Canadian doctor sounds the alarm on covid “vaccines”

My sister forwarded me a link to two letters written by Dr. Charles Hoffe, a Canadian physician, regarding the disturbing issues his vaccinated patients have been experiencing. I wanted to forward this to you, and if you are thinking of giving in to the MSM and peer pressure to get vaccinated, I urge you to PLEASE reconsider. A desperate, demoralized, and sick population can be easily manipulated into doing anything. Please be strong as the next few years progress, since global events will unfold as we have been analyzing.





Evidently, this physician was not fully aware of the potential side effects until after he administered the vaccines. If there are this many obvious and rapid injuries, how many of his vaccinated patients will become sick over the next three to four years? How many of these people of childbearing age are now effectively sterile?

This dovetails all with the 2025-2027 force majeure scenario we regularly focus on here on the blog. Only a sick and demoralized population can be subdued and easily convinced of anything.

Please do not take the vaccines. I would have to believe that many people are choosing not receive their second rounds as many have been or know of someone who has been injured.

I would also suspect that those in Russia and China are not receiving the same vaccines with the same ingredients as those in the West.

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52 thoughts on “Canadian doctor sounds the alarm on covid “vaccines”

  1. My neighbor has a friend in the hospital from a stroke and brain bleeding, all after the covid shot. My neighbor is still contemplating getting her second shot.

    I’m baffled.

    1. You are thinking logically and assume the rest of humanity is thinking the same way. Don’t be baffled. You are now observing a humanity going insane.

      I have some relatives that I may never see again, and a couple have already been fully jacked up on their vaccines. They are freaking out over the news coming out of India.

      It reminds me of the “news” on the telescreens in 1984. Whether it’s real or not, doesn’t matter. It becomes as real as the proles and outer party believe it to be.

      Were INGSOC’s forces actually fighting on the Malabar front? If the telescreens say so then they are.

      Is the virus killing all these people while nobody died of flu and other illnesses? If the telescreens say it, then it must be true.

      1. Chris,
        Speaking of humanity going insane, found this rather technical article on the insane public health directives with regard to covid regs and the vax, and people going along with it. The part about college students being coerced stabbed into my heart, as my daughter just succumbed to college vax pressure:

        Also, yesterday, found this truth bomb regarding Johns Hopkins (the sponsors of pandemic pre-planning in October ’19 called Event 201), developing a self-spreading vaccine through the use of gene-editing nanotech, a likely reason for the transmissions we are now seeing from vaxed to non-vaxed:

        And finally, a virologist, Dr. Bhakdi, sounding the alarm on these experimental vaxes. (There are some good doctors out there who are challenging the medical establishment, often at their own peril):

    2. maybe she should watch this


      “They Don’t Want to See People Like Us”

      In a Highwire exclusive, Del sits down with three healthcare workers who were on the frontline of Covid vaccine rollouts in America. In a candid and emotional interview, the three women go back to the day they received their vaccine, the severe reactions they endured starting just days after, and the complete denial the medical community has towards the groundswell of injured people looking for help.

  2. BARRON’S; Cryptocurrency Is Threatening the Role of Central Banks. Why Governments Must Go Crypto.

    This makes sense. Let cryptocurrencies move out of control and become a huge component of the financial community, and then have their rapid development force central banks to act to stay current. Meanwhile it was the same dark intelligence behind the central banks that developed the cryptocurrencies and built them into what they are today.

    The obvious answer is that the Federal Reserve will need to come in and develop their on blockchain digital coin. It will just seem like a no-brainer and thay they are behind the times.

    The conology is advancing rapidly now. The people have been sufficiently demoralized to be rebuilt into anything their owners desire.

  3. These are the 2nd Amendment sanctuary states. Notice they are in and near the Rocky mountain states. These areas will provide the best protection in WWIII, the time of Jacob’s trouble. I also prefer remote northern NM, four corners region, eastern/ northern NV, and Utah for Mormons. Stay out of CO; that state has seen a sea change in the past 20 years, ever since Columbine. I do notice that some people in the blue states are being led by the Holy Ghost to migrate. God wishes to have some people here survive.

  4. BTW anyone who bought AWGI on my suggestion a week or two ago would have been up at least 100%, and it traded as high as up 350%.

    FERN is a work in progress, but has almost doubled for me, and was up 49% yesterday! Yay!

    Building cash for rehabs to dump eventually. Cash building up for the future.

  5. These are the same types of propaganda stories that fed the housing boom from the early-mid aughts. The real reasons can never be revealed.

    The stories from 15-16 years ago were similar, except the reason back then was the “nesting” desire after 9/11. What a bunch of garbage. Back then it was all about financially engineering a bubble, so the Fed and Feds could centralize control of the monetary system and start QE after the bust. The residue of those financial collapses exist today and allowed for the unprecedented wealth consolidation before the force majeure.

