The CIA and DoD; Engineers of the largest gaslighting campaign in history

Our lives have become propaganda memes developed in Arlington and McLean, VA. There is no more truth coming from the government, and the MSM work to demoralize its consumers. We are the unwitting participants of the largest gaslighting campaign in history. We are no longer going to find confirmation of our own observations. The average person will be slowly driven insane.

Google as well as the other major technology and social media firms own our data and know us better than we know ourselves. The elites, who control these firms and the data gatherers in the government agencies, don’t need the constitution. They have access to our most inner thoughts and views. Agenda 2030 is a layup from here.

They treat us like livestock and fungible commodities, because we allow them.

-COVID vaccine injuries will be greatly underreported, while COVID deaths and cases will be greatly exaggerated.
-The reasons the MSM give for the rising real estate prices in this cycle resemble those from the early-mid 2000s. The PTB using the US Fed, allowed house prices to rise the first time around, so they could collapse them. That provided them with the reason needed to consolidate their control of the monetary and financial systems, as well as provide the excuse to accelerate their wealth consolidation with QE.
-Real estate is rising this time via financial engineering, foreign government money, sovereign wealth funding, and open borders. But the MSM says it’s the remote worker and nesting in a post-covid world. More gaslighting.
-Many areas in the U.S. have seen ten years worth of real estate appreciation in only a year.
-If the U.S. did not pump in 6-7 trillion in stimulus, the economy would have collapsed.
-Overall demand is way down, but growing inflation at this point seems to be mostly supply-side driven. The supply chain is busting apart.
-Real cost of living expenses are rising at close to 10%/ year, yet the Feds say it is rising at 2-3%.
-QE and deficit spending is wealth consolidation. The Higher the spending, the closer we are to the force majeure.
-The US Fed is being willful with its implementation of monetary policy. Powell engages with the homeless outside the Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building and says he’s looking out for them. He tells the minorities he’s looking out for racial justice.
-The same dark force that owns the central banks created the crypto concept and let it flourish, so it could provide it with the manufactured existential problem for the central banks. The central banks have now been working on their own solutions to combat the cryptos. Crisis, reaction, solution, at its best.
-Events and processes are coming together for something big in the next few years.
-People are no longer rationally irrational. Asset prices have fully detached from reality.

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35 thoughts on “The CIA and DoD; Engineers of the largest gaslighting campaign in history

  1. I’ve been looking at interviews with lumber farmers here in the US, and the combing through the lumber supply chain, and it is amazing how little money the lumber farmers are making with the current run up and lumber prices.

    The industry has consolidated to such a degree that only a few large players are actively involved in the supply chain.

    The growers used to get as many as 10 to 15 bidders looking to buy their lumber. Currently they are only receiving bids from about five parties, and all seem to be lowballing in their bidding as well. The suppliers and retailers keep all of the profits. This hype benefits HD and LOW the most. This is the way it works in all of the agricultural sectors.

    The supply chain makes all of the money and dictates the terms.

  2. Australia will ‘die a long, lingering death’

    The Western press is amazing at spreading the anti-West propaganda.

    This is an article from Sky News. As we can see, the goal of our adversary is to destroy the West. They hope to destroy it morally and spiritually, and if that doesn’t work, they’ll just destroy it militarily.

    It’s just basic understanding to know where Jacob’s house is in the last days. Yet, the West is imploding in on itself, because it’s being ordered to do so. The people love it. The church pastors say we deserve it. The demoralizers in the alt-financial media will tell you the West can’t support itself, while the real racists in the West call everyone else racist. They are all leading the charge.

    The West has been primed for collapse for decades. All self-inflicted wounds, because the people in the West have lost their morality and now I accept these types of articles. An amoral people can easily be treated like livestock and Jacob’s house has given up its Birthright blessings with cunning and deceit. Of course, the church pastors are nowhere to be found and will agree with the premise of these articles.

