World War III in Bible prophecy and how to survive what’s coming

I have uploaded a new video to Brighteon.

World War III in Bible Prophecy, and How to Survive What’s Coming

This video provides a detailed analysis of these last days leading up to WW III, and how to properly identify the modern peoples and countries with their Biblical and prophetic names.

Our adversaries, working through their central banks, established the British pound and US dollar as the two truly global reserve currencies, and used this monetary system to engineer their new world order plans. How come the people don’t know or realize this? Perhaps our enemy knows much more about the Bible and the birthright promises than the dumbed-down and PC Christians.

World War III in Bible Prophecy, and How to Survive What’s Coming

The Mystery of the Lost Tribes of Israel

The modern lies about the Lost Tribes of Israel

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44 thoughts on “World War III in Bible prophecy and how to survive what’s coming

  1. Most modern Jews seem to believe that Christian Europeans are Esau’s descendants. This fits in with the idea of Esau being red-haired and red-skinned. Europeans are more likely to be “red” in this sense. Red was also associated with the Roman Empire, which went on to spread Christianity to the world. “Amalek” was a descendant of Esau who was particularly hostile toward Jacob’s descendants. Jews believe that Amalek is the patriarch of Germany, which fits in with Germany being the “aggressor” in both world wars and instituting the “holocaust” of 6 million Jews. (Jews believe they must exterminate Amalek, which fits in with “Judea Declares War on Germany,” “Germany Must Perish,” and Einstein’s calls for eradication of Germans.)

    Another thing to consider is that Esau was supposed to be the honest but dim-witted farmer who spent all of his time outside and who appeared to love nature. Jacob was smarter but more devious and spent most of his time inside studying scripture and creating schemes to defraud Esau. Which one sounds more like modern Jews and modern Christians today? The central bankers don’t sound like Esau to me.

    I’ve heard some (Gnostics) say that Esau was the “good guy” and Yahweh is an evil god who conspired with a woman (Rebecca) to deceive the good guy. Sounds familiar? Just like the snake in the garden. In this interpretation, Jesus came to free the world from the clutches of Yahweh, but the pharisees rejected Jesus and continued to worship Yahweh. The pharisees are now the central bankers. (Their behavior in the New Testament is almost identical to the behavior of central bankers today.)

    1. Hi Bob,
      Thanks for the post and link.

      I try to be as literal as possible when analyzing these upcoming events. It puts me in a straight jacket of sorts, but helps me to stay honest.

      Look at the current standing of humanity.

      1. Clearly the gospel has been preached to all. Everyone in the world has heard of it. Even the tribes in the deep rain forest have been preached to (unfortunately, it’s the polluted Schofield doctrine shared by 95% of the Christian churches).

      2. There is no amillennialism or postmillennialism, as humanity gets more depraved by the day. It’s not the other way around.

      3. Based on what’s coming to the world, humanity will eventually wipe itself away. This will necessitate a sovereign being having to come back to fix everything.

      4. The church is no longer capable of telling the truth, even from the fire and brimstone preachers. The article you show is very confusing to the typical reader, and there is absolutely no way God would have made this stuff that opaque.

      5. I have to conclude that we need to take these things written in the Bible as literally as possible when confronted with cognitive dilemmas.

      6. Our adversary’s current tactics are unfolding exactly how the literalists are demonstrating.

      7. The current crop of pastors, even the passionate Youtubers I mention, are having a more and more difficult time defending their falsehoods. They are just not as educated as we thought. Their logic is littered with logic fallacies and non sequiturs.

      8. Whatever is coming will be obvious to those who can remain objective and unbiased to existing manmade analysis.

      The world is ready for the end. The scholars from the past centuries have not experienced what we are witnessing and the pastors and preachers seem unable to shake of their willed ignorance. I see it all as obvious now. 20 years ago, I did not.

      1. Here’s some sobering logic.

        If at least 90% of today’s Christian churches are in some way Judaizing the Bible and telling us that the Jews are God’s chosen people, the Old Testament was written for the Jews, that Israel in the Bible means the Jews and the political state, and that Jacob’s house is no longer physical and is only spiritual, it’s safe to assume they are wrong.

