2/12 Update; How much time is left?

Hi Chris,

How much time do we have left?


Use this opportunity to get our financial houses in order

This is a great question, and while nobody knows for sure, we can contemplate some probable outcomes.

There are a number of trends I am tracking. Let me enumerate a few:

One: The artificial suppression of interest rates for this prolonged period of time is allowing us to make as much money as we can before the plug is pulled. I do not know how long these propitious opportunities will last, but the Fed has indicated it intends to keep this dovish policy intact for a while.

I have decided to keep my trading profits as liquid cash reserves for any future uncertainties.

As long as inflation poses no imminent threat, we should find ourselves with this auspicious period to make money and build up a balance sheet.

Once inflation begins to rise beyond any comfortable range, I would suggest we unwind our trading positions and liquid investments before everyone else does.

Two: The manufactured covid narrative still poses a potential distressing time for us going forward. I am still of the opinion that this crisis will continue to for an extended period, and that the calls for vaccinations will grow. While we may never be forced to receive the multiple doses of vaccines the governing powers are contemplating, we may never be able to travel and do many of the things we once viewed as normal.

As time goes on, and as this manufactured covid crisis progresses, there will be greater calls for us to all take whatever vaccines are mandated. Those who do not take these mRNA vaccines will be considered outlaws and impediments to returning the world back to normal. We will be bullied into submission. Social media is a great tool for the NWO engineers.

Unfortunately, the world will never return to its former self. The PTB have other objectives in mind, and remnant Christians and anti-vaxxers will not be welcomed as participants of this new utopia.

Three: Instead of crashing this current monetary system as many fear, I expect the NWO architects to continue transforming it gradually into its desired outcome. Crashing the system would only awaken people and that is not what the PTB have in mind. The system is durable enough to accomplish the task.

It will be a track-and-trace system based on blockchain. No physical currency, cash, gold, or other assets will be allowed to remain outside this system. In order to use these assets, we will have to register them on the blockchain.

Obviously, any future system will incorporate all of the blockchain aspects and elements that I fear will be used to achieve these goals. While there is no need to collapse this system and disrupt its ongoing transformation, if there is a greater than expected pushback, the elites can just contract credit and collapse the world as we know it.

Based on the degradation of humanity over the past generation, I doubt there will be much resistance to this ever-evolving outcome. A Godless generation will prefer whatever the elites have planned, because it will reward slothfulness.

Four: There is still a lot of work to be done for the elites to achieve their Agenda 2030 goals. I submit that low cost of capital formation is needed to make this a reality in the timeframe they contemplate. If interest rates spike, not only will asset prices across the board decline, but the timeline will have to be pushed out as the commercialization of the needed technology will slow down.

Thus, if inflation or other exogenous factors  impeded these objectives, the elites will just manufacture another crisis. If you doubt their ability to conjure up one, keep in mind that they manufactured 9/11 and the wars based on that lie, the housing bubble that caused the 2008 collapses, and the covid scam of 2020. It really isn’t that difficult to formulate another crisis, given that the population is amoral.

If the elites begin to lose their grip on the direction of their agenda, they can always pull off another armed international conflict. We can never discount anything.


Given the above observations and taking into account the publicly announced timeline for the next phases of the new world order, I suspect we have a few more years left. Please use this as our one last opportunity to fatten up the balance sheets and develop a lifestyle in which we do not have to rely on others for income.

Ultimately, we will all have to pledge our allegiance to the new world order; but for those who can support themselves financially, mentally, spiritually, and medically, they will be able to survive longer than those who are in poor health and depend on an employer or the government for survival.

Please, get your heart right with God as we move forward, and depend on him for what you need. We will need him more than ever before. I wrote this article as this matter was laying heavy on my heart.

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31 thoughts on “2/12 Update; How much time is left?

  1. This book by Des Griffin printed 1980 (Urban Renewal can be achieved many ways, RAF,USAAF, B29s or BLM etc.) and the second NWO by Eustace Mullins I think you will find enlightening.