    Today, the truth is similar, but via massive and purposeful financial engineering, open borders, and especially FOREIGN GOVERNMENT, OFFSHORE, AND SOVEREIGN WEALTH MONEY buying up everything while the USD still has value. The world is buying up the cheapest RE in the world, the US. The elites have once again thrown the US citizens under the bus.

    This time around, meanwhile, the same propaganda garbage about remote working and nesting is evidently driving Americans to buy every stick of residential RE.

    Dishonest propaganda; everything we read coming from Arlington and McLean VA are lies. These articles come from our enemies at the Pentagon and CIA.

    Knowing thses concepts can be very useful. I sold two-thirds of my rental portfolio in late 2005, because I observed the willful ignorance of the FED at the time, and suspected that the elites wanted to eventually pull the plug on the biggest bubble in human history at that point. We can observe the same things this time around, and look for the timing as well this time around. Of course, I will let you know when I see it.

    We are getting closer every day. Fix up those houses you want to unload!

  6. A friend whose cousin works as a hairdresser in Ireland says there now skin reactions to hair colour where there never was before with her clients. Now her vaccinated clients need to do a ‘patch’ test on the skin before proceeding with the hair application.

    1. These peculiarities all seem to mimic hyper immune responses. Those are the outward manifestations. I wonder how the brain and nervous system are responding….

      I’ll pass on the vaccines.

  7. There’s another reason why I’ve been emphasizing to be prepared for this upcoming force majeure in the next several years. It will be the only way that God can cleanse Humanity. If this force majeure is not lot allowed to happen, the devolution of humanity will be on a scale that will render it unable to possess free will.

    God will force the hand of the Western adversaries to ostensibly strike a fatal blow. This will put an end to all of this technology implementation to destroy humanity from the face of the Earth. God will not allow the NWO to reach its final goals, and so this upcoming war in Ezekiel needs to take place. And while many people will be killed, it is the only way to punish the people as well as ensure their survival.

    This force majeure must take place exactly as the Old Testament prophets have warned us, and I am not the only one in this regard who has the same opinion. I just read the latest edition of the World Affairs Brief, and Joel skousen says the same thing. Here is his quote.

    “In like manner to the Deep State plan to use AI to control everyone, I think the coming war is also going to put a stop to much of this neuro-weapon research that threatens humanity with great damage. I never thought, growing up, that horrific wars can sometimes have Godly purposes, but I’m afraid this might be the only way for God to throw a monkey wrench in this evil control agenda.”

    That is enough said as this upcoming war will kick off the tribulation.

  8. Joel Skousen was on Jeff Rense show a couple nights ago and he stated that only 2% of the population knows what’s going on. A couple years ago he’d say that was about 10%.

    Here is a link to the interview download.

    Skousen tends to have more free rein when not with Alex Jones.

    The observation is clear; humanity folded like a cheap tent and he and I are extremely disappointed in how humanity responded. The adversary is extremely pleased with their success, and I know that they will roll out the next phases of the new world order in rapid succession.

    I cut humanity a little slack and say 3% of the population, or a remnant, knows what’s going on. This means the church is completely in the dark. Your fire and brimstone preachers have no idea what they’re up against. That’s why they have us looking inward to find Jesus.

    In terms of Behavioral psychology and behavioral economics, I cannot believe how quickly the people have changed, and under these new circumstances, things should begin to continually spin out of control in only a short time. The people are still thinking they have choices and discretion over their lives. The door has effectively shut.

    With a cognitively handicapped humanity, our adversary could quickly inculcate the mindset that the economy will soon collapse, and these people will make it happen in only a matter of weeks. They are now zombified and under complete mind control. They will do whatever the establishment tells them. I no longer have faith in humanity’s ability to do even the most basic things correctly. They have quickly become a irrationally irrational, and I am trying to recalibrate for this drastic change in behavior.

  9. The Moderna vaccine is not a “gene modification therapy” as this doctor claims in his questions to the health department, it’s mRNA instructions to the body to manufacture a protein from the virus that isn’t disease causing itself but induces an antibody building response. No genes are modified. Each mRNA molecule in the vaccine will cause the body to produce one and only one of the virus protein molecules.

    This error decreases the doctor’s credibility in my eyes and more than likely the health department’s. There are several claims that appear to be exaggerations, the doctor doesn’t provide autopsy results for the death, the possibility of psychosomatic chronic pain in the three reported cases isn’t addressed and he failed to give the number of patients just the number of doses. All these further reduce credibility.

    None of my observations eliminate the possibility that this doctor’s letter is indicative of serious issues with the vaccine, only that the doctor’s credibility is questionable in my opinion and possibly the opinion of the health department.

