12/19 Podcast – Surviving & thriving in the new world order; Leveraging the Agenda 2030 timeline

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Stock market; predictions regarding the timing of the next meaningful correction
Stock pick for trading and near-term/intermediate appreciation (RMG:NYSE). Its peers are priced much more richly, while this SPAC & proposed business combination is a relatively cheap pick. RMG has big sponsors and an established revenue stream.
-Investing according to the NWO objectives and Agenda 2030. The results of this persistent low interest rate regime are self-evident. Barring another planned crisis, the Fed intends to follow through on its higher growth/inflation target agenda.
Bitcoin became an asset that helped to knock out gold’s legs. The origins of btc go back almost to the day that Bernanke announced a formal QE program in 2009. There are no coincidences and this tells me that btc was designed from the top. Its slow transformation into the mainstream seems to dovetail precisely with Agenda 2030 and the timeline’s need for a new digital type of currency system. There are no chances here.
-The globalist investment shills are pumping digital currencies as a necessary outcome, while the monetary authorities peculiarly sidestep the btc question and focus on Facebook’s diem project. Bitcoin’s market cap could hit $1 trillion in 2021 as its growing reserve currency status drives adoption higher, a cryptocurrency expert says
-How to reconfigure our way of thinking and psychological mindset when it comes to investing and surviving under the NWO technocracy.
-Investing and planning for the engineered dollar demise.
-Passive income streams and how to achieve them. It takes time to build them, but the work is well worth it.
-Advice for young people starting out. Our financial lives are less determined by our numerous daily choices, and more by our few important ones. Taking personal inventory to build our future.
-Building a successful business based on our personality strengths.
-Alt-financial fallacy; fundamental attribution error. Most in this alt-finance genre believe leaders, economists, and policy makers are stupid, greedy, or unqualified. Perhaps there are other reasons for the policy decisions the authorities make.
-Now that the wealth has been consolidated, the results are clear; trickle-down theory and supply-side economics were designed to be a trickle-up reality. Their formulators were not stupid, but had another objective in mind; 50 years of tax cuts for the rich failed to trickle down, economics study says. The London School of Economics and Julian Limberg of King’s College London, examined 18 developed countries — from Australia to the United States — over a 50-year period from 1965 to 2015. The study compared countries that passed tax cuts in a specific year, such as the U.S. in 1982 when President Ronald Reagan slashed taxes on the wealthy, with those that didn’t, and then examined their economic outcomes. Wealth disparities grew.


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10 thoughts on “12/19 Podcast – Surviving & thriving in the new world order; Leveraging the Agenda 2030 timeline

  1. Zerohedge published an article just now that indicates the ECB has been buying 25% of eligible IG debt and that 41% of European IG debt carries negative yields. This is true…

    The central banks effectively now control the corporate hierarchy via expanded QE to buy anything. This provides the needed low cost of capital that only the biggest and most powerful companies have access. We do not. Small firms do not. Never look for any large firm to go against the NWO objectives as they have been taken over via the private central banks.

    The elites via their central banks will own everything by the time everything blows up. The fear of Zerohedge provides all the needed cover for the central banks to buy up the whole economy. All the while, the propagandists at Zerohedge kept their readers from taking advantage of these opportunities.

    By the time catastrophe rains down, the Fed, ECB, etc will own real estate, bridges, tunnels, toll roads, skyscrapers, your pension, etc. The fake crises gave them the leverage to do so. It’s a sophisticated Stockholm syndrome.

    1. Thanks Chris. I’ve noticed the pagan revival is growing. Pray the Rosary or pray to Christ people and remember history is being fabricated to lie about a unified European history to lead people from Christ.

      1. It is interesting that every aspect of the NWO and the agenda of the Synagogue of Satan is to lead us away from Jesus. Everything. That tells me Jesus is the real deal.

  2. Thank you Chris. I listen and read often but never say thank you because its hard for me to type. I found your site randomly a while ago and was excited you’re a Christian with good doctrine. God bless!

  3. Hi Chris,

    You are probably spot on regarding Bitcoin. Information has leaked out that they can track every Bitcoin transaction. Also, paypal will start allowing people to pay in Bitcoin, but they will never pay customers back in Bitcoin ! So that tells me that they want to buy up every Bitcoin they can get their hands on. And since they introduced the futures market for it, they can then, as the biggest whale, manipulate the price to wherever they want it to go. My guess is it will run up to at least 70k (with ups and downs) before they push it to zero, about the time they introduce their central bank coin (banking for all act).
    As far as the technical side goes, what i understand is that Bitcoin is an ugly duckly, slow, with loads of overhead, and trackable, compared to say Litecoin or other currency coins.
    I have invested a modest amount in Bitcoin, THETA (alternative streaming network, i estimate it to go to 1000 dollar per in 5 years), Ripple (might replace Swift, expectations are it might go to 10 dollar in 2021) and Monero (one of the best privacy coins around, thats my insurance play if i ever have to move abroad quickly). Would like your and others opinion on these coins and estimates. Or alternatives.