  3. Stocks, real estate, gold, silver, cryptos etc will all be worthless when the beast system reaches it’s climax, which is much sooner than any of us realize (within 15 yrs IMO). Not sure why you push investment advice when it’s literally nothing more than worthless baubles on a computer screen, and your physical assets can and will be confiscated if you refuse the covid vaccines (and annual boosters) and eventually the mark.

    1. You’re being generous; based on current trajectories, as well as the degradation of society’s cognitive capacity, think we only have a few to several years left.

      Don’t let them steal your soul. That is the ultimate asset they want to confiscate. It is priceless.

  4. So let’s think this pale future through.
    Governments will make it impossible to own (paper) assets outside the system.
    Since you are not vaccinated, you will have no job and no income.
    Your movement will be severely hampered if not restricted completely.

    So how will you come by? How will you get food, energy, wood for the stove, etc.
    Are you going to try to barter with your neighbours, who as Chris said might be your worst enemies spying on you?
    Or are you going to try to store 5 years of stuff, hoping you will not run out of supplies anytime soon and didnt miss something critical to your survival.

    To be honest, i am still not seeing it. Is it just gaining time and hoping sanity will return? Or do we actually see a future where the above can work out.

    1. You have a ton of questions and sensible observations, but unfortunately, we have no answers yet. This is completely unprecedented, and as I’ve been saying, the people are now acting irrationally irrational.

      I don’t have the outcomes in mind and no one else does either. We can only speculate at this point but since humanity has folded like a cheap tent to the powers, the future is definitely not bright.

      We know the objectives of the New World Order, and they’re only achievable with a compliant population. The psychology of the population at-large has changed so quickly, and only the past 12 to 18 months. My observations have been so disappointing. If this covid scam goes on for another couple of years, believe me on this one, the vast sea of humanity will accept the mark. I cannot believe how demoralized humanity has allowed themselves to become. They are so addicted to the news sources and the TVs, and all I can say is that they are under total hypnotizing mind control. This irrational fear is manifesting in ways that I never thought imaginable just a couple years ago.

      If people were told that living in dog houses would solve the covid dilemma, they would all move in to their pet’s houses and act like Nebuchadnezzar barking at the Moon.

      As an investor with an overwhelming percentage of my assets tied up in rental properties, I am becoming more and more concerned that the government may just expropriate my real estate with no excuse. The people have become so irrational that they will go along with it.

      Already, before the covid scam, owning assets outside the system was very difficult. Whenever you wanted to buy an asset inside the system with assets that were outside the system, there were onerous reporting and tax implications.

      I sold gold and silver between seven and ten years ago to buy real estate rentals, and that money has to be reported on a tax return, since the bank, which will report these transactions to the feds, will force me to leave a verifiable audit trail, which means I have to pay my capital gains taxes. If you’re talking about a couple of gold coins you can get away with it but, when you talking about several hundred, it is a much different deal.

      The same is true when you buy and sell Bitcoin. You need to show the transactions whenever you buy anything inside the system like a piece of real estate. The anti-laundering regulations in the United States Patriot Acts forces all parties in a financial transaction to report to the federal government.

      We still have to move forward financially speaking, and in a manner that is consistent with past behavior and logical assumptions. I don’t know if we won’t be able to buy or sell lest we have a vaccine. Only the high Powers know that one. We do know the general direction, but I can tell you this, if we are in over our heads with debt and have no sources of income other than from an employer or government, we will not being as good a shape. Though I doubt it, this also may just pass in a year or so. Similar to what we saw after 9/11 and the 2008 financial crisis. Nobody has answers yet.

      I could tell you this much, the longer this narrative goes on and the people are completely demoralized and beaten down, the more your neighbors and relatives will become your worst enemies. They’re all slowly being driven insane .

