Weekend market update; A change in the narrative and the bond, stock, and crypto markets

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-There are a number of firms that clearly receive the blessing of the Synagogue of Satan;

  • Microsoft in the 1990s; In the wake MSFT’s monopolistic practices, MSFT was still allowed to continue to grow at the expense of its competition. I think how it put Wordperfect and Netscape out of business, even though MSFT had inferior products.
  • AMZN; It was allowed to burn through tens of billions in cash at low cost in order to rewrite the retail and server markets. No anti-trust action from the Trump regime.
  • TSLA; Allowed to stay in business after burning through $50-60 billion in cash and grow, so it could rewrite the auto manufacturing industry. It single-handedly forced the entire industry to shift to electric and zero emission fuel cell.
  • Robinhood; Forced the entire broker/dealer industry to move to a zero-commission environment, so the PTB could attract more money to the stock market and engage with the poorer and younger plebes who could pretend to run their own hedge funds from their mother’s basement.
  • Netflix; Despite what I think to be a poor business model (depending on a shaky subscriber base), NFLX has been able to raise tens of billions in cheap financing to grow and build out a program library that is, in many regards, of inferior content quality. NFLX is promoted heavily by the MSM, and its programming is continually discussed in the MSM. NFLX now promises to be FCF positive over the next 12 months. Any other firm would have already been out of business, but not NFLX. That’s because NFLX produces the most filthy, vile, and demoralizing programming available. Since there is a limited amount of space on the cable channels, all this filthy and evil desensitising programing finds a home on NFLX streaming.
A change in narrative and the bond, stock, and crypto markets

-In addition to keying in on certain firms to help me figure out the narrative’s direction, I key in on certain institutions. While the WEF comes to mind in this regard, I pay more attention to what Johns Hopkins says than any other university in the world. Johns Hopkins has received billions in funding and donations (Michael Bloomberg gave well over $100mm alone) and as this total rises, the level of propaganda it spews rises as well.
-I mention this about Johns Hopkins, because they are now saying that the bogus COVID crisis may end by April.  Johns Hopkins expert says COVID-19 pandemic could end by April.  I know of people who have died and their obituaries stated they died from Covid complications, although they did not.
-I have observed the change in the manufactured narrative to coincide with the rise in vaccinations, and the period after the US presidential election. The livestock will conflate the two as a direct result of one another. Thus, the remnant Christians and anti-vaxxers will be viewed as evil and behind the times.
-The bond market is already responding to this narrative change. Bond yields and inflation are rising. While CPI data have been producing trivial increases, this past week’s PPI and Import/Export prices tell a different story. The Fed’s and Yellen’s willful ignorance is not helping matters.
Oil shares: The shares of the most poorly capitalized oil firms are rising as many of the investors holding their convertible debt, and short to hedge, are now reversing course and covering. This has supported these oil shares.
-As bond yields rise, we are observing a shift from the most speculative stocks (the ones we have been trading) to those with a value proposition (e.g. XOM, T). This is to be expected when rates rise. Dividends and earning matter in a land of higher bond yields. This is why I am a seller on rallies with the former stocks we discussed, rather than a buyer on dips.
-Crypto miner mania is hard to ignore and pass up while btc continues to climb in price. I am long a few of the miners for a trade.
-Imagine what will happen when Visa, MasterCard, and PYPL get involved with crypto mining. These penny stocks will go to zero, as no one will be able to compete with these deep-pocketed miners.
-Janet Yellen is the latest puppet dispensing the same trite talking points that all the other puppets say about bitcoin. Yellen says investors should be very careful with some sectors, calls bitcoin ‘highly speculative’. While these authorities give perfunctory warnings, they do nothing about it.
-I observe that the governing authorities are all talking the same story line. Whether it’s the US, former Commonwealth, or Europe. The results are the same. I picture a scenario where these cryptos will be allowed to run to the point where they will pose an existential threat to the nation states. At that point, the nations will all have to band together to deal with the crypto issue.

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34 thoughts on “Weekend market update; A change in the narrative and the bond, stock, and crypto markets

  1. It is tempting to want to resist the obvious and go back and trade like the old times. Making $1,000 and more a day on a consistent basis from buying the dips is wonderful thought. But the markets are holding up well while Jerome Powell is submitting his testimony.

