2/15 Update – Bubble talk; Zerohedge more effective than Soviet-era propaganda

According to ZeroHedge, only gold prices can rise

I came across the latest Zerohedge housing bubble propaganda piece titled, U.S. Home Prices Pass 2005’s Peak Level, and it got me thinking about how long Zerohedge has been at it, detering and demoralizing most of my readers and those who should be out there, relying on themselves to earn more income on their own. 

With its continual tweets like “Millions Of Texans Freeze As ‘Grid Chaos’ Sparks Massive Rolling Blackouts,” ZeroHedge has proven its worth in spearheading the anti-West demoralization campaign of the post-Soviet era. Gone are the days of Soviet TASS, or Soviet-era Pravda. In this age of ubiquitous social media, ZH is much more effective in spiritually weakening its readers.

If we are part of the resistance, shouldn’t we be trying to empower ourselves to earn as much money on our own terms? I would say so, which is the only reason why I have my blog in the first place. I try to help the propagandized remnant to overcome their collapse brainwashing and learned helplessness.

Prepare for His imminent return, but what happens if we err on the timing?

It’s so sad to also see how the compromised alt-Christian media have duped their followers for at least the past 20 years into believing of an imminent economic collapse and rapture (I recall the 2012 hoax). Most of the remnant Christians have not properly prepared for the arduous road ahead as they threw up their hands and walked away.

Many of these propagandized alt-Christian victims tell me I am sending my readers to hell, but I soldier on anyway. I have nothing to gain from any of my output. I don’t even want your donations.  I don’t need them as I tell you exactly how I am making my own money. Nobody else is doing this.

A stark warning to my readers

Be prepared for the most likely outcome; I am the only financial expert in the remnant who has been telling you that this current system, a new one formulated in the wake of the manufactured 2008 collapse, will be slowly transformed into the desired outcome.

Moreover, I have been warning the reader to wrap their minds around the thought that we do not need another economic collapse until after the time of tribulation is already underway. The whole time, the demoralized remnant will watch in disbelief as the world gets richer and they get poorer. This is not because they studied to the Bible, but rather because they were lazy and fearful and listened to the disingenuous shilling of the Judas-goat alt-financial media and the alt-media charlatans. Few of these alt-personalities have any formal economics training, let alone a deep understanding of the Conspiracy like we do.

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing

Getting back to the above referenced article; even ZeroHedge’s writers mislead on the title as the National Association of Realtors proclaim that home prices in the fourth quarter have risen at the fastest rate since 2005. According to Case Shiller, home prices eclipsed their former 2005 highs almost five years ago.

This latest piece of ZeroHedge anti-West propaganda is designed to demoralize and nail the coffin shut on trying to empower you to look for a way out of the system. Imagine being a person who is not well versed with statistics and data, and has relied on this anti-West propaganda and shilling for the past 12 years. That coincides with ZeroHedge’s formation. It’s a funny thing about coincidences with the March 2009 S&P low of 666.

I used to be able to pull up a plethora of ZeroHedge propaganda articles from about five to six years ago regarding the demise of the Western monetary system and the housing market in particular, and my Google searches always yielded a ton of evidence. But this time around, I noticed that ZeroHedge scours its website of its past. Google will yield up some search results, but when the links are clicked I receive a “404” error message, indicating the link has been removed.

Perhaps, too many people are getting wise to the propaganda placement of ZeroHedge. Or perhaps, too many people read my stuff and realized that ZeroHedge has not been the trusted ally they once thought. I do scan the ZeroHedge Twitter feed under a pseudonym, since they blocked my  @chrispirnak handle, and see that their following has been exploding in size. The vast majority of these people have become addicted to the propaganda that ZeroHedge dispenses on a daily basis to its unwitting subscribers.

With its continual tweets like “Millions Of Texans Freeze As ‘Grid Chaos’ Sparks Massive Rolling Blackouts,” ZeroHedge has proven its worth in spearheading the anti-West demoralization campaign of the post-Soviet era. Gone are the days of Soviet TASS, or Soviet-era Pravda. In this age of ubiquitous social media, ZH is much more effective in spiritually weakening its readers.

If Bloomberg, CNBC, and MarketWatch follow ZeroHedge, and frequently refer to it, it’s safe to say that it is not there to help you.

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60 thoughts on “2/15 Update – Bubble talk; Zerohedge more effective than Soviet-era propaganda

  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janet_Mead


    I remember singing this song when I was a child. It rose to number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and sold over one-and-a-half million copies. It was recorded by an Australian nun in Australia and it was a big hit in Australia as well. Think about how far the world has come since then. I feel sorry for the masses of humanity, but I no longer have compassion on them, for they chose this route.

