A response to a reader trying to unshackle from the alt-finance mindset (updated)

Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else

Thanks Chris,

I really appreciate your response.

I’ve been an alt-finance, Zero Hedge, Peter Schiff, Charles Hugh Smith, etc., follower since the 2008 crash. Schiff’s analysis leading into that crash seemed fairly accurate. His subsequent prediction of a dollar crash and hyper inflation haven’t played out. He claims he underestimated the willingness of the Fed to print, which will only make the ultimate crash worse.

It’s getting hard to keep track of the conspiracies. Is your position that global finance is under the control of a “synagogue of Satan” conspiracy and that :

1) MSM finance information is designed to herd the population into conventional investments?,

2) Alt-Finance is a creation of the “synagogue of Satan” cabal to herd those unable to participate in the MSM investments into a skeptic mindset that all market bubbles will soon crash and that their alternative investments such as gold will eventually prevail?,

3) all markets are managed and asset prices will increase as long as there is money to be skimmed from the population, eventually leading to an impoverished population and dominant wealthy class?

If this is a close summary of your position, I’m wondering how will this eventual wealthy ruling class continue to make money if the rest of the world’s population is completely broke? There won’t be any markets for goods and services if no one has any money.

Back to Schiff , do you think he is being honest in his analysis or is he part of the conspiracy?

I enjoy your commentary, not trying to be a smart ass, really trying to understand, thanks!


Here is my response:

ZeroHedge; Not your friend

Going into 2008 and up to 2011, I followed these people, too, and thought they were very prescient. After that, I began to question their abilities, since I was observing other financial, monetary, and economic phenomena, which contradicted their recurring themes.

By the time 2011 rolled around, I had to come to the sad conclusion that these people were only  “one-string banjos” who continually jumped the shark with their ever-more dire pronouncements, even in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence. My opinions in this article are the result of my observations of the past decade.

The observations speak for themselves
Whether intentional or not, the results are the same; induce the reader into making poor long-term financial choices

Many in the alt-Christian genre also fall into this final category. Though they rarely have any formal economic background, they use scripture to continually warn of impending economic doom.

Why bother building for the future if it will all be gone anyway? Of course, all these people in the final category shill precious metals, survival gear, trading services, and lots of books and dvds.

Okay, we can deduce some ideas from the static and contemplate a few theories. Of course, the idea of the Delphi technique comes to mind when discussing these matters.

One; some of these personalities know what they are doing, are part of the scam to fleece the potential resistance and populace, and are following orders from somewhere to keep pumping the same message. (ZeroHedge, Alex Jones and his cadre of clowns definitely fit this category, and maybe Peter Schiff, but Schiff may be under the second theory).

Max Keiser; one of many wolves in sheep’s clothing

Two; they really don’t have any conscience part in any plan, but are propped up by the elites themselves to be used as the controlled opposition. These alt-finance writers are really not economic and monetary theory experts, but are encouraged to continue writing the same stuff as they receive a positive feedback loop from their readers and the PTB themselves. Their advice has proven useful to the PTB in demoralizing the potential resistance. Charles Smith, with his Marketwatch endorsements, falls into this category. Some may call these personalities the useful idiots.

Three; the hundreds of other alt-finance writers hoping to get in on the action write many stories that the top controlled outlets will pick up. These are the legions of writers and bloggers that gain exposure on ZeroHedge, Infowars, and the other top alt-media sites. They are the go-to people on economic matters for the intentionally controlled opposition.

Four; the alt-media, the prepper community,  the Armstrongs of the trading world, and gold shill outlets all have a vested interest to maintain this confirmation bias, since it helps to enhance sales of their products and services. Thus, many bloggers write stories that they hope please these charlatan moderators. They dispense fear and gloom, which works to impoverish the masses of patriots. This also helps to create a deficiency in the minds of their legions of followers, so they become addicted to each story they pump out. These writers increase the sense of hopelessness while removing the desire to work towards building for the future. Many in the alt-Christian genre also fall into this final category. Though they have no formal economic background, they use scripture to continually warn of impending economic doom. Why bother building for the future if it will all be gone anyway? Of course, all these people in the final category shill precious metals, survival gear, trading services, and lots of books and dvds.

The vast majority have no idea of the conspiracy. Only 2-3 outlets need to be in on it. The top receive instructions of some sort and are rewarded accordingly. Zerohedge gets tons of ad revenue and immunity in return to destroy the patriot movement with their disingenuous conclusions and Tokyo Rose-type writing and analysis. It is all so clever and it works well.

As the people get poorer, they pose less of a threat

Your concerns about a broke populace will be easily addressed by the upcoming waves of social spending and socialist programs. The more broke the people are, the more effective this monetary system will be for the elites to consolidate their wealth and power.

