1/16 Update; While we may never prove our theories, we can invest with confidence

We only have theories; our adversary will never confirm them

Most of the evidence I use to “prove” my theories is circumstantial, and it’s based on 36 years of economic study, 20 years of NWO analysis, and 17 years of biblical and comparative religions study.

For those who refuse to accept the spiritual element, little of what I discuss will make sense.

The race to digitize our money

On the surface, btc undermines the central banking cartel’s ability to formulate and establish their own digital currencies. But going deeper, the establishment of btc in early 2009, and the school of programming that emerged to build up the crypto technology, both speed up the advancement of the technology needed to get all these currencies digitized.

I wonder how the globalists operating at their CME, which also trades Au and Ag futures are allowed to run btc futures. I marvel at how easily gold is quickly becoming associated with conspiracy theorists. I wonder at all the favorable and auspicious MSM press that btc receives. I observe how Dorsey and PYPL are embracing it. I see how Bloomberg and all the globalist shill media encourage the masses to engage and speculate in btc. I see that without btc, the technology would still be in university computer labs. There is a massive profit motive to get involved, and only the elites allow for that to happen. There will be a synthetic solution in the future, and mark my words, we will lose out again.

For the same reasons, I instructed the listeners to invest in the global narrative to destroy freedom and liberty.

Investing according to the Great Reset agenda can make us money

First, TSLA was propped up to keep the EV agenda alive and well, and would never be allowed to collapse. Notice how the stock price keeps moving higher and each rise means more secondary offerings. The stock is a beast and is a creation of the elites to force the EV and fuel cell agenda to come to fruition. We are getting closer now. That’s why I warned the listener to throw out the charts;  TSLA has forced all the major car companies to shift their focus. The whole clean energy sector is a trader’s paradise and it’s filled with a bunch of firms that have no hope of ever really justifying their stock prices. Now we have SPACs that buy up firms with drawing-board concepts that could otherwise never survive the traditional IPO process. All being encouraged on purpose to accelerate the Great Reset agenda.

Second, NFLX was established as the powerhouse to demoralize, hypnotize, and reprogram the unwashed masses during this Great Reset transition period. Notice how NFLX levitates and moves higher, and the alt-finance looks on in disbelief. Much of their programming couldn’t make it to network TV, but it finds a fertile ground on streaming; and it’s highly toxic and demoralizing. I said, I know the conspiracy and never go against the program to enslave humanity. Look for NFLX to move higher.

Third, I told the listeners to throw out the charts on the big tech companies, which the elites use to track and trace our every movement. Forget about uprisings. As long as we carry our phones with us, the elites will never relinquish their power. These stocks have done so well, because they are so vital in getting the Great Reset completed.

Fourth, I warned the readers about the need for QE and low interest rates to be maintained; for without them, the commercialization of the Great Reset agenda technology would not be completed in time.

Of course, I cannot prove anything, but my life has been made so much better, because I invested according to my theories. And that’s all I have to go on; theories. Our adversary will never come out and affirm anything we discuss.

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13 thoughts on “1/16 Update; While we may never prove our theories, we can invest with confidence

  1. Look at NFLX! You said it was going higher. You were right. Don’t fight the trend. I also bought OEG and DFLYF.

  2. AKL makes some great points. What if the vaccine doesn’t kill and everyone says it’s fine? What if this monetary system keeps moving along? What if the world doesn’t end in 2028? Trump and Jones took the Patriot movement and stuck it the wood chipper. We may be looking looney with this end of the world stuff if in a few months with Trump gone things go back to “normal”. Be prepared to look silly if things don’t turn out as expected. Buy farmland… Buy gold, silver, bitcoin.

  3. Regarding investments, a profit motive and an angle that has not been mentioned anywhere that I saw, I’d like to share an email reply I sent to an old friend about my thoughts on the covid matter.