        Why do I say this? Jesus said that Satan will deceive the whole world including the church. If >90% of today’s Christians are judaizing the Scripture, it’s a sure bet that they are incorrect.

        The judaizers have big churches, big congregations, thousands of YouTube followers, and the respect of their peers. They have their 501(c)3 tax deduction in place to scoop up their donations. They can easily find confirmation of their flawed and poisoned analysis with their fellow deceived.

        It really is behavioral psychology in many respects, and it’s just like in trading. When 80-90% of the public on the message boards are boosting a stock and the board has 10,000 or more followers, the most profitable way to make money is by taking the contra. I always enjoy employing logic to make money and uncovering the truth. I ask, how can so many people be right if Jesus says they will be wrong?

        The ones preaching the contra on the other hand, are the ones preaching in the tin shacks with empty chairs. They don’t bother getting their IRS exemption. They sound racist and anti-Semitic.

        Take your pick. I pick the latter. The remnants of Jacob are somewhere here today.

  2. Hi Chris,

    I’ve got a question about real estate.

    If blackrock et al are buying residential real estate at 20%+ asking, what’s to stop them from continuing? My understanding is that your concern is the vaccination campaign and subsequent kill off or weakening will tank even the real estate market. I don’t understand why if institutions are getting into residential real estate it should fall even with massive population reduction.

    Wouldn’t it benefit tptb to continue to allow the price of real estate to skyrocket, so that it becomes more and more unaffordable over time?


    1. You are correct here. In the current market circumstances and environment, RE will continue to perform well. My real estate in minority areas is doing much better price-performance wise than in other areas. The push to get blacks and Hispanics into the RE ownership game is paying off for me nicely so far. These properties have increased by about 25% since the beginning of last year.

      My growing concern is in regards to the growing possibility of war and its increasing probability over the next years from 2025 onward.

      I mentioned in my RE Brighteon video from last week that it won’t matter how sick the people get in the US. I and some readers have seen how large money was crowding out many potential buyers. The evidence is coming in that points to foreign, sovereign wealth, and institutional money quietly buying up as much as they can. We can throw the pricing formulas out the window.

      But, I look at the spiralling social spending, which consolidates wealth, the vaccine push to soften up the population, and the mad rush to censor, and I see that something is coming. When? I do not know. Read my responses to Greg about this.

      1. Some of my properties in minority areas actually are up 30-33% since the beginning of 2020. The numbers are just mindblowing. I have had two black tenants buy properties in the past month. The prices they paid are outrageous. I would have never thought prices would move that high, at least for another 10 years.

        When a bust DOES come, they will be punished. Actually, the taxpayer will be punished. These are all federally backed loans. The elites are not looking out for minorities. Amongst other things, they are looking to use racism to fleece the demoralized masses when the time is right.

    2. I have another concern here about why foreign governments and sovereign wealth funds are buying US residential properties now.

      The plan is to invade the US, and when the PTB feel they have enough of our guns, they will allow foreign troops to live in these homes, right next door to you and me. Under such a scenario, there would be no way to fight back. We wouldn’t even know they were here to police us. Via political correctness, we would welcome them. If I said anything adverse, I would be viewed as the bad guy.

      Buy as much RE as possible, to make the elites job more difficult😫

    1. Thanks for the link. Thanks for sharing. I see that the author writes about the prophet Joel. Interesting article.

      Like Joel, some of these prophecies concerning Judah and Israel are from Judah’s perspective. He also prophesied about the spiritual house as well in the coming Messiah.

      Joel discusses how the Messiah will come and heal Judah and Israel. In this instance, the Messiah has yet to appear for Judah, even though it will be Jesus when they finally realize this. This prophecy is still a shadow of things to come.

  3. The Bible talks about the mark of the beast so if you need the mark to buy or sell in the future what point is having any assets that produce cash or having cash at all? Better be able to hunt, grow your own food of course you will have to pay taxes on that land so I guess your out of luck there.

