1/09 Update – Asset price predictions; leveraging this political climate; more talk on my latest stock pick

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-Why is there such a concerted effort to malign and destroy Trump now? What is gained by continually poking the bear? I have some sobering predictions.
-Student loan debt forgiveness; what this means for us. What it means for real estate investors and those who invest in family-formation sectors of the economy. What it also means for the vast majority of people.
-If we know that Biden is contemplating up to $4 trillion in new spending, shouldn’t we be taking action?
-As the S&P 500 closes in on 4,000 (currently 3,824), our prediction of a correction from that level becomes more likely, especially as longer UST yields rise.
-More analysis on my latest stock pick (OEG:Nasdaq) and how I am trading it. I am encouraged with Friday’s trading action in the face of an otherwise poor solar/EV/Li/5G day.
-Janet Yellen and the other globalist shills continue to spew out empty platitudes regarding helping small business owners, but the outcomes of their programs have been inimical to them.
-These economic experts have genius IQs and fantastic pedigree, yet their monetary and fiscal policies have been anathema to small business formation. Moreover, the government’s response to the fake Covid crisis has utterly and permanently destroyed large swaths of the economy, and transferred all that power and wealth into the hands of a few.
-Anecdotal evidence increasingly points to ICUs and repurposed Covid hospital wings virtually void of any covid patients.
-MKUltra is alive and well, and we need to be concerned that the globalists  will resume their mass shootings campaign, while the Democrats are in control, so they can attempt to further curtail lawful gun ownership with an eye on eventual confiscation. Here’s a piece of advice; never take a vaccine nor turn in your guns. That is the line I simply cannot cross.
-As more and more individuals are being banished from social media and YouTube, our views will increasingly becoming rarer over time.
-In many areas of the country, our views are very unique. Only one family member is on board with my worldview. Every friend (that I have left) refuses to want to listen to anything I say, regardless of my accuracy and abilities to explain the abstruse. (That makes it even more disturbing to the unwashed.)
-I have absolutely no compassion anymore on the human livestock, since it is their willful ignorance that is causing our world to fall into the hands of a truly evil cabal. Since these livestock refuse to snap out of it, I have been increasingly distancing myself from the unwashed heathen in every aspect of my daily affairs.
-The vast majority of the population accept as fact what they hear and read on the news outlets. The official narrative is increasingly producing two distinct species of humans; those who listen to the MSM and mainstream alt-media, and those remnant Christians who have the courage to study what we analyze.

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26 thoughts on “1/09 Update – Asset price predictions; leveraging this political climate; more talk on my latest stock pick

  1. “never take a vaccine nor turn in your guns. That is the line I simply cannot cross.”

    I don’t think most people will have a choice if they want to eat, have a place to live and not go to prison.

  2. I just found out that DFLYF is also listed over here on the Frankfurt stock exchange. Makes things a little bit easier for me.

    1. DFLYF intends to list their shares on NASDAQ. This is very bullish for the stock long-term and I view them as a peer to UAVS. If that’s the case the stock should continue moving higher, though I am out of most of my trading position as I said yesterday. I’m still holding a thousand shares though. I am hoping for some outlier event like a big spike. It can also sell off today. I don’t really like to gamble this way, the easy profits were already made, but I don’t understand why the stock is selling so inexpensively. But I thought the same thing when it was selling at $0.70.

      I’m noticing that OEG is trading up almost 8 to 10% in the pre-market on heavy volume. I cannot uncover any story why this would be the case, but I still think this stock is a monster.

      Biden will be handing out a ton of money soon.

  3. Just as I thought we were safe for a few weeks, OEG just came out with a massive 10 mm share secondary for 35mm. The firm should not have to go back in for a while. Waiting to buy near the offer dip.Strong here considering. Oh well. It always pays to take profits. Still above 4, but for how long? I think this is a good opportunity to buy in the 3s again.

    The reason OEG stayed down here was the noise for a secondary. I have to believe we are done now for a while.

    1. Sounds like they announced a new public offering (just like you predicted yesterday) one minute after you posted this. Will this be an opportunity to load up?

      1. Yes. I would buy more near the spike down towards 3.50 offer. The large players and those who bought the secondary will wish to take some profits here and the morning may look grim. Now at 45mm shares we need to readjust our models. A theoretical target of $8 instead of 10 looks like a good longer level, given the market overall.

      2. I am also hearing increased chatter on a small Canadian outfit that trade OTC in the states; DFLYF. I am looking here to perhaps buy on any dips.