    Everything that had begun to cause the shift in the stock market is still well intact and given Powell’s recents talking points, bond yields have continued higher as well as commodity prices.

    The FED may think that inflation will remain low, and in some regards Powell may be correct, but the international investor may begin to view the situation in the United States as more troubling and may continue to bid down US treasury bond prices. And like I have been saying, as bond yields rise, the rationale behind high stock prices loses its validity and fades. The FED can talk about low economic growth and low inflation all it wants, but it is failing to address why bond yields are rising. Again it is still being willfully ignorant.

      1. Money stock measures can continue to climb and that actually would help to support asset prices. My contention is that the Fed and Treasury are misreading why bond yields are rising. My proposition here is that bond yields are not rising because of a growing economy, my contention is that bond yields are rising, because the Fed is for whatever reason, misreading why bond yields are rising. Notice the dollar is struggling and all other things being equal the dollar should be rising.

        If the US Treasury or Fed said for any reason that the stimulus doesn’t have to be as large as it once was, bond yields would sink. A larger and larger percentage of the global investing pool is beginning to wonder why the US government is so hell-bent on injecting so much massive stimulus in the wake of a turn in the covid-19 story. There is an incongruence here and is manifesting in bond yields.

        If bond yields are allowed to continue rising hear something is going to give. My concern is that the fed and treasury will not get religion until we see a big spike in the yields.

          1. If yields were rising because the economy was doing better, the dollar would normally be showing strength here. But the conundrum is simple and our theories seem to be flashing out in some regard. We have rising yields and a supposedly stronger economy, and yet the usdx is falling. It is an inconsistency in which I do take note.

            The most troubling aspect of what is unfolding is that the dollar is falling in the face of rising bond yields. That shows that confidence in US monetary policy is waning. It also shows the lack of confidence in the federal government’s fiscal policy. I see more and more that government-controlled MSM are tying the current monetary and fiscal policies with racism and race equality. This is a one-way ticket to absolute mind-blowing disaster. The type of racism that is manufactured out of Arlington and McLean Virginia can never be solved with money. The powers that be continue to use racism as a means to escalate deficit spending. Global Investors are taking note.

            On a daily basis, the global investor is becoming further at odds with fed policy.

          2. Chris,

            Yes, I noticed the dollar index falling below 90 while yields rise. This is not a good sign.

            I agree on the nonsensical racial equality.

            Funny enough, I looked at a google analytics of Occupy Wall Street and compared it with the start of the BLM/SJW/etc. stuff and it was amazing that as Occupy Wall Street was taking off…..the media started promoting BLM, SJW, transexuals, etc. This stuff is blatantly obvious now.

          3. It’s important that we remain focused on what matters under the current scenario. And in a subjective sense, we may agree with the federal government’s policy or we may disagree. We may agree with the Fed or we may disagree with the Fed. There always seems to be partisan politics and all of this stuff.

            In the current market situation in which investors find themselves, we can flush out the truth by looking at how the dollar is responding in the international markets. Thus, when I take Fed policy and the government’s fiscal policies together, I view them through the ultimate litmus test. I look to see how the dollar Index is responding. According to the USDX, current government and Fed policies have received a huge thumbs down. Moreover, a growing number of the global investing pool is actively concerned over the willful ignorance of the Fed.

            We had more Fed members coming out today, saying they weren’t concerned about interest rates. All they had to do is say that they look at them and that would assuage the concerns of many people out there. I look at this like a game of Tetris and when one or two of the pieces don’t fit, in this case it’s a sinking dollar.

            In other scenarios, a rising dollar could be a symptom of a problem. It depends on the particular circumstances at that time. Recall that a rising dollar back in 2018 caused the markets to unravel. In this instance a struggling dollar can be a symptom of the markets unraveling.

            I take note and have been warning the reader here to stay in cash, because I am concerned that there will be much worse to come soon. These things have a way of getting out of hand quickly. I’m saying all of these things deliberately and not giving over to hyperbole. We make hay while the sun shines and go indoors when it rains.

