Response to a comment; Knowing what top level Masons know helps us to achieve success

Very interesting article. I don’t think Mr. Child’s five hour yewtube video has any relevance, other than hopefully him and people have actually changed their ways and accept the Lord Jesus Christ into their lives.

I think you have mentioned previously, but Where did Ephraim and Manasseh end up in the last days.


Here is my response:

Yes, You are right. My mentioning of Mr. Child’s five-hour YouTube video (which was removed from his channel) was a red herring, which took away from the importance of the topic at hand.

I put together that article in about two hours, while I was trading and exercising downstairs. As you can see, I don’t do much editing and it is basically an extemporaneous endeavor. If I were a preacher, I would be preaching to an empty building that I would own outright and wouldn’t have to worry about donations, I guess. They also hated Jeremiah and he preached to empty temples.

High level Masons recognize that knowledge is power

Their trophy is control of the birthright blessing

And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and cried unto him, saying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou Son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil.

But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying, Send her away; for she crieth after us.

But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Matthew 15:22-24 KJV

Were the Jews ever lost? Of course, not. Nonetheless, the elites and top level Masons know the truth and need to make certain we never find out. This historical “fly in the ointment” was their biggest stumbling block to achieving their objectives of the new world order.

Thus, gradually over time, as that flame of righteousness in the Western nations was extinguished, the demoralization campaign against the northern Israelite remnants could be accelerated. These secret society leaders despise Jesus and the true form of Christianity, because they view both as their only adversaries.

Unfortunately, today’s Christianity poses absolutely no threat to them and their brazen behavior is a direct reflection of this mindset. These top elites know where the true Israelites are located today, these Israelites do not, and the Bible said this would happen. Our adversary did a splendid job of making sure we would eventually lose any bearing and find out. The ones of us who knew are all dead.

Ephraim and Manasseh were Joseph’s two sons, and were closely aligned throughout the Old Testament. Jesus mentioned that the Israelites were lost, but he never mentioned they disappeared.

These two lads received the namesake of Israel and the last-days birthright blessings. The attributes of this blessing would typically include a powerful military, a globally accepted language, well-adopted and sophisticated legal and monetary systems, strong diplomatic channels, and large economies with abundant natural resources, etc. These promises were unconditional by the time Jacob uttered them on his deathbed.

So, if you wish to deductively figure out where these nations are located, analyze what Jacob and the other Old Testament prophets said about these two tribal remnants. Look for two nation-states that have been closely aligned ever since one of the brothers broke free of the other one. Of course, they are still extremely close today and have common ancestry. Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with the spiritual blessings with Jesus. That is a separate concern.

I find it interesting that Great Britain and the United States are the only two nations that have possessed the only truly global reserve currencies. Of course, this is not by chance; the Synagogue of Satan recognized this God-given birthright and set up their shop with the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve.

knowing how the birthright blessings power the New World Order is important to us

If you are curious what many of the top Masons believe and accept as common knowledge, it’s what I am telling you right now. These high level Satanists know about the spiritual elements of this monetary system and the God-ordained power it ironically possesses. This is why our adversary has not yet tried to go to a new system. Why break something that works? They know that any new system won’t have God’s backing. It’s very twisted, I understand, but that’s just the way it works with the New World Order.

So what does all this mean to me and you? It means a lot. If we can recognize what the 33rd degree Masons and elites in the Synagogue of Satan already know, we can boldly move through this world with a sense of confidence that only the truth can provide. We can courageously make investment and personal decisions, while others fall for the demoralisation and mind control techniques of the S of S that otherwise profoundly affect all those around you, including virtually all Christians.

With a high level of confidence, I can say that it seems they are going to continue using this system until we get closer to their so-called Great Reset. If they didn’t blow it up after covid and such, it’s clear they are going to save this to last, or until that military force majeure appears. After that, and after this ongoing round of massive wealth consolidation, we will see a change. Even then, I think it’ll just be more digital than anything else. The dollar probably will be still around, but maybe as a blockchain.