    Ford money has backed many revolutionary groups in the U.S. engaged in
    dynamiting and burning buildings, inciting riots, kidnapping and assassination. All of
    these are criminal offenses but no one is ever arrested. The Ford Motor Co. also
    built the huge Kama River truck factory in Soviet Russia, which provided the trucks
    for the Red Army to attack Afghanistan. They rolled into the almost defenseless
    country on a modern highway, which had been built by AID with American
    taxpayers’ money
    an extra:

    1. Thanks for the post. What your discuss reminds me of the American firms doing business in Nazi Germany. The Allies were under orders not to bomb GM factories and such. Obviously, there is a shell or shadow government that runs the events from above. I will look into what you linked here. Thanks for the info

  2. Chris also if the prophesied system comes into play sooner than later do you think owning land 100 miles from the nearest city would be of any help or do you think then there will be no where left to run , nowhere left to hide.

    1. I’m trying to make predictions here in light of the recent agenda activity. The manufactured covid-19 message has been unrelenting globally, and the vaccine campaigns are really being kicked into high gear. My concern is that if enough of the population is on board with the vaccines then the people who do not want to take them for whatever reason will continue to be bullied until there is some sort of forced mandate. There will be a certain Tipping Point with the statistics at which the powers-that-be will decide that they can go for it and make it mandatory, lest you can’t perform any activities. I am disappointed to see as many people as there are who are taking these. If they establish a system and feel they can get away with it, there’s really not much recourse at this point.

      Real estate actually would be a good holding since it is difficult to conjure up reasons to confiscate it. When it does get really bad I don’t know if we are going to be able to do much. However, I have to think that productive land would be a good thing and real estate also, in general.

      I think real estate held in llc’s and such should make it further into the timeline. I prefer to take out loans in the name of my LLCs, and though the costs are higher, the ultimate benefits outweigh any interest savings, in my opinion.

      If we run our real estate holdings like a business and not like speculative vehicles, which I do, we will do better. Of course, I’m just trying to think down the road and in many regards I am just guessing.

      I can’t imagine how a governing authority will confiscate property held in a commercial name with commercial lending and a commercial mortgage attached to it. It’s much easier to put a freeze on a checking account and take the money then it is to confiscate land or other types of real estate held in a nominee.

      1. Hi Chris,

        After careful read of your blog, we are thinking of getting an investment property here in Canada. We don’t have anything analogous to an LLC in Canada and holding it in a corporation, for example, would make it very difficult to get financing for it. We are nervous about something like a bank call in of the mortgage in the future given these uncertain and unsettling times. Any insights you have on whether this would be worth the risk would be appreciated.

        1. I would start by purchasing one property. I wrote an article a week or two ago about the results of my first two rental property purchases from 2002. While I am not saying your results will be the same, you get the point of the power of long-term RE ownership. It is the best investment out there for the average person. You are essentially running a small business while you can still work a job.

          If you are just starting out, buy it in your name and make sure you get top line liability coverage. I still own a few properties in my own name, but get 1,000,000 liability coverage for each event. I also get the largest property damage protection coverage. The policy is not that much more expensive than typical policies and worth the piece of mind.

          Buy just one and get comfortable with it. I would not be concerned about mortgage call provisions and such. If we get to that point, our biggest concerns would lie elsewhere.

          I am investing as if I will live a normal life span. I cannot allow outliers to control my overriding actions. The most probable outcomes need to be entertained first, and that is the status quo. Yes, plan for investment cycles and such, for that will always be with us. But, plan as if life will move forward.

          Owning a rental in your name is fine. Owning 10 of them is a diffferent animal.

          I would buy one and learn the ropes of the business. If you don’t like it, sell it. Residential RE is liquid. I would never recommend buying a vacation rental first. No short-term rentals. The potential for catastrophic liability rises tremendously with vacationers renting. Rental income is less predictable, too. Stick to bread and butter rentals. The type I recommend.

          1. Chris have you ever looked into Series LLC’s

            What Is a Series LLC? | Nolowww.nolo.com › legal-encyclopedia › what-is-series-llc
            “A series LLC is a unique form of limited liability company (“LLC”) in which the articles of formation specifically allow for unlimited segregation of membership interests, assets, and operations into independent series.”

            I only have two houses as of right now but they are in a Series LLC. House A and House B with a Holding company that holds the Series LLC

            The problem i can see with rentals right now is tenants not working and can not pay rent and the powers to be stopping evictions keep that in mind. Maybe the next crisis will be worse so landlords lose rentals in foreclosure back to the banks. The banks that always get bailed out!

            1. Interesting, and I am not familiar with them. I researched it and only 20 states currently allow for them. In one state in which I invest currently, it does not exist as a legal entity. In another state, it was just enacted last year. This could be a way to go in the future. I think I could set up a foreign series entity to buy where I invest, but the legal problems could crop up, since the state may still to choose to pierce that veil, and the costs are higher for those who operate foreign llcs. I would need attorneys to carry out this stuff.

