Canadian doctor sounds the alarm on covid “vaccines”

My sister forwarded me a link to two letters written by Dr. Charles Hoffe, a Canadian physician, regarding the disturbing issues his vaccinated patients have been experiencing. I wanted to forward this to you, and if you are thinking of giving in to the MSM and peer pressure to get vaccinated, I urge you to PLEASE reconsider. A desperate, demoralized, and sick population can be easily manipulated into doing anything. Please be strong as the next few years progress, since global events will unfold as we have been analyzing.





Evidently, this physician was not fully aware of the potential side effects until after he administered the vaccines. If there are this many obvious and rapid injuries, how many of his vaccinated patients will become sick over the next three to four years? How many of these people of childbearing age are now effectively sterile?

This dovetails all with the 2025-2027 force majeure scenario we regularly focus on here on the blog. Only a sick and demoralized population can be subdued and easily convinced of anything.

Please do not take the vaccines. I would have to believe that many people are choosing not receive their second rounds as many have been or know of someone who has been injured.

I would also suspect that those in Russia and China are not receiving the same vaccines with the same ingredients as those in the West.

A response to a listener: The Bible reveals where the Israelites are located in the last days

Important Note to reader: The only Jew mentioned in this article is Judah. None of the other biblical people mentioned here were Jews.

Ephraim and Manasseh are still around; A line-by-line Biblical explanation of the Birthright promises
It all starts with Abram

In Genesis 12:1-3, God makes a calling to Abram to take certain actions (e.g., leave his country and his father’s house, etc.) and that if he did, God would bless him; 1) His descendants would be a great nation 2) Through Abram’s genealogy, the world would be blessed by a Messiah to reconcile it back to the Creator. At this point, the promises were conditional of obedience.

When Abram proved his righteousness with God, the above promises became unconditional, and then more conditional promises were expanded, as we read in Genesis 17:1-7. God says that Abram, at 99 YO, proved his righteousness, and so God expanded his promises to Abram. God promised that many physical nations would come from his seed, and his name was changed to Abraham. He was also promised that many kings would come from his loins. At this point, these expanded promises were conditional on Abraham continuing to walk with a perfect heart.

These promises then became unconditional as Abraham walked with God. Read Genesis 22:16-18. After Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac, God made all his promises unconditional.

The promises are passed to Isaac and then to Jacob

In Genesis 26:1-5, these promises are then passed to Isaac.

In Genesis 27:27-29, Isaac passes these blessings on to Jacob.

In Genesis 28:13-15, God blesses Jacob and passes the promises to Abraham and Isaac unconditionally on to him.

In Genesis 32:26-28, the Lord (Jesus) expands the blessings and changes Jacob’s name to Israel.

In Genesis 35:9-12, God expands the promises to Jacob. “And God said unto him, I am God Almighty: be fruitful and multiply; a nation and a company of nations shall be of thee, and kings shall come out of thy loins…

A nation and company of nations was added to Jacob’s blessings, in addition to the world being blessed (through Jesus) by his seed.

Jacob passes the birthright blessing to Ephraim and Manasseh

In Genesis 48:12-20, Jacob passes the birthright blessings on to Joseph and then through to his two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. Genesis 48:19 says these two sons will become a great people and a multitude of nations in the LAST DAYS.

The Jews never fulfilled any of these birthright promises, especially when we consider the detailed explanation of Jacob’s promises made to Joseph in Genesis 49:22-26.

In Genesis 49:8-12, Jacob’s promises to Judah for the last days were pertaining to the kingly line; physical and the blessing (spiritual). There would be a physical king somewhere on the earth all the way until Shiloh come. This wasn’t pertaining to Jesus, though that was part of the promise.

All of these promises were now unconditional.

God brought up Moses to make certain these promises were carried on to the future generations. In Leviticus 26:14-45, we see how God punishes the descendants of the 12 tribes (13 with Manasseh) when they don’t walk with God. It is through war and terror. This was repeated in Deuteronomy 28:16-62.

This one point is vitally important to understand; the Abrahamic covenants with the Israelites are non-revocable and are still in effect today.

Let’s take a look at the West

The West was once richly blessed, but has fallen into despair by their adversary, so why do these nations get abused so much? The answer is simple; these populations are unwittingly following God’s unconditional covenant given to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jacob’s 12 sons (especially Ephraim and Manasseh, as well as Judah). They are punished with terror and the abuse of strangers who manipulate and terrorize them. They are still around.