      With our worldviews, we are quickly being looked upon as the enemy. So as you acquire gold or any asset, I would suggest to keep our mouths shut and don’t tell people. I would suggest driving a crappy car and living in a simple unassuming house. Don’t tell people you were buying gold, just do it. Don’t tell people you own and are making money on cryptos, just do it. The people have been broken and demoralized and are desperately looking for answers, and they don’t want to hear the answers you give.

  5. Have you ever wondered why dollarized assets, such as stocks and real estate continue to move higher?

    Here’s a blog post from the IMF, which explains that the dollar is losing its status as a reserve currency.

    All of these dollars need to be invested somewhere, especially if they’re not going to be used as reserves anymore. Of course, Zerohedge presented its readers with the non-sequitur thesis that as the dollar fell, so would asset prices. That charlatan outfit, as well as the rest of the supposed Alt-fnancial media had been telling you that asset prices would have collapsed. Oh well, we should be getting more stimulus check soon.

    1. Hi
      Should we be taking the contra and buying Nasdaq stocks?

      1. With inflation on the rise and interest rates having at least plateaued at this higher level, I am having a more difficult time defending the growth sector, and those stocks that have prospects reaching out into the distant future. I would be sticking to NASDAQ stocks that have well defined stories and cash flow.

        Most of the NASDAQ listed stocks have a harder time passing higher costs on to the customer. Stocks that have prospects pushed out into the farther future are getting pummeled, and have been getting pummeled for months now. I would stick to the most liquid NASDAQ stocks here.

        This higher interest rate environment with higher inflation, value plays tend to be able to pass on their costs to the customer as their customers are less likely to leave when the costs are passed on to them. These value plays tend to have inelastic demand, and we are seeing this in the Dow and S&P stocks. Dow Chemical is doing exceptionally well as well as the Dow Jones Industrials. This is to be expected in this cycle and I don’t see it ending anytime soon, especially as long as the US fed continues it’s current programs. Once we hear talk of taper, I would begin to sell a lot of stuff, including cryptos.

        But Ben Bernanke said the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet could easily go to 100% of GDP, and I agree with him. This means it could effectively triple from here. That would allow us three to four more covid propaganda campaigns.

  6. You haven’t said anything about ZeroHedge lately. They’re back on Twitter and they have almost a million subscribers. What do you think?

    1. Oh yeah. Zero Hedge.

      I noticed they are back on the mainstream social media sites and there subscriber and viewer base is larger than ever. They got religion after it got booted off because of their intimating that covid-19 was manmade and its revenue fell.

      Our adversary prefers the type of anti-West propaganda that Zerohedge pedals. As long as it continues pedaling its pro-Russian narrative with regards to the markets, its readers will lose money and their masters will be pleased.

      Zero Hedge followers sat out all last decade since QE was implemented, and watched in disbelief as they continued to anticipate the bust that never came.

      There was then a feedback loop that was generated when these unwashed sad sacks, who lost out in the bull markets, became addicted to whatever Zero Hedge said for reaffirmation of their particular confirmation bias. A very toxic feedback loop was generated which was very profitable to Zero Hedge, while their readers took the contra and lost out. It’s basically the bottom 90% who are attracted to what Zerohedge says. The top 10% take the contra.

      What gets me is that there are many people who actually think Zerohedge helps them make money. The followers of Zero Hedge have lost out on the biggest bull markets in human history. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

      Zerohedge may have been correct with bitcoin, but the globalists wanted us going into that anyway at the expense of gold. Gold has been the biggest loser since 2010. So is silver.

  7. Hey Chris,

    What do you think about silver? Or miners? I believe you’ve mentioned gold in the past.

    Thank you,

    1. I am surprised silver hasn’t risen more. As we can see, there is a concerted effort to put a lid on gold and platinum. But especially gold. This is where the cryptos come in as a replacement for the yellow metal.

      Based on everything else I’m seeing, I wouldn’t be shocked to see silver taking out its all-time highs. Nothing surprises me anymore and if the FED continues this willfully ignorant monetary policy, all bets are off.

