3/08 Update – Stocks, interest rates, and housing; Ravi Zacharias and the last days; Alan Watt passes away

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Financial markets and housing

-My observations on the latest moves in bond yields and why I think they may be acting the way they are.
-Observations on the latest fiscal spending initiatives.
-Housing markets in focus.

Why the Canadian Housing Market Is Soaring in the Pandemic
Housing is a luxury? Here’s what the K-shaped recovery means for real estate
‘This Is Unprecedented’: Why America’s Housing Market Has Never Been Weirder

-The stocks that will benefit and why any retracement will be minimal.
-Ask yourself this question… How does ZeroHedge get all this proprietary broker/dealer client research and why is it allowed to post it? Any other website would probably be forced to remove it, but not ZeroHedge….

Ravi Zacharias

-Ravi Zacharias and his misleading doctrine.
-Whether the elites intentionally promoted Ravi Zacharias to deceive and demoralize the Laodicean Christians is a subject of speculation, but I knew his doctrine was misguided and let many of my readers know over the years.
-Even if Zacharias didn’t realize it, he was a useful idiot to the elites and performed the functions of an effective change agent.
-He lied on his resume with the intent to expand his audience, he stole foundation money to live an indulgent lifestyle, he was an adulterer and fornicator, he professed false doctrine to his couple hundred million worldwide listeners, used the legal system to shut up his enemies, etc.
-Maybe Zacharias actually believed his “once saved always saved” doctrine, which is why he behaved like an unrepentant sinner. I think he was in shock after his death.

Alan Watt

-Mr. Watt passed away on March 4th. I found out while trading overnight. I usually visit his website to download his weekly podcast, but read the note of his passing.
-I listened to his research since 2004, when he was more active in the patriot community, as he helped me get my start in understanding the underpinnings of the new world order.
-He helped me to gauge how far the patriot movement had slid, because Mr. Watt’s clear and unwavering message countered that of the patriot movement’s sad slide. It especially countered the devolution of Infowars and its cadre of charlatans. As far back as 10-15 years ago, Alex Jones often referred to Mr. Watt’s work and had him appear on the Infowars show.
-If anyone knows why he passed, please let me know.

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30 thoughts on “3/08 Update – Stocks, interest rates, and housing; Ravi Zacharias and the last days; Alan Watt passes away

  1. ZKIN just came out with a press release about NFTs. It looks like it is something that could move and this is a small-cap stock with a very tiny float. I picked up a few hundred shares in the low 7’s on the sharp pullback after the initial 8:30 spike and I’m hoping to pick something up more before Market opens.

  2. It looks like residential rents will be heading back up. I am reading about Canadian, Australian, and US rental markets getting tighter. A large percentage of rental property investors are choosing not to bother looking for tenants, and are keeping the places either vacant indefinitely or waiting for the short term rental market to pick up. The downside of all this fiscal stimulus is that it is creating excess demand for rental dwellings at the worst time.

    The housing market conditions in the West continue to only get better for investors. Heads they win, tails they win….

    The supply of rentals are going to continue to tighten over the next year. Inflation also helps real estate here. Many buyers are going to be increasingly shut out, especially if interest rates rise. They will have to rent.

    Let’s hope the Harris regime doesn’t start to expropriate properties. If it does, don’t say anything, the propagandists in Arlington and McLean will call you racist.

      1. In the post from a couple weeks ago, I included a table of approximately 400 cities around the world, and if you sort it by Price to income multiples, you will see the cities with the lowest ratios. They are all basically in the US. I would look at those to start. While my area in the DC market used to be cheap vs. economic conditions, it may no longer be as cheap. It went from 4 to 4.5 over the past couple years. Still not bad given how big salaries are here.

        For instance, I still think TX markets offer a good opportunity, among others.

        1. Thanks for reminding me of that chart. I have a property in TX. The biggest issue in that state are the property taxes. They are high even for an owner occupied but for the investor especially because you lose the homestead exemptions. I still like TX but the property taxes are significant.