The upcoming force majeure I warn about will be a military defeat. I know how the Israelites are punished; it’s war and defeat. The adversary is chastising them right now, which is why our adversary is promoting the most wicked behavior. The increasing degeneracy being promoted by our adversary serves a vital purpose; it increases God’s punishment on the Israelites, while increasing the power of their conquerors. The high will be made low, and the low will be made high. Our adversary knows who has the birthright blessings, and is exploiting Ephraim and Manasseh’s stupidity and wickedness. They are using and abusing the Israelites today, as well as keeping the current bunch of snoozing and compromised pastors asleep.

In order for our adversary to achieve their objectives for their new world order, they need to keep us in the dark and remove Jesus from our minds. If we all started praying to Jesus, the adversary’s power would disappear. The Israelites get so abused, because they don’t know who they are. It’s the worst form of punishment. God holds them to Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, but they don’t know it.

In Hosea 1, God says that while his promises are unconditional, He never said that the people would be consciously aware of their blessing. So, even though God would still fulfill them, he told Hosea that the remnants would not know. He would blind them, but they would always be on the planet until the end of days.

So, if you want to know where the last days physical Israelites (not Jews) are located today, just use some simple logic, deductive reasoning, and the process of elimination to pinpoint their locations. The Bible is descriptive enough that an objective person can figure it out.

I can tell you this much; the Israelite remnants today are the stupidest bunch of idiots on the earth, and deserve what they have coming to them. They can’t figure out who they are, and they are so easily deceived.

The keys to financial and spiritual success; Be the lone wolf and take the contra

If everyone is buying, find out why the seller is selling. Taking the contra in trading; Contra broker

I have uploaded a new video to Brighteon.

Take the Contra and Be the Lone Wolf; The keys to financial and spiritual success

Success in trading and investing; Be the lone wolf and take the contra

-A discussion of what I look for in trading the smaller stocks
-The key to successful investing
-An analysis of residential real estate and its prospects going out to mid-decade.
-What I look for when investing in anything
-As long as the PTB wish to use the dollar-based system it will work.
-My theories on why foreign governments and sovereign wealth funds are buying up residential real estate

Finding the truth in these last days; Be the lone wolf and take the contra

All of today’s pastors and preachers in the end time Church tell you to turn inward and look for Jesus, while our enemy quietly conquers us. We are now a conquered nation and the pastors sleep.

-The fire and brimstone pastors are in way over their heads when trying to understand the spiritual aspects of this dollar-based monetary system.
-If Jesus said the devil will deceive the whole world, including the end days church, and if 90-95% of today’s Laodicean church Judaizes the Bible, I say to take the contra.
-If 90-95% of the Western Church preachers are unwitting Schofield Judaizers, it’s safe to assume they are wrong. If these pastors say that Joseph’s and Jacob’s days on this planet are done, I say, take the contra. They are still here somewhere.
-Today’s fire and brimstone preachers are having a more difficult time explaining their flawed understanding to the their cognitively-dulled and morally-compromised congregations.
-Today’s preacher litters his preaching with non sequiturs and logic errors. God made certain that the Bible was written in a very logical manner, if only we can wipe away the PC veneer.
-Meshech (ancient Moscow) and Tubal (ancient Siberian capital) know where they are today. The Israelite remnants do not. Prophecy is being fulfilled.

World War III in Bible prophecy and how to survive what’s coming

I have uploaded a new video to Brighteon.

World War III in Bible Prophecy, and How to Survive What’s Coming

This video provides a detailed analysis of these last days leading up to WW III, and how to properly identify the modern peoples and countries with their Biblical and prophetic names.

Our adversaries, working through their central banks, established the British pound and US dollar as the two truly global reserve currencies, and used this monetary system to engineer their new world order plans. How come the people don’t know or realize this? Perhaps our enemy knows much more about the Bible and the birthright promises than the dumbed-down and PC Christians.

World War III in Bible Prophecy, and How to Survive What’s Coming

The Mystery of the Lost Tribes of Israel

The modern lies about the Lost Tribes of Israel

4/15 update – (My first Brighteon video) Home prices will keep rising and the entities driving them higher

Here is the link to my Brighteon video. I will try it out and see what happens.