    Even the most amoral people from 50 years ago wouldn’t even recognize humanity today. They would be looking at it like the wreckage from a fatal car crash. I try not to let it get me down, but the memories from childhood are still vivid with intact families homes. I used to take all that stuff for granted, but obviously I no longer do. I feel sorry for the children growing up today; it must be terrible. The worst part is they don’t even know the difference between today and 50 years ago. I have compassion on those little children growing up today, and I hear the stories all the time in the public schools. But I wonder what happened to the adults? I have no compassion on them.

    Beware of disingenuous arguments….

    By the way it’s hard not to be long going into the weekend with all of these penny stock crypto miners. The mania is too hard to resist. I’m covering my bases and have trades in four of these.

    If the cryptos turn back I’ll put more cash into those unloved cryptos like bch and LTC.

    Janet Yellen was out giving a perfunctory opposition note regarding Bitcoin. Nobody in the banking and governmental Authority structure is talking poorly about Bitcoin and the cryptos. I find this absolutely mind-blowing, but it does make sense as this will be one more reason to join forces with all the nations and their central banks. I am 100% certain that these government authorities are under tight restrictions regarding the script. They are all saying the same thing.

    Their Global firms like Visa, PayPal, and MasterCard are all on board with cryptocurrencies. The government’s will be the last one. Janet yellen’s actions are showing us that the government will provide no resistance to these assets.

  2. Take a look at this short report that came out today for a stock we talked about in the past UAVS.


    We had no idea why it kept rising, although it was continually linked to AMZN, but it is absolutely amazing that this stuff still goes on and this is just a reflection of the massive mania that has occurred over the past 6 months in microcap stocks. This all has to come washing out soon. Check this link out to this report to see what I’m discussing.


  3. What’s your timeline on LEAS? It sold off. Is it just starting to get noticed, or done?

    1. You recommended INTV and CBTC from the list I sent you. Are you trading these?
      What’s your strategy? Four sells and out? Hold some?

      1. This is just an FYI that I sold everything I could on Market open and am now in 100% cash. That’s it and I don’t recommend speculating in the stocks as I do see things changing with bond yields Rising. These small cap stocks and these micro-cap solar plays and such are getting beat to heck. Do not be willfully ignorant and hold these things in the face of conflicting data and evidence.

        1. Congratulations, that’s fine for you having already exited a position you just promoted and posted at last night’s close, but here’s some constructive criticism for you.
          I appreciate you giving free tips Chris and your warnings about the system.
          However when you say ,” added 1 million overnight of stock X” ,and then sell everything without a heads up the very next day is harm and not help to those who followed your recommendation. You have done some fist pumping when you win, so please humbly review you promotion posts with this in mind to see my concern.
          Pink sheet stocks are wild enough as it is, but your actions don’t allow anyone here to follow you at all as you’re in and out before your recommendations can even be processed by your readers let alone the fact you’re not telling us what you’re doing with your invested money.
          Say to me don’t follow me if you wish, but it’s proof of my suspicions that this ,”hot market” is not suitable to recommend such actions since your conviction changes like AC current .Understand your followers invest real money too, and this action is a liability to your cred.

          1. Brent,

            I, along with many over here actually appreciate Chris sharing his trades.

            I am a new reader to this blog and have learned quite a bit. Especially from Chris talking about his trades. I can, after the fact look at the setup and learn from it. He isn’t a financial advisor, so you shouldn’t behold him to that standard. He even said that many times.

            Part of being a trader is realizing that something can turn from positive to negative in a matter of hours if not minutes. So if you feel that it has run up then you should exist or not even enter if you aren’t in.

            Let’s not forget that Chris is devoting his personal time to share his knowledge/opinion on the world around us.

            I am happy for his “flexing” he deserves to get something for his hardwork as this gives me a path to be successful as well.

            I also appreciate that he gave timely updates on what he is doing and market condition.

            To Chris: keep doing what you are doing. Many of the lurkers that aren’t actively commenting are getting a lot of value.

        2. I started to peel off this morning. It was a fun run! But things started becoming unhinged with the meme stock fiasco.

          Thanks for keeping us in the loop Chris. This doesn’t seem like just a red day.

          1. That’s right. I think there’s more to this. I began selling on rallies with most stocks over the past few days. I sold out of my remaining few OEG on that last pop a couple days ago. They still need to raise a lot of money and the solar plays have been downgrading their revenue forecasts (SUNW and others). So far there is only hype in solar. Great longer term though.

