12/01 – Globalist MSM trumpets ChiComm economic miracle while promoting Western lockdown

ChiComm knows Covid is a scam; Chinese economy fully recovered

A breakdown of the report showed [Chinese] manufacturing sector employment rose at its fastest pace since May 2011, while measures of demand showed domestic consumption was the engine of growth last month, rather than exports.

Some of China’s main importing customers, such as the United States and the eurozone, continue to struggle with the economic fallout of the pandemic, which has undermined consumer and producer demand.

China’s factory activity hits quickest expansion in 10 years in November, driven by a burst in output and new orders, Business Insider, December 1st

The face of the real enemies of the European population

Western media continue to portray Covid as some sort of catastrophe, and this supposed pandemic is the only one in history that is based on testing. Of course, the accuracy of the testing is highly suspect, but the Western rulers and its controlled media continue to push forth a suicidal narrative.

The Western demoralization campaign; its leaders intentionally kill the economies and future

The false Covid pandemic narrative in the West has been relentless and highly destructive spiritually to its population. I get it, people have gotten sick, but the numbers have been purposely misreported and doctors and hospitals receive highly lucrative payments to report as many cases as possible.

You and I may know these facts, but the Western economies continue to rot as its governments spend themselves into bankruptcy, while ChiComm China fully recovers and overtakes the United States economy.

Kayfabe wrestling; 90% of Americans will get poorer under the false Western Covid campaign against its people

This is not being done by chance; the Western media marvel with glee and compliment the Chinese economic miracle, which of course, was made possible by the Western powers offshoring their manufacturing capacity 50 years ago.

Moreover, the Western kakistocracy apparatchiks, with the support of the MSM, are doing their will of their masters to kill what’s left of our economies. Debt-to-GDP levels continue to skyrocket as these rulers demand lockdowns. Suicide rates are rising off the charts, but that does not matter. Since ChiComm China is rising higher than before the phony pandemic, the Western media will point to their successes and our failures.

The Western leaders and its lackey media are destroying what’s left of the West. If you want to glimpse into our future, take a look at ChiComm China.

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25 thoughts on “12/01 – Globalist MSM trumpets ChiComm economic miracle while promoting Western lockdown

    1. Sounds about right. The Synagogue built up the Soviet empire and ChiComm China as dialectic adversaries to the West (US military). The pieces are all coming together.

      I don’t know if they will ever replace us as a world power, however they do want two or three world factions fighting off one another. I do think of 1984 in that regard.

      In some ways we have been there for a long time, but the time is right for a ChiComm/Soviet invasion of the West. It would be a good time as the synagogue is feigning weakness in the West, and the West looks to be very vulnerable right now to an attack. This manufactured covid-19 is serves many functions.

      My immediate concern is this vaccine agenda. They are pushing this mRNA vaccine hard. I will never take that filthy stuff as I know enough about biology to know what that will do. Google is completely censored every aspect of this narrative. Good luck trying to find anything about mRNA functions and what genetic manipulations will do to the victim.

      As I stated back to another comment, if this is a requirement to buy and sell in the private sector, everything else we talked about it doesn’t mean much of anything. The governments may not force us, but the grocery store may.

  1. Chris,

    Here are a couple of questions that have always made me curious:

    Who are the actual owners of the Central Banks like the Federal Reserve? Owners of the Bank of International Settlements?

    Is it old families like the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers,etc. ?

    Is there someone/perhaps someones above these people? Perhaps some sort of demonic entity/satan?

    From my understanding, it seems as though the world is being run by the occult/esoteric forces/knowledge and only certain individuals/groups have this knowledge and they use it against the population.

    For example, the United States itself has so much Masonic symbolism everywhere like the Obelisk in Washington D.C. which corresponds with the Obelisk in the City of London and the Vatican.

    Perhaps the biggest one of all is the All Seeing Eyed Pyramid on the back of the Dollar Federal Reserve Note.

    I’d be interested in hearing what you think on this.

  2. Unfortunately, for me this fight has changed completely. From being a battle for thriving and/or wealth preservation, it is now more a matter of if we are not being forcefully vaccinated, which if they would succeed in doing would make everything else pointless.
    Nothing to date indicates to me that there is enough opposition to stop this from happening. A combination of media propaganda (save the elderly and dont be asocial, up to you are nuts for thinking the goverment will try to kill you with injections) and legal frameworks (emergency laws) are being pushed down our throats 24/7.
    My neighbours will applaud me being send away to a Fema-like camp, cause clearly i was a nutcase and a huge threat to their kids for refusing to vaccinate.
    Where i live in the EU, we do not have militia’s or the 2nd ammendment. It will be a short fight if any of this comes to fruition.

