A response to a reader; The importance of Old Testament prophecy leading up to WWIII

been reading you for a while but still don’t understand the relevance of old testament prophecies in which you put so much stock.

can you help me out in a couple of sentences?


As a Christian who takes the Bible literally in every detail, I have always been intrigued with the prophetic aspects of scripture. The Old Testament (OT) and the New Testament (NT) are loaded with prophetic markers to let the student gauge the Bible’s accuracy over time. As such, prophecy has often been referred to as “history in advance.”

The prophets of the OT were concerned primarily with three matters:

1) The foretelling of events and circumstances in the near and intermediate term regarding the ancient Israelites, as well as their neighboring kingdoms and adversaries when it involved Israel,

2) The spiritual fulfillment of the Abrahamic blessings with the arrival of the Messiah (Jesus), who would reconcile humanity back to its Creator,

3) Eschatological affairs regarding last day events.

The OT prophets identify which nations will be involved in WWIII

Although the advent of Jesus fulfilled the spiritual covenant, the physical aspect of God’s promises to Abraham are still in effect today. Indeed, Abraham was promised that the Messiah would come from his seed, but he was also told that kings as well as a company of nations and a great nation would come from his seed in the last days. The last days refer to the period after Jesus’s birth, thus these promises did not pertain to ancient Israel.

While the NT prophets did not mention the physical aspects of the Israelites in last day events, the OT prophets went into great detail about how the endtime events would revolve around these twelve tribes (13 with Manasseh).

Thus, when we analyze the eschatology of the NT, we are left with an incomplete picture. If a Christian scholar refers exclusively to the NT and Daniel, he will have a much more difficult time discerning the timeline and how it relates to the geopolitical world today. When we study the OT prophets in regards to eschatological matters, we begin to see how the Israelite remnants are intimately involved in every detail of the tribulation period.

While it is much more difficult to accurately interpret what the OT prophets have to say, it is worth the effort. Essentially, the OT prophets spoke in great detail about a devastating war that involved certain tribes and nations.

Why do we know these OT war prophecies concern the last days? It’s simple; there has never been a war that has involved this combination of peoples and countries in human history. Thus, it has yet to occur. But based on the developing geopolitical and economic circumstances, it should transpire sooner than most are expecting.

The OT prophets help us predict the timing of WWIII

When we try to unlock the mysteries surrounding last day events, the NT doesn’t reveal the entire combination. OT prophecy is needed in this regard to help the student correctly line up all the tumblers.

If we can objectively view the OT prophecies and what it said regarding the fate of the Israelite remnants in the final days, we can easily determine which nations they founded and where they are today.

So, why is all this important, and why am I emphasizing OT prophecy now? The answer is simple here; time is short and I believe that we are about to enter the time of Jacob’s trouble. This is the most amazing part of this analysis; the locations of the nations in WWIII are lining up like pieces on a chess board, and they all conform to OT bible prophecy.

The OT prophets help us determine which nations will be destroyed in WWIII

While the NT and Daniel explain the end days timeline, it offers an incomplete picture, since we do not know which nations and peoples are involved, and in what capacity. When we objectively analyze the OT prophets (Jacob was a very important prophet, too), we can easily deduce that this upcoming WWIII will be the prophesied time of Jacob’s trouble that will be the catalyst for Jesus’s return.

If we fully embrace what the OT prophets say, God will force Gog, Magog, Meshech, Tubal et al. (Russia and China along with its secret confederacy) to subdue Ephraim (Great Britain) and annihilate Manasseh (the United States, which is the “land of unwalled villages”). With the U.S. out of the way, the rest of the West will suffer a similar fate as well.

Based on my analysis, as well as others, it also seems there are elements within the Western governments themselves that are promoting this first strike offensive against the West to enhance the objectives of the New World Order. Unfortunately for everyone involved, it will be much worse than anyone expects. God will see to it.

