4/10 Market update – Strong support in the asset markets; The timeline to war (Jacob’s trouble)

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-Stocks, real estate, and cryptos are on fire. Most asset classes are strongly supported in the current environment. I see strong support in wake of the massive multi-trillion dollar fiscal and monetary stimulus. Given the additional non-Covid stimulus proposed, it’s difficult to establish a bearish thesis.
-The financial market timeline from here to mid-decade. I explain further why my longer-term predictions have changed so drastically recently. Indeed, anyone who has followed my research since early late 2012, has notice the startling change. The catalysts for this change have nothing to do with any personal circumstance and all to do with my recent observations and understanding of our adversary. Let’s at least profit.
-I provide here the latest edition of Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief. His WWIII timeline analysis begins on page 10.



Mr. Skousen sees how the West (Jacob) has been lured asleep and is intentionally unaware of just who will be destroyed and how it will happen. In this week’s issue, he discusses the latest events in the timeline to WWIII (Jacob’s trouble).
-Based on the recent events out of Israel (political state), it seems that our adversary wishes to bury Judah as well. PLEASE DO NOT VACCINATE.
-Last week’s podcast was my most listened to podcast and for good reason. It received a lot of attention from both supporters and critics. I can see that most of my critics don’t realize they have already been conquered. Only a terminal patient can comprehend my analysis. Perhaps it’s time to reassess our situation and move unilaterally. There is still time to profit, but the door is closing.
-Much needed advice to Christians from here until WWIII.
-Our adversary’s flood of illegals into the former Jacob nations, which dilutes and pollutes what’s left, is ameliorating the truth that the economies in the West have collapsed for most people living there. Look for this to continue as the West will finally be overrun before war.
-The “woke” philosophy was developed in Arlington and McLean VA. This  “woke” agenda is not helping any of its naive supporters. It only serves the elites in their quest to consolidate the needed wealth and power as the world moves closer to Agenda 2030 and war.
-A continuing discussion of what I posted in my comments sections. Plan for the upcoming war. Don’t turn the other cheek, but prepare unilaterally and plan quietly. Your fellow Christians are the product of a 150-year demoralization campaign.

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20 thoughts on “4/10 Market update – Strong support in the asset markets; The timeline to war (Jacob’s trouble)

  1. I just saw an article on CNBC saying that Google searches related to housing market crash are at an all time high. (And I verified this myself using Google Trends.)

    These searches also peaked just after the March crash.

    Should this be a contrarian indicator that housing prices will keep rising? I can’t imagine that the masses are going to be able to predict a crash.


    1. Taken in isolation, this is very bullish for housing. The general public are by definition, wrong. Thus, this information to me us telling me that the housing market has room to move higher.

      Relying on Google to tell me about the future is never a good idea. It’s as accurate as a fortune teller. But the fact that there is such worry with home buyers is a bullish sign. Many sitting on the sidelines and the open borders policies in the West are crushing the natives.

      We have had a number of readers provide us with anecdotal observations here that something else is going on in housing. Large entities are buying up housing stock, and this conforms with my observations.

      By definition, the public and the average trader are wrong. When it comes to trading stocks, I prefer the ones that don’t have a lot of followers on the message boards. Once a stock gets several thousand followers on StockTwits, I take the contrarian.

      This CNBC article tells me to take the contrarian, and this is very bullish for housing.

  2. Chris thanks for your essay. I read through Skousen’s 9 April brief. He makes too much of the Russian “threat”. This is a reality constructed by the media to keep the war budget high. Russia is under assault by asiatic immigration and low native birthrate. It has thousands of miles of border with Asiatic populations. Its military is superior in morale and could make a difference in combat against the mongrelized, corrupt U.S. military. But the main reason the so-called West keeps a dark lens on Russia is because nationalism is still strong in Russia.

    The Anglo-U.S. murder and plunder machine is increasingly desperate to look like a moral and just organization. The Pentagon is a cancer.

    The USSR was put online by the New York-London axis in 1917 and it was taken offline by it. That’s why the collapse of the USSR in 1989 had so little upheaval. When a state collapses there is flight, murder, arrests, breakaways, mutinies. The axis owned the USSR and when this monster was about to deflate into nothing because it was smoke and mirrors, the axis decommissioned it. Putin visits the Wailing Wall wearing his beanie. He’s a lackey for the banks like every other head of state.