    He’s a smart guy, technical like myself, in his mid 70s but has completely locked himself up waiting for the magic sauce to come out. I understand his position as his wife is not the healthiest person in the room, but with his ability to be analytical, I can’t see how he hasn’t questioned some of this covid stuff. He is also very left leaning while I am not and lately his “conspiracy theory” digs to me are ramping up. For reference I’m about a year older than you. Here is my reply:

    I’ll do my best to stay away from any vaccine. Not because of microchip stories or whatever, but because I prefer not to be a lab rat for a revolutionary new way of doing medicine. After 10-30 years of mRNA development it just so happens to be ready for prime time. And what timing! …During the most devastating pandemic in recent history.

    All joking aside, it just seems very convenient that we have a “cure” (that really isn’t a cure) and suddenly available after billions of dollars get stuffed into the pockets of pharma companies.

    In 2013 AstraZeneca bought the rights to mRNA before one clinical trial existed and invested in a company called Moderna. Who makes that bet unless they have a really good hunch it will pay off? Keeping with that thought, who would be the first to sign up for the shot prior to anyone knowing about the 2020 China virus? How many would say “not on me you don’t”? How many would weigh the benefits vs. the potential outcome of any FDA approved sauce – that after some number of years has often proven to pull lawyers out of the woodwork posting ads on TV saying “if you took XX from XYZ you may be entitled to compensation.”

    Now…..enter corona, where an overwhelming majority of people are so bound to the secular world that they would do anything to stay in it. But this time to the financial benefit of the pharma companies?


    To this I will add that the Christian “mark of the beast” story has been red hot in some alt media and among many who are discussing on forums and this too is not by accident. That and dangers of the vaccine in general. In fact, I’m at the point that if a story is being hyped on the internet it’s allowed to be for a very specific purpose. That is so it can sink for all to see from the weight of scientifically proven facts just like the Trump movement after it hit the iceberg (or White House).

    As a first gen American I’m raised Orthodox Christian and believe that Christ is the only truth that has been revealed to mankind. I have a good grasp of true Christianity but my cousin is literally waiting for the world to end this year. Maybe he is correct. Or maybe he is not. My cousin follows the same Christian principals and has taught me a lot about Christ’s clues if not outright instructions. But I don’t believe Christ said to hide in your house and dwell on the end of the world.

    That said the vaccine may be as simple as – for lack of a better word – automating the medical industry and is safe. Similar to polio and others before it. But unlike putting robotics in an auto assembly plat where the “patient” doesn’t care, who will be the first human test subject? A human with the ability to think and reason as opposed to piles of stamped sheet metal waiting to get spot welded by robots vs. auto workers. In the modern litigious world and prior to bioethics panels one can’t simply rub puss infected with cowpox on an 8 year old boy’s arm to prove a point. Terminal cancer patients are the best lab rats when you think about it, but otherwise healthy people will most likely and overwhelmingly reject anything as new and intense as mRNA technology. I know I would. But wait….What if there was a deadly virus?

    1. Excellent points. Both you and Davey Crockett… you will never be able to convince someone with that strong of a political confirmation bias, regardless of intelligence. I have found that the most intelligent people often suffer from the worst biases, because to them, life often is fine and they think they have everything figured out. The ones who struggle through life are the ones who question things. Those in need of a physician are the ones who seek truth.

      My concern is that a high enough percentage of the livestock will take the vaccines, emboldening the globalists to turn around and impose mandatory guidelines. The livestock actions will force us into an unwanted situation. The liberal livestock on NoVA are here chasing ghosts and lining up for their shots. The programmed school teachers are bullying all those who do not take them into complying.

  4. Chris,

    Have you ever read Industrial Society and its Future?……by Ted Kaczynski (Yes I know….the Unabomber. You’ll have to put that aside)

    I highly recommend you read it, it will help you understand the “System” at a much higher capacity. It really helped me to see the dangers and implications of industrialism and technology.

    In regards to BTC coming out in 2009, I will raise you to the fact that the NSA was working on this back in 1996, just research NSA white paper on cryptocurrencies. You can see that some of the sources that have been sourced are from the early 90s and late 80s.

    Electronic currencies have been in the works for some time.