How our adversary destroyed Christianity

Our adversary is called the Synagogue of Satan. The engineers of the Synagogue of Satan…

  • Expropriated the secret societies, especially Freemasonry, by the late 1700s, after they took effective control of the monetary systems of the European nations;
  • They gradually installed their puppets into the seminaries and deftly recrafted Christian doctrine to change the name of God’s chosen to the Jews. This was a 200-year process that continues today;
  • This ordination was accomplished by twisting New Testament verses through disingenuous and legal-type sleight of hand. Thus, the Jews (as well as the Synagogue of Satan) and the Israel of the Bible are now interchangeable;
  • They claim the Old Testament was written for them, and ordered the Christians to worship the Jews (as well as the Synagogue of Satan) as the “chosen;”
  • With this leverage over a dumbed-down plebeian population, the Synagogue of Satan exploits their standing in the West, and leverages it to take over the world;
  • Today’s rebranded Christianity is more equivalent to an Oriental (Eastern) type of philosophy, which is congruent with today’s “age of the self.” The fire-and-brimstone preachers today are demoralized victims of this process, and don’t even know;
  • Just to make certain no willfully ignorant Laodicean preacher wanders off the debt-slave plantation, these elites make certain to legislate tax exemptions and benefits that accrue only to church ministries, so long as they go along with the politically-correct doctrine;
  • If your pastor discussed the topics of this article with his congregation, his church would lose its tax exempt status (not to mention all its donations, while the pastor’s wife and children would disown him).

For purposes of U.S. tax law, churches are considered to be public charities, also known as Section 501(c)(3) organizations. As such, they are generally exempt from federal, state, and local income and property taxes. “Exempt” means they don’t have to pay these taxes. This is so even though they may earn substantial amounts of money.

Today’s Christianity is now lumped in with all the other religions in the eyes of the great sea of humanity. It was brought down from within and the demoralisation campaign in the church is now complete. The typical Christian doesn’t even know.

The Christians today have created a double-minded logic error for themselves. They now worship the Jews and the nation-state of Israel, both vicious rejectors of Jesus. This creates a cognitive dissonance in the minds of the Christian church that is terribly demoralizing, and ultimately fatal to Christianity. The Bible calls this brand of Christianity “the Laodicean church.”

If we know what the top Masons already know, we can thrive in an otherwise ostensibly insane world. It’s really not insane when put it into context of what we know.

It may not be what we want to hear, but at least we can move forward. The devil’s knocking at the door and the church pastors are handicapped (and unable) when trying to warn the people of the source of our doom; and that’s just the way our adversary wants it.


A response to an email; Very few understand this monetary system

Those who understand are the “one percenters”; most reading this are not one of them

The market hasn’t made sense for a long time. They merely mention a possible rate hike six months from now, after creating six trillion, and the $USD takes off. Pure insanity. Plus they won’t be able to do it without crashing the stock market.


Here is my response:

It’s a remarkably resilient system, as long as the mind-controlled people of the world believe in it; and I see nothing undermining this process. It’s not just printing $6 trillion, there’s also an additional $6 trillion in debt placed onto the aggregate balance sheet that must be serviced. That latter part is disinflationary in nature and keeps prices from moving up too quickly. It is the perfect system for the NWO. Those with the assets see ample gains as the wealth is consolidated, those without the assets see more debt. Even if the debt is not in their names, these debt slaves see an ever lower standard of living. We all are subject to the ever-growing debt burden, but the more income-generating assets a person owns, the further he or she can stay ahead.

QE is alive and rocking, and the global wealth consolidation moves along remarkably well. The more debt that the debt slaves service, the more strength the USD receives, as it remains in demand. It’s needed to pay off all that debt.

The inability to recognize the spiritual element of this monetary system
The truth is whatever they tell you it is, even in the churches

Most of those who find this system abstruse and astonishing, or who continually underestimate its resilience and strength, also have a difficult time comprehending the deeply spiritual elements underpinning this system. The knowledgeable Christians whom I call the “one percenters” can easily profit, because they see how it works, and they don’t have to step over others to make a buck. But today’s eschatological analysts and so-called prophets are terribly handicapped with willed ignorance.