The integrity of this monetary/economic system depends on the people being broke, while remaining hypnotized by social media, video games, Netflix, and the news feed (which is directed out of Arlington and McLean, VA). The dumbed down alt-finance writers react to the same news feed directive that is dispensed with military precision to the masses on the MSM outlets.

As the global wealth and power are concentrated into an ever-smaller circle, the elites can more effectively brainwash the masses into responding in the way in which the collective oligarch desires. If this covid experience has not changed your perspective on this, nothing will. I actually thought there was a glimmer of hope before the NWO architects engineered a bogus covid crisis. Look at how easily humanity has behaved like livestock.

The whole world will be broke, except the top 10%, since they own the income-generating assets and earn the passive income. Socialism will be the natural result and the money that the bottom 90% receive will be spent immediately on nothing useful. This money will BY FUNCTION trickle up to the balance sheets of those who own these assets. The more income-generating assets people own, the more of this spending they can capture as sales and profit. It becomes a self-feeding loop, and the wealth is continually extracted by the wealthiest until we get the Book of Revelation end-time monetary and economic system (BTW we are almost there).

I hope this helps. Sorry to say, but you’ve been had by those who claim to be looking out for you.

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17 thoughts on “A response to a reader trying to unshackle from the alt-finance mindset (updated)

  1. So what would you suggest people do now if we missed these big moves in the stock market and Realestate due to zerohedge et al, do we now jump into index funds with the market at such lofty valuations or now stuck waiting on the sidelines?

    1. Hi. This is tough as prices have run up here on everything. Read today’s article on the Fe’s willful ignorance for an idea of what I am looking at right now.

      The first action you need to take; please redirect your mindset away from these charlatans who dispense fear in return for ad revenue (Zerohedge), book and dvd sales (alt-Christians, Jim Rickards) survival gear (Infowars), and trading services (Armstrong, etc. etc….)

      These charlatans have a vested interest to keep you scared and unable to act properly, so you buy their crap. They create a deficiency in your mind and give you the answer Of course, that means you have to buy something.

      We need to readjust and shift our paradigms, and this takes time. I would rather stay in cash and wait for a definite deal than take the advice of these charlatans. We need to study and analyze with an independent mind.

      For those who are interested in real estate rentals, I always say to buy your first property and learn the business. Learn to deal with tenants, and the finance numbers, etc. You can get comfortable and decide if you like it. If you don’t, sell it. If you like it, you have an asset you can tap into.

  2. Beware of the falling gold prices today. I wonder if this is telling us something… Don’t be too aggressive on your long trades. Gold continuing it’s down trend-line.

  3. Chris thanks for what you do. I would just like to ad and you may have spoken of it in the past but letting people know about Jesus and trusting them for their salvation. I like the fact you are a believer and yet know how to move forward in this world to better yourself financially. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?” -Mark 8:36”
    many thanks Chris

  4. Hey people. A quick warning for those long OEG.

    As I suspected, the firm filed a Form S3 with the SEC after market close for a $150mm mixed shelf offering. Their bullish press release from a week or two ago got me thinking that they would need to raise more money to engage in that type of capital intensive work (even though the CEO said they were done for now). I knew otherwise and had recommended to buy more after any offering. It looks like we may be near. Wait until the shares are priced.

    This is why the shares fell off after close. Trading now at 8.85. We got in at 3. It’s all good, man….

    1. If that is the case, then he has been making a lot of money as these alt-finance “experts” kept their followers on the sidelines and on the welfare lines. There is no excuse here. If they are that wrong, they are no experts (OR WORSE)

      How can these so-called experts get their overriding macro-thesis so wrong that they stayed out of the biggest bull market in real estate, stocks, and bonds?

      I got in on some of the most unbelievable RE deals of my lifetime early last decade when I determined that this system was going to work, and that the investor-at-large accepted it. Cap rates as high as 18% on good rental properties. With RE, these alt-finance asses told their audiences that we didn’t have clear title, because the MERS system was a fraud. Nothing but lies and worse. These people claimed that they knew what they were talking about. They were making the rounds in the patriot shows 10-12 years ago about how we needed to avoid RE. I am set now and make enough rental income to live. If I bought today, I could buy less than half.

      Some got in and made tons in stocks. The 401(k) plans of my fiends who I begged to stay in, made many multiple times their salaries. This was the time to make the easy money. Now making money entails a lot more risk. The higher prices rise, the more risk we assume. These charlatans warned their patriot listeners all decade to stay away. At what point does one have to sit back and say I need to shut up and change? Only now did Schiff change. None of these charlatans did.

