01/06 update – What if the Fed is forced to tighten sooner than expected?; Covid treatments

To download the podcast – January 6, 2021 Update (duration 14:48)

-A detailed analysis of what I am observing and what is at stake if inflationary data in the U.S. continue to move higher than some expect.
-The Fed may have to begin to accelerate its timetable as inflation moves much higher than the rest of the developed world. What this means for assets.
-Despite the break above 1% on the 10-year UST, real UST yields are still below the EU comps.
Inflation Rate | G20
Treasury Real Yield Curve Rates
-Since the USTs have the lowest negative real yields of the developed nation debt, the USD is under constant pressure at the worst time for helping the economy. The lower 50% are still losing out as the manufactured covid crisis continues. The monetary and fiscal spending initiatives continue to only help those in the top 80-90%.
-The Fed may have to work to support the USD, despite its reluctance to support the USD in the international markets, because if inflation and yields move higher, QE will be put into jeopardy.
-The current situation reminds me of 2004-05 when the Fed began to embark upon a tighter monetary policy in the wake of the post 9/11 stimulus.
-Private and government employment data lagging despite run up in inflation data. Commodity inflation beginning to move out of long-term resistance levels.
U.S. private sector sheds jobs for first time since April, ADP data show
-Another manufactured crisis would solve this current dilemma, and would work to help maintain the dollar, while lowering inflation. Thus we cannot rule it out. Will it be a false flag with a supposed nationalist Trump supporter dropping a dirty atom bomb in DC? Will it be an alien disclosure?
-A discussion of Covid treatments and what I am doing to stay healthy.
-A link to an article from Dr. Mercola regarding the defined narrative of the Covid crisis.
WSJ: Hospitals Return to Basics for COVID Treatment

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