    I personally will not even consider taking the vaccine while it is only approved for emergency use and possibly not even if that changes. Should my liberty be inhibited by not taking it, I may reconsider but restrictions on my liberty would have to be extreme.

    Thank you Chris for this post, my comments are not meant to reduce its value, in fact I find it valuable. However, my intent is to point out why the letter will probably be ignored by the health department and indicate short comings in it as far as its scientific persuasiveness goes.

    God speed.

      1. Injuries abound yet the establishment is in denial. I am passing on it, and if it becomes mandatory for work, etc, I will have to pass and adjust. My family is passing; i will not be stuck being in close continual contact with vaccinated people.

        Logical observation says that the adversary lies, by definition. So, why would I believe anything they say them with an item that are trying so desperately to convince us to take?

        There is no way to know yet, and the only ones who do know what these shots do are our adversary. Their evasiveness and the use of ad hominems to attack vaccine opposition is clearly telling me that this shot is poison.

        The mRNA stays in the system a long time with hydrogel, etc., and DARPA has developed hydrogel and all these other substances. It often eventually takes hold somewhere and in many instances it seems to affect the nervous system.

        Under no circumstances will I take this and until proven otherwise, I will avoid those around me who have been vaccinated. Whatever our adversary says, do the opposite.

      2. I have been reading that up to 60% of those who come down with covid, and are then hospitalized, actually have been vaccinated already. No thanks, I’ll pass. They’ll be more vaccines available since my family won’t take them. I want to make sure my inner conscience isn’t severed.

        What I find interesting in the adversary-controlled media is that they keep saying that they seem so sure that once the people have taken the vaccines they will relax, since they feel safe. I wonder if they are relaxing because of something else in the vaccine or the vaccine working with something in the environment.

        Any compromise with my adversary it’s a straight-up admission that they have already conquered me.

        After a few more shots, even Winston would confess his love for Big Brother.

  10. I’ve been hearing and I’ve begun to notice something quite disturbing about those who’ve gotten the full rounds of vaccines. I am beginning to notice slight personality changes.

    Of course, all of this is still too early to tell, but imagine the ramifications if the people become effectively lobotomized from these vaccines. That call to their inner conscience to reach out to God will be severed. That faint voice that they used to hear will no longer be talking to them.

  11. There has also been a lot in social media about accounts of shedding from a vaccinated person to an unvaccinated person. Pfizer study documents also reveal this to be a possibility and a risk to those looking to or who are pregnant, lactating mothers and occupational exposure through inhalation and skin contact. Lots of accounts of messed up menstrual cycles after being around a vaccinated person. Really scary stuff which I’m sure won’t make it to the mainstream. A simple search to try and find information about it shows very little except the fact checkers that have been hard at work undermining and ridiculing it.

    1. This has been a pretty dark week for me so far. I took my newborn for a walk on Monday and saw signs up at the parks requiring that masks be worn by the children on the structures. My toddler has never worn a mask and now I envision taking him to the park will result in hostile comments when others see he is not wearing one. I live in Ottawa, Canada which in my opinion is the biggest cesspool in Canada of compliant zombies because a good portion of the population is employed by the government. We are desperately trying to find a property with acreage to move out to in Quebec but the supply shortage leaves little options.

      Found out yesterday my dad took the vaccine. Justified it that one of his contracts requires it but he is retirement age and well off enough to not need the money. He works because he said he doesn’t know what else he would do he would be too bored. I’ve been trying to educate my family since this “pandemic” started. So at this point I’m convinced that there is really no getting through to anyone.

      Sorry for the rant. There is literally no one to talk to about this except my husband and you fine readers of this great blog from Chris.

      1. Sounds like you still have a spark of life left in you. Governments don’t like that. 😀

        You sound like an independent thinker. That is not allowed anymore.

        You can “rant” on the board whenever you want.