      Even bond investors made out very well.

      It’s not about the Fed printing money. Schiff can’t even get his logic correctly. I laid it all out economically speaking for years. How interest rates would keep falling, etc. He makes tons off the backs of his supporters.

      Hey, look people; this has nothing to do with greed. This is common sense and survival. Keiser, ZeroHedge, GATA, Schiff, Rogers, the lying MERS experts on the patriot shows in 2010, etc., ruined the financial futures of their followers and had their followers buying the wrong crap and staying away from the dollar. THE WORST ADVICE. This cannot be by chance. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and still they receive a ton of support. AGH!

      I had smug, sardonic, and brainwashed shortwave show listeners back in 2016 telling me that MERS was a fraud and were sending me court docs. My RE portfolio has run up about 40% in the past five years. I have received 100s of thousands of cash income, too. The people who listened to my shortwave would quote all these charlatans and lecture me about money and economics.

    2. Funny you mention Mike Stathis. I dealt with him personally in 2006 when his seminal book was published, “America’s Financial Apocalypse: How to Profit from the Next Great Depression.” The book was spot on. Now he sells wild opinion and expensive subscription research.

      Economically, Chris kinda reminds me of a cross between Stathis and Peter Dagnino. A cool mix.

  5. Not a financial shill, but I think David Icke fits in here somewhere.

    He might be a completely unwitting schizophrenic being used by the system or he may be a total con-artist. He seems to receive major stealth support from the system while it publicly mocks and vilifies him. Shades of Qanon. Nothing could be more demoralizing than believing the ruling elite are trans-dimensional Lizards. How do you fight back against such a threat? You don’t. You comfort yourself with your illusion of insider knowledge and watch another demoralizing David Icke video and do nothing.

    1. You can fill in the blank on those who have redirected the resistance into the desired outcome of the elites. You clearly see how it works… It results in us being busted, broke, and demoralized. All the while, they appear as our friends and allies.

      You bring up the concept of learned helplessness. That’s what all this does. I fight back by learning how this system works to make money. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have the time and energy to continue writing the blog. We can resist by knowing our adversary.

  6. Chris, thanks for such a thorough reply. I am glad I seem to have grasped at least the main premises of your thesis. I have a follow up question.
    You basically propose a second order conspiracy in financial media. Alt finance claims MSM finance media is a conspiracy to hide inflationary bubbles intended to enrich insiders and ultimately fleece bag holders in equity and real estate markets. Your premise is that alt finance is itself a conspiracy to mislead the skeptics and corral them into similarly devastating investments, namely precious metals and in some cases cash, awaiting a dollar crash that never comes.
    If I am correct, this leads full circle to mainstream investment strategies, namely income producing assets , such as real estate, or maybe dividend yielding stocks. You then foreshadow an end of times monetary crash, which seems to lead to the original first order conspiracy of an impending market crash.
    Is your investment thesis to invest in inflated assets, to ride the bubble up, and somehow to time the crash just right to get out without complete destruction? Sort of a synthesis of MSM and alt finance strategies?

    Also, just for clarification, is the Synagogue of Satan a euphemism for a Jewish Cabal controlling the worlds banking and monetary systems?

    And one more unrelated question. I’m always curious with someone like yourself with such an insightful and skeptical perspective : What’s your take on the 9/11 disaster?

    1. As for the conspiracy, read my post above regarding the MERS system and such.

      I am a Jesus man and a Bible scholar. Jesus warned us twice about something called the Synagogue of Satan. I listen to him. This is why I have my blog and podcasts. If someone doesn’t like hearing that, don’t worry; in several years, we will be forced to renounce Jesus’s teachings, and the world will rejoice.

      All I know about 9/11 is this; Look who benefited and lost. I will leave that up to you to determine, but the evil terrorists didn’t lose. As a result of 9/11, millions of people in a bunch of Mideast nations were killed, which had the counterintuitive result of making the US look like an evil nation, and the personal freedoms and financial liberties we once enjoyed were gone.

      Twenty years ago, the average American had boatloads of financial privacy and personal freedoms. That is no longer the case. I guess that since 20 years have passed, many reading this were too young to remember. Now we have Westerners tripping over themselves to buy crypto to gain personal privacy. What a warped world we now live.

      I think the answer about 9/11 is self-evident.

      1. In secular terms I like to think of the S.S. as those adhering to Adam Smiths Vile Maxim. “All for ourselves and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind. As soon, therefore, as they could find a method of consuming the whole value of their rents themselves, they had no disposition to share them with any other persons.”

        Adam Smith.

        It’s in marked opposition to the golden rule interestingly enough.