            Big EV shakeout as only the biggest will remain. GM and Ford in. QS with batteries. But if tech changes, even they are done. All the big carmakers moving in. The small ones will be down to sub $1 again. They rose from pennies and to pennies they will return. Will you buy an expensive EV from VVPR or SPI? How about a bus from vcvc, gik, or Proterra? I will buy from Ford or GM and get reliable servicing. I will buy from VW in Europe.

            After I saw what RIOT did after market yesterday then into this morning, I dumped all my crypto plays at open. I am glad. They are down hard right now.

            I can always go back in.

        3. Chris I see the AP has an article “Yellen warns against paring Biden’s $1.9T relief package”
          I am guessing this will pump up the markets again in the future? Is money printing one of the main reasons the markets have been going up for so many years and decades? I am not a economics major or even a minor for that matter : ) (machinist by trade) but i do like reading what you have to say. thanks again!

      2. I even sold the holdings of one of my crypto accounts this morning and my crypto accounts are 50% cash. They had a great run here. Too much speculation here. I recognize the change in the marketplace and economic data. Import/export prices up big this morning. The fed and democrats are making mistakes here. They need to restrain themselves and at least pretend they are fiscally conservative and responsible.

        There are $1400 checks coming to the livestock, who in turn will spend it as quickly as they got it. They will spend it on garbage they saw off subconscious YouTube ads, will never know why they spend it, and it will be recieved by those with the assets who advertised those same ads on YouTube. They will bid things up even as they lost their jobs. I love social spending. The people deserve to be poor.

        1. “There are $1400 checks coming to the livestock, who in turn will spend it as quickly as they got it. They will spend it on garbage they saw off subconscious YouTube ads, will never know why they spend it, and it will be recieved by those with the assets who advertised those same ads on YouTube. They will bid things up even as they lost their jobs. I love social spending. The people deserve to be poor.”

          Wow….am I the only one here appalled by the hubris of such derision?
          Sure, we’ve all made jokes or criticisms using labels like sheep, herd etc.
          I have praised Chris here and rightly so, but stay or leave, I won’t have others imagining I support such glib condemnation.
          I have to ask you Mr. Pirnak, as you’re a professing Christian, what, “remnant” denomination taught you to judge others like that?
          I’m a sinner like everyone else here, and I’m thankful that my daily repentance gives me a legal standing of grace.
          I will instead pray for these aforementioned lost, as many of them have likely never seen or heard the truth,
          and they certainly won’t find the path without help or The Light.
          Perhaps it’s providential that you’re out of your trades right now.
          Perhaps you’ll have a bit more time to focus on the really big picture?
          Revelation 3:17,18
          Without prejudice, may this word take root in all here in need of it, myself included.

          1. The livestock people are unrepentant sinners. They are Christ rejecters. They laugh at me when they entertain the notion they have been had.

            I have no compassion for these people. These people are the delusional livestock that have caused this manufactured covid crisis. I pay the prices for their willful ignorance. Instead of being glib with Revelation, try Hosea where he says the deceivers and the deceivees are equally contemptible. It takes two to perpetrate a lie; the liar and the one who believes the lie. In the eyes of God there is no difference. He rejects them both.

            Stop running cover for the wilfully ignorant. They are the reason this world is a toilet bowl. Get with it.

          2. Guy loses $100, now we suffer the wrath! LOL!

            P.S. Brent says:
            February 15, 2021 at 12:21 pm
            I don’t use stockhouse.com for years now because there are just too many cowards with keyboards in their jammies talking smack from their Mom’s basement suite.

            Oh, the irony…

          3. I am with it Mr. Pirnak….in that I don’t follow Old Covenant, legalistic, eye for an eye justice.
            Members of the body of Christ understand that such a desire for legalistic judgement isn’t part of the Covenant of Grace, which is found in the 13 books written by Paul, not in the Old covenant, old testament book prophets teaching meant for Israel.
            The book of Romans chronologically explains this.
            Chpt.7 is quite instructive here.
            Romans 8:1,2 are some of my favourite verses.
            A study of mid-acts right division, will perhaps allow those with such a legalistic bent to see and disavow such a worldview?
            But since Mr. Pirnak you’re clearly offended, and don’t wish to admit wrong, do carry on with your money making, as this is your main focus here .
            I have no wish to argue or debate this further having fulfilled my duty to warn you of error in the Way.
            May those of you here who care to truly prosper, if you don’t know this, true wealth is found in a personal relationship with Jesus the Christ.
            By the way, I’m not just some unemployed bible thumping nut if that’s what some here might think.
            I made six figure, substantial money in both my job and in my investments last year, and I won’t lord it over the disenfranchised. I praise Jesus for my blessings. Yeah!
            I pray that He would make me a wise and profitable steward, as all I am and have belongs to Him.
            I pray this for those with hearts open to Him here too.
            Above all, give glory ,honour and praise to the Lord.
            Fare well, and may you seek the Lord that He may bless you.
            Philippians 4;6-8

          4. You’re right Mr Hubris I already admitted the wrong of criticizing them when they attacked me. But I won’t wish harm or poverty on them. See the difference brother?