Based on the willful ignorance of virtually all of today’s Christians, they will be totally astonished when it does happen. Esau, working with Japheth, will finally subdue Shem and Jacob.  Although, the Western adversaries will not wish to destroy the West, God will force their hand and the devastation will force God to intervene and put an eventual end to it. Basically, when all hope is lost and when countless millions are killed, God will supernaturally destroy Israel’s and Judah’s (the political nation-state of Israel) adversary.

The dominoes are falling and we must start preparing

Based on my most recent observations, time is running very short. We need to spiritually and physically prepare now, because today’s fire and brimstone Christian pastors will be astonished, and have not been properly warning their congregations.

Any church pastor on YouTube is forbidden to speak out against the government and its objectives that are antithetical to the American population. A combination of 501(c)3 tax deduction status as well as cognitive and willed ignorance, and disbelief renders the church pastors ineffectual when they are needed the most.

I have been reporting that the massive deficit fiscal spending is nothing but wealth consolidation, and as War gets close, this spending and wealth consolidation will go parabolic. All of the prerequisites leading up to war, including the debilitation of the Western population via the covid jobs are proceeding as planned.

If this makes sense to you, you’re going to be on your own.

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42 thoughts on “A response to a reader; The importance of Old Testament prophecy leading up to WWIII

    1. I have been reading about this on the alt health sites lately. Does it do the same things as pine bark extract?

    2. Interesting.Thanks brother. We almost always forget the obvious because of the media’s propaganda bombardment, it’s hard to stay normal.

  1. Unfortunately you are acting like a coward knowing that the tribe has been united and entrenched in power and to complete their plan they are throwing out people like you who are an obstacle to their goal: total control.
    His kingdom is on earth and his messiah would be a Genghis Khan to consolidate it.
    The day is approaching and with people like you they have it easier.
    Religion no longer fulfills its function for whatever reason, it does not unite.

    1. The synagogue of Satan is powered by Satan himself. The tribe is powerless on their own, but derives their strength from our own stupidity. They put their god on the $1 bill and still the people don’t care. I talk to otherwise reasonable a d very intelligent people at the gym or in business and government, andwhen covid comes up, they lose it. They are totally unable to reason anything. They are all getting jacked up, too. The mRNA were the line in the sand.

      The Synagogue is powered by their media. Something needs to be done to snap the electronic hypnosis of the people. If the people are unable to snap out of it, humanity is done. John marveled at it.

      Humanity is no longer able to function in the way God intended us to be; we lost our raison d’être. The electronics have severed us from rational thought. Humanity can’t continue like what we see in the sci-fi movies. That’s demoralizing propaganda.

      I will keep pumping stuff out until my web host service boots me. That is just a matter of time. They will be threatened and people like us will be gone.

      1. Chris — the best thing you can do is honestly sell your properties (within a few years or so), and buy a property somewhere tropical and secluded. Invest in some palm trees for a steady supply of coconuts, etc. Have it completely paid off from the beginning. Worst case scenario if you need some income move somewhere super cheap, and have it listed on Vrbo, etc. If you want to – leave some money on the table to play with your stock picks and you’re golden.

        Because people here are completely brainwashed by their social media icons. If you want to make it in Hollywood every actor/actress, artist, (if you can call them that – I stopped listening to mainstream music many years ago); all go through invisible freemasonry membership. AKA membership for the Synagogue of Satan. You’re required to renounce Christianity among other things. Penalty for leaving is death or blackmail. That’s why you see all these musicians/actors do these freemason signs. They wear clothes worshipping their God, and they all do the same hand signals; such as the whispering and the eye with number 6. They are secretly telling you who their God is through those hand signals, and it’s pretty much everywhere. And they’ve infiltrated the media, politics, and even things like the Super Bowl half-time show. Goes to show you the power they have. And the people are following them like mindless zombies, and it’s best to get as much distance from the horde as possible. How does it make any logical sense for a perfectly healthy young person to take the jab? Especially if you know the chances of dying at that age from Covid is almost impossible. There’s absolutely zero critical thinking out there for most of the population.