  7. On topic …

    I would suggest for your reader to consider the fact that the alt financial media seems to fail to ever mention in their analysis is that total outstanding debt (public and private) still dwarfs by many magnitudes the number of dollars in existence capable of servicing that debt, which is deflationary. This means there is still a lot more money printing to be done to solve the debt trap dilemma, and perhaps it’s no solution b/c every dollar printed requires a dollar of debt to be created. This is why even more US debt is needed, to create enough dollars to service debts both public and private (i.e., the hamster wheel).

    The irony seems to be that the money printing does not actually find its way into the hands of debtors to service that debt, but rather into the hands of speculators to enrich themselves further.

    All the money printing (which creates debt as a condition of the money printing, which maintains the deflationary debt overhang) appears to gets channeled into asset price appreciation, which does not improve the velocity of money, which is necessary for a robust economy and any possibility of consumer price inflation.

    For some reason, these shills seem obsessed with the magical quality of gold as the sole hedge against money printing, but fail to notice that stocks are also an asset. All the price inflation that could be caused by the money printing is largely being directed into stocks as the appreciating asset that benefits from money printing, not gold etc. It’s the reason why the market rebounded from the 2020 covid sell off and why any further dip will be bought.

    Seems to me that the MSM financial media is for the “house hands”, keeps them enslaved but in nice clothes and better digs and defenders of the status quo for their improved status (e.g., Jim Cramer, Suzie Oreman). The alt-financial media is for the “field hands”, to keep them impoverished enough to not have the means to rebel or threaten the status quo (e.g., Peter Schiff).

    1. The alt-finance seems to think that both the debt is inflationary as well as the offsetting monetary printing. They like to have it both ways. The debt, however, is very deflationary. The net result is that we have disinflation. The velocity of money continues to decline as aggragate economic potential is further devoted to servicing old and outstanding debt. It doesn’t even matter what the prevailing interest rates are, as long as the principal balance continues to climb, economic potential falls. This means the velocity of money will fall, too. The velocity of money in and of itself doesn’t mean anything, but its falling measure is a verification to our theories.

      I read the stuff coming out of the gold antitrust action committee and they seem to think that heads they win and tails they win.

      The theories we discuss have seemed to work, at least for the past 10 years. I was confident enough with them to make large and long-term financial decisions. We’re not talking about short-term trades here, we are talking about redirecting our mindset for large-scale investment decisions to change our lives for the better. Life is hard enough and if we have to concern ourselves with paying monthly bills we will never be able to move forward in this distracting world.

      The collapse of 2008 concerned itself with an existential dilemma. The world economy reached its debt limit under the old system and lost its ability to service all of the outstanding debt worldwide. The central banks then stepped in and provided the means for the nation states to continue borrowing with little ramifications for this prior debt limit.

      Once the investor at-large accepted this new mechanism of what is now called quantitative easing, the problem of debt limits was essentially solved. Hoeever, the only way it could be maintained was if interest rates dropped over time, because the debt balloon continues to rise snd economic potential by function is then devoted to Servicing old and outstanding debt.

      But the problem with interest rates is solved as this is disinflationary by nature and causes demand in the aggregate to remain below potential. Concomitantly, these low interest rates help to enhance aggregate supply as the firm’s cost of capital falls.

      It is al so very devilish. We’ve talked about this on my blog for at least five years now. This is why I have recommended buying income-generating assets. These are the only assets that can keep up with the ballooning debt pile of QE. Those who do not own income-generating assets are confronted with this rising debt burden, but have no offsetting income and assets to service it. We all struggle with this higher debt burden, but those with the income-generating assets can stay ahead of it. Essentially, we see a tsunami coming, but instead of running away from the wave on foot we have a sports car to drive.

      And for anyone who thinks this can’t be maintained, take a look at the past 12 years. You clearly do not know your adversary.

  8. Hi Chris, off topic, but did you see the videos that Patrick Byrne (Overstock, Deep Capture) recommended on naked short selling?

    This one gives the impression that Bear and Lehman were brought down by naked short selling in 2008. The facts leave me with the impression that the attack on Bear and Lehman were deliberately orchestrated, and b/c the perpetrators were neither identified nor punished (but rather profited outrageously) despite collapsing the world economy, that the attacks were part of the globalist plan afer all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrB29rhv2_w&t=977s

    And after watching this other video on naked short selling on the same channel, it seems to me that the non-prosecution of this blatantly illegal activity is on purpose, that it serves the needs of the higher powers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtkaMx12otQ

    Deep Capture seems to be a important piece in the analytical puzzle of the matrix of elite control and domination over financial markets and regulation. https://www.deepcapture.com/

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