4/15 update – (My first Brighteon video) Home prices will keep rising and the entities driving them higher

Here is the link to my Brighteon video. I will try it out and see what happens.

Residential Real Estate – Why prices continue to climb

-I respond to the emails and comments on residential real estate and why the prices keep rising.
-A sign that Americans and the West are conquered; foreigners buy up its real estate. Wall Street Journal, April 13th, That Suburban Home Buyer Could Be a Foreign Government
-It seems to be the same for stock prices, but there is something more sobering going on with U.S. housing. Determining ownership in domestic real estate is more difficult.
-Foreign money is pouring in to the U.S. market now. I analyze why this is the case.
-Housing still provides a better yield than other asset classes and the sovereign wealth funds know this.
-I also suspect Chinese money is continuing to pour in and buying up housing stock for future plans.


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10 thoughts on “4/15 update – (My first Brighteon video) Home prices will keep rising and the entities driving them higher

  1. Hi Chris
    Video looks good. I suspect you will gain many more female followers now that you are doing video.
    I know cryptocurrencies were likely the creation of our adversary even if many well-intentioned freedom-lovers are busy working to fill out the space.
    I mention them because it is still a way to get ahead of the game by buying cryptos such as ethereum. Even if they have already gone up a lot, I believe there remains a parabolic move in these digital assets probably in the next few months that will still produce superior returns. Of course I should point out that novice investors could lose all their money in these very speculative markets and so I strongly dissuade anyone from throwing money at crypto as a desperate Hail Mary if you really have no idea how to trade it. Whether you keep your money in stablecoins like USDT or USDC or you convert them back into your home currency is completely up to you. But it is still an extremely profitable market as we are well into the bullrun. If we are going to be subject to the tyranny of the NWO, we might as well profit from it bc they will be pulling out all the stops in order to make us sign on to the “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy” arrangement in exchange for a debt jubilee.
    Perhaps it’s a honeytrap and whatever gains you make in crypto will be disposed of by them one way or another but I think the same could be said for any other asset class at this point. It’s clear they want all but the anointed to be poor.

    By the way Chris could you do a podcast specifically devoted to the biblical prophecies where you really spell out the facts about the various bloodlines of Israel and their present-day counterparts, as well as a summary of the overall prophetic narrative of the book of Revelations, etc..?…Some of us have very little background when it comes to the teachings of these preachers from the past that you value so highly. I know a lot of it is second nature to you and many of your listeners but some of us need it spelled out a little bit.
    Again many thanks for your ongoing communication with us over the years. I feel things have completely broken down in the West. I saw a news story about “how to talk to friends about vaccine hesitancy.” This completely throws out the window the idea that informed consent must be non-coercive. As a physician I am speechless. All values that we worked so hard to develop to make our countries worth living in are rapidly being abandoned and we are on the road to complete tyranny using public health and safety as cover stories. As Henry Makow says, society has been inducted in to a cult.

    I, myself, have fled my home country to live in Latin America where political correctness has much less of a foothold and where there is no targeted anti-white campaign like there clearly is in the US and commonwealth countries. My move might prove to be futile but the anti-white trajectory in Western countries is quite evident so I felt like I had to do something. Some people, mostly gun-owning Americans, have criticized me for running away but let’s face it, our adversary is the most formidable machine ever seen on planet Earth. There is no shame is doing whatever it takes, including running and hiding, in order to save one’s self. For all those who choose to stay and fight, I respect your decision, but I think part of being a wise spirit is knowing when you are outclassed.
    The elites must have a devious plan on how to deal with Americans and their firearms just like they do for handling any other barrier to their complete takeover of our societies. I hope the average American is willing to use their firearms if soldiers come by to confiscate them but when push comes to shove I doubt they would be. I think unfortunately the elites will try to make firearm owners sick with the vaccine so that their possession of firearms becomes a moot point. I hope I am wrong but since these evil sick psychopaths have planned everything else down to a tee, I can’t imagine they would have overlooked one of the greatest barriers to just loading people onto the railcars. There may be a way out of this but firing back at an army is probably not going to be one of them, not with the technologies that are available today. I know this is not what Americans want to hear and they will hate me for it.
    Not being from a country that has the equivalent of the second amendment, my plan was to try to blend in in a Latin American country where there are many people with light skin colour so that one does not stick out so much and to learn Spanish. We live on a prison-planet and it will only be luck and our wits and planning and perhaps the grace of God that allows us to survive. Interestingly, I seem to recall that the Deagel people tried to provide an explanation of their projection showing a loss of over 200 million from the US but their projections do not show a commensurate gain of population in surrounding countries. They talked about a large migration of people from the US – so where is the population surge in Mexico, central America or Canada? Clearly there will be mass casualties if their projections are to be believed.
    Sorry for the pessimism. The elites have really shut off most of the exits in advance. They are all-in and playing for keeps. I think people need to see the sobering reality otherwise they won’t act with the necessary diligence to try to figure a way out if there is one. There may be some leeway and anonymity in crypto which is why I mentioned it.

    1. I will reply more to you shortly. I didn’t know you were a doctor. Interesting. Here’s a story….

      I am out of the loop with the medical establishment, but I finally went to the doctor’s office yesterday for a physical. I hadn’t been to the doctor in almost four years, and that was for another physical. I didn’t have health insurance for almost 20 years, and never went, so I just never thought about getting it. I have it now.

