1/14 Update; Market red flags; The patriot movement’s 20-year transformation; More stock talk

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-A short discussion regarding some of the red flags that are emerging in the asset markets. Powell doesn’t seem to think so, but I am increasingly becoming concerned over growing inflationary pressures.
-The job data continue to disappoint. The wealth consolidation under this manufactured and fake covid crisis continues to astonish even me. The livestock don’t care as they chase ghosts.
-My observations of the patriot movement and how it has changed over the past 20 years.
-Observations on how the patriots and truthers have been channeled into a predetermined cattle pen. Judas goats and change agents conned the patriot masses into accepting concepts that they would not have embraced in the past.
-The military campaign against the people rages on. Terms like “woke” and such were conjured up in Arlington and McLean, VA, to demoralize the masses. Forget using the term “illuminati,” now the demoralized patriots use the term “deep state” and conflate it with politicians. As Paul Joseph Watson says, bitcoin is a way out of the system. But, so does Jack Dorsey. They fail to tell us that estimates show that 90% of btc are held by 5% of the holders. It also conveniently suppresses the price of gold.
-OEG; the recent secondary offering was poorly executed and was a high price for existing shareholders to pay just to build up cash on its balance sheet. They should have waited, but AGP Global, who ran the offering, has prior relations with Peter Schiff. I am sure that other more reputable firms could have handled their investment needs more effectively.
-Please do not hesitate to post comments and such on the blog. If you have stock picks or other observation and questions, just contact me.

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16 thoughts on “1/14 Update; Market red flags; The patriot movement’s 20-year transformation; More stock talk

  1. Seems odd that no one is explicitly connecting the dots between Bitcoin and the bankers’ desire for a digital currency… Can you say “lobster trap?”

    1. I can’t prove anything. Everything I discuss is circumstantial, and it’s based on 36 years of economic study, 20 years of NWO analysis, and 17 years as a fairly sophisticated bible and comparative religions student.

      On the surface, btc undermines the banking elite to establish their own digital currencies. But going deeper, the establishment of btc in early 2009, and the school of programming that emerges to build up the crypto technology, both speed up the advancement of the technology needed to get all these currencies digitized. I wonder how the globalists operating at their CME, which also trades Au and Ag futures are allowed to run btc futures. I marvel at how easily gold is quickly becoming associated with conspiracy theorists. I wonder at all the favorable and auspicious MSM press that btc receives. I observe how Dorsey and PYPL are embracing it. I see how Bloomberg and all the globalist shill media encourage the masses to engage and speculate in btc. I see that without btc, the technology would still be in university computer labs. There is a massive profit motive to get involved, and only the elites allow for that to happen. There will be a synthetic solution in the future, and mark my words, we will lose out again.

      For the same reasons, I instructed the listeners to invest in the global narrative to destroy freedom and liberty.

      First, TSLA was propped up to keep the EV agenda alive and well, and would never be allowed to collapse. Notice how the stock price keeps moving higher and each rise means more secondary offerings. The stock is a beast and is a creation of the elites to force the EV and fuel cell agenda to come to fruition. We are getting closer now. That’s why i told the listener to throw out the charts. TSLA has forced all the major car companies to shift their focus. The whole clean energy sector is a trader’s paradise and it’s filled with a bunch of firms that have no hope of ever really justifying their stock prices. Now we have SPACs that buy up firms with drawing-board concepts that could otherwise never survive the traditional IPO process. All being encouraged on purpose to accelerate the Great Reset agenda.

      Second, NFLX was established as the powerhouse to demoralize, hypnotize, and reprogram the unwashed masses during this Great Reset transition period. Notice how NFLX levitates and moves higher, and the alt-finance looks on in disbelief. Much of their programming couldn’t make it to network TV, but it finds a fertile ground on streaming; and it’s highly toxic and demoralizing. I said, I know the conspiracy and never go against the program to enslave humanity. Look for NFLX to move higher.

      Third, I told the listeners to throw out the chart on the big tech companies, which the elites use to track and trace our every movement. Forget about uprisings. As long as we carry our phones with us, the elites will never relinquish their power. These stocks have done so well, because they are so vital in getting the Great Reset completed.

      Fourth, I warned the readers about the need for QE and low interest rates to be maintained, for without them, the commercialization of the Great Reset agenda technology would not be completed in time.

      Of course, I cannot prove anything, but my life has been made so much better, because I invested according to my theories. And that’s all I have to go on; theories. Our adversary will never come out and affirm anything we discuss.

  2. Chris,

    Thanks for the update. One thing I don’t understand is why can’t the Fed just let inflation run up? Letting inflation run up seems like a good way to proceed to the next steps of the NWO. Could unchecked inflation be the precursor to the NWO digital currency?

    On “being the crazy bad man” I’m surprised more people aren’t questioning this narrative. Mask compliance is up and my acquittances are talking as if the vaccine is going to save us all. Its almost as if the common man has lost the ability to spot evil.

    Thanks again for guiding us through these recent stock picks. Stocks make a lot more sense when the goal is to trade them and not necessarily hold.

    God Bless.