      2. If you think that qualifies as a “rant” you have never been within earshot of someone like me.

      3. Alyssa, What you and others have said resonates with me, so thank you for your “rant.” (And thank you again, Chris, for sharing your insights and this forum with us.) I used to be an articulate person, but now am often rendered speechless by the shock, loss, and traumatic change due to the shadowing of our world by the cult of Covidianism. My great grandfather, a German doctor, died in a concentration camp because he opposed the Nazi purification plan, starting with disabled children. His brother, a Catholic priest, stood up to the Nazis and there is a statue remaining in his honor. History repeats itself. The vaccines are the new weapon. I had a perfectly healthy, normally-developing child who became severely autistic after receiving her MMR shot, now disabled for life. Yet, we hear that anyone who says that childhood vaccines are damaging is a conspiracy theorist. I live it every day. Fast forward to now. My younger daughter caved to college campus pressure to receive the experimental Moderna mRNA injection. She did this despite my threat to withhold further financial support if she did this, despite growing up with a vaccine injured sibling (her only sibling), despite all the information I have sent her and the pleading I have done with her, and despite a doctor’s note indicating she should be exempt from this shot due to prior vaccine injury (asthma). I now have been consigned to worry about her once-bright future and I am a devastated mother. I have asked so many people to consider NOT taking the vax, providing them with information and facts. Crickets, except for a very few. My older brother and his wife took the jab under family pressure, even though he used the term “scamdemic” and “Covidians” early on. My cousin took it and died a month later. Other cousins, extended family, friends, neighbors, took it. We are literally living in the time of the “abomination of desolation” in the Bible. And for that matter, since God is outside of time, we are living IN the Bible. When I boil it all down, ALL I have left is my faith – literally ALL I HAVE LEFT – and just a very few people who also get it (thank God). But it can be a very lonely existence, to live outside the veil of deceit. God did not say it would be easy here, and this is literally not our home as Christians. I say to you and everyone, hang on. God is reason; look to Him now, not to others. We are not formed by God to party in this life, but to work toward the next. Work toward being a saint. God is allowing this evil and this suffering, and he is giving us free will to choose what side we are on and what course we will take. Like Chris, I have found that the 501c(3) churches have deceived us, and are nothing but NGO’s (and my husband and I have tried many, many churches.) Read the bible, pray, carry your cross, reach out to others as the opportunity presents itself, and remember that Christ said to remember if they hate you, they hated Him first. And remember you are not alone. The angels and saints who went before you, Jesus and his mother Mary (also a saint, and the greatest of them), are with you in prayer and in your tears, because Jesus told us, “blessed are the poor in spirit.” Ask them to guide you and intercede for you, along with the Holy Ghost and your guardian angel. The days of peace and comfort and prosperity may be behind us, but take courage in the Lord our God, who created all of this beauty and truth on earth (find and give thanks each day for His truth and beauty, despite the darkness of evil) and thank Him for each moment you have. Finally, Be Not Afraid. (Scripture tells us that one time for every day of the year.) And all this does not even address the financial terror we should expect to see, that I cannot begin to wrap my head around, and that Chris has been talking about. Faith, hope, love (Corinthians 1:13) will have to be the order of the dark days ahead, because we all see through the glass darkly until we see the face of God, who hopefully will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” The satanists that rule may try to take your body, but they cannot take your soul unless you let them. (Don’t let them.) So this is my prayer today. God be with you Alyssa, and Chris, and everyone else who frequents this truthful site.

        1. Dear S,

          Thank you so much for your comment and insight. I was tearing up reading it. I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter taking the vaccine and hope the best for her. I understand all too well the vaccine stuggle. The way I got “red pilled” about everything was actually through a adverse reaction my son had to the dtap vaccine when he was 9 months. Thankfully he is ok as far as I can see but it really got things going in my head that something wasn’t quite right with the system. I researched and researched and researched some more struggling initially to find information about vaccines because of all the censoring and also realizing a lot of of the side effect information was simply found in the vaccine insert itself (which is why I’m baffled by conspiracy theorist labels). I concluded to stop vaccinating and having many friends with young children I felt it was my duty to share what I knew. I was ridiculed, ignored and belittled. I had a hard time wrapping my head around it but now I understand that I was fighting a losing battle just observing the population’s behaviour with covid-19.  Not vaccinating my son led to uncomfortable conversations with my pediatrician, having to get exemption forms signed just for my son to go to Montessori, and seeing all these horrible things written and legislation being passed to try and take a parent’s authority away when they choose to not vaccinate their children. I experience a lot of stress these days worrying about what kind of future my children will have and what kind of risks we face with them because of our refusal to participate in the system. My faith keeps me going and I know God has a plan for us. I gave birth five weeks ago and it’s been bittersweet. I learn a lot from the absolute innocence of babies and young children and am constantly touched by how beautiful and miraculous they are. But I also think about what this wicked world does to them and wonder how I will have the strength to raise them with everything going on. It was never easy before, I’m sure, and now I’m entering a world that I don’t understand at all how to navigate. I pray and ask for guidance frequently. The challenges seem to be never ending and I guess that is life from here on out. Reading this blog and the comments helps me to feel not so alone and I am truly grateful for that. I won’t call this a “rant” this time around but I’m sure I’ll make another attempt at one in the near future 😛. God bless you all.

          1. Alyssa,
            I am in admiration of anyone bringing children into this world. Children are a blessing, and God tells us that. You will have your work cut out for you being a mother bear. Be strong in the Lord, guard and guide them in the way they should go, spend all the time with them that you can and cherish those moments, as they grow up very, very fast.
            God be with you,

    2. I have also seen this claim and I think it’s overblown. If there is shedding, which there probably is, the virus particles still need to make there way through respiratory before they can reach the blood stream. At that point it’s just another respiratory illness.