        Understand I’m not a trading service, so please if we lose money on a trade know that this is just for entertainment purposes only. 🙂

        1. I just pocketed $1,000 off the DFLYF recommendation earlier this morning. It more than offset my losses from oeg.

          1. Yes I’m in dflyf. Is it time to flip it already?

            I can’t believe how stubborn oeg is. It’s hardly dropped from market close yesterday.

            1. Indeed. OEG is a monster. Very very encouraging!

              I bought 4k shares of DFLYF near market open at about 1.13. I still hold 1,000 shares. Sold up to 1.50, up over 35 cents. I found this one scanning stocktwits. I also knew about it from months and weeks ago, but wondered why it didn’t get any traction. That is no longer a concern. 🙂

  4. It always pays to take profit on these small firms. We just never know what will come out. I sold most of OEG between 7-9 am on the premarket. At 8:15-8:45 I sold off most after the company press release failed to offset the Riley downgrade.

    1. Thanks for keeping us in the loop Chris. I am learning a lot about how to trade.

      God Bless

      1. I still like it as its peers are doing well, but the immediate trading action is not auspicious. I have to think that since Riley didn’t get the work on the recent secondary, the analyst may have some sour grapes and that’s why it downgraded. I agree with the Riley analyst though. OEG is embarking on some great opportunities, but they will need cash to get it up to scale. The analyst thinks the firm may have to issue more shares sooner than later.

  5. I took some off the table in premarket as Riley downgraded this morning. Concerns of more equity raises. However, a good press release just came out from the firm.

  6. According to stocktwits.com someone on Reddit is saying that OEG is working with AMZN subsidiary.

    1. While their trading action has been nothing short of spectacular, many of these EV players will not be around in several years. It’s clear the Great Reset agenda means electric cars that we rent, and in which we are always borrowing money to buy, as well as solar is the future. A stock like PLUG was always a poorly managed one, but now has all this interest, because there is no one else to buy in the sector. FCEL is a total garbage firm., yet it is trading like a champ.

      I suspect that GM, Ford, Toyota, will eventually eat the lunch of all these new firms as they wait for the technology to advance enough to then redirect their production into the Great Reset narrative. Too much money being made with gas-driven cars right now.

  7. OEG moved above 4. I hope you were smart enough to sell some. We were up 40% in two days. This on an otherwise weak day. I withdrew some profit from my trading a/c and into my checking. Methodical trading and hold some as the institutions dollar cost averaged today b/w mid 3s and high 4s.

  8. Chris – you are right, it is very easy to support all these programs when you are positioned to receive the bulk of the money. Also thanks for the list above, I’ve been trading a lot of these. In light of what you spoke about regarding the student loan forgiveness, I’m guessing the technology-based RE stocks will benefit greatly (I’m alredy positioned so kind of talking my book). Specifically names like Z RDFN OPEN FTHM, etc.

    Question for you… what are your thoughts regarding the GSEs? FNMA FMCC.

    1. If we think like a globalist, we can profit from this socialist/Marxist transformation and the turning of humans into needy livestock, who demand “free” money. Next up will be the calls for universal health care. Think of the profit to be made.

      I think Z has totally transformed the property management and RE investment industry. That one firm will be responsible for doing away with the Broker/agent fee structure and the whole regulatory side. I am speaking as a former VA/NM Realtor until 2018. I exclusively use Z for all my rental listings and I have one tenant who uses Z’s rental payment system to pay rent.

      When it comes time to sell, I will list with a Realtor, since they get the max sale price and it’s worth it. Buyers need to stay away from using Realtors for retail listings. They will usually pay top price in a hot market.

      As for the GSEs. I have not been following them much as nothing really changes with their profits and such. Bruce Berkowitz was/is a huge proponent of them and has been lobbying for years to change their status. I interviewed with Berkowitz for a job in the mid 90s, but my boss at Pru found out (small street) and he didn’t hire me, I did come back, as he was interested, but someone stepped in and asked about my current boss. I had to leave Pru after that to go in a completely different direction – Nasdaq.

      I don’t look at them as I have no idea of the comings and goings of those two GSEs.

  9. I agree with you that the solar power area will be a profitable area in the future. Therefore, I would like to get a list of your 35 stock that you are monitoring to study and possibly start trading them also.

    1. Here are 32 stocks. Looking back we should have just bought and held….


  10. It’s all about denigrating the whites. Push down the last stumbling blocks and resistance to the NWO, so the few, as you call them, gain control. I notice that the few are all white. They use minorities as useful idiots to tighten their grip. A global debt slave plantation and the slaves don’t know who owns them.

  11. Chris, good post, as usual.

    I’m hoping the coming hyper-bubble will have a positive effect on other asset classes like bitcoin and precious metals.

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