    1. You are correct, and this is why I am so certain about not being able to turn this around. The reprogramming process after the multi-decade’s-long demoralization campaign is speeding up faster and faster. the time to turn this around was before we pushed our children into the public school system. We have two generations fully demoralized and indoctrinated. Many of the ones around me who are fully on board with the narrative have advanced degrees. Evidently, IQ means little when it comes to discernment.

      All the zombie, virus, and dark occult movies and TV have desensitized us into accepting a very wicked world. How can you turn this around? The unwashed masses cannot discern the differences between the script writing out of Arlington and McLean VA, and the reality of covid. The mental impressions left by the globalist movie and video game “entertainment” are too strong to overcome.

      Isaiah 26: 20-21

  3. Hi Chris,
    I found your website relatively recently, and it has been encouraging to me that there are some free thinkers like yourself, in the faith. Fortunately, my husband is one of them, and I have just a very few friends who are, and a brother. The rest, including one of my two vaccine-injured daughters (the other has severe autism) are “covidians.” (I fear for her, as she is going back to college next semester after a semester off, where they are “requiring” the experimental vaccine product this Spring. I told her I will not help her financially if she takes it, and worked with her to get a letter of medical exemption. But I still fear the social pressure they will apply for her to take it in the midst of the 1984 hell they have created. She thinks my husband and I are “conspiracy theorists.” Despite all my best efforts to give her information, she ignores most of it. So I empathize with your stories of same.) I have found this period of great cognitive dissonance, since March 2020, to be one of the greatest trials in terms of maintaining sanity, perseverance and faithfulness, and prayer. Oddly, like you, I do not feel afraid.

    My dad died in December 2019 and left me some money. I have tried to figure out how to invest it, and hoped to do so in real estate, but have not been able to find something that is not overvalued. (It seems like the entire population of NYC has moved to Maine recently, jacking up the prices. It is quite literally a crazy market here.) I also am clueless about stock market investing. If you ever feel like giving an online class entitled “buying and selling stocks in a new world order market for dummies,” please sign me up. I am concerned that I am going to lose the cash my father left me, that I have been holding aside for a property, during an upcoming Great Reset. Any thoughts or advice are welcome, btw!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you. May God be with you.

    P.S. Something tells me that you and your listeners would enjoy this video of a free-thinking doctor (Dr. Simone Gold) who paid a price by losing her job) speaking out against this experimental vaccine product. Here’s the link, which hopefully won’t get scrubbed from YouTube too soon:

    1. Thanks for the comments. I have your email address. I can privately correspond with you that way. God help us all and God bless the remnant.

  4. Hi. This message goes out to those reading up on my stock trade recommendations and comments.

    I have received a few emails about getting in to these trades. Unless you are savvy with trading and know when to get in and out, I would recommend that you do not buy these stock picks. I do not want any bag holders here, especially from my picks. For instance, I bought and sold DFLYF already, and am sitting on the sidelines looking. I may not trade it for a while, or I may buy tomorrow. The stocks I discuss are extremely volatile and their histories often are short. Please do not build a passive portfolio around these positions. In fact, I am concerned that as we approach s&p 4000, the likelihood of a nasty retracement will increase. When it comes to the smaller cap stocks, the successful long-term traders know when to liquidate and sit things out.

  5. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your recent posts! Regarding the patriot movement, have you heard of Nick Fuentes and his America First movement? He’s only 21 but is making big waves — worth keeping an eye on.

    1. Never heard of him, but just read his Twitter feed. He seems to be a big Trump supporter. At 22, he sees only what’s in front of him.

      I find it interesting that he says all the major news outlets want to interview him. If the MSM want that, he must be perfect for the overall narrative.

      He seems like a charismatic person and has the ability to influence many people.

      If that is the future for our opposition leaders, we’re done. I am sorry, but I do not mean to disrespect your view (if you support him).

      1. Great discernment, Chris! That little fellow is to be avoided at all costs! He is a known homosexual.

        1. I know nothing about him, except that he is young and very charismatic, and I know nothing about his sexuality.

          This much is certain; I am acutely aware that he employs the policy of “the ends justify the means.” He may have a noble cause, but employs tactics that feed directly into the hands of the adversary, which specifically undermines the truth movement with tactics that reaffirm our opponent’s views.

          That means he must be one or more of the following; naive, an opportunist, or a change agent; and I wonder which tactic he will employ again once Trump is gone and forgotten. Unfortunately, I do not have a high degree of confidence in him making the right choices in the future.

          This much is certain, he will wield much more influence over the unwashed truthers than I. I am an anachronism who preaches biblical doctrine.

    2. I would love MSM to want to interview me. But that can never be allowed to happen. I don’t fit in to the narrative.

      1. I believe they are trying to target him atm due to his being seen as a threat — they initially reated him with the same dynamic silencing the rest of us usually receive. He is fully aware of the Synagogue of Satan and he and his network are unabashedly opposed to it, in far more explicit terms than Alex Jones etc.

        As to his support for Trump I believe he saw this as a vehicle for his own platform, rather than blind support. One to watch, anyway!

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