2/01 Update – Don’t be a bagholder; take profits as you get them

If I were a hedge fund, I would shill on wallstreetbets
Don’t you know Wall Street always wins? Always take some profits off the table

This is just a reminder for those who have gotten caught up in the WallStreetBets hype about GME or silver, and hope that Wall Street is doomed; Wall Street always wins.

For instance, If I were a hedge fund, I would be shilling my positions on all the message boards. I would pay people to shill for me, and eventually I would crack even the wallstreetbets Reddit forum. The profit motive and potential is too great not to do so.

Eventually, this will be the outcome, and this latest meetup forum will dissipate after an increasing number of followers begin to lose money and become bagholders.

Let me ask the obvious; who runs these forums? Do you know these people? If the establishment is exerting this much energy on both sides of the table, is there something else going on here? If the globalists made the former Patriot movement disciples look like a bunch of losing sad-sacks, they can make any group look foolish. Wall Street will eventually crack this and all other forums.

Maybe the globalists are going to use this latest story to outlaw or restrict shorting, so they can get the stock market up even higher. I have many observations so far, but no answers.

Don’t be a bagholder; The laws of Wall Street will never be repealed

I observe the activity on Stocktwits, which is the most actively used stock message board on the web, and marvel at how stocks are manipulated through this service. When I perform a Google search for any stock ticker, StockTwits always shows up on the first page of results. Perhaps, this is for a reason. I actively scan the Stocktwit forums to come up with active trades for the day. It is guaranteed money in the bank, because I run the trades that go counter to the typical bag holder.

Indeed, by definition, the small investor is the bagholder. They may make a lot of money on the way up, but they never know when to pull the trigger and sell.  They are the ones who foolishly increase their exposure as prices run up and sell after prices fall. The successful trader ALWAYS takes money off the table as prices climb.

The small traders thought the laws of gravity were repealed when they were left holding the cryptobag in early 2018. They were also holding in early 2020 as the manufactured covid scam developed, and they will be the ones holding the bag when these latest pumps lose their fury. If Zerohedge is mocking Wall Street and the establishment over GME, I say it’s a safe bet to run. If you have made some sizeable profits here, congratulations! Take some off the table and transfer it into your checking account. I do this on a methodical basis, and have already done so several times in the past month.

The difference between me and the others who trade these stocks is simple; I have been trading for over 30 years and know when to pull the trigger and cash out. I would rather sell too soon than be left holding the bag.

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14 thoughts on “2/01 Update – Don’t be a bagholder; take profits as you get them

  1. I’m from India and follow lot of articles and writers from Mainstream to Alt-finance to Conspiracy from all over the world and you are the only one who got it right most of the time, the last time you were right was few weeks back when you predicted the real estate market would go up when everyone else on earth ..yes ON EARTH was predicting doom for real estate.

    What makes my mind go crazy is right here in India, what you write about America FIT the BILL to the T. India is a Third world and pretty much non-relevant when it comes to stocks..BUT every policy, every decision, every PIP manipulation in Indian Stock market exactly follows how you analyse it for America. Even in India real estate market went up when you wrote about it for America…HOW DID THEY DO THAT? this is what made me write this comment..The stock market is at ALL TIME HIGH after fake covid and they flooded all doom and gloom for markets in India too.

    The way they manipulate news, finance here in India matches exactly as they do in America….They are very subtle and snake like….they have flooded alt-experts shill in Indian stock market, who predict one good move to lure you in and then make your life poorer for ever.

    I’m sorry I know people will not agree here, but this manipulation and control of finance seems off-planet using some advanced AI or something to be this precise …The way they write and the news events they create…get me every freaking time…i always miss the life changing big moves even when I feel like I’m prepared, some events in my life seems to be created which makes me off-balance on the big day move in stock market…hope things will get better with new knowledge

  2. Chris,would you care to share your opinion of Peter Schiff? Especially with respect to possibly being a shill, disinformation agent etc? Thanks

    1. I do mention Mr. Schiff from time to time on the blog, and while it is not of the man, per se, it is of his evergreen analysis that is rarely correct. Indeed, the dollar and all the fiat currencies are being debased, but the debasement is highly coordinated, and so is the management of this monetary and financial system. Catastrophes are manufactured and the results always fit the desired outcome. There is absolutely no introspection in the alt-finance genre.

      In Mr. Schiff’s case, I observe and ask myself, at what point will he adjust to reality and face the facts that we have realized long ago? At what point will he realign his theses based on the actual outcome? The answer is he won’t.

