12/30 The trickle-up reality of the new world order; How to analyze it and profit

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-I provide an in depth and precise discussion in how social and deficit spending impoverishes the intended beneficiary. These policies emerged in the wake of 1971, but were codified under supply-side and trickle-down economics from 1980 onwards.
-Ben Bernanke, with the help of the globalist-controlled media, was able to promote QE as a viable policy.
-The successful implementation of QE was the most important step in the current monetary system since Bretton Woods. The premise of QE solved the dilemma of sovereign debt limits. Prior to QE, the supply of the world’s sovereign debt generation was limited to organic investor demand.
-Subsequent to QE, this predicament was no longer a stumbling block as the central banks could absorb any amount needed to keep rates falling, while this growing debt overhang provided a welcomed deflationary cushion as money stock measure escalated. Developed nation-states that issue debt in their own currencies could essentially borrow as much as needed to finance government operations and social spending.
-If we fully comprehend the functions of deficit spending and how the wealth ends up on the balance sheets of the top 10%, then we know why income generating assets are so valuable. The more degenerate humanity becomes, the wealthier we become. The demoralized westerners are out chasing ghosts and shadows while their economy burns, yet our balance sheets grow.
-The wealth accumulation function of deficit spending and socialism requires us to transition from earning wage income to accumulating all forms of passive income. This is the only way we can stay ahead of the growing aggregate debt millstone that builds upon the economy.
-The more income generating assets we own, the relatively wealthier we become. The bottom 50-80% of the population get poorer, because they do not own enough income generating assets that appreciate in value to stay ahead; thus, their financial lives grind lower over time.
-As the dollar decays, the overseas dollars seek out dollarized assets. These dollars crowd out and overwhelm the domestic U.S. population.
-We all have to deal with the rising costs of life that higher debt levels bring, but our standards of living can keep up and move ahead on a consistent, long-term basis if we do what others do not do.
-It doesn’t matter anymore which philosophy we observe is in control. Indeed, the nation-states have all drifted towards Marxism, and it may appear Soviet, but it is ultimately run by the owners of the privately run central banks. They propped up the Soviet Union and ChiComm China to exclusion of all else. They overwhelmed the West with Soviet-style education, demoralization, and brainwashing.
-The wealthy oligarch prefer socialism and deficit spending, because it is the most effective and quickest way to consolidate enough wealth to achieve their new world order objectives. Social spending is effective on an amoral and dependent population. Thus, the fake Covid-type crises are always engineered to speed up the process. Crises of all types accelerates the new world order agenda.
-Reality only exists in our minds.

12/27 Snapshot; Help for those looking for high dividend-paying stocks

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I just came across these two Seeking Alpha articles that analyze some potential ideas regarding building a portfolio of high yielding equities. I found them interesting and wanted to pass them along to my readers for further review.

AT&T Is Our Top Value Pick For 2021

Oasis Of Dividends From This 10.8% Yielding Sector

While I am not placing any opinion on the stocks discussed, I get many questions regarding dividend-paying equities. If you have not done so, I would sign up to Seeking Alpha; it’s free for basic membership, and there are a number of writers who have extensive experience. The Sustainable Dividends blog on Seeking Alpha, for instance, has almost 23,000 subscribers.

I do believe that the two authors are on to something. Take a look at them and hopefully they can point you in the right direction if you desire to attain a higher yield on your total equity portfolio. I personally do not invest in any of the investments discussed, only because I can earn higher returns on my own. However, for those searching for yield without directly investing, these stocks may provide the answer.

While I am familiar with closed-end funds, REITs, and regulated investment companies (RICs), I do not have any real experience with business development companies (BDCs); but their premise is fairly straightforward. Similar to REITs, BDCs are a type of RIC and are required to distribute more than 90% of their profits and gains to shareholders. This  avoids the BDC from paying corporate income taxes before distributing to shareholders. This structure prioritizes income to shareholders (over capital appreciation), driving higher yields that currently range from around 7% to 13%

According to Wikipedia, a BDC must subject itself to all relevant provisions of the Investment Company Act, which (a) limits how much debt a BDC may incur, (b) prohibits most affiliated transactions, (c) requires a code of ethics and a comprehensive compliance program, and (d) requires regulation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and subject to regular examination, like all mutual funds and closed-end funds. BDCs are also required to file quarterly reports, annual reports, and proxy statements with the SEC. Some BDCs are publicly traded, while others are not.