    1. I am guessing that the war will take place before the mark. I suspect on some level that this war will be unanticipated by even our adversary, and subsequently they will be in a mad rush to get everything else in place, including the mark.

      I think this vaccine campaign and the coronavirus lockdowns, etc., are designed to actually just drive the people insane, so they become completely irrational.

      How do we see this manifesting? Just take a look at the financial markets and see how the people are acting. Humanity, in its aggregate, is being driven insane. I believe that if this coronavirus crap continues for another year, the great preponderance of humanity will do basically anything, including whatever is required to fulfill the Book of Revelation.

      I’ve been a student of behavioral psychology and behavioral economics for a long time, and as “rationally” irrational as people have been, I cannot even comprehend how society’s wheels have come off its wagon. Society’s glue is wearing out.

      I am certain that if we extrapolate these current circumstances out to mid-decade, the people will be ready for anything, including taking the mark.

      You are correct here; we won’t be able to do anything without taking the mark, but I doubt many of us will last that long, and wil go insane first. This is the biggest gaslighting campaign that has ever been waged against humanity. The West will be softened, and the world will be malleable from this insanity and it will do whatever our adversary wants them to do.

      In terms of the how the financial markets fare; as the weeks and months go by, the probabilities increase, and it becomes more likely that we are going to witness catastrophic financial market collapses. The people are no longer sane.

      As this timeline extends, the likelihood of a catastrophic equity and real estate collapse increases. If this extends out untll mid-decade, I am certain that the elites will get what they want; the unfolding of the economic and financial market collapses outlined in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

      There’s nothing I can do if i am forced to take the mark, but if I am not working for other people or depending on the government for money, and am liquid, at least I can live a little longer. If I don’t need health insurance and can remain healthy without the need of going to medical facilities, I certainly can live longer than those who are dependent on this allopathic medical establishment. Our adversary has developed a system in which everyone is dependent on everyone else. Everybody depends on experts; we need experts to even tell us how to wash your hands and interpret the weather outside our living room window.

      Separate yourself from the heathen. Withdraw from society. We need to begin to become self Sovereign in every sense of the word. The wheat will be separated from the chaff. I tell you these things now, because time is truly short and the psychological war games are just beginning.

      I do plan on relocating my family out to a rural area in Northern New Mexico in which I am familiar. The Holy Ghost told me to move out to the rural Rocky Mountain States. There I can hunt for elk and deer and own unregistered firearms.

      1. Here’s one more thought. The powers-that-be are using their media are making certain that the people are being whipped into a frenzy with all of this manufactured racism and political crises. They also want to make certain that we turn in our guns and are engineering a concerted campaign The outlaw lawful possession of firearms. Many of these mass shooters are actually mind-controlled zombies and are fulfilling a specific purpose here. The goal of the New World Order elites is to remove possession of firearms on the streets in the United States when it is finally ready to be subdued.

        I suspect that as the years go by here moving out to mid-decade the riots will increase on the streets in the United States as the people snap. This is all being engineered by design. The people will look to a savior, as Henry Kissinger once said, and we’ll turn to the foreign troops to police our streets as an answer. This is when the hooks will be put into the jaws of our adversary and will be drawn in with an entire array of weaponry and will lay the United States and turn it to stubble.

        1. Hi
          What is your opinion as to who are GOG and Magog in the Bible and your reasoning for your opinion?

          1. To be honest here, the only thing I can think of are the Asian Nations at this point.

            They are certainly not Israelite nations, as an easy read in Genesis 10 will determine this. The Confederacy of nations in Ezekiel with their respective names all refer back to Genesis 10, and they are listed as Japheth’s descendants. They are either sons or grandsons of Japheth, who is one of the three sons that came from the flood. Notice the Israelites were descended from Shem.

            At this point I have to assume that they did not settle in the same places that the Israelite remnants settled. Thus, Europe and the European descendants are out.

            We can take a look at Genesis 9 and see that Noah blesses Shem and says, blessed be the Lord God of Shem. Noah also blesses Japheth and will enlarge his people. The Lord God of Shem is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and from whom Jesus came as our kinsman redeemer.

