12/05 – Omnipresent NWO propaganda and timely financial advice for Agenda 2030

The omnipresent NWO propaganda delivered to my inbox

The propaganda coming from Arlington, VA has been mindblowing. In this example (a screenshot of an email I received from Bloomberg titled, Wall Street loves China), the NWO-vetted Bloomberg senior editors are working diligently to demoralize what’s left of the West.

President Trump delivers press conferences and no mainstream outlets show up. The military leadership and propaganda editors at the Pentagon in Arlington, VA, clearly side with the global and synagogue of Satan agenda. Liberty-seeking, Godly Americans and the rest of the West do not stand a chance anymore against this onslaught. We need to come to terms with this.

Joel Skousen, in his latest WAB, says that if we could only get through to President Trump we have a chance to turn things around. I think there have been plenty of people getting through to Trump and it’s time to stop running cover for him. Talk about belief perseverance; the Patriots are dazed and confused.

Mr. Skousen continually uses ZeroHedge and Infowars as sources to verify his claims; talk about a daisy-chain of fumbling and propaganda reinforcement. Most of those left in the former truth movement still follow Infowars and the other alt-media outlets (yes, the very outlets that made a mockery of the Patriot movement with their purposely placed change agents), and are imploring their followers that we can still wake up the demoralized and reprobate Americans.

The problem is simple; there are no longer enough moral and freedom-loving Americans around to resist. Alex Jones’s personal life is a complete embarrassment, and is just a hypocritical reminder of the former resistance. When a person leads a sinful life, he or she no longer has the high moral ground to resist the double-minded NWO propaganda coming out of Arlington, VA.

Continue loading up on assets for Agenda 2030
Predictive programming from Soylent Green (1973); NYC in 2022; real estate prices and living costs will continue escalating, but the city-states are turning into slums, and the people keep moving there

It is becoming more apparent that the monetary and fiscal stimulus program responses to the manufactured covid campaign against the West were in the can for a while, waiting to be pulled out as needed. This example reminds me of the speed at which the Patriot Act legislation was drafted and passed into law in the wake of 9/11.

This is just a reminder; Our financial decisions need to rest on the following assumptions leading down the timeline toward Agenda 2030.

Thorne finds out the origin of soylent green
  • Low cost of capital is needed in order to implement the track-and-trace technology to totally enslave us. Much of the needed technology has emerged in only the past decade.
  • This means unlimited QE until the Agenda fully unfolds. A secular spike in interest rates will delay the timeline
  • Stocks will continue to move higher and Dow 40,000 will look more likely over the next couple years. That is only a 30-35% climb from current levels. S&P 500 at 4,000 looks like a fait accompli.
  • Stocks that benefit from social isolation, loneliness, hopelessness, and despair will shine (e.g. Nasdaq 100)
  • The move away from gas-powered transportation means that electric and solar stocks remain supported. This is why we never recommended betting against TSLA and the other NWO-narrative stocks
  • Bond yields must stay here or continue dropping
  • Real estate is booming and will rise, regardless of affordability. Despite my growing concerns of expropriation due to skyrocketing rents and prices, I still say we need exposure to this sector. We need to be careful where we invest.
  • The economies of the major city centers may falter from ever-rising real estate prices, not falling ones. A Soylent Green-type scenario is much more likely by 2030.
  • I have been warning subscribers since March (Fed QE initiatives) that the moorings of housing prices will soon be removed from many of the practical price ratios and formulas.
  • Gold will be supported as will any asset that benefits from a weaker dollar and currency debasement.
  • Though bond prices will move north over time, their low yields will prove them to be nothing more than speculative instruments.
  • Unless the narrative shifts, this manufactured Covid campaign against the demoralized West should result in a dying dollar leading up to 2030
  • If inflation gets too far out of control, look for more deflationary events. Commodity speculation won’t necessarily translate into higher government CPI data.

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19 thoughts on “12/05 – Omnipresent NWO propaganda and timely financial advice for Agenda 2030

  1. Having been one of the first to expose Alex Jones—all the way back in the early 2000s—I can say that Mr. Pirnak is absolutely correct (see exhaustive Alex Jones dossier here: https://fitzinfo.net/2018/03/31/alex-jones-dossier-controlled-opposition-extraordinaire/). Many are now realizing that we have been led to slaughter by Judas goats in the alt media and alt politics (fake conservative Trump). Unfortunately, it’s too late for the masses, but at least we now have some truth, for what it’s worth in these troubling times.