Our adversary will let today’s so-called Christian scholars discuss Genesis Six, transhumanism, etc., but these same so-called analysts are willfully unable to locate where Ephraim and Manasseh ended up in the last days. That’s because they will lose everything they built, including their personal lives. Of course, they refuse to believe how Jacob’s end-time birthright blessing powered this last days monetary system, and how our adversary used it for its gain.

Many alt-media junkies see a person on YouTube reject Freemasonry in the name of Jesus Christ, yet lump him in with the rest of the so-called disinfo whistleblowers. That’s because most of the alt-media researchers of the new world order are Christ rejecters themselves and cannot discern properly. They claim to be experts of the new world order and Satan, and use the Bible as proof, yet reject Jesus and what he said about himself.

But, do you blame these secular analysts? Just look at today’s Christian. If I didn’t possess my deep and esoteric understanding of the Bible and how it mattered today, and why we were even created, I would mock Christianity, too.

Today’s Christian is more blinded than many other secular alt-media analysts. If you are a newcomer to the faith, I strongly recommend you stay away from the typical voting churchgoer. They will drag you down with their conditioning and brainwashing. Here is a comprehensive list laying out the reasons why today’s Christian is a stumbling block when trying to  understand our adversary:

  • Today’s Christian has been brainwashed with the Schofield/Darby doctrine.
  • They are wedded to their denomination or favorite preacher, because of their reduced cognitive capacity
  • They only pick and choose the Bible verses that suits their politically correct confirmation bias.
  • They believe the Old Testament was written for the Jews and that the New Testament was for the Christians.
  • They believe that all the important figures in the Old Testament were Jews
  • They believe that the Northern tribes of Israel no longer exist, though the Old Testament prophets said they would continue. Moreover, no one in the New Testament, including Jesus, said they disappeared. Thus, they are handicapped with the inability to figure out why this dollar-based system continues to power the objectives of the new world order.
  • Today’s cognitively and morally impaired Christian is handicapped and believes that the birthright blessing is considered British Israelism, which is just a racist and evil concept, and an excuse for globalism. All I can say is that our adversary is exploiting this blessing, and using it for their purposes, while they throw YOU under the bus. But today’s degraded Christian can never address the obvious and make basic connections.
  • Thus, these dopes will never be able to comprehend the psyop campaign that our adversary has engineered against the West. Indeed, the synagogue of Satan has successfully demoralized the true remnants of Israel and their objectives have been achieved. The demoralisation campaign is now over and it is only up to the golem tag-team of Russia and China to finish off the job militarily. If you live in one of these Western nations, God is holding you accountable, according to the covenant detailed in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28.
  • The eschatological scholars will continually think there has to be an economic collapse and one-world currency that precedes the tribulation period. Thus, they will latch on to their desperate confirmation bias as their net worth and sanity evaporates. We already have been living through a multi-decade Western economic and societal collapse, while today’s Christian refuses to believe what the West truly represented.
  • Today’s Christian views these very knowledgeable and hardened “one percenters” as racists and part of the problem. They view the Rothschild creation of the political nation-state of Israel as fulfillment of Bible prophecy, even though today’s Jews are not yet entitled to the name of “Israel.”
  • Today’s Christian (many Christians who read this article) views these one-percenters as evil outcasts who are on the straight path to hell.

Those who truly understand this system have been out there in the marketplace making hay while the sun shines. These remnant Christians are galvanized and hardened, since they have had to put up with decades of the politically correct and disingenuous doctrine that is spewed out from the 501(c)3 sanctioned pastors, as well as their neighbors and family. These pastors appear on YouTube with sound and fury; even the ones preaching about hell and fire and brimstone.

These “one percenters” do not belong to a church and do not subscribe to any particular pastor. If you are not a one percenter, this doesn’t mean you won’t be saved, it just means you are being purposely blinded, so that God can complete the timeline as detailed by the Old Testament prophets. These “one percenters” will survive long enough to help other believers and answer their questions.

Weekend Market Update; A change of direction in the major asset markets

Did the past week’s market action bring us some changes in direction?