            It’s clear that Noah gave the greatest blessing to Shem, with the second-best to Japheth. He cursed Ham and his lineage through Canaan. I am sure Japheth’s descendents to this day have an axe to grind with Shem’s descendants.

            Okay, with all of this out of the way, it’s now a process of elimination. If we assume that the northern Israelites and their remnants are the Europeans and their offshoots, then the Japheth descendants listed in Ezekiel live somewhere else. Notice that Noah gave Japheth a good blessing and that God (the God of Shem) would enlarge his people, so we need to look for the nations that have done well in their own right. To me, this leaves only the Asian nations. Based on the process of elimination, I would have to conclude that it’s part of Russia, China, Turkey, and some of the Muslim nations. I would also have to think that some of these nations would be Oriental. By Oriental, I mean Eastern.

            Keep in mind that the ancient name of Moscow was Meshech. Tobolsk, or Tubalski, is a city in Eastern Russia. Tobolsk was the ancient capital of Siberia. The people in this area know they’re from Japheth, but many of the Israelites do not.

            I would eliminate any third world nations from the mix, as they do not fulfill Noah’s blessings to Shem and Japheth. He said their descendants would be strong peoples. So, Africa would be out. The non-Israelite nations in the Western hemisphere are out, as they are all too new and not very powerful.

            Through deductive reasoning and the process of elimination via strict scripture interpretation, I see they are the ones getting ready to take out the U.S. and Britain, as well as the rest of the West.

          2. One more thing to think about with how Shem’s descendants ended up in Europe. In these last days with this Ezekiel War, would Europe be the adversary of the political nation state of Israel or Judah?

            Would Britain and the United States, who were instrumental in the formation of the political state of Israel with the Balfour Declaration, be at the neck of the political nation state of Israel or Judah? Of course not. Thus, even those who hold to the Schofield philosophy would have to agree with my assessment here.

            The nations who hate the West and its offshoots are Japheth’s descendants here in these last days.

      2. Deagel took down their 2025 forecast or at least it is not up as of today. Doesn’t necessarily change the narrative. There were a few stats that on their prediction that didn’t line up with their arm sales stats, so I knew they would have to update it eventually.

        The enemy controls our leadership. I can’t accept that people with high intelligence and a position of prestigious rank would not fight this. Or if they are going to they are taking their time. Even enemy promises of survival and more fiat dollars to their bank accounts, would be with a handshake with crossed fingers, non fulfillable agreement. But looking at societies pyramid structure it still is as it’s always been, the haves versus the have nots, regardless of any isms.

        1. Very interesting. Deagel had that up on their website for a long time.

          Let’s hope we can continue for a few more years. That’s if Biden can stop fanning the flames. Now he’s angering Turkey. He’s pissing off Russia, China, and now Turkey.

          Those in control of US policy are making sure we anger everyone.

        2. The true Patriots are left behind or are taken out. Skousen has been saying this for decades. We have had many honest whistleblowers come out over the decades, but they were all silenced, suicided, humiliated, or sent packing.

          We may not want to accept it, but the US continues to tempt our ostensible enemies into executing an offensive strike. The US powers continue to turn the nation into the laughing stock of the world, and Nazi Germany of WWW III. The US no longer has any high moral ground. Its military has been worn out and demoralized, on purpose.

  4. Hi Chris,
    Congrats on the new videos!
    Just wondering if you have any stock tips or recommendations to buy gold, bitcoin etc.. at the moment as I note you are recommending getting out of real estate because of what is coming.

    If you have the time I recommend watching this video although its a bit long but has good information.


  5. This is good output, and intellectually interesting. So you identify Team Reset is trying to avoid the biblical outcome in the book of Daniel? Of course, this is true. And you disagree with the motives and methods.

    My family line predates almost every bloodline, in fact, my ancestors were the central characters in the second Reset. This isn’t really a “great reset”, it’s actually quite smooth and cleanly implemented (so far), and compared to the second reset this is a kind event.

    Would you mind making a video on the different angels, their personalities and dispositions? Do you think an angel can be evil? Such questions are interesting.