    As you say, Skousen is too much into these alt news sources. Alex Jones influences him. Surely Skousen jests. How seriously should we take him?

    And Skousen still believes that nuclear weapons are real. There is evidence they are fiction. Firebombing can achieve the effect of a cataclysmic detonation. Compare the photos of Dresden with Hiroshima. By the way, Hiroshima was the most Christian city in Japan. Consider the targeting of it.

    If it is a fact, as Skousen says, that the Communist Party in Russia has gone “underground,” it’s because the axis wants it, not the Russian people. And we know who runs the Communist Party, an international network of people who hate Aryans and Christians and work to destroy them.

    1. China has the power, Soviets have the understanding. It’s not easy for the Chinese to take over the west. Soviets want to subdue, ChiComm doesn’t mind destroying. China is too diffferent, which is why the just ending up blowing up everything. They just want the resources for their people. The Chinese have been convinced that they are their god’s chosen people. They worship the dragon.

      His timeline agrees. He also observes that the west is asleep (i.e. my readers). Most of my readers and such and the Christians are in complete denial.

      I discount a lot though with what Skousen writes, because he is a Mormon and Mormonism doesn’t believe in the Godhead with Jesus. Their top writings say Lucifer and Jesus are equals and they Jehovah sided with Jesus’s argument at the discussion table. Moreover, they add the prophecies of Moroni to the bible, which is a satanic red herring. I observe his mistakes in his writings. But he is correct with a few things and his analysis with the phony fall of the USSR has plenty of merit. It underpins the philosophy of the Ezekiel confederacy.

      Also, sadly you are wrong here in one regard.; the war that is upcoming will be nuclear. Most in the US will die. Sorry pre-tribbers, you lose.

    2. Yes, I was aware of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as being the burgeoning Christian centers in Japan, and that’s the real reason they were chosen. I talked about this several months ago.

      This whole situation is frustrating, as all the nation governments are nothing but customer service windows for the elites and owners of these central banks. They built up China, who hates the US, with the USD. ChiComm now wants us gone. Imagine a world without the US. As much as we may have fallen victims to the anti-West propaganda, a world without the US will be just like the one described in Revelation.

      These Anglo elites want us gone, too. They don’t need us anymore. They are carrying out their objectives right in front of us now. Next time, they won’t even bother with an election. They will say elections are racist and xenophobic and 80% will agree.

      We are done as a people.

  3. Jerome Powell is on the talk circuit, preaching how we all need to be vaccinated. The Fed overly runs the government now and is setting social policy.

    Rented out a condo this weekend. It was listed for four days, received almost 100 inquiries and 12 applications. The new tenant moves in on the 21st. Single Fed worker. If you are a property manager, please update the property from time to time. Working on a rehab on a house to get ready to sell. Bought it in 2015 for 175k cash. Subsequently did an investor cash out ro buy a condo for cash, and have since paid off the loan with trade profits. Should list it for 425k. Still own the condo.

    Set up an account on Brighteon; may do videos on it. None of the Brighteon content shows up on Google. Very little shows up on Google anymore. Google and YouTube surfers live in a Plato’s cave.

  4. Where do you get the physical Israel doctrine? Is that not politcol Zionism?
    Where do you get the West = Jacob doctrine?

    1. It was common knowledge until the late 1800s, then it began to be phased out. There were several people who taught this until about 15-20 years ago. All is absolutely gone from Google and YouTube. All of it, except to say how crazy and racist they were.

      A lot of shortwave preaching 20 years ago. Now the whole church trips over themselves to prove how PC they are. Nobody left. We are now fully ready to be taken out.

      Our adversary knows the Bible more than we do. They are more afraid of Bible prophecy than anything else, including people waking up, and are trying to leave nothing to chance. Based on their recent unilateral actions, they know their time is obviously running short and are taking chances here. It’s going to get ugly for all involved.

      FYI the globalists Will NOT get their new world order. The confederacy of nations and that evil thought in Ezekiel is going to ruin all of the elites plans, but this means ruining the United States and Europe.

  5. Can you expand on John Nelson Darby, the Darby Bible?

    A few teachers have told me to also read the Darby version, as it has a higher “Truth content” than many other versions, including KJV.

    1. Anyone who says the Jews were God’s chosen people or says the Old Testament was written for the Jews, or equates the Old Testament writers and people of note as Jews is Judaizing the bible. This doesn’t just mean going back to Hebrew roots. This means equating Israel of the Bible with the Jews.