  2. When one identifies with ZeroHedge, that person never engages with the economy to build anything and properly plan. All he does is listen to anti-West propaganda, scoff at the financial system and doubt it all the way to the bittrr end. And when I mean the bitter end, I don’t mean collapse. When the economic and electronic Elysium is finally put in place, those who subscribed to ZeroHedge’s mindset can then get free government housing, food, medical care, and a job. The government will provide plenty of security. The people will be hoping for daddy communism to re-emerge.

    1. Chris do you think with the news from the FED the market will stay kind flat or will the interest rates moving up push it down? If i understand correctly as interest rates raises the cost to borrow to invest is higher so people borrow less to invest and the markets moves lower? thanks again!

      1. Based on what I’m hearing from Powell’s testimony and the other jawboning from voting fed members recently, I still think that they are willfully ignorant.

        Based on what I have heard them say, I’m still very bearish on a trading basis. It has less to do with borrowing costs increasing and much more to do with how assets are priced. As the 10-year treasury yield rises, and I use the 10-year treasury yield, because that is the de facto standard when it comes to discounting cash flows and asset pricing formulas for long-term assets, it gets much more difficult to explain the stretched equity valuations we currently are observing.

        The first ones to get whacked are the growth stocks. I warned over the past couple of weeks to get out of all of the NASDAQ growth and tech stocks. I even warned about Tesla, since it is a story stock even at this level. All of these solar and EV plays are getting decimated. This is because bond yields are rising.

        The FED doesn’t care at this point and it says it will continue doing the same. I see no catalyst for interest rates here to fall and thus I am convinced that the stocks that you and I once traded are no longer going to do well for a while. I have been warning everyone to stay in cash and I hope you’ve listened.

        On days like this you can make money when you’re in all cash in the morning and then you buy on oversold dips. I bought and sold to stocks this morning already and I’m done for the day. I was not impressed with what Powell said.

        We can verify what we’re saying by looking at how the Dow Jones is doing on a relative basis. Notice stocks that have solid earnings and dividend yields are holding up much better than the story stocks and micro caps on NASDAQ.

        Borrowing costs are still near historic lows, and even if the 10-year treasury yield Rises to 2% we are still under a regime a very favorable interest rates. The problem is at 2%, asset pricing formulas show asset prices at lower levels than they still are currently. There are still some big distortions in the marketplace and there is some denial with many traders.

  3. Hi again. I wanted to send out this rather sobering news regarding the vaccines. This is a huge warning to you all. My friend’s mother received the vaccine last week and within an hour she started suffering serious side effects. The next morning she was rushed to the hospital and she is now in intensive care and she is not expected to survive. Of course they’re all very liberal. What an unbelievable way to get rid of the old people.

    1. Sorry to your friend’s mother. I spoke to my neighbor today while shoveling snow. His healthy 90-year old father recently recieved the first dose of the COVID vaccine and died a week later of blood clotting issues. The death was totally unexpected and the family remains disillusioned and shocked. Previous to this, his father lived independently in the community, was able to perform all activities of daily living, and had no significant co-morbidities.

      My advice? Don’t take the vaccine. At best, if the vaccine is effective, let the sheep get it and wait for herd immunity to develop.

      The COVID Propaganda Campaign has been a very effective method of control, so good that we should prepare for a sequel coming-soon-to-a-theater-near-you.

      TPTB have dark plans for us. Very dark.

    2. Sorry about your friend’s mother. Did she survive? Do you know if she got the Pfizer or Moderna? I’m reading the horror stories yet I’m around many people that have received their first and 2nd vaccine injections, and they all are doing fine. I’m keeping in touch with every to see if their condition goes south. These vaccines are not approved by the FDA, it takes at least 10 years to develop a real vaccination program, warp speed doesn’t exist in the real world, only in the movies or science fiction, which is what we have experienced since March 2020.

      With all the articles out there that I’m reading, it seems the narrative is going to change in a few months. There may be a small possibility the vaccine shots will not be made mandatory so tell people to wait on those. Travel restrictions will be lifted, cruise ships, flights, concerts, etc..
      There may still be mask and social distancing policies. Some people are anticipating another market crash, but I don’t think that will happen, just a healthy pull back as we are seeing now with many stocks. With this upcoming stimulus boost combined with an official mainstream media announcement that Covid has been beaten or contained, there could be a continued uptick in the market. I am avoiding any stocks that did well during Covid 2020 year. Been doing okay on a few oil stocks. I actually seen the signs of improvement in that sector last month, there is still some glut, however summer is coming so if you have a few oil plays I recommend holding onto those for a while.