    1. TK tried to get his stuff published in the NYT and I think the Boston Globe as a condition for him to stop sending out mail bombs. I remember that ordeal at the time. These papers resisted and only published pieces of his writings, but they finally relented after he continued to mail out bombs. These globalist papers didn’t want anyone reading it. Unfortunately, whatever insight he may have had was thrown out with his life and his crimes. That’s why he is held in Supermax prison in florence co.

      It seems that many of those who wake up to the truth already have preexisting mental issues or ongoing personal problems, since the world as presented to them never made much sense in the first place. More likely though, these people who fall apart can’t handle the truth when they find out what we know, and become mentally unstable afterwards.

      Mass psychological studies have shown that regardless of societal circumstances throughout time, 60% of a population believe whatever they are told. 20% can be coaxed and manipulated appropriately (with today’s tech and psychological advances these are now on board with the other 60%). The last 20% do not believe anything they are told. We are part of that last 20%. Of this last 20%, we see the drunks and drug addicts. Here we see those who have a difficult time fitting in and having gainful employment. I was there once. The sad reality is that out of that last 20%, only 25% of them put down the bottle and the needle and give up their demons. That means only 5% of the population are on our level of understanding.

      TK couldn’t handle what he uncovered. We can and that’s why we do a better job articulating the NWO and its race to steal our souls. I sleep well every night now, and sleep used to be difficult for me.. Knowing what I know is priceless.

      Indeed, BTC appeared in early 2009, but what you say about it makes sense. I am sure it was in MIT computer engineering labs with the blessing of dark intelligence for at least a decade before that.

      Thanks for the comment.

  5. if you can’t beat them join them is timeless survival advice but does nothing in the fight against the nwo power grab . Assuming it is an inevitability and rolling over is perhsps the last thing we should be doing . You may have made your score in Tsla today , but you’ve helped cement your own prison for tomorrow and the rest of time

    1. We all partake in her, and as my readers know, I only trade stocks, I never buy and hold. My income and balance sheet growth was primarily made from real estate. Look at the back of the $1 US Federal Reserve debt note. Every time you use it, you playe a part in your demise. I profited from speculating in RE. I bought them from banks, which means that some sad sack was foreclosed. All of them were from HUD and FNMA repos. You as a taxpayer caused that person to take out a loan they shouldn’t have, which was guaranteed by the USG. I bought it from the government for a fraction. You as a taxpayer allowed the banks to keep all the profit and ship off the foreclosure to the UST to assume. This is three-dimensional chess, my friend. Anyone who casts aspersions at anyone regarding these topics is an ignorant fool. We are all guilty in the eyes of God.

    2. I get what you mean. Sorry for sounding terse in my prior comment. It was not called for.

      My biggest piece of advice for all is constant; stay off social media and video games, and try not to be hooked on the technology. Between the psychological algorithms these firms employ and their techniques to exploit us, these large tech firms make 100s of billions a year in profit, which they shovel back into finding more ways to subdue us. This is why I eschew social media, and you will never see me on them. Every time we watch Netflix or YouTube we feed the beast with profits. Our email providers exploit us. Every time we order on Amazon we speed up our demise. We buy the phones and computers that track and trace us.

      Where do we draw the line? It gets arbitrary and each person is different. What if we work for the government or depend on government benefits? What if we work for a publicly traded firm? What if our employers preach political correctness and that goes against our beliefs?

      I try to develop ways to make money, so I am not dependent on others. I make recommendations, but leave it up to the listener to determine what’s best for him or her.

  6. And let’s not forget AMZN, W and other online mail order houses. These giants serve a couple of purposes… to ensure that our work from home isolation is as comfortable as possible and to profile the population based on what we buy and consume. Come to think of it, we never have to leave our homes ever again. Just a theory 😉

    1. Amazon was allowed to single-handedly destroy retail. The Trump regime did nothing to stop it either. No anti-trust actions. What you say is not just the theory, but that is quickly becoming the reality. I bought a brand new car in late 2016 and today the car’s odometer now reads 9,980 miles. I never take long trips to NY anymore. My family up there is too busy chasing ghosts. I only leave to go to the gym, the grocery store, or fix houses. We even get a bunch of groceries online from Whole Foods down the street. I joke about how Jeff Bezos and Amazon even makes my shopping easier.

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