1/26 Update (edited); A manufactured political Mexican Standoff will result in more of the same

The problem; The right worries of civil war and being left behind
The left worries about the right starting a civil war, the right worries about the left; Thus, life will continue to devolve according to the NWO agenda

For my many readers who worry about impending civil war and unrest, I have some good news for you; you can relax. While this manufactured false left/right divide can be very divisive and demoralizing, I have always recommended detaching from the day-to-day. Our true adversary gains the most during periods of manufactured stress.

Political parties in the United States and elsewhere in the West are nothing more than football teams that are managed by their wealthy owners. The “liberals” hope their side wins, while the “conservatives” hope to see their team prevail. It reminds me of my unwashed days as a NY Yankees or NY Giants fan during the fall classic or super bowl. Of course, we have no control over the outcome, regardless of what superstitious routines we employ to ensure victory. In this instance, obviously, voting is one of those superstitions and is a complete waste of time. The outcome was predetermined.

As you know, I grew up on Long Island and lived in Manhattan until my mid- to late-30s., and was fully indoctrinated into the liberal and expansive government political mindset of that area and time. My friends were and still are mostly liberal, and most of my immediate family is what we would  consider liberal. Even conservatives on LI or NYC would be regarded as liberal anywhere else in the country.

Here is the common refrain shared by my liberal peers; white supremacists, neo-nazi’s, and the Trumpsters will burn down the country and create civil war, because they contest the election outcome. Likewise, my conservative friends worry the left will install their Marxist groups to round up Trump supporters and force them into FEMA camps. Both sides have their confirmation biases and turn to their like-minded social media, TV news, and internet experts to reaffirm their worries.

While the election may have been stolen by the Democrats this time, it was not of their doing, and they were allowed to do it. This process of election fraud has a long history, and the stealing of elections goes back to at least the 1960 election.

In the 2000 election, I recall how the left was up in arms during that voter fiasco, which placed Bush Jr. in power. That election was predetermined, of course, because the globalists needed a compliant puppet in the White House while they carried out 9/11.

The solution; The right will transform itself to remain relevant
The delphi technique is used continually in the political realm; Project management in action, and we are the unwitting participants

While both sides worry of mutually assured destruction, neither side will do anything about it. We do have a Mexican Standoff, and the vitriol is being engineered by its architects out of Arlington and McLean, VA. They run Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and control the key facilitators on both sides of the process. The helpless and powerless livestock on both sides will have a set of beliefs instilled into them, yet they will all insist that their opinions and ideals were their own. It is being carried out with military precision.

This time, it’s the Democrats’ turn to degrade and demoralize humanity further into the desired outcome moving into Agenda 2030. The Democrats have been allowed to purposely place their discordant puppets into the reins of power, with their master facilitators and change agents in control of the process. They wittingly steer the livestock population into developing the desired synthetic set of morals, beliefs, and values the elites desire to implant. Of course, the cognitively impaired plebes will never recognize they didn’t even control their own thought processes.

Yes, it is the Delphi Technique in action and if the “right” or the Republicans wish to remain relevant, they will slowly unshackle themselves from the fallout of their master change agent, Donald Trump, and shift further to the left to win the next election. Maybe the Republicans will begin to talk about “compassionate conservatism” again. Of course, this time around the Republicans will view forced vaccines and mask wearing as perfectly natural, demand massive social lagress and deficit spending, and devise more military campaigns. Perhaps, the Republicans will be all for abortions and homosexual right, too.

Real injustices will never be addressed

Of course, neither controlled side will ever point to the elephant in the room; the Federal Reserve. No politician will ever publically contemplate just who owns the Fed and why it controls monetary policy; for if they do, they will begin to question the biggest scam ever waged against humanity. Moreover, if any politician ever does, he or she will meet the same fate as JFK.

The elites will create a mass of lies from in which the left points to the right and the right points to the left. But at the end of the day, those who commit the true crimes against humanity remain free to roam.

Once again, the dialectic process and the delphi method progress and the shift will be complete by 2030.