Bonds, interest rates, and the dollar

  • We expected the Fed to finally address rising inflationary risks, and the FOMC and Powell responded on Wednesday. Though they did not alter their policy per se, they increased their GDP and inflation estimates, resulting in an acceleration of their timetable for increases to the Fed funds rate to 2023. This implies they are more amenable to tapering sooner than previously expected.
  • The Fed still wishes to see further economic growth and a sustained drop in unemployment data, so we still should have at least 6-9 months of unaltered QE purchases.
the 10-year UST (red/green candles) fell decisively below its 100-day sma. The USD (UUP red line) responded strongly to the FOMC’s vote and change in economic forecasts.
  • Markets reacted violently last week on extremely overstretched conditions. The US dollar took off immediately after basing off of its multi-year lows.
  • Bonds initially sold off after the FOMC, but soon regained their ground with the 10-year UST yield falling further below its 100-day SMA. With the USD rising, Treasuries look to be relatively compelling to the global investor.
  • The drop in yields on the 10-year UST was not shared by the other major nations, as their 10-year equivalent yields rose slightly on the week. A rising dollar helps with domestic bond yields.
  • The bond and currency markets are predicting a slowdown in federal deficit spending as the economy strengthens.
  • If an uptrend in bond prices were not imminent, yields would have risen after the FOMC meeting. This is further evidence that UST bond yields may have topped out for now. A retracement to the 200-day sma over the next couple months is in the cards.
the COT on the 10-year futures lends some firepower to the notion that a pick up in prices and a drop in yields is probable
  • I think the Fed will talk about tapering in the fall, begin the actual tapering in the first few months of 2022 with a drop in MBS purchases first, USTs afterwards to match the incremental increases in deficit spending next year. They should conclude the tapering by early 2023, and start hiking rates shortly thereafter.
  • The Fed is saying over half of the inflation increase is transitory, and although inflation will run elevated into 2022, the rate of change will fall as the year progresses.
  • Once the fiscal benefits are wrung dry, many non-skilled workers will realize they have little power to negotiate higher wages. The jobs data still looks soft when compared to other cycles, and this past week’s jobless claims came in above expectations.
  • The latest batch of fiscal spending is getting stuck in negotiations and it’s likely that Biden’s $6 trillion in spending plans will be cut back. As the economy strengthens faster than expected, the federal government may finally get religion and cut back spending plans.


DJ Transports (red/green candles) falling quickly below the 50-day sma. A test of the 100-day is next. Do traders see a pullback in the government’s spendthrift ways? the USD (UUP red line) is looking nice here.
S&P 500 index. The index closed below the 50-day sma for the first time since early March. Will it follow the Trannies?
  • I am looking at the broad stock averages closely to see how they respond to the prospects of a decrease in fiscal spending and stimulus. If traders perceive a tighter pursestrings and a hawkish Fed, stocks could continue to move lower here. The Transports seem to be leading the way.
  • Deficit spending benefits the largest corporations and future profits could be affected on the margin as the prior fiscal/monetary stimulus has already been captured by these firms. Market analysts may have to address the possibility that earnings growth going out to 2023 may have to be reevaluated.
  • Though a stronger dollar supports dollar-based asset markets over the longer-term, a firmer greenback at high stock index levels could hurt stock prices as overseas profits could take a hit when repatriated into dollars.