    Regarding your remark about investing in NWO stocks. How about copper, nickle and silver? They will need tons and tons of that stuff to get the 5G network up and running, and all the windmills and solarpanels and batterypacks for the electric cars they are pushing. One play would be Nova Royalty (NOVR).

    Regarding health. We use waterfilters, dumped GMO and processed foods in favor of fresh vegetables etc, we take colloidal silver and diminshed our intake of alcohol and sugars (i do need my beer once in a while ;). We havent been ill for years this way.

    Lastly, what i struggle with on a spiritual level is if we can in good conscience make money in “their” play yard. The alternative is probably that we get or stay poor fast, but Catherine Austin Fits who i have in high esteem is a strong advocate of cutting ties with all these NWO markets, companies and schemes to try to thrive in “moral” businesses.

    1. Hi again,
      As the cryptos go, I never really delved deep into the new coins that came out in the past three years or so. Thus, I passively held/traded btc, ltc, bch, eth. I hold them on an ongoing basis, though I sold off all my holdings in my Coinbase and Kraken accounts this past weekend; too much run up for now. It’s nice to see the trading accounts go up 40% in such a short time. I can buy again, even at higher prices…

      I was always a supporter of XMR for privacy, and though I do not own it, I see it has done well. I would be very careful going forward with outgoing Treasury & SEC officials cracking down on digital coins and XRP, in particular. They are doing the dirty work for the NWO, since they don’t stand for reelection. I have to believe that eventually they will all be transparent per government demands. I do not know about the other coins you mention, and would only be guessing as to the future.

      I have never been a big fan of commodities, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think they wouldn’t go up. There have been so many other big fish to fry, and if the economy is a sham, then demand would be subdued. I really only recommended gold for our long-term hold, but since March, everything has been going up tremendously.

      Here is the bottom line on the current dynamic. We are in financial play time right now; The Fed has promised to run GDP and CPI hot, while concurrently suppressing nominal (and thus real) interest rates for the next couple years, at least. Logically, this spells inflation for now, and the one-way trade has been for higher commodity prices. But buying Hg, Ni, Ag don’t generate income, per se. I rarely recommend the miners for the long-term, since they are in a very cost-intensive business, and their stocks have not been good long-term performers. They are good trading vehicles.

      The best commodity sector performers have been the Li miners and those involved with batteries and solar. That sector has been on fire for some time now, and the hot money is there for now. I have been playing the solar and lithium plays in lieu of their commodity and component suppliers.

      I do intensive weight and exercise training 4-5 days a week. I can work out at home half the time (pull ups, chin ups, push ups, dips, ab crunches, calf workout). The gym involves legs, shoulders, power lifting, and abs. I don’t do much cardio, though I walk a few miles every other day. The weight stays off and I feel great (other than some soreness). I take a boatload of supplements, protein, and amino acids. I avoid the doctors at all cost.

      I use the Royal Berkey water filter system with Black Berkeys and PF4s at home and am very careful with what I eat. I stick with a high fat diet and can eat most of anything natural. It’s a great thing, but it takes work, and most are not up for it. I live next to the gym and Whole Foods and eat organic for most of everything. This includes meat, bread, dairy, eggs, produce, etc. I eat in a time-restricted manner (12:30pm-6:30pm). All this is of tremendous help for me and I avoid ALL of the problems that plagued my sisters and parents (including mental). I do not eat any sweets and haven’t had a drop of alcohol since 1997. I have to keep sharp. Since I never write things down and recite things from memory (including my podcasts), I am concerned that I may begin to slip. Anyway, health takes work and most like to complain rather than overcome.

      Making money in the NWO:
      This can be a difficult topic to discuss with many, since we all play a part in the NWO financial system to some extent, while those with little understanding of these abstruse and complicated systems have such strong views and biases. We transact in their money, pay the taxes, and service their debts to perpetuate this devilish system.

      The key is to make money as honestly as possible. I chose property management and such, since it is an honest profession and I am helping others. I would not promote anything that promotes the NWO. I couldn’t even contemplate working in the broker/dealer industry again. I know the system, so I work on my own to keep my head above water.

      I can make a case that trading stocks is evil, and it really is, but if we speculate in real estate, commodities, bonds, or anything, we are all doing the same thing. We are hoping to buy and sell something for profit. Is it a sin to make a profit in a 20 minutes scalp, while its moral from profiting from a 5-month holding period? You can judge with your opinion.

      For me, I could never work for the government, accept government benefits for no work, work for the broker/dealer industry or a corporation. Is it okay to work at a WalMart on their selling floor, but immoral to work in their home office strategizing how to sell to the livestock? At what point do you refuse to cross the line in the sand? I leave that up to you.

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