1/22 Update; My thoughts on gold and bitcoin

What’s ailing gold?

I had a couple of readers ask me what I thought of gold. Since it has been counterintuitively struggling ever since the post-covid QE programs were announced, I wanted to provide you with some assessments.

If you have been a long-time reader of my blog and research, you will recall that I believed that the prices of gold and silver were allowed to run up in 2010-11, so that they could be managed from higher levels. I even offered  this theory in February 2013 on henrymakow.com, which I followed up with a stark warning to his readers again in early April 2011, a few days before gold’s epic crash below major support levels. (written under a pseudonym).

In the case of gold, these parabolic increases allow the establishment to manage its price in a counterintuitive fashion to help hide their QE tracks. I also suspected that the sharp increases in late 2019-early 202o were not coincidental either. While the central banks crank out QE in their response to the manufactured covid crisis, the price of gold fades; albeit from a higher level.

My main argument against bitcoin is that it has become a de facto replacement for gold, and if Bitcoin never existed I suspect that gold would be about $1,000 higher.

Here is a Twitter post from Zero Hedge which discusses JP Morgan’s assessment of cryptocurrencies.


I think it speaks for itself. You could easily take the word “cryptocurrencies” out and replace it with the word “gold”.

Of this much I am sure, without Bitcoin gold would be about $3,000.

The whole irony is this; I have to believe bitcoin greatly facilitates this current QE scheme. Most bitcoin bulls think it’s the other way around, but since it is becoming increasingly apparent Bitcoin was allowed to flourish, I have to believe it was a creation of our adversary.


Please, don’t criticize me for thinking that I am bashing Bitcoin. I am not. I am just making the straight up observations on the obvious, rather than dancing around the elephant in the room.

1/21 Update; Per the Great Reset agenda, we have our marching orders

To download the podcast – Right mouse click here (duration 24:30)

-A discussion of my blog’s purpose and what is incorporated into my analysis. How my pronouncements and declarations from late 2012/early 2013 are just as valid today.
-My blog analysis and theses going back to early 2016 are is still as valid as the day I declared them.
-Recall all my economic research that reaffirmed why QE would essentially work as long as the elites wanted it. Recall when I concluded how deflationary pressures are encouraged to form from QE, and that this would allow the central banks to engineer the yield curves lower over time.
-I was castigated by Henry Makow’s readers at the time, but they were clearly wrong. I also received a lot of dismissive emails from listeners regarding the content of my shortwave shows from 2016-2017, which is why I stopped doing them. The reader and listeners were too effectively contaminated by the controlled alt-media and the advice of Zerohedge. At least Mr. Makow allowed me to have a podium when no one else would let me.
-A philosophical discussion of the new world order and the concept of the nation state.
-Some thoughts on the equity markets nearer-term.
-Despite the poor secondary offering, I am a buyer of OEG on dips here. The other solar plays are on fire. DFLYF still looks good.

1/18 Update; The Delphi Method and the long-range plan to eliminate the Patriot movement

Ever wonder why the Patriot movement ended up like a joke?

Note to reader: I submit that the patriot movement’s multi-decade degradation from its genuine beginnings, and into its current form, was helped along with our adversary’s use of the Delphi method or Delphi technique.  The tenets and philosophies of today’s patriot movement bare little resemblance to those of the past. Today’s patriot movement is highly emotional, politically charged, intellectually stunted, angry and vengeful, as well as being polarizing; and this was not by chance.

The Delphi method; Used to eliminate opposition (patriot movement) by reprogramming the opposition into a predetermined outcome

Thank you for your last podcast. I had never heard of the Delphi method before. I always appreciate learning something new. A little digging and it was an invention of Rand. This very short Blog post from their website talks about it and the time frames for which they are forecasting, too.

They seem to be forecasting out 50-100 years with some degree of precision. Just imagine the assets, technologies and loot they have gathered all the way along by being that far ahead of the curve. The average person I know couldn’t possibly fathom this.

