Market Update; The Fed, overnight lending, and the crypto crash; Drastic changes to my future plans

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The markets in focus

-A discussion of the repo and reverse repo markets; The Fed ostensibly has a liquidity problem, but if asset prices fade, this dilemma should self-correct.

Interest on Required Reserve Balances and Excess Balances
Repo and Reverse Repo Agreements
Global Cryptocurrency Charts; Total market capitalization

-If asset prices fall, the glut of liquidity may shrink and the sudden drop of $1.2 trillion in crypto asset valuations may do the heavy lifting for the Fed, and help to shrink this liquidity oversupply.
-Despite what Zerohedge and the crypto shills claim, the governments and MSM have been very supportive of the crypto markets. The crypto market is the only truly unregulated market, and any other market would never be able to operate under such circumstances. I suspect cryptos will be the cause of a number of Hegelian dialectic crises in the future. Unregulated cryptos are already wreaking havoc in the ransomware markets.
-Stocks and commodities have remained in a weekly overbought holding pattern and I am still a seller of rallies on most assets
-How the Fed ended up becoming the lender of choice as opposed to the lender of last resort.

Recent changes in the world are accelerating my investment and personal timeline

-The world in a post-COVID environment is a much more openly hostile one to investors, especially to those in the real estate sector.
-States and counties have become emboldened to treat real estate investors with circumspection and contempt. These tax jurisdictions are planning on squeezing these people for as much money as possible. There will be a sharp increase in state and federal government tax audits and monitoring than in the recent past.
-States like Maryland and the blue states will become more openly recalcitrant and hostile in the future.  They plan on using race and wealth disparity as excuses.
-Real estate investors have been making a lot of money and the states want some of it. Look for changes to the tax codes.
-As long as we hold our worldviews dearly, we cannot continue investing through social proof. We need to act unilaterally and quickly. Many personal and investment strategies take several years to complete. If we wait until mid-decade, it will be too late.
-My plans going forward until mid decade.

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24 thoughts on “Market Update; The Fed, overnight lending, and the crypto crash; Drastic changes to my future plans

  1. What about mining stocks? Go to cash and wait for the markets to fall? Or hang in there for the long term?

    1. I have never been of fan of PM miners as production and capital costs can be onerous. I do like gold and silver here, and have to believe that it’s gold’s turn to outperform. I personally like exposure to gold via direct holding, but the miners are still undervalued on a relative basis.

      I wouldn’t wait for a crash to put money in to the markets, though we assume more risk as the markets move higher and get closer to Fed action eventually. We have to have shorter time frames now, but anyone who has held longer term, I would stay in. Despite the Fed possibly tightening soon, they will still be extremely dovish, so the next phases of the NWO can proceed. The only way for that will be for the Fed to remain uber dovish for as long as possible. This is why I think topics like Basel 3 and such are red herrings. Why would these elites shoot themselves in the foot?

      I think gold could be moving higher in anticipation of something in the future.

      I look ar the base metals miners and stocks like CAT, and they are as expensive as the rest of the market. The gold miners are still cheap on a relative basis (that’s because they mine manipulated metals).

  2. Hi Chris — I have a question. I was grown up with very little religious upbringing. I always had a belief in God and a higher power. But I was never into religion. I simply try my best following the Golden Rule, and that’s how I’ve lived my life. But the fact that the one’s ruling the world are so against Christianity makes me thing there is something to it. Otherwise, why are they specifically targeting it with so much time/energy? The problem is that I don’t know where to start. I was hoping you’d help me there. A lot of these churches seem to be infiltrated and might lead people astray. I figured going to you first would be the best. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Otto. I am a Roman Catholic. Stay away from ALL churches. Turn to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Make friends with the saints in Heaven and learn the indulgenced prayers of the Church. Start with the Apostles Creed, Our Father, Ave Maria and Gloria. Read a good OLD Catholic Catechism with Scripture references but understand that aside from Baptism and Marriage, the sacramental system of the Church is no longer accessible. Christ put the challenge to us in this day, “Think ye, when I return, that I will even find the Faith on the earth?” Pray for one another and work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Christ said, “Unless ye do penance, ye shall all likewise perish.” God bless you as you seek His face. Get to know His beautiful Mother too. She loves her Son’s children. A very rich website is and

    2. Here is a good prayer that my kids learned at their high school.
      At the time I thought it was quaint prayer. Now I understand it and I’m going to say it daily.