      There are two (three reasons) why. First; he can’t admit he is wrong now. This applies to all the so-called analysts in the alt-finance whose predictions led the reader to the welfare lines. This is one of the worst logic handicaps one can face. Second; his worldview appeals to most of the unwashed alt-media junkies who latch on to it for their confirmation. Schiff has carved out a very lucrative career with his personality and his “act.” It is really a career based on an act. Third, whether he knows it or not, the PTB use him as a front man for the alt-finance media. He is wrong and that’s what the elites want to portray. This is the very reason Mr. Charles Smith is highly regarded at MarketWatch as the alt-finance expert. It presents a false dichotomy. It’s MSM or them. But, it doesn’t matter. Schiff gets the traction and he makes the money. Lots of it. Is he an intentional change agent? It doesn’t matter here. What matters is that the people in our realm actually listen to him as well as all these other alt-finance personalities.

      We should ask, why do people still listen to them?

      1. Thanks Chris, I really appreciate your response.
        I’ve been an alt finance, zero hedge, Peter Schiff,
        Charles Hugh Smith , etc follower since the 2008 crash. Shiffs analysis leading into that crash seemed fairly accurate. His subsequent prediction of a dollar crash and hyper inflation haven’t played out. He claims he underestimated the willingness of the Fed to print, which will only make the ultimate crash worse.
        It’s getting hard to keep track of the conspiracies. Is your position that global finance is under the control of a “synagogue of Satan” conspiracy and that :
        1) main stream finance information is designed to herd the population into conventional investments ,
        2) Alt Finance is a creation of the “synagogue of Satan” cabal to herd
        those unable to participate in the main stream investments into a skeptic mindset that it all the market bubbles will soon crash and that their alternative investments such as gold, will eventually prevail?
        3) all markets are managed, and asset prices will increase as long as there is money to be skimmed from the population, eventually leading to an impoverished population and dominant wealthy class?

        If this is a close summary of your position, I’m wondering how will this eventual wealthy ruling class continue to make money if the rest of the worlds population is completely broke? There won’t be any markets for goods and services if no one has any money.

        Back to Shiff , do you think he is being honest in his analysis or is he part of the conspiracy?

        I enjoy your commentary, not trying to be a smart ass, really trying to understand, thanks!

        1. Going into 2008 and up to 2011, I followed these people, too, and thought they were very prescient. After that, I began to question their abilities, since I was observing other financial, monetary, and economic phenomena, which contradicted their recurring themes.

          By the time 2011 rolled around, I had to come to the sad conclusion that these people were only “one-string banjos” who continually jumped the shark with their ever-more dire pronouncements, even in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence. My opinions in this article are the result of my observations of the past decade.

          Okay, we can deduce some ideas from the static and contemplate a few theories. Of course, the idea of the Delphi technique comes to mind when discussing these matters.

          One; some of these personalities know what they are doing, are part of the scam to fleece the potential resistance and populace, and are following orders from somewhere to keep pumping the same message. (ZeroHedge, Alex Jones and his cadre of clowns definitely fit this category, and maybe Peter Schiff, but Schiff may be under the second theory).
          Max Keiser; one of many wolves in sheep’s clothing

          Two; they really don’t have any conscience part in any plan, but are propped up by the elites themselves to be used as the controlled opposition. These alt-finance writers are really not economic and monetary theory experts, but are encouraged to continue writing the same stuff as they receive a positive feedback loop from their readers and the PTB themselves. Their advice has proven useful to the PTB in demoralizing the potential resistance. Charles Smith, with his Marketwatch endorsements, falls into this category. Some may call these personalities the useful idiots.

          Three; the hundreds of other alt-finance writers hoping to get in on the action write many stories that the top controlled outlets will pick up. These are the legions of writers and bloggers that gain exposure on ZeroHedge, Infowars, and the other top alt-media sites. They are the go-to people on economic matters for the intentionally controlled opposition.

          Four; the alt-media, the unwashed prepper community, and gold shill outlets all have a vested interest to maintain this confirmation bias, since it helps to enhance sales of their products and services. Thus, many bloggers write stories that they hope please these charlatan moderators. They dispense fear and gloom, which works to impoverish the masses of patriots. This also helps to create a deficiency in the minds of their legions of followers, so they become addicted to each story they pump out to their unwitting readers. Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, and Dave Hodges fit this category. There are also a number of others that I will not single out, since they know who they are. They just try to write anything that will receive exposure. They lack the talent to make it in the MSM world, so they stick with the next best level, while they write from their trailer homes.

          The vast majority have no idea of the conspiracy. Only 2-3 outlets need to be in on it. The top receive instructions of some sort and are rewarded accordingly. Zerohedge gets tons of ad revenue and immunity in return to destroy the patriot movement with their disingenuous conclusions and Tokyo Rose-type writing and analysis. It is all so clever and it works well.

          Your concerns about a broke populace will be easily addressed by the upcoming waves of social spending and socialist programs. The more broke the people are, the more effective this monetary system will be for the elites to consolidate their wealth and power.

          The integrity of this monetary/economic system depends on the people being broke, while remaining hypnotized by social media, video games, Netflix, and the news feed (which is directed out of Arlington and McLean, VA). The dumbed down alt-finance writers react to the same news feed directive that is dispensed with military precision to the masses on the MSM outlets.