I stumbled into a secret location [while] lost on a sales call about 8 years ago in a commercial park in Calgary; desks of analysts or traders (not sure) in an unmarked building and office. It had a sign in their office after you made it through two unmarked doors. Lol. I was asked to leave promptly but looked like a trading floor of sorts. I figured they were manipulating or monitoring crude inventories in Alberta, but who knows? Adventures in Sales lol.


Indeed, Dean is correct. The Delphi method or also known as the Delphi technique was developed by RAND in the 1950’s. According to RANDs website;

RAND developed the Delphi method in the 1950s, originally to forecast the impact of technology on warfare. The method entails a group of experts who anonymously reply to questionnaires and subsequently receive feedback in the form of a statistical representation of the “group response,” after which the process repeats itself. The goal is to reduce the range of responses and arrive at something closer to expert consensus. The Delphi Method has been widely adopted and is still in use today.

Delphi Method; RAND Corporation

According to Wikipedia, The Delphi method is “based on the principle that forecasts (or decisions) from a structured group of individuals are more accurate than those from unstructured groups. The experts answer questionnaires in two or more rounds. After each round, a facilitator or change agent provides an anonymised summary of the experts’ forecasts from the previous round as well as the reasons they provided for their judgments. Thus, experts are encouraged to revise their earlier answers in light of the replies of other members of their panel. It is believed that during this process the range of the answers will decrease and the group will converge towards the “correct” answer….”

Based on the above explanations of the Delphi, we can see how the Delphi technique can be used to effectively collate and process audience concerns in a smaller and specific setting.

I came across this YouTube video that was uploaded by a person who was perceptive enough to see how the stakeholders of a mass transit project in the San Francisco bay area were being manipulated into a predetermined outcome via the Delphi.

Truly, the citizens in this public forum had no say, and were being coaxed into accepting the predetermined outcome. The only problem here in this instance was that these facilitators were not charismatic and talented public speakers. Usually, an effective Delphi outcome requires the use of skilled and accomplished facilitators and change agents.

With regards to the globalists’ reliance on the Delphi method to help ensure their 50-100 year predictions come to fruition, they are careful to make certain that the population at-large never figures out that the whole new world order plan was pre-determined from the start. It’s easy to predict the future when those planning it already know the outcome and are able to employ the necessary sophisticated psychological manipulation to make it a reality.

This is why I beg you all to avoid social media on all fronts; we are all lab animals in a high-tech Delphi campaign to eliminate outliers, and even our Netflix streaming only involves delivering us outcomes that were planned all along. This “entertainment” programming includes defiling Christians, patriots, and truthers; desensitizing us to death, misery, and catastrophe; and showing us that global government is the only answer and that we are powerless to stop it.

In the past, humans were more savvy and discerning, but as the NWO engineers gained more control over every aspect of our lives, we have devolved and have become less able to think clearly, so the Delphi techniques become more obvious to those who are looking out for them.

The Delphi and the Patriot movement
A change agent in action… Zerohedge; a facilitator rebel with a cause

As for the Patriot movement; I insist that there has been a methodical, deliberate, and long-range program to destroy it from within, while its members never know what happened.

First; the globalists needed to financially and mentally demoralize the patriots by cleverly placing carefully chosen change agents into the movement who dispensed antithetical advice on how to survive. This mindset was quickly absorbed into the tenets of the movement and it has been a slow agonizing slide since the 1980’s.

Second; in the final phases of the campaign to destroy nationalism and the patriots, we see carefully placed Judas goats and change agents who blew it up from within. Whether they knew it or not, morally compromised people like Alex Jones and Donald Trump became our worst enemies, because these Judas goats appeared as our allies and leaders. Unfortunately, after they are long gone, the destruction remains.

Third; Once the long-term demoralization campaign is complete, the reprogramming and dismantling can begin.

The globalists working with RAND knew that eliminating the truth movement in the United States was a long-range, Herculean task; but in order to achieve this goal, they needed to start early. The time to recognize this manipulation was decades ago, and the time to fix it has already come and gone. The globalists have already achieved their goals in destroying the truth movement, while its members are not even perceptive enough to figure out how it was done.