      St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

      1. Lientje, the prayer invoking St. Michael the Archangel is a traditional Catholic prayer that the Novus Ordo (new order) Catholic Church did away with at mass. (The traditional Catholic Church said it at the end of every mass.) I pray this prayer every day before I go to sleep, and I believe this prayer is so important in this evil time.

    3. You asked the right questions, you’re on the right track. I too, observe how our adversary hates Jesus above all others. People will say that our adversary says the same thing about Mohammed and Buddha, but try going to their countries and preaching Jesus. You can easily preach Mohammed and Buddha here in the United States. Our adversary never mentions the name Jesus, unless it’s taken in vein. Watch all of the filthy shows on Netflix and on the networks. All they do is blaspheme the Holy One and take the Lord’s name in vain.

      All the mainstream churches are corrupted; all the churches have been taken over by the secret societies. The Catholic priest down the street is probably a Freemason, and so is the local pastor. Every one of the churches, except for a few sprinkled here and there, they are less than useless. It’s ironic that end time Babylon United States has the most of these small independent churches left. This is why we’re still here. The Remnant is the last remaining release valve left. It does get smaller every year.

      For a person to be saved and washed, he or she must want to be. It’s as if initially we are all alcoholics, but in order to want to stop drinking, we have to want to. No amount of rehab or money will solve a person’s alcoholism. I can pray for somebody’s conversion, but I can’t force them to change. Ultimately, that rests with you. But I can tell you this much, do not pray to anybody but Jesus and the Father. You have to want to be converted and then you have to remain that way. Once you do though, you will see the whole world in a new light and in a way that just about everyone around you will not wish to see.

      Here’s the upshot, as you get older it gets easier. Getting older and eventually dying is actually a gift; people my age and older stop really caring about the things we used to care about, because we know something much more important is running things and ultimately most of what we thought was so important in this world is really meaningless. We also have hope of something much better.

      Of course, we live by the Golden Rule and such, but that’s putting the cart in front of the horse. We must first come to Jesus, and then everything else falls into place, including how we conduct our lives. it’s not our actions that cure us, but it’s our conversion to Jesus. Our actions then become a reflection of our conversion.

      I stopped going to the churches 17 years ago. Every once in awhile I attend service as an investigation to see if a church works out, and I have never come across one church where I lived that has not been compromised by today’s polluted doctrine.

      If you truly wish to be converted, pray to Jesus and ask him to intervene with the Holy Ghost. See what happens. You wouldn’t be asking me this if there wasn’t a reason. Christianity and biblical doctrine offers the reader with some of the most esoteric and complex philosophies I’ve ever come across. Our adversary is obsessed with them and notice how their rules are the complete opposite. Regardless, the conversion and walk are a simple manner.

      The only way you will learn the truth is by reading the Bible directly.Many people will lead you astray. I know this because I read the Bible myself, and what I come up with is different than what is discussed by these last day preachers and teachers on YouTube and the internet. Even basic topics like once-saved-always-saved and pre-trib rapture is made complicated. Most preachers now take one or two verses out of context and make broad sweeping statements and minimize the walk in the faith. Keep in mind that these pastors and preachers are products of the public school system we rail against. Organized Christianity is no longer a thinking man’s religion.

      We have tens of thousands of wannabe pastors and preachers putting their own spin on everything. It’s truly Babylon and the only way to get through it is to read the Bible yourself through the lens of a converted soul. So take comfort in this, you alone possess the keys to choose. Pray directly to the Father and Jesus, and cut out the middlemen.

      Jesus made it simple for us. He certainly didn’t tell us to look to man-made societal constructs for the answers.