        1. Agreed on all your observations and questions. Of I were younger and spoke another language I would leave, but I still love this country and hope to help others when things implode. Plus, I have family here. I do dream of some laid back island somewhere. I grew up on Long Island, so any island is relatively laid back.

          I do think about what you say though. My second best option would be to choose a rural area here in western USA and transfer my real estate via a 1031 exchange into RE in the new area.

          Trading keeps me busy and the lights on. Rent is gravy.

  2. Time to gird your loins. People should start throwing out survival type ideas they have or are doing. After reading Jeremiah after u talked about that book I’ve really just tried to stay in my bubble and bust my ass to walk obediently. Distractions everywhere make that a little tough

      1. Indeed. God is forcing his remnant to withdraw from society. I am fixing up a couple of my houses this summer to sell. I will be transferring my life out to the Rocky mountain states. Chuck Baldwin saw the writing on the wall and left FL for MT. That was a wise move.

        Leave social media and the echo chambers. Stop competing with everyone via social proof. The Gospel has been preached to the whole world, and the world has rejected it. We have done our work. It’s time for God to step in as he promised. It’s time to act unilaterally, since the world will not understand the remnant.

        While this particular covid jab is probably not the mark per se, as we have not yet been formally forced to renounce our faith, by taking them, it will predispose us to being less self-reliant when the time comes. We will be sicker and perhaps less cognitively able to seek God and the holy spirit.

        Stumbling blocks everywhere….

    1. Pete, There’s a lot of survival ideas on the net. There’s no one quick fix, but more of a lifestyle which I am trying to embark on to the extent possible with my family. Not easy. Learn the things that grow around you in the wild and are edible – I discovered every part of the lowly dandelion is, and very nutritious. Learn to grow and preserve (can, freeze, or dehydrate) some of your own food, and save seeds. Start a pantry, including water storage, and learn to cook from scratch like your grandma did….Also, store up some hand tools that don’t need power… the list goes on. The important thing is to start right now!

      1. P.S. Even if you don’t have space to garden, you can sprout things inside(get sprouting seeds), or grow in pots with grow lights inside or outside on your patio, and/or locate some farmers markets…

      2. Learning to hunt like humans used to do will prove invaluable. An elk can last for months.

        1. Also, in addition to hunting and in response to Pete’s question, consider chickens. (Not everybody has the set-up to do that though.) Chickens are easy to keep, don’t need a huge amount of space, are great recyclers of table scraps, and provide protein, either in the form of eggs or the whole bird itself, depending on the type. They also provide great fertilizer for the garden.

      3. There is no place to hide.With drones and space technology you will become part of the overpopulated, disposable population.

    2. The more I read the Bible, the more I realize how difficult our walk in the faith is for those Christians who are left. Today’s Church minimizes it with the “once saved always saved”doctrine, but it is very very difficult today. Our family members are the biggest stumbling blocks.

      When it comes to being saved and being blessed, I used to think living in the United States at this time was a blessing. But there is nothing in the world today that solidifies my faith with Christ. In terms of saving my soul, this is actually the worst time to live in the United States and world. If we lived during the Medieval ages, we surely would have had a better chance of entering the kingdom than today, given the circumstances of today. Christians today have made everything so difficult. A few hundred years ago, all we needed was a Bible and an independent mind.

      At 55 and trying to maintain my health, I would choose the living in the earlier times in a heartbeat and rid myself of these psychological gaslighting mind games by my own government.

      By the way, if you reconcile the Old Testament prophets with the New, you will quickly deduce that the coasts of the United States is the Illustrated Babylon painted in the Book of Revelation. Unfortunately, the whole world has become spiritual Babylon.

      The Book of Revelation also discusses a Great War in the last days as well, it just doesn’t mention who it is. So, don’t worry you Laodicean pastors, you will eventually be correct as well.

      Everything in this world is run by Satan and he has made it virtually impossible for the average person to shake the distractions and remain faithful. Everything in this world is antithetical to the fiath.