      1. I’m not sure the paper-gold/silver prices matter too much anymore, I’d look at premiums if anything. The dealers are however following the paper-price, so if PM’s keep having a lid placed over them you could buy it at a bargain with crypto-profits in this next leg up, for example.

        “Once the dollar begins it’s decline through price inflation, it’s use as a reserve and more importantly it’s use to establish a gold market will stop. This will cause an unexpected delayed positive impact on gold values as gold’s paper marketplace goes through tremendous convulsions. We may see dollar price inflation in all things, yet gold values fall as contracts fail from constricted supply.”

        1. I’m with you on this. Gold may go up in value. Silver may Skyrocket.

          But what real good will that do you if you own gold and silver coins? I mean, what are you going to do with your gold and silver coins? The only person who will take them is a gold dealer and they will demand personal information from you.

          I don’t mean to redirect the argument back into my original discussion, but I must. Many firms out there are beginning to refuse taking cash. Hardly any of my everyday transactions in real estate accept cash. Only the grocery stores and retail will accept cash. And this is quickly changing.

          How many people are going to take your gold coins, other than a gold dealer? If you start pedaling gold coins and silver coins to people to buy things, take my word on this one, they will report you as being seditious. Your neighbor is your worst enemy.

          In order for your gold, silver, and cash in physical form to be legal above $10,000, you must file a form with the US Treasury and state the reason why you own it. If you don’t claim it you are considered a potential criminal or terrorist under the Patriot Acts.

          The gold and silver dealers are being very disingenuous with their customers.

          1. I see your point. It’s also different country by country and up to you how savvy you are. I’m located in Scandinavia; I know my dealer – he accepts crypto and cash as payment – I can go pick it (the gold/silver) up myself if I want, no paper trails.

            Personally I think capital preservation will be the theme the next 100 years, one needs to think very far ahead in order to make the correct choices. Let’s say 3 billion (conservative estimate) die after the depopulation is over and done with, real estate will be in a 70 year bear market if you * it with migration trends, war and other factors.

            I’d stay light and liquid going forward.

        2. One more thing I forgot to add. Gold and silver bullion are considered Collectibles and as such are subject to punishing capital gains taxes. I think it is around 28%. It’s not eligible for long-term capital gains treatment. I got taken out to the woodshed when I filed with the feds on my capital gains declarations on my gold holdings. I swore I’d never buy any sizable amount ever again.

          Of course, you can avoid reporting them but then you’ll be considered a tax evader. You could sell them piecemeal and think that you’re doing so quietly, but if you deposit any of this cash into the bank, take my word on this one, your bank will report you to the US Treasury and Department of Homeland Security eventually.

        3. I own gold bullion and do recommend it, but we should be objectively aware of the downsides of owning it. I consider it an asset to own for a personal “great reset.”

          I see gold as an insurance policy against acrimonious divorce, lawsuits, financial ruin, etc. It can remain outside the system and can be used to start over.

          I would recommend readers to take crypto profits from time to time and divert that into gold. I am taking my crypto profits here to do a couple of rehabs. If you don’t own gold I would recommend this as a good opportunity to purchase some.

          But once it is out of the system, it is out. I would rarely recommend owning it to speculate for appreciation versus other assets, in which you would sell the gold and buy those assets in the future. For instance, the common refrain I hear is that we buy gold and then sell in the future to buy real estate at relatively cheaper prices. If that was the objective, I would buy liquid forms of gold (i.e. futures, ETFs). The tax treatment of gold bullion in the States can be quite a burden and can easily offset any of the relative dvantage gold may have versus other assets.

          The best way to prepare for what’s coming is to first pay off as much of our debts as possible. This means we own unencumbered assets. The globalists will allow people to make a Faustian bargain to expunge their debts. I certainly do not want to be overleveraged at the wrong time. That’s what the vast majority of the population suffers from when the downturn comes.

