1/26 Update (edited); A manufactured political Mexican Standoff will result in more of the same

The problem; The right worries of civil war and being left behind
The left worries about the right starting a civil war, the right worries about the left; Thus, life will continue to devolve according to the NWO agenda

For my many readers who worry about impending civil war and unrest, I have some good news for you; you can relax. While this manufactured false left/right divide can be very divisive and demoralizing, I have always recommended detaching from the day-to-day. Our true adversary gains the most during periods of manufactured stress.

Political parties in the United States and elsewhere in the West are nothing more than football teams that are managed by their wealthy owners. The “liberals” hope their side wins, while the “conservatives” hope to see their team prevail. It reminds me of my unwashed days as a NY Yankees or NY Giants fan during the fall classic or super bowl. Of course, we have no control over the outcome, regardless of what superstitious routines we employ to ensure victory. In this instance, obviously, voting is one of those superstitions and is a complete waste of time. The outcome was predetermined.

As you know, I grew up on Long Island and lived in Manhattan until my mid- to late-30s., and was fully indoctrinated into the liberal and expansive government political mindset of that area and time. My friends were and still are mostly liberal, and most of my immediate family is what we would  consider liberal. Even conservatives on LI or NYC would be regarded as liberal anywhere else in the country.

Here is the common refrain shared by my liberal peers; white supremacists, neo-nazi’s, and the Trumpsters will burn down the country and create civil war, because they contest the election outcome. Likewise, my conservative friends worry the left will install their Marxist groups to round up Trump supporters and force them into FEMA camps. Both sides have their confirmation biases and turn to their like-minded social media, TV news, and internet experts to reaffirm their worries.

While the election may have been stolen by the Democrats this time, it was not of their doing, and they were allowed to do it. This process of election fraud has a long history, and the stealing of elections goes back to at least the 1960 election.

In the 2000 election, I recall how the left was up in arms during that voter fiasco, which placed Bush Jr. in power. That election was predetermined, of course, because the globalists needed a compliant puppet in the White House while they carried out 9/11.

The solution; The right will transform itself to remain relevant
The delphi technique is used continually in the political realm; Project management in action, and we are the unwitting participants

While both sides worry of mutually assured destruction, neither side will do anything about it. We do have a Mexican Standoff, and the vitriol is being engineered by its architects out of Arlington and McLean, VA. They run Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and control the key facilitators on both sides of the process. The helpless and powerless livestock on both sides will have a set of beliefs instilled into them, yet they will all insist that their opinions and ideals were their own. It is being carried out with military precision.

This time, it’s the Democrats’ turn to degrade and demoralize humanity further into the desired outcome moving into Agenda 2030. The Democrats have been allowed to purposely place their discordant puppets into the reins of power, with their master facilitators and change agents in control of the process. They wittingly steer the livestock population into developing the desired synthetic set of morals, beliefs, and values the elites desire to implant. Of course, the cognitively impaired plebes will never recognize they didn’t even control their own thought processes.

Yes, it is the Delphi Technique in action and if the “right” or the Republicans wish to remain relevant, they will slowly unshackle themselves from the fallout of their master change agent, Donald Trump, and shift further to the left to win the next election. Maybe the Republicans will begin to talk about “compassionate conservatism” again. Of course, this time around the Republicans will view forced vaccines and mask wearing as perfectly natural, demand massive social lagress and deficit spending, and devise more military campaigns. Perhaps, the Republicans will be all for abortions and homosexual right, too.

Real injustices will never be addressed

Of course, neither controlled side will ever point to the elephant in the room; the Federal Reserve. No politician will ever publically contemplate just who owns the Fed and why it controls monetary policy; for if they do, they will begin to question the biggest scam ever waged against humanity. Moreover, if any politician ever does, he or she will meet the same fate as JFK.

The elites will create a mass of lies from in which the left points to the right and the right points to the left. But at the end of the day, those who commit the true crimes against humanity remain free to roam.

Once again, the dialectic process and the delphi method progress and the shift will be complete by 2030.

