A reader asks about “willful ignorance”

Dear Chris,

It’s taken me time and experience to understand the subject line [regarding willful ignorance]. I can respond to events and change my mind, but most others just fail to do so. If you have the time/interest, could you tell me a little about your experience? Did you develop a thick skin against the usual “crazy” or “internet addict”, or was that always a part of you?

Yesterday, my brother-in-law rebuffed my simple and verifiable observations by pointing to something on the internet. This man is simply “impervious” to anything contrary to the mainstream. In finance and computer science, he can learn and change his mind, but his community and family life depend on him remaining ignorant. I still find it difficult seeing someone who should be good, yet surrendering to evil.

I am trying to learn to let go like you have, but that’s why I asked if you had to learn it. I want to believe people can change, but my life experience goes against that hope. Very rarely does anyone change his or her mind, and I suppose [that’s why you asked me in a prior email regarding why I changed and how did I get to this point.]

Hoping for the best outcomes in your endeavors.

God bless,


Most have a vested interest to maintain the status quo

First, I think you already answered your question in your email. Second, since the subjects pertaining to my blog can be overwhelming and depressing to the unwashed, we should not be shocked when others around us refuse to want to listen to what we freely discuss. This is especially true when we contemplate the spirituality of it all.

When discussing these matters with newcomers, I try to get a feel for how far along the learning curve they have come. Thus, I prefer to ask some open-ended questions. What happened to you in your life? Why are you interested in these subjects? Don’t you know that once you embrace these matters, you cannot go back to being “normal?” We cannot put toothpaste back in the tube.

The worst part is this; I have observed a number of people who have previously embraced these matters, but attempted to go back to the normal world. the problem is that they cannot ever really fit back in again. They either suffer from cognitive dissonance, or even worse, use their knowledge to exploit the naive masses around them. Either way, I have never seen anyone go back to being normal after drinking from these waters.

I have to believe that on many levels, your brother-in-law knows that at least some what you say is true, but he needs to suppress it for his desire to continue functioning in this profoundly sick world.

It’s easier to deny than to question, especially over the internet

I strive to remain objective in all my personal and professional matters, which means I must employ logic to the decision process whenever possible. Here is a brief list of some of the logic errors of your brother-in-law in which you must overcome.

  • The a priori fallacy – This occurs when someone decides ahead of time what the conclusion to an argument is, then only considers evidence that supports that conclusion, or twists what evidence there is to support the predetermined conclusion.
  • Selective Attention – Improperly focusing attention on certain things and ignoring others.
  • Suppressed Evidence – A person who intentionally fails to use information suspected of being relevant and significant is committing the fallacy of suppressed evidence. This fallacy usually occurs when the information counts against one’s own conclusion.
  • Willed ignorance – This occurs when someone does not wish to entertain the facts to a preconceived notion. “I’ve got my mind made up, so don’t confuse me with the facts.”
  • Wishful Thinking – A reasoner who suggests that a claim is true, or false, merely because he or she strongly hopes it is, is using the fallacy of wishful thinking. Wishing something is true is not a relevant reason for claiming that it is actually true.

That’s a lot of mental baggage to carry around, so your brother-in-law does not want to hear anything you have to say. Even worse, when you challenge his biases and beliefs, he will get angry and look to you as the enemy. This behaviour is referred to as the backfire effect. This type of psychological phenomenon is prevalent in the realm of our false left/right partisan political world. The backfire effect  is also observable in chat rooms and social media. You will never be able to win an argument on social media, so avoid it at all costs. This is especially true if you fail to employ the necessary logic to support your message.

Most people resist social change and harbor vested interests (financial or otherwise) in maintaining the status quo. These people lose something in response to social change. In your brother-in-law’s case, his whole way of life is threatened by what you say, so unless he expresses any interest in what we talk about, you need to leave him alone. If you continue to pepper him, he will avoid you altogether.

Our learning curve

When you are as far along the learning curve as I am, developing a thick skin is a necessity. I did tell my audience that I struggle with anger issues, and they still persist. But over time and with age, I realize why I have them. I still struggle with the concept of how much of my life is in the hands of our adversary, which is why I have developed ways to free myself from this system.

Of course, building our spiritual house is the most important, but developing our financial freedom is also vital. How did I overcome many of my character defects? I developed a skill set in which I didn’t have to rely on others for money. If I had to work for a living or run a business full of unwashed customers, I am most certain my life would have already fallen apart and I would be drinking again. I would probably be arguing with unwashed fellow employees and grinding my teeth at night.