    1. Cathal…Rumors of your demise have been greatly exaggerated.

      You were the one that, actually, led me to Chris. Do you have a new website now? I would definitely be interested in hearing your insight on everything that has taken place over the last year.

      1. The author of this story gets taken out during the prologue?

        No. It’s too early for me to die. 🙂

        I’d like to see who lives and dies and how the different humans respond. Chris is worried that white people are getting the blame? Don’t worry Chris, the sources of your anxiety shall soon die.

        The reason why everything is so smooth is because the reset is in sync with God’s plan for mankind. That said, it may still fail.

        1. Hi. I think I tried to answer your concerns in my reply to Greg. I go into further detail behind the spiritual aspect of our monetary system.

        2. It sounds like you have interesting information to share – I’ll take a look at your books.

          Any tips for surviving what’s coming – sounds like you got the inside scoop (Don’t kill me pleeeez). Of course, I’m not dumb enough to inject myself with experiments but I’d like to avoid any bombs or direct warfare. Should I also move to an island?

          Thanks for sharing.


          1. Read the Bible and stop listening to the YouTube pastors. While they talk a great gospel story, their lack of prophetic understanding is due to being too worried about the world and worrying about what others think about them.

            As for what to do, I do not know right now. I do know that for those who haven’t begun to develop a portfolio of assets, I say not to bother anymore. I will no longer add assets and will begin to liquefy this year. I pray all the time and ask for help and understanding. I have faith it will be revealed, but I know that our adversary is making a move here and will be getting desperate.

            They don’t care about what we think anymore. This manufactured covid garbage has shown them, and me, that they can get away with anything they want. Humanity has totally disappointed me and I only hold out with Jesus.

            Our adversary only cares about what the Bible says regarding the next steps. We mean nothing to them, and the former Patriots can run around and scream about how people are waking up. We are not. The Christian church is rotten to the core with political correctness and all sorts of falsehoods. We are done. The fire and brimstone preachers refuse to see how this is all manufactured. They can’t (or refuse to out of fear of sounding anti-semitic) even figure out the Abrahamic promises.

            Pray and ask for the holy ghost to intervene in your life. It works. It will tell you.

          2. Dean, for me, I infrequently monitor sites that discuss the reset to examine how it’s being interpreted by different minds. Tips?

            Just do what I do, mountain bike and drink French wine everyday, and hang out with my family. You shouldn’t worry too much about things that are out of your control. These are System Level issues.

          3. Listen to Putrid. I know I can be a downer. There really isn’t much we can do, but at least we can accept our lot. Then we can move forward. I take comfort in knowing what I know, so having insight can be very helpful. Get exercise and enjoy the Springtime sun. Eat well and stay out of the doctor’s office.

      2. @A.D.

        Cathal is tough nut to crack and rumors are he is in fact an immortal celestial being wink-wink.

    2. I will formulate more Brighteon videos and podcasts on these subjects. If it weren’t for the vaccines and covid, I would think that we would have more time. The elites are growing restless, and probably know of some time constraints of which we are not aware.

  6. I often get asked how understanding Bible prophecy can be profitable with investing.

    The answer is so simple once someone understands the birthright promises in the last days. I had faith in God and his promises to Ephraim and Manasseh regarding the resiliency of their monetary system. While the alt-finance world bashed and denigrated it for decades, I advised all that this monetary system had plenty of power. Why? Birthright promises.

    God never said these nations would be moral. That is another issue. Of course, they are like Sodom and Gomorah. But that’s why they get destroyed in WWWIII.

    1. It seems the market recently is expecting some sort of event, like an EMP attack or grid failure, not much profit in that. Can you give us some examples of being profitable, understanding biblical prophecy?

      1. My analysis going back to late 2012 and early 2013 indicated to me that these elites had the ability to maintain their current dollarized system, with their USD at the head of the class.