    1. You got it. Throw away everything we discussed prior if we are forced. Based on this dialectic process, this seems to be the logical conclusion. Doesn’t it? The longer the West is subjected to this fraud, the likelier it becomes.

      Keep in mind, I am not normally a Cassandra either. I pray this is not going to happen. You should see the people at the gym. They exert more energy chasing covid ghosts than working out.

  3. I’m calling this the Diocletian Moment.

    Like the bankrupt, hyper-inflated, currency-devalued, border collapsed, plutocratic empire trying to keep the gravy-train running for one more generation, our society is now resorting to draconian economic/social controls.

    Rome: expand the debt, debt-enslave the population, prevent the normal movement of people, expand and reorganize the military, expand the bureaucracy, expand taxes.

    The West (America): The same.

    It’s all going to work about as well as Diocletian’s reforms.

    1. Hi,
      I get the impression over my years of observation that it’s not the West acting out of desperation, per se, but something that is working above and beyond, and on top of the governments. The ostensible leaders of the West offshored all their production to China back in the early 70s and, based on the actions of the heads of state of the western Nations, they did their best to undermine the integrity and weakened their countries. The politicians that had been in charge and are in charge have been intentionally chosen for their specific functions. The politicians that are portrayed in the NWO media really are not talented. The NWO media give them life.

      This is something more than just the West acting out of desperation. Yes, they are now acting that way, at least on the surface, out of desperation, but this dynamic and operation that would eventually destroy the West was put in motion on purpose. It’s also very devilish.

      I notice that Janet Yellen will now head up the Treasury under the Biden regime. For those who own income-generating assets and other assets that can be hedged with a fading dollar, I view her appointment as a good thing .

      We see a tight control of the central banking process as the next phase toward Agenda 2030 is put into place. The New World Order will be run by the Central Banking cartel and the governments will be secondary to them. It is also ingenious as I watch it unfold. I wouldn’t get too caught up in seeing the West acting out of desperation. I view it as system that was set up a long time ago in which the West would act in the manner it is acting.

      This is the New World Order and the Western culture needed to come down. I see this task as essentially completed. This prolonged manufactured covid-19 crisis has force me to completely reassess my sentiment of the world condition. It’s done and we can’t turn this around anymore. The worst part is that the paralyzed population rejects everything we talked about.. The propaganda out of Bloomberg and all of the other mainstream media outlets is too strong too overcome. 90% of the population has been completely paralyzed.

      1. Two obvious examples of how the West has fallen comes to mind.

        Imagine two universes.

        The first one is the current one. In the first one Kennedy is assassinated and the Vietnam War ensues. This precipitates the actions in 1971 under the Nixon regime out of necessity. China is then the gift recipient of the New World Order and the offshoring while Kissinger is making peace overtures. We then are put on a slow-motion car crash course for the next 30 Years as the United States has balance-of-payments deficits soar to unsustainable heights on a long-term trajectory. Then the powers-that-be get Bush Junior into office when it seemed evident that Gore actually won the election. That allows 911 to happen and the West just responds to that as well. Stimulus then precipitates the 2008 manufactured crashes and then allows the central bank’s to begin QE. The rest is as they say history.

        The second universe is one in which Kennedy is not assassinated. The US doesn’t fight in Vietnam, there’s no need to decouple from the gold standard as soon, there’s no need to Offshore the production as Kissinger never does his magic. Kennedy may actually take action to bring monetary printing back under the auspices of the US Treasury. The rest of history would then be put onto a different trajectory course. I can tell you this much; the second world would be a much better world.

        Imagine if Reagan didn’t have an attempted assassination against him. How would have Reagan’s regime been different concerning economics? Recall in 1999 that JFK jr. Was assassinated, which allowed Hillary Clinton to take the election. He was about to make it public that he was going to run for New York Senate to replace Patrick Moynihan. Moynihan then came right out and supported Clinton.

        All we know is the first universe.

    2. Interesting comments. I believe Rome existed for about 1000 years with it’s decline and fall taking about 200-300 years.

