2/02 Update – A reader asks; is Peter Schiff a disinformation agent?

The alt-financial media personalities and the “acts”
Peter Schiff, President and Chief Global Strategist, Euro Pacific Capital, talks about the Chinese economy and foreign trade at the Council on Foreign Relations, Wednesday, March 9, 2011 in New York

Chris, would you care to share your opinion of Peter Schiff? Especially with respect to [him] possibly being a shill, disinformation agent, etc?



Here was my response to George:

I do mention Mr. Schiff from time to time on the blog, and while it is not of the man, per se, it is of his evergreen analysis that is rarely correct. Indeed, the dollar and all the fiat currencies are being debased, but the debasement is highly coordinated, and so is the management of this monetary and financial system. Catastrophes are manufactured and the results always fit the desired outcome. There is absolutely no introspection in the alt-finance genre.

In Mr. Schiff’s case, I observe and ask myself, at what point will he adjust to reality and face the facts that we have realized long ago? At what point will he realign his theses to be based on the actual outcomes? The answer is he won’t.

There are two (three reasons) why:

First; he can’t admit he is wrong now. This applies to all the so-called analysts in the alt-finance whose predictions led the reader to the welfare lines. This is one of the worst logic handicaps one can face.

Second; his worldview appeals to most of the unwashed alt-media junkies who latch on to it for their confirmation. Schiff has carved out a very lucrative career with his personality and his “act.” It is really a career based on an act.

Third, whether Schiff knows it or not, the PTB use him as a front man for the alt-finance media. He is wrong and that’s what the elites want to portray. This is the very reason Mr. Charles Smith is highly regarded at MarketWatch as the alt-finance expert. It presents a false dichotomy. It’s MSM or them, and if all I came across in the alternative realm were these personalities, I would stick to the MSM outlets.

But, it doesn’t matter. Schiff gets the traction and he makes the money. Lots of it. Is he an intentional change agent? It doesn’t matter here. What matters is that the people in our realm actually listen to him as well as all these other alt-finance personalities.

Perhaps we should ask, why do people still listen to them?


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4 thoughts on “2/02 Update – A reader asks; is Peter Schiff a disinformation agent?

  1. Schiff may have some ‘street cred’ with older folk because of what happened to his father. As for holding for the long term, it depends how long is ‘long’ for an individual. Everyone has an angle. When listening to any of these market/commodities people, that has to be kept in mind. Ultimately, I doubt Schiff knows for sure what the big boys have planned for the short or long term. He can speculate, as most do.

  2. Peter Schiff gave excellent advice at at the right time – he told his Boomer listeners to buy Gold 20 years ago at 300 bucks – and then told them to HODL.

    He’s speaking to his age group and there’s nothing wrong about that.
    Old guys that listened to him are happy and liquid; and that’s why they still listen.

    He was right, you are wrong.



  3. the answer to your query “why do people still listen to him?” is > Peter Schiff always emphasises the long view. Someone who actually did what he’s advised for the last couple of decades = bought and held physical gold and silver = is several times better off in purchasing power, than they would have been investing in just about any other asset you can name. Mr Schiff’s advice is about true investment, NOT speculation
    it is edifying to read the comments from viewers on the live feed when Peter Schiff is doing his “act”, from many, many many ! guys thanking him for making them rich by following his advice

    1. Hi Gordon,
      Thanks for the post. I apologize for not getting back sooner. I posted an article answering your contentions and questions. Have a good weekend.

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