      This was all propagated with Darby and Schofield. They were promoted by the owners of the central banks. Even Nelson KJV study Bibles now subscribe to this doctrine. It took a long time, but the succeeded. It was meant to divert the attention in the last and final days. These Elites are leaving nothing to chance and want to make certain that the true Israel that the Old Testament prophets talk about never realize this and when they are fully conquered militarily they do not pray to their God.

      In this PC world, I have to tell the reader I do not in any way hate the Jews. I have Jews in my immediate family. I mean immediate. I just hope they know Jesus. I can only pray.

  6. I am also going out on a limb here and warning the reader that we may see a top in the equity market this year, this summer. I suspect that we may start seeing “unforeseen” problems with the vaccines. I consider this an existential crisis.

    I don’t know how much longer the traders and investors are going to be able to not see these things. If the consensus begins to turn and sees what I am telling you, which is very possible (I assess a 40% probability), we could see unfixable problems in the equity markets. The equity markets start first and then they work down to the other ones including real estate.

    My head here is spinning at the possibilities, but given all of the autopilot stimulus from the central banks, you can see things coalescing. Imagine the black horse scenario. Now we can throw unregulated cryptocurrencies into the mix.

    I am also thinking how the markets would perform under a US dollar collapse. I still have to believe that prices will drop and not rise like we see in Venezuela. If that’s the case, then the dollar will appreciate versus those assets. We will then get a classic 1929 crash. I don’t know when that will happen, but I have to believe that the sicknesses will tax the system to the point where the governments will be unable to fight and provide stimulus. It won’t matter how much money they throw at the soon growing problem. I think this is may be an existential tipping point for humanity.

    I understand that it came around very fast, but I’m still trying to decide which houses and properties to begin selling. I am recommending here that we begin to liquify our balance sheets. I know I get a lot of perma-bullsls that visit my site because they find my analysis intriguing, but I can tell you that I don’t like hearing it as much as you do. I wish we could just go back to the way things were, but that is now impossible as too many people have been vaccinated.

    1. I agree with your assessment. Archegos was a not a fluke, it can well have been a direct result of the Fed not extending these lower SLR demands, resulting in higher capital reserve requirements for players in the shadow banking system.

      Also: interest-rates on the Bond Market are rising.

      And that’s a double whammy.

      As long as they keep printing, things will go up, but I strongly suspect the Fed’s expansion is over, and that means that a deflationary crash is months away, maybe even weeks.

      If so, massive defaults are coming.

      1. I have to assume that at some point the FED will have had enough on the longer end of the yield curve rising and will begin to engineer something lower. As of right now, they still control it, but my concern is they may lose control as casualties mount.

        I do observe the willful ignorance of the monetary engineers with fiscal spending and with cryptocurrencies. I would have to assume that all of these dynamics are being allowed to play out and cause the next crisis or another one down the road at the most opportune time.

        I also observe how the federal reserve’s policy is predicated on the vaccine campaigns. The FED Governors are really emphasizing everyone getting vaccinated. They are also talking about ramping up fiscal spending and fiscal policy. These were areas in which it avoided in the past.

        1. I don’t see the Fed losing control of the bond market, since they can print as much money as needed. The Fed’s merely announcing they will try to keep long term rates at a certain level will cause other investors to rush in, making their job easier.

          My bigger concern is that the Fed won’t intervene in long term bonds, which would cause Americans to suffer even more. Assets will fall and borrowing costs will rise. Americans will have less wealth, less income, but higher taxes due to government interest, which will go to foreign countries, instead of back to the Fed, which can be returned to the US government.

          Do you think it’s strange that the US has much higher long term interest rates than other developed countries, despite having a currency that is much more of a flight to safety? To me, it seems the central banks have deliberately engineered this to extract wealth from the US. But perhaps there is some benefit to having higher long term rates in the US. I haven’t been studying this as long. Curious what your take is.

          1. The United States and the former Commonwealth Nations and dollar bloc traditionally have had the higher rates of interest and have also responded the most here in terms of economic turnaround. Since the dollar still has the reserve status, it’s virtually impossible for the us Fed to engineer short-term rates to below zero. There are too many of them outside the country to make this a feasible possibility.