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21 thoughts on “1/26 Update (edited); A manufactured political Mexican Standoff will result in more of the same

  1. Just like with everything else, I guarantee that WSB has been infiltrated already and will begin to become a golem of the NWO engineers and synagogue of satan to be steered towards a desired outcome. The more I read about the more suspicious I become.

  2. When you see things change keep us updated. Maybe a podcast. Powell sees no bubbles. Is he for real?

  3. Imagine if the GME dilemma results in tighter restrictions on shorting shares. That would be very bullish. Let a crisis run its course. In this case, it was caused by overshorting. Then the exchanges and SEC comes out with the demands of the politicians to limit shorting. That would be a boost to the stock market.

  4. What I find interesting is how a $22bil company can take up so much time by the MSM SJWs. Of course, this tells me something that is now rather obvious to me; this dialog in the MSM has been injected by the NWO engineers in Arlington and McLean, VA, and what has gone on in GME is really not a big deal. But it has legs with the progressives and those supposedly looking out for the average person. That is red flag already.

    There is something much more going on here;

    First; the average person has been demoralized by this covid saga, while the wealthy have done very well. This GME story has been presented in the MSM by our adversary globalists as a red herring story of David slaying Goliath, and that the small person still has power. Of course, the small person has no control over these affairs.

    Second, I would be very careful about taking the side of the famous investors and other people who are supposedly taking the side of those who are shorting GME. These people are rooting on the supposed small trader.

    Third; this story works well to get more money in to the stock markets at a time when capital formation must continue to increase. This is essentially a well-placed advertisement to get more dumb money to go into the stock market. I cannot think of a better form of propaganda than this well publicized GME saga.

    1. With These assumptions, along with Powell’s statements earlier this week, do you see the speculative mania Continuing or even ramping up?

      Is this all just an elaborate scheme to get as much money as possible to those who will speculate? I can’t imagine hedge funds shorting a bunch of stock leads to this capital formation. Is it all a ploy to end shorting stock so this capital formation can take place?

      Thanks for the comments, Chris.

      1. https://twitter.com/business/status/1355283443115028484?s=09

        Here’s a tweet from Bloomberg calling it “the GameStop uprising”. When Bloomberg calls it this, we know there is something else going on with this narrative. There is another objective that the elites are trying to present to the masses.

        I don’t doubt the actual events of GME here, and it is most likely a truly genuine phenomenon. But the way the mainstream and even the controlled alt-finance are playing it seems to be turning it into a David and Goliath story.

        We see the financial and economic data that point to a further divided society in the wake of covid-19, and the architects know this, so these NWO architects who try to tamp down discontent will present these stories in the light of the small investor sticking it to the man. Nothing can really be further from the truth.

        Large money will always be here, but the NWO architects hope as much small investor money as possible continues to flow into the stock market. These NWO engineers hope to develop a deep psychological connection between the New World Order technology that will enslave us and the vested interest that the average person on the street will have with it. If the average investor is buying these stocks, they will be more receptive to this Orwellian technology as time moves on. They will identify with it as if they owned it. They feel that through investing in it, they are a part of it. In actuality, they have no say in the process.

        As the mainstream articles continue to be churned out regarding this type of angle, I have to conclude that the elites are using it to try to assuage the discontent that has been growing since covid-19 began almost a year ago. When Bloomberg, CNBC, and MarketWatch are churning out articles proclaiming the power of the small investor, we need to take another look.

        At the end of the day, this will definitely help with capital formation as Mom and Pop will be more encouraged to dump more money into an ever-higher stock market.

        The market participants will grow used to these types of events and will shake them off. The money will flow in and prices will resume their uptrend over time. It’s important here that we do not identify with one side or the other. We need to remain detached and objective regarding the analysis. It was important for me to remain so, because I saved a lot of money staying on the sidelines and waiting for this thing to shake out. I can see that the most speculative stocks have really been getting hit hard and I think a lot of this has to do with forced liquidations and such. By remaining detached, I stay above the fray and am able to make better decisions without fear or excitement. I have no opinions on what is going on and I am certainly not getting emotional about it.