      Something to put your mind at ease, hopefully.

      1. I tend to agree, but I have observed families that have Lyme disease sufferers. Spouses over time have a much higher chance of getting it without a tick bite, thus it must be transmissible sexually and through other means. Children from Lyme disease sufferers can also get even if they had no visible tick bites. Indeed, being in highly prone areas raises the chances, but even when families are in less prone areas with Lyme sufferers, the odd are still elevated.

        If these organisms can be isolated in the blood, then it can be transmitted just like aids or hepatitis. Spouses with Lyme must use condoms. It is very sad, but I have seen this first hand with friends and relatives.

        1. I didn’t know that about Lyme. My grandfather had Lyme. It blinded him in one eye and almost killed him. Lyme sounds like a good disease to study here for what we may be dealing with.

          1. Logically speaking, there is one failproof way to determine if Lyme disease was engineered; how did the medical establishment treat it for the first 20-25 years after it initially appeared the late 1970’s? The CDC and NIH were very dismissive while the people in the NE US were suffering greatly. They were convincing the doctors that these sufferers were imagining it.

            The government’s recommended preventive measures still minimize it. They still say to be on the lookout for ticks from April-October. I have had ticks crawling on me and my dog in January & February on sunny days with temps above 50 degrees F. Nothing but charlatans and liars. Thankfully, none of them ever stick to me. I take too many herbal supplements, so my blood is thin and sour. Two grams of curcumin a day helps in this regard.

            So, I ask this. Will we ever have any objective and comprehensive studies done by the establishment to determine how the Borrelia organism works? They continue to understate the official numbers by up to 90%. Only now are they getting on the same page, and that is because millions of victims have been crying out for decades. What charlatans, and still, the plebes dutifully follow their guidelines, even to their death. Look at cancer treatments….

            The forces that released it are being counted on to study it. The best we have is anecdotal evidence from around us. Same is true with covid. We are on our own; if you rely on the liars to be truthful, you will be gaslighted into oblivion.

            There are some doctors here in NoVA who will be loathe to prescribe antibiotics for Lyme unless there was symptoms. By then, it’s too late. A few tests have been able to isolate Borrelia in saliva tests.

            I would have to suspect that whatever is causing people problems from the vaccines could be transmitted in similar ways. If it’s in the blood, it is as at least as contagious, if not more. To be honest, if I had to isolate from vaccinated people, I would be fine with. I have grown tired of the growing insanity, which is only going to get worse.

          2. Anyone who grew up in the 1970’s in NY knows all about Tom Seaver. He was on the all-century baseball team and a hall of famer. He contracted Lyme, and said the symptoms were very painful. He died not too long ago from a rare form of dementia. That was caused by Lyme, though the newspapers didn’t mention that.

            Let me quote Tom Seaver’s personal section on his Wikipedia page, which alludes to “Tom Terrific” dying from COVID. There was absolutely no mention of his battle from Lyme.

            “In 2013, it was reported that Seaver suffered from memory loss, not even remembering long-term acquaintances and experiencing symptoms of “sleep disorder, nausea, and a general overall feeling of chemical imbalance”. According to former teammate Bud Harrelson, Seaver was “otherwise doing well”. On March 7, 2019, Seaver’s family announced that he had dementia and was retiring from public life.

            Seaver died in his sleep at the age of 75 on August 31, 2020, as a result of complications of Lewy body dementia and COVID-19 during the coronavirus pandemic.”

            Anyone with a true and unbiased understanding of Lyme knows how Tom Terrific died. He died from complications caused by Lyme.

    3. My wife and I had discussed this issue months ago, I think you are correct to be concerned. Shedding of all sorts is a concern (statins, anti depressants, birth control residue, opioids etc), we drink and cook with spring water and know the sources of our food.

      Do your best.

      1. Ben and KenS and everyone –
        Please watch this important video. It features several doctors in a roundtable discussion of the transmission from vaxed to unvaxed, probably of the arisolized spike protein (most likely), causing bleeding disorders, among other things. Yes, it is something to make yourself absolutely aware of going forward, and this is a weapon we are talking about, not a vaccine — and I don’t say that in a vacuum, as I have researched this for a very long time. Please watch and share:

        1. S, thank you for the information. I am not expert in these things by any stretch but have come to understand the mechanisms. My wife has a background in biochemistry and understands these things well so we discuss often.

          I came into knowing to look closely at all of these issues by accident 12 years ago, I participated in a process engineering student project group with McGill University. The post-grad advisor for the group was completing her thesis on water treatment and shared with me her findings on what was in the feed water from the St. Lawrence river, Montreal is the catch-basin for the entire great lakes region. She said at the time there was no way to treat the “shedding” residues. I don’t claim to understand the issue fully but until I do, the best I can do for my family is to use spring and ground water from a known source.