Residential Real Estate – Why prices continue to climb

-I respond to the emails and comments on residential real estate and why the prices keep rising.
-A sign that Americans and the West are conquered; foreigners buy up its real estate. Wall Street Journal, April 13th, That Suburban Home Buyer Could Be a Foreign Government
-It seems to be the same for stock prices, but there is something more sobering going on with U.S. housing. Determining ownership in domestic real estate is more difficult.
-Foreign money is pouring in to the U.S. market now. I analyze why this is the case.
-Housing still provides a better yield than other asset classes and the sovereign wealth funds know this.
-I also suspect Chinese money is continuing to pour in and buying up housing stock for future plans.


4/10 Market update – Strong support in the asset markets; The timeline to war (Jacob’s trouble)

To download the podcast – Right mouse click here (duration 29:59)

-Stocks, real estate, and cryptos are on fire. Most asset classes are strongly supported in the current environment. I see strong support in wake of the massive multi-trillion dollar fiscal and monetary stimulus. Given the additional non-Covid stimulus proposed, it’s difficult to establish a bearish thesis.
-The financial market timeline from here to mid-decade. I explain further why my longer-term predictions have changed so drastically recently. Indeed, anyone who has followed my research since early late 2012, has notice the startling change. The catalysts for this change have nothing to do with any personal circumstance and all to do with my recent observations and understanding of our adversary. Let’s at least profit.
-I provide here the latest edition of Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief. His WWIII timeline analysis begins on page 10.



Mr. Skousen sees how the West (Jacob) has been lured asleep and is intentionally unaware of just who will be destroyed and how it will happen. In this week’s issue, he discusses the latest events in the timeline to WWIII (Jacob’s trouble).
-Based on the recent events out of Israel (political state), it seems that our adversary wishes to bury Judah as well. PLEASE DO NOT VACCINATE.
-Last week’s podcast was my most listened to podcast and for good reason. It received a lot of attention from both supporters and critics. I can see that most of my critics don’t realize they have already been conquered. Only a terminal patient can comprehend my analysis. Perhaps it’s time to reassess our situation and move unilaterally. There is still time to profit, but the door is closing.
-Much needed advice to Christians from here until WWIII.
-Our adversary’s flood of illegals into the former Jacob nations, which dilutes and pollutes what’s left, is ameliorating the truth that the economies in the West have collapsed for most people living there. Look for this to continue as the West will finally be overrun before war.
-The “woke” philosophy was developed in Arlington and McLean VA. This  “woke” agenda is not helping any of its naive supporters. It only serves the elites in their quest to consolidate the needed wealth and power as the world moves closer to Agenda 2030 and war.
-A continuing discussion of what I posted in my comments sections. Plan for the upcoming war. Don’t turn the other cheek, but prepare unilaterally and plan quietly. Your fellow Christians are the product of a 150-year demoralization campaign.

4/2 Update – My most comprehensive and important update ever posted

To download the podcast – Right mouse click here (duration: 40:53)

Note: Most listeners will find the topics and issues I discuss too difficult to comprehend and accept.

-My analysis and response to a reader regarding’s 2025 forecast. Deagel forecasts a 70% reduction in the U.S. population, with sizeable drops in the other Western nations.
-My observations over the past couple months dovetail with the timeline.
-The real reasons for the COVID crisis and the accompanying comprehensive Western vaccination campaign. Western vaccines will be much more debilitating than the ones given in other nations, especially in China and Russia.
-The real reasons for deficit spending. How we can gauge this timeline to war based on recent deficit spending. Though I respect the analysis of, I warn you not to rely on the reasoning of the anti-West propaganda of Deagel and the alt-finance media; there is another reason why we are seeing the exponential growth in deficit spending.
-How Bible prophecy can help us determine the locations of the upcoming catastrophes.’s forecasts actually make sense in light of Bible prophecy and teaching.
-Our adversary knows the identity of those who founded the West. Our adversary is Marxist and Satanic and has effectively conquered the West. Through their central banking power, they have brainwashed the West through political correctness and Christian Judaizing into never figuring out what the West represented or from where they came. As recently as 40-50 years ago, it was common knowledge, but the Church no longer knows. It’s way too late to affect change.
-Asset markets will continue to climb. My recommendations regarding Western residential real estate. I have some unexpected conclusions.
-How I am using my knowledge to facilitate my actions and choices over the next several years.