          5. I think Brent has the pride issue here. “6 figure” great for you..so what are u doing here exactly? As for judgement..Judgement is mandatory for the believer that is spiritual. “But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.”1Cor. 2:15 It is judgement of action, not unto condemnation. For that is the Lord’s business. Now this reference is for the babes in Christ who attempted to judge Paul, but were unqualified. But the broader application is that he who is spiritual can, and must judge all things accordingly, whether they are Christ edifying or not. How does one escape the wrath of God to come? Evil actions whether they be from unbelievers or believers need to be judged, and given fair warning. Are we to love unbelievers ..sure. Let us be honest however, you nor I cannot love the unlovable in our flesh, it is done only thru agape love..which is from Christ. Removing the beam in one’s eye, so you can see clearly to remove the speck in your brother’s, speaks of humility, not abolition of judgement. John the Baptist called out the religious pharisees of the day, all day, and every day. Paul even addressed the leaders of the day, giving them fair warning.You cannot have God’s grace and love without the wrath of God. It’s like trying to raise a child without a sometimes timely paddle on the behind. If God displayed His wrath on Christ for our sins at the cross, rest assured those that are His he disciplines. Those He loves chastens. Heb. 12:6 Jonah warned a pagan Nineveh of the impending judgement of God..they listened..at least for the next 100 years. Today we need more John the Baptists, because Sodom and Gomorrah is all around us. IT was only John who understood who the Lamb of God really was, and perhaps his father Zechariah. Jerusalem experienced its greatest revival, yet met it’s doom 75 yrs later. Discounting the importance of the old testament for today’s Christians, is simply wilful ignorance. Grace manifested itself on the cross for those believers of faith like Abraham in the old, as well as those in the new. It was Abraham’s faith that was counted as righteousness, unto salvation, and not his works. Legalism, that you speak of pertains to jewish manmade ordinances, not God’s. And that is exactly what Christ addressed when dealing with the Pharisees, and zealots of the day.

    2. I sold 75% on open this morning and looked at it as a good opportunity to get out. I am 100% right now. I recognize the market has changed here. Bond yields are rising, and now we have become salmon swimming against the current. I am not fighting it and staying in cash. It is very difficult to short and I don’t bother. Just sit in cash. Feel the change in sentiment. It may get rough here and the dynamic has only begun to reverse.

      I’m not a big fan of giving out stock picks I’m trading, because the people who get involved don’t recognize what I do, and I always get worried they’d get stuck. I have a suspicion here that Bitcoin may fold, not large, but if things reverse as these bond yields rise, things could get bad on a trading side. The S&P was right up against that 4,000 level, and with the FED acting willfully ignorant in the face of rising inflation data, something will give and I am afraid it could be sudden and sharp. I recognize the reality and don’t look for anything to confirm existing biases.

  4. This is a big warning to those who aggressively trade the stocks we discuss.

    Though the major stock averages seem to be holding up okay, I am concerned that the momentum plays that we had traditionally been holding over the past six seven months are starting to turn.

    Notice that many of the rallies in our trades (the illiquid stocks that greatly benefit from a hot market) have petered out and that traders seem to have been a seller of rallies. This is something in which we must take note and I would recommend holding cash in the trading accounts overnight as we’re seeing a many of the smaller players get hit hard.

    Just to put things in perspective, my trading account is now 90% cash overnight. This is different during this speculative Mania before interest rates started rising, up from about 50% cash overnight.

    As traders we always sell on rallies while most people buy on rallies. So by the time a stock rises two to three or four times its initial price, we are out of at least half our original position. Frequently, after my price has gone up two to three times, I’m normally out of the position. The rationalization here is simple, as prices rise, we assume more risk and volatility, and the value proposition has diminished. We get to a certain point where the stock is then recognized on the street and so the easy money has been made. At that point I would rather sit on cash than continue speculating in an ever higher stock price.

    Also I put things in perspective by looking at a stock and its monthly chart going out 3 to 5 to 10 years. Is its recent spike coincident with the mass of mania we’ve seen in stock prices since covid-19? This is why I’m warning people to remain in cash overnight in our trading accounts.

  5. After today’s retail sales and PPI, gold is going to 1750 soon. What is Schiff saying? I bet the opposite (I wouldn’t know since I stopped listening to him 10 years ago). Probably talking of dollar collapse.