            The dollar Bloc nations have also had the most flexibility with their monetary and fiscal policies. This has been especially noted in the covid-19 crisis. Try to think of any other nation that could pump 6 to 7 trillion dollars in fiscal and monetary stimulus and not have interest rates rise. Considering the amount of stimulus the FED has engineered with the federal government, I’m surprised interest rates here aren’t higher. The euro system is not as responsive, since fiscal and monetary policies are carried on different levels. The Euro nations have been handicapped in their economic turnarounds.

            I agree that the US Fed still has the power to continue QE for as long as it wants as the people now demand it to continue. Furthermore, I have always said going back to early last decade, if the Fed discontinued or tapered QE to the point that rates spiralled higher, it would get the blame to any fallout. The Fed ensured the investing public of the viability of QE, and so now because we are dependent on it they can’t withdraw it.

            My concern is that an engineered crisis could be the catalyst for the collapse of even the QE-type of stimulus programmes. Imagine a scenario where there are so many people getting sick that all of the monetization in the world won’t be able to save the economy and confidence is lost. It could be the excuse to jettison the current monetary system as we know it and move to a type of credit system and rationing mechanism.

            I’m just trying to figure out the mindset of these elites, and as we get closer to their stated goals and time frame, I try to picture scenarios. I could see a scenario where real estate prices just continue to move higher. I also see one where real estate prices can collapse. I also see a number of other ones where they can move in directions that aren’t as drastic.

            If we just looked at Fed monetary policy in isolation, I would be bullish on all assets. But if health issues in the population become a pressing matter, I would begin to become concerned about people and their abilities to service their debts. These monetary systems are incumbent on the plebes continuing to service their debts. If they can no longer do that, this system will collapse.

            Cryptocurrencies would be a fitting type of credit system and rationing mechanism in a post economically collapsed environment. It really would fulfill the description of the black horse in Revelation.

    2. FWIW, here is a rumor floating around the alt-news sites
      From the link

      Around 6 months ago someone on 4chan who claimed to be working in some sort of finical institution was claiming that banks or hedge funds were using the insane of amount of money that the fed gov was granting to them to buy single family homes.

      While reading the comments on unz today, I came across this. Comment number 41 on “Coordination and Decomposition” by Gregory Hood.

      I wrote a few months ago about the bizarre disappearance of affordable, middle class homes in white rural neighborhoods.

      A house would appear on the MLS, and within 8 hours…it was Under Contract.

      This was happening in West Virginia- a stalwart of white values and no BLM criminality would be tolerated. I wrote that something was afoot and it was frightening.

      It is Black Rock.

      Black Rock is buying up homes by the thousands. The average earner cannot compete as they are paying cash, and 20% over the asking price.

      This is a HUGE story, with catastrophic consequences, aside from making home ownership completely unattainable for most white working class.

      What is Black Rock going to do with these homes?

      1. Thanks for the Post.

        While we cannot exclusively prove any of this stuff, the current market in housing is without precedent. There is absolutely no supply, and I have never ever seen this dynamic in the 35 years that I have been observing housing. Nothing comes close. There are shadows of 2005 here, but not even that is comparable. I think in a post economically collapsed environment, which may be coming sooner than we think, the federal government will begin to manage these housing projects just like the ones during Khrushchev’s time in the Soviet Union when he undertook the ambitious plan to move the peasants to the cities with his “khrushchevkas.”

        We will have a government-mandated job in return for benefits and get our stipend so we can go to the store. We may have to wait in long lines, but we will be content that we will be able to get food on our tables. We will have to get our vaccine regimens all the time and in return we get our Medical Care and education and housing.

        In this case of Communism, in a post economically collapse environment here in the United States, the largest corporations would administer the aspects of the economy and get paid by the government itself. This would be different than the government administering everything. Thus, BlackRock would be amazingly enriched, and with no competition.

        As the futurists for Agenda 21 famously say; we won’t own anything and we will love it.

        Of course, this is predicated on the assumption that we survived that long.

  7. The covid vaccine analysis I am seeing on Brighteon is quite disturbing. The people are in total denial. I am concerned about the global economy over the next 24 to 48 months. We may begin to see the economic story begin to turn down in as soon as 12 months as people begin to get very sick.

    The housing market, stocks, and Western money may all begin their planned collapses going into 2025

  8. Back to the middle ages. Counts and Dukes and Lords. It has taken 500 years for the elite and their seed to regain their hubris. That darn printing press was a stumbling block for them ironic how today’s communication systems brought them back. He who overcometh , him can we save.

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