      1. Hi Chris — I appreciate the very well written and detailed response. I have decided I wish to be converted. It’s something that simply makes logical sense to me, and it’s almost like a calling. As I expected – simply going straight to the source (the Bible) is the best way for the truth; instead of Church where exactly as you’ve stated the Priest might take things out of context and lead you astray. Therefore, I’ll start reading the Bible for the first time very soon. Once done I will pray to Jesus Christ and ask to intervene with the Holy Ghost. I will also need to be baptized as well, correct?

        1. Like I said, you have to want to do it. You have to have that calling and desire. You have to believe that there is something much more to all of what we are seeing and that there is a guiding hand to all this, and a purpose.

          I study and have studied all the major religions, and Christianity is the only one that provides me with any true answers. That’s why it’s hated so much. A true Christian views Global government with contempt and would be parallel with ancient Babylon. In this regard, there is some congruence with Islam as it is against globalism as well. Unfortunately, that is where the parallel ends.

          I can go into great detail about the errors of Islam and how it is viewed through The eyes of Ishmael, but how it attempts to make it fit using a Bible written for Isaac and Jacob’s lineage.

          Our adversary can’t get rid of Christianity, so it makes Christians look like a bunch of buffoons, child molesters, racists, and neo-nazis. This is especially true of white Christians. Our adversary makes Christians to look like retards. Meanwhile our adversary makes followers of the Eastern mystic religions out to look like geniuses and enlightened individuals.

          In this last day, a sure sign of being correct is doing the opposite what the world tells us.

          God created Humanity to show his righteousness. My journey started with desperation and then praying to God and Jesus. I had divine intervention and it changed me forever. I’m not saying this will happen to you, but it did for me. This is why I do what I do.

          I then spent the next couple months determining which version of the Bible I would use. Of course, I settled on the King James early on as it was the most descriptive and succinct version for me. If God tells you to use another version, then use it. I’m not here to try to persuade you to use the k j v.

          While there are many people who downplay the need for baptism or will tell you you don’t need to get baptized to be saved, I differ. There’s not one instance in the New Testament where Jesus, the disciples, or Paul says don’t worry about getting baptized. While I’m not saying you’re going to hell if you don’t get baptized, the act of baptism is peculiar to the walk of a Christian. Catholic baptism is of none effect, since it is not done freely and voluntarily. Moreover, if you intend on getting baptized, only do the full body immersion.

          Like I said, you have to want to do it and there is no formal process. I wasn’t baptized for six or seven years after I became a new man.

          Godspeed, my friend.

      2. Your knowledge of Islam seems to be in short supply. There is a whole surah (chapter) of the Qur’an named “Maryam” (Mary), in which Allah swt reveals the true course of events in brief in the lives and missions of the Virgin Mary and Isa (alaihi salaam). Further Jesus is mentioned more times in the Qur’an than Muhammad (peace and bleesings of Allah be upon both prophets). Put simply you cannot be or become a Muslim unless you love Jesus, recognise him as the Messiah and the son of the Virgin Mary, who was not crucified as intended but raised to the heavens by Allah swt and that his 2nd coming will result in him slaying Dajjal, the entity known by Christians as the antichrist.

        There are many rules and limits to how Muslims should act when entering into a stranger’s territory, one of the most well known ones among Muslims being that the buildings in which people worship are to be left intact, their preachers left alone, in fact not even a tree should be cut down in the course of a battle. So the notion that you can’t mention Jesus in Muslim majority nations is very wrong as is the notion that a Muslim would damage a church which the stipulation I just mentioned renders haraam (forbidden) to do. I know who does hate Christianity and Jesus enough to burn down churches, has a track record of commiting atrocities then lying about being victims of the same kind of atrocities, also blaming some innocent party for their atrocities if any suspicion befalls them and that’s not us Muslims. May you increase in knowledge and come to recognise your friends and foes more easily, insha’Allah.

        1. You provide the basic understanding here of what the Quran says about Jesus and Mary. This stuff is old hat to me.

          But this raises an inconsistency here; it creates the typical double mindedness that the Quran brings to its reader and follower with regards to Jesus. Furthermore, the irony regarding Mary is simple; in the Christian Bible she plays sort of a minor role, but in other religions (e.g. Islam and Catholicism) she’s magnified. In one instance (John 19), Jesus called her “woman.” If Allah never presented himself in a tent of human flesh then he’s not my God. The god of Islam is not the God of the Bible.