          1. KenS and everyone,
            While none of us know everything and cannot prove what the elites are up to under the cover of darkness, I am seeing the immune system link to all Chris (and we) have been commenting about here. As mentioned previously, one of my typically developing daughters developed autism after her MMR shot. A few years ago, I developed Lyme symptoms from a tick bite.
            Recently my other daughter took the Moderna mRNA shot. I have researched and treated autism and lyme (but neither are ever cured), and researched mRNA shots. THEY ALL INVOLVE THE IMMUNE SYSTEM AND THEY ALL INVOLVE THE DECEIT OF THE ADVERSARY. I believe that our adversary (to use Chris’ term) is actively trying to destroy our immune systems. In all the three, there has been cover-up of the role of our adversary in promulgating these diseases for the masses through vectors of vaccines and bio weaponry. (Like Lyme, Autism is medically very political, dismissed as reliably testable or treatable and discounted as caused by an outside factor (gaslighting); in the case of autism caused by vaccines, and in the case of Lyme, likely biowarfare developed on Plum Island, with the tick as a vector. And now in the case of experimental mRNA injections, voluntary VAERS reporting data, which is between 1-10% of adverse reactions, is dismissed or not covered in MSM.) So that is my epiphany for today, which I thought I would share. By all means, protect your immune system from the growing onslaught of the pharmaceutical and military industry. I know I baffled my doctor when I told him I was taking Cat’s Claw, Eleuthero and Resveritrol to quell the lyme spirochetes after one month of antibiotics (you can read more about all this through Stephen Buhner’s work.). To quote scripture: And God said, “Behold, I have given you every heart bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth.” – Gen. 1:29

    4. Many of the people who are uncovering the truth will be driven insane over the next several years. They will be gaslighted into oblivion. That’s if they haven’t taken their vaccines and still have that spark of life left in them.

      I have noticed a continual, but drastic change in the Google search algorithms regarding economic, political, and Christian matters from 2005 to 2021. The changes are stark, and those who are trying to find the truth on anything will no longer be able to find it on the internet.

      This is plain and simple, and it is soboring to say the least. Google and the internet have effectively become globalist echo chambers for the establishment.

      For now, there are places like Brighteon and such that can help people as the truth is finally sealed up in the final days here.

      There will be no place to find statistics on the injuries. We depend on the governments, which are now only customer service windows for the banker elite, the synagogue of Satan. We are looking to the liars and soul-stealers, and asking to find the truth from them. We have to stop even trying to bother at this point, since we are just wasting our time trying to find the truth in any new world order or globalist sanctioned group or agency.

      The governments are no longer here to help us, and the United States government, which was conquered already, is keeping its citizens in the dark about this upcoming force majeure.

      Our own government has become our own worst enemy. What we think of as our government is now there to exploit us and execute psyop campaigns against its own citizens. The intelligence think tanks in Arlington and McLean Virginia leverage a hundred years of psychology advances to gaslight and demoralize its own citizens.

      Where are the church Pastors in all this? They are all financially handcuffed and have been muzzled into only rendering the sloppy agape Judeo-Christian philosophy.

      1. I always laughed at the govt telling us use child car seats. As if they really care. It’s all a farce. They want the white race gone.

        1. It’s all about control. They want the people who pose the biggest threats out of the way. The vaccines are just speeding up the process now. Say goodbye to the West.

  12. I have three nurse friends who are about to leave nursing because of this. Two are in Texas and they are trying to force vaccinate them. One is in California and her boss isn’t forcing her but pressuring her because everyone else in the office had it. If you would’t mind, please pray for my friend in California. She has 2 children and is a single mother and could have no income. The good thing is that she is saved and trusts in God.

    Thank you for sharing this Chris. I haven’t been as mad about something in quite a long time. The Gardasil vaccine almost killed me 10 years ago and I am still disabled from it (and Lyme). These are so evil!

    Beware, they have been also releasing a massive amount of infected ticks that are diseased and can disable you and give you Alzheimers at a young age. It infects your brain even. There is no cure. They are now finding infected ticks in the grass on BEACHES. This is more common than people know and 100% biowarfare.

    1. I prayed twice this morning; once by my bedside before coffee, and once after reading your post. May the God of the Bible and Jesus help and protect us over the next few years.

      Oh, Lyme. That man-made bioweapon is a killer and I know of many who have this quiet killer. I grew up on LI and know of many. So many cognitive and nerve illnesses can be traced back to Lyme. I am so sorry. I live in NoVA and the ticks are terrible here, too. So many people debilitated. But the CDC tells us there are only a few hundred thousand people with Lyme. I would suspect that number is 10mm.