BDCs are usually taxed as regulated investment companies (RIC) under the Internal Revenue Code. Like real estate investment trusts (REITs), as long as the RIC meets certain income, diversity, and distribution requirements, the company pays little or no corporate income tax. As a pass-through tax structure, RICs must distribute at least 90 percent of taxable income as dividends to investors.

BDCs are similar to venture capital (VC) or private equity (PE) funds since they provide investors with a way to invest in small companies and participate in the sale of those investments. However, VC and PE funds are often closed to all but wealthy investors. BDCs, on the other hand, allow anyone who purchases a share to participate in the open market. This feature often attracts money to newly public BDCs, thereby giving them a faster way to raise capital for investments than VC funds.

Keeping perspective; Despite the alt-media gloom, U.S. residential housing market still offers opportunity

Keeping a long-term perspective on residential real estate
The alt-financial non sequitur: Rents, healthcare, and education costs may not be in a bubble, but why are housing prices unsustainable?

While the alt-media “experts” have maligned residential real estate for the past decade or so, and claim it’s in a bubble, I still see opportunity.

Indeed, my readers and listeners know how I have been bullish on the affordable housing segment in the Western nations for a long time. Of course, my analysis has run counter to the alt-media claims for years, and for those who have heeded my warnings of ever higher prices as long as QE is in effect, they have profited well.

Rents rising; Despite a slowdown in the rate of growth from covid, rents continue to rise. Cherry picking data from city centers (e.g. Zerohedge editors) doesn’t change the trend. I never recommended city centers anyway.

Why will the costs of tuition, health care, food, taxes, and rent continue to climb higher, but house prices (especially in the affordable segments) are unsustainable? This is just another ignorant non-sequitur conclusion of the alt-media experts who have been on the wrong side of nearly every trade since 2008.

Why stand in front of this freight train? Income-generating assets have outperformed as this money has trickled up to the top 10%. If this money tricked down to the bottom 90%, inflation growth would be much higher

I came across the latest World Affairs Brief from Joel Skousen (I don’t know why I renew anymore), who has reminded the reader that for the past decade or so, he has told his subscribers to stay away from residential real estate. His latest excuse supporting his opinion refers to the covid evictions moratorium from rent non-payment, and on the surface, this may make sense. But the law is fairly straightforward; a tenant must be able to prove that he or she is unable to pay rent. If their circumstances haven’t substantially changed, meaning they are still employed, they cannot take advantage of the moratorium. Moreover, there are few restrictions on landlords from filing evictions proceedings and damaging a tenant’s credit report.

Low/mid range-priced residential real estate has outperformed all other types of since 2008

Because I am very objective with my tenant screening process and know what I am doing, I have not had any problems with any of my tenants. While some property managers feel compelled to charge the highest rent possible, I prefer to charge slightly below-market rents. For instance, I have found that my costs and work time drop dramatically if I receive 90% of full market rent. I know this may sound anathema to many investors, but I actually tend to achieve higher profits over time. Moreover, I tend not to increase rents much to those who reside at my properties. Over the years, the maintenance calls get less and less.

Joel Skousen has recommended that we stick to holding rural commercial real estate that has a high probability of getting rented by government offices. But I cannot think of a worse form of real estate holdings, as these properties are highly illiquid, and often suffer from lengthy periods of  vacancy if the intended tenant does not materialize.

I have a better choice for those looking to purchase rural real estate: stick with unimproved farm and ranch land.

Conclusion; Covid has strengthened my real estate thesis

Despite the talk of catastrophe in the alt-media, I have to conclude that the covid pandemic actually has rendered affordable housing more attractive than before. Why? More people need places to work remotely, while the open borders campaign has allowed the eligible rental pool to balloon in size.

A response to a poster’s questions; Staying healthy and making money in the new world order

Cryptocurrencies, commodity investing, health, making money morally

(edited for brevity and grammar)

Hi Chris,

[Digital currencies]
You are probably spot on regarding Bitcoin. Information has leaked out that they can track every Bitcoin transaction. Also, Paypal will start allowing people to pay in Bitcoin, but they will never pay customers back in Bitcoin…. And since they introduced the futures market for it, they can, as the biggest whale, manipulate the price to wherever they want it to go. My guess is it will run up to at least 70k (with ups and downs) before they push it to zero, about the time they introduce their central bank coin (banking for all act)….