    I remember how difficult it was to get people to listen to my theory that Alex Jones was a Judas Goat back in the 2000s, and very few, if any, accepted it. As time went on, many came to me and apologized and said I ended up being correct. This continued for years but never got enough momentum to bring Alex Jones down completely. Then came the controlled opposition to the controlled opposition. That is how sophisticated the enemy is. Those leaving Infowars were quickly shepherded into another tier of alt media/alt politics deception, and the cycle repeated itself. Only those who could genuinely think for themselves avoided this clever trap, but they were voices crying in the wilderness.

    I haven’t seen Soylent Green yet. Will have to watch it.

    1. AJ ruined what was left of the Patriot movement. All those truthers tried so hard to be on his show and tap into his huge audience to get their moment and make some money. They all had to tow the AJ line. They all got trapped in partisan politics. His personal life was/is a mess. That acrimonious divorce and male phone porn was enough to convince me to stop listening.

  2. Chris……
    I have read from a christian writer that the term”dark winter” voiced by Biden is a code word to the NWO insiders that a lockdown is coming in the new year – February/ March.
    “Dark Winter” is a code that has been used behind closed doors by these satanic groups for over a year and is used in reference to the planned ” scamdemic” and lockdowns. With a lockdown coming, will we have a market correction like in late March and April of this year? If so, I am ready to short the market. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.


    1. Lockdowns will bring more QE and lower rates. It would alleviate growing inflation. We previously theorized that a correction to stocks would eventually come, but from higher prices. I was asked that when the spoos were 3300 and the Dow was 28k. We needed higher highs before we would have the energy to fall. I still think we need higher highs before and meaningful correction. Perhaps sp 3900/4000 will be touched intraday first.

      Every crisis brings more stimulus to consolidate the global wealth.

  3. For years, a compromised Jones refused to talk a out the true owners of the central banks. Pro Zionist, too. He just ranted and screamed about Hillary and the “left” as the enemy.

  4. Chris, thanks. I see 100 million Chinese with upper middle class assets buying up the real estate of broken Americans. In this vein I’ll repeat what I’ve been saying to friends: California is being cleared of middle class people by fires and over-regulation. The fires are deliberate. All the west coast from BC to north of San Diego is being prepped for defacto control by China. Already COSCO owns the port of Long Beach.

    The military are pawns. When are they going to learn? No secret now that FDR moved the HQ of the 7th Fleet from San Diego to Pearl Harbor to tempt a Japanese attack.

    I think Australia and NZ are Chinese assets now. I think the deal will be that China, Inc. will get the Pacific rim and the U.S., Inc. will get north and south america. These state entities are branches of one banking cartel. What do you think?

    1. Sounds reasonable to me on all fronts.

      In terms of this blog, if what you say comes to pass, we need to buy domestic real estate. It already is coming to pass. Foreign money is scooping up tons of RE in DC and NoVA. As the USD fades from the scene, all these foreign US dollars will need to buy dollarized assets. What’s the two slam dunks? First, American rental RE, especially as the population is overwhelmed with liberal open borders. American RE is still cheaper than in any other developed country. Any expropriation should happen in Europe initially.

      Second, domestic stocks.

      Those with the dollars will prevail.

      I would not want to live in any SE Asian nation that could be a target for ChiComm takeover. The globalists want to feign western weakness, to entice a ChiComm/Russian offensive strike.

  5. Hi Chris
    What do you ultimately see happening to the cryptocurrency market that exists at present? I think it is too explosive an asset class to ignore. Like we discussed once in the past, Catherine Austin Fitts probably had it right when she said that the central bankers left it up to the private sector to develop the blockchain and IoT space. I think ultimately the elites will use the tech but will take over ownership and control of it. But will they completely get rid of bitcoin, ethereum, etc… and just make their own versions while banning all coins that exist now? Would be interested in your opinion. Thx. All the Best.

    1. Hi. These are great questions. I do not have the answers and anyone claiming they will replace fiat is just being a disingenuous shill guesser. This is the reason I avoid the topic. Personally, I do passively own btc, ltc, bch. Why not, eh?

      While I see it hard to believe that these cryptos will replace fiat, they do have a place (that is if TPTB let them, and that is a huge if). I agree with Ms. Fitts on this one; the PTB allowed the technology to develop to the point where they could find the blockchain applications practical. Either in currency, markets, or in track and trace, once something is in the blockchain, it’s impossible to remove. It seems almost psychopathic to me.

      It really isn’t that difficult in taking over the blockchain. By order of the government (by order of the synagogue), they can effectively force an audit of all wallets. Any wallet remaining non responsive will be cut off, for instance. TPTB could force all crypto owners to reveal themselves. The technology is developing so fast now and the tax jurisdictions will demand this. The cap gains taxes on the hundreds of billions in taxable gains will eventually be paid. This is why I prefer gold over btc for getting money out of the system.