        Here is my assessment; at the end of the day I actually find the GME events and timeline as being rather trivial in the whole scheme of things. Just be careful when trading the small speculative sector as forced liquidations can carry on for longer than we think. But essentially, the story is still the same and I can’t really deviate from the larger picture. I will still continue to trade the small speculative stocks I have discussed, but I will be more careful about my entry points. For instance, going into the weekend I bought a few hundred shares of OEG near close, and other than that my trading account is all cash. Sometimes it pays to be patient rather than taking large risks. However, I see most of this already priced in. Keep in mind that GameStop even at these prices is only 22 billion dollars.

  5. Was truly great to see the Reddit Armies like wallstreetbets send a signal to the uber rich monopolists that with Blackberry, Game Stop and then silver stocks that retailers want in.
    The shorts and hedge funds are being served notice…but will it stick?
    Let freedom ring!

    1. As we continue down the Agenda 2030 road, paved by low-cost capital formation, these events will occur in greater frequency. Ever wonder why Wall Street doesn’t charge commissions anymore? The goal of the new world order is to drive down interest rates and make capital cheap, so the NWO engineers can promote the firms that have the technologies that they deem as vital to achieving their Agenda 2030 objectives, while keeping the nation-states in business until some future crisis.

      Things like SPACs, commission-free trading, and near-zero cost money all work to draw money into the markets and help to raise the massive amounts of capital the NWO engineers need. None of this is coincidental. Of course, traders who trade free give up a lot in return as their order-flow firms trade in front of them.

      The NWO engineers are pulling out all the stops to get as many people involved speculating, and by dropping the commissions, money will continue to flood into the markets. These traders are attracted to the most speculative sectors of the NWO economy. Now, it’s solar/EV/5G. The people are now trading all these markets, and the small investors now have message boards and chat rooms to help them in the speculation process. So, situations like what we see with GME will increase in frequency, and it’s just part of the new normal for the stock market.

      This speculation is vital to reducing the cost and increasing the availability of capital formation. Unfortunately, when everyone is speculating, prices of all assets move higher. The small Robinhood trader may think he’s sticking it to the man, but he is ultimately engaging in activities that help to drive up asset prices across the board. The costs of living move higher.

      When the game is over at GME, there will be many bag holders and, unfortunately, most of them will be Robinhood traders. I surf the message boards daily to spot trading opportunities, but most of these posters are the suckers at the poker table. Now we have AOC, Musk, and all the other fakes who claim to be looking out for the common man banging away on their Twitter accounts, encouraging the small trader, but at the end of the day the small trader eventually loses. That’s by definition. Always has and always will.

      Lotto players have the worst odds, yet they engage in what I would consider irrational behavior. Why? They believe the advertising and aspire to get rich, even though they pay for the ads that deceive and it’s their revenue that increases gov’t coffers.

      At the end of the day, we will see much more regulation, and the big guns always come out ahead. Smaller traders win the battle, but lose the war.

    2. For those who think the smaller traders are sticking it to the man by blowing up the shorts of GameStop, I have some sobering news for you; they’re only celebrating a pyrrhic victory.

      The collateral damage will be much greater for the small traders as these large funds are forced to liquidate, and many of these funds were invested in the same stocks that were of particular interest to the very small traders who thought they were David slaying Goliath.

      I do notice a connection between GME and these short plays, and that of the most speculative stock plays in the tech and alternative energy sectors. Energy goes from one area into another. It looks as if there is forced selling in many smaller tech plays. I think some private equity funds have been liquidating to shore up capital. I have been on the sidelines since this GME thing got the attention of the media on Monday and Tuesday. It is a zero-sum game and most of those who think they are slaying the giants are really slicing their own throats; it’s just they don’t know it or don’t want to make the connection.

  6. I just wanted to put out this notification regarding OEG. CRAIG-HALLUM upgraded the stock from $2 a share to $15 in the wake of this latest announcement with the black owned private Equity Fund. They will be converting coal-fired plants into solar Farms.

    I just loaded up a trading position around $8.98 in premarket. I will look to add on any weakness.