    Even commodities getting beat up here as the dollar rises in anticipation of Fed action to rein in growing price pressures. Assets will fall as inflation rises, USD climbs. Monetary system still functioning.

    1. So USD rises no matter what happens now…is that right?
      We haven’t heard from Biden’s team about how much stimulus will be required to drive the new stay home, green agenda.
      Trump’s crew printed about $10 trillion USD, will Biden do less?
      Will the USD no longer suffer despite endless printing, and those deflated USD monopoly notes continually being offloaded by crony capitalists onto the tax paying herds and global bag holders?
      “They”, promote stawks that only ,”they” can afford, ensuring that Mom and Pop are left out.
      The herd can’t afford FANG stocks and the newer such iterations, so since their businesses are shuttered they now watch uber rich athletes play meaningless bread and circuses sports, while they pull down their muzzles to eat dollar store frozen pizzas waiting for the power to come back on.
      However…we have discussed here that everything except gold is near parabolic since Covid.
      Real assets do have value and are necessities.
      Real assets do still continue to be exchanged for legal fiction notes.
      Many commodities including copper and silver are still hanging in there?
      Even if gold went to $1600, my juniors can still make good dollars per ounce, especially miners in other currency jurisdictions.
      Gold, platinum, real estate etc ,as with all hard assets, will still be there despite whatever flag flutters above it.
      I continue to look at where the insiders are leading the sheep economically, and I’m willing to invest there if my conscience allows, but being a day trading flipper isn’t easy or without risk in these ever shifting NWO trades either.
      If you’re an American it’s impossible to accept, but as with all the empires before it what we’re witnessing is the end of US hegemony.
      Your economy is being gutted by the satanic elite.
      Many of them have moved their trading accounts, even their real estate through LLC’s etc off shore…before the next culling ensues.
      They don’t pay tax for all this drunken sailor spending…. you do!
      GM,Tesla etc are all offshoring your jobs and their tax free ,”money”.
      This kind of economy however cannot be sustained without many perishing.
      In the same way we must reject the cointelpro shill narratives, we must not allow ourselves to imagine that the economy our parents thrived in is ever going to return.
      At some point we will all face that fork in the road, and instead of waiting for ,”their” narrative, we will have to plant our own flag and take a stand and invest in the values and assets we believe in.

      1. It’s still all about interest rates. We always talk about owning hard assets. I like gold and real estate. I don’t prefer industrial assets and commodities. If the economy is a scam, why be tied to it? Most of what you fear is superfluous for us. I don’t talk about politics much, because ultimately it doesn’t matter. It’s a red herring.

        Indeed, the US is a toilet and was done by design. It’s over now. Make as much as you can and save it and wake others up who will listen. This is why I have my blog. I often refer to America as a talmudic toilet. A nation of Christ rejecters.

        I get, you’re venting. It’s all good, man….

        1. Yes, I did feel like I needed to rant, thanks! The one thing I could add about PM’s are month ends. Gold could pop from here as Fe 24 is the contract expiry.

          1. For several months, I have been warning that gold’s market action is telling me something is wrong with gold. We need to investigate why, and the worst thing we can do is rely on biased shills to come up with reasons. Gold is having a hard time here, while everything else is doing well. I accept it and try to determine why.

            My conclusion is this; First It was allowed to move up out of historic ratios (Au/Ag, Au/Pl), so it could be managed. Second, I have been saying all along that btc and the cryptos are replacing gold with a lot of younger people. I accept this and move on. TPTB clearly want us to channel our energies into btc.

  6. Here’s a shout out to you long-term EMAN holders. I have several on this board who are still holding EMAN. Congrats! It is moving much higher in premarket and could be on the verge of a nice break out here. It is already broken out and is up 200% from the summer recommendation.

    It has some good technology and is moving up in sympathy with MVIS and KOPN. Looking good.

  7. Gold took another dump overnight. Unbelievable how everybody’s fleeing gold in an inflationary environment. The Establishment has gotten the plebs away from God’s currency. Worked like a charm.

    We on this site have been warning people about investing in gold here. For several months it has been ailing and does not look good on the chart. Maybe one day it will, but everything else is doing much better, and if you have devoted your assets and energy to other sectors, you have been doing much better. Even the old-school XOP and XOM are rocking. Imagine buying XOM in the 30s with that tasty yield.

    But of course Zero Hedge was telling you that XOM was down for the count and they were going to have a slash dividends. Stay in your bunkers.

  8. Buying some LEAS for a trade. Why not? Our trades have worked out the past few days.

    Even long forgotten OEG still looking good in an otherwise poor day for solar plays. I think they come out with earnings tonight. I don’t like holding into earnings. Too much risk to accept.