Our adversary embarked on this patriot-destroying campaign at least 30-40 years ago. People like AJ, Trump, and the Zerohedge editors were cleverly chosen to finish the job and nail the coffin shut. The Delphi engineers are so sophisticated that these Judas goats probably didn’t even know how useful they were to the NWO architects, but either way, the results are the same.

When I tell my reader that we “are done,” I do not use these phrases lightly. I use them very deliberately, because I can comprehend how effective this long-range comprehensive demoralization plan has been. We are now an ever-smaller minority of free thinkers in an ever-increasingly amoral and degenerate world. Keep in mind that the people prefer this new world order and that you must persevere on your own, since the 90-95% of humanity have been programmed into believing that the 5-10% are the enemy.

And yes, the vast majority of who’s left in the patriot movement are now just as unwashed as the rest.

1/18 Update; America’s Biggest Owner Of Farmland Is Now Bill Gates

Buying farm land; Invest like a globalist

A reader came across a timely Forbes article regarding Bill Gates and his farmland investment activities. While I was not aware of this, we can see how investing in farm/ranch land can be a favorable long-term investment strategy. These globalists know what’s coming and so do we.

Bill Gates, the fourth richest person in the world and a self-described nerd who is known for his early programming skills rather than his love of the outdoors, has been quietly snatching up 242,000 acres of farmland across the U.S. — enough to make him the top private farmland owner in America.

After years of reports that he was purchasing agricultural land in places like Florida and Washington, The Land Report revealed that Gates, who has a net worth of nearly $121 billion according to Forbes, has built up a massive farmland portfolio spanning 18 states. His largest holdings are in Louisiana (69,071 acres), Arkansas (47,927 acres) and Nebraska (20,588 acres). Additionally, he has a stake in 25,750 acres of transitional land on the west side of Phoenix, Arizona, which is being developed as a new suburb.

America’s Biggest Owner Of Farmland Is Now Bill Gates, Forbes, January 14th

Of course, I have always recommended direct ownership of “unimproved” farm/ranch land, and if you live in the rural areas, I prefer this over rental property ownership. This means that we seek land that has little to no improvements on it. Thus, we don’t pay up for land that contains preexisting structures and advanced street/utilities build-out. We look for farm/ranch land that has close proximity to some electrical source or irrigation access. We buy it purely for our intended purposes.

If I lived in a rural area, I would stay away completely from commercial rental property investing and stick to some residential property ownership, with an emphasis on direct ownership of farm & ranch land. If you live in the area you intend to invest, you have an advantage over others as you will be able to spot better land deals, especially with owners who are willing to transfer ownership via “contract for deed” or via other forms of seller financing.

1/16 Update; While we may never prove our theories, we can invest with confidence

We only have theories; our adversary will never confirm them

Most of the evidence I use to “prove” my theories is circumstantial, and it’s based on 36 years of economic study, 20 years of NWO analysis, and 17 years of biblical and comparative religions study.

For those who refuse to accept the spiritual element, little of what I discuss will make sense.

The race to digitize our money

On the surface, btc undermines the central banking cartel’s ability to formulate and establish their own digital currencies. But going deeper, the establishment of btc in early 2009, and the school of programming that emerged to build up the crypto technology, both speed up the advancement of the technology needed to get all these currencies digitized.

I wonder how the globalists operating at their CME, which also trades Au and Ag futures are allowed to run btc futures. I marvel at how easily gold is quickly becoming associated with conspiracy theorists. I wonder at all the favorable and auspicious MSM press that btc receives. I observe how Dorsey and PYPL are embracing it. I see how Bloomberg and all the globalist shill media encourage the masses to engage and speculate in btc. I see that without btc, the technology would still be in university computer labs. There is a massive profit motive to get involved, and only the elites allow for that to happen. There will be a synthetic solution in the future, and mark my words, we will lose out again.

For the same reasons, I instructed the listeners to invest in the global narrative to destroy freedom and liberty.