USDX chart and COT data; Since last Summer, speculation in the USD has been relatively muted. That may be about to change. Could there be renewed interest in the greenback as speculation over future fiscal and monetary policy initiatives runs wild? It’s primed here with plenty of potential firepower.
Five year weekly; Dow Jones Commodity Index (DJCI) vs. the US dollar (UUP). This trend cannot persist forever, and any reversions can be sudden and fierce. Don’t be a bag holder and move to the next trade.
  • If the dollar shows some follow through, we could see a further unwind in many of the commodity complexes. There is still some denial, given the Fed and CCP pronouncements this past week. The USDX, at 92.32, could move to 93-95 later this year, depending on how robust the domestic economic picture becomes. There is plenty of potential firepower in the USD futures market as speculation in the greenback has been muted since last Summer. If the dollar shows resilience, the large specs could climb aboard.
The Dow Jones Commodity Index (DJCI). It’s a long way down to the 50-week sma. Mathematically, it looks like a magnet (and a lock) over the next several months.
The DJCI firmly fell below its 50-day trendline. A test of the 100-day sma is coming soon.
  • I have to believe that the Fed’s view on inflation will eventually prove more correct than many think. Pressures on the supply-side should ease, the stimulus effects should diminish, and reality will set in on the lack of leverage the worker has over the employer.
  • I have been in Lowe’s and HD all week, and the talk of the average shopper on the ProDesk line was one of catastrophe, astonishment, and their belief that prices will keep going higher. When a 4 x 8 x 1/2 piece of plywood is selling for $85, it only takes common sense to figure out that these prices cannot persist. I don’t see a lot of lumber turning over in the HDs and Lowe’s I frequent.
  • Industrial commodity prices are also under pressure by China’s decision to cut purchases and release reserves despite rising consumption.
  • The CCP chose this auspicious time to prove to the world their power to move the markets by timing their announcement to coincide with the most speculatively overstretched commodity market in recent memory. The power of this hardline stance is enhanced by the FOMCs change of heart. I have to believe that the governments are determined here and official intervention will carry through.
  • While this official strategy can only last so long, I gauge the sentiment in the commodities sector as too wildly bullish, and though copper is a much needed metal in the ESG world, I see a retracement to 3.80 to 4.00 as a matter of eventuality.
  • I have to believe that there has been plenty of hoarding and though LME stocks may be drawn down, I have to conclude that merchants were hoarding in anticipation of higher prices.

As you can tell, I am clearly taking the contra on just about every stance held by the consensus. Whether my assessments pan out sooner rather than later is up for debate… and future observation. If the Fed decides to get serious, and if the Federal government spending slows for whatever reason, many supply/demand equations could return to equilibrium sooner than what many are thinking. That may still be a 6-12 month arrangement.

Residential real estate in focus; A great investment sector just gets better

Residential real estate; the best of all worlds

The best investment sector since 2000 keeps getting better

Despite any talk to the contrary, the Fed’s ostensible hawkishness will be window dressing. The objectives of Agenda 2030 will be built on cheap money, and all the major central banks, including the Bank of Russia and PBOC are in on it. This provides us with the most auspicious conditions for real estate in human history. These trends should persist and magnify until at least mid-decade (below I provide a list of pros and cons).

While inflation should fade from current lofty growth levels, if only to mollify the bottom 90%, even with inflation rates half of what they are currently, low interest rates and elevated costs of living will be a tag-team of destruction for prospective homeowners. If you heeded my warnings over the past eight to nine years, and invested in this sector, it has turned out to be the best investment sector by far – even more profitable than stocks and cryptos, especially when we consider the cash flows, leveragability, and superior tax benefits RE affords its holders.

Despite earlier fears, there doesn’t seem to be any apparent calls for ownership restrictions or expropriation. The reason here is simple; institutional investment and sovereign wealth funds with the backing of official government channels know where future gains lie, and that’s with RE investments. Houses still yield about 5%, and in a world of ever sinking bond yields, the decision here is clear.

We knew about the need for ever-sinking bond yields to keep things moving along under QE, and we knew that the central banks had the situation well under control all along, so those who agreed with my assessment have cleaned up. Those who listened to the others in the alt-media over the past decade have largely stayed on the sidelines.

Though cap rates have come down, they are still higher than those from the height of the RE bubble in the mid-to-late aughts. Those cap rates back then were about 3%, but the UST 10-year also was yielding that much or higher.

Source; CoreLogic

Despite the Cassandra calls, rents for single-family homes never fell nationwide last year and actually grew YoY in 2020. As of April 2021, these rents are up 5.3% on an annual basis, according to CoreLogic.

As a result, investments in single-family and multi-family residential real estate will still operate with strong tailwinds. I predict that rent rates will continue to post strong growth going forward, and apartment building owners and operators will be able to easily pass along the higher costs of ownership and operating to the tenants. The residential RE collateral backing loans will still be viewed as less risky than other forms of RE; thus financing terms will reman favorable. Even private lenders offer easy money to investors for between 4-5%, which is about 300 bps lower than in 2015.

