An analysis of a recent Catherine Austin Fitts interview

Given the number of comments I have received recently regarding the work of Catherine Austin Fitts, I decided to listen to a recent hour long interview she gave, which is posted on YouTube.

My readers know that I do not rely on others for my analysis, so I was not really aware of what Ms. Fitts had been saying over the past few years, except from what others had told me.

There has been a transition, but not a collapse

Ms. Fitts talks about a transition into a new system in which the currencies will go away, but she didn’t mention that there is a high likelihood of a currency collapse in the sense of what most believe. While it may be a rough transition for most, she doesn’t contemplate a currency collapse per se. Unless she states ideas that differ from this particular interview, Ms. Fitts believes there will be a transition from the current state of affairs, and this monetary system, into a digitized blockchain credit and transaction system.

According to what Ms. Fitts says here, most people will be less disrupted from the monetary system transition, and more by the fallout from the manufactured crises that will be used to get us there. She analyzes this current manufactured covid crisis in the context of what it truly represents; an example of what will be used to help wipe society’s slate clean, while running cover for all the globalist theft of the past several decades.

She agrees with our analysis that it will be the crises that “Mr. Global” employs that will subdue and destroy the unwashed masses. She even mentions the term “livestock” to describe how these elites view us. I have always said that these elites view us as exploitable livestock that trade on the futures markets. The term “sheep” denotes a naive innocence, but there is no innocence left in humanity as a whole.

To most people on the street, dollars will still be dollars, but they will be all on blockchain under a new oppressive social credit system. She doesn’t contemplate the Federal Reserve going away at this point, and it will all transition into a social credit system like China’s. In all of these regards, I don’t think her views are any different than mine.

Moreover, she doesn’t contemplate an overturning of the current global financial hierarchy; the wealthy will still get wealthier and the poor will still get poorer, but we will all have to opt in to this system… Bad news for the anarchists. Social media will be used to bully all of us into accepting and opting in to this system.

Our objectives remain intact

As for solutions; As I do, she talks about our necessity to begin transitioning out of this current system, which means we have to learn to develop our own sources of income. This is exactly what I discuss, though she didn’t discuss the formalities and specifics the way I do on this blog. She has a firm that can manage your money.

When asked how we turn this around, Ms. Fitts said to stop banking in the banks that are responsible for this system, stop transacting with the large firms, and to stop building this system if anyone works for a firm that does this. But if you read between the lines she says there is no way we can turn this around at this point and that we have to make a choice.

Furthermore, and this is the most important point that I come away with, she never did once say there will be a currency collapse. She talks of dollar debasement and theft, and that the process has been underway for a long time. Though the average person who listens to her will come away with thoughts of collapse, that’s not the sentiment I get, and because of this, I believe Ms. Fitts is pretty much spot-on with her analysis. At least I conclude that her analysis is congruent with mine.

Overall, I find her analysis and research to be unique and independent minded; which differs greatly from the boilerplate alt-financial conclusions. Based on this interview, I endorse her work.

There’s going to be a rough transition into the new system, but for most people they’ll just go with it. What this means is that our current philosophy on developing our own sources of income remains intact. After listening to her interview I am just as adamant as before about our methods of overcoming financially… and spiritually.

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3 thoughts on “An analysis of a recent Catherine Austin Fitts interview

  1. In an earlier interview she decribed how she once asked her audience if they would press the red button (the anarchy button) if that would get rid of all the drugs lords and shady bankers that, eventually, make your 401k possible.
    Only a small % wanted to press it.

    I do see change tho. Health workers that refuse the “vaccination” to name one. Their great reset is not exactly going well at the moment. For many, being forcefully injected is the red line in the sand.

  2. What occurs to the value of those invested heavily in alternatives to cash ….. gold and silver are some examples ? When the writing on the wall becomes more visible, would it be wise to eject them from one’s portfolio sooner than later ?

    1. I have one concern that I am keeping my eye on. My concern is that inflation could rise higher than expected. This inflation would be less to do with economic growth and more to do with Fed policy. If inflation begins to really run and there are no manufactured crises to help tamp that inflation down, the FED May begin to contemplate raising rates. It may have to speed up its timetable on keeping interest rates low here for an extended period. Perhaps the FED may have to begin raising rates in 2022, instead of 2023 to 2024. These are just observations I am making right now. Of course, there could be unforeseen manufactured crises that could be auspiciously timed to move inflation expectations back down again. Imagine if we were confronted with an alien disclosure. I don’t discount anything anymore. All I know is this, if interest rates begin to rise everything will fall. Bitcoin as well as gold will also take a dump.

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