I have invested a modest amount in Bitcoin, THETA, Ripple, and Monero (one of the best privacy coins around). I Would like your opinion on these coins and estimates. Or alternatives.

Regarding your remark about investing in NWO stocks. How about copper, nickel and silver? They will need tons and tons of that stuff to get the 5G network up and running, and all the windmills and solar panels and battery packs for the electric cars they are pushing. One play would be Nova Royalty (NOVR).

Regarding health. We use water filters, dumped GMO and processed foods in favor of fresh vegetables etc, we take colloidal silver and diminished our intake of alcohol and sugars (i do need my beer once in a while ;). We haven’t been ill for years this way.

[Making money in the NWO]
Lastly, what I struggle with on a spiritual level is if we can in good conscience make money in “their” play yard. The alternative is probably that we get or stay poor fast, but Catherine Austin Fitts, who I hold in high regard, is a strong advocate of cutting ties with all these NWO markets, companies, and schemes to try to thrive in “moral” businesses.


Here was my responses:

As the cryptos go, I never really delved deeply into the new coins that came out in the past three years or so. Thus, I passively held/traded btc, ltc, bch, eth. I hold them on an ongoing basis, though I sold off all my holdings in my Coinbase and Kraken accounts this past weekend; too much run up for now. It’s nice to see the trading accounts go up 40% in such a short time. I can buy again, even at higher prices…

I was always a supporter of XMR for privacy, and though I do not own it, I see it has done well. I would be very careful going forward with outgoing Treasury & SEC officials cracking down on digital coins and XRP, in particular. They are doing the dirty work for the NWO, since they don’t stand for reelection. I have to believe that eventually they will all be transparent per government demands. I do not know about the other coins you mention, and would only be guessing as to the future.

I have never been a big fan of commodities, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think they wouldn’t go up. There have been so many other big fish to fry, and if the economy is a sham, then demand would be subdued. I really only recommended gold for our long-term hold, but since March, everything has been going up tremendously.

Here is the bottom line on the current dynamic. We are in financial play time right now; The Fed has promised to run GDP and CPI hot, while concurrently suppressing nominal (and thus real) interest rates for the next couple years, at least. Logically, this spells inflation for now, and the one-way trade has been for higher commodity prices. But buying Hg, Ni, Ag don’t generate income, per se. I rarely recommend the miners for the long-term, since they are in a very cost-intensive business, and their stocks have not been good long-term performers. They are good trading vehicles.

The best commodity sector performers have been the Li miners and those involved with batteries and solar. That sector has been on fire for some time now, and the hot money is there for now. I have been playing the solar and lithium plays in lieu of their commodity and component suppliers.

I do intensive weight and exercise training 4-5 days a week. I can work out at home half the time (pull ups, chin ups, push ups, dips, ab crunches, calf workout). The gym involves legs, shoulders, power lifting, and abs. I don’t do much cardio, though I walk a few miles every other day. The weight stays off and I feel great (other than some soreness). I take a boatload of supplements, protein, and amino acids. I avoid the doctors at all cost.

I use the Royal Berkey water filter system with Black Berkeys and PF4s at home and am very careful with what I eat. I stick with a high fat diet and can eat most of anything natural. It’s a great thing, but it takes work, and most are not up for it. I live next to the gym and Whole Foods and eat organic for most of everything. This includes meat, bread, dairy, eggs, produce, etc. I eat in a time-restricted manner (12:30pm-6:30pm). All this is of tremendous help for me and I avoid ALL of the problems that plagued my sisters and parents (including mental). I do not eat any sweets and haven’t had a drop of alcohol since 1997. I have to keep sharp. Since I rarely write things down, and recite things from memory (including my podcasts), I am concerned that I may begin to slip. Anyway, health takes work and most like to complain rather than overcome.