          Clearly the the Quran’s understanding of Jesus and Mary is vastly different than that of the Christian Bible. This means one of them is wrong. I’ve seen enough inconsistencies in my study of Islam to know which one is incorrect.

          I am not here to bring a consensus to the world, I am here to declare. I advise all of my readers to stay away from Islam. Muslims who practice Islam are certainly free to worship whomever they choose, but one must never confuse the Christian God with Allah. Two different ones altogether.

          True Christians don’t impose their beliefs on others, and this is why I declare that Christians must begin to separate themselves from others. The deceptions are coming in from all angles and many in the remnant are not properly equipped to handle them. At this point we must start to withdraw.

        2. And you’re right, I can probably go to many Muslim nations and talk all I want about Jesus. I just have to make sure that I never call him God.

          Even the Hindus will allow me to talk about Jesus. I just have to make sure that I don’t call him God. Buddhists even talk about Jesus as being an enlightened one. They just don’t want to call him God.

          This is where Islam is exactly the same as all of the rest of the world’s religions. They all like to call Jesus A very wise man and a prophet, yet they forget that he spent most of his ministry telling the world who he was.

          To a non-Christian there is an inherent inconsistency here; a non-believer is faced with a logic dilemma. A person cannot just call Jesus a wise man and a prophet, and forget the fact that he called himself God (John 10:30). To assume one and not the other is an inconsistency in logic and is willful ignorance. If you believe him not to be God, then how can you take anything else he says seriously? You either take both or you take neither. This is just one of dozens of logic fallacies imposed in the Quran.

          I believe that Jesus was both. He was the wisest man that ever walked this planet and he was also who he claimed to be.

        3. Bilal,
          Tell your BS to the Greeks, Serbians, Armenians, coptics and other Orthodox Christians in the middle east. I’m sure they had a different experience of muslim understanding then the one you are trying to portray.

  3. Thanks for another great podcast Chris, full of simple explanations. I like NM also, but allow me to offer a caveat. That is Reconquista territory. If U.S. power declines there, maybe Mexican nationalists will dominate. How will they treat gringos?

    1. If it were up to me I would not be going to New Mexico, but it’s a middle ground. I certainly do not want to remain on the East Coast if only for the crappy weather. It’s also very crowded and the people are actually very nasty in nature. When I lived in Southern Colorado and especially New Mexico, the people actually were very nice and we’re always smiling. I would be too, if I had 320 days a year of beautiful sunshine and low housing costs.

      If I were a loner and had no family I would be moving to Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Idaho, etc. But I am intrigued with some of the Northern areas of New Mexico.

      Louisiana and New Mexico are the two most corrupt states in the country. Notice how they did not model their legal frameworks from British common law. Louisiana is modeled after French Civic code and New Mexico is modeled after old Spanish law. New Mexico’s government is corrupt and this especially manifests on the local levels where bribe-taking and such is encouraged. The local agencies, such as the police force, can be especially corrupt in New Mexico and in Louisiana.

      1. Chris, have you noticed how the godless tend to think those loner places (Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Idaho) will be wiped out when Yellowstone erupts?

        It comes up quite often here in the midwest. Surprisingly often, in casual conversation. It tends to crop up when folks talk about natural disasters.

        I’m starting to wonder if Jesus placed Yellow Stone where it is to ward off the godless. For some reason, someone wants the masses to be afraid of a Yellowstone eruption.

        1. You see how it works. All that is good and logical must be overturned. Of course, it makes sense to move to these areas, but the people keep worrying about Yellowstone and the surrounding areas being blown to kingdom come.

          Ask anyone who bought their homes in western MT or ID over the past five years how they feel of that choice. I bet you they would all be happy. The smart people in the blue states who know what we know are moving there. Yellowstone will eventually have an earthquake and volcanic eruption, but that will be far into the future; or when the rest of the world falls apart.