      1. The most speculative stocks and the best performers under the post covid-19 era are the ones getting spanked. They’re getting spanked again today and the treasury yields keep rising. The
        value and oil stocks to have done better lately. I recommended ExxonMobil back several months ago because of its dividend. These are the Deep value plays and over the long run will hold up better under the current scenario. As long as the dollar struggles here under a scenario of rising bond yields, we’re looking at a recipe for some Sharp retracements. I have been staying in cash and make some intraday scalps. Eventually something’s going to crack and now that Jerome Powell is not out there pounding the table with his testimony, we are much more susceptible to falls in the stock markets. We got close to S and P 4000 so if we get a correction here it’s not a big deal.

        As for the vaccines, my friend’s mom is still in intensive care. The numbers of injured are much higher under this vaccine campaign then in other ones. God only knows what the long-term side effects will be. I doubt they are going to make it mandatory this time around. I think they figured they have enough people suckered into taking the vaccines. I put a comment on a Business Insider article regarding my friend’s mom’s predicament and they removed the article. In another Bloomberg article when I posted a tweet about it I had a lot of activity. There was a lot of checking my handle and background on my Twitter.

        I will never take any vaccine that they have to offer. I read an article where Bill Gates’s personal doctor slipped up in an interview and said that Bill Gates doesn’t vaccinate his children. I think this is proof enough regarding the true intention of the vaccines.

  4. The former stocks we loved, held, and traded are now hated in a rising interest rate environment. The mining penny stocks are doing well, despite a down day for btc. The spec money is still around, it’s just focusing in on a couple sectors. Solar and EV look like dogs. Blockchain looks great. My trade holds from the weekend looked like dogs before open, but came out well. SANP and ISWH kept me making money today. There is some discussion with CCTL on whether or not it still owns the btc it said it once did. CCTL has been pressured all day as a result.

  5. Hi Chris,
    Thank you for all your hard work. Just wondering which crypto miners do you recommend as a trade?
    Also what are your thoughts on Ripple XRP?

    1. Obviously, I spoke too soon. Cryptos are getting beat up here with the rising interest rates. As I feared, even bitcoin’s not immune. With that said, we know that it is prone to Sharp snapbacks as well.

      At least I’m not on a big level. My trading account was only about 15% of these Miners and the rest in cash. I am long with Runner positions in cctl, digaf, iswh, snap, riot. I don’t necessarily endorse any of these, but I threw some against the wall hoping some of it would stick.

      Bond yields are becoming a concern to me, more of a concern actually than inflation. But if the powers-that-be really change this covid-19 if we could see a sudden ramp up and economic activity. However I think that is all being priced into the bond market at this point.

    2. I’m sorry. I never followed up with you on Ripple. I don’t really have an opinion on it as I never really studied it too much. My one concern with ripple is that it is a private blockchain. If I would have devised a type of currency, it would possess many of the elements of Ripple. What I find interesting is that these crypto’s continue to flourish. Granted the SEC injected some perfunctory investigation regarding Ripple, but nothing seems to stick.

  6. John Hopkins seems to be ruled by Nordic Aliens NO KIDDING from shadows…As its IQ and tentacles are incredibly crazy to be human as they more or less in control of covid numbers here in India…I was shocked to find that all Covid numbers in Asia Specifically India, Thailand and Philippines that i have seen in online news, we can see at the bottom: Source: John Hopkins University.

    April seems to be the KEY month, when they let Covid die out as many government including saudi’s are planning to let tourist in by April, also Thailand, Philippines which i believe have black site bases of these elites are slowly hinting by April they will let tourists in.

    The government in Asia which depend on tourist are slowly adjusting their narrative for an April Opening…I have been following JH university even before this fake crisis and they already like 5 years back started buying all media in India and started hinting about virus starting with SARS, Sars 2 etc…while we were distracted with North Korea LOL…Russia meddling in elections and trump drama all the while like SNAKE doing the real thing in shadows.