      I’m glad that you dusted off the Old Testament prophecies. They are as relevant today as they were when Jeremiah wrote them when Judah was taken into Babylonian captivity.

      1. Chris,
        I have followed your blog for a while now, and everything you said about the churches rings true for me. I have tried so many churches with my family and we finally gave up – in the end their 501c3 status just makes them NGO feeders of milk, not meat.. A blogger friend told me something profound which helped me put this in perspective: “The church lives in the catacombs.” In a strange way, I take heart in that, and I hope that helps somehow. God has a plan and a purpose for each of us, even if it’s in the catacombs that we have to “work out our salvation in fear and trembling.”

        1. you trust a character that the tribe despises? hitler, lenin, … had 99 percent of truths but the remaining 1 percent was where the danger was.The kingdom of heaven is for the sheep.

      2. The battle is on earth, not in heaven (figuratively speaking), if you consider earth as hell, the fight will be in hell.

        1. We have to get through this world to get to the promised land. I know it can seem like hell down here sometimes, but we need to keep fighting and keep our hopes up. Knowledge is power and we still can communicate on the web for now.

  3. Chris,
    I have been your follower for several years. You have really hit the nail on the head. I am thankful I took your advice into consideration and did not listen to Zero Hedge. Thanks to staying invested in stocks and assets work is now an option.

    The pressure to take the vaccine feels like the Jim Jones Cult in Guyana back in the late 70s. The Covid 19 vaccine is like the “Kool Aid”. My boss accused me of being a Nazi for not taking the vaccine and threatens to cut me off from work. Just a reminder, Hitler used prisoners for vaccine experiments. I am very incensed that people have the nerve to dictate what I put into my body. All my family members are pressuring me to take the kill shot. The media is putting a lot of pressure on family members, friends ,and coworkers to isolate those who will not get the covid vaccine. The media is also accusing the vaccine refusers of jeopardizing those around them. I always thought those not taking the vaccine are only threatening themselves. Why should those who are vaccinated worry? Are they not confident in the vaccine? We are experiencing a Vaccine cult.
    It is true that I would like to protect myself from the Covid 19. I have heard of people getting Covid 19, however ,these vaccines are not the answer. These vaccines are as bad as the disease if not worse.
    I have heard to many stories of people getting paralyzed , getting strokes, heart attacks, and skin diseases after the shots(not on mainstream media of course). I have heard prominent doctors come out and say that these vaccines can attack the brain cells and other organs and bring on dementia or alzheimers. I have also seen disturbing reports of magnets sticking on the arms of people where the jab occurred. They are adding a lot more than just the questionable medicine.

    My intuition says that these vaccines are the devil’s brew and should be avoided at all costs. I also think that these vaccines will cut off your ability to connect with God. I think I will isolate myself as I think humanity is going off the deep end. Heaven help those who don’t want the Vaccine but live paycheck to paycheck.

    Us anti vaxxers need to seek each other out for support and fellowship because I can see that we will be lonely people. I urge people to read the Bible and seek God through Jesus Christ. Jesus will be your only friend to stand by you during these insane times.

    Andrei Z

    1. Thanks for the post. I could have written it myself.

      At least 60% of covid hospitalizations are with vaccinated people. This alone says the shots are useless as intended. They actually make getting covid worse as less than 60% of the population received their jabs.

      Yeah, I find the rapid change in humanity very breathtaking, and I am getting concerned about transacting in commerce soon. What about my properties, etc? Do I have to sell or walk away? My family is or will be getting the shots, and I won’t. I don’t have a good immune system already. I have leukopenia. I honestly think God will take me out soon. I exercise and take supplements and eat well to stay healthy, but I always get the sniffles. I don’t see many years left anymore.

      1. Chris thanks for your advice. Here in WV we are too close to the coast. Land prices are shooting up and I’m seriously considering selling and getting out. A RE guy told me he’s getting lots of calls from New Yorkers. They can shoot west on I-80 and I-76, then south on I-81 (a nasty shithole of a road) and I-79. Regarding your property in PG, I would sell and scoot. I lived in PG for 40 years and if I still held property there I would be gone. I remember the ’68 King riots in DC, when the judenpresse had amped up the negroes to destroy and terrorize whites.