          Our enemy’s purpose is to plant seeds of doubt and despair on a continual basis.

  4. hello Chris. long time reader, first time commenter. I enjoy reading your site as well as the comments.

    I can’t agree when you say that the hidden rulers have nothing to gain by the disclosure in the information in that 5 hour video.

    what you may not have considered is that the groups the rock singer describes, while they do have some power, are not at the top of the pyramid – nowhere near the top. they are merely tools. their role will change in the near future, as part of the hegelian dialect they will be placed into conflict and then destroyed/discarded. these types of disclosures about “secret society elites” will become more frequent and greater in intensity in order to galvanize the masses.

    you already know who they will be placed into conflict with.

    1. I said earlier the reason he didn’t get into heavy specifics or mention the people on top is simply to protect his life. It’s obvious he’s walking a line and he doesn’t want to cross it for fear of his family or his own life.

      But people that get instilled into this propaganda videos in favor of the Synagogue of Satan do not glorify Jesus Christ. They do not shine a bright light in favor of Christianity. Instead they will in low key ways try to demoralize Christians, and make you doubt Jesus Christ was even real. Not the case here at all. If you don’t see that then I don’t what to tell you.

      1. I agree on that. No other plant is allowed to ever speak of Jesus, let alone in such a positive light. I think of all the other anti-Mason new agers, like the Zeitgeist video producer, etc., and NONE of them ever bring up Jesus. As of now, I just have to believe he is sincere. According to him, he brought up the anti-Mason stance to his friends in 2016, but brushed him off.

        I don’t want to make this into a debate about a person I know nothing about, but based on what he says in that video, I can’t reject him.

    2. Hi. You. could be right. The entertainers he mentions are low level cogs. I recall how Eddie Murphy was discussing this Lucifer topic with Jerry Seinfeld on his Comedians Getting Coffee show.

      This is what we call Limited Hangout, which is why this man is allowed to remain on YouTube.

      I view him circumspectly, and I just judge him on what he says. I also know in all my years of studying these matters, that past plants are never allowed to discuss Jesus in any positive light. As a remnant, I listen to what he says, and wait to see what happens. I doubt anything will happen to him, and he is putting on a great act if he’s decieving us. As of now, I believe he is sincere. Whatever hidden agenda there is, I do not yet know. This guy’s career evidently had been over anyway, and he figures why not go public?

      And like what this guy says, it’s too late and very few people care anyway. Fifty years ago, they would care. 100 years ago, they would care. Today, nobody cares. He can rant all he wants, he’s screaming in an echo chamber that only you and I hear. He actually helps their cause, because they figure many listeners will be turned off just by his hair. They figure it’s way too late for us to do anything anyway, and there’s enough disinformation to water down any truth.

      The people who warned us 30 years ago and further back spoke of the same stuff this guy discusses. The internet had ruined most people’s chance at getting the truth. Nothing but disinfo now. Everything on this Earth is a lie.

      1. Considering documents like the Alta Vendita, the attacks he (a “former” Freemason) reserved for the end of his video might be telling.

  5. The interest from my bank accounts, money market rates have substantially declined again this month. I’m expecting the bank to mail me my money and tell me they don’t want it.

    Looks like the privacy coins like Monero are where people are wanting to go, however those are the ones that should get banned or at least the most regulation. Is this current Bitcoin selloff just another temporary dip like 2018-2019? It’s evolved into a huge industry that didn’t exist during the first big spike in 2017. Paypal and the credit card companies other Corporations are All In with bitcoin payments. So I don’t see it going away, but most people I know do not use or own it.

    There is still much fear mongering going on. South Pacific has been getting some military traffic, an event could transpire. On the bright side, if you look at your local town budgets and forward guidance of some of your favorite companies, it’s mostly Positive and good news. Everything is back to normal in my county area. Be interesting to see if they evil ones try to bring Covid back in play this upcoming flu season.
    I don’t believe there will be mass deaths this time around, just a small percentage from the adverse reactions. Mandated vaccine passports for next year in the works, I hope not but that will be the final straw.

    As usual a very educational podcast.

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