Catalysts for the upside:

  • Low interest rates to persist forever. The Fed cannot raise the Fed funds rates to more than 1.25-1.5% this time around, before fears of a general market collapse once again gain steam. The last time around in 2018, the Fed could barely raise it to 2.25-2.5% without the system coming unglued.
  • Social and racial justice fiscal and monetary programs, which will attempt to make loans more freely available to the disenfranchised, will continue drive up housing costs in the most needy areas. Housing costs in minority and working class areas will be ever-more punishing for these people, and investors will continue to clean up.
  • Institutional and sovereign investors are here to stay, and the sovereign wealth funds are in on the cheap American RE game. What took them so long? I guess these entities know where the world is heading.
  • Rising Construction costs and zoning restrictions will keep a lid on supply at the worst time for prospective homeowners.
  • Rising homeowner costs provide investors with a great opportunity as rents will keep rising in tandem with government inflation data, if not higher. This will help to ameliorate rising housing prices and will keep the cap rates from falling too quickly.
  • Unrestrained immigration from the 3rd world nations continues to punish Westerners, as this low-end demographic chews up Western resources, overwhelms natives with ever rising demand, and pushes out the demand curve on just about everything, especially housing. This demand is highly inelastic, and the ones who claim to be the most supportive of the NWO agenda are the ones getting crushed.

Risks to the downside:

  • An unforeseen blowup in monetary policy. This possibility is remote as all the major global governments are in on it, including Russia and China.
  • Higher than expected morbidity rates from the covid vaccines or from any resulting variants that incapacitate a large percentage of the investor or homeowner population.
  • Risks from global conflict. This should not be a problem until at least mid-decade.
  • Call for ownership restrictions or expropriation; increasingly remote as  institutional and sovereign money funds gets involved. Thus, I doubt this will be a strong possibility, however.
  • Onerous taxation policies for investors. Very likely over the next few years as the small investor gets the blame for rising prices.


Residential real estate should  hold up here as the large institutions are loading up at ever-higher prices. The affordability issue of housing is a direct result of fiscal deficit spending and the enabling of the Fed via QE.

Those who were spooked by the alt-media “analysis” of rental non-payment and covid collapses fell for another red-herring. We knew that with the Fed and government responses to covid, rent delinquencies wouldn’t even matter, and I have to assume that many investors will not even bother to depreciate their properties by having some ungrateful tenant causing wear and tear to the house. If cap rates drop to 2-3%, the rental income will become an ever-smaller component of the property investor’s experience, thus it would be easier for some hands-off investors to keep their residential properties vacant rather than have to remediate any property deprecation caused by a tenant occupancy.

Now that we have had time to assess the results of the post-Covid monetary and fiscal stimulus, the results are trickling in. It is becoming clear that housing will be viewed as a luxury item and we will be living in a world in which the lower 80% will be either renting debt slaves or severely cost-burdened homeowners.

While the blacks are celebrating their supposed triumph by having a new national holiday dedicated to overcoming slavery, the old slave-owning families have been replaced by an amorphous, institutional slave owner, and they operate a form of debt slavery in which the plebes of all kinds don’t know what they’re up against. They have no idea who owns them. At least with slavery, the slaves had meals, medical care, and accommodations, and they knew who owned them.

Today, the debt slave gets $15/hour and is left twisting in the wind on their own, while they surf their porn, indulge in self release, smoke dope, and play video games. But, hey, pornography is now a protected first amendment constitutional right.

The elites needed to placate and soothe the useless masses during this rough adjustment process, and this is why they engineered the supposed grassroots movement to legalize marijuana. The elites need to make sure there is enough liquor and marijuana to assuage the dumbed-down plebes and keep them from realizing just how terrible their lot is in life. They lost all the rights that matter, so they are left fighting for the right to be as degenerate as possible. I digress….

The residential real estate market has been reengineered in the post-covid world to conform with the Agenda 2030 objectives. Housing will be too expensive to afford, the masses will rent, and they will love it. They will view housing as a costly burden.


The masses have been educated in the public schools to believe hell is heaven. We get the world we choose.  The great unwashed are increasingly becoming incapable of even owning a home of their own. That takes discipline and temperance and the average person no longer has the self-restraint. Welcome to the NWO – only made possible with societal consent.