        I warned all of those who would listen at the time, especially to Henry Makow’s readers, to dump gold and to get ready for more of the same with asset price inflation. I had confidence in the ability of these elites to engineer their new world order plans, because they were tapping into the Birthright blessings given to the United States (Manasseh). Only now am I discussing in greater detail the spiritual aspect of this and how it relates to the Lost Israelites, but I always mentioned how this monetary system had a strong spiritual underpinning. The power of the Birthright blessings is the fundamental underpinning of my financial and monetary theories.

        This is the conundrum the elites face right now. They have been exploiting God’s promises and have engineered their US dollar-based Financial system to further their objectives, but if they deviate from it and attempt to engineer their own system, it will most likely fail.

        This is why these elites continue to use a system that on its surface is still busted apart; they know it is supported by God’s Birthright promises to Ephraim and Manasseh. They also know that war or a military force majeure will be the undoing of this promise and this current system. The only way for this to collapse will be for the U.S.’s enemies to destroy it. God promised this to Abraham.

        The elite still do not have any viable alternative. That is the big problem here.

        The problem for the elites is simple. Any new system will not be backed by God’s Birthright promises, and just as they are getting their new world order into view, their house of cards will tumble. They also know about how God will plant that evil thought in the mind of Ezekiel’s confederacy, and have been delaying their final NWO plans for decades. They are scared to take the next steps.

        As long as this system is a dollar-based system, they can make it work, as no other GLOBAL system will work. This is why these Elites are hanging on to a system that seems so anachronistic, archaic, and clumsy. It works because God promised it would work. This is why in the face of overwhelming secular alt-finance evidence to the contrary, I went out and grew and built a larger portfolio of real estate and income generating investments. I advised all who would listen to do the same. I don’t advise this anymore as we are getting closer to that force majeure.

        Please note that these Birthright blessings were unconditional and were promised to Abraham after he fulfilled his obligations to God. Whether Manasseh is evil or not is irrelevant.

  7. Hi Chris,
    You mentioned Obadiah and the double fulfillment of prophecy in the last days regarding Jacob and Esau. Did you mean Esau would be freed from serving Jacob? You said Jacob would be freed from serving Jacob. I assume you meant Esau or Edom.


    1. Yes, indeed. Good catch.

      Double fulfillment in the final days. Edom figures greatly as this battle is ultimately between the two sons of Isaac. Isaac’s sons (saxons). These Europeans spent a lot of time naming themselves after old testament people.

      Genesis 27:40 also mentions Esau breaking free for a spell in a prophetic double fulfillment in the last days.

  8. Hi Chris.

    I am writing again to you following your recent podcast on Biblical teachings.

    It is a profound insight to think of the Bible as expanded from the duality between Jews and Christians. Old T for the former, New T for the latter. Not a day goes by that I don’t think we are moving closer in the West to a full Tribulation period, as certainly the vaccinations will create a new calamity in it’s own right. But, with full applications to the “remnant of Israel”, as you are explaining.

    A comment: It is hard to say how “The Great Reset” will cohere to the tribulation period. I’d say it’s plausible in the sense that this label applies to a general long-form process that’s in fact unfolding already. The COVID-19 scenario is, in my opinion, the final “rising”, if you will, of the Harlot System of Rev., and may in fact be Satan’s “baton-pass” between it and the Antichrist Beast Kingdom. Worth checking out E511 Ministries on YouTube for more.

    1. Thanks. Will check it out.

      While the covid and vaccines are part of the process, it’s this upcoming war that the biblical prophets warn us about that will trip the world into the tribulation period

      The elites plan on a West (Jacob) surrender, but the plans will all go awry when the destruction is too great for them to overcome.

      Once the West is decapitated, these elites will feverishly attempt to get the rest of the NWO stuff with chips, etc., in place. Just as they are finally getting the NWO (agenda 2030 seems like a confirmation of the timeline) into view, this war ruins their plans, and the West as well.

      Everything we contemplate rests on the timing of this disastrous war; disastrous for us, and disastrous for the Elites plans as well.

  9. I’m more than a little confused and obviously need more study, but what I’m getting from your current video and my own thinking is:

    Many of the Jews at the time of Jesus were Jewish Edomites the sons of Esau? Jesus knew the people in the area were not from his Abraham’s Jacob lineage but the Abraham’s Isaac lineage? We can read that Jesus admonished these Edomite Jews in the Gospel of John. The main reason the Edomite Jews were not hesitant to put Jesus on the cross.

