12/14 Podcast; Our false reality and resistance to the new world order

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-How to resist the new world order
-Discussion of vaccines and how likely they will be mandatory. We will be promised by the government and MSM that most of life will return to normal if we take them, but that will never happen again.
The US dollar and its engineering; How we approach the fate of the USD will determine how we invest and move forward in the future.
Asset markets in focus
-For those living in high priced areas, real estate investments may still be available in your own backyard.
-My analysis on the resistance to the new world order

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11 thoughts on “12/14 Podcast; Our false reality and resistance to the new world order

  1. Like you said before, today’s Christian is just like everyone else. I like that word “demoralized”. They are divorced, not taking care of themselves and in poor health, in debt, watching way too much TV and Marvel Comics movies, drinking and smoking, surfing porn. How can someone like this wake up anyone? Today’s Christianity has turned into a joke. People laugh at today’s Christian.

    1. Yep. You’re 100% correct. No more high moral ground. Demoralized Christians pose no threat to the NWO. Wilfully sinning people are hypocrites. That’s why today’s Christian is so politically correct or self destructive.

      1. A morally compromised Christian can easily be guilted and shamed into a consensus that is more congruent with the world. This is why I’ve always said we need to remain above all the others and keep the high moral ground. Without that, we’re done. There really is something to keeping the Bible’s Commandments.

  2. Thank you Chris for the free advice and all the work you have done over the years.
    I was late to your blog, and late to waking up, unfortunately. With the limited resources i have at my disposal, there is no way i can create enough passive income the comming years.
    For people like me, all we have left is community building. So that we can trade with each other, help each other out.
    Regarding resistance. I do see more people waking up mainly because of the Covid narritive, but its probably too slow to turn things around.

    1. There are many people just like you. Most people in that remnant don’t have much money, because they view the monetary and economic systems as they are in reality. It is really tough to engage in this system knowing what we know. Let me get back to you on a podcast. There are many things we can do to work in this system. Believe me there are many things that we have control over. We take these for granted, and have been trained to look to the external and the government answers.

  3. Hi Chris, I’m a young guy just starting out and I’m really grateful for your podcast – one of the only sane and honest men I’ve found.

    Do you have any advice for how to build a life and work towards a state of passive income? My expectations are meagre given my timeframe – I expect it will take me a decade of working for amoral people to build up enough value to escape those people.

    Thanks and God bless you.

    1. Hi. I think the best way for me to address your questions is by recording a podcast. I will get back to you on this one.

  4. Where did you get 3% number of remnant christians from? 3% would give us a figure of 320 million + believers in the world. I hope there is but I would submit that there are only 50 million – give or take a million…..based on UN estimates. However, I dont trust the UN’s numbers. The Lord Jesus alone knows…I AM GLAD YOU AND I ARE!!!!
    God bless.

    1. The number is somewhat arbitrary on my part, but does seem to be consistent with the Bible and my observations on humanity’s current state.

      I really do wish we could turn this around, but that ship has sailed. The sooner we realize this sobering reality, the sooner we can really begin to make preparations in our personal lives. The sooner we stop listening to the ranting and raving about waking people up, the sooner we can really take action. Much of the so-called resistance is suffering from learned helplessness, disbelief, and double mindedness. People who run around ranting about waking up people are confronted with the huge evil wall of reality that we see today. That reality is one in which humanity prefers this system. This system is perfectly suited for those who are amoral. Evil always fills the vacuum and amoral people choose the current system, whether they know it or not.

      Our forms of government, monetary and economic systems, and ways of life will be direct reflections of the morality of the people. They are never mutually exclusive.

      It’s time to put down the bullhorn and move with faith like Noah.

  5. About the 21-22 minute time line you mentioned Armstrong…I am glad you did. If he had been right we would be at double digit interest rates and the bank and insurance stocks would have quadrupled as he predicted. I am glad I follow you and I dumped Armstrong!

  6. Thanks for keeping things in perspective. Too much talk of turning things around. Keep on truckin’!

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