’s eschatological analysts and so-called prophets are terribly handicapped with willed ignorance.

Our adversary will let today’s so-called Christian scholars discuss Genesis Six, transhumanism, etc., but these same so-called analysts are willfully unable to locate where Ephraim and Manasseh ended up in the last days. That’s because they will lose everything they built, including their personal lives. Of course, they refuse to believe how Jacob’s end-time birthright blessing powered this last days monetary system, and how our adversary used it for its gain.

Many alt-media junkies see a person on YouTube reject Freemasonry in the name of Jesus Christ, yet lump him in with the rest of the so-called disinfo whistleblowers. That’s because most of the alt-media researchers of the new world order are Christ rejecters themselves and cannot discern properly. They claim to be experts of the new world order and Satan, and use the Bible as proof, yet reject Jesus and what he said about himself.

But, do you blame these secular analysts? Just look at today’s Christian. If I didn’t possess my deep and esoteric understanding of the Bible and how it mattered today, and why we were even created, I would mock Christianity, too.

Today’s Christian is more blinded than many other secular alt-media analysts. If you are a newcomer to the faith, I strongly recommend you stay away from the typical voting churchgoer. They will drag you down with their conditioning and brainwashing. Here is a comprehensive list laying out the reasons why today’s Christian is a stumbling block when trying to  understand our adversary:

  • Today’s Christian has been brainwashed with the Schofield/Darby doctrine.
  • They are wedded to their denomination or favorite preacher, because of their reduced cognitive capacity
  • They only pick and choose the Bible verses that suits their politically correct confirmation bias.
  • They believe the Old Testament was written for the Jews and that the New Testament was for the Christians.
  • They believe that all the important figures in the Old Testament were Jews
  • They believe that the Northern tribes of Israel no longer exist, though the Old Testament prophets said they would continue. Moreover, no one in the New Testament, including Jesus, said they disappeared. Thus, they are handicapped with the inability to figure out why this dollar-based system continues to power the objectives of the new world order.
  • Today’s cognitively and morally impaired Christian is handicapped and believes that the birthright blessing is considered British Israelism, which is just a racist and evil concept, and an excuse for globalism. All I can say is that our adversary is exploiting this blessing, and using it for their purposes, while they throw YOU under the bus. But today’s degraded Christian can never address the obvious and make basic connections.
  • Thus, these dopes will never be able to comprehend the psyop campaign that our adversary has engineered against the West. Indeed, the synagogue of Satan has successfully demoralized the true remnants of Israel and their objectives have been achieved. The demoralisation campaign is now over and it is only up to the golem tag-team of Russia and China to finish off the job militarily. If you live in one of these Western nations, God is holding you accountable, according to the covenant detailed in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28.
  • The eschatological scholars will continually think there has to be an economic collapse and one-world currency that precedes the tribulation period. Thus, they will latch on to their desperate confirmation bias as their net worth and sanity evaporates. We already have been living through a multi-decade Western economic and societal collapse, while today’s Christian refuses to believe what the West truly represented.
  • Today’s Christian views these very knowledgeable and hardened “one percenters” as racists and part of the problem. They view the Rothschild creation of the political nation-state of Israel as fulfillment of Bible prophecy, even though today’s Jews are not yet entitled to the name of “Israel.”
  • Today’s Christian (many Christians who read this article) views these one-percenters as evil outcasts who are on the straight path to hell.

Those who truly understand this system have been out there in the marketplace making hay while the sun shines. These remnant Christians are galvanized and hardened, since they have had to put up with decades of the politically correct and disingenuous doctrine that is spewed out from the 501(c)3 sanctioned pastors, as well as their neighbors and family. These pastors appear on YouTube with sound and fury; even the ones preaching about hell and fire and brimstone.

These “one percenters” do not belong to a church and do not subscribe to any particular pastor. If you are not a one percenter, this doesn’t mean you won’t be saved, it just means you are being purposely blinded, so that God can complete the timeline as detailed by the Old Testament prophets. These “one percenters” will survive long enough to help other believers and answer their questions.

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3 thoughts on “A response to an email; Very few understand this monetary system

  1. Very interesting article. I don’t think Mr. Child’s five hour yewtube video has any relevance, other than hopefully him and people have actually changed their ways and accept the Lord Jesus Christ into their lives.

    I think you have mentioned previously, but Where did Ephraim and Manasseh end up in the last days

    1. Yeah. You are right. I put together the article in about 2 hours, while I was trading and exercising downstairs. As you can see, I don’t do much editing and it is basically an extemporaneous endeavor. If I were a preacher, I would be preaching to an empty building that I would own outright and wouldn’t have to worry about donations, I guess. They also hated Jeremiah and he preached to empty temples.

      Ephraim and Manasseh were Joseph’s sons, and were closely aligned throughout the Old Testament. Jesus said they were the lost sheep, but they never disappeared.

      They received the name of Israel and the last-day birthright blessings. Attributes of this blessing would include a powerful military, universal language, well-adopted legal and monetary systems, strong diplomatic channels, and large economies and natural resources, etc.

      They are close today and have common ancestry. This has nothing to do with the spiritual blessings with Jesus. That is separate.

      If you are curious what many of the 33rd degree Masons believe and have been told, it’s what I am telling you right now. These 33rd degree Masons know about the monetary system and the God-ordained power it possesses. This is why our adversary has not yet tried to go to a new system. Why break something that works? They know that any new system won’t have God’s backing. Very twisted, I understand, but that’s just the way it works with the New World Order. It seems they are going to continue this system until we get closer to the great reset. After that and this massive wealth consolidation process, we will see a change. Even then, I think it’ll just be more digital than anything else.

      Our adversary is called the synagogue of Satan. The engineers of the synagogue of Satan took control of the secret societies in the late 1700s, since they had enough money to do so in that they already controlled the monetary system of Europe; gradually installed their puppets into the seminaries and deftly recrafted Christian doctrine to change the name of the God’s chosen to the Jews – doing this by twisting New Testament verses through disingenuous and legal-type sleight of hand; and rebranded Christianity to be more like an Eastern type of philosophy in which it is congruent with today’s age of the self. These fire-and-brimstone preachers today are demoralized victims of it and don’t even know.

      Christianity is now lumped in with all the other religions in the eyes of the great sea of humanity. It was brought down from within and the demoralisation campaign in the church is now complete. The typical Christian doesn’t even know.

      We can tell it’s the synagogue of Satan’s work. They hijacked the Jewish religion and began the lie that the Jews were God’s chosen, claimed the Old Testament was written for them, and told the Christians to worship the Jews. Thus, the synagogue of Satan exploits their newfound standing in the West and leverages is it to take over the world. The Christians today have created a double-minded logic error for themselves. They now worship the Jews and the nation-state of Israel, both vicious rejectors of Jesus. This creates a cognitive dissonance in the minds of the Christian church that is terribly demoralizing, and ultimately fatal to Christianity. This is what we call
      Laodicean church.

  2. I do agree with you regarding the one percenters. I’m a Latin Mass Catholic and it’s interesting to me to see how even my priests can’t quite come to behold or speak of the full truth of our situation. They grasp it better than most, but they choose to view the world through a lens of love and charity and to acknowledge the true depravity of the adversary would be to confront horror and carnage and maleficent intentions on an unparalleled scale.

    Perhaps it is easier for most everyone to simply go along with the burgers and porn and ‘comfort’of this collapsing system rather than confront it.

    Of course, the price will ultimately be oblivion for those who reject Christ and the Truth but that is how it always is.

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