1/18 Update; The Delphi Method and the long-range plan to eliminate the Patriot movement

Ever wonder why the Patriot movement ended up like a joke?

Note to reader: I submit that the patriot movement’s multi-decade degradation from its genuine beginnings, and into its current form, was helped along with our adversary’s use of the Delphi method or Delphi technique.  The tenets and philosophies of today’s patriot movement bare little resemblance to those of the past. Today’s patriot movement is highly emotional, politically charged, intellectually stunted, angry and vengeful, as well as being polarizing; and this was not by chance.

The Delphi method; Used to eliminate opposition (patriot movement) by reprogramming the opposition into a predetermined outcome

Thank you for your last podcast. I had never heard of the Delphi method before. I always appreciate learning something new. A little digging and it was an invention of Rand. This very short Blog post from their website talks about it and the time frames for which they are forecasting, too.

They seem to be forecasting out 50-100 years with some degree of precision. Just imagine the assets, technologies and loot they have gathered all the way along by being that far ahead of the curve. The average person I know couldn’t possibly fathom this.

I stumbled into a secret location [while] lost on a sales call about 8 years ago in a commercial park in Calgary; desks of analysts or traders (not sure) in an unmarked building and office. It had a sign in their office after you made it through two unmarked doors. Lol. I was asked to leave promptly but looked like a trading floor of sorts. I figured they were manipulating or monitoring crude inventories in Alberta, but who knows? Adventures in Sales lol.


Indeed, Dean is correct. The Delphi method or also known as the Delphi technique was developed by RAND in the 1950’s. According to RANDs website;

RAND developed the Delphi method in the 1950s, originally to forecast the impact of technology on warfare. The method entails a group of experts who anonymously reply to questionnaires and subsequently receive feedback in the form of a statistical representation of the “group response,” after which the process repeats itself. The goal is to reduce the range of responses and arrive at something closer to expert consensus. The Delphi Method has been widely adopted and is still in use today.

Delphi Method; RAND Corporation

According to Wikipedia, The Delphi method is “based on the principle that forecasts (or decisions) from a structured group of individuals are more accurate than those from unstructured groups. The experts answer questionnaires in two or more rounds. After each round, a facilitator or change agent provides an anonymised summary of the experts’ forecasts from the previous round as well as the reasons they provided for their judgments. Thus, experts are encouraged to revise their earlier answers in light of the replies of other members of their panel. It is believed that during this process the range of the answers will decrease and the group will converge towards the “correct” answer….”

Based on the above explanations of the Delphi, we can see how the Delphi technique can be used to effectively collate and process audience concerns in a smaller and specific setting.

I came across this YouTube video that was uploaded by a person who was perceptive enough to see how the stakeholders of a mass transit project in the San Francisco bay area were being manipulated into a predetermined outcome via the Delphi.

Truly, the citizens in this public forum had no say, and were being coaxed into accepting the predetermined outcome. The only problem here in this instance was that these facilitators were not charismatic and talented public speakers. Usually, an effective Delphi outcome requires the use of skilled and accomplished facilitators and change agents.

With regards to the globalists’ reliance on the Delphi method to help ensure their 50-100 year predictions come to fruition, they are careful to make certain that the population at-large never figures out that the whole new world order plan was pre-determined from the start. It’s easy to predict the future when those planning it already know the outcome and are able to employ the necessary sophisticated psychological manipulation to make it a reality.

This is why I beg you all to avoid social media on all fronts; we are all lab animals in a high-tech Delphi campaign to eliminate outliers, and even our Netflix streaming only involves delivering us outcomes that were planned all along. This “entertainment” programming includes defiling Christians, patriots, and truthers; desensitizing us to death, misery, and catastrophe; and showing us that global government is the only answer and that we are powerless to stop it.

In the past, humans were more savvy and discerning, but as the NWO engineers gained more control over every aspect of our lives, we have devolved and have become less able to think clearly, so the Delphi techniques become more obvious to those who are looking out for them.

The Delphi and the Patriot movement
A change agent in action… Zerohedge; a facilitator rebel with a cause

As for the Patriot movement; I insist that there has been a methodical, deliberate, and long-range program to destroy it from within, while its members never know what happened.

First; the globalists needed to financially and mentally demoralize the patriots by cleverly placing carefully chosen change agents into the movement who dispensed antithetical advice on how to survive. This mindset was quickly absorbed into the tenets of the movement and it has been a slow agonizing slide since the 1980’s.

Second; in the final phases of the campaign to destroy nationalism and the patriots, we see carefully placed Judas goats and change agents who blew it up from within. Whether they knew it or not, morally compromised people like Alex Jones and Donald Trump became our worst enemies, because these Judas goats appeared as our allies and leaders. Unfortunately, after they are long gone, the destruction remains.