      The last-day lies are ramping up, so the damage is maximized. In these last days, our conquerors tell us;

      -the Egyptians built the pyramids, and humans built the rest of them around the world, although modern engineering couldn’t pull off the same thing today
      -God of the Bible is on the $1, although the pyramid builders built them to worship their father the devil.
      -Israel is in the middle east,
      -the Old Testament is for the Jews,
      -to forget the Old Testament prophets as their words were hung on a tree,
      -Israel of the OT is lost forever and is only spiritual,
      -China is our business and commerce ally, and so is everyone else, we just need to be happy and get along.
      -If we have enemies, it’s our fault
      -the vaccines are good and only those who sound the warning are our enemies,
      -nationalism is racist, homophobic, prosaic, anachronistic, and anti-semitic
      -we went to the moon 52 years ago, even though today, we can’t even theoretically figure out how to get back
      -the people in the West are free
      -the pastors are free to say what they want, and that the 501c3 designation, and Patriot Act legislation has no effect on their doctrine.
      -Capitalism is bad, and that we need government intervention in the markets
      -the Fed is here to help us and the poor, although it is the machine that powers our economic tyranny.
      -The financial markets are free, and not to worry about the upcoming economic collapses
      -We all pray to the same god
      -Covid is very real and we need to keep wearing masks and taking our shots. The Covid stats are real, and so are the Lyme disease numbers
      -etc, etc…

      In the next few years, many people will snap. They will fall to the gaslighting campaign as cognitive dissonance will destroy whatever little samity is left. Withdraw from society and plan for the next few years. We discuss it in great detail here on this blog.

      I have not been spending too much time discussing the economic situation, because I am here waiting for it to be tripped up. This could go on until mid decade. This is a great time to plan and prepare. God is giving us a few last years to prepare. I talked about the force majeure on in 2013, and on my website since 2016. I predicted mid-2020’s. Guess what; we are getting closer.

      This force majeure will resemble what the OT prophets predicted. Many of their prophecies have yet come to pass, and if you don’t believe that, then you don’t respect the prophets. I talk about the OT prophets on this blog, because nobody else is.

      1. Something else that never occurred to us until our daughter required a post-natal blood transfusion, if the vaccinated start giving blood and we take a transfusion what happens? Blood is not as well screened as people think it is.

        It is a particular concern for us because my family are all “A” negative, we are looking into banking blood for our family in case we might need it.

        By the way, does anyone on the blog has any insight as to where the rH negative blood group originates? Like the issues above, this one always ends up at an awkward impasse in conversation once I have stumped all of the rationalizations.

        1. As I understand it, Rh negative means the absence of the Rh factor. As far as the origin of Rh negative, that would be the loss of the Rh factor. It’s possible that there was no origin but that population never developed the Rh factor.

          BTW, Rh negative mothers that have an Rh positive baby are at risk of building up antibodies that could kill a subsequent Rh positive baby. That is why mothers in this situation are given a shot after their these pregnancies that reduces the Rh antibodies somehow.

          1. Yes, Thank you. It is also my understanding that it means absence of Rh factor.

            To suggest it was lost means some sort of mutation, and to suggest the population developed without it is a pretty sophisticated evolution. The population is always limited to around 15% and also the population location map is pretty tight. I read a study where female Rh- were able to identify Rh- males by scent (blind test with t-shirts worn by the males), Rh+ females were indiscriminate. A month later the Rh- females were tested again after being put on birth control and they became indiscriminate. That is a sophisticated mutation or evolution. And I still am no closer to where from and why. I have studied this for a long time and only really mention it in the spirit of most of us really not knowing who we are.

            Your example doesn’t mention the fact that the father is Rh+ in this case. Rh+ baby in a Rh- female is not possible if the father is Rh-. Rh- males can father a child with either type naturally with no intervention.

            Also the shot is still just offered and not mandatory. Looks to me like good globalist husbandry at work.

        2. Thank you so much for praying Chris.

          That reminds me Ken. After I got real sick and found out I had Lyme, I called the Red Cross because I had donated blood months before (I was brainwashed and not saved). I told them I have Lyme and not to donate my blood to anyone. They sent me a letter in the mail saying I cannot donate because of ANTIBIOTICS, they didn’t care that I had Lyme (and two co-infections). Then the letter says I can donate AGAIN after I am done with my antibiotics.

          They definitely showed no care that I told them not to use the blood because of Lyme disease. I saved and scanned the letter. I was so mad.

          I will pray for your daughter.

          The letter from the Red Cross in 2010:

          1. Thank you Marie. I re-read what I wrote and should have said post-delivery. My daughter is doing better and her baby is fine.