Making money in the NWO:
This can be a difficult topic to discuss with many, since we all play a part in the NWO financial system to some extent, while those with little understanding of these abstruse and complicated systems have such strong views and biases. We transact in their money, pay the taxes, and service their debts to perpetuate this devilish system. We can even make a case that the cryptocurrencies are nothing but NWO monetary vehicles and replacements for gold.

The key is to make money as honestly as possible. I chose property management and such, since it is an honest profession and I am helping others. I would not promote anything that promotes the NWO. I couldn’t even contemplate working in the broker/dealer industry again. I know the system, so I work on my own to keep my head above water.

I can make a case that trading stocks is evil, and it really is, but if we speculate in real estate, commodities, bonds, or anything, we are all doing the same thing. We are hoping to buy and sell something for profit. Is it a sin to make a profit in a 20 minutes scalp, while it’s moral from profiting from a 5-month holding period? You can judge with your opinion.

For me, I could never work for the government, accept government benefits for no work, nor work for the broker/dealer industry or a corporation. Is it okay to work at a WalMart on their selling floor, but immoral to work in their home office strategizing how to sell to the livestock? At what point do you refuse to cross the line in the sand? I leave that up to you.

12/19 Podcast – Surviving & thriving in the new world order; Leveraging the Agenda 2030 timeline

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Stock market; predictions regarding the timing of the next meaningful correction
Stock pick for trading and near-term/intermediate appreciation (RMG:NYSE). Its peers are priced much more richly, while this SPAC & proposed business combination is a relatively cheap pick. RMG has big sponsors and an established revenue stream.
-Investing according to the NWO objectives and Agenda 2030. The results of this persistent low interest rate regime are self-evident. Barring another planned crisis, the Fed intends to follow through on its higher growth/inflation target agenda.
Bitcoin became an asset that helped to knock out gold’s legs. The origins of btc go back almost to the day that Bernanke announced a formal QE program in 2009. There are no coincidences and this tells me that btc was designed from the top. Its slow transformation into the mainstream seems to dovetail precisely with Agenda 2030 and the timeline’s need for a new digital type of currency system. There are no chances here.
-The globalist investment shills are pumping digital currencies as a necessary outcome, while the monetary authorities peculiarly sidestep the btc question and focus on Facebook’s diem project. Bitcoin’s market cap could hit $1 trillion in 2021 as its growing reserve currency status drives adoption higher, a cryptocurrency expert says
-How to reconfigure our way of thinking and psychological mindset when it comes to investing and surviving under the NWO technocracy.
-Investing and planning for the engineered dollar demise.
-Passive income streams and how to achieve them. It takes time to build them, but the work is well worth it.
-Advice for young people starting out. Our financial lives are less determined by our numerous daily choices, and more by our few important ones. Taking personal inventory to build our future.
-Building a successful business based on our personality strengths.
-Alt-financial fallacy; fundamental attribution error. Most in this alt-finance genre believe leaders, economists, and policy makers are stupid, greedy, or unqualified. Perhaps there are other reasons for the policy decisions the authorities make.
-Now that the wealth has been consolidated, the results are clear; trickle-down theory and supply-side economics were designed to be a trickle-up reality. Their formulators were not stupid, but had another objective in mind; 50 years of tax cuts for the rich failed to trickle down, economics study says. The London School of Economics and Julian Limberg of King’s College London, examined 18 developed countries — from Australia to the United States — over a 50-year period from 1965 to 2015. The study compared countries that passed tax cuts in a specific year, such as the U.S. in 1982 when President Ronald Reagan slashed taxes on the wealthy, with those that didn’t, and then examined their economic outcomes. Wealth disparities grew.


12/14 Podcast; Our false reality and resistance to the new world order

To download the podcast – Right mouse click here

-How to resist the new world order
-Discussion of vaccines and how likely they will be mandatory. We will be promised by the government and MSM that most of life will return to normal if we take them, but that will never happen again.
The US dollar and its engineering; How we approach the fate of the USD will determine how we invest and move forward in the future.
Asset markets in focus
-For those living in high priced areas, real estate investments may still be available in your own backyard.
-My analysis on the resistance to the new world order

12/05 – Omnipresent NWO propaganda and timely financial advice for Agenda 2030

The omnipresent NWO propaganda delivered to my inbox

The propaganda coming from Arlington, VA has been mindblowing. In this example (a screenshot of an email I received from Bloomberg titled, Wall Street loves China), the NWO-vetted Bloomberg senior editors are working diligently to demoralize what’s left of the West.