        Drone flights are increasing here in southern WV. Surveillance is up. The confederate statues will come down soon.

        You mentioned expropriation of white assets. Yeah, that’s coming. And reparations. The ultimate DNA researcher, the LDS church, has a special relationship with ZOG. LDS will turn over lists of whites with ancestors in the South before 1865 to the ADL, the SPLC and Fedgov.

        A jew runs DHS, FBI, Justice, CIA, National Intelligence, commandant of the marine corps. The CMC recently forced co-ed boot camp. The marine corps will cultivate colored troops and they will be turned loose on the white population. Plus mercenaries. Jewry is lining up its forces for the kill shot. This is it. It’s starting now.

        Another thing to consider is the coming reduction in force of Federal employees in DC. There will be little for these people to do in a few years. They are already redundant. They have their jobs because marketers know that african americans spend more of their disposable income than any other demographic. That’s why you see so many blacks in the GS 11 category. Looked at the leased Benzes they drive, everywhere in DC.

        Also, I think Fedgov has been secretly moving its key departments to the Denver area over the last decade. Like the coast is toast and fedgov knows it.

        Hamas—controlled by Israel. This ongoing “attack” on Israel coincides with the amped inflation rate here in the US, also no accident. As usual, world energy revolves around jews and jewry. All meant to destabilize America.

        This is the final assault on whites. This is meant to eradicate whites. I suggest everyone read Revilo P. Oliver’s “The Jewish Strategy”, the best book ever on their character and intentions.

        1. The same things were done in South Africa. Thanks for the book recommendation. Personally, I don’t buy the OT/NT monologue. The OT ‘covenant’ ended with Crucifixion Friday. The “end of [their] world” happened in 70 A.D. when the temple was wrecked and the place “to offer sacrifice” was no more. As for where the different factions ended up, well, it’s rather obvious their mind tricks are everywhere. Running into the hills won’t fix that and that’s what needs fixing. As for the LDS, they’ve been just another spy agency since inception.

          1. You speak of the spiritual reunification with the Father. That is the most important.

            What I speak of was common knowledge up to and before the advent of the Federal Reserve. The century+ demoralization campaign is now complete, so the destruction can begin. The US is filled with evil racists, and it needs to go… is what most Christians Round the world will say.

            Unfortunately for humanity, we will see events unfold as we stated here, yet the Laodicean church will still deny it.

            No disagreement with the mormons. Great people, but deceived by their prophets.

          2. The Laodicean church will still deny it (for those Christians who survive), but they became too stupid to even comprehend it. They lack the cognitive abilities as they were raised like everyone else in the public schools and glued to the enemy’s media.

        2. I-81 in VA is one of the worst interstate stretches in many ways. It is as crowded as the other ones in VA, and it’s only 2 lanes each way. Truckers prefer that route over I95, and the amount of trucker traffic has grown tremendously. VDoT has been trying to expand it to three lanes, but the costs are too much. The terrain makes it a bear, too, as the variations in driver speeds creates long back ups and lots of accidents.

          I like in investing in PG.as the prices and cash flows create great opporrunities. I have always recommended PG County to everyone, and have owned there for close to 20 years but all the white folk I mention PG to balk at the notion of PG. They all claim to not be racist, but they are full of crap. All these educated people, too….

          For the reader, Prince George’s County MD is the largest and wealthiest minority-majority county in the US. In fact, Louden and Fairfax Counties VA are number 1 and 3 with the highest median household income levels. Howard County MD, adjacent to PG, is number 2. Lots of money here. The blacks and Hispanics do very well here. If I were unwashed, I would like living here. This area is not a great place to be at odds with govt philosophy. I know CIA and Pentagon employees, and so are some of my tenants.