              If MD ever passes the use of series LLCs I would look into it. When I move out of the area and transfer to other states, i will try to use this. This works well as opposed to placing multiple properties into one llc or creating an llc for each property.

              Thanks for the info.

          2. Adding to mr1usnr comment, I would make sure you can weather nonpayment from tenants or manage a reduction in rent. I had to do that on one my properties but there was no debt on property so I could manage. You need to make sure you have diamond hands to borrow from wallstreet bets lingo. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see Blackrock or Warren Buffett waiting in the wings waiting to buy the foreclosures from landlords who were over-leveraged. If I want to put my conspiracy hat on, I think if you want to control the people – remove as many mom and pop landlords as possible.

            1. Great observations. I don’t worry about mortgagees calling in loans per se. I am more concerned about what you say. While we may get our rents from our tenants, other over-levered landlords will not and this may result in a cascade of forced sales. Those who cannot hang on will have to dump their holdings. Just like in 2012, the institutions started scooping up. Eventually, after a couple more of these cycles, the only residential RE investors left will be the large ones. We may all be renting back to Blackrock and Berkshire.

          3. Thank you Chris. Your insights are very valued and appreciated and make a lot of sense. We will soldier on with the process of buying a property.

          4. @mr1usnr and @PW I definitely agree with those beings risks. I see the overall intention is that the elite few own everything so it definitely seems plausible that this could happen. In Canada, where I live in Ontario specifically, overleveraging has become so common place. Many of our friends are carrying million dollar mortgages and even have investment properties where they are paying a part of the mortgage because the tenant rent can’t cover it. We’ll definitely bear in mind to stay liquid enough to cover for potential situations as tenants not paying was a problem in the beginning months of Covid and I did hear some landlords were in financial trouble at that time. Ontario laws really do favour the tenant over the landlord so I can’t see this working well for the landlords if another crisis comes our way. We were hesitant to get into real estate because of all of this but man it is next to impossible to find another investment to keep pace with the asset inflation of real property so I feel we are going to get left behind if we don’t get some exposure here. Thanks for your input.

  3. An observation;

    I am noticing that the PTB are letting cryptos run here with little resistance by the governing authorities. I can see a scenario where the nation-states are forced to cede sovereignty to regulate these cryptos.

    Other than giving a perfunctory nod and some token recognition to the growing cryptos situation, no country out there is doing anything regarding these crypto assets and their rising prices. They are all letting them flourish and are completely laissez-faire about their evolution.

    This is illogical, considering they are a defacto replacement to their currencies.

    This can’t be by chance. The nation states seem to be under direct orders to do nothing about these cryptos until they pose an existential crisis to national currencies.

    No answers, just observations.

  4. Chris if the PT B succeed with their blockchain digitized agenda do you think a black market will develop for cash gold etc or will that be quashed?

    1. I have to believe there will always be a black market for labor and other items. They will be heavily discounted to some extent, but there will be a market.

      Say you had gold coins, you could sell them to somebody who could declare them, but they would pay to do that and would have to pass along that cost to you to compensate for their costs and risk. Only those participating in the system would get spot price. We would not.

      We are getting close to a system that this would be feasible. Another 5-10 years, or faster depending on any further manufactured crises.

  5. Just thinking outside the box here… I observe the direct result from the Reddit wallstreetbets section, and the one thing I come away with; it’s hard to deny this group has almost single-handedly forced many large investors to close the door on shorting the market.

    Imagine a market where people are afraid to short in large numbers. That certainly helps stock prices to continue moving higher. Why have the SEC come out and prohibit shorting when hedge funds and private equity will voluntarily cease the practice?

    Just a thought. Makes me wonder who really is controlling the Wall Street bets section in Reddit. Especially when the small investors get left holding the bag.

    1. There always seems to be so much more to what we hear. The only ones who win from wallstreetbets are the big boys. The plebes always lose. It seems the PTB don’t want us to short stocks anymore. They want everybody to lose when they finally pull the plug. Seems like they’re doing everything to make stock prices move higher.