President Trump delivers press conferences and no mainstream outlets show up. The military leadership and propaganda editors at the Pentagon in Arlington, VA, clearly side with the global and synagogue of Satan agenda. Liberty-seeking, Godly Americans and the rest of the West do not stand a chance anymore against this onslaught. We need to come to terms with this.

Joel Skousen, in his latest WAB, says that if we could only get through to President Trump we have a chance to turn things around. I think there have been plenty of people getting through to Trump and it’s time to stop running cover for him. Talk about belief perseverance; the Patriots are dazed and confused.

Mr. Skousen continually uses ZeroHedge and Infowars as sources to verify his claims; talk about a daisy-chain of fumbling and propaganda reinforcement. Most of those left in the former truth movement still follow Infowars and the other alt-media outlets (yes, the very outlets that made a mockery of the Patriot movement with their purposely placed change agents), and are imploring their followers that we can still wake up the demoralized and reprobate Americans.

The problem is simple; there are no longer enough moral and freedom-loving Americans around to resist. Alex Jones’s personal life is a complete embarrassment, and is just a hypocritical reminder of the former resistance. When a person leads a sinful life, he or she no longer has the high moral ground to resist the double-minded NWO propaganda coming out of Arlington, VA.

Continue loading up on assets for Agenda 2030
Predictive programming from Soylent Green (1973); NYC in 2022; real estate prices and living costs will continue escalating, but the city-states are turning into slums, and the people keep moving there

It is becoming more apparent that the monetary and fiscal stimulus program responses to the manufactured covid campaign against the West were in the can for a while, waiting to be pulled out as needed. This example reminds me of the speed at which the Patriot Act legislation was drafted and passed into law in the wake of 9/11.

This is just a reminder; Our financial decisions need to rest on the following assumptions leading down the timeline toward Agenda 2030.

Thorne finds out the origin of soylent green
  • Low cost of capital is needed in order to implement the track-and-trace technology to totally enslave us. Much of the needed technology has emerged in only the past decade.
  • This means unlimited QE until the Agenda fully unfolds. A secular spike in interest rates will delay the timeline
  • Stocks will continue to move higher and Dow 40,000 will look more likely over the next couple years. That is only a 30-35% climb from current levels. S&P 500 at 4,000 looks like a fait accompli.
  • Stocks that benefit from social isolation, loneliness, hopelessness, and despair will shine (e.g. Nasdaq 100)
  • The move away from gas-powered transportation means that electric and solar stocks remain supported. This is why we never recommended betting against TSLA and the other NWO-narrative stocks
  • Bond yields must stay here or continue dropping
  • Real estate is booming and will rise, regardless of affordability. Despite my growing concerns of expropriation due to skyrocketing rents and prices, I still say we need exposure to this sector. We need to be careful where we invest.
  • The economies of the major city centers may falter from ever-rising real estate prices, not falling ones. A Soylent Green-type scenario is much more likely by 2030.
  • I have been warning subscribers since March (Fed QE initiatives) that the moorings of housing prices will soon be removed from many of the practical price ratios and formulas.
  • Gold will be supported as will any asset that benefits from a weaker dollar and currency debasement.
  • Though bond prices will move north over time, their low yields will prove them to be nothing more than speculative instruments.
  • Unless the narrative shifts, this manufactured Covid campaign against the demoralized West should result in a dying dollar leading up to 2030
  • If inflation gets too far out of control, look for more deflationary events. Commodity speculation won’t necessarily translate into higher government CPI data.

12/04 – Response to a comment: My thoughts on those who are in charge

Note to reader: Thanks for sharing your thoughts and research in the comments section of the blog. I think it’s important for us to remain engaged with one another as the fallout from this manufactured covid crisis grows.


Here are a couple of questions that have always made me curious:

Who are the actual owners of the Central Banks like the Federal Reserve? Owners of the Bank of International Settlements?

Is it old families like the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers, etc.?

Is there someone/perhaps someone above these people? Perhaps some sort of demonic entity/satan?

From my understanding, it seems as though the world is being run by the occult/esoteric forces/knowledge, and only certain individuals/groups have this knowledge and they use it against the population.