          As the global wealth and power are concentrated into an ever-smaller circle, the elites can more effectively brainwash the masses into responding in the way in which the collective oligarch desires. If this covid experience has not changed your perspective on this, nothing will. I actually thought there was a glimmer of hope before the NWO architects engineered a bogus covid crisis. Look at how easily humanity has behaved like livestock.

          The whole world will be broke, except the top 10%, since they own the income-generating assets and earn the passive income. Socialism will be the natural result and the money that the bottom 90% receive will be spent immediately on nothing useful. This money will BY FUNCTION trickle up to the balance sheets of those who own these assets. The more income-generating assets people own, the more of this spending they can capture as sales and profit. It becomes a self-feeding loop, and the wealth is continually extracted by the wealthiest until we get the Book of Revelation end-time monetary and economic system (BTW we are almost there).

          I hope this helps. Sorry to say, but you’ve been had by those who claim to be looking out for you.

  3. Agree that doing the opposite of what ZH is suggesting is, in all probabilities, going to be a winner.

  4. From my experience with Reddit, it is probably the most controlled forum in existence. I suspect that the organized resisters on Reddit are trying to bring the sheep back into the market for one last sheering. The silver play is even more alarming if the powers that be are looking for some excuse to deflate the dollar and blame it on the unwashed masses. I would stick to physical silver only if you can find it at a reasonable price.

    1. Interesting points. I once published a link on Reddit to one of my research articles in 2017 on the conspiracy subheading and they deleted it and blocked my account “as spam.” No further questions. That was it

    2. And I agree with you silver here…

      I don’t disagree with the silver shills about owning silver; just own the metal and not the equities or miners. Over the long-term the miners are very poor relative investments; the metals always seem to outperform. Besides, those pushing the gold & silver miners usually have an inherent conflict of interest, since many of the alternative finance advertisers are the miners and portfolio managers themselves.

      Personally, I prefer gold, since holding any sizable monetary amount of silver is inconvenient. Further, it is not a true monetary metal with all its industrial off take (about 90%).

      Notice the non-sequitur here in the alt-finance. On one hand, they say the economy is a scam and that it’s due to collapse. Okay… That means 90% of the silver market will be in peril. But on the other hand they say that silver will go up in value In an economic collapse. They say house prices and stocks will go down and gold and silver will go up. But every time we’ve had sharp contractions, We have not witnessed this. I just observe the inconsistencies.

      This is why I always recommend gold over silver. It is a true monetary metal.

      Silver can be one of the best assets to trade in The ETF and Futures Market. The volatility it is virtually unmatched With regard to any other fungible asset.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I have specifically instructed my readers for the past several years to do the opposite of what Zerohedge and all the pretend experts in the alternative finance realm recommend. Of course, this includes Mr. Smith. We do the opposite to make money. For some reason, they claim to know so much about the adversary, but refuse to acknowledge that they are in control. That must be very frustrating to his followers to observe; standing on the sidelines watching those with the assets get wealthier (12 years and counting under our new monetary system) and be handicapped with a particular confirmation bias that only sees imminent collapse.

      Mr. Smith is actually often incorrect with his economic analysis, but those with that particular brand of bias will still follow him.

    2. I read Mr Smith’s post too. He says all the right things, but why not?
      We know as well as ,”them”, that markets are rigged systems.
      How has the truth changed it?
      How will truth affect it’s participants?
      I see markets going ever higher due to the insider wealth transfer he references.
      Monopoly money is given to the Neo-feudal lords, and they rise upon the tide of inflation leaving the serfs at the bottom of this ocean of lies.

      1. Indeed. This system is as wicked and evil as it comes. The lies coming from the media are without comparison, and the fraud and theft is unprecedented in world history. Yet it persists.

        I had a friend who was a baseball writer for USA Today. He passed away this past weekend and the story from that publication listed his death as resulting from autoimmune disorders and covid complications. It was picked up on several other newswires.

        It turns out that he had a rare form of cancer for at least 18 months and he finally succumbed to it. Very sad.

        Somewhere along the line, several months ago, the people in the hospital decided to test him for covid-19 came, which came back positive. He had no apparent symptoms.

        Regarding his death, I asked my friend and business partner with some RE of the cause, and she told me his death had nothing to do with covid. She was much closer to him than I. But if you read the articles it clearly states he died from covid.

        Nothing but lies, but it’s according to a script.

        The only way that this monetary system can achieve dominance over all of us is for us to believe it’s about to collapse. For without this, the PTB cannot get their system to remain in place. It climbs a wall of worry. This is why I say the alt-finance serves a vital function; it impoverishes potential resistance with its antithetical advice and it provides the fear to rocket the very monetary system they are against.

  5. Agreed, I can’t help but feel this is some kind of PSYOP. The pump will eventually have a dump, and silver is the most manipulated precious metal ever.

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