          Although the dollar may suffer a force majeure, this doesn’t mean the average person will be spared from owing. I’m sure all of our debts will be in force all the way to the end.

          Gold is good, but own it for the right reasons.

          1. I just don’t like paper claims anymore. When the trading houses get wrecked, defaults begin etc. good luck holding instruments that cannot perform. Also why I like the cryptos; although they might get attacked and sent to the basement, you get to hold them in your own possession.

            Gold is a post reset assets, for re-capitalization purposes.

    2. By the way, if you look back at a 20-year monthly chart on Silver, we can see an excellent pennant flag formation building here. I would have to suspect that the next leg will be up and the price and chart action may be similar to what we are seeing in Copper.

      1. Thanks for your response, Chris.

        I was thinking the ptb can continue to suppress gold/silver for a while and allow the excess capital to flow into crypto. If ppl start and continue to see inflation in their lives, they will be happy to use a local crypto at the places they shop since the price of goods will seem to deflate not inflate. Some businesses already accepting crypto as payment, I have to expect that to continue. If the dollar doesn’t buy what it used to but btc is at the moon then ppl will prefer to get paid in btc or whatever backed cryptos. The municipalities and states can tax that. Seems like a workable system to me on the face of it.

        Since China and Russia seem to have been buying gold for the past 10 years. I was thinking, perhaps with the utility silver offers, China and Russia might be looking to unload a bunch of gold for silver. Or perhaps they start a competing crypto backed by gold. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here, nor have I thought through those implications. Just speculating.

        Thanks again,

    1. This inflation growth seems to be supply-side driven. It’s the residue of a busted out supply chain.

      I wonder if this is the beginning of something more intentional and sinister. This could be the shape of things to come especially with regard to foodstuffs. It really is no reason for all of this massive commodity inflation, at least more than what everything else is doing.

      This sounds conspiratorial, but I believe it is well founded for us to think in this manner. If we don’t think this way, we will continually underestimate our adversary.

      By observing the world with a conspiratorial mindset, I also believe we can make much better long-term financial decisions as we have a better grip on the direction of the financial markets.

      Something well-organized is going on here and I am trying to wrap my mind around it. I underestimated the amount of inflation that would be building up in this pipeline here. I never thought that inflation would rise this fast and this far in the wake of this manufactured crisis.

      General price inflation is about 10% per year and is probably four to five times higher than what the official stats are saying. Prior to covid, I would have said inflation was about 5%. It’s at least doubled in the past 12 months. By intentionally underestimating inflation, the powers-that-be can continue this system, and if they can convince the vast waves of humanity that inflation is what they say it is, they can allow this wealth consolidation to continue going parabolic here.

      1. The only thing I can add to your comment is that I continue to believe COVID is a cover for many things and one of them is reinventing how the world does business. This was an observation I made right after Italy got “infected.”

        Northern Italy is the turn around point of the Belt and Road initiative driven by China. And Italy is, for all practical purposes, broke. It recently occurred to me that China may own and has owned much of the Italian manufacturing base for many years. One of the pieces of equipment my business specializes in is rebuilding a pump that is designed and made in Italy. The QC stickers these come in with have the date in bold font. But in light gray – almost not to be easily noticed – are Chinese characters.

        India is now the hot spot so I have to wonder what sort of solution will arise from this reaction. It might be safe to say that India has been a humanitarian disaster for longer than we have been alive and any news about the atrocities are only known when the media plasters it on everyone’s screen. For the average person NOT living in India this is a powerful tactic used for controlling the population and gaining the desired reaction. I will also stand by something I quoted during Bush II admin: Sales and marketing are the biggest weapon of mass destruction ever devised.

        Like anything else on a big scale, a problem must be created in order to get a desired reaction so that the solution can be implemented. The 2009 housing crash might be summed up as the Clinton admin loosening the requirements so that anyone who can fog a mirror can buy a house. This set up quite the frenzy in the real-estate world and eventually reality caught up and many were left holding the bag. The reaction to that was the QE program to bail everyone out while overseas money came in to buy up all the foreclosed properties. Blackrock, EB5 money, et al “the solution” seems to have become everyone’s landlord?