6/10 Market Update; Observations, thoughts, and trade ideas

Reddit stock forums help the PTB grow stock prices by helping to restrict shorting; I find it interesting that the meme stocks on the Reddit and stock forums focus on the most heavily shorted stocks. If the powers-that-be wanted stock prices to continue moving higher, they could effectively restrict shorting. However, they couldn’t be obvious about their intentions, because it would spook investors and traders. Instead, these powers could employ forum change agents to take control of the narrative in the stock forums and recruit the retail plebes to believe they are fighting against the evil shorts. Thus, the objectives would be achieved and no one would be the wiser. Institutional shorting would be severely curtailed as a result.

Ransomware peculiarities: It seems peculiar that the latest ransomware attacks seem to be geared towards firms that would provide perfect targets to undermine the global supply chains in energy and food. Of course, the NWO architects are successfully engineering a society to view “fossil” fuels and animal protein with disdain.

The attacks probably originated from dark intelligence forces (e.g. DoD, CIA), and were managed in a way to subsequently demonstrate how the governments could respond and locate the ransom (in this case, bitcoin). This Hegelian response operates in a way that works to further consolidate government power over the economy and the masses.

Meme stocks – ENGlobal Corp. (ENG): This is a stock that I have been holding, since the secondary announcement and the resulting retracement to the offering price. With the sharp rise in CLNE, an imperfect peer, I think we could see some upside. I am a buyer on dips and already hold a position.

I am seeing an echo rise in the former hot sectors from last year/early this year. However, as we observed with RIDE, the longer-term prospects for most of these firms remain grim. Hype can only go so far. Do not fall in love with any of these stocks. The development of EVs takes billions and the only ones worthy to transition and build out these vehicles are the preexisting behemoths.

Blackberry (BB): Though I hold a trading position, this firm really has no redeeming story, and is lost. Despite having no bullish thesis, however, we could see some upside here.

-Inflationary expectations waning?:

I am keeping any eye on longer-dated UST yields. Specifically, I am observing a descending triangle formation with the 10s and 30s, and Tuesday’s bullish UST price action dropped yields slightly below support. We need to wait for any confirmation of a trend, but this could be telling us that price inflation growth may be topping out here.

The asset markets under decelerating inflation: If inflationary growth is topping out over the next several months, we could see bond yields move lower, while the pressure on the Fed to unwind their dovish policy could diminish. Lower bond yields would help to enhance the prices of income-generating assets, but in a scenario of lower inflationary expectations, asset prices could struggle to move higher.

The current asset market scenario is well supported as inflation growth remains above trend at the same time interest rates reman suppressed. this has provided investors and traders with the best of both worlds. If inflationary expectations fall while bond yields drop as a result, asset price support would endure, but it would not be at such a strong level as now. Residential real estate could experience a slow down in demand.

Much of this stimulus was directed towards personal consumption and it is mostly a one-and-done deal. Most of this stimulus money has already been spent and is now on the balance sheets of those with the assets. Thus, the already low money velocity will slow down even further as the money trickles up to the financial and asset shell covering the real economy.

The engineered demise of the dollar and the assets that benefit

The potential for a catastrophic loss of confidence is growing
Keep quiet as the country is dismantled

-The Harris/Biden regime’s recently announced fiscal policies are domestically oriented towards consumption, and despite the regime’s intention of more effective tax collecting efforts, fiscal deficits will persist and grow.
-As consumption is encouraged via this new deficit spending, the current account and balance of trade will continue falling further into negative territory as this fiscal spending will continue to relatively stimulate the domestic economy.
-The proposed higher corporate tax rates and socialist worker policies will only help to accelerate the offshoring of production and trade to lower taxed jurisdictions.
-As long as the USD is accepted for trade, these dollars will be repatriated by foreigners back into the US and into USD-based assets.
-The US Fed will continue to accommodate the Federal government’s domestic largesse by suppressing interest rates.

