The keys to financial and spiritual success; Be the lone wolf and take the contra

If everyone is buying, find out why the seller is selling. Taking the contra in trading; Contra broker

I have uploaded a new video to Brighteon.

Take the Contra and Be the Lone Wolf; The keys to financial and spiritual success

Success in trading and investing; Be the lone wolf and take the contra

-A discussion of what I look for in trading the smaller stocks
-The key to successful investing
-An analysis of residential real estate and its prospects going out to mid-decade.
-What I look for when investing in anything
-As long as the PTB wish to use the dollar-based system it will work.
-My theories on why foreign governments and sovereign wealth funds are buying up residential real estate

Finding the truth in these last days; Be the lone wolf and take the contra

All of today’s pastors and preachers in the end time Church tell you to turn inward and look for Jesus, while our enemy quietly conquers us. We are now a conquered nation and the pastors sleep.

-The fire and brimstone pastors are in way over their heads when trying to understand the spiritual aspects of this dollar-based monetary system.
-If Jesus said the devil will deceive the whole world, including the end days church, and if 90-95% of today’s Laodicean church Judaizes the Bible, I say to take the contra.
-If 90-95% of the Western Church preachers are unwitting Schofield Judaizers, it’s safe to assume they are wrong. If these pastors say that Joseph’s and Jacob’s days on this planet are done, I say, take the contra. They are still here somewhere.
-Today’s fire and brimstone preachers are having a more difficult time explaining their flawed understanding to the their cognitively-dulled and morally-compromised congregations.
-Today’s preacher litters his preaching with non sequiturs and logic errors. God made certain that the Bible was written in a very logical manner, if only we can wipe away the PC veneer.
-Meshech (ancient Moscow) and Tubal (ancient Siberian capital) know where they are today. The Israelite remnants do not. Prophecy is being fulfilled.

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7 thoughts on “The keys to financial and spiritual success; Be the lone wolf and take the contra

  1. A few posts back, someone had mentioned their son was interested in learning about investing. One area to consider with likely considerable upside is cryptocurrencies – especially privacy coins but also specific NFTs & Defi tokens. Two solid sources Ive come across in that regard to learn from with strong track records are The Crypto Vigilante (TCV) and Nuggets News… both subscription services but well worth it IMO.

    1. Thanks for the post and the thoughts. It seems that anything denominated in dollars will be heading higher, especially given the powerful and excessive social spending, which is only wealth consolidation before the force majeure. It’s a mad rush to get these dollars around the world used up and deployed. Cryptos seem to be benefitting, especially since no governments are taking them seriously.

  2. Higher prices across the board, have arrived. Properties around my area that I would consider tear downs are more expensive than they were this time last year. If I want something, but don’t need it, I’m taking the contra, and not buying it, i’ll just do without.

    1. I went to show a $900k home today to a middle aged couple. The home has been on the market for 3 days. I got to the house early and met the listing agent. She said she already received 2 all cash offers and today is the last day for any back-up offers. This market is just insane.

      1. Indeed, it is similar around here. I would have to believe that foreign money is buying up residential real estate in anticipation of some future plan. The only thing stopping this will be that force majeure I tell you about.

        Imagine all this money flooding in as 80% of all US currency is held overseas. The people living within its borders do not stand a chance if they don’t own income-generating assets. What a sad sad state of affairs. And the pastors think we’re still free. Going out to mid-decade, 90% of the population will be swept away.

        The naive protesters around this country are in complete denial of their real adversary.

        You and I discuss the true adversary every day, and if the people knew their real adversary, they would get down on their knees, beg God for forgiveness, and he would deliver us from our imprisonment.

    2. And yet the United States government allows foreign governments to buy up our real estate. It allows foreign money to flood our market and drive prices higher. It doesn’t matter who is in office, the results are the same.

      Our conqueror gets us to concentrate on manufactured matters and it diverts our attention to obsess about things like racism, hate, and sexual matters. Whatever these mean.

      All the while, our enemy through the central bank has centralized the power in the federal government. It has militarized our police, centralized the economy’s power, eviscerated the fourth and fifth amendments with technology and track and trace, destroyed the first amendment, and is feverishly trying to undo the Second Amendment. The Tenth Amendment no longer exists, because our enemy has made certain that their monetary printing press bribes the local governments.

      Good luck trying to raise your children the way you want. The government continually lets you know that they own them and manage them like livestock.

      The family unit has been busting apart via Federal laws and policies. The middle class has been destroyed as our jobs have been offshored with the blessing of the federal government. Our borders no longer exist. Illegal immigration has destroyed the wage base and it’s only a benefit to the large multinational corporations. The same illegal immigrants have driven the costs of rent and home ownership through the stratosphere and healthcare is at the breaking point. The existing citizens in the United States can no longer afford the basic needs for their lives and this was all done via Federal government policies. Fifty years ago, a family could have one fair working wage afford the needs of the household. Today, two wage slaves can’t even afford the basic necessities of living for the family.

      While our enemy gets us to concentrate on slavery before the Civil War, the entire nation has become a nation of slaves on a debt plantation.

      The voting process has been severed and we are in now in an effective dictatorship. Both sides the aisle are controlled by the same money centers and Powers.

      The Israelite remnants are now a conquered people and the United States is a conquered nation, and yet the pastors sleep and tell you to look inward for Jesus.

      These same pastors will tell you that people like me are the problem. These pastors will tell you to stop hating people and that my philosophy feeds the flames of racism.

      Our pastors are bunch of demoralized sad sacks, from stem to stern, and preach lies and believe the lies. They actually think they’re free. They get privileges handed to them by our masters.

      I’m concerned that real estate prices will continue to fly. While that is great for existing investors, it is slowly destroying the nation. By the time the United States is fully conquered it will just seem normal.

    3. Think about this. If foreign governments aren’t coming in and buying our real estate, that would actually be undoing the third amendment.

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