I have come across countless personal instances in my life that resemble the one that you have with your brother-in-law. Since you and I face the uphill battle of trying to prove ourselves correct, we need to be on fire for the truth, and have our facts readily accessible to be presented in an air-tight, objective, and concise manner.

I have been a student of Economics and Behavioral Psychology for decades, and have strived to advance my debating capabilities. Thus, I am equipped with some formidable armour that I use to deliver my arguments in a way that others cannot dispute. This means we need to be able to develop, construct, and deliver logical arguments, while remaining detached and objective. We need to remain long on facts and short on opinions. For some, developing this skill set may be a challenge; but if we hope to affect change in the world, we need to build it regardless. All I can say is that it takes a lot of work and decades of experience.

To be honest with you, the most common reaction I now face when delivering the sobering news of our adversary to the unwashed is one of anguished silence. As I point out in my prior analysis of the Delphi technique, my views are rarely accepted into the group think, since they deviate so greatly from the group. But as a contrarian investor and trader, I use this to my advantage. If I were making decisions based on the herd, I know I would be wrong. So, being different here is a noble trait.

Of course, developing my financial skill set has proven beneficial to me when arguing my unique views and overcoming the inertia of societal group think. They see my financial accuracy and success over the longer-term as something of a validation to my theories. In order to be an effective steward of the truth, we have to work that much harder to overcome the skeptics.

But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.”

Mark 6:4 KJV

If Jesus could not convince those from around his childhood home, it’s safe to say you will not succeed with your brother-in-law. Leave him alone and plant your seeds in fertile ground.

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28 thoughts on “A reader asks about “willful ignorance”

  1. I agree. If a friend or family member responds defensively or with some level of hostility to the truth about Covid and the dystopian regulations and vaccines etc, it’s best to leave it alone. I woke up back in 2012 to 9/11 truth and my head was spinning for weeks. All my illusions of ‘reality’ came crashing down as I saw thru all the lies and deceptions. I thought for sure my friends and family would see the same evidence I saw and ‘wake up’ too. Boy, was I wrong. Nowadays it’s even worse as you’ll be considered a ‘racist conspiracy theorist’ or a ‘QAnon quack’, esp they read NYT and WaPo.

    If they haven’t woken up to the covid fraud yet, they likely never will. But when the next cataclysm hits (eg. financial collapse, pandemic II, cyber wars), they’ll be frightened and will likely be more receptive to the gospel. God is allowing Satan to to do his evil works with progressively harsher cataclysms so that men will repent and turn to God.

  2. I was listening to a Sherry Tenpenny interview (she understands the covid vaccine problems and would recommend your readers listen to her), but she says the doctors who recommend these vaccines despite the side effects are just stupid. I read your article and it explains why these doctors are so willfully ignorant. Too much conflict of interest.

    1. Because of the construction of the current monetary economic systems, in order to participate and make money, the vast majority of the unwashed masses are compelled to go along with whatever the narrative may be at that time. Please do not go to the doctors and expect an outlier response, nor try to convince them otherwise. Any doctor who engages in anything controversial will eventually be turned in by his or her patients. We are a nation of brownshirts and the patients want to hear the conventional allopathic remedies.

      I am sure that a sizable percentage of the medical doctors know what these vaccines do. These doctors are not stupid and are much more intelligent at least on an IQ basis then the average person. I am certain that a large number of these doctors willfully sell out to further or maintain their careers. I would guess that a fair number are also scared to speak out.

      1. What a dead day on LGLOF. No volume follow through. Scaled into this throughout the day. Will hold a couple more days to see what happens.

        Dumped my ZKIN today. Good day on that. Hope you all have a good weekend. Will do a podcast on the NWO and what we need to think about for investing longer term.

        1. Chris,

          What do you think the NWO will do to bring about the goal of the Great Reset — “you will own nothing and be happy.”

          The WEF is doing a lot of simulations of a “financial cyber-attack.” These simulations sound similar to the coronavirus pandemic simulations they did shortly before the outbreak.

          Do you think this is coming soon and how would you prepare? Buy as many real assets as possible?


          1. I covered this in today’s podcast. I have been keeping up on these things and they are all of a similar vein going back over the past 20 years or so. The powers-that-be have promised certain calamities and while a couple have come to pass (e.g. 911 and covid), they ended up benefiting those with the income generating assets. We shouldn’t invest based on outlier events, and even if we knew about covid19 beforehand, we most likely would have made the wrong investment decisions and would have been worse off.