    India is totally f**c*d…we have no clue whats going on…i have lived long enough in India to know the way they write the narrative for India is Not coming from an Indian IQ and Culture..this is some high level crazy stuff which plans for years and we get caught with our pants down every freaking time .

    I don’t think this is Human IQ when they could control a third world economic dump where every guy wants to escape this hell called india but its projected in world media as the next rising star of power.

    When i read Chris article…I have to re-read it as i cannot believe THIS IS EXACTLY how they are doing it in India…How is that possible …What they are doing to America…they are doing to every Asian country

    1. Hi Sunil,
      It is funny how you talk about India. It’s becoming clear that each country is conforming to the New World Order. The people may look different, and on the surface the cultures may remain, but all of the governing bodies, and all of the economic and academic institutions are all walking in lockstep to the plans of the engineers of the New World Order. There are no more independent countries.

      A big reason why I tell my readers to soldier on and not even think about the nation-state as it used to be anymore is simple, there are no independent nation-states and if I actually dwelt on our current state of affairs, I would be too saddened and frustrated to think clearly.

      The synagogue of Satan has turned each nation state into its golem. The nation state governments are now operating according to different objectives, which is antithetical to human survival and prosperity.

      I just soldier on and I am grateful that I have the Bible, for without it I would be lost at sea. Personally, my life is great and it’s the best it’s ever been. I survey the wreckage of our former societies and I am sober, but this is what the people want.

      We just need to do the best we can and try to help others who are receptive to our message.

      I appreciate your perspective from India as it is a very unique one. Unfortunately it sounds like it is happening all over the world. Only when people become demoralized can they be reshaped into the desired outcome of the New World Order.

  7. I would say America peaked for the common man in the early 60’s when my neighbor, a ditch digger for a gas company, could support 4 kids and a non working wife . Not well but with clean clothes and nutrition. His offspring could never do that for his grandchildren. With the downward spiral of education and the squashing of heartfelt morals mostly due to things like Netflix and social tech the elites have created a perfect soup for their childish divide and conquer policy for the the plebeians. Black versus white sodomite versus Christian etc etc. As soon as they digitize money most of their gameplan will be set. I agree with you however he who overcometh him can we save.

    1. Agreed, my dad worked a non-union carpenter job on Long Island and was able to buy a house in Islip village, Suffolk County on an acre of land and raise five children with a stay-at-home mom. Granted, it was really rough, but he only paid 10,000 for the house in 1961. It had one bathroom and we had to take numbers.

      In the post-World War II era, we really did top out in the 50s and 60s. I would say the gradual decline did start in the 70s in the wake of the aftermath of the Vietnam War. I have always said that 1971 was a pivotal year for our monetary system and for our economy as well. The United States became more amenable to offshoring its manufacturing base to the cheaper third world Nations. China was a direct beneficiary for a reason.

      The powers that be formally quantified and recognized this policy as trickle-down theory and supply-side economics. By the time 1981 rolled around, this method of sucking the United States dry was in full swing. We are now going on 40 years. Unless someone is old enough to remember those better times, they have nothing to really to gauge today. Family units back then were intact and nobody in my neighborhood lived in a divorced household. I’m talking about 8-9 families. I had two friends from junior high school growing up who came from divorced households and they had some peculiarities. Of course I didn’t understand what it was like to grow up in a broken home.

      I don’t care how the media rewrite the past, it was a different world back then. I can tell you this much, if I grew up in a divorced household I probably would have fallen through the cracks. If I grew up today with the exposure of social media, I probably wouldn’t have made it. I feel so sorry for the children today and I do have compassion on these children. They are in way over their head and their parents we’re just going along with the flow and living the LIE.

  8. Do you really think 90% will go along with whatever is offered to the masses when a collapse comes?

    I find that hard to believe.

    I find your theory on cryptos mining original. It will all be institutionalized and privatized.

    1. On the surface, we may think that way less than 90% will go along whatever is offered by the establishment as any solution. But in reality it is about 90%. I say this because while there is a large percentage of the population, at least half, that know things are wrong and that the system is rigged against them, they will be redirected into a shunted outcome. This is where the establishment’s control of the media proves vital. The media tell these disenfranchised plebes to seek government programs and government largesse. Moreover, and this is the vital part, the media has manufactured and engineered racism as a means to keep the people from figuring out how these globalists are destroying their lives. The type of racism that is portrayed in the media today comes out of Arlington and McLean VA, and is really a military psyop against the population. The blacks think that the whites are the enemy. The Hispanics find the whites as an enemy. Sodomites think it’s the Christians that are the enemy. It’s portrayed this way in the media and with all the different races and beliefs fighting against one another in a meaningless trivial garbage battle while the real adversary continues unopposed.