          1. Kind of six or half dozen. Low house prices, but high taxes.

            I would look at the low cost areas on the table. Some people scoffed a couple years ago when I mentioned Dayton OH, my mom grew up there, and now I read how prices there are on fire. Still some good deals in many areas. Keep in mind with open borders, many immigrants will be shipped to these places, and will drive up rents and prices.

            Make money off the new world order.

  3. Hi Chris,

    Great work like usual. Thanks for putting that high dividend oil stock in my mind, it’s been a winner!

    I like to follow the Times of Isreal perodically and came across some very interesting articles your readers may find interesting. (Articles linked below.)

    It certainly seems that the nation states are going to be pushing for internal and international health travel documents and will continue to make life, for the, unvaccinated incremental more unconfortable. There also seem to be regional vaccine power plays developing from what I can see. I was wonder if you had any thoughts on these developments.
    (I am loth to invest in this space on a personal note but think there might be opportunities for nieces to pop up catering to the “unwashed” so to speak.)

    Love to hear your thoughts

    Best Regards



    1. Hi Dean,
      That is a very interesting article. I have been reading about Israel’s response to this manufactured crisis. They seem much further along on the curve than the other nations. Eventually this will all be coming and we won’t be able to do anything lest we have a certificate of vaccination. These health passports will be on our phones and we won’t be able to even go to the gym or the stores anymore. It’s coming and that’s just the way it is. In terms of investing, I don’t really know of any particular firms, and since it is predicated on nation-state action, I don’t want to speculate in the short-term. So many unanswered questions to make concentrating on a particular investment impractical. But we do know where it’s going. If I were guessing here I would estimate that it would be firms like Google and Apple that would lead the charge.

      There is really not that much time left and I will be moving out of the area by 2025. I hope I can hold out that long. I intend to move to an isolated area in Northern New Mexico and I hope I can make it out there. At least out there I can go hunting and be left alone. Elk meat tastes pretty good.

      1. Moving to a state that didn’t abide by any lock down rules could be a good idea if people will be made more miserable in your current location. That is if it’s affordable or don’t have a family to look after. Of course anything can change as people are voted in and out and new policies are put on the books. I’m not sure trying to run from this will be the answer. Regular people are going to have to get off their butts and participate in their local politics and fight against the corporate funded shills that are actually in your local town halls now.

        It does look as if proof of vaccination documentation, monitoring devices, security services and checkpoint processes will be an idea to invest in. One I’m looking at is a Spac called NHIC, backed by Kill Gates and Jeb Bush. We know they have plans in hand for the post Covid world.

        1. There are so many SPACs I can’t keep up on them anymore. I was reading the prospectus and it seems that the SPAC holders will own 10% of the company after the merger is completed. That is such a small amount. That’s why these stocks fade post merger. The 90% of the shares are issued at these prices or lower.

          It’s an interesting story, but that’s all it seems to be right now. If the 10 year UST was yielding 90 bps, it would be trading at 20.

        2. I have been doing some more research on this NHIC SPAC. I put it up on my screen. It could move. Thanks for giving it a heads up

          1. I’m in too. Seems like a good PR that includes comments from Gates will send it.

        3. Benzinga mentioned KBST ISUN KOSS as heavily shorted stocks in tech sector with small floats. Made a good trade on KBST today. Perhaps more short squeeze potential on KOSS as well.

          1. These shorted stocks need volume to make the run continue otherwise they dip right back down. KOSS was part of the WSB pump and had a great month, yet with stomach churning volatility probably still pop if no offerings. ISUN has ER on Monday aftermarket so I’m thinking steady climb thru out the day and possible tank aftermarket if bad earnings. Congrats on your KBNT win with relative low volume, and looks like it wants to fill that February gap to 11 area.

            Bitcoin broke thru 60k! So the miners should continue their upward path. Also the stim cash comes in this week so probably that will give the market a boost. Much better outlook than from last week’s correction. Looking fwd to your next update.

  4. yeah gutted about alan watt. few years ago he had the flu so bad it nearly finished him off that time. daresay he got something like that again. would like to know what happened. i would like to download a lot of his material before they take it all down. he was a legend. he must have been in his late 50’s i’d say. he was quite a mystery man though.