For example, the United States itself has so much Masonic symbolism everywhere like the Obelisk in Washington D.C. which corresponds with the Obelisk in the City of London and the Vatican.

Perhaps the biggest one of all is the all-seeing-eye Pyramid on the back of the Dollar Federal Reserve Note.

I’d be interested in hearing what you think on this.


The US $1 bill is the only currency note that never seems to get redesigned. The eye of the god that the elites trust is on its reverse side.

These are all great questions, and ones that I often ponder. Because of the financial decisions I chose a decade ago, I have a lot more free time to deliberate these weightier questions about how this world really operates, who’s really in charge, and who’s allowed to be in charge. This much is certain; whoever controls the economic and monetary engines controls our current reality.

It is virtually impossible to figure out the truth now, because this private central banking cartel bought out the  newspapers during the 1910s-20s, the radio and TV stations during the 1930s-90s, as well as the internet and social media. Thus, discovering the reality is an exercise in futility, because all sources of information have been taken over via the private money printing press.

These elites, that I call the synagogue of Satan, took over the nation-state monetary systems over the centuries, with their conquest of the U.S. being the “capstone” of their long-range plan. They now have usurped control of the entire economy, mainline churches, and all the nation-state governments, including ChiComm China and Russia.

There are still some sources of information that I think are useful. This is why I often provide a link to the pdf version of The Creature from Jekyll Island on my website for download.  Here it is again for your reference,

The Creature from Jekyll Island

While it may not answer everything we need to know, it provides us with enough information to get going. I studied this topic for years, but was never able to fully come up with the definitive answer as to the identity of its earthly engineers.

For those who can comprehend the spiritual aspects of this system, the picture is much more clear. If we are truly remnant Christians, then we must conclude that there is a hidden dark force on the top of that pyramid. That is not Rothschild, that is Rothschild’s god, Lucifer. The high level masons believe that Lucifer is equal to Jesus, as do other groups, including the Mormon hierarchy.

Who’s in charge?

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

For by it the elders obtained a good report.

Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

Hebrews 11:1-3, KJV

The fact that these elites placed their calling card on the back of the US $1 bill almost 90 years ago is testament to the resilience of their long-term objectives for a new world order, as well as their confidence in getting it fulfilled. These earthly people are not savvy enough to make it happen; no body is. There has to have been a guiding hand from some other realm.

The short answer to your primary observations is actually fairly straightforward: Bible believing Christians know that God created this universe and that he created Satan for a specific purpose. Satan was to be used to test humanity with their gift of free will.  The Epistle to the Hebrews states that this universe was created by things which are invisible to us.

Satan is very real, but is generally invisible to this world. Satan needed people in this world to run his kingdom, and in Matthew 4, we see Satan asking Jesus if he was interested. Of course, Jesus rebuked him, but the offer was still open to anyone who would and could be up to the task. The people who accepted this offer are the ones referred to in Jeremiah 11. Moreover, many of them over the centuries were not even from the Tribe of Judah; they were fakes.

These people engineering this conspiracy against the souls of mankind, and with the backing of their god, exploited the God-given strength of the U.S. and West to spread its wealth around the entire world. Now that the citizens of the U.S. are just as amoral and reprobate as the rest of the world, the true God is now calling in his loans and lifting his hand of protection.

The world is about to reap what it has sown, because it rejected God and no longer believes that Satan is its adversary.

12/01 – Globalist MSM trumpets ChiComm economic miracle while promoting Western lockdown

ChiComm knows Covid is a scam; Chinese economy fully recovered

A breakdown of the report showed [Chinese] manufacturing sector employment rose at its fastest pace since May 2011, while measures of demand showed domestic consumption was the engine of growth last month, rather than exports.

Some of China’s main importing customers, such as the United States and the eurozone, continue to struggle with the economic fallout of the pandemic, which has undermined consumer and producer demand.

China’s factory activity hits quickest expansion in 10 years in November, driven by a burst in output and new orders, Business Insider, December 1st

The face of the real enemies of the European population

Western media continue to portray Covid as some sort of catastrophe, and this supposed pandemic is the only one in history that is based on testing. Of course, the accuracy of the testing is highly suspect, but the Western rulers and its controlled media continue to push forth a suicidal narrative.