    1. OEG has been on fire, and hopefully it keeps rising. Do you have any other stocks that you’re investing in atm?

      1. Sold trading position when up this morning and stayed on sidelines with Biden and FOMC announcements. Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

  7. Great article Chris — I just recently found your site by pure luck and I’m glad I did. One thing is for sure — before Trump came into office Conservative Christians weren’t being vilified by the media. Now, it’s constant attacks by the leftist media. Even programs like Netflix are coming out with anti-Christian shows. So considering how Trump left I think there are only two possibilities. He was a change agent from the beginning. His job the first 3 years was to keep his base happy, so they support him; only to throw them all under the bus in the last year.

    The other possibility is that the powers that be let him become President, and they let him build up strong support in his base. Only to blackmail/threaten him in the final 6-12 months. Which is why he wasn’t the same President those final 6 or so months. If you look into the Invisible Freemason’s goals one of their chief targets is the destruction of family-unit/religion (I think the destruction of the family unit was even in BLM’s website) — with a strong emphasis on Christianity. One thing is for sure — Trump along with the media helped orchestrate that very well the last 4 years. Now was Trump purposely complicit via being a change agent from the start, or was he blackmailed/threatened? I don’t know. I like to lean towards the latter, but it’s possible that he was a change agent.

    1. One more thing I find very unusual. I noticed that Trump could have been pardoned in some way and he could have pardoned many other of his associates who had become lightning rods during his administration. He didn’t pardon anybody significant at the end of his tenure. He didn’t even consider Snowden. He could have resigned and then Pence could have pardoned him. He could have pardoned so many others, but he chose not to. He just left with a whimper.

      The Democrats knew exactly how to play him and frightened him as he left, so he didn’t do any of this. He left himself totally exposed to everything and he did the same to all who worked around him. And if what we say is correct, this could drag on for years. If I were in his position, I would have worked something out so I would have gotten pardoned. I would have forced Pence after I resigned the day before to pardon me. And before I resigned I would have pardoned many others… what a wasted opportunity. Again I think he was told to do this, because I think they have a huge Sideshow waiting for us this year.

  8. Agreed about your point about LI and NYC conservatives being liberal everywhere else lol! Good article and agree with you thoughts in general.

    One alternative view. Instead of the right moving left as a result of the election, I think the center will fall apart, as the Left will lurch more radically left and the far end of the right will become more nationalistic and conservative. Trump has galvinized the right to believe that mainstream vilification is not something that can be avoided due to the control of mainstream media by their opponents. And it has been revealed that the mainstream media and politicians are all hypocrites and liars. And the radicalization of the Left has been an ongoing phenomenon. So agree that conflict is the objective of the controllers, I think the Right will not move left to find a center, but rather the division will become more pronounced.

    1. Perhaps you are right. This discontent will simmer on the back burner for some time. I do offer the theory that the Dems are being instructed to destroy Trump, so the elites finally get what they want. Thus, what you say makes sense, but while the right may not move left, the controlled Republican party will attempt to. All the while, the Republicans will still try to maintain they are conservative.

      As the world gets closer to the desired objectives of the next phases of the NWO and 2030, they will need to employ even more acrimonious discord into the dynamic. this would force the plebes to keep their eyes off the ball, and should help to facilitate the transition into Agenda 2030.

      I notice something that most in the alt-media will obviously recognize; no politician ever dares to discuss the elephant in the room – the Fed. No one ever asks why the Fed is in charge of monetary policy. Perhaps those who do care to know about the scam also recall what happened to JFK in Dallas. I have to guess that no politician will ever cause him or herself the grief that goes along with it.

      But, if we really want to address the poverty problem, we need to end the Fed and private banking cartel and bring the jobs back home and close the borders. Closing the borders will create demand for employees, which will drive wages up. This would hurt corporate profits, but only then will the divide between the haves and have-nots ever be properly addressed. Open borders raises profits while subduing potential resistance to the NWO.

      1. Agreed! Even the radicalization of American to extreme Right and Left suits the purposes of the PTB, since that is exactly what they did after the Arab Spring in the Middle East by injecting ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood, and what they did in Ukraine by bringing into power Neo-Nazis, Zionists and oligarchs. The more incoherent the assembly of convenient but false alliances, the better for them to create an utterly balkanized land that has no power to resist their manipulations and hegemony.