      1. It’s much easier to locate the hot sectors and target the low hanging fruit. Just like these pink sheet stocks in the btc mining sector. We have had a good run here the past few months. This extra cash really helps me. I made enough now to gut and rehab two houses if needed. That is a needed cushion. My tenants in my houses are long-term, but if one leaves, it’s probably 30k after 10 years of one tenant… I can’t guarantee these gains forever, but as long as the markets are doing well we should be fine.

        When we buy, we try to buy before the trend is obvious. If we are in the hot sector, we will be bailed out of most mistakes. I use the message boards to locate what is moving. Stocktwits.com

        Some guy with 17k followers is pumping LEAS. Got 1mm shares here before close at .0038.

  9. We are near that S&P 4000! I am looking at the 10-, 20-, 30-yr USTs with concern. If these treasury yields rise much higher we can begin to see the asset markets unravel. I’m not talkin about collapse here. I am talking about correction. We have theorized that S&P 4000 would be a great place from which to run a down market. I view the table is being sent here. The bond market is speaking and it is not happy with the social spending coming out of the federal government.

    Notice how EVERYTHING is dumping in the past hour. Even cryptos… Gold below 1800 again.

      1. Excellent news. The stocks we have been tracking had great day. I would hold the last 1/4 position to see if we get a spike. Of course, I don’t know what you sold the other parts for. So, take that into consideration. If you scaled as prices rose, I would hold a little for a lotto ticket.

        1. I closed CCTL out at .03 as that seemed to be the new wall. I wanted to have confidence as this was my first foray into this day trade, underbelly of the market.
          One win.
          Poised for the next sprinter.

      2. Probably would still like to be holding CCTL right now with Bitcoin up big. Looking for LEAS to move.

    1. “Bloomberg recently estimated that on a pile of $35 Trillion of bonds in the Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Treasury Index, for each one percentage point increase in yields, there would be a $3 Trillion mark to market loss of value…”

      1. Yeah, bond yields looking rough here. S&P 4000 looks ripe for a beat down. We may not quite get there depending on how UST yields perform. Notice that everything is fading. This tells us that nothing will be immune in a down market, except the USD.

    2. Chris, please explain the relationship between interest paid by a bond, and the price of the bond. They are inverse to each other.

      I really don’t understand this relationship. If a thing becomes more valuable, its price increases. This is natural law. This is logical.

      I have read the explanation of this relationship dozens of times. None make sense to me.



      1. I often refer to investopedia.com.

        Here is a link that explains the bond’s coupon or interest payment and its price/yield in the market place.


        While the interest coupon normally does not change, the price of the bond itself in the secondary market adjusts so that the overall yield on that bond is equivalent to what the market yields are at that time.

        All other things being equal, when market yields fall, outstanding bonds normally become more attractive and their prices rise.

    3. Similar to how Crypto related stocks are following the Bitcoin price surge, Oil stocks are recently surging with the increase price of Oil. I think the sector can continue to do well going into the warmer seasons. Places and activities should be booming this summer, and people will obviously be driving a lot more at this time than last year.

      It’s really incredible with in a matter of days and with no news, how the stock prices of these little under performing oil companies are pumped up. Many have hundreds of millions of shares in the float. In the media and message boards, they say it’s retail day traders, such as those little Robin hooders and Wall Street Betters that are doing it but I don’t think so.

      1. A rising tide raises all boats. The Fed wants us speculating. The XOP has done so well and wti is above 60. These little oil plays are rocking. Institution money coming in. I follow Steve Zachritz with his energy analysis. He has been doing very well. He knows oil very well.

      2. One more thing about the small oil plays. Many of them have complex balance sheets with toxic convertible debt and such. I guarantee a lot of this is short covering on behalf of the large owners of these firm’s debt issuances.

  10. A few years ago, after following along with the Zerohedge narrative for quite a while, I started to get the feeling that it was some form of propaganda, but from what source I wasn’t clear. Some of the features of the worldview presented were that
    1) the US government was completely corrupt,
    2) the Jews were evil and controlled the US govt and global finance ,
    3)The US economy and the dollar were about to catastrophically collapse,
    4)gold was the only safe haven, and that it would skyrocket soon, and also
    5) strangely that Putin was the only righteous powerful leader in the world and that he was standing up for the worlds common man.

    This was about the time when there were claims of Russian interference in the election and Trump being in league with Putin in some way. I found the pro Putin bias very curious and interesting and I still do.
    The publisher and primary writer of Zerohedge, Ivan Ivandjiiski, is a Bulgarian, disgraced investment banker and trader, which added to the curiosity.