      So yes, while a large percentage of the population may think something’s wrong, they’re looking in the wrong direction and fail to see who’s exploiting and enslaving them. So, I say 90% of the population has been rendered ineffectual and pose absolutely no threat to the engineers of the New World Order. If you want to pose a threat to the New World Order, pick up your cross everyday, learn how to make your money, and become less dependent on the authorities and the government. Stop looking to them for answers. Stop going to the voting booth as you’re just wasting your time.

  9. John’s Hopkins gets by far the most research money from the Feds. I think it got over 2 bil last year. That comes with strings attached. JHs school of public health is named the Bloomberg school.

    They’re declaring that covid will be over as soon as temperatures warm up. Funny. I tell people these things and every one I talk to on the outside (perhaps 10 or so) reject my thesis. Out of hand. They rather believe the lies, because that is more convenient than accepting the truth. I have no sympathy for these scared ninnies running around with their face masks. They exclaim how all these people are dying. But are they? I don’t see it with overall death rates from CDC slightly lower to flat over the past year.

  10. Chris,

    The entire situation is rather bizarre. Look at M1 and M2 money charts from the FED. Both charts show them going vertical.

    Then look at Money velocity which has dropped off a cliff. There is very little money velocity.

    At the same time, there doesn’t look to be any end to the “stimulus” packages.

    My perspective is that the “stimulus” is basically a looting scheme on behalf on those closest to the FED, Treasury, Banks, and Politicians.

    We are in the end game and the connected know it which is why they are passing these stimulus measures to game the system as much as possible while throwing a few crumbs to the peons. Something very similar was happening in the end of the Soviet Union. This is very much what I perceive.

    They can’t raise rates or the debt will collapse because they can’t pay the debt back and the GDP is nowhere near what they are claiming. The GDP numbers are cooked, they have been double counting and including monetary expansion within the GDP.

    Rates will stay zero-bound or go negative if needed to prolong the system if needed.

    We are seeing large percentage increases in certain goods like lumber, corn, soybeans, cotton, etc. Oil and Gasoline prices are rising very quickly. In my area, gas prices have increased by a full dollar nearly getting up to $3 a gallon. Remember during the 07-09 time frame when gas prices went up to around $4 average nationwide? The consumers were getting tapped out by this and if we breach whatever the threshold is this time people will get tapped out by this mechanism.

    I think we are headed for a bizarre venezuela type hyperinflation. The entire shale oil scam is blowing up also which is going to wreck US Oil production which is already declining. Go look at the EIA charts for Oil production, you’ll see its dropped from 13mbd to 11mbd. That is going to be a lot of revenue missing.

    Look at Bitcoin, totally implausible and being pumped by tether. Transaction speeds are 24hrs or more in some cases. Nonviable as a currency and being used as pure speculation. I think Bitcoin is a PsyOp along with the other cryptos.

    My conclusion is that we are entering into an actual collapse and that there is no ultimate plan by the authorities because they cannot control that ultimately the current system is breaking down. A lot of it has to do with the financial system being a pure corrupt ponzi scheme but a lot of is also due to the industrial system breaking down and you can witness this with the entire oil and shale industry. Shale industry has never turned a profit and is only viable through zero bound interest rates. I could go on about the 200 shale oil companies that have been bankrupted since 2008, returned 700 billion out of a trillion dollars invested, etc.

    1. I pretty much agree with you as things on the surface seem to look very dire. The globalist intend to use this system until it actually just wears itself out. I’m sure on some level they are shocked that it has lasted this long, but they intend to ring out as much as they can until that day of reckoning. But they have solutions already in the queue for the livestock masses. The vast sea of unwashed humanity, which is a good 90%, will go along with whatever is proffered.

