A new year message; The keys to a peaceful and prosperous 2021

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-A response to some comments
-There are many actions we can take to overcome. I enumerate a number I take everyday. Most do not include buying income-generating assets.
-A discussion regarding our real adversary and how this hidden force affects our everyday lives.
-There are no such things as unintended consequences of government and Fed actions when each one goes against the common man.
-Don’t take my stock picks as long-term holds. I am reluctant to give stock trading recommendations on this site, since most of my trades last no longer than several days, and many of them last only a few hours.

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7 thoughts on “A new year message; The keys to a peaceful and prosperous 2021

  1. I will address all of the issues you all raise when I get a chance, but I wanted you to think about this. The large corporations prefer socialism and socialized benefits for another important reason. This reason is straightforward when we understand the logic behind it. The large corporations will demand the government take care of healthcare and all of the benefits that were traditionally the responsibility of the private sector employers. The large corporations will claim that this is needed to remain competitive versus other areas of the world and that it will be the excuse for lowering the average wage of their employees to Second World status. If we understand the multiple reasons behind the push for socialist policy it makes more and more sense. It all eventually fattens the profit margins of the large corporations and their financial stakeholders.

    1. And who primarily pays for socialism… we do as taxpayers. Our private sector wages will never be adjusted upwards. Our tax burdens will rise to pay for the socialism. Mr. Hudson does the bidding of the very rentier lords he is supposedly against. This rentier class is hoping Mr. Hudson’s dream and hopes becomes reality.

  2. Wonderful words, Chris. There are so many things that are outside of our control and yet get all of the attention. A new year is always a good time to refocus that attention on things we can easily control: our health, our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with God. Physical health, mental health and spiritual health. It’s amazing how much better our lives can be if these three pillars receive our focus and attention.

  3. “Don’t take my stock picks as long-term holds.” It would have been better if you had said this earlier.

    1. I apologize on RMG. I did list RMG as a trade/short/intermediate arb play off of QS. I am not on here that often to direct when to pull the trigger. It moved up much faster and higher than I thought. Of course it has since sold off.

      I will be more proactive if I recommend something in the future.

  4. Chris,
    Thank you brother for courageously professing your faith and for taking the time to point out that the Dr. Hudson’s of this world are controlled opposition who are misled and mislead others despite protesting against the elite controllers of this world.
    We bought a property with rental potential after years of not owning (since selling our last house years ago) at this year’s end. I did so as I foresee and anticipate much more debt, taxes and inflation coming for our,” serf” class.
    I have never been on Twitter or Facebook and I can add to your comments that I see others around me including Christians who are depressed that are.
    We went through years of hard financial times. But by living beneath our means, saving and investing and above all DAILY WORSHIPFUL PRAYER professing our thanks, faith and obedient trust in Jesus the Christ I’ve attained (through true godly patience) His wisdom and provision in His time.
    If we understand and get into a state of grace and stay there, all things are possible through Christ our Lord!


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