            It seems that manufactured calamities always benefit the asset owners. I doubt that anything that Klaus Schwab contemplates will adversely affect the very wealthy.

            If we have a catastrophe that’s NOT manufactured, then that will adversely affect the wealthy. Anything manufactured will benefit the wealthy and anything that’s not manufactured will hurt them. That’s kind of a litmus test for future catastrophes and to gauge whether they are manufactured or not. This clearly tells me that covid-19 was manufactured.

  3. ZKIN… I only recommend the sure ones with little downside risk…. You all might think I’m too old to figure out this blockchain and NFT scams, but when looking at stocks, it doesn’t matter the niche. They all trade off of human psychology. The Robinhood crowd is very predictable. That’s why the elites promote it.

  4. Just bought back into ZKIN here at close.

    Indeed, bond yields are becoming a bigger problem, but at least the Dow is holding up well.

    1. Scalped out of half of the ZKIN I bought near close at 9.

      Hopefully, a rebound in the am.

      1. I remember looking at ZKIN awhile back when steel was in the news. NFT’s seem to be getting hyped these last few weeks. Didn’t think much of it since I don’t see any value in these tokens and don’t understand how anyone else could either, but I said that about crypto coins. It’s digital asset protection, yet I always thought trademarks, or copyrights covered that area. It even puts a value and ownership on digital real estate. NUTS!

        The hype and potential value should rise any NFT related stock. Looking at the charts, it’s in play now. They also seem to be tied to egame and esports betting companies. AESE, ENTEF, FDMSF, WKEY look interesting.

        1. Look at ZKIN this morning! It is nice waking up to HUGE gains….. YAY!!!!!!! Buying another property.

  5. NHIC; Another stock a reader mentioned and that I said I bought, is moving higher as the CEO alluded his service would be in an Orlando theme park. (Probably joe schmo water ride next to Disney 😀)….

      1. Wow. What I spike. I put it up on my trade screen and will watch it here. Missed out on that one.

        My concern is that there are just too many of these plays and they will die on the vine. I sold out of ZKIN yesterday. I bought it on the slow accumulation of the shares and stable price rise, but now it’s gone bonkers. There are now too many playing this game now. Rohinhood is a wealth accumulator for large institutions. If I owned a million shares of ZKIN or WKEY and wanted out, I would start pumping my positions on stocktwits or pay someone under the table who has a sizeable trade following to pump and dump it. Ultimately, the mom-and-pop trader in his or her basement ends up paying. With this said, these stocks could have a couple more spikes in them. My only concern is that everybody is playing them now.

        We need to look for the next pump and dump scheme.😲

  6. ZKIN got great traction today. Holding a little overnight here. I would buy on weakness. Their NFT stuff is starting to get noticed. Press release only came out 2-3 days ago. We may have some wind to our backs. Btc and gold look great after Fed announcement. ZKIN may have some follow through here.

    1. I hope you all got along on the ZKIN train. The train left the station and it is moving higher on an otherwise terrible day. Hoo hoo. Pounded the table on it the last couple days.

    2. Clipped out of half at 10. Only held two positions and both were up. All aboard the skank train… hoo hoo….

  7. You can bring the horse to the water, but you cannot make the horse drink it.

    1. When all else fails, pray to Jesus. Dead people cannot hear and angels can only do what Jesus lets them do. My mom went to her grave swearing she would only let Mary take her. Why chance it? I bet everything on Jesus.

      My dad was Catholic, too, but was a KJV Jesus man and confessed that as I gave him an overdose of morphine in his living room chair. He couldn’t breath anymore from mesothelioma. I hope to see him again. Saddest day of my life. Pray to Jesus. He saves.

      1. Actually, he was in and out of consciousness all that day. He had a little pizza for dinner then faded out. A couple hours later he violently awoke with the worst death rattle, and before the nurse was able to make it he died. I was instructed what to do beforehand. He confessed to me that afternoon while I read him Hebrews.

  8. There’s not enough voices left that can overcome all this propaganda. Twenty years ago before 911 there were so many more. I think you are right. Nobody wants to hear this, because people think they have too much to lose. They won’t even get as the people drop dead from the vaccines.

  9. People do not want to listen anymore to the truth. The worse things get the less the people want to hear. It takes more energy to wake up people now. If they haven’t figured it out now they never will.

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