            I also have a story about blood donation…My son started donating blood last year and the people at the clinic were thrilled because he is actually O negative (universal donor). He received his card in the mail and it stated he was O positive. How do you make a mistake like that when you have one job? The worst part was that he doubted his paternity and got cagey with his mom! I ordered a family set of blood tests to fix that fiasco, he no longer donates blood.

            I strongly recommend people bank their own blood going forward.

      2. The biggest problem is that people don’t know who the enemy is. I hear conservatives blame liberals, communists, socialists, Illuminati, deep state, NWO, Muslims, Chinese, pedophiles, etc. Liberals blame conservatives, Christians, bankers, capitalists, Russians, racists, sexists, homophones, gun owners, etc.

        There is ONE group that both parties believe is absolute good and is above reproach.

        That one group is the enemy.

        1. Yep. If you want to find out who the true enemies are find the ones that don’t get blamed.

      3. I remember much of what Alan Watt said over the years, and I distinctly remember him saying that keeping your own sanity in the coming years would be one of, if not the most, difficult things to do. I miss him.

        1. Mr. Watt should have moved south to the warmer climates. he died too soon.

          The psychological warfare being engineered against humanity, the sophisticated psyop campaigns against the U.S. citizens coming from Arlington and McLean, and its offshoots from the other Western intelligence fronts, are really ramping up here. I am in absolute awe at how sophisticated it has become over the past couple years. While I can spot it better than others, I still find it disturbing, and sometimes frustrating, and have trained myself not to engage with it anymore. This is why I tell my readers to begin to detach and fade from the others in this world.

          Don’t even bother voting anymore or telling others about how you don’t take vaccines. The plebes have been trained to view you as a backwards Trump supporter, racist, etc. There was once a time when we were instructed to show others what was going on, but that time has gone. We are now on our own, and perhaps we can help others if they visibly look like they wish to seek it.

          We need to move forward and plan unilaterally for what’s coming. I think the few people like us will be left alone, as our philosophy is so far from the consensus. Don’t engage with the government, and the govt will just leave us alone.

          Mr. Watt was absolutely correct; the people are now visibly going insane. I see it at the gym, in the stores, and on the streets. Even the workers in the government I have to interface with are going insane. Our governments have been taken over and no longer exist in the way we think. My neighbors are now just as potent of an enemy as the government. Free yourself from this and learn to let go. We have no choice.

          Virginia is tearing down all the Confederate and Union statues. They are renaming anything with a founding father on it, in the name of racism and such. Everything is going, and this only happens in a conquered nation. They have repealed a bunch of previously sacrosanct gun laws here, and the place is being overrun with illegals. While that’s great for my investments as the housing costs are punishing people, the government doesn’t care, and will tell you to stick it if you don’t like it. The U.S. is done and we need to carry the Gospel and truth in our hearts. We need to remember about the globalist plans for that upcoming force majeure that the Western governments are keeping from us.

          From this point forward, we will not receive any confirmation from the internet, government, peers, friends, church pastors, nor neighbors about this unfolding insanity. We are on our own.

          Mr. Fitzpatrick is correct; the West is a centrally-run organ, like the Soviet bloc.

          RIP Mr. Watt….

      4. I was in Virginia Beach when I got it, as far as I know. I grew up there and only moved a few years ago. My brother just moved from Warrenton, if you know where that is Chris.

        If people think they care about COVID, keep in mind they currently, 50 YEARS later, do not have an accurate test for Lyme disease (supposedly). You cannot use your insurance to pay for treatment and doctors secretly treat it because they can have their license pulled or be sued by the insurance companies. There are literally secret groups on the internet just to find docs that will help because it is so risky. They only recently are semi-admitting it can be chronic. Then they have shill doctors like Dr. Oz talk about it to give patients false hope. Last I checked 300,000 people a year were getting it in the US but that is a lie I am sure. It’s impossible to get an accurate test from them, so its VERY under-diagnosed.

        Ken, I don’t know anything about Rh negative only because I am not sure how much of it is true. I always keep in mind they put out a lot of false info too.

  13. Thank you Chris for this reporting.

    I feel that this doctor is doing the right thing, by way of having written a cogent document and alerting his Provincial Health Official. I’d like to say the health authorities in his province are slightly more sane than elsewhere in Canada, but the result is the same. My initial reading tells me he should have understood these risks well before the vaccine rollout, and thus sparing himself and others. I’m sure as a Christian he feels feel a great deal of repentance.

    He is completely right to say that our media is not reporting the vaccine injuries. Canadian news has gotten so detached from reality that it must feel like how the Soviet Union did at the zenith of various propaganda phases. I remain in disbelief that the older generation has fallen the hardest for it, while many others may go against their own better instinct. I hold onto the conviction that a path to salvation has been laid out, and it is explicitly for those who will reject this Mark.

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