05/12 Market update; We are lab rats with a one-party system, centrally-planned economy, and a Soviet media

60-90 minute wait at my local gas station. Other NoVA fuel pumps are experiencing the same routine, and FCP are are actively monitoring. The people are lab rats in a real-time experiment

To download right mouse click here – (3pm, duration 30:41)

-A huge warning for stock investors. The stock market is undergoing its first meaningful correction as official inflation data confirm that the US Fed may have to act soon to rein in inflation growth. The S&P 500 rose past the 4,000 minimum level needed for a meaningful retracement, and we are now getting it.

-After a recalibration, I have determined that people are now acting rationally irrational once again. I have simply lowered my expectations for humanity, and now their behavior is again making sense.

-Manufactured austerity; housing shortage to last forever! Gas shortages and living supplies shortages to persist in a centrally planned economy. The people now have the government they choose and want.

-Fake supply shocks and shortages. The police are monitoring hour-long waiting times for gas at the gas stations down the street from my house in NoVA. These supply shocks and shortages are manufactured and allow these elites to experiment on us in real time.

-Donald Trump was the perfect compromised patsy to blame for bringing the U.S. under a one-party system. He borrowed billions from the Rothschilds and still supported the mRNA jabs. The demoralized Christian pastors were praying for Trump, who was propped up as a globalist change agent.

-The MSM and even some of the alt-media (e.g. ZeroHedge) work to demoralize the population.

-The U.S. government is only a customer service window for the synagogue of Satan, who use the Pentagon (DoD) and CIA in Arlington and McLean, VA, to control the media. Our media is centrally run and has become just like the Pravda and TASS during the time of the Soviet Union.

-Satan points out racism. Satan wants everyone to be a light shade of brown. Satan demands we love everyone, including ourselves. This change in mindset is necessary, so the Americans can be treated like livestock.

-The fire and brimstone preachers on YouTube are now useless in helping us determine the truth. Though they speak with such authority; they tell the outliers to shut and be careful we don’t go to hell. These pastors lack the cognitive capacity and courage needed to assist their suckered congregations leading up to Jacob’s trouble. If you don’t go along with their Laodicean teachings, they warn you that hell awaits the liars and deceived.

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4 thoughts on “05/12 Market update; We are lab rats with a one-party system, centrally-planned economy, and a Soviet media

  1. We have one less Israelite expert in the world; Rick Adams, who appeared on RBN since its inception, died in late March. These brave and solitary men needed to be taken out first before the time of Jacob’s trouble. The dumbed down church needs to be astonished when it all goes down. Based on ALL the YouTube preachers I see, we are now fully deceived, and the unraveling can begin, according to the Old Testament prophets.

    Rick Adams was kicked off YouTube a couple years ago. He was too Christian for that service. He knew that a true Christian needed to warn people of both the spiritual and physical dangers to come. So sad that he is gone. He truly is in a better place.

    1. With Alan Watt gone and now Rick Adams too, it would appear the ‘old guard’ is purposefully being removed..? His obit doesn’t state a reason, just that his passing was sudden as was the case with Alan Watt. Thank you for mentioning this. I listened to Rick Adams many times years ago on RBN. I’ll pass this on to others who may want to know.

  2. Where do you think the stock market will bottom? What about bitcoin? Is Musk doing this on purpose?

    1. I will let you know when I look at the shorts more closely. Elon Musk is following orders from somewhere. But if stocks take a tumble, everything will follow along. This includes cryptos and commodities.

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