        Seems there are many trends that are similar. Bitcoin and marijuana growing may have the allure of competing with the establishment but in the end the same private central banks will own digital currency and the tobacco companies will pick up the pieces for marijuana growing. As of now it’s all about massive data collection while people are allowed to believe these operations are an actual threat to the long established business of controlling fiance and tobacco products. Or whatever. You can surely come up with more and better examples but I believe my point is clear. People really believe they are going around the establishment.

        As time goes on nothing will be taken by force because that was so 100 years ago. The establishment can do anything it wants right out in the open by simply launching a campaign stating their actions are for the common good. Using that approach they can do anything they want with full support of the population.

        1. Sounds about right.

          I am continually coming across the alt-media personalities who are still recommending gold and silver bullion and other coins over everything else. I still do not recommend them over farm land and rental housing.

          I doubt the PMs will outpace other assets over the longer run, and there is a reason why gold is having a hard time. Look at Dogecoin and such. Anyone under 40 is no longer interested in gold.

          If the PTB take our real estate, mortgage debt would collapse overnight. I still wish my readers had bought farm and ranch land several years ago. I wish they bought rentals. Rents have been moving higher again.

          Gold and silver outside the system won’t help like it did in the pre-Patriot Act days. The days of discreet bullion ownership are over. The government treats gold owners like the enemy. Try repatriating it back into the system for any sizable purchase and see how that goes.

          Of course, the gold firms sponsor the alt-media personalities.

          I wish gold and silver in physical form was the best choice, but that was for another generation.

          Read this article that GATA circulated regarding the FBI’S seizing of safety deposit boxes.

          What I find so mindblowing here is that this article was written by an attorney who kept reminding his readers of the US Constitution. But he refuses to figure out that we no longer operate under the constitution. We operate under the Patriot Acts and their additions.

          When someone has gold and silver, or cash, or btc conisfcated, it is nearly impossible to get it back. Why? Because the cash, gold, or btc is the defendant. The person who had his assets seized is considered a third party in the case. That person is guilty, unless he can prove how he acquired the stuff.

          The government pretends to use the constitution in word only to mollify the people. Income generating assets still are the better way, though the door is closing here for most people being able to buy them.

          1. If the war is coming to America, then gold, silver, btc, etc. will be worth zero. Maybe before he shoots you in the forehead, the Chinese soldier will give you a candy bar for your gold bar, but I doubt it. All this hoarding of can goods, water, bullets, commodities in your basement is just sitting there, waiting for a truck full of Chicoms armed with superior fire power to take if they want it before the warheads from the copters burn the houses down. Maybe in the past conflicts those things would have and hold a value. But this time will be different. The experts want everyone to buy it up just in case.
            Ya right, not this time! Maybe they are just want to get rid of their supply.

            Also I don’t know how these keyboard warriors with the AR15’s and peashooters they bought from Bass Pro Shops can be so arrogant and actually think they have a chance. They just think it’s just going to be 5 or 10 soldiers showing up to their front door and they will have plenty of time to react. Comedy Gold!!!

      2. I just found out chlorine will be increasing by 70%, which will be tough on those with pools. The articles always tell people to stop hoarding, making it our fault.

        1. This means the people will be hoarding chlorine. The plebes will be building sheds and stocking it with chlorine. The best thing that could happen to the chlorine market would would be not to have articles written about the tight chlorine market.

          I recall last year with the toilet paper scarcity, neighbors would be filling their cars with toilet paper and their back seats would be filled with cases of toilet paper. The proles were reading all these articles about toilet paper scarcity, and it became self-fulfilling.

          Now that’s rationally irrational. What else would we expect from a rationally irrational population?