          I am growing tired of PG, because they have the highest property taxes of any county in VA, MD, or DC. It’s the highest by far and the taxes are skyrocketing, and the PG county government is so corrupt. No businesses open there. They all go to NoVA. In PG, I have to deal with mandatory govt rental inspections, licenses, and higher purchase/sale taxes and surcharges that don’t exist in even adjacent Montgomery County MD. An LLC loan in PG carries a 1% county surcharge, above every other tax, which are already high. The other counties do not have this.

          Although the level of federal government employment has leveled off over the years, the employment rates with Federal contractors is stil increasing tremendously. As Government business in the United States gets centralized at the federal level, the amount of money that pours into this area and into federal government related jobs continues to grow. Think of all this deficit spending; federal contractors get a lot of that.

          As for whom I prefer to deal with, race has no bearing. In fact, when it comes to RE investing, the biggest scumbags I have had to deal with were whites. All of us are trying to make ends meet, and the racism that is exploited to the masses is dispensed out of Arlington and McLean, VA. The media and the elites who are ostensibly looking out for blacks, Hispanics, and Asians, are only doing that to further their objectives for the New World Order and to consolidate their power over the populations. If it served them better to do so, these globaists would throw the minorities under the bus in a heartbeat. We must never mistake the calls of overturning racism promoted in the media as being genuine. It is all designed to subdue the majority.

          The Jews in Israel are like anyone else. The Rothschild founded the misnamed Israel nation state and did that in tandem with the overtaking of the churches. Nothing but deceptions. If I were naming the country, I would have recommended Judah or Judea.

          Israel is the most militarized country in the world, because it was founded by the synagogue of satan for the endtime deception.

          If this inflation keeps up, we will have riots in America.

          1. Thanks for addressing race in your comments. Anyone who judges a person because of the amount of melanin in their skin is unfortunately ignorant and deceived. Folks don’t realize they have been brainwashed about skin color. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, etc…

            Most people that have negative comments about any race of people usually have had zero relationships with those particular people. All of their opinions and railings have come from propaganda. I am black and I grew up going to school with a fair mix of each race. I was good friends with many whites and still am to this day. I am also friends with many blacks. It’s all about proximity. Who you are raised around is usually who you’re most comfortable with and that’s okay. I just hate to see people make sweeping generalizations about a group of people based on what they’ve seen in the news or heard from media. Most folks don’t try to develop any type of relationship with people who don’t look like them, so how could one possibly judge a group of people when they don’t even know any of them?

            There are horrible people in every skin tone. Unfortunately black people have been used as target practice and have been treated as inferior throughout the world. Darker skin is not welcomed in any nation..This is why many of them now believe they are the real Israelites. 🤷🏾‍♀️

          2. Response to Stephanie P.

            I admit that before I got involved with real estate 20 years ago, I stayed mostly with white people. I grew up in a heavily white town and my education was mostly white and Asian (economics and math). Living in Manhattan was more open to everyone, but still mostly white where I lived. That’s the way it was.

            I get it, too. My life has been easy. Whenever I struggled, it was mostly my doing. Where I live now is very much a reflection of the open borders policy. People from all over the world live next door. They are all struggling like everyone else, but I see firsthand what open borders has done to the prices of housing. All these mewcomers occupy all the houses that were owned by natives. Since they aren’t building this range of housing anymore, the prices keep rising. I don’t blame them, I blame government policy.

            This is why I concentrated on this sector, and by concentrating on the segment, I see all walks of life. They are all people struggling to make ends meet. I honestly feel bad for so many of them. They don’t know what we know and they are predisposed to accepting the official narrative, especially since the govt has rolled out the red carpet for them.

            We can’t change the outcome, so we invest on the trend to profit and stay ahead.

      2. Chris – I’ve been taking supplements for the past 12 years. The problem with most supplements is that the body doesn’t absorb most of it. Sometime last year I changed my entire supplement line to Ancestral Supplements and I honestly never felt better. They are on Amazon, and I recommend giving a look. They might have something to help with your immune system. Keep up the good fight brother.