      In terms of collapses, the system really has been collapsing for decades and the way of life for 90% of the population has essentially been in a slow-motion collapse since the early 1980s. Only those who are old enough to witness this can attest to that sobering reality. If you are younger, you have not really seen this long drawn-out process where the elites have sucked the system dry. And rather than having Venezuelan type of hyperinflation I have to disagree since all of this debt needs to be serviced. These elites are very clever, because they remove the debt from their balance sheets and stick it to the bottom 90%. The reason why the 90% are broke the way they are is simple, they take on the wrong type of debt and really are irrational with money. It is that simple. They take on massive personal mortgages and massive amounts of personal debt in which they have to service. The tamps down demand. The top 10%, on the other hand, take on the right type that build assets. They eschew things that need to be consumed by it the assumption of personal debt.

      The top 10% advertise to the bottom 90% to be spendthrifts and to spend irrationally. It works very well and the bottom 90% have nobody to blame but themselves for their predicaments over the long-term.

      I was reading an article from this weekend’s Barrons about how inflation is nowhere in sight, and I have to agree on many levels with that article. I may post it later. The reason why interest rates are rising here is from the uncertainty around this massive stimulus spending. Mark my words, as the people become more indebted, their abilities to bid prices up is diminished. It’s a wonderful function of the post-2008 monetary system. Remember to not compare the current situation with any situation pre-2008. In Venezuela, the money is just printed and there is no offsetting debt generated. Moreover the money is dispensed out to the end user. We are clearly not seeing that under this system. So the two cannot be compared to one another.

      1. Chris,

        What is your timeline on collapse?

        Or is there a two-tiered system that will just be permanent as the peons get poorer and poorer and the wealthy just keep getting wealthier?

        I find it hard to believe that they can just continue to print at will and nothing changes. The whole thing is an illusion.

        1. You overestimate humanity. The collapse has been going on since at least 1980. The people have been utterly demoralized and now conditioned via social media and Netflix and MSM and even the alt-realm. This system is gradually becoming an economic and electronic Elysium and at least 90% don’t question it. 75% of the 10% think a collapse is coming soon. But the process can continue until Shiloh comes.

          My blog’s purpose is to awaken those from their injected biases from whomever, kick the dust of their boots, and move forward. Suspend the disbelief and the logic fallacies like arguing from incredulity and come to grips with a truly demonic monster that our reality has become. Profit from it and help solidify the remnant. The Christian’s today are sitting around and waiting for a collapse with their injected learned helplessness. That comes from the pastors.

      2. When I say 90% of humanity, I mean these people will freely go along with whatever is proffered and to them, it will seem like The Logical choice. They will believe whatever they are told and they will really go along with it with no reservation.

  11. Saw your article on Henry Makow’s website. I like Henry’s information however he does take the fear mongering too far at times and I feel that discredits his good works. It gives a loony vibe to some of the writer’s that contribute to his web page. Just a heads up in case you get mixed in with the fema camp round ups and guillotines type of chatter.

    Musk recently stated Bitcoin seems high, and Tesla’s action is not directly reflective of his opinion. Combine that with Janet’s statement, and it’s clear, they along with other popular people making statements are reading a pre written script. Be nice to get a copy!

    1. Henry tends to post a lot of different views and lets his readers choose. He has more open mind and is receptive to posting articles and such that may actually differ from one another. This is fine. Just keep that in mind. I on the other hand, am much more specific with what I write, since it is basically only coming from me and those who post comments. I personally do not know Henry’s views, although I correspond with him from time to time. I have to believe his philosophy is such that just posts articles and lets the reader decide. I doubt that his personal views conform to all that is published. My site, on the other hand, is pretty much my view. Of course, my site is now helped along with the comments section.

      As for Bitcoin, the whole narrative has been generated. And like you said, I would love to see a copy of the script. But when you have these higher-level puppet cast of characters getting involved with all of these talking points, it makes me wonder why they are not doing more to restrain Bitcoin. Just a curious observation.

      So far I have to conclude that Bitcoin has a bright future. Over the next few years it will take Center Stage as the globalists consolidate the power at a transnational level.

  12. Thanks. I agree with you on Johns Hopkins; globalist to the core. Interesting about MC, V, or JPM becoming miners. Thanks for your take and the podcast. I know you get nothing out of this, but the people give you grief. Keep it up.

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