      I believe the USA’s decline and fall will happen much quicker. At best, a few more decades before total collapse. Advanced technologies combined with an economic cabal straight from the gates of Hell will speed it up.

      Really, the USA has been in the decline for several decades, probably within the period of the Feds creation and Franklin Roosevelt’s creation of the Administrative State.

      In time the regular folks will be cast to the hills, replaced by perfect clones and AI technology. All under control of laughing Globalists.

      My advice? Start learning how to live in the hills. Tick, tock…tick, tock…

  4. I heard that Michael Bloomberg gave over a hundred million dollars as a supposed gift to Johns Hopkins University. I see people trolling the Bloomberg Twitter feed about their covid-19 propaganda. A few people are calling them out as complete fabrication Peddlers. You are right. The whole West is under a complete demoralisation program. China is going about business as usual.

  5. This whole thing is ruing the economies and the sheep are too scared to even think straight. I drive around my area and the rush hour traffic is 50% of what it used to be. I read that in China it’s all back as before.

    1. None of it makes sense unless there is something else going on. I guess the virus in China is no big deal. Bloomberg will lecture us and say that ChiComm China’s government is superior to any in the West. Business Insider also lectures us.

  6. Why is it the USA needs a COVID vaccine when China has basically recovered without a vaccine? Why us and not them?

    This proves that the pandemic is manufactured bunk OR even worse…that biological warfare has advanced to being able to target specific cultural DNA, like creating a virus that will only kill white people or black people or Germans or Mexicans, or other specific populations and mixes. Or that the time frame of viral spread can be controlled and manipulated in certain areas and populations.

    I believe there will be more viruses, much worse than COVID, unleashed into the populations. Especially in areas that refuse the vaccines. The Globalists have plans for us.

    P.S. If this isn’t bad enough, wait until AI and cloning take over….

    1. Great observations… I don’t think the rates are any different in China. Western MSM has been used to misrepresent the severity.

  7. Thanks for your analysis Chris. Just a quick observation I made when we got news of Italy coming down with the “flu” it hit me like a rock. Belt and Road. China is reinventing the way the East (or world) does business and Italy – specifically the infected part of Italy – is the turnaround point for the Belt and Road route. As time goes on it’s becoming very clear to me that Covid is mostly a distraction and an excuse to use the world as lab rats to test a new type of vaccine that most likely has been developed long before covid hit the world stage. I believe covid has multiples purposes working in parallel and of course Trump was a key figure. I said it at the beginning. It’s this decade’s 9/11.

    1. Indeed, these are excellent observations. While we don’t have the outcomes determined yet, we can begin to see what the most likely results will be.

      It seems to me that China will be part of that triumvirate world and they are trying to wield their influence. Of course, the globalist are pro-Chicomm and will never discuss the origins of this virus. I did see a propaganda article in Bloomberg yesterday indicating that covid-19 was in the United States as early as December of last year. They are running cover for what you and I think is rather obvious. Their goal is to create the seeds of doubt.

      This phony pandemic is indeed profound on so many levels, but we can not get caught up with the simple argument of whether it’s real or not. It is real, because the globalist want it to be. We will witness so many profound changes over the next few years.

      You are also correct about the vaccines. This may just be a dry run, but if this phony pandemic stretches on until next autumn, you will see businesses demand it. You won’t be able to enter your employer’s premises without a vaccine, you won’t be able to enter Target or Walmart without a vaccine, you won’t be able to fly a plane without a vaccine and proof of that vaccine. It may start out with a QR code on your phone, but then the propaganda articles will show that people are abusing it and they will demand some sort of physical mark on the body. We don’t have the determination yet, but we do see things coming into view. They are going for broke.

    2. There are screenshots on the internet of Covid 19 patents being filed in 2015 and 2017, and screenshots of Covid 19 tests being shipped to the EU as early as 2018. So yes, this is a plandemic.
      If you would have make me guess what Covid really is, i would say its a combination of a biowarfare weapon and 5G being the trigger. Wuhan was one of the first 5G area’s in the world. So was the Milan area in Italy. People that suffer from radiation exposure also have problems breathing, lung scars, the sniffles and episodes of dizyness.
      This article was retracted that examined this link: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32668870/#affiliation-1

      1. You get no disagreement from me. Doesn’t this sound grim? I know it does, but that doesn’t change the truth of the matter. The reason why people will line up and sell their souls, is because the denial and fear will be so strong that they will do whatever the TV and media tell them.