      Anyway, I preface this for a reason. At the visit yesterday, the doctor wouldn’t touch me, and I had my mask on the whole time. He just did a comprehensive blood work, and asked me if I had anything wrong.

      When I checked in before the physical at the desk, the administrator was asking me if I wanted to get a vaccine and she was urging me to do so. Then during the physical, the doctor was babbling on and on about everything, including his personal life, but he kept reverting back to COVID, and he was talking on and on the whole visit about how dangerous it was, and that he was asking me about vaccines, etc. Since I was remaining taciturn the whole time, he then asked me if I was one of those COVID deniers. He wouldn’t shut up. He could wait to get out of the office. He was spooked.

      Anyway, the doctor’s office visits are so different than even the last time I went several years ago. Thank God I haven’t been sick in almost 20 years. I feel terrible for those who are dependent on this medical system.

      I will address more of your stuff later. Thanks for the post….

      1. Our son has been having a low grade fever for the past two weeks and we typically don’t visit the doctor unless we really need to but given that his fever has been lingering for this long (this is his only symptom he’s his normal self otherwise) we were afraid he would get kicked out of daycare if it spiked so figured we should get him checked out. We tried to contact our pediatrician and they had their phone turned off for days. When we finally got a hold of the office they didn’t want to see him unless he gets a Covid test. We aren’t comfortable with the Covid tests for many reasons but especially given the false positive rates and if he tests positive then our whole family will be shunned by society for 14 days as we stay home and quarantine which is problematic because I had a baby 3 weeks ago and my midwives won’t see the baby or myself if someone in the family tests positive. We have no family or help close by so this is a situation we really want to avoid. In desperation we also called our family doctor to see if he could see my son and his office told us he works from home now doing virtual visits and only sees patients once a week. It’s become acceptable for doctors to not even see patients. I have a hard time wrapping my head around that one.

        So we got a taste of what life will be like for those who don’t comply with this agenda. It’s like no illness exists anymore except Covid and pediatricians just exist to do well checks which the schedule for these checks are determined by the numerous vaccines they want to inject in the first two years of life. After this whole experience I can tell that the clock is ticking on my son’s ability to attend daycare and be around other children. I’m at a loss on how we raise our children as this tyranny continues on…

        1. Not medical advice, but my son was exposed to a teacher who tested positive for covid right before the first week of the lockdown on the east coast. The week after, we all started not feeling well. However, I was prepared. My family relies on the following to combat seasonal flus and colds: colloidal silver, vitamin C, vitamin D, selenium and homeopathy. Also useful is grapeseed extract. The most critical piece of our protocol is colloidal silver, and we use a brand called Silver Biotics. Check the reviews on Amazon for details (there are over 3000 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars). It is a natural and safe antibiotic that kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. The rest (vitamin C, D, selenium, etc.) is to strengthen the immune system, which actually counter-intuitively is to keep the immune system from overreacting and not triggering a “cytokine storm”, which is what causes fatal cases of covid or influenza infections. We have stayed healthy and safe during the entire pandemic and I have no fear at all of disease. I am, however, very afraid of these experimental gene therapies that are disguised as “vaccines”.

          The medical establishment has no interest in educating the populace about how to actually prevent illness and stay healthy. Rather they would rather ply you with ineffective and impractical techniques like masks, social distancing and constant handwashing to make you fearful, paranoid and obsessive compulsive, all the more to drive you towards their vaccine end game.

  2. One more thought here regarding the cost of real estate transactions and why there isn’t more market supply, despite higher prices.

    I would have to suspect that most homeowners are loath to sell once they find out how staggering the transaction costs can be between selling a home and then buying a new one. I tell people to be prepared for roughly 10 to 12% costs between the average of the selling and buying unit. When we analyze transaction between two $500,000 properties we can see the total costs can rise to between $50 and $60,000.

    It’s clear that most people can no longer afford these transaction costs. Mortgage costs and origination is expensive. Title, appraisal, inspection, and settlement costs are expensive. Transfer and recordation taxes and County recording taxes are exorbitant in many jurisdictions. Even if someone can negotiate commissions down to 4% we’re still looking at a solid 10 to 12% of the average house price.

    As the economy spins in a direction that is adverse to the average person, these costs are just too expensive, and many people decide to stay put. The primary reason why I decided to buy and hold when I first started out was because of these costs. I also knew of a couple people who were loath to sell properties once they acquired them, but had amassed a lot of wealth in real estate over the decades.

    I often told house flippers to do the math. If the capitalization rate what’s attractive, I always recommended them to hold. If they held for at least a year and season title, they could probably double their profit without even having to rent it out.

    1. Also, keep in mind that it can be expensive just to fix up the property to get ready to sell. Each person and homeowner’s circumstances is different in this regard. We may find a home’s idiosyncrasies kind of cute, but the prospective buyer will definitely want them remediated.

      And anyone in the market can easily a test to the sobering fact that house repair costs have spiralled higher with home prices.

  3. Thanks for posting to Brighteon. Nice that we can match your face and voice. Video looks good. Minus the beard you have an uncanny resemblance to Montgomery Clift. ☺︎

    What will you do with the cash once you start liquidating your RE holdings?

    1. I honestly do not know yet. I have one loan left on my investment properties and will pay that off. It’s at 6.1%. We have a small owner-occupied mortgage, too, but the rate is very low… I’ll take Montgomery Clift’s looks, but I’ll skip on his personal life.😁

  4. Congrats Chris for your video! Very nice to see the face (without face diapers) behind the podcasts. I hope you will continue this great work.

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