    Around about the time of the Russia collusion investigation, Zerohedge was placed on a list of suspicious media, I think tying it to the Russian collusion. There isn’t much about Putin on there now .
    I wondered briefly if there was something to the Russian collusion theory, and that Zerohedge was in on it.
    I also wondered if Zerohedge was right and that Putin was standing up to the ZioGlobalists, and that the Jews/ US govt were evil.

    Now I wonder if Zerohedge doesn’t have an agenda at all except to attract followers and that they try to appeal to skeptics, cynics and conspiracy theorists, in any way they can, by latching on the the latest conspiracy, and tying it in to generally pessimistic, depressing yet interesting stories.

    This seems more likely.

    Chris, what do you think is Zerohedge’s motivation and who is behind it?

    1. I don’t think anything’s changed with zerohedge. I recall all of the press that their so-called webmasters had received. I remember them being outed on Bloomberg a few years ago and I Know Timothy Fitzpatrick performed some research regarding the background of them. They do go back and I think one of their fathers was in intelligence.

      All I can say is that I must judge them by their fruits. I think because they were so pro-Putin at one point, there was a decision for them to tone it down. Now he’s rarely mentioned in relation to other world leaders. I do find that peculiar, but it does make sense after the blowback zerohedge received regarding them being a propaganda arm of Russia. Regardless, their role is still the same as it was when it was formed back in 2009. There are too many observations here to think that they are just some website looking for clicks. They have been allowed to gain a foothold and the mainstream press has promoted them. These coincidences are something in which I must note.

      Their message regarding the West has never deviated from its original objectives. And it is a message in which the establishment does find pleasing. They’re one of the only alt websites left that seem to be able to continue pumping out it’s content without heavy censoring in social media. All the other major Outlets of its size have been heavily censored. They continue to pump out the propaganda.

      We can think that they are an independent website looking for clicks, but if I were to establish an anti-Western propaganda website that was run by its enemies, I would establish a website exactly like zerohedge.

      1. So you believe zero hedge is an anti-West propaganda website that is pleasing to the US media establishment. I’m sure you’ve already explained this, but still I’m not following your argument.
        Is it your opinion that
        1/ Zerohedge writes articles which mislead retail investors in the West, predicting an apocalyptic financial future, recommending disengagement from conventional investment strategies and putting all their money into gold and prepping for financial Armageddon.
        2/ that this propaganda is misleading for the reason that although the asset pumping in the west will eventually collapse, the Zerohedge prediction is early, so Zerohedge followers will get out too early and miss all the asset pumping.
        3/ the west’s financial media condones and allows the zero hedge propaganda to flourish for some reason.

        If I am following you correctly then I have a few questions.
        First, why would the mainstream financial media support the alt finance, Zerohedge propaganda?

        Secondly, if some fraction of retail investors fall for the zero hedge propaganda , the majority of investors still follow the main stream media. What is behind this strategy of division.

        Third, if the economy is eventually going to collapse, getting out early would actually be a good strategy, in my opinion, as trying to time the collapse probably won’t work out. In this case the zero hedge strategy would probably be better than that of of the main stream financial media which encourages investors to get caught up in the pump and dump.

        Can you elaborate more on your opinion of who the main stream media represents, who Zerohedge represents, what their motivations are and how this connects to your thesis on where markets are heading?

        1. No. Not at all. If you have lived long enough, you would know about TASS and Pravda. They tried to infiltrate the patriot community with disinfo going back 50 years. ZH doesn’t warn early, they warn to never engage and do anything. Why bother if it’s all coming down? That is exactly what Tokyo-Rose was for in WWII and the KGB and Pravda were for the 70s-80s patriots.

          Big and smart investors don’t listen to the propaganda of ZH. The smaller demoralized patriots and such who have been beaten up look to that type of confirmation bias. The bottom 90% get poorer and poorer. It is in the same vein as RT today. If I were to establish anti-West propaganda outlet that would attract millions, I would set it up like ZH.

          The people who own the MSM view ZH as a useful tool, because it helps to facilitate the poor investment choices that are made by the globalists potential resistance as well as its impoverishment in the patriot movement and such. What better way to destroy the patriot movement than bring in change agents and Judas goats who blow it up from within?

          Who says the economy is going to collapse? I never say that. I say the opposite. You say the economy is going to collapse. It has been collapsing for the bottom 90% for 40 years. Where have you been? Probably waiting for the collapse that ZH talks about.

          You ask probably the most analyzed topics on my site. I would refer to the site for answers. Take a look around you. Has ZH been correct about RE, stocks, interest rates? They create so much doubt you never get involved as it’s too risky.

          If you can’t figure this out, your goose is cooked.