        1. I take 20-30 mg a day of piperine extract with my difficult to absorb supplements. I also take my supps after my most fatty meal of the day. That is usually lunch, since I adhere to time restricted eating. I skip breakfast and eat between 12-1pm and 6-7pm. I take a few supps on an empty stomach with morning coffee.

          Piperine is great for curcumin. About 2 grams of curcumin a day.

      3. Chris, you ever tried fulvic acid, colloidal silver and cat’s claw?

        1. I know of a couple people who swear by colloidal silver. When I lived in Pueblo CO, about 15 years ago, there was a guy who used to go into the local Natural Grocers and he always looked bluish. The color of his skin was odd looking. I was dating the looker checkout girl there at the time and she told me that he got that way from drinking too much colloidal silver. Whether that’s true or not I do not know, but the discoloration is permanent from what I here. It needs to be taken in small to moderate doses I guess.

          I never really looked at cat’s claw before, but I read up on it and it sounds like something that I could find useful. I’m always having problems with catching colds and sniffles, and I have a lot of joint pain. I think this could actually help. I shop primarily on Swanson vitamins and Vitacost and also use allstarhealth for whey proteins and other stuff as well.

          I think I’ll also try fulvic acid. It could be something I could add for my workout regiments. The price points are good on those two products.

      4. Chris,
        I will pray for your good health. My hunch is that the Covid 19 Vaccine will make your condition worse as I think these vaccines will exacerbate health problems. I am also very concerned about long term negative side effects from these vaccines. No one has discussed that out there. I have an Uncle and Aunt who have gotten their shots and their health condition is getting progressively worse after the shots. I really feel the Covid 19 vaccines will not protect against the disease. In addition, they are now talking about booster shots being necessary. This is a sinister scam.

        I myself am the only one in my family and among coworkers who refuses the Covid Vaccine. People are starting to treat me like a pariah as a result but at this point I don’t care to fit in a society of lemmings going off a cliff. We are living in a Vaccine Cult.

        We are lone wolves but I think our bodies are more important than fitting in because the human body is the temple of God. God created the human body in his image and Satan wants to destroy us in his battle with God. Our faith in God through Jesus Christ is the only way to get through this. It is much more important to get God’s approval than from those falling for the lies perpetrated by the Devil himself.

        I am very concerned that taking any Covid 19 Vaccine will ruin our ability to spiritually connect with God. While it appears not to be the mark of the beast ,the Vax could very well cut us off from God.

        The key to get through this is to bond with fellow believers in Jesus Christ who are opposed to the vaccine.

        I wish you the best Chris.

        Andrei Z

        1. Amen, brother. The covid jab is my line in the sand. This is tantamount to having to turn in my guns.

          Whether or not this is part of the mark is irrelevant; it is definitely a soft kill weapon, for we know the NWO objectives. It is being dispensed during a time of irrational fear. I suspect it is there to soften us up leading to the formal takeover.

      5. Take Lycine (kills viruses better than HCQ or Ivermectin, and even kills herpes) and Vitamin D (lots of it, 10,000-20,000 IU a day for 2 months to build up, then 5000 IU a day).

        These form a powerful defense against all viruses.

    2. Remember Hitler, Lenin. The crucified and all the garbage that surrounds that doctrine is the road to extinction.

  4. I assume this recent war with ‘Gazer’ sic Gaza and slaying the Philistines / Palestinians is a planned prelude to it all unfolding. Its ritualistic.

    1. All the freedoms we took for granted are all drying up. We have to start withdrawing from society and develop independent lifestyles. Learn marketable skills like carpentry, plumbing, welding, electrical, etc. A non-vaccinated white man will be treated like an illegal alien in his own country. Every person who gets vaccinated is our manufactured enemy, as they only embolden the new world order elites. I cannot believe how people willingly Jack themselves with these MRNA poisons. It goes to show the power of social proof reinforced by MSM.

      Learn to hunt and forget about trying to fit in. That ship has sailed.

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