1/21 Update; Per the Great Reset agenda, we have our marching orders

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-A discussion of my blog’s purpose and what is incorporated into my analysis. How my pronouncements and declarations from late 2012/early 2013 are just as valid today.
-My blog analysis and theses going back to early 2016 are is still as valid as the day I declared them.
-Recall all my economic research that reaffirmed why QE would essentially work as long as the elites wanted it. Recall when I concluded how deflationary pressures are encouraged to form from QE, and that this would allow the central banks to engineer the yield curves lower over time.
-I was castigated by Henry Makow’s readers at the time, but they were clearly wrong. I also received a lot of dismissive emails from listeners regarding the content of my shortwave shows from 2016-2017, which is why I stopped doing them. The reader and listeners were too effectively contaminated by the controlled alt-media and the advice of Zerohedge. At least Mr. Makow allowed me to have a podium when no one else would let me.
-A philosophical discussion of the new world order and the concept of the nation state.
-Some thoughts on the equity markets nearer-term.
-Despite the poor secondary offering, I am a buyer of OEG on dips here. The other solar plays are on fire. DFLYF still looks good.

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5 thoughts on “1/21 Update; Per the Great Reset agenda, we have our marching orders

  1. I am looking at btc futures tanking the past day or two and now overnight and am growing concerned that some speculative money may do some liquidating on the hot plays, especially small tech and green shares. I lightened up my stock trading big towards the end of PM trade this evening and am holding mostly cash overnight and will wait for oversold conditions to emerge (if we get any). I don’t like accepting risk in my trades and like to regularly pull cash out and into my checking account.

    1. Love listening to you but please Chris, stop bragging so much. It’s getting old real quick. Love you and tell you that as a brother in Christ.

    2. I appreciate the advice about the stock picks and trading. You have been helping me understand real estate and I now own a rental house. It helps me at tax time. I am listening and looking at the posts. Keep doing it. I just wish I had more money to buy investments. My job is stressful and people at my job are pushing me to get vaccinated like zombies… Hope to not be dependent on SS. Wish I listened to you earlier. Focused on wring things I had no control over.

  2. Hi Chris, which Alan Watts are you talking about? The only one I knew was the zen buddhist disciple from California?

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