Investing according to the Great Reset agenda can make us money

First, TSLA was propped up to keep the EV agenda alive and well, and would never be allowed to collapse. Notice how the stock price keeps moving higher and each rise means more secondary offerings. The stock is a beast and is a creation of the elites to force the EV and fuel cell agenda to come to fruition. We are getting closer now. That’s why I warned the listener to throw out the charts;  TSLA has forced all the major car companies to shift their focus. The whole clean energy sector is a trader’s paradise and it’s filled with a bunch of firms that have no hope of ever really justifying their stock prices. Now we have SPACs that buy up firms with drawing-board concepts that could otherwise never survive the traditional IPO process. All being encouraged on purpose to accelerate the Great Reset agenda.

Second, NFLX was established as the powerhouse to demoralize, hypnotize, and reprogram the unwashed masses during this Great Reset transition period. Notice how NFLX levitates and moves higher, and the alt-finance looks on in disbelief. Much of their programming couldn’t make it to network TV, but it finds a fertile ground on streaming; and it’s highly toxic and demoralizing. I said, I know the conspiracy and never go against the program to enslave humanity. Look for NFLX to move higher.

Third, I told the listeners to throw out the charts on the big tech companies, which the elites use to track and trace our every movement. Forget about uprisings. As long as we carry our phones with us, the elites will never relinquish their power. These stocks have done so well, because they are so vital in getting the Great Reset completed.

Fourth, I warned the readers about the need for QE and low interest rates to be maintained; for without them, the commercialization of the Great Reset agenda technology would not be completed in time.

Of course, I cannot prove anything, but my life has been made so much better, because I invested according to my theories. And that’s all I have to go on; theories. Our adversary will never come out and affirm anything we discuss.

1/14 Update; Market red flags; The patriot movement’s 20-year transformation; More stock talk

To download the podcast – Right mouse click here (duration 21:05, 3:00pm)

-A short discussion regarding some of the red flags that are emerging in the asset markets. Powell doesn’t seem to think so, but I am increasingly becoming concerned over growing inflationary pressures.
-The job data continue to disappoint. The wealth consolidation under this manufactured and fake covid crisis continues to astonish even me. The livestock don’t care as they chase ghosts.
-My observations of the patriot movement and how it has changed over the past 20 years.
-Observations on how the patriots and truthers have been channeled into a predetermined cattle pen. Judas goats and change agents conned the patriot masses into accepting concepts that they would not have embraced in the past.
-The military campaign against the people rages on. Terms like “woke” and such were conjured up in Arlington and McLean, VA, to demoralize the masses. Forget using the term “illuminati,” now the demoralized patriots use the term “deep state” and conflate it with politicians. As Paul Joseph Watson says, bitcoin is a way out of the system. But, so does Jack Dorsey. They fail to tell us that estimates show that 90% of btc are held by 5% of the holders. It also conveniently suppresses the price of gold.
-OEG; the recent secondary offering was poorly executed and was a high price for existing shareholders to pay just to build up cash on its balance sheet. They should have waited, but AGP Global, who ran the offering, has prior relations with Peter Schiff. I am sure that other more reputable firms could have handled their investment needs more effectively.
-Please do not hesitate to post comments and such on the blog. If you have stock picks or other observation and questions, just contact me.

1/09 Update – Asset price predictions; leveraging this political climate; more talk on my latest stock pick

To download the podcast – Right mouse click here (duration 36:35)

