12/01 – Trump Covid vaccine chief says everyone in U.S. could be immunized by June

Don’t blindly support Trump; He is a big vaccine promoter

Note to reader: This should be a huge red flag; never before have so many vaccines been available so quickly, and on such a scale. It seems that all the major drug firms are in on it, too. We may be looking at tens of billions in profits divided amongst these vaccine manufacturers. That should be a warning call to you. It doesn’t matter who’s elected President.

Kayfabe at its best; President Trump, once a fierce critic of vaccines, has become a cheerleader for them during the coronavirus outbreak

Trump’s Operation Warp Speed is working with six pharmaceutical companies to develop, manufacture and distribute their Covid-19 vaccines. In addition to Pfizer and Moderna, the federal government has supply agreements with AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Novavax for the first doses of their vaccines upon authorization.

  • There should be enough coronavirus vaccine doses available to inoculate the entire U.S. population by June, Moncef Slaoui, chief science advisor for Operation Warp Speed, said Tuesday.
  • The rest of the nearly 8 billion people around the world could be inoculated by early to mid-2022, he said.
  • Each of the six companies in the operation’s portfolio have the ability to manufacture between 500 million and 1 billion doses by the end of 2021, he said.

“Hopefully by the middle of the year, I hope most Americans will have been immunized, which means the level of hesitancy that exists currently will have been decreased because people will have learned more information … about the vaccine,” Moncef Slaoui, chief science advisor for the White House’s Operation Warp Speed

Trump Covid vaccine chief Slaoui says everyone in U.S. could be immunized by June, CNBC, December 1st

Trump; the ultimate front man who discredited nationalism

The support from Trump’s supporters dies hard 

The term “belief perseverance,” however, was coined in a series of experiments using what is called the “debriefing paradigm”: participants read fake evidence for a hypothesis, their attitude change is measured, then the fakery is exposed in detail. Their attitudes are then measured once more to see if their belief returns to its previous level.

A common finding is that at least some of the initial belief remains even after a full debriefing.

Confirmation bias, Persistence of discredited beliefs

Like I stated earlier, never before have so many “approved” vaccines been made available on such a scale. There has been no bonafide testing, and many of these will require ongoing, multiple doses. If you take them, you are finished. Trump will not save you, either. He will be long gone and back to his true liberal self. Had he been reelected, he still would have pushed hard for comprehensive vaccination programs.

The multi-generational goal of the globalists was to ultimately discredit and shatter Western nationalism and its set of beliefs in manner that was similar to Operation COINTELPRO. I am here to report that this sophisticated demoralization campaign has proven extremely effective and is now essentially complete.

Much of this national pride was hard wired and was especially strong in the United States. The most effective way to undermine this was by subverting it with compromised change agents and their lackey supporting media. They found a great frontman in Donald Trump, who was willing to do the heavy lifting for them. These elites also need a morally compromised and propagandist media, like Infowars and Zerohedge to promote him.

I cannot believe how effective it turned out. Trump’s supporters will never admit they were duped.


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11 thoughts on “12/01 – Trump Covid vaccine chief says everyone in U.S. could be immunized by June

  1. From what i read here and there, this is what i think they are aiming for:
    – have a heavily contested election, with over the top voter fraud and 2 of the least capeable democrat politicians to lead it
    – let Trump (or Pence if they kill/impeach him) “win” once more, and from what i understand there are many ways to get that done
    – let the Q hoax come to fruition with arrests of the people that committed fraud
    – this will lead to the left going to the streets again burning and looting since “their” victory was stolen
    – the right will scream for rule of law
    – trump/pence will then declare martial law and send the military out to stop it all

    In this way you will blow up the patriot movement because asking for and declaring martial law is effectively ending the spirit of the bill of rights.

  2. Trump is simply a lackey and shill for the Zionist Cabal. The dude even married off his children to the tribe. What does that tell you?

    Pretty easy to go and see that he was bailed out by the Rothschilds due to his Casino failures.

    Trump also was friends with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell for years.

    He is extremely corrupt and probably involved with pedophilia and other such things.

    1. Great points, Zero! When Trump’s troops come to our door to inject, we might ask them how the Chinese got over the scamdemic without ever getting the vax and then just refuse by saying you’d like to see how everyone fares over the next 5 or 6 years and then you might give it some consideration.

    2. You get no disagreements for me. Trump is on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars in loans that come due in the next couple years. Guess who will bail him out? He ran several businesses into the ground and spent them into bankruptcy, while living a lavish lifestyle for all to see. Why would he have changed his mind set as president? He didn’t do anything but drive a stake through the future economic potential of this nation.

  3. Right on Chris! A most perceptive interpretation of the Trump Presidency…..however, I still think he is the lesser of the two evils.

    1. Whoever said that we HAVE to vote for eviler or evilest? Since when should we give any credence or trust to evildoers?

      1. My thoughts exactly. In fact we can easily make a case that voting for Satan or Beelzebub is giving acceptance to the system. This is why the globalist are so intent on having everybody vote. If we could affect change at The Ballot Box, we would not be allowed to do it. Voting would be taken away.

        We can make a case that voting in the local level still has any matter, because that is the only place that we have a remote chance to make any difference.

        I voted against the gun grabbers in my local jurisdictions, because if at least the vote is close, they may slow down a little bit. Wishful thinking on my part. It is kind of like a sense of learned helplessness. It makes the cattle feel better.

      2. There is no such thing as lesser of two evil evil is evil , next more important trump runs Zero he’s one of Lucifer’s apprentices as of Biden also , no Our Lords had enough times up for this sinfull world !

    2. I get it, Trump may look like the lesser of two evils and on many levels he is. The problem is this; our worst enemies often appear as our allies, and that is why operation Cointelpro was effective. If Hillary were in office, at least we know who our enemy would be.

      But this compromised nationalist type of mentality was not isolated to the United States. In South America and Europe, they had similar types of politicians that undermined the nationalist movement.

      The masses are now spiritually aligned for a global government.

      1. Hey Chris – thanks for the recent posts. Your blog has been very helpful for understanding and profiting this past year. With all the nonsense and hysteria, it’s nice to read analysis that is grounded in reality.

        I agree with you about Trump – he is obviously compromised and regardless of who wins the agenda will march along. I thought they would keep him in to subdue the right wingers/conservatives who may have been stronger opponents to the Covid/mask/vaccine narrative had “their guy” not been in office.

        I still think he will win (perhaps it doesn’t make a difference?), it just seems like the MSM has really jumped the gun here. I think they want the left to feel like they won, only to take it away from them the same way they thought Trump stole it from Hillary (Russia rigged the election for Trump, China rigged it for Biden). Looks like a psychological op me. On the flip side perhaps you’re right, he was used to discredit nationalism and now his job is done. Guess we’ll know soon enough!

        Either way, enjoying the show. Trying not to despair. Only fearing God. And preparing for the future by saving up for farmland/homestead in Ontario. I live in Toronto and the BOC 5x the assets on their balance sheet in response to Covid. I expect the real estate to go crazy… but I can’t afford anything close to the city and I don’t want to be dependent on grocery stores.

        Looking forward to the next post. Thanks again!

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