The growing risks from the Fed’s willed ignorance

-Though inflation may prove transitory in a linear fashion, my concern is that the USD as a reserve could continue to lose confidence moving out to mid-decade. This will provide the catalyst for prices to continue rising domestically, even as economic growth rates here subside when compared to year over year data.
-Demand for USD-based stocks as well as residential and key commercial real estate assets should continue to remain firm, regardless of economic circumstances. The nation’s capital and financial accounts will be in ever larger surpluses as the US’s trading partners will continue to dump their dollar holdings into tangible USD assets, except bonds. Stocks and real estate will be the largest recipients.
-The Harris/Biden regime seems to be encouraging the demise of the dollar as a reserve and these latest fiscal initiatives will only accelerate this. Foreigners will increasingly become concerned regarding the existential state of the USD. Based on my analysis of their actions, and not their words, it’s my conclusion that the politicians here in power actually hate the U.S. and prefer a global government.
-These hostile powers are using the push button calls of the manufactured COVID crisis, racism, and social inequality to further their objectives to destroy the nation’s finances, investment and business environment, and the dollar. Critics to their plans have been muzzled from political correctness, and there is no longer any restraint.
-A risk to investment residential RE; As prices continue to spiral upwards, the Harris/Biden regime may begin to place ownership restrictions on investment residential real estate. Any types of these actions would only further hurt the value of the USD.
-The US Fed’s willed ignorance regarding the potential of a catastrophic loss of USD confidence due to its policies as well as its blasé attitude towards the government’s naïve fiscal initiatives is duly noted here.
-By promoting the growth of ever larger trade deficits since the 1970s, the Federal government encouraged the use of the USD in the global marketplace, and thus encouraged foreign ownership of domestic assets. Reimposing ownership limitations of any kind on US assets,would hurt the USD.

Stocks, real estate, gold, (and everything else) top my list

-Despite what the gold promoters in the West are claiming, the data in the charts below are telling me that no countries are yet ready to link their currencies to gold. The gold shilling of China and Russia moving to a gold-based currency link seems to be coming from the West, and not from Russia and China directly. Though these nations may be frustrated with the current USD hegemony, moving to a gold link now is certainly not the answer. Any gold linking to the yuan would instantly destroy China’s export markets, as the yuan would rise higher. The CCP is currently trying to weaken the yuan’s recent run up against the USD, so going to a gold link would not make sense.

China’s M2 and loans to banks have tripled in ten years. China is not yet in any position to provide any gold backing to the yuan.
M3 estimates. China’s M3 growth was much greater than that of the other nations. PBOC no longer reports these numbers and estimates are no longer available, but the trend is clear. China can not link the yuan to gold.
M2 Russia (left axis) compared to the US (right axis); Russia’s money supply has almost tripled in the past ten years. Russia is attempting to diversify its economy away from oil and linking the ruble to gold would not help in this regard.

-Regardless, gold should continue moving higher; even commodities priced in dollars. Gold has been rising here less from Basel III regulations and more from the latest fiscal/monetary monstrosity coming from Washington and the Fed. As long as the Fed continues to suppress interest rates, while inflation rises from artificial domestic demand and a loss of USD confidence around the world, the globe’s appetite for the USD will suffer. Gold will benefit, perhaps sooner than later.
-Based on the charts above, Russia’s and China’s banking and monetary situation in many regards is more dire than the US’s. Russia and China have recently been hyperinflating their money stocks, and I suspect that they are doing so to juice their economies, because they know war is coming.

If the United States cannot get its fiscal and monetary houses in order, there will be a lot of anger spread amongst the nations of the world, and it will be directed squarely at the United States. Of course, I have to believe this is being done with intent. What better way for an enemy to destroy a country than to win its elections and control its monetary policy, and blow it up from within.

Domestically speaking, the vast majority of Americans are unable to place the connection between the massive waves of consumer oriented deficit spending and the escalating prices of everything around them, especially their houses and the prices of everything else.

Did the loss in the faith of the dollar happen that fast? Unless the Federal government has a complete change of heart with spending and can stop taunting its rivals I don’t think we have to wait much longer to find out. We are getting no indication from the US Treasury nor the Fed that anything is wrong. At what point do we have to consider that this is being done by design?