        2. With regards to this particular market, supply chains have been busted, and many of the input factors of production are still operating under tight protocols. What a bunch of garbage, but the reality is stark. Prices on a number of staple items are going through the roof. Take a look at Palladium production. Take a look at Lumber. The lumber companies may be able to cut the lumber, but if there is a bump in the supply chain somewhere, it all manifests in higher prices.

          I agree with you in some regard here, a lot of these scarcities in the markets have been manufactured. More fear to be instilled in the livestock population. If the proles down the street are still hyper paranoid about getting covid, it’s safe to assume this paranoia will manifest with the factors of production.

          1. Regarding lumber, at least in CA. Last year on my way out of OR I drove through some of the recently burned forest on HWY 199 and saw lots of activity with cutting down the burned trees and gathering them up. The trees on the outside look like charcoal but the inside is pristine wet stock. Turns out the third largest land owner in America is a CA lumber company and gets salvage lumber for practically nothing.

            I see the conveniently placed CA fires providing a massive opportunity for the lumber mafia to clean up. On that same road trip I drove through Eureka and saw a huge “we are hiring” sign on top of the mill building, implying they are overwhelmed with work processing burned trees. Not to mention seeing the acres of neatly stacked burned logs waiting to be processed.

            Here we are a year later and lumber prices are off the charts. Not sure exactly what is going on, but with what I call communist housing going up like crazy and truckloads of lumber heading the opposite direction on the freeway as I drive to work, there does not seem to be a lumber shortage. Or maybe the lumber shortage is selective.

  8. Google and FB own us. These powers know everything about their users. There is no escape from the mind games. I think you are right about withdrawing from society. Humanity will be broken into two separate subspecies. The first will be the vaccinated who are addicted to social media and MSM and streaming TV. The second will have withdrawn from the rest and the churches and lived lives on their own terms. The first are addicted to the what others think. The second avoid others. I wish I was able to move right now where you said offers us the best chance.

    I used to think that John the savage in Brave New World had problems. I now think he has the answer.

    1. The Fed is being instructed to blow up the financial markets as high as possible. People’s immune systems are being destroyed. It seems that any disease that compromises the immune system is man made. All of them.

      I still say 100s of millions will go away by mid decade.

      The Fed’s willful attitude is on purpose. I think these powers intend to collapse them.

        1. I’d have to believe that based on what I’m seeing, this concerted vaccine campaign will be the biggest crime ever engineered against humanity.

          The worst part of it is that we will never get confirmation that it was the fault of the vaccines and the jabs.

          Unfortunately, if my prophetic prediction are anywhere near correct, there will be more to come as this will be the proverbial shot across the bow that I think the human race will have to endure.

      1. In reply to Greg

        I totally agree with you. I do not see how many of the people are going to make it and have no idea what they’re up against.

        The churches are completely silent and keep talking about being saved. While this is vitally important, there are times in which we need to refocus our immediate energies into the more urgent matters, and the pastors are just unable to do this. Our adversary is creating all of this political correctness about blacks, and especially now about Asians.

        Imagine the politically correct Americans when the Asians come in with regular looking clothing and uniforms and move into the house that the foreign governments are buying. The Americans today will be tripping over themselves, praising what a great job they’re doing. They’ll be baking cakes for them while they hang their “hate has no home here” flags in their front yard.

        Nobody, including the church wants to fear being looked on as racist. It is all so rich. The people here are in way over their heads, and gold and silver will be absolutely worthless to them. Even if it has value how will you get it into the system? It is a very naive mindset in the alt-media.

        This upcoming time of Jacob’s trouble will be very spiritual, and unless we understand the Old Testament prophets and the prophecies, the people are not going to be equipped to handle what’s coming. This is why I spend so much time talking about the Old Testament prophecies, they are so vital here to understand what is coming down the pipe. The synagogue of Satan is totally ill equipping the American citizens as well as those in the West.

        Churches will be the most devastated out of all the other populations. And unfortunately, they deserve it.

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