The Western demoralization campaign; its leaders intentionally kill the economies and future

The false Covid pandemic narrative in the West has been relentless and highly destructive spiritually to its population. I get it, people have gotten sick, but the numbers have been purposely misreported and doctors and hospitals receive highly lucrative payments to report as many cases as possible.

You and I may know these facts, but the Western economies continue to rot as its governments spend themselves into bankruptcy, while ChiComm China fully recovers and overtakes the United States economy.

Kayfabe wrestling; 90% of Americans will get poorer under the false Western Covid campaign against its people

This is not being done by chance; the Western media marvel with glee and compliment the Chinese economic miracle, which of course, was made possible by the Western powers offshoring their manufacturing capacity 50 years ago.

Moreover, the Western kakistocracy apparatchiks, with the support of the MSM, are doing their will of their masters to kill what’s left of our economies. Debt-to-GDP levels continue to skyrocket as these rulers demand lockdowns. Suicide rates are rising off the charts, but that does not matter. Since ChiComm China is rising higher than before the phony pandemic, the Western media will point to their successes and our failures.

The Western leaders and its lackey media are destroying what’s left of the West. If you want to glimpse into our future, take a look at ChiComm China.

12/01 – Trump Covid vaccine chief says everyone in U.S. could be immunized by June

Don’t blindly support Trump; He is a big vaccine promoter

Note to reader: This should be a huge red flag; never before have so many vaccines been available so quickly, and on such a scale. It seems that all the major drug firms are in on it, too. We may be looking at tens of billions in profits divided amongst these vaccine manufacturers. That should be a warning call to you. It doesn’t matter who’s elected President.

Kayfabe at its best; President Trump, once a fierce critic of vaccines, has become a cheerleader for them during the coronavirus outbreak

Trump’s Operation Warp Speed is working with six pharmaceutical companies to develop, manufacture and distribute their Covid-19 vaccines. In addition to Pfizer and Moderna, the federal government has supply agreements with AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Novavax for the first doses of their vaccines upon authorization.

  • There should be enough coronavirus vaccine doses available to inoculate the entire U.S. population by June, Moncef Slaoui, chief science advisor for Operation Warp Speed, said Tuesday.
  • The rest of the nearly 8 billion people around the world could be inoculated by early to mid-2022, he said.
  • Each of the six companies in the operation’s portfolio have the ability to manufacture between 500 million and 1 billion doses by the end of 2021, he said.

“Hopefully by the middle of the year, I hope most Americans will have been immunized, which means the level of hesitancy that exists currently will have been decreased because people will have learned more information … about the vaccine,” Moncef Slaoui, chief science advisor for the White House’s Operation Warp Speed

Trump Covid vaccine chief Slaoui says everyone in U.S. could be immunized by June, CNBC, December 1st

Trump; the ultimate front man who discredited nationalism

The support from Trump’s supporters dies hard 

The term “belief perseverance,” however, was coined in a series of experiments using what is called the “debriefing paradigm”: participants read fake evidence for a hypothesis, their attitude change is measured, then the fakery is exposed in detail. Their attitudes are then measured once more to see if their belief returns to its previous level.

A common finding is that at least some of the initial belief remains even after a full debriefing.

Confirmation bias, Persistence of discredited beliefs

Like I stated earlier, never before have so many “approved” vaccines been made available on such a scale. There has been no bonafide testing, and many of these will require ongoing, multiple doses. If you take them, you are finished. Trump will not save you, either. He will be long gone and back to his true liberal self. Had he been reelected, he still would have pushed hard for comprehensive vaccination programs.

The multi-generational goal of the globalists was to ultimately discredit and shatter Western nationalism and its set of beliefs in manner that was similar to Operation COINTELPRO. I am here to report that this sophisticated demoralization campaign has proven extremely effective and is now essentially complete.

Much of this national pride was hard wired and was especially strong in the United States. The most effective way to undermine this was by subverting it with compromised change agents and their lackey supporting media. They found a great frontman in Donald Trump, who was willing to do the heavy lifting for them. These elites also need a morally compromised and propagandist media, like Infowars and Zerohedge to promote him.

I cannot believe how effective it turned out. Trump’s supporters will never admit they were duped.