        I see TPB creating a modern Plantation state, where they have the “slaves” or “serfs” squabbling with each other in a “divide and conquer” strategy. Bringing millions of illegals enhances this dynamic. Instead of whips and chains, they use modern inticements such as entertainment, spectator sports, music, popular culture, mass media, propaganda, rampant consumerism etc. to keep us enslaved, but also creates unnecessary conflict between different groups a la BLM and Critical Race Theory. I assume this is part of the objectives of Agenda 2030, although it sickens me too much to research it too deeply.

        I think there were sincere attempts by the Trump administration to reverse this pernicious trend, such as Trump’s 1776 Commission and ban on Critical Race Theory training. But during the presidential debates, it was apparent that Trump didn’t really understand his own CRT ban, and was thereby smeared as “banning racial sensitivity training”. That was a sad, unnecessary moment.

        Most pathetic are the “house slaves” who think themselves better than the “field slaves” (e.g., coastal elite vs. middle America). Irony is the “house slaves” (e.g., Ivy league educated professionals and academics) think themselves part of the elite and defend the system but fail to comprehend that they are slaves nonetheless, and will likewise suffer at the hands of the oppressor.

        BTW, I watched the 1960s movie “Cromwell” on YouTube recently, and was struck that in this time, maybe we are coming to a crossroads, where we will end up either with a Cromwell or an Orwellian boot stomping on our face for eternity.

        Thanks for your website! Great stuff as always. Appreciate the sane and thoughtful perspective!

        1. Thanks for the reply. You see it; create fake divides to conquer an overwhelmed and demoralized population. In the US, they use covid and racism, amongst other things to conquer.

          In regards to your assessments on Trump, I agree. I think he actually tried to enact change, but was in way over his head. Both sides wanted him gone. The elites ended up using him as a useful idiot as he was also beholden to the elite, because of the amount of money their banks lent him for his real estate investments. He was compromised and made ineffectual from the start. The borrower is always a servant to the lender.

          1. yea, sadly, if I am honest about Trump, I would agree about him being in over his head. The whole Q movement kept talking up a Plan and Trump’s 4 D chess, but I just didn’t see it by his demeanor (unless he was super Sun Tzu and doing the “appear weak when you are strong” thing, which is a stretch). I was really shocked when he made the address to the nation when COVID really hit. He looked really scared. Not reassuring at all. His body language at the end was not confident when addressing the nation, lots of weird twisting and stuff like he was not comfortable. Very sad.

            It makes me wonder who is behind the whole Q thing. If it is all just a scam, the enemy is really devious.

            Ironically, after watching the Cromwell move, I watched a Youtube video by Historia Civilis on the trial of Charles Stuart. In the Cromwell movie, they portray it as being orderly and well reasoned, but the actual trial per the Youtube video, it was a circus of insane lack of preparation and improvisation. I guess the real world is messier than one would hope.

  9. Hi Chris,

    Your recent discussion on the Delphi Method got me wondering if things like Video Games were introduced primarily to psychologically prepare that generation for doing what they’re told via machines. We ended up with a young generation totally dependent upon serotonin from pushing the right buttons at the right time and now that’s all social media seems to be. I realize TV was a form of mind control and narrative shaping, but the kids now seem totally done for — regardless of what happens with the economy everyone is already completely addicted to their phones where they get told what to think and how to behave.
    It’s terrifying to realize how long this has been planned for and the depth of it, if this is true. Now you have “Christians” online cheering on LGBT and BLM and so on because social media tells them to. It’s very sad.

    1. You get it. This is how I think. I start by making an observation and then I always question it and look at all of the possibilities that can be in engendered from that particular dynamic or observation.

      I know one thing is certain, video games desensitize people to all sorts of things they otherwise would not contemplate doing. I think especially in this regards when it comes to violence. I think even using social media desensitizes us to things that we otherwise would view as being anathema in our lives.

      I think of things like transgenderism, multi-generational sex, homosexuality, and all sorts of drug use. If we consent to it on social media, we consent to it, period. Try explaining this to God at the Judgment Throne If you are Christian.

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