      One more observation; there are too many btc out there that nobody knows about. I bet you the synagogue controls most of them anyway. Good luck thinking btc is the future way out of the system. There is no need to picture a boot stomping on a head forever, our tyranny is electronic. TPTB will probably let this go ostensibly unnoticed until some future date when they will commence a campaign against them, when the time is right. When the timeline moves to some specific point, the senior editors out of Arlington, VA, will begin painting decentralized cryptos like the scourge of humanity and the cause of all white-collar crimes.

      1. I agree that both crypto and gold (silver) should be in anyone’s portfolio. In my opinion crypto’s really shine if you foresee a future where you have to relocate in a hurry, possibly to another country.

        Interesting to see that a simple rumour, like Ripple replacing SWIFT, can boost a coin 100% in value in days.

        1. Crypto mobility does have its advantages. It is a big plus. Silver is good if the amount is not substantial. I prefer gold as it less volatile and much more valuable per ounce.

  6. Hi. Do you think franchised businesses will ever turn around? I know someone who has basically lost everything running a couple food franchises.

    1. Throughout my time on my blog and other writings I repeatedly warned against opening businesses that relied on unwashed customers. While I certainly did not see this current manufactured crisis coming, recent events certainly have backed me up. There is just too much competition from the low interest rate environment. Franchises of all kinds were opening up on every street corner.

      The WSJ published an article a few days ago discussing the problems that franchisees face in a manufactured covid environment;


      A few franchises came out ahead so far (e.g. McDonald’s), but these were the largest of them out there. Most smaller one got hit very hard. While most will survive, their income streams took a big hit, and even the McDonald’s franchisees are paying higher bills to its parent next year. Imagine the extra costs of implementing anti-covid policies… Only the best and strongest come out ahead during times of adversity. The marginal sandwich shop and restaurant owners don’t have deep enough pockets to make it long-term. There is still too much competition, and the best and brightest will come out on top. Imagine owning an Applebees or Ruby Tuesday.

      My portfolio of real estate has been a Godsend over the past 5-10 years. I have very few customers and I possess much greater control over my destiny. To hell with the masks….

  7. I fist saw this movie in the later 70s once again in the 90s and again a few years ago. I think of this Movie every now and again. Also charlatan Hestons Movie The Omega Man which will smith was in the remake called I am Legend. Cant drive it but Ive often wondered if Heston was a high level Mason.

    1. We will never know on the mason thing, but he seemed like a straight up shooter (which is why he was lambasted in his last years.) I hope he got his heart right with Jesus before his last breath. He did have dementia, so the odds are not stacked in his favor. I hope I am wrong. Whenever anyone dies, my first thought is always the same; did he or she get his or her heart right with Jesus before leaving this planet?

  8. As always, thanks for the advice. I wish more people knew this. I still hear the alt-media referring to Infowars. Like you said before, it’s just an echo chmaber of their own brand of news. We have been hearing about social unrest in the US, but the only riots we get are when the large corporations like Nike okay them. I think of BLM.

    1. It is interesting about the riots and stuff. The livestock humans do it if they are told to. Nike was a big promoter of the racial civil unrest, and the amoral reprobates took the bait. There will be no civil unrest if the synagogue doesn’t want it. I almost forgot about Infowars as it’s been thrown into the trash heap of history. Jones and his team have been embarrassed a few too many times to be a legitimate source of info. Too many wrong calls on the economy and gold/survival gear shilling to be objective. All that porn stuff and such. What a sad sack he turned into, and out-of-touch Skousen keeps shilling his newsletter on Infowars/Rense, etc. What a scam the whole thing turned into. All these “experts” keep referring to the propaganda of ZeroHedge for validation.

      1. Really quick comment about the riots. I did some independent research on a hunch and found that all the civil unrest is in or very near redevelopment zones. My simple theory is this: If you want to move all the businesses out of downtown to make room for what I have been calling communist housing, you can either pay to relocate those businesses or simply stage riots based on manufactured police brutality. Once the stores – of which many were teetering on financial ruin anyway – have been destroyed one simply calls in the Mexican laborers to clean up the mess. By the way I have nothing against Mexicans. Just stating a fact that when there is work to be done we know who is doing it.

        1. It is rather interesting where the manufactured race riots took place. The locations are now tainted, like is a reverse redlining.

          They will be prime locations for the communist housing. As the economy falters for the bottom 90%, the government will offer jobs in a Great Depression-type program setting. Then the livestock can live in the housing. They can receive their vital healthcare after getting vaccinated and becoming Jesus-hating drones after the mRNA vaccines do their magic.

          The problem with this scenario is that most people are too lazy to really want to work. They all want to be social media stars and relax all day. The government will have to require service in return to the benefit payments.

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