          1. Ok , very helpful, I appreciate your reply, I will look back into your earlier posts, maybe I misinterpreted your comments about the markets.
            Incidentally, I don’t say everything is going to crash because I don’t claim to have any insight into market behavior, I am still learning and forming an opinion. Also, I am not an adherent to the Zerohedge outlook. I am learning about it , and am interested in your perspective as an alternative non mainstream outlook.

            1. Good. Please keep an open mind. Beware of the shills and Judas goats. Glad you stop by the site to learn. Watch out for UST yields here. Things getting dicey and look ripe for a dump.

  11. As I have mentioned earlier. You are the only person, in the entire world who predicted real estate market will rise not fall and what boggles my mind is, its true in India.

    There is a global cabal which seems to control entire world economy with unlimited funds. On one side they project doom and gloom while on the other side they keep buying things.

    Starbucks opened its biggest store in Thailand, actually the second biggest in the world and then one more giant one few days back. The elites are buying stuff left and right while telling us its all gloom and doom.

    1. Hi Sunil,
      Thanks for the posts. I did receive the other one as well. I’m sorry I didn’t respond in a timely way.

      I think you get the picture. The only way that these elites can achieve their desired objectives is through the use of fear. By using fear, these elitists and globalists (whatever you call them), can employ a number of new and novel methods to gain control and consolidate the wealth of this world. If everything was peaches and cream, so to speak, there would be no need for extraordinary monetary and fiscal policy action. And then as a result, the consolidation of the global wealth would be much more difficult. It’s always during times of manufactured, but controlled adversity that we see the massive wealth consolidation programs established. That’s what all this really is, and this is why I called the covid-19 crisis a manufactured crisis. Each crisis seems to help these powers-that-be to consolidate the power and wealth of the world at the expense of the bottom 90%. These people have the whole world soiling their pants and chasing ghosts while asset prices move higher. It is so ingenious it is mind-blowing.

      I also observe how most of the major industrial sectors of the economy have been consolidated under the advent of the programmes ostensibly designed to help mitigate infection spread. I think of all the coffee shops and restaurants that are going out of business and the ones left will be like Starbucks. The strongest and most well connected are the ones that come through this and grow stronger.

      The same powers are buying up all the real estate as well. The world is awash in ever softer dollars and they are being used in this last ditch grab to acquire everything they can get their hands on.

      You see it. Thanks for posting.

  12. Attention Pl longs…. For those savvy enough to ride the platinum train, congratulations! A multiyear breakout in the making. About time. Platinum is used ultimately as a store of value. Great value proposition here. The transfer out of diesel autos has been hurting it this past decade, but we look to be on the verge of a nice breakout.

    it is so much easier making hay while the sun shines.

      1. Though I would be careful in the short term for establishing initial positions, I have communicated with at least 2 others who listened to my Pl value propositions last summer and established a position.

        If I were to hold a platinum position it would be via the PPLT ETF. Pl futures are a little cheaper vs. Au as they are for 50 oz. vs. 100 oz. for Au. But I don’t think there are mini Pl contracts. Pl futures are not actively traded like Au or even Ag.

        I prefer to play the metals this way rather than the miners. The metals etfs give us the direction play with less volatility.

    1. Rising lumber and copper tell me that new housing supply will be restricting in the future to only higher-end, ceteris paribus. There is not one element in the current financial market landscape, government social policy, or demographic trends that point to bearishness in the housing market. Rents could even go down. It sounds insane, but it’s true. If inflation rises, rents will resume their big upswing as the livestock with their dysfunctional family formation overwhelm the demand side of the equation. The new world order’s campaign to destroy the family unit is VERY profitable to real estate investors. All these single women and demoralized immigrants empowering themselves by being home owners creates double demand at a time when new home building is way behind.

      The alt-finance media charlatans have no idea what they are up against. Broken hopes and dreams, broken spirits and reprobate masses. They fail to see how the population has been demoralized via the sciences of abnormal and behavioral psychology.

      Look at everything since March 2020. The Fed has announced that this is what it wants. This past Wednesday, Powell came out and said that inflation is low (CPI is still below target) and that this can remain for a while longer. Recall my previous article from the past week about testing our assumptions when speculating and trading. Lumber can go up and up and so can copper. So can the TIPS spread, but that doesn’t mean CPI is higher.

      I can make a strong case that spiraling inflation will help house prices just like in the 70s as rates climbed. We mustn’t think in a linear fashion. We must uncover the reasons for inflation. If it’s a loss in USD confidence, mortgages may become more expensive, but house prices may FLY!

      If the PTB decided to ever close the borders, i would seriously start to contemplate selling. The broken hearts want open borders, so we will get it.

  13. I noticed the same thing. ZH articles go away faster than ever. Most people have a short attention span anyway. Especially in the age of social media.

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