-Why is there such a concerted effort to malign and destroy Trump now? What is gained by continually poking the bear? I have some sobering predictions.
-Student loan debt forgiveness; what this means for us. What it means for real estate investors and those who invest in family-formation sectors of the economy. What it also means for the vast majority of people.
-If we know that Biden is contemplating up to $4 trillion in new spending, shouldn’t we be taking action?
-As the S&P 500 closes in on 4,000 (currently 3,824), our prediction of a correction from that level becomes more likely, especially as longer UST yields rise.
-More analysis on my latest stock pick (OEG:Nasdaq) and how I am trading it. I am encouraged with Friday’s trading action in the face of an otherwise poor solar/EV/Li/5G day.
-Janet Yellen and the other globalist shills continue to spew out empty platitudes regarding helping small business owners, but the outcomes of their programs have been inimical to them.
-These economic experts have genius IQs and fantastic pedigree, yet their monetary and fiscal policies have been anathema to small business formation. Moreover, the government’s response to the fake Covid crisis has utterly and permanently destroyed large swaths of the economy, and transferred all that power and wealth into the hands of a few.
-Anecdotal evidence increasingly points to ICUs and repurposed Covid hospital wings virtually void of any covid patients.
-MKUltra is alive and well, and we need to be concerned that the globalists  will resume their mass shootings campaign, while the Democrats are in control, so they can attempt to further curtail lawful gun ownership with an eye on eventual confiscation. Here’s a piece of advice; never take a vaccine nor turn in your guns. That is the line I simply cannot cross.
-As more and more individuals are being banished from social media and YouTube, our views will increasingly becoming rarer over time.
-In many areas of the country, our views are very unique. Only one family member is on board with my worldview. Every friend (that I have left) refuses to want to listen to anything I say, regardless of my accuracy and abilities to explain the abstruse. (That makes it even more disturbing to the unwashed.)
-I have absolutely no compassion anymore on the human livestock, since it is their willful ignorance that is causing our world to fall into the hands of a truly evil cabal. Since these livestock refuse to snap out of it, I have been increasingly distancing myself from the unwashed heathen in every aspect of my daily affairs.
-The vast majority of the population accept as fact what they hear and read on the news outlets. The official narrative is increasingly producing two distinct species of humans; those who listen to the MSM and mainstream alt-media, and those remnant Christians who have the courage to study what we analyze.

1/08 Update; The election, the “deep state”, and affecting change

To download the podcast – Right mouse click here (duration 18:54)

Note: This podcast was recorded at 6:30am when OEG was trading at $2.88

-Some tough love and words of encouragement
-A rare political conversation
-Where we need to direct our energies
-OEG: Orbital Energy Group; Another short-term stock pick that has been very profitable for me. Look for pullbacks as an opportunity to buy. It is one of the last solar/ EV/5G plays that have not run up yet with the other ones that already trade with absurd multiples. The solar and lithium plays have been making traders a lot of money.
-Please PLEASE take profit as these stocks rise, and cut losses quickly if things change.

01/06 update – What if the Fed is forced to tighten sooner than expected?; Covid treatments

To download the podcast – January 6, 2021 Update (duration 14:48)

-A detailed analysis of what I am observing and what is at stake if inflationary data in the U.S. continue to move higher than some expect.
-The Fed may have to begin to accelerate its timetable as inflation moves much higher than the rest of the developed world. What this means for assets.
-Despite the break above 1% on the 10-year UST, real UST yields are still below the EU comps.
Inflation Rate | G20
Treasury Real Yield Curve Rates
-Since the USTs have the lowest negative real yields of the developed nation debt, the USD is under constant pressure at the worst time for helping the economy. The lower 50% are still losing out as the manufactured covid crisis continues. The monetary and fiscal spending initiatives continue to only help those in the top 80-90%.
-The Fed may have to work to support the USD, despite its reluctance to support the USD in the international markets, because if inflation and yields move higher, QE will be put into jeopardy.
-The current situation reminds me of 2004-05 when the Fed began to embark upon a tighter monetary policy in the wake of the post 9/11 stimulus.
-Private and government employment data lagging despite run up in inflation data. Commodity inflation beginning to move out of long-term resistance levels.
U.S. private sector sheds jobs for first time since April, ADP data show
-Another manufactured crisis would solve this current dilemma, and would work to help maintain the dollar, while lowering inflation. Thus we cannot rule it out. Will it be a false flag with a supposed nationalist Trump supporter dropping a dirty atom bomb in DC? Will it be an alien disclosure?
-A discussion of Covid treatments and what I am doing to stay healthy.
-A link to an article from Dr. Mercola regarding the defined narrative of the Covid crisis.
WSJ: Hospitals Return to Basics for COVID Treatment