    1. Thanks. Oh Yeah, I remember that. He got really sick for an extended time and was out of commission. I don’t know why he stayed up in Sudbury, as it gets cold and the days are shorter too. He probably would have done better if you were down south somewhere. And I know he wasn’t old. I saw on a message board yesterday that said he was only 58. I am 55. Once one reaches this age it’s not so unusual when someone passes anymore. I know it’s still relatively young but, things do happen. I guess this one hurts, because I could easily relate to the man and his life. It motivated me to call up and look for a doctor to get a physical. My family’s always hounding me on that one.

      Watts website says that it will be maintained and other things will be uploaded from time to time, so I don’t know who will be looking after that, but I wonder if that YouTube handled “Debess” has anything to do with it.

      His podcasts, which ran from roughly an hour long starting going on for over 4 hours in length. Perhaps he knew his time was ending and was producing as much as he could in the time left.

  5. There have been numerous debates back and forth on the topic of eternal security or “once saved always saved”. There are preachers who believe this doctrine but the good ones issue a warning about those living a life of sin are demonstrating an unconverted state. The hard core Calvinists who hold to this doctrine also believe in church discipline that may involve excommunicating a member due to serious sin if the member refuses to repent. The excommunication sends a message to the member that you are probably unconverted. But you are correct – preaching once saved always saved without the warnings leaves a lot of people with assurance who shouldn’t have it.

    1. The bible refers to hypothetical instances of people who were once saved, but slid back, so I have to believe that it is not only possible, but probable in many instances. I always take the most strict interpretation. I agree with you, it’s better that some people do not hear that doctrine, lest they jeopardize their standing.

      1. St Paul says to “Work out your salvation in fear and trembling and thus save your souls.” And Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “Unless you do penance, you shall all likewise perish.” I never heard of Ravi Zacarias, but his eternal destiny does look grim and nebulous. As always, great podcast. Thank you Chris!

        1. Too few people fear God anymore, even most of today’s Christians. I am concerned that most people view him as a friend, especially in light of today’s doctrine. I fear him more than anything, and that’s what keeps me striving and enduring and overcoming and witnessing and struggling and wrestling and reading and studying and picking up and carrying and entering. There seems to be a lot of action verbs when Jesus talks about our Salvation. Some people have worse devils than others. Imagine being a raging alcoholic or heroin addict. I am sure that takes a lot of work to overcome, especially up front. It’s been 24 years since I put down the bottle, but I put a lot of work into overcoming for the first couple. I don’t listen to anyone who tells you that works don’t matter. I don’t trust my soul with anyone’s interpretation of the Bible, including a pastor or preacher. I read the bible and know what it says. It’s crystal clear.

  6. Thanks Chris.

    Real estate prices are bonkers up here in the great white north. It’s spilling over to small towns, where work from home people are moving.

    1. I don’t know how people are doing it. I feel sad for the wage slaves, because they still cling to the old Paradigm of how the economy and system work. They are taught to get a college degree and find a job and they believe the inflation numbers that come out of their government agencies. They are taught the falsehoods and become the subjugated. The few, on the other hand, see this as a one-way ticket to poverty, so they do what we do.

      My concern is that as the workers become less able to be engaged in the economy and financial markets, they will reach out to the government for more social spending, which will just accelerate the unraveling of society, and will further separate the wealthy from the poor.

      I now think the toothpaste is out of the tube and we can’t go back to the old. The table has been set to introduce us to a new monetary system.

      I observe and worry here that the willful ignorance of the monetary authorities around the world is intentional in nature and will further accelerate the shift into a new global system. But first, the existing ones need to unravel. This is why I think real estate prices are beginning to come unglued from reality. The mainstream press and government will have a more and more difficult time explaining it to the masses.

  7. Housing is so much worse up in Canada. Interest rates moving higher, too. I don’t know how people will afford to buy anything in real estate. Currencies collapsing only making life worse for the wage slaves.

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