Third; Once the long-term demoralization campaign is complete, the reprogramming and dismantling can begin.

The globalists working with RAND knew that eliminating the truth movement in the United States was a long-range, Herculean task; but in order to achieve this goal, they needed to start early. The time to recognize this manipulation was decades ago, and the time to fix it has already come and gone. The globalists have already achieved their goals in destroying the truth movement, while its members are not even perceptive enough to figure out how it was done.

Our adversary embarked on this patriot-destroying campaign at least 30-40 years ago. People like AJ, Trump, and the Zerohedge editors were cleverly chosen to finish the job and nail the coffin shut. The Delphi engineers are so sophisticated that these Judas goats probably didn’t even know how useful they were to the NWO architects, but either way, the results are the same.

When I tell my reader that we “are done,” I do not use these phrases lightly. I use them very deliberately, because I can comprehend how effective this long-range comprehensive demoralization plan has been. We are now an ever-smaller minority of free thinkers in an ever-increasingly amoral and degenerate world. Keep in mind that the people prefer this new world order and that you must persevere on your own, since the 90-95% of humanity have been programmed into believing that the 5-10% are the enemy.

And yes, the vast majority of who’s left in the patriot movement are now just as unwashed as the rest.

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19 thoughts on “1/18 Update; The Delphi Method and the long-range plan to eliminate the Patriot movement

  1. I watched the (infuriating) video. It reminds me of the meetings when I existed in corporate Amerika when the higher ups would try to make you “feel” you had a voice in what when on – when it was blatantly obvious these were sessions to draw “trouble makers” out and to make the rest “feel” as though their ideas/thoughts were valued. Infuriating.

    1. You can easily see that the speakers (facilitators and change agents) were not talented at all. That’s why it is so obvious, but charismatic people with influence could have handled this much better.

      The world is now full of facilitators and change agents. How else will we be all in unity at the last day? The world is one big delphi technique now. Everyone is full of opinions and thoughts, and none of them were their own. They were injected by the upper echelons in Arlington and McLean VA.

  2. I’m all for pointing out concerns about troubling attitudes and the state that the world and it’s ,”pitiful,poor,blind and naked” inhabitants wallow in.
    But I hope we can dispense with the abusive language and labels that are creeping into this forum.
    Constructive criticism with a mind of how we can work together to navigate the sea of drowning men all around us is what I hope to find here.
    We live at the bottom of an ocean of lies.
    I trust that with the right attitude and ideas we can rise above it.

    1. Hi. Agreed with that. Sorry for not editing.

      I can say this much; it looks like all those prophets on the patriot and alt-Christian outlets predicting gloom, FEMA camps, and martial law are now looking foolish once again. There has been a concerted effort to spread disinfo in the patriot movement to think Trump and his allies were going to retain power and declare martial law. I cannot believe how many people were once again duped by the disinfo campaign. Indeed, a very anticlimactic transition from one puppet to the next.

      It looks like we are back to pressing our noses to the grindstone. We need to free ourselves from the shackles of the NWO, which means we need to stay healthy and strive to make our own money, lest we be dependent on gov’t programs and anti-Christ employers. We may have one year left or we may have a dozen. But based on what I have seen over the past week, it looks like a bunch of fear was spread around everywhere. The left thought the right was going to declare martial law and the right thought the left was going to do the same. In the end, nothing happened except stock and assets prices moved higher. NFLX is on fire, as it is important to reprogram the demoralized masses. It works and the globalists support their own with higher stock prices and lower costs of capital.

      To those who think that talking about money is evil, recall that we make the money and pay the taxes, so the other half can get the government benefits, subsidies, and programs. For those who email me thinking I only dwell on money and I am evil; if you don’t wish to be a hypocrite, get off social media, stop watching YouTube, and drop your streaming subscriptions. Stop playing video games. Don’t transact in Satan’s FRNs. Stop getting government loans and benefits. Don’t rely on the taxpayers to get a federally-backed mortgage to save money.

      I don’t have to work for others nor run a business, thus I have a lot more time to study and correspond with like-minded people. My blog time takes up to 30-40 hours a week, when I include research and analysis. I am always reading and researching and trying to help others who need to escape the clutches of this Synagogue of Satan.

      I can preach the bible all day long, but my expertise is geared towards Economics, finance, psychology, and math. Thus I try to give back in the best way possible.

      we already know the outcome, so let’s plan the best way we know. Stop relying on disinfo and lies in the alt-media and alt-Christian media. I don’t rely on other people’s visions, I rely on the Bible. If catastrophe strikes we will be ready.