  6. Not sure if anyone is interested but there is a coin called IOTA that does not use blockchain. It uses
    IOTA’s Tangle. “The Tangle is the moniker used to describe IOTA’s directed acyclic graph (DAG) based transaction settlement and data integrity layer focused on the Internet-of-Things (IoT).” Yes im confused to! : ) But it is suppose to have no fees like BTC does. 3 years ago there were a little over a 1000 cryptos and now there are 4k. crazy really. I think BTC is really only king because everyone who thinks crypto thinks BTC there are much better coins out there that will work better than BTC such as LTC. Thanks again Chris for all your updates

    1. sorry that should of been a reply/comment to Brent mentioning cryptos. Chris please feel free to delete my comments if you want. thanks

  7. I think I heard on one of your podcasts that you don’t have 401ks, IRAs. Please correct me if I’m wrong but what is the reason ? Do you think they will ultimately be confiscated ? Just like your fear of real estate in certain communities ?

    1. Yes. Why lock up the money? I can produce better returns on my own. Retirement plans such as 401ks and IRAs are good for those who want to take advantage of the tax benefits of deferred investing. The ones who really profit from these types of investment vehicles are the people on Wall Street; the brokers and the mutual funds especially. In 2004-05, I liquidated my 401k plan from my old employer and used it to purchase real estate and gold and silver. I find that real estate investing can offer better tax benefits than IRA’s, and if someone knows what to do with the money, he or she can produce better returns than keeping it in a retirement plan. Plus, I didn’t want to give this money to the Wall Street firms to hold and make money from. I think my IRA wasn’t Vanguard.

      With that said I didn’t liquidate because I thought it would be confiscated. I doubt very much that retirement plans will be taken, at least defined-contribution plans. I can’t say the same thing about defined benefit plans, but defined benefit money has continued to shrink over the years as defined contribution vehicles have grown in popularity. Defined contribution plans are key in helping stock prices to move higher.

    2. I have to add here, I liquidated my personal retirement plan when I was single about 17 years ago to invest. Obviously, I am no longer single and my circumstances have changed much since then.

  8. Chris,
    Thanks again for your tireless effort to inform those who wish to hold their heads high, swim to shore, and leave what I call the drowning men behind.
    (The lost all around us treading water ,who would pull us under rather than truly awaken and start swimming.)
    It reminds me of when Israel went through the Red sea, when they crossed into the promised land through the river, or when Peter got out of the boat and strode ashore to meet Jesus.
    Since baptism is a sign of coming out above the water (death) Christ allowed Peter to walk on the water briefly to show what’s in store for those who are truly born again, who trust and obey Him.
    Those who are in a personal relationship with Jesus the Christ are in a state of grace, they are sealed with protection and provision for them and their families. Those who prefer lies are marked.
    The Day of the Lord is approaching like a freight train.
    It will be preceded by the Psalm 83 war of Israel’s inner circle of enemies.
    After that, major events will be a complete surprise for those who aren’t watching.
    Unfortunately that’s the kind of events it will take to change this ocean of lies narrative we’re currently spell bound by.
    This is what truly being awake means for those who have eyes to see.
    Thank you Chris for your unashamed proclamation of the Way.

    Back to the blog discussion.
    You have started to inform us (people like me have much to learn about block chain and crypto) and suggest trades that will put wind in our sails regarding the economic agenda focus.
    Here is a list of BTC miners. I don’t understand how they rate these stocks. With BTC approaching $50k USD, could you possibly comment on what the terms and methodology mean?
    Thank you.

    1. Hey, thanks for that link.

      To be honest with you, all this crypto mining stuff is above my pay grade. However, I scanned the list and put all the micro caps on the watch list. I like cbtc and intv from the scan. Just bought 60k starter in cbtc. Took my shares of cctl and digaf off the table going into weekend. To risky with these small cap trades. End the week with trade account up for day with good gains.

      1. My one concern with cctl is that there are almost 4 billion shares outstanding. Every time it gets up to about $0.20 there is a big wall of sell orders. The other issuers have only about a billion shares outstanding. Of course all of these companies of pieces of garbage and we are just trading off the Bitcoin price movement.

    2. Brent, what matters most is the USECASE of the crypto. Does it solve a major problem or is it just a copycat/metoo setup of another crypto? Next factor to consider is the development Team behind the crypto; fly by night or serious operation?
      I believe BTC to be a store of value, it really isn’t anything else. Too many disadvantages for it to to be anything like a currency; lack of scalability, slowness of transaction, amount of electricity used in mining etc
      Ethereum has many problems that BTC has.
      Hope this helps.

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