    These Jacob Israelites branched out to the West and formed their nations(Britain, USA, Northern Europe). Yet the bloodlines of these Jewish Edomites also went to the West and established banking cartels. They can be traced to the Lyons, the current Queen and all the other royal bloodlines, including the Rothchilds. They inter marry and keep their bloodlines and fortunes in tact through the generations.

    The wars of Europe disposed of the Jacob line rulers? Which is why our current leaders who are from the Jewish Edomite lineage and are in control of the government and banking industries, are all too happy to see our country get destroyed. Probably an incorrect summary and shows how little I know about the subject.

    1. I assume that most of the Jews during Jesus’s time were descendants of Jacob. I also look to see that the owners of the central banks and the bankers were from Edom. I asked myself this question, why have the central bankers exploited Judaism to their advantage while the average Jew has suffered mightily throughout the centuries? My answer here is this, these people are most likely not actually Jews, but are that synagogue of Satan, and have exploited they’re supposed Jewish faith to further their true objectives, while throwing the real Jews under the bus.

      You are introducing a lot of I’m related Concepts here and I wouldn’t read too much into what I am discussing here. I think you’re introducing a lot of topics that I am not touching. A lot of that at this point is just pure speculation and I am sticking strictly to a tight interpretation of scripture.

      If you’re confused, it’s because we have been inundated with Darby and Schofield doctrine, and have been numbed and dumb down to the Old Testament teachings. Just take a look at that Got Questions video for a perspective on what I mean. Any objective student of the Old Testament would refute that video in a heartbeat, but in today’s society, this is passed off as normal in today’s Church.

  10. That “got questions” video gets it all wrong and really is confusing after watching your video. Thanks for the update.

    1. I have to believe that at some point there are too many people
      who are contaminated by this Beast system and are unable to objectively view the Old Testament in a way that contradicts the new teaching. There is a confirmation bias here and a cognitive dissonance of some sorts. I think that most of the Christians today view the current philosophy of the Israelites with doubt, but go along with it since that’s the consensus.

      Of course this teaching is only a hundred fifty years old, but that is more than long enoughpto pollute the entire church. Most people are just purely psychologically handicapped and compromised financially and socially to see what I am discussing. Even Church pastors won’t touch this as they will lose all of their donations. All of them.

      1. Hi Chris,

        I am curious how Eastern Orthodox Christianity fits in your proposed pattern? Also what is your view in general to the Eastern Orthodoxy?


        1. Hi G,
          I know I have a number of Orthodox and Catholic readers and such, but I stick strictly to the Bible. I love the Bible. It has helped me so much in my life, and its benefits have been incalculable.

          I realized by 2004 that I had to leave the Catholic church. I was born and raised into it and went to mass every Sunday, etc. I still remember the prayers and creeds, but I cannot rely on pastors or priests anymore.

          These pastors and priests are of this world and do not know anything what we talk about. They are huge 501(c)(3) machines. So are the YouTube pastors. I have to believe on some level that I have my own ministry now. I am now spending as much time reading and studying scripture, the prophets, an history as I did when i first entered the land of the “washed” almost 20 years ago. The Churches are now dead. All of them, except for perhaps a few independent ministries.

          There are a lot of saved Catholics. My dad was, but he read the KJV and talked Jesus all the time. He liked the ceremonies and such. When I was younger, we used to pray to Mary and the saints, but my dad realized he was best served by just praying to Jesus. So, why stay in a church that preaches another doctrine?

          The day he died at our house, the priest, nun, the nurse, and social worker all came and he said goodbye to them. He knew he was going to die that day. I put him to sleep a few hours later. He was talking Jesus all day. I was reading him the Bible. What else do we need? He took communion that afternoon, because he felt it made him closer to Jesus.

          If the Orthodox church makes a person closer to God, I say to go for it. If it becomes a routine or a strawman for the real thing, and its own rules and traditions take the front seat, I say run away.

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