        This is why Jesus told John that the fearful will have their part in the lake of fire, because fearful people make stupid decisions. The fearful lose money… and their souls.

  8. Chris, thanks for your analysis. I agree that the USD is being taken down. Note the rise of Bitcoin, a slow float into position as the world electronic currency.

    I foresee the political structure of “1984”, a tripartite construction, constantly in bush wars and a population fed lurid war news. I think it will be China and its Asian allies; Germany-Russia-India; The West, Great Britain-North America-South America. Australia-NZ will be Chinese controlled. Japan and Korea will hold themselves neutral, being so compact and prone to destruction by super weapons.

    All this will be run from Tel Aviv, where the sons of Moses will sit comfortably in their blue borders, Nile and Euphrates. Their drug and white women slave empire will operate without interference. They will run gobs of heroin to Europe. Africa will be kept a basket case so it can be plundered. Mining, agriculture, forestry labor carried out by slaves.

    1. One more thought here; you are correct with your analysis of 1984. One of the overriding observations in the book was the fact that much of what Winston heard on the telescreens was indeed a fiction. No one really knew whether the wars did take place, no one really knew what was really fact.

      Goldstein’s observations of the collective oligarch discuss this in great detail. O’Brien, as he was torturing Winston, intimated that he had a hand in writing it. It really is twisted, so we can’t get too worked up with the day-to-day, lest we become just like Winston who sits at the Victory Cafe, drinking his Victory gin, and staring at the telescreen like a Fox News watcher.

      The dark force that we discuss will be watching the world’s every move from their data centers, they’ll inject stimuli when they know they can, and will conduct experiments in real time on the whole vast sea of humanity. It will be like a high-tech 1984.

  9. Thanks for the comments..

    Given the ongoing covid narrative and the embarrassment the US has faced, I have begun to reassess my dollar thesis.

    I have to believe on some level that this pandemic will be used to justify to finally move the world away from the USD. Of course, it’s long in coming and we have seen what gold and btc have done. I think the Trump regime’s actions and the upcoming Biden regime’s throwing the country’ economy under the bus to save us from covid will prove too much for the USD. It’s time seems to be drawing to an end.

    The last people to find out are always the poorest. They get hurt the most, since they have no assets to hedge.

    1. Chris,

      My speculation is that the point of the COVID scam is to do exactly as you state, to move the world away from the dollar and into the multi-polar paradigm. The US will be knocked down several pegs.

      I think this is a controlled demolition similar to how 9/11 worked. You have to burn down the old order in order to implement the new order. The endless mask nonsense, lockdowns, etc. are all being ordered from the very top and the shills below follow suit.

      The whole thing is a very clever psychological operation that is working out quite well. The financial arm of the cabal can loot the treasuries and get ready for the next phase in this transition that is up and coming.

      1. I’ve only recently changed my perspective on these issues.

        We are confronted with our sobering observations on a daily basis, and I think that some of the people who are of our mindset are more static in there ideas. We need to be flexible as circumstances warrant. It seems clear to me that they want to take the dollar down now. This is a multi-level campaign and this is why I think that the changes will be much more comprehensive going forward.

        There were two paths for this pandemic post-election. First, Trump gets re-elected. If that’s the case, then this supposed pandemic would continue. Second, Biden gets elected and the pandemic subsides. At least that’s what we thought.

        Unfortunately, this is not what we have seen and the globalist have something else planned. I submit that it will result in a continual destruction of the current monetary and economic system. It is clearly evident based on the dialectic that they are also going to try getting forced vaccinations. They are going for broke now and it’s going to result in a complete rewriting by the time this is done. They’re really pushing and creating the fear necessary for the drastic change.

  10. Exactly what I see. Our politicians are working against us. We get poorer and the top get richer. Doesn’t matter who’s in… China gets the praise.

    1. These sobering observations are, unfortunately, correct. While I read Bloomberg all the time for business articles, this Marxist propaganda outlet is so Pro-Chicomm it makes me blush.

      I think Michael Bloomberg is worth something like 50 billion dollars. He got that by throwing the United States under the bus. He got that by doing the work of his father the devil. You could see when he talks to people that there is this subtle, yet persistent contempt for humanity. You also see that in the other front men like Bill Gates. Bloomberg is 78 and doesn’t have many years left, he might as well enjoy them.

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