      1. Chris,

        I appologize for suggesting you read someone elses research, please disregard my suggestion. You have been very clear about your methods and they are sound from my point of view which is why I keep coming back to read your blog.

        I did answer my own question and there is no doubt in my mind that this, and all eras are a spiritual battle.

        God bless.

  3. It is quite clear to me that the US is finished and it doesn’t really matter.

    The facts are the majority of people are little more than brainwashed slaves addicted to “fakery” whether it is fake religions, sportsball, or whatever nonsense. If you can create a lot of (Space force anyone?) ala Donald Trump then you can manipulate the masses to do anything and it goes across all political aisles. Just look at those who believe in Q. They actually believe there is going to be martial law declared on behalf of Trump…..

    The US is going to end up having a hyperinflationary depression and the NWO parasites are moving onto the new host which will be China and the resource supplier will be Russia. People don’t understand it is the “System” and those who operate it who are the parasites…..once you get a central bank plugged into your nation it is game over.

    The West is going to drown and will be a paradise of poverty. Imagine the 47 million people on food stamps and what they will do when they can’t buy food for their 4 kids who have 4 different daddies?

    What happens in the hyperinflationary depression to all those living in the cities when the trucks stop running?

    You haven’t seen anything yet. The West and USA especially are going to be unimaginable horrors that you cannot possibly fathom.

    1. If this manufactured and fake covid crisis persists, your predictions will become a reality. The whole West are chasing ghosts on a disease that is little more than the flu. Guess what, those who eat garbage, are obese, and don’t take care of themselves will get sick. The overall death rate has not budged, so for every person who dies of covid, that’s one less person who dies from everything else.

    2. I was watching Andrew Cuomo at a press conference yesterday answering a question about getting jobs back. He sounded so snide and sarcastic in his answers, especially about getting a job as an essential worker. The people in NY worship that guy and think he’s doing such a great job. He thinks nothing of his constituents and uses such a derogatory means to communicate. The people prefer being having someone go to the bathroom on them.

      1. I just signed on today. I’d never been to your blog nor had I heard of it, but I found you through Brendon O’Connell mentioning Makow. Your latest podcast discusses Alan Watt. Mr. Watt is a hero of sorts to me. I’ve listened to him on/off since 2007 but everything he stated/indicated was verifiable and I’ve never caught him in a lie. I hold him in high esteem.
        I’m no economist nor a numbers person. I know next to nothing about money other than it’s basically a scam. I don’t dabble in the markets. I’m curious to know whether you think we are headed toward capital controls in the near future, as Doug Casey has recently indicated, which would mean the inability to move out unless willing to leave much of whatever you “own” behind.
        BTW, I’m in NY and I do NOT ‘worship’ Cuomo at all. He is a punk who answers to Brighton Beach. His father was the same. Thanks for an interesting podcast.

  4. I remember before the internet when it was just shortwave. It was a lot different. I used to subscribe to newsletter a lot. I think there is way too much information to wade through now and a lot of it’s disinfo. So many out there talking how Trump will still turn this around.

  5. When one considers that a common theme of political, economic and cultural change over the last 70 years is the deliberate erosion of natural law and the promotion of the culture of death, it would seem that there are darker forces than the greed or megalomania of an elite in play. When we also see that the remnant Ch4istians have been the object of an organised infiltration ,we discern the clear footprints of Satan in the world.

    1. Indeed. You have that correct. It’s difficult to deny the spiritual aspect to all of this. The campaign against Christian morals has gone on for a long time. The churches do not talk about any of this. I have been to 8-9 different churches here, and they all avoid these topics as well as hell and damnation. Baptist churches, too. They have people believing that only Hitler is evil.

      If I hated Christianity and had the ability to move up Satan’s hierarchy, I would become an influential preacher, and I would talk like the well known pastors on TV or the ones promoted by MSM. I would repeat the falsehoods permeating today’s doctrine.

      1. I am so happy for your soul that you found Christ — once you realise the transcendent nature and beauty of Truth in Christ it becomes impossible to deny it, one can then only choose work for it or against it.

        I attend an SSPX Catholic Church where they often speak of these things, but I hold that any Christian who can perceive the truth and lives accordingly through the bible is a remnant. When one knows the Enemy — reads about the Disputation of Paris, etc. One soon comes to understand the nature of this ancient battle.

        1. I just wonder how much more blood is ‘required’. Hasn’t the last 2,000 years of it been enough?

    1. There is no better way to destroy a legitimate opposition group than for the opposition of that opposition group to get their change agents in control to run it. What better way to get Trump tried on sedition charges than to have his opposition stage “insurrection” campaigns and blame it on him..

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